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tv   Campaign 2020 Jill Biden in Cedar Rapids Iowa  CSPAN  January 31, 2020 10:24am-11:18am EST

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brought to you as a public service by your cable television provider. jill biden, wife of joe biden stopped by the campaign's cedar rapids, iowa office yesterday to rally supporters ahead of monday's caucuses. this is 50 minutes. >> hello. [applause] yay for teachers.
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akshay: everyone, thank you, all, for coming today. thank you for coming to see dr. biden. it's so exciting.
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akshay: it's -- but it's fulfilling work and it's something that needed to be done because we need someone like joe biden to be president. [applause] akshay: we need someone who understands the dignity of work in this country, that understands the values we hold dear. we need someone who understands the commitment to education that we need in this country, and that's why dr. biden -- i am so excited to meet her today because dr. biden - [laughter] akshay: is the utmost supporter of great education in this country and it's something we hold so dear. i know my parents really valued how hard education is but how important it is and how it can really lift you up. so with that i want to introduce dr. biden and thank you for coming. [applause] mrs. biden: thank you so much. thank you. so thank you, akshay, that was beautiful. see the commitment of people in this country who want to make a change? it's people like akshay who
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unbelievably quit their jobs, left their families, left their home states and traveled here to iowa to make a change. so i want to thank all the people who are here on team biden for all that you are doing and continuing to do, and you will forever have a place in my heart and in joe's heart for all that you are so committed to doing. so thank you, all, so very much. so i want you to think for one minute back to the night of november 8, 2016. [crowd murmuring] mrs. biden: remember how you felt when florida went red? remember watching the results on the tv and seeing pennsylvania and then wisconsin? do you remember when those results came in and you sort of held your breath? how about the sick feeling that you had the morning after when you realized, when you woke up and you realized that we had lost the election?
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and, you know, look at who we had lost the election to. i know a lot of us felt hopeless. we wondered if that arc of the moral universe was like veering off course. we couldn't believe that this had happened. and since then, with every tweet, with every swipe, you know, the president has tried to fundamentally change everything we accomplished in the obama-biden administration. he wants us to believe that we are angry and divided and hateful, doesn't he? but that is not who we are. for the cruelty and the corruption and the cowardess, we've seen over these past few years it has become clear that america is so much bigger than one person or one party. we've seen people across the country, like akshay, answering the call to stand up for their
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neighbors, to show up for their communities, like each and every one of you here who has come today to volunteer. we have shown that our nation still beats with courage and kindness. so though it might be hard to look back -- and it is -- you know, i know that a better future is waiting for us. so i want you to think of that future. i want you to think of 2021, one year from now. so it's a beautiful morning like today but we'll have a little bit more sun. [laughter] mrs. biden: and you're sipping your morning coffee and you pick up the morning paper and you open it up and the headline isn't about some late-night tweet storm. instead, it's about how our children are going to benefit from universal pre-k. it's about how teachers across
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this country are going to get the pay raise they deserve. [applause] mrs. biden: how many teachers are here? how many teachers are here? thank you, teachers. thank you for coming. i feel so supported. and you read about how we're investing in wind energy and green technology that's going to create jobs right here in iowa. when you turn on the television -- i usually do that, don't you, in the morning, to get the weather? although, i have to admit, here last week when i looked at that tv it said minus 4. i was taking pictures of the tv and sending them to my grandkids. i can't even believe this. so anyway, you turn on the tv and the anchors aren't talking about how we're on the brink of some ill-advised war, like -- remember, 10 days ago when we heard about iraq and iran, were you saying, oh, my god, i hope we don't wake up tomorrow and
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find out we're in a war. instead, they're talking about how we're going to build on the affordable care act with a public option and bringing down the cost of prescription drug prices. [applause] mrs. biden: and the reporting that finally someone is standing up to the n.r.a. and keeping our kids and our neighbors safe. [applause] mrs. biden: and when those anchors cut to the president of the united states, you don't turn the channel. [laughter] [applause] mrs. biden: you call in your kids and your grandkids from the other room because you want them to hear what the president of the united states has to say. a commander in chief that you can feel proud of, a leader who brings people together instead of tearing families apart like we saw at the border of this country. a president that you can be
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proud of who believes that our best days are ahead of us. and that's joe biden and that's my husband who's going to be the next president! [cheers and applause] mrs. biden: that's the future i want, and i know it's the future you want, too, or you wouldn't all be here ready to make phone calls and go on out canvassing and knocking on doors. i know some of you are still making up your minds, is that right? >> no. [laughter] mrs. biden: this lady said yes. i am just going to talk to her. [laughter] mrs. biden: so, if you're still making up your mind, i want to give you three really, really strong arguments of why you should support my husband, joe biden, for president. number one, independent voters. joe is the only one who can appeal to independents. he's not too far left, he's not too far right.
