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tv   U.S. House of Representatives U.S. House of Representatives  CSPAN  December 11, 2019 9:59am-11:47am EST

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another one of his hundreds of thieving opportunities he has taken advantage of as president. [indiscernible] that is what i wanted to mention. why is that not part of the impeachment process? host: seminole, florida, matthew, the house about to come in. caller: good morning. yount to thank c-span and for being able to lay things out in a way that has been pretty fair from what i have seen. i really respect what you have done, especially with the guests you have brought on. itn it comes to the inquiry, really is quite laughable and lots of ways. -- in lots of ways. never go fishing with the democratic party. they don't catch anything. they have been fishing since day one.
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constantly throwing stuff out. host: i hate to do this. the house is about to come in for the daily session. the speaker pro tempore: the house will be in order. the chair lays before the house a communication from the speaker. he clerk: the speaker's room, ashington, d.c., december 11, 2019. i hereby appoint the honorable henry cuellar to act as speaker pro tempore on this day. signed, nancy pelosi, speaker of the house of representatives. the speaker pro tempore: pursuant to the order of the house of january 3, 2019, the chair will now recognize members from lists submitted by the majority and minority leaders for morning hour debate. the chair will alternate recognition between the parties. all time shall be equally allocated between the parties and in no event shall debate continue beyond 11:50 a.m. each member other than the majority and minority leaders and the minority whip shall be limited to five minutes. the chair now recognizes the
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gentlewoman from oregon, ms. minutes., for five ms. bonamici: thank you, mr. speaker. commemorate the passage of the every student succeeds act, which president signed into law four years ago yesterday. when i came to congress updating the elementary and secondary education act was one of my top to rities, and i was proud stand with president obama on the day that we finally left left behind.ld more than 50 years ago, president lyndon johnson signed elementary and secondary ducation act into law, and he said, yes, this represents a new commitment for equality and quality in the schooling we offer our young people. i agree with president johnson. hen we promote and realize equity and education, when we expand and invest in educational opportunities, we can improve
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outcomes for all students at all levels. re-authorizing the every student succeeds act in 2015 was meant closer to achieving that equality envisioned in the is stilllaw, but there much work to be done. esea created new opportunities make sure all students, regardless of their race, color, ational origin, zip code, or family wealth could have an equal opportunity to obtain a high-quality public education. it returns flexibility and school to states and districts, to set high standards or all students, to evaluate schools using multiple measures of student learning and in need of schools additional support. with provisions i championed, the s were also given ability to eliminate unnecessary or duplicative testing and resources for fewer, better quality assessments. importantly, the every student succeeds act put more
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emphasis on well-rounded that prepares students to be creative, critical thinkers. package, i worked hard with appropriators to make ure that congress fulfills the commitments in that law with academicnding with the enrichment grants. as we continue to implement this law, strong federal support are y and necessary to make sure that the flexibility and autonomy that now have isistricts used to identify and close than to nt gaps rather shirk responsibility to students. we know there's more work to be in that area as well. unfortunately, the current department of education is more education privatizing than on making sure that the states fully implement the law. holding states accountable for improving outcomes of disadvantaged is most and this notable in the department's approval of state plans that performance of
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subgroups altogether and the and information available to help the every students succeeds act. we reflect on the passage of the every students succeeds act and the opportunity it provide, the department of education and secretary devos to support states and hold them implementing r this law with fidelity. my colleagues on the education and labor committee will our robust oversight of the department's implementation student ure the every succeeds act fulfills a promise we made to all students when signed it into law. i yield back the balance of my time. the speaker pro tempore: the chair now recognizes the gentleman from mississippi, mr. kelly, for five minutes. speaker, i ask for unanimous consent to speak or five minutes and to extend and modify my remarks. the speaker pro tempore: without objection. speaker, today i ise to recognize five 2019 mississippi football state
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championship teams that hail from my district. in 1-a the warriors defeated the panthers. in 4-a the warriors defeated the hornets 5-21. the west point agreeway defeated central rockets. and rockets defeated the oak warriors 34-21. he heritage academy patriots defeated the volunteers 55-10. nothing that brings mississippi together more than friday night lights. and to have this many in the first eams district is quite an honor. i'm proud of the young men who their all in the heat of august two-a-days, the regular eason and the playoffs and finally at the rock in hattiesburg to win a state championship. to recognize the hard work and dedication of the ands, cheerleaders, dance teams, and all the other
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participants who make football games such an exciting friday ight community event in mississippi. i want to give a big thank you o the parents who drove their children two and from practice, spent every friday night in the state ofing across the mississippi to watch their kids compete on the field. finally, i want to express my eart-felt gratitude to the teachers, school administrators and coaches that worked every ay to make sure that our kids have a bright future on the field and in the classroom. thank you, mr. speaker, and i back. the speaker pro tempore: the chair recognizes the gentleman five exas, mr. green, for minutes. the chair recognizes the gentlewoman from georgia, mrs. five minutes. mcbath: today, i rise in upport of h.r. 3, the lower drug cost now act. i want to thank the speaker and my colleagues for working so bring this important
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piece of legislation to the floor. few issues ere are more significant, few issues impactful to the lives of everyday americans than the ever increasing cost of health care the lack of access to vital treatment. as a two-time breast cancer survivor, i know all too well he stress and heartache of a life-changing diagnosis. treatment was exhausting, both emotionally, but i was truly blessed to be able to afford my medication. even today, i continue to pay excessive out-of-pocket costs medication. however, i am lucky to be in a do not have to make serious sacrifices to pay for the care that i need. unfortunately, this is not reality for all americans. richest nation in the history of nations. on is the greatest country
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earth, and i refuse to believe solution nnot find a that allows every american to afford the medications that they need. i've been shocked by the stories constituents about how pharmaceutical companies continue to gouge their and affect the quality of life. i heard a story recently of a my district who wrote n about her son who is 27 and has type 1 diabetes. he pays $400 a month for his to lin while also trying repay his college loans from pursuing his masters degree. she wrote in to speak for her son because she is scared. her son experiences the same hardship that so many americans because of a diagnosis they did not choose. stories like this end ith a patient resorting with
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rationing of essential treatments, often with results.hic these are lifesaving medications. and are not optional, people should never have to make the unthinkable decision about to purchase their medications or to put food on or gas in their on average, americans pay three for the imes as much same prescription drugs as people in other countries. decades alone,wo the price of insulin has 1,000%.d by here is no reasonable explanation for these costs, and have had an people enough. the constantly rising prices increasing the price of health nsurance premiums and eating into workers' wages. let us be clear. it is taxpayer dollars and wages
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that go towards paying for these outrageous prescription drug prices, and it's time for is ress to say that enough enough. this is the most comprehensive to our country's drug ricing problem ever to be seriously considered by the house of representatives. his legislation would give medicare the power to negotiate directly with the drug companies a powerful mechanism that forces drug companies to to compromise on real price reductions. stops pharmaceutical companies from overcharging mericans while charging other countries less for the same and creates a $2,000 out-of-pocket limit on prescription drug costs for beneficiaries. finally, it will reverse years f unfair price hikes above inflation across thousands of
