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tv   Impeachment Inquiry Hearing Reaction  CSPAN  November 19, 2019 8:41pm-9:03pm EST

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concerns about burisma. we have to go. >> [indiscernible] >> if you don't think it is corrupt, why is he not coming to testify? why is adam schiff not allowing him to testify? businessman being hit with the -- [indiscernible]
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[indiscernible] housecer: this week, the intelligence committee between inquiry will hear from a total of nine witnesses. four of them testified today over 10 hours. jennifer williams, an advisor to mike pence, lt. col. alexander vindman, a ukraine expert on the national security council. this afternoon, they heard from former special envoy to ukraine ambassador volker and jim morrison, advisor to europe and russia. on c-span we would like to hear from you. here is how to join the conversation. for democrats -- we welcome all others at -- we will take about 20 minutes or
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so of phone calls to hear from you on this tuesday evening, the first of three hearings we will cover this week on the c-span networks. let's go to the republican line in starlike, wisconsin. caller: thank you for taking my call. i have been watching all day. alln, the witnesses testified that they witnessed no primary, extortion, quid pro quo, all that. and ir thing i noticed, will challenge the democrat callers to flollow -- they all say the president attacks witnesses. billyt as if they took a club and hit him.
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he is defending himself. i heard the same people say the president attacks people, but they call him a criminal. they say he doesn't care about people, he hates other countries, he is a failure. i wrote them down as i heard them. yourrat callers, don't end call with an attack. you look kind of goofy, you know? int: we go to ethan charleston, south carolina. caller: i guess i will respond about the attacks from the president versus typical americans finding with the president does as wrong. when you are using your office of power to make a comment on the top eight t -- top aide to vice president pence and calling her a never-trumper, you
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are instigating death threats to this person. when someone finds it problematic, they are not committing this offense that is incumbent upon the president not to do. eric swalwell today brought up turkish president erdogan, anticorruption there. that is a great point. we should see the transcript of their phone call the day before troops were pulled out of syria. host: the caller mentioned jennifer williams. to vice a -- is an aide president mike pence. she testified in the earlier portion of today's hearing, airing on c-span networks. we will show it to you, of course. let's go to carmen on the independents line. hi, you are on the air. make sure you mute your television. caller: my comments on the last
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i zoned-- last two days, out for maybe an hour. it is just typical. haveched how the democrats treated president trump from day one. they have never let up. they have never let up on trying to destroy someone that the american people voted for. not all americans, but we are all americans. it seems whenever i listen to the democrats, the only americans are democrat. that is wrong. what they are doing with president trump -- if people would remember they are setting a precedent. if they would do this to the president, what do they think this government will do to them when they get their way? host: what do you think will
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come of all of this? what do you think the house will do? househink the democratic will destroy the united states as is. they will destroy it. they care more about their politics than they do about the country. they divide the country. president trump, in my opinion, is trying to unite us. we have people that will choose race, sexual orientation, anything that they can attack him with, whether he is guilty or not, because it is like a mantra. you accuse him, that is what he has done wrong. whatever the democrats are doing they accuse the republicans of doing. i'm not a democrat or a
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republican. i understand when i listen to someone talk, i give them the benefit of the doubt. host: we will go to our republican line and hear from jacob in georgia. caller: i want to bring it back to something that happened on friday when a new york representative was shut down by saying,iff constantly the gentlewoman will yield. it is something to look at, that he will not let republicans -- he constantly sensors republicans -- censors republicans. h releasee the name of the whistleblower -- he won't release the name of the whistleblower. i think he needs to do that to be honest with the american people. host: we are showing you video
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from the corridors of the loan office building, next to where we are, across the street from the u.s. capitol. continuing to take your calls and comments on today's testimony, the first of three days the house intelligence committee will hear from witnesses. let's go to dan from watertown, new york, democrats line. caller: i appreciate listening to the comments. i follow this quite closely, the name-calling and the insults and the belittling and trying to the grade the witnesses -- degrade the witnesses almost defies gravity itself. it is like the gop refused to accept any truth or any valid testimony based upon the facts. these people that are testifying are reputable people.
