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tv   Ukrainian Deputy Prime Minister on Russia NATO the European Union  CSPAN  December 16, 2019 1:59am-3:03am EST

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judiciary committee approving two articles of impeachment against president trump, abuse of power and obstruction of congress, the house rules committee will meet to determine the guidelines of how the individual unfold. watch coverage on tuesday at 11:00 a.m. eastern on c-span3, watch online at his band artwork/impeachment, or listen live on the c-span -- watch online at, or listen live on the c-span radio app. >> next, a discussion on the country's ongoing conflict with russia, n.a.t.o., and the european union. this event was hosted by the german marshall fund of the united states. >> please grabbed a seat.
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we're going to start. good morning, and welcome to the german marshall fund of the united states. , am thus in your fellow at gmf frontlineect gmf's for democracy initiative here in washington. i want to welcome our guest, ukraine's deputy prime minister for european and euro atlantic integration. it is great to have you here. i know you have had a busy schedule the last couple of days, very successful meetings both in capitol hill but also with the trump administration. it's a busy time for you. of course it is fairly busy in washington all the way across town, with certain committee hearings taking place. i want to welcome you here.
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needless to say, this is an incredibly important time for you to be here. in some sense, the zelenskiy government, he took office last ring, has been in office now for rada inhs, and a new place since the beginning of september. it has been an incredibly busy time. you laws passed, a focus on anticorruption, and also just this week, it is hard to believe it was only four days ago, but the normandy meeting took place with president zelenskiy, president putin, i think the first meeting face-to-face since 2016. as well. i think people were very interested to get a better understanding of the outcome of that meeting. there was a sense of different obligations, responsibilities that came out of that meeting, including the rada passing an
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extension of special status of the donbass or parts of the donbass, which you will explain. what we are hoping today to speak to you on a couple of issues in conversation. we will start and that often it up to those who are participating. this is obviously an on the record conversation. we very much appreciate that you could be here and spend some time. but really to speak both about normandy, about what's taking place in terms of reforms in ukraine. you are the minister for euro atlantic integration. just yesterday, the e.u. came out with a very positive report on anticorruption reforms. if you haven't read it i have a a copy here, i will not share with with you because i don't have enough for everybody, but it is really important to show this progress that has been taking place at a time in washington when there is a bit of a swirl about ukraine. you might've heard about it.
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it's important to set the record straight about what is actually taking place in ukraine. the challenges you face across your border, internal, external. the track -- n.a.t.o. summit just happened just little over a week ago. within the n.a.t.o. summit statement, it mentions the the open-door policy remaining open and i know this is a priority of yours in the government. we will go deeper into some of these challenging issues that face ukraine, but also u.s.-ukraine relations, which are incredibly important and have an for the united states. as someone who has worked on it both in and outside of government who want to see ukraine be successful, ukrainian people building on the desires of the maidan, and when aesident zelenskiy won in landslide election, he made promises to try to resolve the conflict in the east, but also really to tackle corruption.
