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tv   President Trump Holds Meeting on Vaping E- Cigarettes  CSPAN  November 23, 2019 4:58am-5:58am EST

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>> next, president trump discusses teen age vaping and e crig rhett yuste. he held this at the white house and was joined by several others. this is an hour. this is one hour. >> and you think you have a
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solution? >> i think we do have a solution and the solution you pose as an extra gnarly powerful step in the right direction. -- an extraordinarily powerful step in the right direction. pres. trump: ok. thank you will take a look at it. >> this is a serious issue to discuss, thank you for hosting us after the discussion. i am honored to be a part of it and look forward to engaging with everyone in the room. did you know it was going to be so controversial? >> yes m i'm happy to be here. fromm a pediatrician georgia and president of the american academy of pediatrics. >> the children are counting on us. pres. trump: thank you very much. >> christopher butler, americans for tax reform. thank you for having aspirin we are concerned about the public-policy applications for adult vapers. and view it as a
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prerequisite for keeping people and the liberty coalition for doing everything we care so much about. i am gary rady, ceo of the american cancer society and american cancer action network and i want to thank you for making this [inaudible] pres. trump: important position you have, what is your stance on vaping, e-cigarettes? have you taken a stance? >> yes we have and we are totally aligned and supportive with the position he took on september 11. [inaudible] pres. trump: let me take a look. >> joe rogan, director of [inaudible] >> i'm scott, director of the american manufacturing standards association.
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we up and publish manufacturing standards for eight liquid products that any manufacturer can use. -- e-liquid products. pres. trump: and if you do not have high standards, anything that can happen right? where people are using devices and other things that are not good, right? >> yes, sir. [indiscernible] >> and we very much support what you put forward in september. we have a half million members many of whom are moms. in addition, they asked me, begged me, deluged me as notes to tell you that they support you all the way. >> mr. president, thank you for having me here. i am tim chapman the executive director of [indiscernible] we are concerned about this issue and want to play an active role in helping you get to the right solutions. we are fake supporters of many of the policies you have been [indiscernible] >> thank you for the invitation
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to be here. i'm the president and ceo for the american lung association. on behalf of our organization want to thank you for a leadership in bringing this issue to the public light. and for you to help us focused is on the kids. and to really work on this regarding the addiction. [indiscernible] [no audio] >> mr. president, for having me. in the county, we are home to camp david. one of virginia ... your original [indiscernible]
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looking the other way at a public health crisis... to invite people from both sides of the issue to the cabinet room to have this conversation. pres. trump: thank you, kellyanne. i am -- murphy -- murphy. two band flavors, so we do not have kids getting hooked on nicotine products. we also insist cartridges are tamperproof so kids cannot add contaminants to the cartridges, that is consistent with your point of view. pres. trump: thank you. this is a very big subject. a very complex subject. probably a little bit less complex than some people think. andi am here to listen
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[indiscernible] news. who would like to start, give a background on where we are and what we are doing? >> thank you, mr. president. for your work and leadership on this issue. to demonstrate your deep commitment to americans' health and in particular the health and well being of our youth. can be ingarettes offramp to adults, we can all agree we cannot allow them to become a on-ramp to nicotine addiction combust was used by our kids. as the president said, we are here to listen. -- to nicotine addiction or combustibles use by kids. it is highly complex so it is important to gather an array of perspectives to find the best way to go about it. thank you, mr. president, for organizing this gathering. we all look forward to airing from our guest.