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drugs in medicare, making lower by prices negotiated medicare available to americans with private insurance, not just beneficiaries. the lower drug cost now act is a the american american people. taxpayers over $450 billion during the next decade nd allows us to make long sought-ever investments into medicare and the national institutes of health. this bill includes legislation that i wrote to include coverage of hearing aids medicare, making them more affordable for our seniors. we'll also deliver vision and dental investments while investing huge sums into the cures.for new all the mothers and fathers who lay awake at night worried about nrolling their kids in after-school activities or making their mortgage or car from this ll benefit bill. we are fighting for them, and to a fight that we intend
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win. thank you and i yield back the time.ce of my the speaker pro tempore: the chair now recognizes the gentleman from arkansas, mr. womack, for five minutes. am mr. womack: thank you, mr. speaker. i seek unanimous consent to revise and extend. the speaker pro tempore: without objection. womack: mr. speaker, it's a heavy heart that i rise today to honor the life and of a e and the sacrifice hero from the third district of the great state of arkansas, arkansas, police officer steven carr. saturday, december 7, officer to begin reparing another shift of keeping his ommunity safe when he was coward liam bushed -- cowardly executed.nd most likely because of the wears. he we've lost one of our finest law
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enforcement officers, someone dedicated his life to erving arkansas and defending others. officer carr made it his mission to make our state a safer place for everyone. he served as a protector, and justice and emonstrated the valor and integrity that uniform embodies. our hearts are broken as we loss. this unthinkable today, we vow to never forget his memory and pledge to forever honor his life of service. arkansas this morning in the mourning of the loss of officer steven carr and family,ers are with his his loved ones, and the department. police i'd also like to recognize officer shay floyd and natalie yucy who immediately ngaged and eliminated the
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suspect. our police deserve our deepest gratitude. while they know the risks they face are greater than ever, they their to shy away from mission to protect and to serve. native of the a woodlands, texas. and peaker, my friend colleague, representative kevin brady, would have been on this morning to offer his family, a to the family that he knew personally. a markup in ways and means, he's unable to be on floor with me. and now finally, mr. speaker, if it would please the house, i'd a moment of or silence for officer carr who to rest and in fact, for all of our ofoes who have faced the end watch.
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and i yield back the balance of my time. the peaker pro tempore: chair recognizes the gentleman from texas, mr. green, for five minutes. . mr. green: thank you, mr. speaker. mr. speaker, and still i rise with love of country at heart and my notes in hand. mr. speaker, i rise today with the present imminent privilege d singular honor of paying tribute to a great institution. do so with h.res. 76 on commemorating houston methodist
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hospital, 100 years of saving lives, 100 years of ground-breaking research, hospital, ti organ ranked onary buypass, number one hospital in texas. a national honor roll hospital by "u.s. news and world report." t employs more than 23,000 persons. 1.3 million patients last year alone. acknowledged for their outstanding specialty in ureling, newero surgery, ort though speedics, cancer, i'm sogy, heart surgery,
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proud to say that all of my colleagues in the houston area are co-sponsors of this resolution. this would include the honorable sheila jackson lee, the honorable lizey fletcher, the honorable ete olson, michael mccaul, honorable brian babin and honorable dan crenshaw and honorable kevin brady. it has a great president that responds to inquiries and to the patients themselves. i have known the patients who have had the opportunity to see the president of the hospital, dr. mark boon is the president. he is a medical doctor himself and he is the chief executive officer. this great institution is one
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that i'm proud to have in my congressional district. i'm proud to represent. and i'm also proud to say is a part of the great institutions in the united states of america. houston methodist hospital celebrating 100 years of faithful service and saving lives, not only in houston, harris county, in the state of texas but across the world. i yield back. the speaker pro tempore: the chair recognizes the gentleman from pennsylvania, mr. fitzpatrick, for five minutes. mr. speaker, i rise today to recognize the bucks county elite girls basketball program which were recognized and presented awards for their service to our
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community and athletic and a.m. democratic achievements. the team has won 11 tournaments and this speaks to the team work, their coveg and dedication. moreover, many of the team members are honor students and many more active community volunteers throughout our region. and i would like to congratulate the program for this amazing accomplishment and look forward to their future success. mr. speaker, i rise to recognize the students and staff and milies of bristol township keystone elementary school. they came together to help 27 local families in need. the students and staff at the hool donated nonperishable
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items and they provided turkeys and pies for male baskets. this is the third year that old castle infrastructure has partnered with the keystone families. it is great to see families come together. and this is what makes so grit. they are there to help others in need. we hope to see this program continue in the future and hope other communities will follow heir lead. mr. speaker, i rise teed to recognize salute to service, a veteran outreach program based in bristol county, pennsylvania. salute to service prides itself to provide a multitude of services and resources for our veterans in stress.
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they help veterans through local , state and national and community activism and emergency assistance. the motto for salute to service is leave no veteran behind, with nearly half a million unemployed veterans across our nation, it has vowed to help find jobs for our servicemen and women. i am proud to see like-minded groups working together to help our veterans each and every day. i yield back. the speaker pro tempore: the chair recognizes the gentlewoman from wisconsin, ms. moore, for ive minutes. ms. moore: thank you so much for recognizing me, mr. speaker. i'm thrilled and exciting to be
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re-introducing my social security reform bill, the social security enhancement and protection act of 2019. now today, our social security program is at risk. currently social security is fully funded until 2035, but faces a financial shortfall after that. and while there is broad agreement that we need take steps to improve the fiscal outlook for social security, there is not enough attention given to the need to improve the system. so that it works better for vulnerable populations including women, people of color and low-income people. my bill would improve benefits and stepped the program solvency. i would like to draw your attention to three critical
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components of my bill. my bill would modify the special minimum benefit to credit workers for up to five additional years of work, to reflect the years worker provide care for a child under six years old. this, of course, is especially important for women. we need to value caregiving and acknowledge that this uncompensated labor is not free. mother work is work. my bill extends the benefit eligibility for children of retired, disabled or deceased workers who are full-time students enrolled in college or vocational schools up to the age of 26 years old. in this knowledge-based world-wide economy, this benefit
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needs to be reinstated, and was particularly helpful to students of color, low-income families with parents working who are at higher risk, those with parents who are blue collar workers and for women. my bill also provides additional benefits for all beneficiaries of any income age, 20 years after their retirement. people who live beyond the age of 85, god bless them, tend to be more likely financially vulnerable even with their social security benefit. they may have exhausted their savings at this point or have more serious health problems that may have been a drain on their finances or face any number of financial means. social security has become one of the hallmarks of our safety
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net and i encourage my colleagues to improve the system which has been integral part of our system. social security is the main north star of public policy in the united states and i would invite all of my colleagues the opportunity to co-sponsor this legislation and vote for the social security enhancement and protection act of 2019. and with that, i yield back the balance of my time. the speaker pro tempore: the chair recognizes the gentleman pence.diana, mr. mr. pence: i rise today to recognize matthew clifford being named the 2019 principal of the year by the indiana association of school principals. after being named the district 10 middle school principal of the year, clifford was then nominated by his peers at greens burg junior high school and