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i have heard you talk here in the last couple of days about trajectory of where ukraine is going. you served in several different governments over the past in your storied career as a diplomat. i didn't read a full bio for you, just based on timing, but you have worked with a number of governments, and one of the things that struck me in hearing from you yesterday is how different this government is both in terms of generation and focus. so i am hoping you will touch on that. generation and focus. so hopefully he will touch on that were excited to have you here. and we look forward to the conversation we will have. even on a rainy friday it's great to have you here today participating as well. i will turn it over to you for an opening statement we are appreciative you are here it's
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a juncture in time where we benefit from having your wisdom and your thoughts but also collectively those that are working on us trade relations on issues of the region getting a better understanding the way the government is going since 2020 how best the allies and partners work. i will turn it over to you. >> thank you. before i monopolize. happy birthday clap. [applause] good morning the first member of the ukrainian government here in washington i clean line - - came at an interesting time. but i'm absolutely confident
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we have to advance together because whatever happens the potential of our relationship with the united states is strategic. i was offered the job after meeting for breakfast and i said do you want me to you great ukrainian into nato with integration cracks and he said integrate. i said fine. accepted. it was a very short conversation. ever since i joined the government i have not heard or observed or sensed any hint
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that we are innovating ac colleagues in the government and parliament in the presidential office. we are moving the country west to membership of the eu and nato we do that in a discouraging environment because the eu doesn't even give us a promise of membership in the eu so to say the doors are open one day we will become members but they have not specified or marked anywhere on the calendar but we are still doing it but were doing it for our country not eu or nato but the strategy of integration is very simple. we integrate ukraine of the markets with that population
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so that one day so those in brussels the ukrainians said this so that's it we have been doing for three months we intensified political dialogue we engaged in very ambitious negotiations with nato and hosted coming to the ukraine under the leadership of the secretary-general. we want our country to change and what i referred to just last night the report was published and they say they appreciate the pace of reforms and the decisions.
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so now in that capacity i must confess that people are a little cautious they are passing a very high speed and are in that type of mode. when i lived in brussels mid-november i received very warm comments on the government so one of the successes we already have no less suspicion and more openness. so what kind of laws are we adopting the government is very simple to integrate
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markets in ukraine were they do not exist yet and to introduce rules to the market which already exist and suffer from the rest of the interests and not from what you can imagine with our commitment a lot of stamina and effort very difficult to find the bad guys i must tell you but since we are all young the youngest government in the world and also the youngest prime minister and the youngest prime minister in the world and the average youngest government by the way i'm not the youngest. so to make decision which exposes us to attacks for the
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country but there was some loss of the parliament simply because there were too many vested interest with the economy and integration and the reestablishment of the premier responsibility for the illicit enrichment so to set up the anticorruption court it is operational now to receive the long-awaited right of
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surveillance because the previous government imposed the national anticorruption bureau so we are absolutely serious not only about fighting corruption by bringing those that were guilty to justice. my favorite part is to clean the lies from opportunity of corruption there was a law in ukraine to regulate real estate operations specifically mentioned for companies to be used for real estate for certain real estate operations. both companies are owed by one
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person with the online platforms and then to formalize. and with that opportunity from the war and to have equal condition for the market. this is the parliament clean up legislation for opportunities. and to state now spending too much time but that
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anticorruption philosophy to remove those corrupt officials from the system to receive those services online and bumping into a guy in return for those services provided it's also about low level corruption. is a difficult to inform the country when soldiers are still dying. and was social benefits and moving forward not only on the
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reform threat but on the piece threat. and the philosophy of president zelensky was to solve problems not create them that was his major approach we are here to solve problems not to create new problems for the country. and honestly committed to ending the wars and numbers he promised it to the people of ukraine and he moves forward and with the sovereignty over those territories and to reach out for ukrainians and in that sense that which took place on
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monday was excessive itself. and then in 2016. in russia it is simple. cannot solve big problems. do not sit with him at the table to solve problems. and then to change behavior that the spirit of the conversation was different and what we can achieve together is to start slowly building trust and if we see that russia is willing to resolve we will be ready.