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he's right in the middle, a moderate. a lot of republicans have whispered to me very privately -- jill, i made a mistake before. i'm a republican. but donald trump is not who he said he was. i'm a republican, but i can support joe. that's reason number one. you ready for two? ok. number two, swing states. so joe is the only one who can beat donald trump in the swing states of pennsylvania, ohio, wisconsin, michigan, and florida, and right here in iowa. [applause] mrs. biden: he beats donald trump the most. doesn't that matter to you? yes. ok. all right. we almost got her. we're almost getting her. [laughter] mrs. biden: ok. and number three -- achievability. joe's policies are achievable.
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he knows how he's going to pay for them. he's not going to say, oh, free this, free that. maybe it's a trillion dollars. we'll worry about it later. no. joe has plans. he's not going to increase the national debt. he knows how he's going to pay for everything or he won't do it. so his plans are achievable. that's the kind of president we need. so i don't want you to leave with any questions in your mind. so if you want to come talk to me, you can come up to me privately. a lot of iowans do that. i understand. i'm a teacher. if you don't want to speak out in a group, i certainly honor that. i know a lot of my students feel the same way. or it may be a private conversation you want to have. so i'm happy to answer questions. but -- so before we leave, we have to hear her answer, right? [laughter]
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>> i loved what he said monday. mrs. biden: ok. >> about psychologists. i was in kindergarten, the ones you knew you were in trouble -- mrs. biden: you are a teacher, a kindergarten teacher? >> used to be. they are the ones that need the help when they're little. mrs. biden: oh, absolutely. >> they don't get it because there's older kids that are more dangerous. mrs. biden: so do you know what joe biden's education plan says? he says, number one, we'll triple the funding for title 1 schools, for the schools that need it, that the money will go to the teachers and resources. what does that mean? it's going to double the number of psychologists and counsellors who are in the schools. i am a teacher. i have been fighting for mental health in our schools. our kids are coming, they're bringing poverty, food insecurity, domestic violence. they need help. not only that, the teachers are
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saying to me, jill, it's too much. we're trying to teach english or social studies. our kids are coming to us because there's nobody at home. they're working two and three jobs. they come to us because they trust us. isn't that right? don't you feel that? >> oh, yes. mrs. biden: so one of the things joe is going to work on is mental health in rural communities. can i tell you right here in iowa, three days ago, i had a woman come up to me privately and she said, jill, your husband has to work on climate change. i said, of course. it's one of the first things he'll do is sign the agreement, the paris agreement. she said, yeah, but our farm was flooded. and she said, twice. she said the first time we recouped. we got back up on our feet. the second time, we lost everything. and she said, jill, my husband had a nervous breakdown.
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and i had to put him in a health care facility. and she said, i'm alone on our farm. and she said, i don't know what to do. the suicide rate of farmers, of farmers is skyrocketing. i wish the rest of america knew that about rural america. so joe is going to put mental health clinics in rural america. we need to build our hospitals, the infrastructure, better schools, rural america, urban america. joe biden is for all americans, and i think you got to feel that in your heart, because he will make the best president. he understands the problems of all americans. his father lost his job and had to leave the family and go to work in wilmington from scranton. his father couldn't pay for the school he wanted to go to for college. he suffered loss and tragedy.
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he empathizes with americans. we need a president who can heal this nation. heal this nation. and i think that's what everybody is looking for. so i promise you, i promise you, if you decide on joe biden as your candidate, when you see him on inauguration day, he is going to be the president that you can feel proud of. [applause] mrs. biden: this is my aunt sally. [laughter] anyway, thank you for coming. i know we all want a bigger, better america. and thank you for your faith in that we can build a better nation if we do this together. so thank you, everybody, for being here.