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across the state to become the state principal of the year. i congratulate matthew for this tremendous honor and thank him for improving the lives of hoosier kids and families. mr. speaker, i rise today in support of the grant application submitted by the first christian church of columbus. this grant was save one of america's treasures in my district, the first christian church has been a staple in the columbus community for years and is a jewel of architecture and history. since 2001, the first christian church has been designated by the national park service as a u.s. national historic landmark. but now it needs essential renovation. i pledge my support for this program so that this church may be restored to its original beauty. mr. speaker, i rise today to
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express my support for i.u. health investment of 1 million into the muncie community. over the next three years, i.u. health will give $1 million of revital isation of the thomas park in south east muncie. the investment plan includes biking lanes, walking trails, access to better and new health centers. i applaud i.u. health for investing in our local community and promoting healthier hoosiers. mr. speaker, i rise today to show my support for $1.3 in rural broadband expansion in the 6th district. in my time in congress, i have worked with local groups to address broadband schools in hospitals and support district learning telemedicine grants and i have introduced the bill to
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make sure that federal agencies work together in this arena. i'm glad to see the governor announce a boost to counties like generalings, scott and my home county. i look forward to seeing the state's continued work on this. s i fight for rural high-speed internet on be half of the 6th district. i honor the hoosier veterans and their brave families i met at the veterans' christmas appreciation dinner of wayne county. nearly 600 veterans including world war ii vets enjoyed an evening of celebration and holiday cheer. a career fair was held before dinner to get resources and support. it was a privilege to speak at this appreciation dinner and i stand today to wish every veteran across this country and
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indiana's 6th district a very merry christmas. mr. speaker, i rise today to ask the american people the american congress to do its job and address the rising costs of health care but speaker pelosi's h.r. 3 is not the answer. it will limit choice and innovation. it is a partisan message bill that will not be considered by the senate or signed into law. we are letting the american people down by not voting on bipartisan legislation that will actually address skyrocketing drug prices. r. 3 would increase premiums and enabling competitors to flourish. h.r. 19 the alternative bill is filled with more than 40 bipartisan commonsense reforms that reduce prescription drug
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costs and increase access to affordable, high quality and life-saving care for americans. h.r. 19 expands low cost options for patients by bringing more generic competition to the market and lowers out of pocket spending and access to medicine and cures and increases transparency and boosts innovation. the american people should be empowered by bipartisan proposals not restricted by partisan politics to make the best health care choices for themselves and their families. i yield the balance of my time. the speaker pro tempore: the chair recognizes the gentlewoman from from virginia for five minutes. . ms. wexton: a constituent of named josh aimed out of his parents' hurns when he -- health he turned 26.
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he was a title 1 diabetic and by costs wereescription nearly $1,200 per month, so he switched to over-the-counter insulin, because like so many others, he couldn't afford the rescription brand recommended by his doctors. already on a tight budget, josh as engaged and wanted to save up money for his wedding and uild a new life with his fiancee. his other knew he switched medication and when she checked him his blood sugar was high. e suffered a series of stroke that would prove fatal and it -- fiancee who found him. e have miracle drugs but they can't do good when the american people can't afford them. i hosted a roundtable with onstituents and health care providers about the skyrocketing price of diabetes medication. urses and pharmacists shared stories about patients who had
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no option but to ration their insulin, putting their lives and in serious jeopardy. one who ran a free clinic spoke how refugees were absolutely stunned at how much mericans were paying for their prescription drugs than they had in countries that they were fleeing from. mr. speaker, i am proud to support h.r. 3, the elijah lower drug costs now, because the inability to afford ecessary drugs should not be a death sentence in the united states of america. we're going to give h.h.s. the lower drug otiate prices for the american people, prices will be available, not only to medicare eneficiaries, but also to americans with private health insurance. with the projected savings from a s bill, nearly half trillion dollars, we will provide vision, dental, and hearing benefits for all beneficiaries and invest in new medical research. families and seniors
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should not pay more for their edications than what the drug companies charge people in other countries. this bill is a win for the american people. it represents an historic investment in medicare, historic avings on the cost of prescription drugs. without this legislation, the rising price of prescription a gs will continue to take toll on the finances of american in the worst case, cost lives. what happened to josh should never have to anyone in this country. colleagues on both sides of the aisle to support legislation, and with that i yield back the remainder of my time. the speaker pro tempore: the chair recognizes the gentleman north carolina, mr. budd, for five minutes. mr. speaker, winston churchill once said, socialism philosophy of failure, the creed of ignorance, the it's of envy, and inherent virtue is the equal haring of -- its inherent virtue is the equal share of
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misery. despite the truth of these more young and americans hold positive views of ocialism and negative views of capitalism. a recent gal lineup poll found polled found that more favor socialism fafrl while few -- favor while a few favor capitalism. the question is, why are numbers of our young people supporting socialism? the answer is because they are somehow moral and compassionate and fair by leading socialist voices in and government. mostly concentrated in and d.c.d washington, on the surface, one might think that taking from the prosperous or the betterment of the poor is a decent and fair policy. but just under the surface lies ignorance of one of the most foundational principles of human behavior.
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and that is incentives. socialism doesn't reward people work, creativity and entrepreneurial spirit. taxation elming necessary to support socialist olicies penalizes people who work hard by forcing them to send their earnings, perhaps away, to of miles washington, d.c. by incentive that is created one of mediocrity, that it would easier to settle for economic scraps instead of shooting for the moon and dream.g the american and what about the supposed beneficiaries of socialism, the lower-class e workers? under that system, not only do massive amounts of other money flow here to washington, but so does the ecisionmaking capacity over a large swaths of people's lives, from your health care decisions power your home or your car or what school your child can attend. liberal democrats often mock
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republican economic policies as economics.wn but the socialist view trickledly constitutes down bureaucracy. the theory that if we give more oney and power to federal bureaucrats in washington that the benefits will somehow trickle down to those who need it the most. furthermore, it is fundamentally immoral for decisions over your ife to be fundamentally outsourced to a far-distant capital hundreds or thousands of miles away with the dim promise f support after the washington swamp has had its say. the best way to combat the rise to educate is americans on the devastation that it has caused in other around the in greece, socialist policies have crippled investment, nnovation, and entrepreneurship, and led to a hortage of food, money, and medicine. in venezuela, the socialist policies of hugo chavez and have led to mass
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shortages of critical medicine, idespread starvation, and a skyrocketing of crime and a terrible refugee crisis. in contrast, countries that have adopted the capitalist principles of economic freedom have fared much better. after trying socialist policies in the 20th century, israel, kingdom d the united realize their economies were hopelessly stagnated, and as a countries three stopped allowing the government to dictate economic decisions made the switch to free market policies as a way to economies.their after embracing economic reedom, india now has the largest middle class in the free world. rated as the third best economy in the world. as a strong supporter of economic freedom, i stand firm to combat the t rise of socialism. this dangerous ideology has in nearly every country
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where it has been tried, and we must do everything in our power educate the next generation of americans about the true nature of socialism. ocialism is not what made america great. socialism is not who we are. a rica will never become socialist nation. back.hat i yield the speaker pro tempore: the chair recognizes the gentleman trone, for d, mr. five minutes. mr. trone: thank you, mr. speaker. support of h.r. 3, the elijah cummings lower costs now act. this bill fulfills a promise hat we made to the american people. we heard you, america, when you high s drug costs were so you sometimes had to choose between buying your medicine and your heated bill. when you america, spoke us about skyrocketing drug costs, compromising your quality life.
