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tv   Washington Journal Rep. Jamie Raskin  CSPAN  September 17, 2019 11:27am-12:01pm EDT

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we will have live coverage on c-span. the senate has executive nominations on their agenda from the state and treasury department. president trump's former campaign manager corey lewandowski will be on capitol hill this afternoon. he is expected to appear before the house judiciary committee. today ate coverage 1:00 p.m. eastern. table, jamie raskin, serves the eighth district and is the amount -- is a member of the judiciary committee. let us start with this headline, the white house will let the former campaign manager testify before your committee, but two
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others, rob porter and wic -- rick dearborn are not allowed. guest: look at the grammar of that sentence. the problem is that the white house thinks that it is up to them who testifies before congress. in the united states all of us owe congress are honest and truthful testimony. lewandowski was never a white house employee. constrain andg to limit his testimony based on an assertion of executive privilege or immunity, and they keep making up these new phrases. it is not up to them and congress is the lawmaking branch of government. the president's job is to make sure that the laws are executed. thatis a presidency increasingly behaves like a monarchy. they think that the president is a king gets to decide what happens. congress is the lawmaking branch and it was put in article one for a reason. host: these two other officials
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were subpoenaed by the committee. guest: again, it is not up to the president. the sovereign power of the people passed through the preamble of the constitution right into article one. we the people in order to form a more perfect union is followed by the legislative power is vested in congress. the power of the people goes to congress and congress has the right to get the information that we want in order to pursue to truth, and legislate, and pass the laws that america needs. it is a very critical power that congress has to conduct oversight over the executive branch. the founders of the country did not want a king, they wanted a president to work with the people in congress. host: if these two gentlemen do not show up, what will happen? guest: as i understand it, they are not showing up. they are in direct defiance of congress, and they are acting in a contempt of the american
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people and the contempt of congress. we will act accordingly. the problem is that this is a president that ordered everyone not to cooperate with the lawful requests of congress, not to cooperate with subpoenas. they tried to pull a court -- a curtain over the presidency. i ask my friends, imagine how they would be reacting if this was barack obama or bill clinton who said we will not participate in any congressional investigations. the democrats did not love the benghazi investigation and went on forever, but it was the power of congress to do that. we think this affects everybody in congress and everybody should be standing up for our prerogatives. host: you said the committee will act accordingly, what can you do? guest: we can hold them in contempt and go to court to try and enforce orders against them. if you go back to the 19th century, we would have to dust off some of the old cases, but
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it was clear that congress has the power directly itself to hold people in contempt and compel their participation. we can compel people and hold people. i know congress can arrest people because a lot of my young constituents in high school were arrested for sitting in and office.-- and speaker's we do have the power of arrest. witness,re will be one corey lewandowski. they said he will come before the house judiciary committee. that gets underway at 1:00 p.m. eastern, and you can watch on our website at and download the radio app. what are you going to ask? guest: lewandowski has already testified to the special counsel that he was ordered by the
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attorney to go to general sessions who had recused himself over the russian investigation to tell him that he had to shut the investigation down or dramatically curtail it. this was totally outside the normal chain of command because lewandowski was not a white house employee who reported directly to the president. we want to get the details of that, and we want to figure out if he is not testifying, why is he not testifying? make something he is covered by executive privilege, someone who has never worked in the executive branch and someone who has never been a white house employee. it is unclear where they are getting that notion. host: the president had a rally in new mexico, and this is what he had to say about democrats' efforts in the mueller investigation. [video clip] pres. trump: let us impeach
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president trump. the mueller report came out. , 18 trump haters, liberal democrats, some work for hillary clinton and they found nothing. think of it. after two years they found nothing and spend $40 million. there is not a person in the room that i could not find something on with that. think of it. nothing, no collusion collusion, no obstruction, no nothing. [end video clip] host: congressman? guest: the president stayed on message when -- with that mueller found nothing, when he found 10 areas of obstruction of justice. i would like to underscore that the mueller report was limited in its scope and definition. president trump said that if
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they began to look at its finances that he would blow the whole thing up and terminate the thing. he would use all of his powers to destroy the investigation. that tells us where we need to go, and that is the story that america can understand, and that congress can understand. this presidency has been a moneymaking operation in direct defiance in violation of what the founders wanted. foreignon we have the clause, and the domestic laws is that the president is not to use the presidency as an instrument of self enrichment, and that is exactly what this president has done from the very beginning, collected millions of dollars through his hotels, the office tower and finances -- and other areas without requesting the consent of congress. abraham lincoln came to congress when they were two elephant tusks from the king of siam that he wanted to keep. congress said no.