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it seems people that support trump -- you should support who you want -- it seems, in their mind, he cannot do anything wrong, even counting the mounting evidence that we hear in the testimony and everything he has done and said since he has been in office. they tried to blame democrats for "what is happening to the country." they need to look in the mirror at the same time they say things like that. host: do you think there is any disconnect between the way the president talks about witnesses, yovanovitch from last week, the former ambassador to ukraine and how most republican members treat witnesses that come before the committee? caller: there is a link. that is mr. trumps'strategy. i will give him credit for selling a line or soundbites,
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the hoaxes, the democrats are tied to the mainstream media, what have you. it carries a lot of weight with his base, i understand that. ise fact of the matter is it patently false. host: let's go to vanessa, calling from new york on the independent line. caller: hi, how are you? host: fine, thank you. caller: when looking at the information that has come out in the past few days and weeks, it has been confirmed by all witnesses so far that there has been a pattern of inappropriate conduct from the president in his sphere of influence. unfortunately rather than asking about questions, some committee members are more adjusted in pushing conspiracy theories either promoted by russian intelligence or for the benefit of russia. that makes me concerned this is
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way bigger than a whistleblower. i think people are looking at the situation at hand. we have career officials ringing the alarm bells and the intelligence community is warning us about russian interference in our democracy, and we have a president and members of congress who seem to actively promote russian intelligence propaganda over u.s. intelligence. i think this is a national security problem unfolding in front of our eyes. it is disconcerting someone would -- and doesn't seem to have any interest in maintaining national security. host: we will reject comments on yourook, too -- will read comments on facebook, too. president trump was duly elected by the american people. it is time to end the charade
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and get back to work for the american people. this is a total circus, i am hearing nothing said that is justifiable of an impeachment so far. i want to hear from the bidens and the president. we will continue with your calls, your comments. stanley,r from bradenton, florida, republican line. caller: i live in bradenton, florida. i can understand the democrats anymore -- can't understand the president -- democrats anymore. president trump did a good job. i am a representative of the romanian people. donald trump has helped many of my people. i think donald trump is doing a good job. i don't understand why everybody
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is saying he is doing a bad job, because i think he is doing a good job. i think the democrats ought to realize if we impeach donald trump, who is going to take over as president? do we go on the street with signs, please help me? i think he is doing a great job. that is my opinion. dallas,ris is from texas on our democrats line. if you have not done so already, mute your television set. hower: i can't believe republicans can sit there after the testimony they have given out, evidence to prove he is not fit to be president. he starts racial stuff.
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everything that comes out is a lie. i can't see somebody like that. if you really believe in god, and people say they do, and you know right from wrong, how can anybody in their right state of mind -- host: little rivers, south carolina, independent line. caller: how do you do? host: go ahead. caller: it is disappointing that the house in particular and the congress in general has been so over the last three years. today sounded in large part like opinion and speculation over the meaning of
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sounvents without any real d legal issue with the president. is so muchintment time is being spent on this issue and no time being spent on things like usmca and military issues and so on. i think the ambassador was very help mr.his efforts to trump understand the situation .ith mr. zelensky i think the outcome was favorable. apparently that is not
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satisfactory to mr. schiff. it is unfortunate that ts division has gone on in our country. we should stop this ongoing issue. host: these open hearings before the house intelligence committee began last week. there will be three of them this week, two today. one continuous hearing set for tomorrow as well. we will tell you about that in a bit. we continue to get your calls .nd comments
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let's hear from jim next, republican line, tucson, arizona. caller: can you hear me? host: make sure you have muted your television. caller: i am a cpa in tucson. 75. 74 or [laughter] i try not to think about it too much. i am in good health and good mental health, and i have never seen a president, a person that a so poorly educated, to be president. you don't have to even be educated, you just have to have some smarts. he just doesn't strike me as someone having the capacity to do the presidency. and so far, in my opinion, he
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has not shown that he has the capacity. host: democrats line next. we will go to pittsburgh. this is denise. caller: hi, i just wanted to make a few bullet points of what i have been listening to. first, i am a democrat and i support my president regardless if they are republican or democratic. it seems the republicans seem to be redirecting most of aerything toward blaming waste of time for all these hearings. as -- if a president of the united states is doing something wrong, they should be investigated. that takes precedence over anything if you have someone corrupt leading the country. the second thing is they talked about aid was withheld sometime in august, then it was let go.
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why was it withheld to begin with? the other thing is they are deflecting everything about hunter biden. where is the information? this came up recently. that is all i have to say. host: kevin is up next in salt lake city on the independent line. about: i was calling something i noticed, when it started with russia it was a witch hunt, and funny whether it was true or not. i guess we never figured out it decided tout when he tell ukraine to investigate the bidens it was like it was the witchhunt in place.
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i thought it was comical. that is just what i noticed. if it backfired on him, it is funny. host: we appreciate your comments. the white house has been .atching and tweeting some the press secretary sending out a statement earlier in the hearing that says, we have learned nothing new in the illegitimate impeachment proceedings. today's hearings exposes that chairmanship and the democrats are blinded by their hatred for donald trump and their rabid desire to overturn a free election. we appreciate the calls. you will have another chance tomorrow morning at 7:00 a.m. ,"stern on "washington journal then we begin at 9:00 a.m. eastern hearing from gordon
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sondland and laura cooper, deputy assistant secretary of defense for ukraine, and david hale. that hearing getting underway on c-span3 9:00 a.m. eastern and on the c-span radio app, and our coverage is always available at >> follow the house impeachment inquiry and the administration response on c-span, unfiltered coverage live on tv, our radio app and online. stream anytime on-demand at \impeachement. >> c-span's "washington journal," live every day with news and policy issues that impact you. wednesday morning, your reaction to the testimony from this week's house impeachment inquiry.


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