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tv   Washington Journal Phoner Rob Crilly  CSPAN  November 4, 2019 1:44am-1:54am EST

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to bring out this story, a new study says that rising seas threatens the time -- three times as many people as thought, not so much because of the sea levels but because of the estimates of people living on low ground. so final thoughts about the environment and what you are trying to achieve with your organization? guest: this involves land and water. a lot of the emphasis is about the oceans, not only the warming of the ocean but overfishing and the things you are describing. this is a global task. it will be big and involve financing from people like weisse, whose contribute in a billion dollars to this cause and developed nations are finally realizing that if we just help others, it's not going to hurt them, it's going to hurt us. it will make it hard for it to survive and hard for people who live by the oceans to live where they want to live.
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a senator feingold, from wisconsin from 1993 to 2011, currently the honorary ambassador to we are dividing os for those who support or oppose the idea. join us is the white house correspondent for the washington examiner. what do we expect this week with the house in recess and the president in new york today. he has a campaign event tomorrow in kentucky. as you say, he is up in new york. everything he is doing now, he is gearing up for campaign events. there was supposed to be a criminal justice that. -- event. it was complete with his campaign music.
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everything is about the fight ahead. host: let me share with you what oncy pelosi said yesterday saturday evening. it's a letter in which she outlines the agenda moving ahead. she double down on the impeachment inquiry. .he said the facts are clear with richard this nixon in 1972 with the break-in of the dnc headquarters. saidobservers have president sins offenses pale in comparison to what president trump has done. can you elaborate on what the white house is responding? one of the things he said
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about the three previous president to faced impeachment, he said he had done nothing. shifty clear in trying to that. they are going after the process. say they are not getting a chance to defend themselves. it's very clear in making a case, even if there was some kind of quid pro quo, the president has every right and the responsibility to inestigate corruption ukraine. it's interesting that nancy pelosi is making the comparison
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to richard nixon. whateversaying happened in that call, whether or not there was withholding of aid, that is the president's right to do that. everything has shifted in the past week. hearingsow gone to that will be held in public. the democrats are figured how they are going to go about this. the republicans are starting to hunchback and say -- hunchback -- punch back and say the president has every right to withhold aid. allegations. the is talk about richard nixon. ins is going to be right
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president trump's wheelhouse. he is going to enjoy that comparison. host: we are talking with the white house correspondent for the washington examiner. you talked to president trump in the oval office. he was behind the resolute desk. the president wants to read the transcript of that phone call and do so as a sort of fireside chat on live telev call and do so as a sort of fireside like thursday when they were talking about how to hunchback on this. -- punch back on this. house democrats put forward their plan of how they were going to go about it, the rules or impeachment. the president had nothing on his agenda.
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we discussed the impeachment. that is clearly what he wanted to talk about. he wanted to set up how he is going to defend himself. feels and the way it came across is he's done nothing wrong. he kept coming back to the transcript. it was a letter or memo put out by the white house describing that call. the phonehe view that call transcript clears him. about wanting to produce a t-shirt saying read the transcript. this is his point. if he could just get on tv and talk to the public and read word for word the letter he put out,
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whatever you want to call it, the facts of the matter would clear him. this is his strategy. whether he is serious i can't say. this was a suggestion, fireside chat, reading the transcript. he felt that would clear him. already, we have heard witnesses come forward talking about quid pro quo and what happened. thatnk it's far from clear it would clear him. he, if he wants to say these things to the leader of ukraine, he can. it's another question, i think his feeling is nothing illegal happened.
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the facts should clear him. host: that is the reporting of the white house correspondent for the washington examiner. than journalpan's washington live every day with news it policy issues that impact you. discussioning, a about impeachment and the constitution with the university of baltimore law professor kimberly whaley. also, the prospects of impeachment with the phone from editor-in-chief david hawking. be sure to watch washington journal, live at 7:00 eastern on monday morning. >> president trump holds a campaign rally monday in lexington, kentucky. live coverage starts at 7:00 p.m. eastern on c-span.
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donna brazile, former democratic national committee chair ,shlapp, the campaign from president trump, talk about clinical discourse and civility. >> talking to reporters outside of the white house earlier, president trump was asked about the impeachment inquiry and the 2020 presidential election. pres. trump: would you like to talk to me? i am shocked. yes, go ahead. well, the whistleblower gave a very inaccurate report. of theknow, certain media released information a


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