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andrew jackson came to congress when he wanted to keep a goldman italian from simone boulevard -- a gold medallion. congress said no. no other president has come remotely close from the emoluments clause. this president pocket some -- pockets millions of dollars from around the world. you name it. dictators,theon of kings, and princes. the framers wanted the present -- the president of the united states to have undivided loyalty to the american people, not to foreign agents dangling cash, and not to the president himself and his business making money. the domestic emoluments clause says that the president is limited to his salary and office. he cannot collect compensation. had is the president who
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military stopovers organized to benefit the trump hotel and to locate military personnel at the trump hotel. we see that this president is doing everything he can to enrich himself and pocket money from the u.s. government. becauseign emoluments says no payouts from foreigners, and the domestic clause says no ripoffs from the taxpayers. this president has been engaged from day one. host: let us get to our viewers. we should note on this constitution day, a constitution professor for over 20 years. just knee in indiana, and -- jesse in indiana, and independent. go ahead. caller: i was hoping to make a couple of comments. it has to pertain to what you were talking about earlier with noncontrol. i think that congress makes a huge mistake whenever they try to legislate something that the
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average law-abiding citizen will not abide by. i think that's what a gun control bill is. somethingd up being reminiscent of prohibition where they legislated against alcohol, and it just drove it underground and made it one of the largest moneymaking opportunities for the black market that this country has seen. made aewandowski, you comment about his testimony, and executive privilege. we would wantthat our presidents unable to accept any advice from anybody unless they were paid by the white -- it is ambers of stupid position to take. as americans we want our presidents to have honest conversation with anyone they would deem a counselor on any
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given subject that they believe that person is an expert at. host: let us take that point. guest: the caller is right about the president, he can receive whatever advice that he wants. tos president has spoken lots of people from fox news like lou dobbs, he caucuses with them, and he has a right to do it. the point is he cannot engage in criminal conduct with those people and try to insulate them from investigation and from cross-examination in court or before congress. he can talk to whoever he wants but he cannot engage in criminal conspiracies and think that the president is somehow above the law. on the second amendment point, you are right that the core of the second amendment according isthe supreme court majority that people have a fundamental right to a handgun for purposes of self-defense.
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they have a right to engage in hunting and recreation with a rifle. and yet the conservative majority said that that does not prevent either the states or congress from limiting firearms outside of that description. nobody has a right to a machine gun, no one has a constitutional right to carry assault weapons or weapons of war, and that is supported not only by the supreme court doctrine but by the vast majority of the american people. core of thethe second amendment protected and we can have a reasonable safety regulation so we do not get the massacres we have seen recently in el paso, dayton, charleston, parkland, and so on. we can live in a civilized way consistent with the second amendment. host: ray, from maryland, and independent. good morning.
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caller: yes. offink that we need to lay of the president. a president to have like we have right now. we finally have someone -- the problem with donald trump is that he is rich. that is the problem. he may or may not be rich, we do not know, he is the only president who has not turned over his taxes despite his promise to do so. we are in the process of enforcing a federal statute which now requires the president to turn his taxes over to congress, and we plan to see that through despite his intransigence. the problem is not that he is rich, one of the great things about america is that he can get rich. the problem is he is trying to get rich off of us and he is
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directing federal dollars directly into mar-a-lago. every time they go down to mar-a-lago, it costs the taxpayers $100,000 that is written in checks to the trump hotel from the fbi, secret service, department of defense and all of the agencies going down there. in the house we passed legislation to prevent departments from allowing the president to violate the domestic emoluments clause. the senate has not acted on it and it is part of that stack of 175 bills that we have sent over to the senate that is just sitting there on mitch mcconnell's desk along with prescription drug reform to lower prescription drug prices, begun safety legislation, universal background check, which is supported by more than 90% of the american people. they are not acting on that and also enforcing the basic
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constitutional guarantees that keep the president from turning the government into -- of the united states into a get rich scheme. host: ron, new hampshire, independent. caller: thank you for taking my call. question,sk my regarding your segment on amending the constitution, there is a crowd source constitutional amendment called the uniting amendment, and it incorporates almost all of those suggestions that your callers had during the first segment. i just want to get that out there. i do notion i had, we -- why we are not pursuing treason charges. i have compiled a list of more than two dozen specific acts that the president has done to provide aid and comfort to russia, and russia, under putin, is our enemy. our generals defined russia
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under putin as our enemy. if i can just take 30 seconds to give you a few of them here that have not been covered in the news. aidp has blocked military to the ukraine, which helps russia fight ukraine, which is the opposite of what congress has mandated. he turned over territory in syria over to russia, valuable pipeline routes, oil pipeline routes, he just turned that over, free. information,nated classified information including information that caused us to have to extradite one of our highest level assets. he is allowed russia to land troops in south america without any objection or response at all. he has halted efforts to -- that have been moving cuba and turkey pushed our orbit and
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them more towards russia. host: i have got to jump in because i want to get in more calls, and i will let the congressman respond. guest: i know you only have time for a fraction of the president's conduct which advances the interest of vladimir putin and his toppers -- autocracy in russia and cuts against the traditional alliances of the united states. we could go on. get around sanctions that were put on russia. the is very much part of crimesgation into high and misdemeanors, and misconduct. the molar report did find that there was -- the molar -- mueller report did find that there was direct collusion and