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we heard, america, when you said drugs because on you couldn't afford your next prescription. to make thosehave tradeoffs for themselves or children. in the united states, we pay more for drugs than any other country. alone, americans pay four times the average of other countries. district in maryland, people with medicare are paying what they would pay in australia. 3.5 times they would pay in the kingdom. 2.6 times what they would pay in drugs.for prescription marylanders and americans have een getting a bad deal, and it's time to change that. i come from the business world, nd in business you're successful when you negotiate a better price. do rnment should be able to the same thing with pharmaceutical companies. us to do this.ow
10:40 am
it will allow the u.s. government to negotiate lower for medicare and private and put a $2,000 out-of-pocket limit on prescription drugs. expand medicare benefits to add coverage for ental, vision, and hearing for the first time ever. n total, this bill will save the federal government over $500 billion over the next 10 years. will this save money in the pockets of the average reinvest but it will that money to help our children children's children. t's time to do this by investing $10 billion for biomedical research at n.i.h. in.h. is the best investment our future that we could ever make. return.llar spurs $8 in investing money in n.i.h. just makes sense.
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it will also invest $10 billion in fighting our nation's biggest problem, the opioid epidemic. unscrupulous pharma companies opioid epidemic with irresponsible and often llegal schemes to flood the market with prescription pills. those aid dearly for pills in lives lost. that the savings we create through lowering drug prices for americans should go this epidemic. i'm proud that the bipartisan ill i introduced with the freshman working work on -- state n addiction, the opioid response authorization ct is included in h.r. 3 and will provide $7.5 billion over the next five years for and predictable funding for the communities that epidemicing the opioid on the front lines. opioids have killed more than 400,000 americans.
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it's time to act. last month, i headed a in gaithersburg, maryland, about the high cost of prescription drugs. at the roundtable we had medical professionals and regular folks that wrote into our office about incredibly high cost of prescription drugs. was sue zet people cumberland. she has type 1 diabetes and over summer, the price for her medication shot up 300% without explanation. this is not fair and it's not right. i'm standing on the floor of the today f representatives to say, suzette, we all hear you. you and the millions of people across the country who have to make decisions about pay for food or to survive.n they need to i urge my colleagues to vote for the elijah cummings lower drug act. now it's time to stand up for the pharmaceutical companies and without a pact,
10:43 am
without a lobbyist to represent them. people, let's fight for them. i yield back. the speaker pro tempore: members re reminded to direct their comments to the chair. the chair now recognizes the gentleman from oklahoma, mr. five minutes. mr. hern: mr. speaker, i rise in ecognition of the passing of a great american. llen tremble was first and foremost a man of faith, whose and on was 100 yards long 53 1/2 yards wide. coach tremble, the most coach in high school oklahoma history, with 13 state hampionships, and in 2017, jenks high school affectionately allen the stadium the tremble stadium in his honor. he was inducted into the high school football hall of fame in 2018. better ht when you make
10:44 am
people you make better players. keeping your priorities of family and football in that order. coach tremble was a master who spent his entire adult life pouring into high school students and young adults. countless people were blessed by his mentorship. a.l.s., is battle with coach continued to believe that he was blessed and needed to bless others. tremble spent his last years developing the tremble strong foundation, a to inuation of his efforts serve others and mentor the next generation. week, coach tremble left join our ly pane to father in hero. he touched many both on and off field.tball oklahoma will never forget his and of f service elflessness, faith, and football. i rise today in
10:45 am
honor of three high school football teams in my district ho won statewide football championships this weekend. owasau high on i, school had an impeccable and undefeated season, earning their second state championship in three years. vixby high ion ii, school, coached by lauren montgomery, cruised and undefeated season as well, fifth timete for the in six years. in 3-a, lincoln christian school, coached by jerry, also went on undefeated this year. the playoffshrough through a victory in the state congratulations to the rams, the spartans, and the bulldogs. these players and coaches worked these l year to earn championships. in addition to these championship teams, oklahoma's district had several teams make it to the finals. runner-up school took 6-1 division i.
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regent prep is playing for the class b championship. many exceptional teams, friday nights are never boring in tulsa. thank you and i yield back my time. the speaker pro tempore: the chair recognizes the gentleman from vermont, mr. welch, for ive minutes. well well -- mr. welch: on november 20, 2019, only three weeks ago, vermont lost a great vermonter, an inspiring american, jake burton, the person who started burton
10:47 am
snow snowboards and created the whole sport of boarding. ake was a great pioneer of snowboarding and great husband to his wife and best friend and business partner for decades. and that's donna carpenter and timmy.ather of george, john's life -- jake's life was one of great effort and inspiring organization atlanta and perpetual pro pencity and deep love of snowboarding, the sport jake created and deep love of people who came to the sport, deep love of his community and all of the people who worked in his conversation. snowboarding in 2019 is a widely popular sport that jake started.
10:48 am
it has a prominent place in our winter olympics and extraordinary champions. it was once shunned and prohibited in all our ski areas. you couldn't bring a board to a mountain. and it was because the kids who wanted to do this were energetic and jake would sometimes say disrespectful of their elders. but they loved to demride and loved to be outdoors and loved to be with each other. and it was this culture of community that jake created, as much as this extraordinary sport that allowed people to demon state amazing physical skills. this company he started in stratton, vermont. he worked as a bartender at night and during the day, he
10:49 am
worked not in his garage but in a barn in a house where he was house sitting and by himself, he was making these snow boards. this is one of the early burton snowboards and he started promoting with donna and married in 1983, the promotion to ski areas to let these kids ride. and ski area after ski area relented and ultimately came to see riding as the economic future of their mountains, gone up i trips have and boarding has gone up. the company that jake left behind that he started out of nothing now has about 32% of the sales in this muge market and it's over a billion dollar industry, has over 1,000
10:50 am
employees in six different countries. riding today is something you do if you dare. it wasn't always so. when squake started in 19 -- when jake started in 1977, he started with nothing but loved it. after graduating from n.y.u. in 1977 and last time on wall street, the last time he ever wore a suit, he went to pursue his dream in vermont. and he marketed this board initially to 22-year-olds and realized that when he was a kid and first time he got on something that was the predecessor to these beautiful snowboards it was two skis boupped together with a rope at the top and he was like 15 and 16 and started marketing to
10:51 am
younger kids and got outside and got on the mountain and then a sport was born. you know, so many champions have rode ith the folks that these boards in their glory. was sean, the flying tomato. sorry to miss on that. so he flying tomato got many awards that he has become one of our greatest olympic champions. now jake's life was not without real suffering. he lost his brother, beloved brother george in the vietnam war. and his mom died at age 17. i want to end with jake's words, the riders, the product, the process, this is my heart and soul.
