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tv   Rep. Hakeem Jeffries D-SC  CSPAN  January 19, 2020 12:59pm-1:02pm EST

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it goes without saying, on both sides, giving a heads up and fair notice of three managers as well as the presence defense team -- the president's defense team is necessary if they will have to argue the position of the motions we make. >> more of your colleagues are saying, not >> if we call one witness, we will call witnesses. there will not be a process where democrats get their witnesses and the president gets shut out. i am going to be consistent. i am going to vote against calling witnesses requested by senator schumer. they are covered by executive privilege. they are part of the national security team of the president. they could have been called in the house. they don't need them to make their case. hunter and joe biden and the whistleblower, we can look at those allegations outside of impeachment. i want this trial over with as quick as possible. i want the people of the united states to pick the next resident
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-- president. i want to work on prescription drugs and national security. >> you heard lindsey graham say he does not want witnesses but if we are going to have witnesses, and republicans are saying this, there should be reciprocity. if democrats call witnesses, republicans get to call witnesses. if you want -- and i assume he is your top witness, john bolton -- if you want to call john bolton and the republican site, we are going to call hunter biden, are you willing to pay the price? >> this is a decision the 100 senators will make perhaps with some involvement from chief justice roberts. >> would that be apparent? >> what i will say is the standard that should apply is relevant as it relates to the central allegation in this case of the president pressuring the
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ukrainian government for zone political gain -- for his own political gain. the trump administration allocated $150 million in military aid to ukraine in 2017 and there were no concerns with corruption in ukraine. in 2018, the same administration allocated $200 million in military aid to ukraine. there were never any congressional hearings about alleged corruption in ukraine. >> that is what i want to get to. alan dershowitz is coming up and that is what he is saying. abuse of power even if proved is not an impeachable offense. >> that is the argument you have to make if the facts are so against you. if the president admitted to the wrongdoing, his chief of staff has committed to the wrongdoing, the union ambassador has


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