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tv   Campaign 2020 Joe Biden Joined by John Kerry in Nashua NH  CSPAN  December 10, 2019 5:21am-6:31am EST

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consider judicial nominations for the ninth circuit court of appeals. in the evening, president trump holds a campaign rally in hershey, pennsylvania. at 10:00, the house oversight committee holds a hearing to consider possible changes to paid family leave under current federal law. later in the day i house foreign affairs subcommittee looks at u.s. policy in iraq with the deputy assistant secretary for near eastern affairs. former secretary of state john kerry has endorsed joe biden for president. the two senate colleagues spoke to campaign stop in nashua, new hampshire. this is about an hour.
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>> thank you for taking a break from your shopping and festivities to be here to pick the next president of the united states. we take our responsibility seriously in new hampshire and
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these folks are here because you met candidates, top candidates, interviewed candidates. have they shoveled your lawn lately? that is what they really want to know. i am honored to introduce two of my favorite candidates over the years, we have secretary john kerry with us. for those of you that were on the 2008 campaign. secretary not made my final decision, but i am super excited to have vice president biden in the room, in the house today. give him big applause.
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welcome him. he was the author of the violence against women act, he has been working tirelessly on environmental issues and saving our planet and security but most importantly in this time we are all facing, he will bring dignity and honor and courage and he will bring respect back to the united states of america. welcome john kerry and vice president joe biden. [applause]
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sec. kerry: thank you. you. there and i see very friendly faces. good morning, nashua. it is sunday morning. he slept yesterday. it is great to be back in the granite state. a second home for me. i have two second homes. iowa and new hampshire. i love this state. growing up, i have great memories of visiting here as friends, climbing rattlesnake, getting up the highway toward some of your blue eyes you can ski on. high school in
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1968, newter of
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hampshire was something else entirely. some of you remember that closely. age,ns of young people my an army of kids for peace carrying pamphlets while i was carrying a gun thousands of miles away. just kids knocking on doors. the peanut butter and jelly brigade, we called them. they prove themselves powerful enough to send a message all over the world that lyndon johnson could not be president anymore because of vietnam. it was an earthquake. it was palpable. it deserves to be applauded because you did it. [applause] it was a grassroots prairie fire and a great lesson for me and the power of the people. that is what we need. and my ownter
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presidential campaign new hampshire taught me another lesson or two. sometimes the best lesson are those learned the hard way at town hall meetings where the air crackles with skepticism, occasionally. in 2003, it is no secret as we came into december, my campaign was struggling. remember -- you remember up the highway toward franconia, the old man in the mountain, a reporter wrote that i look like the old man in the mountain. that is the half of it. no sooner did he write that i look like the old man in the mountain than the old man on the mountain crumbled and fell down. i did not think that was a particularly good metaphor. guess what? you all saw through that, we saw through that, we fought room for room, gymnasium through gymnasium, fire hall through
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fire hall, and you listened. that is why i am here. you did not give up on me and you listened in new hampshire. this state gives people a lot of chance to prove themselves. you are also tough judges. you ought to be. you bring those notebooks, you meet people, you write down the comparison of candidates. you care. you care because you understand that responsibility goes beyond the primary vote in new hampshire. witness what i said about lyndon johnson. you carry that responsibility on your shoulders and i learned that december and january in new hampshire does not just bring in the frosty leaves and black eyes. -- and black ice. it kicks off decision time. the moment you get to set the nation on course to pick the president. learnedhat is when i
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people buckle down and make a decision. you know what the decision is? who can states president of the united -- who [applause] sec. kerry: -- not just in theory, but who can get elected, who can win the race and who this is our chance to put common sense and decency and sanity back into 1600 pennsylvania avenue. [applause] i am not here for
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any old reason. i am here because i know in my gut, i know in my heart, i know i know joe biden is the person who can beat donald trump and bring this country back together and get the job done. [applause] sec. kerry: we spent 24 years together in the united states senate. the only team that spent more effort cooperating with each other than us is donald trump and vladimir putin. let me make this clear. i am not here because of the length of time i got to serve with joe. i have known him. 1971 and the antiwar demonstrations and earth day and all of those efforts when we did change the world. it is not because i have known it is long i am here,
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because i have known him so well. , know this man and i also know having had the great privilege of representing our nation around the world a secretary of state, i know the world is in trouble. states, oured democracy is not working the way it ought to be. toomany disenfranchised, many separated from the upper end of the income level. in any country that sees 51% of its earnings go to 1% of its people is living with an unsustainable political equation. we need a president like joe biden to change that equation. [applause] one of the things i learned as secretary of state is if the united states is absent, other countries do not automatically step up to make the difference. madeline albright called us the indispensable nation.