10:52 am
i just love the freedom snowboarding gives to you to do whatever you want to do. i yield back. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman recognizes the gentleman from kentucky, mr. comer, for five minutes. mr. comer: mr. speaker, i rise today to commend president trump for the recent bipartisan deal with congress to replace nafta with the new and significantly improved free trade agreement the usmca. this deal will create jobs, boost our agricultural exports and grow the economy in kentucky. it's good for our farmers and manufacturers and will benefit all americans. the usmca encourages innovation and opens new markets for our farmers and strengthens our trading partners in the global economy. it took far too long for speaker pelosi to move toward action on
10:53 am
an important priority to the american people. their excessive focus on impeaching the president has eated months of needless months of delay. however, it's good news that a deal has been finally reached and one which will provide our economy with stability. now that we have a deal negotiated with the president over a year ago, democratic leadership must bring the usmca to the floor for a vote. my constituents and all americans deserve no less than a government that works for them rather than one that plays political games with our economy. the need for a modern agreement with our major trading partners has been neglected for long enough. we must take a vote on the usmca which will help us remain competitive in the 21st century
10:54 am
economy. mr. speaker, i rise today to recognize my friend, cumberland judge executive john phelps to serve as president of the county judge association. this organization serves as the unified for county judge executives and all of kentucky's 120 unique counties. judge phelps will do good work to promote county governments. in kentucky we are foreign to have strong leaders in our courthouses and city halls who serve cities and counties in the 1st district. his commitment to address the needs of local government stands out. i'm excited to see him get started in this important squob and know that he will be a advocate. vow -- it will not only benefit
10:55 am
kentucky. m honored to recognize judge john phelps whose record and private sector accomplishments in the real estate business will serve him well in this new role. with that, i yield back. the speaker pro tempore: the chair recognizes the gentleman from california, mr. costa for five minutes. >> i request unanimous consent to address the house for one minute and revise and extend my remarks. mr. costa: i rise today to support the farm worker modernization act. let me thank chairperson lofgren and ranking member for forming this bipartisan compromise. farmworkers are the hardest working individuals you will meet.
10:56 am
as a farmer's son, i have done that work. it is hard but it is skilled work. and it is simply one that they are subject to living and working in the shadow of uncertainty and fear of deportation. just last month in the city of madera i met with the united farm workers organization to tell them of the promise of this bill. i spoke to women and young children who worked to put food on america's dinner table every night and i could see the hope in their eyes, hope for a normal life, free from the dread of possible family separation. and deportation that hangs over them every day when they leave to go to work. hope for a chance to change their reality and reshape their
10:57 am
story. we owe it to these individuals who do so much for us. these monumental -- this monumental bipartisan compromise is a unique opportunity to provide us with the first meaningful's form in immigration system in over four decades. many of us would like comprehensive immigration reform for our deemers and to fix our broken immigration system. but for now, that is not possible. but this legislation that would provide legal status for seasonal and year-round farmworkers is. i urge my colleagues to stand with me in support of the farm modernization act that we will vote on later today. mr. speaker, i also rise to support the elijah cummings lower drug cost act now.
10:58 am
americans want congress to tackle issues that they care most about and spiraling drug costs are one of the most important issues. passing h.r. 3, lowering the drug cost act now will help lower prescription drug prices and hold drug companies accountable for the unfair price hikes that they are impacted with. prescription drugs in the united states, we all know, are four times higher than what they charge for the same drugs in many other countries. insulin is one example is a way in which we see gouging and quad drupeling over the last decade. diabetes affects 30 million people in the united states and costing more than $100 billion a year to manage.
10:59 am
in fresno county, one of the counties i represent in my district in the san joaquin valley, it estimated 68% of the adults between 5869 have diabetes. they need insulin to manage their condition, but these high prices are causing them impossible choices. do they pay for medication or do they put food on their dinner table, making sacrifices that are simply unacceptable. democrats are committed of putting health care of american people first and stopping this unfair practice. so far this year, we have sent multiple bills to the senate to reduce health care costs and prescription drugs. silence, silence is the only answer we get from the senate. tomorrow we will pass another bill, h.r. 3, the lower drug cost act now and this aims to
11:00 am
stop drug companies from gaming the system and that is what we are trying do do. it builds on the affordable care act by adding $10 billion for expanding community health centers, which have been instrumental in increasing access to health care in rural america. in my district, 400,000 people would benefit if we pass h.r. 3 and signed into law. my constituents who rely on prescription drugs are depending on us to act to ensure that medications are affordable and i intend to do that by voting to support this legislation. it will also require that americans save over $500 billion over their lifetime. now is the time to act and time for the senate to do their job. i yield the balance of my time.
11:01 am
. the speaker pro tempore: the chair now recognizes the gentleman from kentucky, mr. barr, for five minutes. mr. barr: mr. speaker, i rise today to honor the life of a and my nd special man good friend, u.s. marine corporal retired matthew bradford. matthew is stepping down as veterans' outreach coordinator office.strict matthew, who grew up in our district in winchester, unitedy, enlisted in the states marine corps when he graduated from high school, and e was assigned to the second battalion third marines echo company second platoon. iraq in 2006,d to 2007, he uary 18, suffered catastrophic injuries as a result of a detonation of introduced -- improvised explosive device. left him injuries totally blind, and he lost both of his legs.