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[applause] akshay: thank you, all are, for coming -- you all, for coming. if you aren't already signed up for volunteering, phone calls, please help make joe biden the next president. calls, we need you to go to doors. go to the back, talk to our organizers. they will be walking around. make sure you're ready to talk to some voters. thank you. mrs. biden: thank you. thanks. [applause] mrs. biden: this woman should come first. [laughter] >> we're all together. mrs. biden: are you family? are you all family? you're neighbors. she's afraid of me now. >> all of us together.
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>> i said i liked what he said. mrs. biden: do you want yours? [laughter] mrs. biden: what's your name? >> thank you. >> i brought a troublemaker with me. i'm sorry. what's your name?
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ready? >> thank you so much. thank you. we will take those prayers. thank you. hi. what do you teach? >> second grade. i also built the library in marion. mrs. biden: oh, wow. thank you for being here. i love when teachers come to my events. >> this is my friend. mrs. biden: i know her. yes. ready? one, two, three. >> thank you.
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>> thank you for taking care of him. encouraging him to run. >> i met you last labor day. mrs. biden: yes. nice to see you again. thank you for being here. would you like a picture? >> i left my camera at home. it toiden: we can mail you if you want. ready? great. really appreciate it. >> julie from texas. mrs. biden: you came all the way from texas. mrs. biden: thank you. that's amazing. thank you. hello. how are you?
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would you like a picture? >> i have a question or concern. [inaudible] 45 miles to the nearest hospital. that is the first time i've heard anything like that. >> so if you are in southern minnesota, that's a big issue. they would never close the one. oh, you don't know which hospital. mrs. biden: yeah. [inaudible] thank you. >> i am one of the bad guys.
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mrs. biden: you are one of the bad guys, what does that mean? >> [inaudible] your husband changed my mind. mrs. biden: thank you. >> [inaudible] mrs. biden: yes, joe will work on it. i promise you. it's wrong. the big corporations have to pay their fair share. that is all we ask. not more, not less. thank you. >> very nice to meet you.
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mrs. biden: thank you. >> we will take this one right here. >> thank you very much. mrs. biden: all right, ready? do you want that in the picture? here we go. >> one, two, three. mrs. biden: thank you. how are you? >> how are you? mrs. biden: what's your name? >> maddie. this is my first election i get to vote in. mrs. biden: good for you. are you excited? >> yes, i am. mrs. biden: thank you for voting for joe biden. thank you. thank you. hey, how are you?
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>> nice to see you. mrs. biden: what's your name? >> george. mrs. biden: george. thank you for coming. >> thanks. mrs. biden: thank you. hello. >> hillary. mrs. biden: oh, ok. [inaudible] mrs. biden: thank you. thank you. >> you're welcome. [inaudible] mrs. biden: a republican caucusing for joe.
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that means a lot. young. thank you. thank you, thank you. [laughter] [cheers and applause] mrs. biden: thank you. >> you're welcome. mrs. biden: you made my day. [laughter] >> hi, jill. this is my husband, bill. mrs. biden: hi, bill. how are you? oh, great. [inaudible] well, thank you. well, now you get to be with joe and joe's going to win. [inaudible] >> somewhere in the southeast part of town. mrs. biden: hello. how are you? oh, my gosh.
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[inaudible] mrs. biden: that is so beautiful. thank you. oh, here. there you go. >> thank you so much. mrs. biden: thank you. that means so much. thank you. >> hello.'s mrs. biden: oh, my gosh! [laughter] >> thank you. [inaudible] >> thank you. mrs. biden: thank you. thank you for coming. hello. hi. nice to meet you. [inaudible] >> we came from new york. mrs. biden: wow. new york. people. texas, new york. arizona. >> thank you.
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mrs. biden: oh, sure. you will have to sign it, too. >> of course. of course. >> thank you. mrs. biden: thank you for coming. thank you. [inaudible] >> thank you. >> so i met your husband and i was collecting signatures for him. i asked him to sign a blank form. he seemed a little confused. nomination for him. mrs. biden: it's a pleasure to meet you. >> i am from arlington, virginia. mrs. biden: and i taught in alexandria. nova. >> and my neighbor, carla higgins, worked with you. remember carla? at the british embassy now. mrs. biden: yes.
