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tv   U.S. Senate Begins Impeachment Trial Process  CSPAN  January 19, 2020 12:02pm-12:12pm EST

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>> the senate will receive a message from the house of representatives. >> a message from the house of representatives. >> mr. president, i have been directed by the house of representatives to inform the senate, the house has passed h-res 798, a resolution
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appointing and authorizing managers for the impeachment trial of donald john trump, president of the united states. >> the message will be received. >> the majority leader. >> i ask unanimous consent that, pursuant to rule one of rules and procedures and practice, when sitting on impeachment trials, the secretary of the senate inform the house of representatives the senate is ready to receive the managers fully purpose of
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exhibiting -- for the purpose of exhibiting articles of impeachment against the president of the united states. agreeably to the notice communicated by the senate further that, at the hour of 12:00 noon thursday, january 16, 2020, the senate will receive managers on the part of the house of representatives in order that they may present and exhibit the articles of impeachment against donald john trump, president of the united states. >> is there any objection? if not, so ordered. >> i ask unanimous consent that, pursuant to rules three and four when sitting on impeachment trials, that at the hour of 2:00 p.m. january 16, 2020, the senate consider the articles of impeachment and that the presiding officer through the secretary of the senate notify the chief justice of the united states of the time and place fixed for consideration of the articles and request his attendance pursuant to article one, section three, clause six
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of the u.s. constitution. >> is there any objection? so ordered. >> i ask unanimous consent that the presiding officer be authorized to appoint a committee of senators to, upon the recommendation of the majority leader and democratic leader, to escort the chief justice into the senate chamber. i asked consent of the secretary of senate notify the house of representatives of the time and place fixed for the senate to proceed upon the impeachment of donald john trump in the senate chamber. >> is there any objection? if not, so ordered. >> i ask unanimous consent that access to the senate wing, floor, and senate chambers following the exhibition of the articles of impeachment against donald john trump, at all times,
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that the senate is sitting in trial with the chief justice of the united states presiding, be in accordance with the allocations and provisions announced the desk, and i ask it be printed in the record. >> is there an objection? if not, so ordered. >> i ask unanimous consent of the senate to proceed with h-res 471 from earlier today. >> the clerk will report. >> senate resolution 471 authorizing the taking of a photograph in the chamber of the united states senate. >> is there objection to the consideration? without objection, the senate will proceed. >> i ask unanimous consent the motion be agreed to and reconsider be laid upon the table with no intervening action or debate.
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>> without objection, so ordered. >> a few minutes ago, the senate was notified the house of representatives is finally ready to proceed with their articles of impeachment. so by unanimous consent, we have just laid some of the groundwork that will structure the next several days. we have officially invited the house managers to come to the senate tomorrow at noon to exhibit their articles of impeachment. then later tomorrow afternoon at 2:00 p.m., the chief justice of the united states will arrive here in the senate. he will be sworn in by the president pro tem, senator grassley. then the chief justice will swear in all of us senators. we will pledge to rise above the factionalism and to do justice for our institutions, for our states, and for the nation. then we will formally notify the white house of our pending trial and summon the president to answer the articles and send his counsel. the trial will commence in earnest on tuesday.
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but first, some important good news for the country. we anticipate the senate will finish the usmca tomorrow and send this landmark trade deal to president trump for his signature. a major victory for the administration, but more importantly, for american families. so let me close with this. this is a difficult time for our country, but this is precisely the kind of time for which the framers created the senate. i am confident this body can rise above short-term-ism and factional fever and serve the long-term best interests of our nation. we can do this. and we must. >> this body, this chamber exists precisely so that we can look past the daily dramas and
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understand how our actions will reverberate for generations. so we can put aside animal reflexes and animosities and coolly consider how to serve our country in the long run. break factional fevers before they jeopardize the core institutions of our government. as hamilton put it, only the senate, with confidence enough in its own situation, can preserve and influence the impartiality between an individual accused and the representatives of the people, his accusers. --am president, the house is the houses hour is over. the senate's time is at hand. it is time for this proud body
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to honor our founding purpose. >> here is what alexander hamilton warned of. he said the greatest danger is that a decision in an impeachment trial will be regulated more by the comparative strength of the parties than by the real demonstration of innocent or guilt. hamilton, before the day political parties are as strong as they are today, wanted us to come together. leader wants to do things on his own without any democratic input. fortunately, we have the right to demand votes and work hard as .e can for a fair trial a full trial. a trial with witnesses. a trial with documents. the founders anticipated that impeachment trials would always be buffeted by the wind of politics.
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they gave the power to the senate anyway because they believe the chamber was the only place where impartial justice of the president could truly be sought. days, theseg eventful and important coming days, you just will -- each of us will face a choice about whether to begin this trial in search of the truth or in the service of the president's desire to cover up and rush things through. time, ahe third president is on trial in the u.s. senate. when the trial resumes at 1:00 eastern. >> thursday afternoon, house impeachment managers return to formally bring up the articles on impeachment. they were officially read by and chief justice and matters of the senate were sworn in.


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