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i want you to think about what biden andhen joe president obama were the leadership of our nation. on issue after issue, the south china sea, where we stood up for freedom of navigation, country after country were we stood up for human rights and the rights of people to be able to be franchised and have a vote. revolution after revolution in the mideast. warden places we did not ask for it. afghanistan, where we put together huge coalition to protect the interests of our nation. isis, where we put together the coalition of 68 plus nations to defeat isis and restore a sense of law & order in our world. my friends, we have our work cut out for us.
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[applause] the number two problem is trump's foreign policy, but did fix that we elect him. the climate crisis will bring the world together, all of us. the climate crisis is big but not that complicated. the solution is already here. it is called energy policy. you start to make the right choices, we can win this battle. who can bring -- the question now is who has the experience, who has the relationships, who to the credibility, the lift
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be able to bring to the table all of the automakers and get them to accelerate the rate at which we moved to electric? someone has to be able to bring the public utilities and the governors, the construction companies of our nation to build the greatest infrastructure program we have ever had to begin to transition to a grid for our country that can actually be a smart grid and begins to allow us to use the energy produced on one side of the country on the others out of the country. this is not rocket science. what is missing today is leadership. what is missing today is the will to do this. i've watched this guy create will when there wasn't any and provide leadership where there wasn't any. that is why we need to think about the reality of what this election means. we need a president of the united states who understands there are millions of good paying jobs for the working
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people and they are there for the taking and the making if we do our job. this is not scary. the only thing that is scary is the unwillingness of the leader of the united states to recognize the reality and call it a chinese hoax rather than lead the nation to the table to get the job done. we need a president who buys into the reality that the greatest market the world has ever known is the energy market. 4.5 billion users today. it is going up to 9 billion users over the course of the next 30 years. it is already a multi trillion dollar market. fastestin america the job is solar powered technician. second-fastest job is wind turbine technician. far more than their are involved in the coal industry, and we
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know what the consequences of coal are. we need a president who understands the next great infrastructure initiative of our nation is to meet the challenge of this crisis and to make iowa a place where you become the saudi arabia of wind power. new hampshire producing the technologies. maybe even the negative emissions technology where we take carbon dioxide out of the air and put it to a use. why don't we have a multibillion-dollar investment in
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sec. kerry: it is also clear that never has it been more important to have a president who genuinely delivers for the middle class of our country. life is hard for too many people. too many people fighting to make up for the lost ground of 2008 which byiscal crisis, the way, president obama and vice president joe biden brought us back from the brink of that one ofand the fact is the reasons i am here today is i fromstand that joe biden scranton, pennsylvania grew up understanding the challenges of what it means to pay those bills , what it means to find a job. his own father had to move to do that. this is a man who comes from the middle class and will fight the middle-class, not a phony who comes down a golden plated escalator and promises to get rid of a swamp with he feeds
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with more alligators than we have ever seen before. [applause] sec. kerry: call it whatever you want. experience, wisdom, muscle memory, joe biden is little bit like the new england patriots. fun to watch the promise and quarterbacks,oung but in february i like having an experienced quarterback like tom brady calling those plays. [applause] sec. kerry: when chairman biden became vice president biden, he did not just hand me a gavel. he handed me a legacy of getting things done with integrity and bipartisanship. of shared experiences we had traveling hundreds of thousands of miles around the world
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because he was chairman of the foreign relations committee and i served on it with a bunch of people ahead of me like pulsar baines, chris., i never thought i would be chairman of any committee. chairman when he became vice president. i remember when russian tanks rolled into a neighboring country called georgia, it was chairman joe biden who immediately picked up the phone. he did not pick up the phone to ask for a personal favor to do anything with an election in united states. he picked up the phone to find out what america could do to help the president of that country and that country survive. [applause] he did not stop with a phone call. he got on a plane right away, flew overnight and set on a hilltop in georgia with that president of our democratic ally and he made it clear the united states stands with the forces of