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>> i had a woman there who was also commissioner and she was telling people how you had taught her daughter and her daughter had special needs and you were very -- very fair with her. she had challenges. she learned so much from you. i wanted to share that with you. mrs. biden: thank you. that means so much to me. thank you. >> it's really a pleasure to meet you. mrs. biden: thank you. thank you. >> if i could get your autograph, too, that would be great. i know i am a little chatty and you got a long line and people to see. anyway, i really want to thank you for your dedication to education. we are out there working hard. mrs. biden: i know you are. thank you. >> thank you. mrs. biden: hi. yeah, sure. >> this was back in september. i was able to talk to joe right after this. i said, hey, i just got a
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picture taken with the real brains of the campaign. and he said, you sure did. mrs. biden: [laughter] ok. thanks for coming today. >> right before i need to go into work. mrs. biden: have a good day. >> you, too. mrs. biden: have a good day. hi. i'm jill. nice to see you. >> i also met joe. i am originally from charleston. -- charlottesville, virginia. joe's campaign really -- [inaudible] main reason why -- [inaudible] my grandparents, family members have said quietly, they will never say i regret voting for trump, but will say, i would perhaps not vote for trump if -- so i know that virginia, kansas,
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ohio, georgia, there are people out there that are all about joe. mrs. biden: they are. she said thanks. >> thank you so much. mrs. biden: hi, how are you? >> good, how are you? mrs. biden: i am well, thank you. >> rich rogers. we met during a sad time. the death of beau. mrs. biden: thank you. >> you told me -- you will never remember -- mrs. biden: i was born in hammonton. >> very close. >> i attended my undergraduate -- [inaudible] lo and behold -- and i will tell you very quickly -- that was at the end of may, 2015. three months later, my mother passed away. and i didn't -- we expected it but we didn't, if you know what i mean?
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mrs. biden: you never expect it. >> and i know how close your husband was. but valerie called me. and i never forgot that. mrs. biden: i'll tell her. >> i knocked on hundreds of doors for your husband. mrs. biden: thank you. four more days. keep knocking. >> i am going right now. thank you, dr. biden. under mucho meet you more pleasant circumstances. mrs. biden: yes. >> thank you. [laughter] >> thank you so much. [inaudible] >> thank you. mrs. biden: thank you for being here. iowa needs you, our country needs you. we are all hoping. mrs. biden: couple days. keep the faith. hi. how are you? nice to see you.
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>> it's nice to meet you. i didn't know i would be meeting both halves. [inaudible] you are such a strong woman. that is wonderful. i am 100% behind you. mrs. biden: keep working hard. we are down to the finish line. >> i will be a precinct captain, which i've never done. mrs. biden: why not, right? we can train you. >> i have already been to a training. i'm ready. mrs. biden: good. thank you. thank you so much. >> hi. i'm laura. nice to meet you. a funny story to tell you. you met my mom two weeks ago during lunch. oysters.
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she mentioned, my daughter is going to iowa. she is like, you advised her to make sure she was warm too. and i have boots. she said please tell her i got , you warm boots. mrs. biden: let's take a picture. do you have a phone? >> yes. thank you. mrs. biden: and then send it to her. >> thank you. so nice to meet you. mrs. biden: thank you for coming. >> hi. mrs. biden: hello. how are you? >> good. my name is lauren. mrs. biden: hi, lauren. good for you. [inaudible] >> i want to thank you for pushing that and putting that out there. mrs. biden: well, thank you for going into education. because we need good teachers. >> i cannot wait. mrs. biden: and what grade will you teach? >> i'm hoping to teach kindergarten. that is where my heart is. mrs. biden: i am at the other end of the spectrum.
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thank you for doing that. so nice to meet you. [inaudible] you'll never regret that. >> hi. >> we are team delaware. we just came in today. mrs. biden: did you fly in? >> yeah. mrs. biden: that really early morning flight? wow. >> 8:00 a.m. we went from philly to charlotte. there is a group of us. >> i am from delaware. i work with the postal services union.
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joe kept our plant open. now they say that once tom goes , it's closing. mrs. biden: really? [inaudible] i remember. >> delaware group. >> thank you. i'm also from delaware. mrs. biden: thank you for being here. >> of course.
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>> ok, ready? >> thank you. [inaudible] mrs. biden: >> send in those pictures. >> we will send them in. >> one, two, three. mrs. biden: you look very happy. >> thank you. >> very supportive, very happy to be here. mrs. biden: how are you? thank you for your service.
10:59 am
>> you're welcome. i have a picture from 2008. [inaudible] ok. i'll frame it. matte it and frame it and send it to you. mrs. biden: oh good. thank you. >> how are you -- you. how are you? >> thank you for the opportunity. mrs. biden: thank you. >> oh my gosh. i love him.
