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tv   Campaign 2020 Bruce Mann and Bailey the Dog Campaign in Fort Dodge Iowa  CSPAN  January 30, 2020 5:10pm-5:25pm EST

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rally with supporters at drake university in des moines, iowa, just a few days ahead of the hawk eye state's 2020 caucuses. watch this evening on c span, online at c or listen live on the free c-span radio app. >> the husband of democratic presidential candidate elizabeth warren bruce mann and their dog bailey campaigned at her offices in iowa. 6 >> bailey has been running around in the snow,
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demonstrating how much fun it s to be a dog. he's had a full day but he's in his element. bailey and his predecessors, they assume everyone wants to pet them, and they are right. hi, how are you? good to see you, thank you for coming. > it is good to be here. we are excited to get the caucus out. we are doing everything that needs to be done. bruce: we are counting on it. o you want to start?
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>> once again, this is the wonderful husband, harvard professor, of our candidate lizabeth warren. and our favorite, bailey warren, we are grateful you are here. [applause] bruce: thank you all for being ere. bailey, he just came from where e met gideon kid who has the twitter account, i've pet that dog. have you heard about that? gideon is 11, he has 350,000 followers.
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it was like a meeting of social media heavyweights. it was like a meeting of social media heavyweights. gideon just posted a fabulous photo that his mother rachel took of gideon and bailey, and it is lighting up the internet. i wanted to thank you all for turning out, and everything you have done to this point, everything you will be doing over the next five days. bailey is happy to be here. ailey is happy to be everywhere because people are willing to pet him. but he likes cold-weather and now. he is really happy. folks in iowa have been asking for months, where is bailey? folks in new hampshire got to see him, and we had to say he does not fly commercial. [laughter] at the end of last week, our everywhere because people are
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son and his wife -- alex is here somewhere -- decided to take a road trip and bring ailey out. leave the fourth estate alone, ailey. bailey is very persuasive. he arrived in iowa friday evening and spent 24 hours for the endorsement of -- within 24 hours, the demin - alex is register had come out for ebusiness eth. causation, correlation, you be the judge. i think bailey is a natural closer. that is also what elizabeth is counting on you to do. no one has to tell you how important the next few days are or how important the caucuses are on monday.
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2020 is the most consequential election in my lifetime. hours,e t will be the last chance we have to try to get the country back, and start rebuilding the government that works for everyone and not just for the folks who can afford to influence it. the campaign has been rassroots. she knew from her experience that the way you get things done is to do an inside-outside game, from her position as chair of the congressional oversight panel and pushing for the consumer financial bureau, getting groups outside involved, and building the grassroots movement for change. that is what she knew she had to do this time, and that is what she has been doing.
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this is built on face-to-face, ver 100,000 selfies at her town halls, it's built on people like you in this room and in rooms across the state, and in other states. people who knock on doors, who talk to neighbors, talk to strangers, and talk about the importance of the issues and why you think she is the best person not only to be the nominee, but to be president. have you seen her town hall vents? out of curiosity, if you had to describe your impression in one word, what words come to mind? >> energetic. bruce: energetic,
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absolutely. dynamic. compassionate. genuine. >> a fighter. bruce: absolutely. and those are all parts of t. i have had good fortune to be married to her for 40 years. i consider myself the luckiest man alive. and so all the qualities you mentioned are qualities i saw mentioned are qualities i saw 40 years ago just in different forms. the life of elizabeth has always been an adventure, and of the adventures keep getting bigger and bolder. but it is good you see all of hat and other supporters see t as well because although she as the extraordinary plan, all
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the pieces fit together because better than anyone else she understands the issues working families face. and how we can fix them and ddress them. but plans are not enough because the plans are put into effect by people, and people have a good sense of who the candidate is who has come up with all these plans, and all the qualities you mention are qualities of a warm, compassionate, dynamic, energetic, powerfully smart, the woman who really is our est chance at winning.
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and one thing that may not necessarily come through in all the appearances, you see her up there talking enthusiastically about the issues, she is listening to people, she is engaging them with her uestions, she is smiling and ugging people in selfie lines. it is easy to forget she is the toughest person i have ever met. the elizabeth who helps people is the same elizabeth who terrifies bankers. errifies them. a number of them are admitting in conversations that are coming out how scared they are what her presidency might mean and might cost them some money.
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they are terrified of her because they know that she knows what they do better than anyone else. she has studied this for a very long time. a prime example of that, a lot f you will remember, is when the ceo of wells fargo came before the banking committee, and elizabeth just destroyed him, absolutely destroyed him. in two weeks he resigned, and last week the controller of the currency was banned from the -- banned him from the banking industry for life. and none of that would have happened if elizabeth had not torn into him in her very calm, very prix pre-sice, but deadly ashion on the committee.
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that's what we need. and all of those qualities, the compassion, her intelligence, her energy, her toughness, the fearlessness are what we need and why she will win with your help and help your neighbors cross the state. thank you for everything you ave done thus far. for the next five days folks in the office here will ask you to put the rest of your lives aside. and just engage in nonstop canvassing. i know you know it is for a good cause. we want to thank you in advance for all the help you will be over the next few days. and with your help, we will ight hard.
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and win. thank you very much for being here. bailey will have a photo with you. [inaudible]
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