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tv   Whistleblower Complaint Against Pres. Trump  CSPAN  September 24, 2019 5:53pm-6:04pm EDT

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of how we go forward. it's really a sad day for our country actually. i feel really sad about it and i hope the republicans have will join us in passing a resolution for the release of the information. i hope the republicans will join us in doing that tomorrow on the floor. but this is a sad day, whether it is focused and accelerated. reporter: how would you describe the difference procedurally? indiscernible] host: quick comments from nancy pelosi on the decision by democrats to begin impeachment proceedings against president trump. we will be hearing shortly from the house republican leader kevin mccarthy in seven minutes or so. we will have that live or so.
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and the house coming in at 6:20. we will continue with your phone calls on this news. mount joy, pennsylvania. and this is kayla on our democrats' line. caller: hi. i'm an 18-year-old student studying political science and this is a big deal. a lot of us have been discussing together that we don't necessarily feel an impeachment right now would be the best thing. if the democrats focus on voting out president trump in the 2020 election which is almost a year away, the democrats could take over the house and the senate and focus on everything else that needs to be done. host: do you think any of the proceedings may distract from re-election efforts by
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democratic members? caller: i think it could seriously distract because of our democratic -- they are focused on impeaching. if you get a democratic president in the next term, we could have success for our country. host: on that, the re-election, this is political director for cbs who tweets this, fundraising, one minute of each other. text fundraising appeals by 5:40 p.m. regarding the ukraine. leo in lakewood, washington, republican line. caller: i voted for donald trump when he ran. nd i just been sickened by the
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things that are going on. i'm hispanic and against my whole family, i voted for him. and because i pleeved in him because of religious reasons and economic policy that he had. but he lost my trust when he turned the office of the president into a joke, not just for this country, but the president has always been respected and always been held in high regard. right now, donald trump has become like not just a bully, but has become a child who can't take any criticism, somebody needs to take his phone away. and when the mueller report came out, it was a bunch of things one, a bunch of corruption and in mexico, if there is
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corruption in every corner. and you don't have to have a signed piece of paper or certain things to see -- there is a saying if the river makes sounds, does it have rocks. and all of these things that have been going on, behind the scenes, twisting the truth and revealing half truths, all of those things have turned me off completely. i don't know if i'm going to be republican. i tend to see who the best person for the office is. but more than anything, donald trump needs to be out. host: sorry about that, we go to ebbie, louisville, kentucky. caller: i think the president of ur country should be above
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reproach. i have always admired and respected that office in our white house and he has just made a mockery of our country. he is embarrassing. he has embarrassed us in front of the other nations in the world. let's make an america that we can be proud of. thank you. host: democrats' line in florida. caller: i'm glad some of these people have touched on things that i want to discuss. a lot of people need to go back to school and learn about civics lessons and balance of power. the president isn't above them but equal to them. and the people who listen to his conversations so the president cannot make a deal on his own.
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and this ukraine is a classic example of that. and i wonder what was trump saying in two private meetings with putin. hat's what scares me the most. host: thanks, cliff. what is driving the push towards impeachment is the whistleblower reports from the whistleblower at the office of director of national intelligence on phone conversations between president ki and president ze lens of ukraine. the senate earlier by unanimous consent calling for the release of the report itself to their intelligence community ksh committee, and we expect the house will do the same with their resolution set to be taken up sometime tomorrow. and we are waiting to hear from republican leader kevin
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mccarthy. and we have votes coming up in the house in about 20 minutes or so. one member on the democratic side who has spoken more on the house floor than any other calling for an impeachment proceeding is al green. here's a statement: i am hopeful for the articles of impeachment, i welcome anyone on board. to texas, dana on the republican line. >> thank you for taking my call. when donald trump was going through all this commotion with mueller, adam schiff came on c thmbings n and said i have proof on donald trump. where is his proof? he can his mouth, he came out and made a statement, where is the man's proof?
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there is none. they keep saying they have proof on trump where is it? if they want this man out, if they had proof, donald trump would not be sitting in office right now. they would have impeached him. donald trump isn't going to get on the phone with any foreign lead wers how many people listening and do something like that. this is another show for the democrats. i feel story for the democrats out there that are being blindsided by this. we had one caller put john mccain on a pedestal. i'm a service family, two of my brothers died in the service. john mccain did not stick up for some of the servicemen. oklahoma. they -- they came on tv and even said that. where john mccain is put on a pedestal that is wrong. ok. and now donald trump is in trouble for making a call. what did joe biden actually do?
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they're forgetting all of that. because they're democrats. this is wrong. donald trump has been fighting since day one that man's got in office. trying to do good for america. he's not president, when he made that remark about a hellhole place, it is over there. how many of you guys go and visit? you don't. ok. all of you know that. so why is donald trump bad for saying that? i want one democrat to tell me what he had made a remark about racist. he hasn't. host: dana in texas. kevin mccarthy, the republican leader, set to speak with reporters, make a statement, may take questions here shortly, just off the house floor in statuary hall. tweeted this earlier. facts be damned quotes republican leader.
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speaker pelosi's decree changes nothing. we'll hear more from leader mccarthy in a few minutes. jeff is in annapolis on our others line. you're on the air, jeff. caller: i'm not a republican or a democrat. i'm only -- i only try to vote brings merican that forth the constitutional rights of american people, their livelihoods and the country. what i'm not understanding is, is when congress wants something from us they bring up the nstitution, act like they're doing right for the people of the united states. ever since donald trump has been in office, i voted for donald trump myself and i will again in 2020. there's a real person there that is a true american. after 40 years of my life, and and 30 8 years old,
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years and goth bless, i did have a job for 30 years. all our job, my generation has seen our jobs leave. health care get worse. and everything. now we got a president here that's going for the american people and it seems like our congress has got a problem with that. on both sides to tell you the truth. you know, there's no difference between a dictatorship of hitler or a dictatorship of the new world order. they want to categorize us as their servants and what they want and how it is. host: we'll let you go there, jeff. the republican leader is coming out to the microphone.


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