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[inaudible] mrs. biden: thank you. >> thank you so much. mrs. biden: thank you. do you love philly? >> i love philly. mrs. biden: are you an eagles fan now? >> i'm not an eagles fan, buffalo bill fan. mrs. biden: ok. >> i will try to stay that way. mrs. biden: but you are a joe biden fan, which is what counts. [laughter] hi. >> i'm roger. mrs. biden: hi, roger. >> [indiscernible] you're an inspiration to my daughters. i raised two daughters. mrs. biden: we have five girls in my family.
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[indiscernible] mrs. biden: we are. we are. >> got it. mrs. biden: thank you. yeah. i can't believe you came all the way from texas. that's amazing. >> we don't caucus in texas. mrs. biden: that's right. it's an experience, believe me. hi. i'm jill. >> i'm jacob. mrs. biden: hi jacob, hi shaun. where are you from? >> we go to co-college here in cedar rapids. mrs. biden: what are you majoring in? >> criminal justice -- social justice. i want to become a corporate lawyer and go after pharmaceutical companies that price gouge their products. mrs. biden: good for you. what's your major? >> [indiscernible] mrs. biden: good luck to both of you.
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good luck. hi. >> we met in new york at the book launch. mrs. biden: i just wanted to say hello. [inaudible] oh, great. but i wanted to show you something, on a personal note. my cousin is married to kevin mcallister's daughter. [inaudible] mrs. biden: oh, ok. this is their baby. -- >> this is their baby. mrs. biden: she will be one next month. what's her name? >> rose. i don't know if you have seen that? mrs. biden: i haven't. do you want a picture? >> thank you.
11:03 am
[laughter] mrs. biden: hi. i'm from virginia and i leave three to four miles from norfork, and i admire the fact that you were teaching all these years. mrs. biden: 35. >> my wife was a high school counselor at wt woodman -- woodsman for 25 years. so what you said about counseling, i'm going to pass that on. it's wonderful, it really is. mrs. biden: thank you. we need it, so badly. >> my daughter-in-law has a project around mental health. she does shows around the country and especially young women, coming in and talking about depression. mrs. biden: i worked at a
11:04 am
psychiatric hospital, and in adolescent community, i taught there. most of the kids were there because they had tried to commit suicide, but a lot of them were cutters, a lot of them had drug problems. i've seen it. >> you've seen it? mrs. biden: yeah. she has a thing called thisismy she brings people into talk about it. mrs. biden: i'll look it up online. >> it's to reduce the stigma. mrs. biden: tell her i said thank you, please. >> thank you. mrs. biden: would you like a picture to send to her? >> yeah, thank you. mrs. biden: really nice of you. -- mrs. biden: yeah, thank you -- >> yeah, thank you. it really nice of you. ivan meyer joe for a long time. -- i've admired joe for a long time. mrs. biden: hi.
11:05 am
>> it's so nice to meet you. there are so many issues about home life and everything. she has to spend [inaudible] mrs. biden: i know, i'm a teacher. i know exactly -- >> they could use more help inside the school system. schools out east or other places where illy way you get into a good school is by the lottery. mrs. biden: you tell her about joe's education plan so she knows that he will be the best education president. >> i know. mrs. biden: he's going to fight for education. >> i know he will. [inaudible] mrs. biden: were not that
11:06 am
presumptuous, but what do you want? a good democratic candidate, right? i would like to see him as president in the future. klobuchar. she's lodone a lot of wonderful things. i like tom steyer. mr. krikalev: you like a mall. -- mrs. biden: you like them all. [laughter] >> he's a very smart person. mrs. biden: they're all great people. while thank you. -- well, thank you. thanks. thank you for fighting for education. >> god bless you. mrs. biden: thank you. hi. how are you? i'm jill. nice to meet you.
11:07 am
thank you for coming. >> thank you. >> thank you for all you do. mrs. biden: we just flew in this moment from lap. that's >> we just flew in from l.a. mr. krikalev: you just flew in from l.a. -- mrs. biden: you just flew in from l.a.? thank you for coming all this way. >> [inaudible] we got to get trump out of office. he's taking our social security. mrs. biden: we are fighting. don't give up. joe biden is your guy. can we get a picture? i can send it to joe.