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freedom, not the darkness of dictatorship. [applause] so think about it. stooges in fake uniforms rolled in to ukraine eight years later, candidate test.also had a his first instinct was to say "that is not my problem. that is not our problem." basically he said vladimir putin can have crimea. ask yourselves when they do it again who is donald trump going to call? what friends does he have in the world besides kim jong-un and vladimir putin? i am pretty sure kim jong-un actually unfriended him. [laughter]
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we need a president like joe biden putin -- a president like joe biden who knows the difference between our adversaries and our allies who leads on the world stage, not a president who is openly mocked and laughed at by our closest , soes in the world personally disturbed like a child in a playground that he picks up his marbles and goes home, slinks away and the dark of night and start tweeting in solitude. leads or president who those leaders of other countries respect him, like him, understand our values, share the direction which the united states of america sacrifice for an world war ii for the world we built after world war ii which deserves the same leadership today as we gave it then. that is what we need in the white house. [applause]
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sec. kerry: we need a president who when he stands next to vladimir putin, he does not look at him and say something like "i do not see any reason why russia would have attacked our election." and let's get down to basics. i would love to be, and i know the vice president would, i would love to sit here and take your questions all year long.
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we cannot do that today because i'm trying to make sure i am making as clear an argument as i can why i care about this. a lifetime of service. i do not come to this lightly. neither does he. i know the value of experience. you go to a heart surgery, you will ask for the most experienced, capable person. this is big stuff because so much is at stake. i've seen this man sit in the situation room at the white house when tough choices were in front of us. told in africa, we were one million people would die in four months if we did not do anything. we did not know what we did not know. the president and vice president has a perch to send 3000 troops to west africa to help build -- the capacity to deliver life-saving health care. we deliver that care.
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a tiny fraction of those people died over the course of the next months. [applause] these are lonely and tough decisions. i am just asking you over these next weeks, think about the value of that experience and the choices you make in life that are based on experience. when i became secretary of state, joe was an advocate and ally for the hardest issues, from diplomacy to end the iranian nuclear threat. joe remembers this. the king of arabia was telling me you have to bomb iran. the president of egypt, you must bomb iran. the prime minister of israel came over to the country and said i want permission to bomb iran. had thet obama intelligence and fortitude to to dooa, we have
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diplomacy before we take young americans and send them to war. that is part of the test. i know donald trump has let that genie out of the bottle. you have everything that is happening in the middle east today is foreseeable and it was foreseen. this is dangerous stuff. think -- when isis happened, they were sweeping across syria, about totake baghdad be an act of genocide, and president obama decided to send bombers. we did not just send american bombers. we built a coalition. for the first time in history, sunni arab countries bombed sunni arabs because they understood what was at stake. that is leadership. away,uy threatens, walks promises, rattles his saber, as sweetheart meetings with the man
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he says he loves who happens to be the worst tyrant on the face of the planet. i want a man with basic decency and strength who understands the difference between who is a friend and who isn't. that is joe biden. he has the experience to do it. i ask you to think about the difference between two people. the difference between joe biden and donald trump is the -- that is not donald trump, i hope. please. he has an interrupter. a disruptor. that is what he does. this is serious. think about lifestyle. think about life choices. they can about the history of a lifetime. think about a man who lost his wife and child and two kids survived an accident days after he is elected to the united
