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tv   Caitlin Emma  CSPAN  November 8, 2019 8:36pm-8:47pm EST

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first public impeachment hearings, the committee led by adam schiff will hear from three state department officials starting wednesday at 10:00 a.m. eastern. top diplomat in ukraine william taylor and george kent will testify. and then on friday at 11:00 a.m. eastern on c-span2, former u.s. bassador to ukraine marianne yivanovic will speak in the committee. and this veterans day at 11:00 a.m. eastern, live coverage of the laying of the wreath at the tomb of the unknowns from arlington national cemetery. at 7:00, the nbc news broadcast on the fall of the berlin wall. and at 10:30, veterans talk about the complexities of war. on veterans day watch c-span.
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or listen using the free c-span radio app. >> joining me is caitlin emma, appropriations and budget reporter for politico. congress is still debating spending before the budget deadline. tuesday, the top four appropriators are on the calendar to meet on capitol hill. who will be in that meeting and where the key issues that need to be resolved? caitlin: the top appropriators in the house and senate will be meeting on tuesday evening. we are talking about senate appropriations, chairman richard shelby and his democratic counterpart patrick lahey. as well as the house appropriations chairwoman and her republican counterpart kay granger. they have an enormous list ahead of them.
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there is a total lack of bicameral, bipartisan agreement on funding levels that need to be worked out in order to write these bills that fund the day-to-day operations of the federal government. there are some huge issues looming like funding for president trump's wall. all of those issues are impeding on the spending bills. at the same time, you have congressional leaders weighing another congressional resolution to keep the government open and get these negotiations continuing. >> you did mention a continuing resolution. friday, house majority leader steny hoyer announced that they -- the house do plan to take up a short-term spending bill the week of november 18. how long is this continuing resolution expected to be an are you expecting both the house and senate to pass it and the president to sign it? caitlin: house majority leader
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steny hoyer did say today that they will pick up a continuing resolution the week of november 18. so what that essentially will do is just extend current funding level to buy more time for negotiations over, you know, the regular annual appropriations bills. we aren't sure what date that would extend funding to, congressional leaders and the white house seem to be coalescing around the date at least through mid december. so once again we're sort of setting up this government funding deadline around christmas sort of much to everybody's chagrin. just the other weekend, president trump sort of, you know, sounded -- sounded alarms when he kind of left the door open to possibly shutting down the government over impeachment and his ire over impeachment. but earlier this week, we had
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his top liaison meeting with lawmakers and giving out some reassurance that he will find a.c.r. and keep the government open as long as the democrats don't try to tie his hands on border wall funding. so a date is still up in the air. but through mid december seems to be the current thinking when it comes to a c.r. at the moment. >> the white house's legislative affairs director was talking budget. what are you hearing about the level of funding for the border that the white house and congress might except? caitlin: this is sort of the linchpin as senator shelby told us. this is the biggest issue really as they try to fund the government. you know, the white house is seeking billions and billions of dollars for a border wall. and senate republicans have proposed providing him with $5
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billion in their department of homeland security spending bill. nd house democrats are pretty insistent on the fact that he is not going to get another dime for that wall. and they're very upset about the fact that senate republicans have proposed taking billions away from domestic programs in order to fund that wall. so there exists this this sort of enormous impasse over border wall funding. and i think a lot of top appropriators have been waiting for some kind of signal from the white house on whether or not president trump can kind of come down on that number and accept something less. so it really remains to be scene if leaders can come to a compromise over there and satisfy the president at the same time. >> senate democratic leader chuck schumer has said that he is increasingly worried that the president will want to shut the government down because of impeachment. you did talk about this a little bit. what are other lawmakers talking about this as a possibility?
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caitlin: right. certainly that is a concern because we saw, you know, just about a year ago the president at the urging of folks like former congressman now acting white house chief of staff mick mulvaney did shut down the government over the fact that he did not receive the amount of funding that he wanted for the wall. obviously, we saw that that did not play out very well for the republicans. i think the blame sort of fell squarely on the president for shutting down the government over this issue. that incident, about what could appen. the president is a little bit of a wildcard in that respect. his top liaison to congress was ere this week, mainly offering
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reassurance that the president does not want to shut the government down. but that democrats should not try to shut down his ability to fund the wall if he is going to back a short-term fix. caitlyn emma is the appropriations and budget reporter for "politico." u can tweet ear at caitlinzemma. thanks for the up date. >> thank you. >> president trump spokes to reported -- spoke to reporters before departing to atlanta. he answers questions on releasing the transcripts with his phone calls with ukraine's president earlier this year. >> it's my understanding that the white house council isn't deemed to release that. >> they don't want to give all this information on a scam. it's a witch hunt. i'm ok with releasing it. it doesn't bother me. i know what i said. it was fine. a no, they do want to have
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second call. i make a lot of calls. but i have no problem about releasing it. i'm very transparent. nobody is more transparent than i am. and if i wasn't -- and if i didn't release it, it would have been a problem. because the fake whistleblower said something about the call many things that were wrong. when the whistleblower came forward, he talked about this horrible call. it turned out to be a perfect call. as i said mark eleven said this was a -- mark levin said this was a perfect call. they lie. they lie. this whole thing is a scam. this is a scam by the democrats to try to win an election. now they want my first call. i have no problem giving it to them other than i don't like giving calls to the media when i'm dealing with foreign nations. but i will give it if they want it. >> he said at the beginning of
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september, he presumed there was was a quid pro quo. then there was a telephone to you on september the 9th. had he ever talked to you? >> let met just say i hardly know the gentleman. but there was a man who said there there was no quid pro quo. he still says that, and he says that i say that. he hasn't changed this testimony. this is a man that said as far as the president is concerned, there was no quid pro quo. everybody that testified even the one that are trump haters they've all been fine. they don't have anything. but now, they want the first call with the president of ukraine. if they want it, i'll probably give it to them. but they really want it badly. if they want it, i will probably give it to them. i don't like doing it because it sets a bad precedent, john, because every time president xi calls or anybody calls from china, if i speak to kim jong-un, are they worried about me giving the call?
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but in this case because the press has been dupe into a hoax and in some cases have really started the hoax, i will give the letter, if they want it. i do say this about that call, i think that's a very revealing call. >> follow the house impeachment inquiry and the administration's response on c-span. unfiltered coverage live on tv, our radio app and online. watch primetime re-airs or stream any time on demand at >> president trump delivered remarks at the black voices for trump rally in atlanta. the president talked about his administration's record and job creations and low unemployment for african americans. he also commented about the impeachment inquiry, house intelligence committee chair adam schiff and house spe


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