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pres. trump: point of view. where you stand? >> i think, we clearly in kentucky have a problem with --] [indiscernible] but i think having access to vaping projects -- product is not necessarily the answer. because beyond flavors paired we should not have access for anything -- for any vaping product until they are 21 years of age. the more you introduce nicotine into a kids brain, the more it is shown they become addicted to other substances. the longer we can keep nicotine out of the hands of kids, i think it is in everyone's best interest. pres. trump: one of the things will be talking about his age. we are going to be coming up with a, a number. i think we have to come up with a hard number at some point. so we will be doing that. you had something
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very interesting to say before. >> well, again i want apple five what others have said. -- i want to amplify what others have said. [indiscernible] and solving this problem ofe-vaping. many people in this room believe it is the right one. that is to read the market of all of these flavor including bubblegum and mint flavors. because it is the flavor that hooks the kids and that cap the kids from perceiving harmonies products. -- and that kept the kids from perceiving harm in these products, and the presence of nicotine. -- grassrootsrids group represent families across the country and we went through letters and emails and outreach from families, in every state i can think of, florida, ohio,
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wisconsin, new york. these are real-life stories. i'm happy to read is for you. of families that have had their lives [indiscernible] by these e-cigarettes addictions. pres. trump: they say get rid of flavors but leave the menthol, i've heard that from a lot of people. ? no >> what we have seen in the data is that if you leave the menthol they will start using menthol. so [no audio] flavors -- even if some flavors aren't eliminated, they will keep on [indiscernible] so that is not a good solution. pres. trump: ? what you suggest? >> i'm suggesting what you suggested, that you take all the flavored e-cigarettes off the market.. [no audio]
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plan... is no [indiscernible] if we can do that, i think your i thinkabout... 21... things like no direct access, to making product, keeping the behind the counter, things like that are important. but menthol is part of the ison why we have vaping, to designed to help people who are smokers. one third of smokers are menthol smokers. if i eliminated that, i think it cuts off that path. really be very serious about preventing sales minor. products to any and stores need to face the consequences if they do that.
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they should get their licenses polled. pres. trump: how many stories you represent? 153,000. millions of employees. pres. trump: i think you're losing stores now to the internet. would you say are losing stores? >> no, not convenience stores. pres. trump: ? not convenience stores? that's good. >> those are my people. probably more importantly they are your.. pres. trump: and everybody would be grateful. but what are they saying about the vaping phenomena? >> they're saying the same things they say about the hard sales of air, wind, cigarettes. sales of beer, wine, cigarettes.
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it is super important for our members to be socially responsible real taylor's. -- social response or retailers. [indiscernible] super important. we need to have a very serious regulations about sale to under age people. pres. trump: so represent all the stores, great people, what is your solution? what is there solution on your solution? [inaudible] [indiscernible] [-] behind the counter, only a place of access. second, restricting sales to people 21 years and older. of itemsng the number they can purchase per transaction part one of the problems you have is that adult
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age people are buying multiplem more than they need and then reselling it, social cells, to underage people. toneed to -- social sales, underage people. we need to restrict the number of items they can buy in a transaction paired we need to require training programs for requires -- we need to training programs for employees. it is never approved a training program. they can follow and restrict an approval -- up whole licenses -- and paul licenses for -- and pull licenses for people who do not trained. a level playing field that all retailers abide by the same laws. [indiscernible] >> for adults, they are horrible
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for anyone else. if there is a level playing field and he decides this is what you're going to do. by the law, ife a lower to control flavors, -- if a law were to control flavors, we will follow the law. >> on september 11, cdc was saying that vape in general with kelly people. now we know from cdc -- cdc was saying that vaping was killing people. now we know that it is not there companies that this organization represents. it was the oil cartridges sold by drug dealers. it is important that you know that mike bloomberg is finding $160 million to try to ban these flavors. many people in this room are...