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states senate, before he is old enough to be sworn in, and he gets through that thinking i should not go to the senate, i have to take care of my kids. this is a man who has been tested publicly, and so have his skills as a leader. as a senator he stood up to war criminals in the balkans. he passed arms control agreements and wrote one of congress's first-ever climate bills in 1986 before a lot of people had heard about the word. joe fightagain i saw fights that needed fighting and win them. i city you simply, i think -- i say to you simply, i think we need a president of the united states who passed the landmark violence against women act. i think we need a president of the united states who stood up and beat the nra in order to win an assault weapons ban. whoink we need a president
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can do what i saw him do, something that eluded every president since harry truman, and pass the biggest health care reform program in history that today we proudly call obamacare. [applause] sec. kerry: and now we need a president who will build on obamacare and make sure every single american can choose a public option. [applause] remember that joe biden was trusted by president obama on almost every tough issue. he was put in charge of the recovery act. he had presidential power as the vice president to make that happen. that act saved us and brought us back from another great depression. to humanelynated face down the problem of unaccompanied children pouring in from central america. remember that? we need a president who knows
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how to protect the borders without trampling on the rights of our fellow human beings. [applause] you know, you can find an issue where you do not agree with him. you can find an issue with any of the candidates where he did agree with one or the other. difference --he this is the difference between life and death, folks. we need to make certain we remove donald trump from the white house. when i hear some people draw these minor distinctions between some of the candidates, i must say to you i am tempted to be a little bit like rhett butler in gone with the wind and say "frankly, i do not give a damn." the difference is whether we will have a president who is decent and experienced and knows how to lead the nation and has
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relationships all around the world, who one day 1 can begin to heal a world that is broken because of what donald trump has done to pull apart. all over the world people are wondering who we are today. 16 years ago you voted for me and i thank you for that. toether in november, we turn blue again. we carried michigan, carried wisconsin, carried pennsylvania. came within one state and several thousands of votes of defeating a wartime incumbent president of the united states. i am proud of what we did together. you knew the stakes then. they are even higher now in 2020. i would never come here to tell anybody in new hampshire how to vote. that is not what i'm here to do. i am here to tell you why i am working for and why i am working for joe biden. after four years of donald trump, the world is still wondering what happened in
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america? if he gets eight years, they will be wondering who we really are. new hampshire, when you vote in february, do not just send a message. send us a president, send us a president who will fight for the middle class, send us a president who will put our nation back together, send us a president who is from the middle class, send us a president who can make america again. biden. president joe thank you. [applause] vice pres. biden: hello, nashua. i know who i am voting for.
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what i admire as much as his physical perch is his moral courage. he had the courage to come back from vietnam and begin the end of a war that should never have been started in the first place in my view. -- i've never found anybody with more guts than john. you know the expression john kennedy said, moral courage is a rare mati than physical cash is
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a rumor commodity -- moral purge is a rarer commodity than physical courage. john has given me credit i do not deserve because john was the guy leading the fight on some of these foreign policy issues. simpatico have been intellectually and politically for a long time. ran.hose well when john like john, i am not here to tell you that i deserve your vote. i'm telling you i want you to look me over. where i come from, there is an old expression, i used to knock on doors and say my name is joe biden, democratic candidate for the united states senate. look me over and if you like what you see help me out, if not vote for the other person. but give me a look. that is all i'm asking you to do.
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you are the starting gun for the primary race for the united states presidency. you have an incredible obligation, not to me at all, to your selves. , what you don iowa in a primary in new hampshire is going to set the tone for who will be the nominee for president of the united states. you always take it seriously. you really do. i do not think it has ever been a more serious choice you have to make today, not because i am running, but because of the man who holds the office of the president of the united states now. i do not think any of you, i knew he did not know much when right after he got elected he said i did not realize this job would be harder than running a real estate empire. bless me, father, for i have sinned. [laughter] whoa. but he meant it.