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conspiracy with vladimir putin. i never thought that they would find that because the russian government did not need donald trump, jr. and eric trump to perpetrate their conspiracy. they just went into the dnc and injected the poison and propaganda into facebook, and twitter. they tried to get into the websites of 50 different election systems and state boards of election. all that trump could do was mess it up, which they did. they brought the scheme to light because of their characteristic incompetence. i think the betrayal of the united states, opening the door and throwing open the windows to foreign intervention is very much a part of where our investigation is. the betrayal of the american people through violation of the emoluments clause is and the conversion of the government
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into an instrument of self enrichment and moneymaking is at the heart of our investigation. host: i want to bounce this headline off of you from "the washington post," about the new allegation that surfaced over the weekend against brett kavanaugh. judiciary chair signals immature andent is they are against the idea of impeaching cavanaugh." guest: it is hard to impeach an entire administration. that is the goal. the goal is that we have to replace this reckless administration by getting them out of office. mitch mcconnell prevented supreme court confirmation mayor garland, nominated by barack obama, which allowed them to protect the
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supreme court. the republicans who run the senate who refused to take up any other legislation on -- prescription drug reform on health care are packing the courts, that is the name of the game. it is a very serious matter, but chairman nadler is right that we do not have enough information to know. ae republican shot down proper background investigation of kavanaugh when he was nominated. it was inevitable that journalists and others would retrace the steps of all of the people who were trying to testify about the things that kavanaugh may not have been fully candid about the course of the background investigation. the fbi basically let him off easy. i think they were ordered to do that by the white house. ralph, inus go to georgia, a democratic caller. caller: good morning. i have a couple of quick points.
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number one, it appears to me are afraid torats challenge the president or mcconnell. he is fast tracking all of these judges and we are sitting back and waiting for when the law, and disobeys the we will take action. i do not know what else he can pelosi says well, we are going to let it go through the court. he is stacking the courts. he is going to put us back so far. are you advocating for impeachment right now? caller: i think it should have been done the -- a long time ago because he has put his -- putting these judges in who are
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fast tracking. i marched for the right to vote. those days are going to stop. we are not doing anything to put a stop because nancy pelosi says wait. what he is doing during that time where mitch mcconnell is not moving the senate. by the time he is out of office, he has done the damage. it will take 15 years to repair. host: heard your point. guest: an excellent question. all over the country people's voting rights are under attack i voter suppression and schemes like we saw in georgia or texas to throw tens of thousands of people, mostly african-americans and hispanic americans off of the roles. when we try to live just late -- legislate to protect the cybersecurity of our elections, which mcconnell refuses to act on it. that is what earned him the nickname of moscow make --
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moscow mitch. he would not allow us to protect our elections the next time around. we need teams of lawyers to try and defend ourselves against another mangled election like we saw in 2016. i am with you. we have to be aggressive in conducting oversight against this most lawless and reckless president. there are impeachment investigations underway in congress, in the house judiciary committee. short of impeachment there are a lot of things to do. i will be introducing a resolution within a week or two with 150 cosponsors to disapprove every foreign government payment that president trump has talkative -- pocketed. he has never come to ask for consent and he must do so. his not having done so means that we have to reach out to tell him that he cannot keep that money, he has to turn it over with interest to the u.s. treasury. every other president has come to congress with a request to
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keep emoluments and this is the only president who thinks he can stick it in his pocket. host: what do you think would trigger a formal impeachment proceeding? will it be the emoluments, financial misdeeds? muellernything from the investigation? guest: the whole idea of a formal impeachment proceeding does not exist. we are the judiciary committee and we are involved in investigations. that is going on. but what america needs to understand is that, i am hearing the frustration of the last caller. even if the house were to vote to impeach the president, that
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does not remove him in any way, that goes to the senate. at that point the senate conducts a trial and two -- two thirds of the senators must convict him. that is why there is so much ambivalence, because everybody knows that mitch mcconnell will not take up a bill for universal background check on firearm purchases which is favored for more than 90% of the people, will not take up an impeachment investigation coming from the house, and he will do everything in his power to block it. that is why we are in a confusing situation about how to deal with this presidency, which presents an onrush of evidence on a daily basis of their disrespect for the law. tennessee -- host: tennessee, mike is watching from there, a republican, and you are next. go ahead. caller: this is a comment. you are a representative for the united states in congress, right? guest: yes. caller: if you are, why is all
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of this coming down on trump. ain't nobody going after hillary and we know what she did. guest: i beg to differ. you know that the republican controlled congress impeach bill clinton over telling one lie about an affair. we have a president who engaged in massive federal campaign finance violations in order to cover up two affairs, one of them with stormy daniels and the other with karen mcdougall. what they did was they funneled conduital corporate and contribution when president trump reimbursed michael cohen. then they cover the whole thing up and did not disclose it. you could compare those to incidences, an episode where there were deliberate violations of federal campaign finance laws to cover up an affair. bill clinton was impeached for telling one lie.