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[indiscernible] so they are not here with the position that we can come to a compromise. they have money specifically to get these products banned. and the 10,000 businesses cannot survive with just tobacco and menthol. the age restrict, they only allow adults in their store. pres. trump: what would you do? >> i think we need to raise the age to 21. we need bulk sales constraints. marketing restrictions. in 2020 every vaping product has to go through premarket review. that will cost several million dollars per product. even if we solve this product today which i hope we do in five or six months we are back where we started, where potentially only the largest multibillion heart companies being able to provide it. pres. trump: because people cannot afford it. >> exactly and all these people are employing people, 70,000 or 80,000 direct jobs. pres. trump: ? what you recommend on flavors? >> on flavors we need a wide
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open market in some places. we would prefer a late tobacco with prefermits -- tobacco 21 and bulk sale limits. towant smokers to be able access these products everywhere they can purchase a pack of marbles. senator rand paul said these products have likely saved hundreds of thousands of lives and we cannot forget about the adult smokers. pres. trump: thank you. >> we have tried. it is already illegal to sell these products to people under [inaudible] yet with sina and increase in the use of nicotine -- yet we see an increase in the use of these products. we have seen no increase in whatsoever in the percentage of adults that use these products. have fueled youth
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use of these products. what is particularly concerning, it is to a level of addiction. these products deliver more nicotine more powerfully. what we are seeing here and others can talk to about it more detail, kids becoming addicted quicker, unable to quit. suffering extraordinary withdrawal symptoms. pres. trump: what would you do? >> having looked at this issue for 35 years, i would aluminate the sale of any flavors that have not been approved by the food and drug ministration. we are talking about a temporary stop in order to prevent. [no audio] , peoplef them comply can demonstrate, do they actually help people quit. and it they do not appeal to kids they can be marketed. what we see now though, is the opposite. we have seen an epidemic among our kids that i have not seen
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ever before. we now have kids time four. before.- time [no audio] >> you hear stories of young people saying, it was cool, but within days i lost control. the fda has the authority to review these products. question is, what should we do in the interim? i would eliminate the flavors. them, except for tobacco flavor. a few years ago, they said they would get a mango, now we are
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going to illuminate meant. -- mint. menthols number one ingredient. we already have some companies that have multiple versions of menthol and many of them taste like meant. -- mint. it's one of these big pandora's bo-- boxes we cannot get out of. pres. trump: you are the president of juul what are you saying? we removed a number flavors from the market most recently, , we removed mint, and that was 70% of our business. we felt it was the right thing to do.
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today, we are left a tobacco and menthol portfolio, but ultimately, we defer to the fda -- pres. trump: who makes the flavors? >> different companies. pres. trump: they continue to make flavors. >> we have 1.2% use. there are two unavailable factors. if you ban flavors, which there is a public health redeeming situation to do so, 100,000 be in trouble. -- [crosstalk] they sell exclusively
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flavors. i don't think we should argue the virtue to these products, we all agree there should. 1.2 and 1.4% youth use. >> we believe you can market favors responsibly. arepercent of our users above the age of 25. >> i think the issue or the opportunity is to make a deal, for the industry to come here and say we recognize youth use of the problem. pres. trump: the one thing you see if you watch prohibition, you look at alcohol, you look at cigarettes made illegal, if you don't give it to them, they will get it illegally.
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instead of legitimate companies, good companies making something that is safe, they will get something on the street corner that will be horrible. it's one problem i cannot seem to forget. i mean, i've seen it. you just have to look at the history of it. now instead of having the flavor that is at least safe, they will be having the flavor that's poison. that's a big problem. >> there are some very large e-cigarette companies at the table, but most of the numbers of our trade association are small mom-and-pop shops, small manufacturers, small businesses that have this industry from the -- built industry from the ground up, not from the top pres. trump: what are you saying? >> we say you have to implement -- as you said, this is a complex problem, so you need a sophisticated plan. a flavor ban will not work and you have articulated one critical reason why. people will just go to the black
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market and that is because adults are demanding these flavors. pres. trump: you just ended your flavors? >> except for tobacco and menthol. pres. trump: isn't that going to be just sold illegally? somebody is going to open up a shop in china and ship it in flavors, and you don't know what standard you are getting? isn't that a problem? >> you know what a bodega is? you can buy 10, 15 versions of off market flavor products. pres. trump: that's what we are focused on, not your product, things made illegally. >> what we are focused on is these product off the market. counterfeit products that we are not producing that are on the market today. it's an issue. pres. trump: how bad are they? >> the issue is you just don't know. >> 3 million kids are addicted. separate from the lung disease,
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5.3 million kids. one million kids a day are using these products repetitively. since flavors have been introduced, we have seen a meteoric rise in use by kids. we have seen no increase whatsoever previously before flavors were marketed so heavily by juul. the number one flavor on the market was tobacco flavor. we are not talking about removing all e-cigarettes. we are talking about removing the flavors that have fueled the epidemic among our kids. >> i understand what you are saying, but what i'm asking is if you remove flavors, won't they just be made illegal? >> last year, you saw 1.5 million kids become addicted. we can close that on-ramp. you said it correctly in september.