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there is so much at stake. so much at stake. you have a lot of good candidates to choose from of who is going to take him on. you will have to make some tough choices. what i want to do, rather than talk to you about specific issues of everything from health care to global warming, which is the existential threat to humanity right now. john put together a coalition of over 70 world leaders, both political parties all around the world to deal with this climate crisis. john and i agree. john has been a leader on this in the days before the u.n.. the reason we have a paris climate accord is this guy put almost 200 nations together to say we had to deal with this problem. this guy right here. [applause] spent a lotiden: i
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of time in my career in the iran andst and in dealing with iranians. john was the guy that was able to. the president and i did a lot but john was the guy on the ground putting together the single most invasive regime of inspection that had ever been put together and all of human history. we do exactly what every single solitary thing the iranians were doing relative to trying to get a nuclear weapon. john was able to put together a coalition of our allies in europe along with russia and china to be able to put a stop to what they were doing, and it worked. then along came the guy in "the art of the deal." the art of the deal -- my lord. look what he did. america first comics as america
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alone. the last thing i want to say, because i want to go to on, ions, i said early came out of the civil rights movement, that is why i got into politics. my state has the eighth largest black population of any in the nation. that is what excited my passion and anger when i was a kid. that is why got so deeply involved in my community. you know what? i never thought i would ever see the day after i got through so much and elected an african-american president that i was proud to serve with that we would see a group of people come out of the fields carrying torches in charlottesville, virginia and 2017 accompanied by the ku klux klan chanting anti-semitic bile, the same bile that was chanted in germany in the 1930's, carrying nazi flags and torches.
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i want you to think about it when you get home. close your eyes and remember what you saw on television. spewing inthey were one of the great cities in america. a young woman was killed in the melee. the president was asked to speak aret, and he said "there very fine people on both sides." no president in american history has ever said anything like that. this guy is more george wallace that he is george washington. this guy has fomented hate. he has given oxygen to white supremacy and divided the nation like every single scam artist has done when they are trying to get power. divide us, divide the people. the
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reason i have worked so hard and spent much time talking about the middle class, it is the moral center of who we are. when they conclude that this is a rigged game, they cannot benefit by playing by the rules, that is when charlatans are able to take advantage. folks, the words that presidents use matter. people listen at home and around the world. the word matters. a president by his or her words can send a nation to war, brave women and men. they can bring peace. they can make markets rise or fall. but also appeal to the deepest, darkest elements of american society and give them oxygen, which has happened here. so i know, i initially was criticized for saying that we
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are in a battle for the soul of america. we are in the battle for the soul of america. we hold these truths to be self-evident that all men and women are created equal, endowed by their creator life liberty and, you know it all. we learned in school and we think is almost corny when we talk about it. but it is real. we have never lived up to it. but no leader has ever walked away from it as we have now. every generation has opened the aperture of opportunity more and more and more and more. this guy shut it down. so folks, we have to. not only for our sake here at home, but internationally, restore the soul of america. when he said those things, do you remember? angela merkel, the chancellor of germany, wondered out loud, what has happened to america? other leaders around the world said, what is going on?
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we have always led not only by the example of our power, as the most powerful nation in the world. we have led by the power of our example. we have a lot of work to do. that's what has united the world and that's in jeopardy. so folks it is not just going to , be the president who has to do that work. it is going to be all of you. whoever the next democratic president is, god willing, the reason it is going to be all of you is that we have to change the rhetoric and the way we treat each other. we have to get back to civility. the next president is going to inherit a divided nation on day one. they're going to inherit a world in disarray. and they had better be ready on day one. they had better be ready on day one.
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the reason i am running is because of my experience. not in spite of it. because of my experience. with the help of an awful lot of people, i have been able to get more major legislation passed than everybody else running the entire democratic field. they are good people. but i have been able to get things done. i do not treat our kids as my enemy. i -- i don't treat all republicans as my enemy. this is not your father's republican party. any republican party that votes to say that this guys better than abraham lincoln, my god almighty. i pray for the return of the republican party. the next president is going to have to be able to stand on the world stays on day one and when -- stage on day one and when he and or she speaks, to know for vladimir putin that he knows who he has and he he knows who that person is, knows that our allies
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can speak when here she says something, that they're going to keep america's word. it is important. it is important. so folks, i'm anxious to hear what is on your mind. you have an opportunity and i have an opportunity to hear what you are thinking. because this is an election about you, is not about me. it is about you. it is about my kids and my grandkids. it is about this country that is the most incredible. we are the most unique nation in the history of the world, because we are. built on an idea. an idea unlike any other country. and it has to be restored. so as my mother would say, why don't i hush up and take any questions y'all have. fire away raise your hand.