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we have a number of constructive efforts to show how eager we are to reach compromises. and with integrity and sovereignty and european democracy. so it isn't the result but a step and counter sept it will not be easy it is an exchange of prisoners and disengagement of three more spots we'll be working sure we make progress
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and in the united states and then if russia changes but we cannot do it on our own that's why we need the effort to convince russia to change behavior and under those current conditions. thank you. >> and i appreciate you going through a number of different areas on the anticorruption reform and the naacp and seen
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previously in terms of reforms and the implication there is a much more difficult effort after that so to encourage with the eu says yesterday in the report that the recognize the passage but as you implement these laws that are critical going forward. >>. >> and then this downward on - - the standardbearer. with the imf partners those
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positive steps taking on the government to fulfill the criteria and conditionality this will come up but i want to ask you have this question before but it's important what you are looking for to see the eu making pronouncements yesterday and recognizing it is making these reforms so how difficult that is it's hard to do it when you are not in conflict so that recognition was important and also highlighted very important things of democracy and rule
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of law but if you're in washington is obviously different actors talking to the trump administration one of the things ukraine is asking for to help move forward on these key steps and economic with economic engagement and trade and congress as well this past weekend to have legislation and interested to hear your thoughts on what would be most helpful to go forward both with the administration and what is the most helpful. and it is a softball question
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but with that understanding what you are asking for. and always at the country that helped us with the russian attack and you say to ukraine and hundreds of thousands of civilians in the united states. and during the conflict of the united states. my sincere voice. and in my official capacity.
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and his fair treatment we don't want to be shamed or blamed for what ukraine has accomplished and the way it is moving and on all three points we have no fundamental differences with the united states ukraine is a natural ally of the united states and the world and in a global struggle for power ukraine is in this part of the world to share the same principles and values and we never compromise the united states and imagine when the compromise on - - united states will compromise us back i had meetings in washington over the last two days.
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and my overall sense and understanding in dc that ukraine has to be treated fairly. and that agenda. we want to build relationship. with american rockets and then with those built in ukraine in the last 18 years in the ukrainian factories. now they are moving in those to work on their projects we
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can be mutually beneficial so one of the most important things in life was to be in the right place at the right time that's what happens with me and washington at the house passed and also for $300 million for support both are important and take that message but as an active support. is not about ukraine it's much bigger issue and energy
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security and the balance in central europe and in a broader sense of energy security. ukraine is only one part of the puzzle so i expect the sanctions to support the president &-ampersand and most importantly that now as we speak should realize it should seize the operations immediately. this is the task that those in washington have to do because they realize the risk they are doing their best for as soon
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as possible before sanctions come. but with nato and we want nato to be ambitious towards ukraine we do not only want to receive nato but to security to make operations to step up our efforts we are in a dialogue with nato. i'm sorry that's another part. we are discussing with them how we can contribute. houck we can help to be part of your efforts and there is my cliché what we want to hear
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we can help you with the reforms so you will have the same standards in your life that's it we are doing and the support of the united states is absolutely ends on - - essential as are the most important countries of the alliance. >> thank you. i would agree one of the challenges that has come up is the era to do it. with your 2020 priorities you mention economics as critical to ukraine and that's true but with the ukraine economy there are couple of areas that you are focused on in to look at
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the government's priorities in 2020. >> you can mention a few of them. the list is so long it was exhausting. you may not know that ukraine that you cannot buy and sell land freely. there is no market. privatization ukrainian state owns 3000 enterprises with those of strategic importance from national security. and then has taken the
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necessary steps to launch the process of privatization and to develop those as commercial enterprises. and not sucking money from the state budget. energy security. energy efficiency. for us, security and efficiency is a matter of national survival because a neighbor who wants to create problems for us and i can be pretty effective. one of the most energy consuming economies.
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we can save a lot of money if we systemically introduce those measures throughout 2020 and the financials. the national currency is appreciating and becoming stronger and stronger and it makes our exporters mad because they can buy more national bank is consistently decreasing add a national basic rate is still high at
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13.five but that's what it was a few days ago. so we have to introduce the reforms while keeping the national balance that's why we need imf coming from the european union and the investments to make sure we provide reforms necessary strategically we need to provide small and medium businesses with cheap money. how we provide them which they can take and invest in our economy. this is a priority for next yea year. >> but also if you can just identify yourself and who you are with and then we will start right here.