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former commissioner gottlieb has said the same thing. we can close the on-ramp. >> as long as we don't close the on-ramp from adult smokers to vapors. people need flavors. >> you are going to ask them to go back to using the flavor of the product that almost killed them. >> 92% of my revenue is flavors. we are different companies. we are not juul, sir. >> the largest? * -- >> 70% get their paper products from social services. -- resources. >> 10,000 stores. kids are able to get these by virtue of 10,000 stores. >> [crosstalk] they are typically adult only shops. it's important for you to realize that separate and apart from the convenience stores and gas stations where kids frequent,
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there is a whole separate distribution chain. it is supplied by a distributor and manufacturer. >> that is the number one outlet where young people purchase -- >> that is not accurate. >> just last week, kids get there vapes from social service -- social sources, that is to be expected. they get there vapes from a vapes shop. it is the number one retail source. in the same study, it also says these kids are refused only 25% of the time. if a vape shop-- people--d to punish
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>> the convenience store industry has a much better compliance record. we sell a lot of products. it is vitally important to do age restricted sales properly. compliance rates are better. pres. trump: with flavor or without flavor? >> anything. a-proscriptive. we take very seriously. this whole debate over flavor, half the audience here firmly believes that flavors -- there is a huge concern about youth being attracted to vapor because of the flavors.
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we have to double down. pres. trump: i got it. >> we are the biggest. the usage is a serious problem and we felt we needed to act quickly. we removed the flavors. pres. trump: so you think flavors are dangerous? >> we saw the youth data. we felt the responsible thing to do was to remove flavors because youth were getting access to flavors. pres. trump: you think we should have flavors. >> yes, i think we do. we can demonstrated that build in adult audience of smokers without creating a new audience of youth users. it has been demonstrated by the data. fda the last 12 months, the conducted 146,000 inspections of retail establishments and we have had only 29 violations. juul has had 60 times more
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violations. they sell three times more products, and they have had 60 times more violations. pres. trump: why is that? >> the way we have implemented police policy to limit youth access. nobody can intellectually tell you you can permanently obliterate youth access. sure are focused on making the sciences is right. we will fully support the fda. flavors are playing an important role for an adult to make a choice. that is to put on a cigarette and switch to a product that has less risk in a weber. -- he vapor. -- e-vapor. that is what we are focused on. the fda is most appropriate to determine -- >> pres. trump: do you think you have it right now? >> we have made the right decision and we are looking forward to following -- >> the number one most popular product on the market.
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flavors are not an issue. >> how about the children? we have 6 million kids addicted to nicotine and they are getting addicted to nicotine because of flavors. 66% of the kids addicted to these products are saying they did not even know it had nicotine in it. it is the flavor that is drawing the kids in. i salute the fact that juul has said we are taking these products off the market because we care about our kids. the adults have access tobacco flavored products. by putting out cotton candy flavors, unicorn poop flavors, we have these arcade products. -- these arcade products. -- these are kids products. we have to put the kids first. >> not only how we called for increasing the age to 21, that is a no-brainer.
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that has to be done. we have done 21 different marketing restrictions. >> you should ban advertising altogether. >> everybody has criticize the industry for their marketing but nobody is talking about actually putting on marketing restrictions. pres. trump: what do you think of the senate bill? fax it is the wrong approach. a better approach would be to raise the age to 21. put severe restrictions on how you market the product. on top of that, you have to increase penalties for retailers. our retailers are fine with increase penalties because they do know they are keeping these products out of the age of kids. we say three strikes and you're out. today, you can have seven strikes before you are told to stop selling tobacco products. that is acceptable. -- unacceptable.
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on top of that, age verification. we are in the age of technology. this is a technology product that is helping people quit smoking. third-party age verification is important. >> third-party age verification is important >> i am a pediatrician and i take care of children every day. this is a crisis. these parents and children are counting on our help. i had a teenage boy in my office crying and telling me i and-- iwas d-- i was dumb and i cannot get off of it. children sleep with their juuls under their pillows. nicotine is so addictive that we have nothing in our arsenal. we are all of the same message that we need to take all flavors off the market.