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gentlemen right there. [applause] >> >> what do you say when donald trump insult you and calls you derogatory names on the debate stage? fmr. vp biden: i will turn and say everybody knows who donald trump's, let me tell you who i am. what i'm not going to do is i'm going to try my best to keep my irish in check. [laughter] anyway [laughter] but, you know, [laughter] really and truly, everybody knows who donald trump is. i have to let him know who i am, who we are. we choose hope over fear. we choose science over fiction. we choose truth over lies. we choose unity over division.
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i have to make sure i let them know who i am. [applause] >> what is your position on the electoral college? fmr. vp biden: it not going to change. we need a constitutional amendment to be able to change it. and there is early rationale for. -- for it. the early rationale is the reason we got the connecticut comp rise was because states -- connecticut compromise was because states like new hampshire and delaware who have very small populations would have no impact on the outcome of an election if no one would show up. so i still think there is value to it. but i do think it is worth us going back and considering. i have taught constitutional law for over 21 years and i think it is worthy to be considered
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relooked at again in a serious way by scholars to see whether or not there should be any change or any alteration of it. but the fact of the matter is, it is what it is. for example, if there was no electoral college, you all would not get a chance to do anything in this process. you would get to vote. [applause] but it would not, and i think we requires, the whole purpose was, remember, it is not only to get a constitution passed. it was to bring disparate parts of the country together, so that we have, you have very different concerns, all solid concerns, but different concerns that people have in mississippi. the practical concerns that are different. i'm not just talking about race. on talking about differences and the folks in north dakota have different problems than the folks in, let's say, virginia. so there is a reason we have to bring each other together in a federal system. so i'm going to start sounding like a law professor instead of a candidate but i think, it is
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what it is and we are going to deal with it and we are going to beat him both ways, in the popular vote and in the electoral vote. -- and the electoral vote. [applause] fmr. vp biden: i'm sorry, can you holler your question? i do not think it planned on my taking all of these questions. that's ok. he's getting out his cell phone. i hope you're not calling a friend. -- i hope you are not going the president. >> vice president joe biden and secretary kerry, thank you very much for your service to this country. and is very much appreciated here new hampshire. [applause] as you know, donald trump is the most reckless president in the history of the united states, by his vulgar message and language. i strive to be a politician but may not make it old enough due to the abuses of this. -- the abuses of power by this president.
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what would you do to deal with the muslim camps in china and how would you ensure arc kurdish allies have support and would you endorse a green new deal? fmr. vp biden: we did the first green new deal. i love this green new deal. there are five different versions on how to deal with climate change. all of the environmental groups have rated my group from b plus two a-plus. there are none that have suggested it is not a great green new deal. it goes with what john says, who can get it done. the first thing i will do as president beyond talking about putin about how to do it, not a joke, it to rejoin the paris climate accord. [applause] bring all those nations back to united states just as john and i did with the president and the nuclear proliferation agreement. to bring them to the united states and to say here's the deal, you made a commitment it and we are going to have to live up to the commitment.