11:08 am
thank you for coming all this way. >> thank you so much. >> thank you. mrs. biden: thank you. hi, it's jill biden. i've seen people today coming to help our campaign from texas, arizona, l.a., new york, delaware. thanks for coming out, everybody. were going to win this. [applause] >> do you have time for one more? mrs. biden: of course. [laughter] >> you said texas, i'm from texas, too. i talked to joe when he was here, and, i'm from devonport
11:09 am
it waslly, historically the tractor capital of the world , and that was 25 years ago. since then, the economy has softened all and -- up and down the river. economic development program could be put together as a pilot program for communities along the river, the mississippi river and the ohio river. all those states. the reason i talked about this, 2016, i worked together as a team, and at that point -- in september, there was a lot of russia stuff but trump was talking about the economy so
11:10 am
much and the midwest. mrs. biden: now people i think are seeing really who trump is and that the promises, he didn't keep his promises. that's why i'm hearing a lot of people are switching over. they want a democrat to support. because he didn't help them. >> yeah. and, your husband also has that middle-class family, culture growing up. mrs. biden: yeah. >> just wanted to make that mrs. point. biden: would you like a picture? >> sure, why not. get one with a texas group. mrs. biden: you all know one another? >> no. mrs. biden: ok, come on. >> where are you from? >> texas. >> oh my gosh.
11:11 am
wow. >> one more? >> thank you. mrs. biden: all right. >> [inaudible] mrs. biden: [inaudible] ready? one, two, three.
11:12 am
>> awesome. mrs. biden: thank you. [laughter] >> were not sleeping anyway. mrs. biden: that's right. were going to keep fighting every minute. would you like a picture? >> yes. [laughter] mrs. biden: here we go. >> true speaker of the house right here. thank you. mrs. biden: thank you. >> absolutely.
11:13 am
[indiscernible] mrs. biden: yeah, people can't sit by the sidelines any longer. he's gotta be stopped. >> we will, because of you. mrs. biden: [laughter] >> we have two more volunteers. mrs. biden: sure. how are you? thanks for coming. i'm from westchester. mrs. biden: that's where i got my masters degree. went to villanova and got my masters there in english. >> [indiscernible] mrs. biden: i know. we have a lot in common. thank you. yeah, thanks for being here. >> he's been here for the last
11:14 am
week and a half. every day, he's out knocking doors, making phone calls. mrs. biden: every day, absolutely. if everybody can do just a little bit more. >> we have our last volunteer here. he just got off a phone call. >> yes, been busy. we are all good. appreciate it. mrs. biden: thank you. thank you. >> got it, joanna? >> got it. thank you very much. that was lovely. [indiscernible] mrs. biden: [laughter] i hope so. it's going to take, right? everybody just doing a little. >> would you like a picture?
11:15 am
mrs. biden: got it? check it and make sure our eyes weren't closed. >> it's good. >> i just went to to say, you are doing wonders for mental health in this country. mrs. biden: yeah, that's exactly -- >> ok. mrs. biden: thank you. thank you, everybody! bye! [applause] [captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2020] [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] >> president trump withheld hundreds of millions of dollars in military aid to a strategic partner at war with russia to secure foreign help with his reelection. in other words, to cheat. , not onlye asking you
11:16 am
to overturn the results of the last election, but as i've said before, they are asking you to remove president trump from the ballot in an election occurring in approximately nine months >> the senate impeachment -- months. announcer: the senate impeachment trial of president trump continues today. it's on demand at, or listen on the free c-span radio app. later today on c-span, presidential candidates bernie sanders's wife jane campaigns with filmmaker michael moore in creston, iowa. that's scheduled for 4:30 p.m. eastern, and you can see it live on c-span. at 7:00 p.m. eastern, indie folk get outy fair plays a of caulk -- get out to caucus event in support of sanders.
11:17 am
that is in a suburb of des moines. all of c-span's campaign 2020 coverage is also available is also available online at, and on the free c-span radio app. >> our live camping 2020 coverage continues in iowa. saturday, beginning at 11:00 a.m. eastern, with pete buttigieg in waterloo. 4:30 p.m., elizabeth warren in iowa city. 6:30 p.m., joe biden is in waterloo. through the day, we will take your calls, questions, and text books what -- facebook questions and text questions. on the go with our free c-span radio app or on c-span, republican presidential candidate joe walsh is speaking with a reporter from the ames tribune at a coffee shop in ames, iowa.


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