11:02 am
atthew per severed and he learned to over -- persevered and he learned to overcome and adapt from his injuries. became the first blind double amput amputee to re-enlist in 2010. nation, of a grateful i thank him for his service, his sacrifice, and his patriotism. bradford is a very determined individual. after service with his marine his ended, he married warrior princess, amanda. together they have three children. hrough hard work and determination, matthew graduated from the university of kentucky. e found his purpose in motivating and encouraging others to overcome difficult obstacles. spends a great deal of his time speaking to groups and individuals and participating in events, ng athletic including marathons, skydiving, and climbing ng, rainier.t up mount
11:03 am
matthew came to work in the sixth congressional district in 2017, serving first as a college intern then, national security fellow, and lastly, as our veterans' outreach coordinator. district k in our office, matthew has been a veterans.ocate for matthew has worked on many utreach initiatives including our facebook page and has worked diligently to improve the lives of america's veterans. made rk with veterans has quite a difference. his passion, his humor, and his determination will be greatly office.n our but his life's work in service to his community and the nation surely continue. matthew has earned many honors, including the purple heart the george van cleefb military leadership award, hegoer sinise hope for war warriors award, and induction into the kentucky veterans hall fame. he was invited by president trump to join the 2018 state of the union address. position in the sixth district office, he's earned the espect of all of his co-
11:04 am
workers. legacy as a asting servant leader. i wish him all the best as he other interests. thank you, corporal bradford, for your friendship, for your behalf of the n people of the sixth district, and your outstanding service to country. mr. speaker, i rise today to states dge the united most important strategic ally in the middle east, israel. the house voted on and narrowly passed a nonbinding reinforcing the failed two-state policy that has israeli ed on both the and palestinian people since the igning of the failed oz low accords -- oslo accords. i oppose that resolution. new way is, we need a of thinking for a new path etween arabs and jews in the middle east. hose outside israel can force
11:05 am
this is nonsense. rhetoric about a negotiated wo-state resolution is not credible when it's promoted by those who criticize israel's biblical s within the homeland of the jewish people. urrent israeli settlements established through peaceful means, extend the reach of reedom and democracy while the proposed ejection of jews from ettlements has a record incongrunt with peace. the 2005 israeli withdrawal from aza has been a disaster for palestinians, allowing terrorist p.i.g. -- hamas and p.i.j. to take over and terrorize that strip of land and citizens. i have personally been to judea witnessed jews and arabs working together side enterprise, rivate seeing that peace is possible. hen stability exists under the freedom and security offered by the state of israel, businesses
11:06 am
families earn a living, and freedom and democracy expand. i encourage my colleagues to consider. and with that, mr. speaker, i yield back. the speaker pro tempore: the recognizes the gentleman from california, mr. peters, for five minutes. mr. peters: i thank you, mr. speaker. i rise today to recognize the lieutenant travis b. wilke, a veteran and san diego who lost his life while a training center in ohio. he exuted -- a san diego native, lieutenant wilke worked diligently as both a student and a member of his community and his accomplishments earned him at a spot at the prestigious air academy in colorado springs. he was training with a fellow lieutenant general john kinkade, when his plane crashed
11:07 am
formation.nding both lieutenant wilke and colonel kinkade tragically lost day. lives that lieutenant wilke's loss is felt in our community in san diego by air force ues at the academy, and by his fellow at vance air s force base. in a text yesterday, his mom said, devastated is not a strong enough word. he was a hardworking 23-year-old who just married the love of his october 14. i don't believe any young pilot hould die in a training mission. unbearable. please join me in remembering and honoring second lieutenant lieutenant general kinkade, their families, and the touched during their lives and their service. thank you. rise today to recognize the san diego hero, hickman, a ert jay decorated veteran who gave his
11:08 am
life to save others. 21 years old when the jet malfunctioned. he was on a routine training mission when he lost control of he aircraft and began plummeting toward the ground. at the time of the engine hickman's jet was directly over a neighborhood and an elementary school playground. with children on their new time recess. instead of simply ejecting from stayed with the aircraft and steered into a remote canyon in order to avoid playground. he sacrificed his life to save lives of 750 children. awarded the mously navy award medal, the highest awarded for al heroism. hickmanfie hickmanfield, a ceremony at the 11-year-old student body president gave a speech that was
11:09 am
tribune, the san diego he not only saved our lives but eft us an ideal by which to live. let us strive to be as brave and courageous ourselves as he was. the 60th marked anniversary of his death. in september, his heroism was at mount soledad veterans memorial. me in honoring albert hickman for his dedication and sacrifice as we to continue his legacy of heroism. rise today to recognize senior chief petty stacy who ton sustained injuries in the line syria. while on tour in senior chief stacy was on his final tour in syria after iraq and one tour in two in afghanistan. explosive zed in ordnance disposal, meaning every ssignment he undertook was a matter of life and death for himself and his team. in 2017, senior chief stacy and
11:10 am
team were clearing a hospital that had recently been isis.ed by an explosive device detonated badly wounded. hile senior chief stacy survived, the expulsion left him paralyzed and unable to speak. he was honored this past a plaque at with the mount soledad veterans memorial in san diego, the only in the united states that honors veterans, both living and deceased, from the war until now. this will help ensure that his sacrifice is never forgotten. join me in honoring senior chief petty officer stacy and his family and to thank them for all their courage and service to our country. mr. speaker, with that i yield back. the speaker pro tempore: the now recognizes the mr. eman from alabama, brooks, for five minutes.
11:11 am
mr. speaker, 106, half of house democrats have co-sponsored the socialist costs now act. words.not mince socialized medicine causes worse health care at higher costs with longer waits and more dead americans. merica must learn from countries that have experimented medicine.lized per britain's royal college of surgeons, almost a quarter of a people must wait more than six months, six months to medical lanned treatment from the national health service.
11:12 am
36,000 t, more than britains wait more than nine months for medical care. photo next to me was taken by a british mother outraged by health care her ill son received. as this photo shows, her son was treated on a hospital floor. kept want newborn babies in cardboard boxes like they are in socialist venezuela? we want in ly what america? i say no. but that is exactly what america will get if socialists have health care this debate. canada's socialized medicine is no better. 2016 survey by canada's frazier institute found a median of 20 weeks, almost five onths, for, quote, medically necessary, end quote, treatments and procedures. health s national service data reveals that almost
11:13 am
don't cancer patients start treatment on time, despite their referrals from primary care doctors. britain's politicians white wash deadly statistic by claiming treatment is, quote, on quote, if it is given within 62 days of referral. two months of referral. such long wait periods for and are eatment can be deadly. or example, 81% of british breast cancer patients live five ears after diagnosis compared to 89% for american breast cancer patients. eight of ferently, every 100 breast cancer patients america would die in ritain's socialized medicine system. americans with prostate cancer 97%, five-year survival
11:14 am
rate. 83%.itain it drops to stated differently, 14 of every prostate cancer patients who live in america would die in socialized medicine system. it is irresponsible and angerous for america to copy socialized medicine. yet, that is exactly what us to st democrats want do. the house soon votes on a ocialist drug cost plan that gives the government control over drug pricing while of ressing the invention lifesaving drugs. for example, the congressional warns this e legislation results in 15 fewer in the next 10 years. that's 15 drugs that help live longer or more omfortably gone because of socialist democrat wishful thinking. mr. speaker, socialized medicine is not the answer.
11:15 am
government price controls are not the answer. answer is more free enterprise competition that forces health care providers and drug companies to provide their their lowest at prices or go out of business. american people to not fall prey to socialists who taxpayer-funded government health care. i urge my colleagues to vote gainst this socialist drug pricing scheme. most importantly, i urge america wary of propaganda that lowersocialized medicine health care costs or save lives. ocialized medicine does neither. remember that promise that obamacare will cut your health $2,500 perpremiums by year. that was false propaganda. promise that under obamacare you can keep your doctors or health insurance them.if you want that was more false propaganda.