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>> and with parliament and the subcommittee in the parliament. and with your success story your minister actually they ukraine phenomenon you have had less hatred than neighboring countries and elections from all nationalities with your government so for them to go against your country and
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encourages people to vote for everyone. but then to brainwash on zombie tv for the citizens of the eastern ukraine with russian tv. year after year with the indoctrination for millions of citizens on the eastern front. if this is successful if you take over in ukraine would it be possible to integrate those citizens and to have them together it is still an
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essential number and you have the results of congress with the resolution with the american power and then you have the commission of poland from the european union with that important field of integration and looking to the chairmanships i want to say to all people that they are protesting against the official statement those that
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will criticize american congress resolution and the members of the european union of the commissioner and other members of the european union so it is about those congressional steps and how you see that. thank you. >> there is no other way but then talking to the people to explain and make sure they understand what is going on.
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those in the territories with a slightly different perception but in a democracy in such a liberal democracy you cannot impose anything or cut them off from that information stored that we are all living in. but we can explain to them that what we can do is to limit opportunities to distort reality. won't say that usually russia doesn't distort that we have
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to understand we experience it we had experienced it before you dead. so we know what they're talking about. and we will talk to them. and for president zelensky to send a message to them then to share the same benefits most of european integration. >> and that government is
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hosting that reform conference and to play the important role on a number of fronts with the eu and the united states. we do have very limited time so we will bundle three questions and i would ask please keep the question to a question not a statement. >> thank you for bringing up the nda that also includes a provision of cruise missiles to the categories that are appropriate for security
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system systems. did that come up in your conversations and washington in particular? and support from the executive branch? >> yes we already see an island of votes that we received in the navy. so we will continue working on that class and hopefully with some of the equipment that you mentioned. my schedule is structured in a way in the house and senate but i had another meeting this morning so i will have where the full administration stands on this.
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but so far the messages are constructive that they will sign it and working with the administration it is a reality. >>. >> from the solidarity center oligarch control of the economy is well known. the top priorities that you listed to make it possible and to sell all state owned enterprises my guess is many oligarchs are more than happy how do you make this plan other than a major gift from
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the existing? >> thank you it's not easy. but the plan is very simple. and then to create a strong middle-class and the instruments to make sure we hold privatization and by the end of the next year you can judge we have failed is not to make the oligarch stronger but to disperse equally.
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and then to be monopolized. and with that understanding in ukraine and those to pass that antitrust legislation and to create fair opportunities. oligarchs are not as strong as they used to be. and an excellent time to make a push. >> from catholic university as a two-part question about the current status of diplomacy
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and if this formula agreed-upon and if that case with ukrainian public opinion basically how unpopular would that be for certain parts of the ukrainian body. >> with those steps and statements that were made on the way to normandy. and forms of the presidential office overnight to wait until the press conference and then once they heard the president speaking at the press conference they said okay we are finally going home.
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on that formula first appeared in public space the reaction was hysterical. and then my mother-in-law was babysitting the kids and said that compromises ukraine so i had to open a bottle of cognac and have a conversation. but after the meeting she was fine. but then it was not received
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and then to seek compromises. and 2000 late 16 and with diplomacy and now they are less aggressive. >> now we would do three questions in a row mentioning
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energy security three times for the lng terminal at odessa the security situation has changed in the area and if there's plans to reconsider. >>. >> how do you see the path forward with hungarian
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concerns? >> before becoming a member of the people's government i spent three years to the council of europe and if i learned anything from those three years you have to have the commission from a to z. there cannot be a short executive summit one - - summary. so far we have been very committed and loyal we appreciate the authority of this institution now we are looking into what was provided and how to meet the recommendations but to recognize ukrainians deserves
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endorsement and support this is the fundamental principle we don't want those minorities to be less rational but we want them to be part of the ukrainian society to have hungarians living in ukraine to be 100 percent hungarian but also 100 percent ukrainian to be connected with mainland ukraine. >> i love hungary. we want to talk with them we want to settle but i see no fundamental issues we cannot resolve and we will be was one - - working on resolving those issues. >>. >> first of all thank you so
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much for your time and this interesting discussion but ukraine is so determined for membership into eu and nato is there a more regional approach and strategy? i think success of your young government it's important for the region including georgia so are they pushing for the membership? thank you and good luck. >> when it comes to georgia what can i say? our brothers and sisters have to go along together. georgia and ukraine are two countries but the overall approach those that have the
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association agreements should have to stand together and also we always make the point we already have three member states bulgaria and romania. to have that strategic balance and you cannot achieve that with ukraine and georgia. and that answers your question. >> we cannot get to everyone's question the thank you to the deputy prime minister for being here.