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you are going to have to live about to it. because we make up 15% of the problem and the rest of the world makes up 85% of the problem. with regard to what he's talking about, and i'm sure you all know, but what would i do about the uyghurs in china. there are a million muslims in concentration camps in the west. i would and i have been speaking out on that from the beginning. look, if we do not speak out, if we do not speak out, about human rights, nobody else will. and it is a flashing green light, go, go, go. look how far out of hand, look how far out of hand what has happened in hong kong has gotten? do you think barack obama and i would have waited 10 seconds to talk about that? it started before and we spoke up. we reminded the rest of the world that they made an agreement when they brought hong kong in. the context was the following we got the rest of the world to say and stand up in the united
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nations and say you are wrong, you cannot act that way. you have to speak up. it's not about sending up hundreds of thousands of troops to fight anywhere. it's about mobilizing the world to say you will pay price that relates at least two reputational costs as well as possibly trade and other areas if you continue to act in a way that is intolerable, intolerable. we have to speak out, folks. we underestimate incredible power, the moral power of the united states when it speaks out. it has a profound impact. for example, look at my photographer here. [laughter] you're awful good, man, what's your name? good to see you pal? maybe we can talk afterwards, ok? anyway, kind of a little bit of a distraction there. [laughter]
6:12 am
we have been and remain sort of the moral center of gravity for the world. and when in fact it has impacts. i'm going to answer questions but take a look at what is going on now in venezuela. we are silent. you know what that means if you do not speak up? you may see columbia in real trouble, not able to handle the millions of people crossing the border. bolivia, you may see what is happening in brazil. you may see things that fundamentally affect our physical security. and we do not say a word. he has no notion of what to do. much more to say but i have already answered your question too thoroughly. >> i was the closest person so you had to call on me. my lovely wife is from the soviet union and she was able to come here thanks to both you cast. [applause]
6:13 am
>> thank you for choosing us. >> i'm not sure she had much choice but last month in november the unites states only resettled 1400 refugees and in october it was zero for the first time since i started keeping records. -- since they started keeping records. my question to you and secretary kerry is what would your policy be for refugee resettlement and what is an ideal number of refugees resettled in the united states? >> the ideal number four refugees resettled in the united states, we can tolerate an increase in refugees going from oppression. i'm the guy who started a long time ago to deal with that resettlement of russian jews in the united states of america. i was not making any judgment. but seriously, think about it. [applause] i was raised by what the jewish community calls a righteous christian, my dad. he happened to be a catholic. my dad would work until five and come home for dinner and then go back to work.
6:14 am
and my dad at our dinner table there were two things required. one, you had to have perfect manners. my dad was insistent upon you could never, even in the middle of summer you cannot come with a t-shirt and baseball hat on to sit down at dinner and you never put your elbow down on the table, and you had to know which fork to use when. my dad was fastidious about, our dinner table was a place for you had conversation and incidentally ate. you think i'm joking and i'm not. [laughter] my dad used to talk about, he was a student of the holocaust. my dad used to say why did we bomb the railroad tracks to auschwitz? why did we do this or that? the point is that what we do in the united states america has profound impact. look how it changed in the soviet union, our attitude. we said you're are going to ask this way?
6:15 am
attached -- you are going to act this way? we are going to do the following. it was not about threatening war. we pointed out to the whole world exactly who they were and what they were doing. which leads me to this last point on this issue. there is a lot we could talk about, we could talk a lot about it. one thing, look, there was a worldwide gallup poll in february of this past year. you know what it said? it said that the chinese leadership was more respected than american leadership around the world. [silence] and we are right, just a click above russia. we yield our moral leadership. again, think about it. think about the power, the power of the moral leadership as we speak up. look at what we are able to do in africa. look at what we were able to do to begin to change - he is a
6:16 am
good friend by the way, he is a good friend. look what one has done. it has changed the lives of millions of people. why does that matter? it matters terms of generating leadership, and countries that are only now beginning to emerge, that look to the united states not as the problem or the enemy, but look to the united states as the solution. so folks, it matters what we say. it matters what we do. i think the idea that we are unwilling, barack and john and i thought we should increase the number of refugees that should be able to come to the united states. and at least at a minimum, what they call temporary status. like we be doing in venezuela now. what happens, we have enough problems in central america, ok? and i'm the guy that wrote the legislation as vice president to provide $750 million to get those countries were all the movement from central america's
6:17 am
coming, to move them in a direction where they had to repair the corruption in their countries to get aid, had to set up school systems. we did not give money directly to the governments, we would give money to the marriage to do street lighting and tough cities, etc.. to generate electric, just to be able to turn on electricity. you click a switch, because they do not have it, etc.. and what happened? the flow began to diminish significantly. it is not like everyone says let's go to the united states where we are not sure we are wanted and do not speak the language, won't that be fun? seriously, people leave what they love because i can no -- they can no longer live there because of what is happening to them. it does not mean we are the repository of every lost soul in the world.
