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tv   Newsmakers Rep Greg Walden  CSPAN  December 6, 2019 10:00pm-10:37pm EST

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from counsel on findings from the inquiry. our live coverage starts at 9:00 a.m. eastern on c-span, online at, or we have the chief congressional correspondent with the washington examiner. >> thank you for being here. we know that nancy pelosi is plowing ahead with impeachment. it does not look like a single republican will be joining democrats in voting for the articles of impeachment. from now have testimony fact witnesses who were on the
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phone call. they have testified that they raised concerns about the president's conduct. do you share any of those concerns? do you think anything you have seen or heard so far is alarming? or inappropriate? the question is whether we deserve to have the president removed from office. when i went to the transcript, i was not happy. i probably would have done it differently. but no one said there is a crime. i don't think it rises to the level of taking a president out of office. of does it rise to the level
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what nancy pelosi said earlier this year, which is she would withove forward impeachment unless it was bipartisan. one of the great tragedies of this process we are being dragged through is it is highly partisan. it was not that way under clinton or nixon. the minority had certain rights. the president had certain rights. they set up a very partisan process which has done in the country a great disservice. president's personal attorney, rudy giuliani, travel to root -- ukraine to continue investigating joe biden. do you think the president's attorney is being helpful? >> i don't know what rudy giuliani is up to or not. i have been spending my time
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dealing with medical billing, working on prescription drug bills. robo calls. i have a limited bandwidth of watching what somebody else is doing. i try to focus on the things that my constituents want me to do. how oftenu are home, do people even bring up impeachment? what do they want to talk to you about? >> they do want to talk about robo calls. as soon as you mention it, they say, when a you going to do something about it? they are concerned about the cost of medicine. they are concerned about forest fires. they care about impeachment. it is the polar side of the equation.
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think the president is getting ram rotted or they ought to throw him out. there is a lot of passion and anger associated with both sides. the big block of american people say, whatever. we are going to have an election. can you go back there and solve these real-world problems? >> you mentioned robo calls. bill passed. you helped shepherded through the house of representatives. what happens now with that bill? and what does it say that there could be such an overwhelming vote? as we are also contending with impeachment, which is kerry washington apart. rep. walden: some of us are trying to keep our focus on the job at hand. this is something i've worked on
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for a long time. sometimes you should take calls. we want to trust that it is legitimate. not somebody that is ripping you off. we have read these horrible stories about people who have gotten suckered in. they give away their life savings. it is awful. these are illegal scammers. robo callers. people often working outside the united states. this is something we need to address.
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the senate is also in agreement. we have worked this out. how does this bill address them? the walden: we empower federal communications commission and the department of justice to go after the bad robo callers. we extend the statute of limitations. we give them more time. the consumer still has the right to say, do not block me. if they don't use that technology, the fcc has the authority to mandate that the phone company do that.
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we will protect consumers. this is not going to end them. the bad operators will continue to work. it is like cybersecurity. >> who are the forces against it? rep. walden: the people who are scamming. they don't have much of a lobby. wanted to make sure that the provisions we are putting in place could be implemented. there have already been some agreements. we build better communication.
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>> nobody likes a medical bills. there are very good negotiations going on. perhaps a deal coming shortly. how close are you to a deal? rep. walden: i think we are very close to it. you end up getting a surprise medical bill. this is one that is simply not covered. we have instances of a woman giving birth to a child who had a complication. she said to us, we went through our insurance carefully. we made sure the doctor was covered, the hospital was covered. this child has a complication.
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the doctor says i have to take him to the neonatal intensive care unit. a $50,000 bill a month later. contracted outd there neonatal intensive care unit. how do you know that as a consumer? americannstances where -- emergency room practices are being bought out. nobody covers them. they increase the cost by 98%. will take the consumer out of that market. we will protect the consumer. we will make sure providers and hospitals can do their jobs. we have a four corners agreement in principle. we are very close to the final wording. sure every word is agreed upon. we are really close.
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no president has moved forward more on this issue than donald trump. i am pretty confident he will sign it. is it your expectation that they will hitch a ride on the overall government funding package? rep. walden: i think that is probably likely. it is hard to move stand-alone legislation at this point. >> what is the biggest sticking point right now? >> there have been debates about how do you compensate the hospitals or providers? everything behind the curtain. is, let's take the consumer out of that. we have been trying to figure out, what is a rare reimbursement rebate.