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we are worried that if we leave one flavor on the market, the children will go to that. they will want something. pres. trump: none of these guys will do it, one of the big guys will do it what about the , counterfeit problem if you do? how do you solve the fact that it will be shipped in from mexico? is -- our bigng, thing is we have 5 million , children addicted. we do not want to have another 5 million addicted. children like flavors. we flavor medicines. medicine is good for children. e-cigarettes are not.
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meant -- >> we know many of these kids want to quit and need help quitting. we asked them what would you do have all the flavors were taken of the market including , menthol? 60%, the number one answer was quit. we have introduced a quick -- quit vaping program. you use it on your phone. with almost no promotion, 60,000 kids had signed up for. these kids are angry. they thought it was all fun and flavors. pres. trump: until they get addicted. >> the american medical association commends you for the stance you have taken. you have an opportunity to save a generation from addiction. we know the youth are attracted to these flavored cigarettes and to those who argue that e-cigarettes lead to smoking cessation.
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there is not evidence among adults that these products were for smoking cessation. if they have evidence, they should take it to the fda where the fda can evaluate and we can make decisions based on science and evidence. pres. trump: would you say it is a lesser problem -- you do not think so, sally? >> nicotine addiction is bad for the brain. pres. trump: how does that compare to the normal smoking of cigarettes. >> neither one are good. >> [crosstalk] >> it greatly benefits their health. even your own former commissioner stated that
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switching improves their health. critics the people who are using these -- >> the kids who are using these products are not smokers. they are often not kids who would have become smokers. >> that is not accurate. >> it is consistent with all of the government studies. >> that is not accurate. less than 1%, most of the kids who have tried this product have already tried cigarettes or some other tobacco product. these are kids who have at risk behaviors and that is why -- >> [crosstalk] >> half the kids in high school are vaping.
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pres. trump: tell me about lungs. >> the american cancer society is an evidence-based organization. pres. trump: what is your public stance? it is a new modern age problem -- when did this begin? it was really two years ago. tell me what your stance is. >> our stance is very aligned with what you suggested on september 11. we fully support that position to take all flavored e-cigarettes off the market. >> regardless of age. >> yes absolutely. pres. trump: what if they are over 21? no? >> it is an epidemic of youth use. nobody disputes that. pres. trump: would they use a lot less of it if they did not
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have flavors? >> they word. their entire industry would disappear. our business would be damaged if flavors disappear. in 2000, 20% of americans smoke cigarettes. pres. trump: why doesn't the biggest country have flavors? >> they are taking the long-term play. they want to sit out, that the small and medium-size businesses for the way of the dinosaurs -- go the way of the dinosaurs, then they can come back and have 90% of the market. >> we are talking about 151,000 jobs. the economic impact analysis concluded that over 13,000 small businesses would fold if you implement the flavor ban.
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if you would do that, it would eliminate 151,000 jobs. >> that is not right. i am sorry, that is just not right. the data says there are 10,000 vaping shops. four employees per -- 40,000 employees. hold on. the convenience stores, they sell a lot of products and they will not go out of business because they don't have flavors. may i finish, please? they are not going to go a lot of business because they can't sell flavors. some may. that would be unfortunate. there are 50,000 employees, full-time equivalents and vaping shops, 5.5 million kids. 100 kids addicted for one employee, typically minimum wage. i put the kids first.