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for those that are participating and following ukraine so closely and what you may want to leave us with. >>. >> nice and easy. [laughter] thank you for joining me with the deputy prime minister. >> we have a number of press here please stay in the room and we will help facilitate that but thank you again but thank you again.
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[inaudible conversations]
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[inaudible conversations] and members of the press we will proceed. >> so too easily describe your
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presence here. >> i am the first member of the ukrainian government and we believe our direction with congress and your think tanks should be regular. goal number one is where we are with the united states. second i came to hold consultations in congress and the administration with a number of issues on the nato agenda and as a whole. >> and to have two meetings with the administration what exactly have you been needing and what are the american officials bringing up to you?
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has anybody brought up rudy giuliani or impeachment or joe biden at all or hunter biden and what you hearing from the americans? >> i met with the national security council yesterday. in short have a meeting with the state department in the morning and with undersecretary hale in an hour or so. so far none of my meetings mention the whole thing you are referring to. >> [inaudible] >> nobody mentioned it to me nor did i mention it. we are focused exclusively on the issues which i mentioned previously with bilateral
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agenda and discussing how to move forward our relationship with the united states. which i would like to remind you, has a strategic nature and a strategic partnership and a commission and culture for the minister of foreign affairs. nothing can undermine the strategic relationship we have with united states. recently the foreign minister of russia had a second oval office meeting with the president of the united states does that send a signal with a holdup in the military aid is that the signal while your president is sitting down with a delay of the meeting signals a lack of support? and are you still taking a meeting with president trump?
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>> we are working on organizing with president zelensky after the elections prickling is sufficient for me to mention and daa passed two days ago that clearly indicate the level of support just a simple fact the amount is 15 million higher than previously. so don't get me wrong. my point is simple there could be turmoil that the strategic nature of our relationship with the united states is untethered moving forward. >> with the european countries
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do they give support to ukraine to expect the us that they are not supporting you enough. do you agree with that? >> it is true to say the united states has been the most consistent and serious supporter of ukraine. we have received substantial assistance but enough is never enough we would love to have more support coming to us and with the conflict in ukraine and because of the occupation
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so that is about ensuring stability with that part of the world as a whole to help us to remain a stronghold of the democracy in the region for it is mutually beneficial we also want long-term investments in the way to ensure strategic political dialogue. thank you. [inaudible conversations] >> the invitation is there and we just need to put that in channels. [inaudible conversations]
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>> sees fence washington journal live every day with news and policy issues that impact you. us washington post will join to preview the full house floor vote on impeachment and the upcoming government funding deadline. dershowitz will talk about his opposition to efforts to impeach president trump. watching c-span's washington journal live at 7:00 eastern sunday morning. join the discussion. >> mr. chairman, there are 23 aye's and 70 no's. >> with the house judiciary committee approving two articles of impeachment to president trump, as was committee will meet to determine the guidelines on how the debate will unfold in
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the house floor. watch live coverage of house rules tuesday at 11:00 a.m. eastern on c-span3. watch online at /impeachment, or listen live with the c-span radio at. >> the fourth circle -- circuit court of appeals listened to arguments, which bars presidents from receiving gifts from foreign governments while in office. the president illegally profited from dignitaries staying at the trump hotel. a three-judge panel previously found the district in maryland did not have standing to bring these lawsuits. the court's decision will determine whether the lawsuit can move forward. oh yayay,


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