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my own state of oregon has a plan. post -- to take the best of both. you want to maintain the networks. the affordability. we think we found that sweet spot. >> i wanted you to tell our viewers what four corners means. some people outside of washington dc. rep. walden: myself and frank pallone who is a democrat. we swapped roles after the election. and then our counterparts in the senate on the health committee.
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the four of us represent the four corners. the republican and democrat are in the minority. if we can come to terms, that is called a four corners deal. >> that is very bipartisan. rep. walden: yes. >> for other issues like prescription drug prices, we are yet to see any big compromise. republicans that have some legislation coming out next week. i wondered if you could talk about that. rep. walden: every american wants us to do something on the high cost of drugs to bring them down. most american say don't do it if it is at the expense of new cures. we all have people who are hopeful that the next new drug
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will save lives or reduce pain-and-suffering. we are seeing great evolution. we have invested in nih. you have these new drugs coming out. cures matter. price matters. tragically, right now, the democrats bill would be the equivalent of wiping out what we find that the national institutes of health. they would take so much money out of research and development and venture capital that would lead to these great cures. they would wipe out the equivalent of three decades. we had a bipartisan effort going into crackdown on bad behaviors of drug companies to keep generics out of market. the things we have identified as bad behavior by some.
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the kept competitors out of market. that brings prices down. unfortunately, before they came to the house floor, and another committee they stuck in poison 1.lls doing great until the speaker's office dropped hr three and our lap. all of those negotiations stopped. it became partisan. which we will unveil on monday, is all bipartisan ideas. much like when i let the effort on opioids. pieces ofdifferent legislation. all bipartisan.
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we melded into one bill. that became hr six. it became law. we dealt with opioids. for the first time ever, if you are a senior, there would be a lifetime cap of $3100. that is the most you would ever pay. we would smooth out the payment. and then you are capped. we once those cures and our country. we want prices to come down.
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>> what is it about the democratic legislation that you think would limit research and development? rep. walden: there is an i'mysis by the omb -- or sorry, the congressional budget thece, that says because plan will take up to $1 trillion out of the health care world, you could see new drugs never come out of the pipeline. new drugs will not come through the pipeline. you will have this reduction in r&d.
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i want to get drug prices down. we did it successfully in 2003. , we we reauthorized the fda modernized how they process drugs. they move more generics to market than any single year. we believe in competition. they are going a different path. >> at the beginning of the year, prescription drugs and infrastructure were the two
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areas people thought we could see bipartisan agreement and real movement. we have not seen that at all. where did a co-author rails? rep. walden: that is a good question. it went off the rails not long after our committee passed out these first bills. they tacked on these provisions. over in the senate, they have worked on legislation. our bill will include that.
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think you can find three corners bipartisanship. the problem is in the speaker's office. >> are there other parts of health care that republicans want to look at? people talk about the high cost of medical care. i think there can be bipartisanship in the future. ,f i had stayed on as chairman the high cost of health care would've been my top priority. consumers have more at stake today financially than probably any other time.
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they have a right to know what that procedure cost. right now you are in the dark. you have no idea what anything costs. it is a most impossible to figure it out. >> does it seem to you like the next phase of health care reform will not be an omnibus or a big bill? it will be piecemeal? rep. walden: i think it should be. these need to be really well thought through. we did this to a certain extent.
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had 60 individual policies. we put them together in one bill. may already bill i put in there had passed already. we grouped them up afterwards. this is a complicated industry. that is what i have tried to do. what is the advantage to the consumer? i want to know what the prices. i want access. quality. i want competition.
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when we get to precision medicine, this incredible revolution in understanding the human genome. we will get down to where there is a solution that only works for you. how do we pay for that? i don't think we know how to do that yet as a country. it is not about republicans and democrats. we will have to have a policy that says, how do we pay for that? i met with a company this week that is in the final stages. they might have a cure for pancreatic cancer. that will be expensive.
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she has been on this new drug. i said, how is it doing? she shrugged. she said she has not been able to move her neck in 10 years. we have to have more cost transparency. on the other side of the break k, we need to come together. >> you are the former two-term chairman for the house republicans.
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we have seen some republicans announcing their retirement. that actually surprised a lot of us. you still hade two more years as the top republican on energy and commerce. if you guys take back the majority and 2020, you would be chairman again. that seemed to say you did not believe he would take back the majority. that is not the right analysis. i tried to say that in my statement. i have been involved in a campaign in one way or the other ever since. i love public service. i love dealing with these issues. i did not want to be one of those guys they carry out of
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here. i wanted to leave on my own terms. after 30 years of being in public office and running for election, i am ready to go do something else. usually no one who has a pass and power gives it up voluntarily. i said it was ok. >> you spent a lot of time studying these issues. will you miss it? are you thinking about staying somewhere in the health care field? a amateurn: i am radio operator. i love that whole sector as well.