6:18 am
but it does mean we have responsibility to have a moral leadership to get the rest of the world united. look what would happen when we did not, when we were unable to deal with what happened in europe. the massive flows from afghanistan and libya. we have a broken system now that this president should things should be broken anyway. yes ma'am? >> thank you. what was your chance on any committing on the appeal of the helms furred -- the helms amendment? fmr. vp biden: which helms amendment, relating to what issue, there are four major amendments he has internationally. >> the abortion amendment. fmr. vp biden: hyde amendment. >> the hyde amendment. fmr. vp biden: the hyde
6:19 am
amendment, look, when you move in a direction that all of the health care is available to be able to go through a federal system, the hyde amendment, which every single member running for office in the democratic party has voted for, every single one. the hyde amendment was designed to say that when there is an alternative available to everyone, to poor women that was available, when you were not cutting off everything from planned parenthood which i have a 100% voting record from, etc.. then it made sense to say ok, that will be available. once you say ok, medicare for all or you pose what i do, you increase obama care and provide a public option, then what you're saying is, that roe v. wade is not available to poor people under any circumstance, because of federal money. and so i came out a while ago saying, we have to get rid of the hyde amendment because it is no longer doable or usable.
6:20 am
and no longer a serious option for anybody. you have all the states going out it not only challenging whether or not - they are saying it is a criminal offense, the best way to say it, if i get elected president of the united states and the supreme court overrules roe v. wade, i'm going to send the legislation to the united states congress to pass it and codify it. [applause] fmr. vp biden: folks, look, where i come from in delaware, if you keep people standing more than 50 minutes, you lose them all up your you're probably all gone by now. let me conclude. folks, like i said, john and i got started very young. we ran for office when we were in our 20's.
6:21 am
i got elected to the united states senate before i was old enough to be sworn in. i am the first senator i ever knew. here's the deal, i was always labeled as the idealistic young guy who was optimistic. i can say without fear of contradiction, i am more optimistic today about america's chances to lead the world than i have ever been in my career. i mean it, think about it. we are all walking around with their heads down, what was me, what are my going to do? we are in real trouble. we are because of an administration, not because of the american people. think about it this way. we have more great research universities in the united states of america than all the rest of the world combined. and it is owned by the people. every single life altering change that has occurred has come out of a research university. it is not come out of the private sector.
6:22 am
it is owned by you. it has been monetized by the private sector. a good thing. but it has been owned by the american people, whether is los alamos or any other great research university. the second thing, we are in a situation where our workers are three times -i'm going to take your question because you're not going to put it down in a minute. you're irish too, that means you're not going to quit. [laughter] let me finish my thought and then i will take a last question. folks thirdly, we are in a , situation where, the american people, i have met, john and i have met virtually every major world leader. i have not found a single one, and i mean this sincerely, think about this. who would not trade places in a heartbeat, with the united states of america. we have the largest economy in the history of the world. we have the most events research
6:23 am
people and history of the world. -- we have the most advanced research people and history of the world. we have a most diverse population in a democracy that generates enormous ingenuity. we are in a position where we have significant venture capitalism that knows how to get things done. we have the most powerful military in the world. and folks, what are we doing? we are forgetting who we are. this is the united states of america. there has never been a single, solitary thing in our history that we have not set our mind to do that we have been unable to accomplish. literally, not a single, solitary thing. my message is clear. let's get the hell up and take back this country. let's vote. [applause] let's take it back and lead the world once again. [applause] thank you. folks, i will answer your question, i will come over and answer it. ladies and gentlemen when i walked out of my grandfather's house, he would yell, keep the faith!
6:24 am
and my grandmother would yell, spread it! we can do anything! [applause] [captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2019] [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] ♪ ♪
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