11:16 am
america, do your homework. lies again.or the demand solutions that both lower lives.nd save why? because your very life is at risk. mr. speaker, i yield back. . the speaker pro tempore: the chair recognizes the gentlewoman for five minutes. ms. mucarsel-powell: the number one concern i continue to hear from my constituents is that the high cost of health care especially the skyrocketing prices of prescription drugs. i have heard stories of patients that are forced to choose between putting food on the table or paying for life-saving drugs. drug companies collect hundreds of billions of dollars in
11:17 am
profits each year. this cannot continue. elijah pass h.r. 3, the cummings lower drug prices now act which will save thousandses in drug costs. this would cut medicare spending by over $400 billion and re-invest the savings to combat the opioid opioid epidemic, fund research for cures, it would expand medicare benefits and be used to strengthen community health centers. as the past dean of florida international university, i have worked with these centers and seen the impact they have had on our own communities. many my district, c.h.i. plays a crucial role in providing care to the uninsured and underinsured. in 2018 alone, c.h.i. provided
11:18 am
care for over 82,000 patients including primary care services, behavioral health, ob-gyn procedures and free h.i. vimplet h.i.v. screenings. they expand affordable health care for everyone. the time to act is now. we have to pass h.r. 3 to lower prescription drug prices and strengthen the health care centers that thousands in my district depend on for care. thank you so much. yield back. the speaker pro tempore: the chair now recognizes the gentlewoman from from . nnsylvania >> i hear from my constituents
11:19 am
about the skyrocketing costs of prescription drugs. families should not have to dedicate a high percentage of their disposal income on prescription drugs and families should not have to choose between buying drugs or putting food on their table. americans think this should be a top priority. delivering for the american people will require a bipartisan approach with proposals that can actually pass the house and the senate and be signed into law. unfortunately, speaker pelosi's prescription drug pricing proposal, h.r. was crafted without any republican input and dead on arrival. a key component is the federal mandating drug pricing while
11:20 am
supporters say this is voluntary negotiations, the manufacturers who decline to participate in the process are taxed up to 95% of the medicines' gross sales. 95% of the gross sales price. this is not a negotiation. this is a heavy-handed government at its worse. it's ridiculous. it's take this price or else. it is figuratively and literally a poison pill provision to this bill. government command central price setting is not only un-american, it's ineffective and look at priceses of heavy-handed to control prices. 270 new medicines available in the united states only 41% are ailable in australia, 67% in
11:21 am
germany, 48% in japan, 64% in the united kingdom. imagine in our country a life saving drug being available in another country but not available here. we can't imagine that. fortunately, house republicans have found a solution to lowering prescription drug prices without sacrificing american innovation or harming access to life-saving medications. h.r. 19, the lower costs more cures act is a package of over 40 bipartisan, bipartisan moment, pleasene -- provision provisions. h.r. 19 protects seniors by placing an annual cap on out of pocket drug costs and accomplishing a smoothing
11:22 am
to nism to allow them distribute their spending over the year. h.r. 19 sometime you lates spur innovation by streamlining by f.d.a. pipelines and increasing ailability and prohibiting practice to access to generics. capping the cost of $50 a month after a medicare beneficiary has met their deductible. under h.r. 19 doctors would know what a patient will have to pay for a drug, allowing them to prescribe medication that addresses the patient's needs and fits their budget. again, every single provision in h.r. 19 is bipartisan and could actually become law. resident trump has made it abundantly clear lowering drug
11:23 am
prices is a top priority and h.r. 19 achieves this goal without harming innovation or access. i am co-sponsor to this vitally important legislation and i do urge my colleagues on the other side of the aisle to work with the house republicans on delivering lower drug costs for the american people. i yield back. the speaker pro tempore: the chair now recognizes the gentlewoman from ohio, ms. kaptur for five minutes. ms. kaptur: yesterday, russian dictator putin must have been consumed with delight. president trump chose to invite to the house russian foreign inister, lavrov. the american people should be on red alert asking themselves what the president discussed with an
11:24 am
adversary in a meeting that was closed. mr. president, what do you have to hide? mr. lavrov first concocted the false you ukraine narrative in 2016 that hid russia's involvement in our elections. blaming it on ukraine. it seems that this meeting is a part of a pattern of president trump's disturbing behavior to cozy up to dictator putin and his cronies, many of whom who invested heavily in trump property. president trump welcomed russia's intervention in our 2016 elections and then he invited russia back to the group of seven. he shamelessly could you to youed to president putin and president trump withheld critical military assistance in
11:25 am
a white house meeting from resident of ukraine vladimir zelensky urging him to investigate false conspiracy theories about president trump's political opponents here at home. mean highly, the president publicly and continuously derides our closest allies and questions the value of nato, for heaven's sake, the bulwark of our security as free people. and he embraces dictators from around the world. yet again, need i remind the president that russia seeks to destroy liberty. putin seeks to destroy critical . mocratic alliances nato brought peace, security and prosperity to the free world,
11:26 am
which includes us. in 2019, russia illegally invaded ukraine leading to already over 14,000 deaths and the displacement of millions. ukraine is the scrimmage line for liberty in the transatlantic alliance. russia has been working hard to destroy that alliance which is freedom's bulwark. russia has sided with the assad regime in syria. and russia conducts misinformation campaigns to medical in democratic processes including here. in our 2016 election and she is inten to do it again next year. the enemy of liberty will stop at nothing to weaken the united states and our allies. when the american people elect their president, they expect a leader to champion liberty on the world stage.
11:27 am
the world is watching. how should they interpret the united states rolling out the red carpet for corrupt russian leaders while president zelensky is waiting for his invitation to the white house. indeed this lavrov meeting is sinister and comes at a sensitive time. on the eve on the meeting, president trump derides our national security institutions such as the f.b.i., whose investigation clearly proved russia interfered with our 2016 election and she is on task to do it again. r. lavrov himself invented and directed the totally false narrative that ukraine interfered in our election, a conspiracy theory spun up by the democracy himself. by siding with russia our president's behavior encourages
11:28 am
russia's behavior while hurting our allies. the crecretive comes right after the talks between germany france and president zelensky successfully withstood russian pressure. he could not cross any red lines that could have capitulation. and during the normandy meetings thousands ukranians showed their support for president did he lens ki. so our conclusion is what russia couldn't achieve tries to do through the unofficial channel behind the closed doors in our own back yard. congress must demand full access of the transcipts between the president and foreign minister lavrov. yield back.
11:29 am
the speaker pro tempore: members are reminded to address their emarks to the chair. the chair now recognizes the gentleman from texas, mr. wright, for five minutes. mr. wright: mr. speaker, i'm proud to introduce the veterans back to work act of 2019. it's not hard to see our economy is booming. we have the lowest unemployment rate in 50 years and hourly wages continue to rise. despite the record breaking economic numbers we continue to see every month, 326,000 veterans remain unemployed around the country. we should be doing everything we an to facilitate veterans' transition to help the over 7 million open jobs we have here in the united states.
11:30 am
the veterans back to work act would make work opportunity tax credit which is set to expire at the end of the year permanent. this tax credit is issued to businesses and nonprofits that hire individuals who consistently face significant barriers that prevent them from obtaining employment. making the work opportunity tax credit is a great way to ensure our veterans are set up for success. there is no reason not to incentivize businesses to fill jobs with men and women who have sacrificed so much for our nation. i urge my colleagues from both sides of the aisle to come together and support this critical legislation. . . mr. speaker, a lion of the serving re in texas is his last term in office.
11:31 am
2003, state representative bill zedler has been a champion liberty, a champion of free enterprise, champion of religious freedom, a champion life. he's been a champion like few legislature texas can. hether the issue was taxes, education, health care, whatever it efits, was, his was a voice to which because that d voice of always been a wisdom, and that voice will be greatly missed. in public office, at service, our time of have to answer the question, did better than we found them?