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will beeen warns that the biggest withdrawal moment. the intensity of the issues. i believe there is a path back for republicans to take the majority of the house. retirements do not help. some, we have redistricting issues going on like in north carolina. we have 31 districts. they voted for donald trump and elected a democrat. i will guarantee you those voters will turn out time. a brewing controversy in the
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house is the decision by the chairman of the intelligence committee to use data collected through subpoenaing phone records from rudy giuliani. obtained fromta the ranking member of the committee, devin nunes, as well as a journalist. there is a lot of talk on capitol hill coming up about this. i wanted to get your opinion. >> i am deeply troubled by it. i'm not fully briefed up on it. the notion that i as a chairman of a committee, i had subpoena authority. i did not have to consult beyond much. forget which party. where are the limitations? i'm still a citizen with constitutional rights and privileges. i was surprised the phone companies turned over that data
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the way they did. >> why? raises a whole host of questions about, what are our rights and limitations? they apparently did not notify the people. are you criminally investigating devin nunes? the other data does committee said on that he has acquired? how did they get to those phone numbers? where is it beyond that? do they get your emails as well? are we going to have committee chairs in congress snooping around reporters emails and phone calls? and then releasing it? >> should congress addresses? >> i think so. >> climate change. -- to know ifknow you think it is a mistake that all republicans are not talking about this issue.
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with my members on the committee and we had a thorough discussion about climate change. there was not a science denier among us. let's talk about how we deal with it. the democrats are still locked into what? taxation. the great reductions in carbon have occurred in the united states. we did fracking and energy
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switching. that is a lot of the reductions. we did several things. we tried to advance with nuclear technology. nuclear holds a huge key. in my part of the world hydroelectric power is huge. we know there is an opportunity.
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we are having an innovation showcase. some of these are like forestry reform. you want to talk about emissions? air quality? we need to better manage our federal forest. we are looking at nuclear, forestry. advanced battery development. america should lead on innovation. some of those countries are not close to meeting their goals. it is all voluntary in europe. but they are having riots when they raise energy prices in france. i don't think you have to punish consumers to improve the
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environment i don't think you have to stagnate the american economy to invest in innovation. >> we need more time with you. thank you for being on this week. >> we are back with our reporters. the congressman was talking about legislation that is moving on capitol hill. the prospect for the surprise medical bill, can you talk about it and what you are hearing? >> it was very interesting to hear him say on the record that they are very close to a four corner deal. as we move toward the end of the year, as democrats are focusing on impeachment, keeping the that fundingen, bill is the last train leaving
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the station before christmas. they may load that up with a bunch of must pass bills. all americans are interested in surprise medical bills. it could hitch a ride on the government funding bill. >> it does not seem like prescription drugs will get bipartisan support. >> i do not think so. democrats are moving in one direction. onsounds like republicans monday will be unveiling their own plan. a response to nancy pelosi and the democrats. prettysident had been engaged on this issue in the past. but has backed away. moving in ae we are partisan direction. >> you had a question about data being captured from a member of congress and a reporters conversation. tell us the background on this and what you heard. for the very unusual
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two parties to go after each other through the ethics committee or through some other means to embarrass each other or make allegations. they tend to have this detente where they treat each other and they do not attack each other like this. in this report that came out, the chairman of the intelligence committee put out a 300 page report on the impeachment investigation. it included some of the metadata from subpoenaing a man indicted for funneling money into a campaign. it included calls to the ranking member of the intelligence committee, devin nunes. they obtained that metadata and they printed it in the report for everyone to see. it also included calls from rudy giuliani.
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have the ranking member as well as the reporter making and taking calls from these individuals. republicans are saying that they say leadership has thousands of pages of data. this is concerning. the data was collected from at&t. they did not get it from the individuals. at&t turned over records. role aboutt a clear whether or not the telecommunications companies have to turn over this data. there is a lot of debate over that. now you have congress angry about it. the majority leader and the minority whip got into a debate on the house floor.
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is accusing the democrats of spying on the republicans. that is a big word to use. it is a big accusation. it has really started something on capitol hill. you might see the partisanship ratcheted up. >> a story to watch, for sure. thank you both. >> the house will be an order. provided america unfiltered coverage of congress, the white house, the supreme court, and public policy events from washington dc and around the country. c-span is brought to you by your


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