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you may have a post that, i congratulate you. if not, think about the just up exist -- the juxtaposition of events, and that does not go to the heart of the problem with this president, which is that he is looting and pillaging the money of the people while he is betraying his oath of office. host: david, in new york. a republican. caller: good morning. i have a few comments. there is a lot of smoke on the democrat's side, but no evidence , in my opinion, of anything. , she got 3nton million more votes in the popular votes, but lost the electoral election in that vote. so, if there was collusion and cheating going on, which is what this investigation was supposed to be about, how is it morphing
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into foreign campaign money and -- all of the smoke that you are producing is really confusing, because i have been watching all of these democrats create all of these allegations without any evidence, and in the report of the $40 million comes out saying that there is no evidence. guest: thank you for raising that important point. no mueller investigation what -- the mueller investigation was a republican investigation. robert mueller was a lifelong republican. rod rosenstein had a sharply omitted's go up -- limited scope. the president said he would blow the investigation up if he looked at the finances. that shows us where the trail of corruption is, that is with the president's finances.
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the president got wrapped up with the russians because he had gone bankrupt six different times and turned to oligarchs for money. they conducted a money laundering scheme through the trump office tower and the hotels. that is how the russians got their claws into donald trump. it was their scheme to interfere in our election, and they considered donald trump a useful immediate, -- a useful idiot and stooge. they have been laughing all the way to the bank. onneed to focus attention finances, because that is where the heart of criminality is. that is a legislative investigation. you are talking about the executive branch. if you do not like that you have
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to complain to the republicans who created that investigation. host: you are going to participate in a spelling bee contest. guest: so i understand. i think i am a sitting duck. they killed me last year on pi not grigio. i thought it was two words and i did not think it was an english word. i think there may have been alcohol interests behind that competition. >> judiciary committee democrats have announced a hearing over the constitution amalia and it's clause. emoluments it is part of democrats attempt to broaden their impeachment investigation. this afternoon, the committee will be hearing from president trump's homer campaign manager corey lewandowski.
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appear incted to front of a hearing of the house judiciary committee. watch live coverage today the 1:00 p.m. eastern on c-span three. or can watch on listen on the free c-span radio app. president trump and first lady melania trump will host the second state dinner of his administration as he welcomes this drawing prime minister and his wife. australian prime minister and his wife. watch online at or listen on the free c-span radio app. really valuable to me. >> studentcam has had a huge effect on our life. for past winners of c-span's
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studentcam competition, the experience sparked their interest in document terry documentary- production. >> i have gotten to meet so many candidates. because of c-span, i had the experience to actually film some of them. >> this year we are asking middle and high school students to create a short documentary answering the question, what issue do you most want presidential candidates to address during the campaign? we are awarding $100,000 in atal cash prizes, including $5,000 grand prize. know that in the greatest
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country in the history of years, your view does matter.. >> for more information, go to our website, the house gaveling in now for legislative work. 17, 2019. honorable point the scott h. peters to act as speaker pro tempore on this day. pelosi, speaker of the house of representatives. the speaker pro tempore: pursuant to the order of the house of january 3, 2019, the chair will now recognize members from lists submitted by the majority and minority leaders for morning hour debate. the chair will alternate recognition between the parties. all time shall be equally allocated between the parties and in no event shall debate continue beyond 1:50 p.m.


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