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over 100 kids per full-time equivalent employee. grace these are the shops in this is the sector of the industry that has grown up to compete cigarette companies. you have a new industry that is competing for the first time for the cigarette smoker. try to get them off of that cigarette. we have to do both things. there is no reason we cannot do both things in this country. if you eliminate flavors, according to this report, because flavors make up 85-90% of their sales, they will go out of business. there is no question about it. no small business owner could take that kind of cut to the revenue. pres. trump: how does juul feel about that? why is juul not going out of business? >> they can wait it out. they can wait one year or two years and go back to having the market share. pres. trump: what is your game? we 80 science-based evidence
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argument that we look forward to making, we look forward to preserving this opportunity for adult smokers who cannot quit to have an option, that is the important work. that is the mission of our company. this youth issue, we felt we had to address as a leader. we took the tough steps. pres. trump: so you think dangerous. not very >> flavors can play a role for adults making the transition. the issue is kids get access to the flavors. pres. trump: if you're out of it and we take them out of it who , will take your place? you will have counterfeiters. >> what we will see is -- we have not seen a growth in adult using these with the introduction of flavors. there are a lot of myths going around here. i did not arrive -- i did not interrupt you all. what you have, you will have companies produce products but
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have tobacco flavor, which used to be the most popular, and then second, what we are talking about here, for a company to show they have a product with or without flavor that promotes cessation and does not appeal to kids can go to the fda for review. we are not talking about a permanent ban. making them develop the science, have a science-based decision made about what is in the public interest. that is what we are really talking about. if we do nothing in the interim, we will wake up six months from now and another 1.5 million kids are going to be addicted. they are not going to be able to quit. the. trump: what about
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concept of letting states make their own decisions? what about that? do you agree on 21? age limit, 21. what about the concept of every state decides? >> nationwide, we need protection for our kids wherever they live. if you live in a state that does not address this issue, your kids are at risk. pres. trump: then they will go back and buy it. >> that is why the fda has this authority. we have a governmental agency that has the authority to address the complicated questions that exist and put in place rules and make science-based decisions. >> every company in the country has to do that by may of this year and the fda is under obligation to provide an answer. what we are really -- near-term -- what we are really weighing
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is this near-term solution that is being proposed and i value that. i have children and i would not want them using these products. we are valuing a 7-10 month solution where the fda has to make the decision by december of next year versus 100,000 jobs. pres. trump: you like a much longer-term solution? >> i understand this is an important conversation about jobs but i am here because our group represents millions of families, moms all across this country and dads across this country and grandparents, you can go to any state in this country and ask people with children, this is what people are worried about. i will tell you that this is a generation of children that would otherwise not have been initiated into tobacco use and
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we know that because the youth use figures were at the lowest they have ever been before juul came on the market. huge amounts of nicotine going to the brain so quickly. this addiction is severe addiction. enormous amounts of nicotine. parents are terrified. we hear this every day from people all across the country, all walks of life, cities, suburbs, in the country. they feel like they -- straight -- they feel like they lost their kids. straight a students are flunking out of school. star athletes cannot run a mile. what i hear all the time, i don't recognize my child. the anger, the pain, parents are in pain. we need you. pres. trump: what is your solution? >> our solution is your solution.
5:44 am
pres. trump: if you had the real solution, just ban it. >> that is not correct. my solution is what you had the right instinct for a to -- at the beginning which is the flavors that hooked the kids -- pres. trump: my original suggestion. >> leave tobacco flavor for adults. in the end, if the science proves that yes, this is going to help people quit, they should have that right. i do not think the science is there yet. they need more data. >> a lot of statements have been made about e-cigarettes. there has been no evidence presented to the fda to that fact. any manufacturer who makes that
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claim will be enforced against. you may think there is that evidence. that is the process, bringing forth the evidence in the context of the authorization. pres. trump: what do you think? >> mr. president, it is hard to take all of the virtue signaling going around. you have to remember the history of this. i come from appalachia. blue-collar world. my brother is a smoker. it is a very addictive behavior. it was exciting at the beginning to think, there is an opportunity for people to get off tobacco. at that point, we were winning when it came with kids. the people who were buying their products were aging out.
5:46 am
they did not have a generation coming up behind them until they came up with e-cig's. on social media, they made it look cool and suddenly, we have a youth problem again. many of these same people are in cahoots with the tobacco and marijuana industry. we get money from nobody. we just care about the kids. i like your original solution. i think we ban all flavors and and -- take it to 21 and we ban advertising. your point earlier was correct. when you make something illegal, there is always a black-market. we can say that about anything. we can say that about heroin. we can make that legal. there will always be something illegal. i do not know if that works. pres. trump: thank you.
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>> from the american lung association, i want to echo our public health partners. from parents, from schools, the number one concern, how do we address the epidemic we are facing? all of us are looking to you, your leadership role, in terms of helping to create the next generation. pres. trump: what is your recommended solution? >> ban all flavors, including menthol. pres. trump: including menthol? that is a big statement. >> the american cancer society absolutely agrees with that.