11:32 am
and for my friend, bill zedler, yes,answer is a resounding because texas today is better because state representative zedler served in the tex texaslegislature. at the end of the movie "troy" lived among giants, said e wanted it to be that he lived in the time of hector, that he lived in the of achilles. ell, members of the texas legislature can be proud that they served in the time of bill zedler. thank you, bill, for all your magnificent service to the texas and with that i back. the speaker pro tempore: the chair recognizes the fine illinois, mr.
11:33 am
rush. madam speaker, i rise today to celebrate and the life of the priest and prophetic reverend t was the clay evans. inns nd evans was the picture aigs -- inspirational icon and tireless servant to his church, his community, and to of chicago and to those beyond. has left us passing all with yet another stunning unimaginable loss. brownsville, tennessee,
11:34 am
he founded the fellowship church in baptist 1950. the next 70 years, he of his ened the souls flock with his unwavering courage, ncorruptable and his unyielding devotion to lord, the good christ. sus psalm 119:105, your word is the light. he was a prophet to both in and pastors when the reverend dr. martin brought his movement was icago, reverend evans
11:35 am
his raged to dr. king into church against then mayor dayley and many others. e founded the rainbow push coalition along with jesse lewis jackson sr. pushairman of the board of from 1970 to 1976, reverend worked to diligently -- establish gently to rainbow push as the national owerhouse in the fight for civil rights. speaker, reve reverend evans leaves a long list of pastors greatly benefited from his teaching, including reverend and mother n sr. conswalo york, the first consuelo york, the
11:36 am
irst woman to be ordained in the baptist organization. ordained many, inspiring them to go forward and spread the gospel of jesus christ. of reverend n evans' life will be complete mentioning the role of music in his ministry. reached far adcast and wide into our nation, into he homes of millions of americans. everend evans recorded 11 gospel albums and creatively music into his even more truth into the scriptures from which preaching. in october, 2007, reverend evans this very chamber with
11:37 am
serving ful presence, as guest chaplain. sponsor deep honor to reverend evans and even today, i still feel his presence in thoseme way i felt during years when he -- during that ear when he took this very chamber to church. speaker, although we feel passing of th the reverend evans, i'm confident hat he's now with our lord and savior jesus christ and with our heaven.n his sons vans' wife, who el and ralph, and all loved him, are in my deepest greatest d have my sympathy as they mourn the loss
11:38 am
f this truly great religious evans.reverend clay thank you. i yield back. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman yields back. the chair recognizes the abled from pennsylvania, mr. thompson. thank you, madam speaker. adam speaker, i rise today to recognize computer science education week. 10 years ago, this awareness established to highlight the important skill set and the role it plays in all industries. every year, computer science an ation week serves as opportunity for students in kindergarten through their senior year of high school to earn about the importance of computer science and the opportunities that abound with education.based as co-chair of the bipartisan career -- house career and caucus, c.t.e. caucus,
11:39 am
'm proud to support science education -- computer science education week. nation is seeking learners from all ages while simultaneously closing the nation's skills gap. field in particular that needs workers trained is in science, cybersecurity. was pleased to co-sponsor h.r. cybersecurity skills integration act, alongside with my fellow c.t.p. caucus co-chair, congressman jim langevin of rhode island. h.r. 1592 will aid in the of a critical infrastructure workforce that's ell trained to handle cyber threats from bad actors. the bill authorizes $10 million a competitive grant program within the department of education to cybersecurity education into new and existing c.t.e. programs. bill requires he
11:40 am
of education to coordinate with the department of homeland security to better support cybersecurity education programs. career in any field starts with effective counseling. ar too many students begin their education careers without fully understanding their options, but empowering students resources can etter prepare learnless earns of -- learners of all ages for the workforce. the s why we co-sponsored counseling for career choice act. h.r. 1592 would authorize $40 to be used byants state and local education agencies to assess counseling and create new counseling frameworks. he bill also provides professional development opportunities to counsellors so they can better assist their better improve their skills to assist their students. we need a workforce that can modern technical demands and students who choose a career technical education are best
11:41 am
suited for that challenge. through career and technical education programs like computer science, we can begin to close our nation's skills gap while learner's of all ages taking control of their ers of all l -- learn their ke control of professional futures. thank you, mr. speaker. i yield back. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman yields back. the chair recognizes the york, mr. from new espaillat, for five minutes, please. you, mr. llat: thank speaker. new york city is recognized for and its tenacity profile as an incubator of elite talents. perhaps no one embodies these than ple virtues more kwame, a bronx native. hef kwame's early life was branded by adversity. is early career marked by big missteps.
11:42 am
however, as a true new yorker, as a true son of the bronx, he back.d a future of bronx great and kul equity has catapulted this young man, chef kwame, from a salesman to winning baird award. now as executive chef right here in washington, d.c., here in our chef kwame is l, a shining example of and verance, prestige, promise bred in the bronx. go try his curry goat. x ok's you will go back again. chef kwame is an exceptional and he continues to make us all proud. to many.inspiration
11:43 am
he's right here with us, mr. speaker, in the gallery, and i to welcome him to the house of representatives. e is a bronx native and now resides here in washington, d.c. we're proud to have him. young talent. you will be hearing a lot about in in the future, not only written media, but you will be asting in many places across the world his fine cuisine. him for o congratulate baird awardthe james and being a true example of how young man from color from the ronx can get up and shine, as the former great champion of the world, muhammad ali said, he the world, he shook up the world. congratulations, chef kwame. thank you and i yield back. the speaker pro tempore: the yields
11:44 am
ok.chair recognizes -- the chair would remind members that the rules do not allow to persons in the gallery. the chair now recognizes the alabama, mr. byrne, for five minutes, please. you, mr. : thank speaker. i rise today with sadness in my to honor officer bill ardy iii of the huntsville police department. officer clardy, a decorated of the veteran department, who also served with distinction in the iraq war, was tragically shot and killed ecently during a drug investigation. officer clardy was assigned to a team gic counterdrug called the stack team. leading the task force of federal and local law nforcement agencies to make drug busts across north alabama. clardy family knows
11:45 am
well the sacrifices of service. clardy's father, billy clardy jr., was killed in a car duty in 1978. clardy not officer to forget him or his sacrifice. his reputation for service and for caring for his community is unmatched. . he is an american hero and will be greatly missed. our thoughts, our prayers and our support now are with the clardy family. we embrace you with our love and offer you our support in the days to come. we pledge to you we will not forget your sacrifice. with that, i yield back. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman yields back the balance of his time. pursuant to clause 12-a of rule 1, the chair declares the house
11:46 am
we'll bring you live coverage right here on c-span when they return at noon eastern. we'll go live , to the senate judiciary committee hearing with inspector horowitz discussing his allegations se related to the presidential election. get to the end of the investigation. >> there is a lot of misimpression about two people, strong and page. i want to ask this question. for the last two years, president trump has relentlessly attacked former fbi officials as a way to undermine the investigation. for example,


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