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>> it is an important step and it is one that you are putting out in september. >> 160 million reasons for michael bloomberg-- >> we are parent advocates, volunteers, because parents are in pain. i set a table on monday with 13 families for massachusetts. people who said their kids were no longer recognizable. their kids could not focus in school. their kids were having trouble breathing. their kids were angry. this kind of nicotine use at there is levels, people are in pain and parents across this country care and we know that you care. pres. trump: you want to ban all flavors? >> all flavors, including menthol. meant get rid of just the -- mint, they will go to menthol. the point about the predatory behavior, the reason we started our group is because our son came home from school in 2018 and said there was a mixed message presentation about juul ing.
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in their school, with no other adults in the room, it turned out to have been a juul representative, told the kids that it was not for kids but was totally safe and that it would receive fda approval any moment. both those statements were and remain untrue and that is why a group of moms started doing research. we understood this was an epidemic of enormous proportion. and the kids were targeted. these are not about risk-taking kids. this affects all families. 5 million kids doing this. there are millions of families who are in pain and they need you to save our generation. pres. trump: let's say you don't
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have flavors. now you have 5 million. >> 97% of kids who are vaping are using flavored vapes. what we are talking about -- pres. trump: are they going to inject it with flavor? >> numbers show that youth are getting access to flavors. pres. trump: are they going to inject it with flavor? >> our product is a single use. >> it is worth pointing out. >> different issue. >> it is an important issue. pres. trump: because i've been reading about a lot of death and the death is from counterfeit. >> [crosstalk]
5:51 am
>> they are not 100% sure that is not the only cause. there may be other causes. >> juul took the most popular flavor in the world off the market. mango. november 13, 2018. youth use has increased. flavors taste better than tobacco. pres. trump: it took it off. what is your business now to compare to what it was when you had flavors? >> three times bigger. labour has the -- pres. trump: has the business gotten bigger? -- mint.t meant >> they kept mint. >> we don't know yet.
5:52 am
>> no one is disputing that children prefer flavors. so do adults. that is not the point. that are four companies will remain standing if you ban flavors. it is not bad for my business for you to ban flavors. it centralizes an oligopoly for me and three other brands. i am not arguing for the bottom line of my company. pres. trump: why are you fighting for flavors? >> just as it is a conduit for adults to switch from tobacco and use a vapor product. i am not making a cessation claim. if i was an adult smoker or if my daughter was a -- an adult smoker, our prefer for them to use a vapor product.
5:53 am
that is a public health virtue if it helps. i guarantee it. god forbid you should use any tobacco products. i mean that sincerely. that's not what we're talking about. we are talking about 5 million kids that are currently using it. [indiscernible] >> 34.4%. >> vaped shops. e-cigarettes, not thc or cbd.
5:54 am
85-90%. orwhat percent are cartridge the nine usb type cartridges? >> mx. -- a mix. it is primarily open system. >> mostly the open systems. it's not a homebrew. e-liquids have been registered with the fda. those ingredients have not been able to change for the last few years. > what percentage is cartridge based? would your shop go out of business based on flavored cartridge products? >> you are cutting off the entire industry.
5:55 am
you just said you don't know which percentage of vaped shop -- vape shop -- shop businesses are flavored. [indiscernible] pres. trump: it's being sent over. we will take a good look at her. thank you very much, everyone. [indiscernible] [chatter[ [chatter] pres. trump: we did have an instinct. we will continue this meeting for little while.
5:56 am
>> is interesting, all of the public health people. we want to take care of our kids. thank you very much. >> i think a national primary is probably one of the worst reforms we could implement. inould, if we were doing it a rational way, have a rotating regional primary. so that we basically differ -- different elections had different groups of states go together. would allow focused retail campaigning. announcer: learn about the presidential nominating process on q and day, sunday night -- q&a, sunday night. they discuss reforms to the
5:57 am
process. that's sunday, it's a crock eastern. -- 8:00 eastern. panelists included two attorneys who argued before the court frequently and two journalists who covered the court. the panel previewed what to expect from john roberts as he presides over the senate impeachment trial of president trump. >> welcome to today's council on foreign relations. a panel on the supreme court of 2019-2020, we will look ahead and may be back, but probably ahead i am a legal affairs correspondent for national public radio. if you don't know who these pe


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