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tv   Campaign 2020 Iowa Campaign Events and Viewer Calls  CSPAN  January 31, 2020 5:32pm-6:38pm EST

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>> you were just listening and watching michael moore and jane in iowa. that's the southern part of iola. it is the largest city in union county with a population of over 12,000. bernie sanders one the caucus-goers in 2015. donald trump flipped the county and 2017. -- 2016.
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in just a minute with your phone calls, we want to hear he with you about the iowa caucuses and the campaign season, what you think. we will go to mike in sun city california. the demo for -- democratic field is fractured right now. think people are tired of the coming from the elite liberal media. there's two different things going on and the left understands that the message is basic but they don't understand message about the imperial's -- you can't predict 2016 like i did. >> susan and oregon good afternoon. >> hello?
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>> what are your thoughts on the isle of caucuses? >> i didn't realize i was on the air. to strike oneling for a particular candidate. >> go ahead, we want to hear those thoughts also. >> i am very interested in seeing amy klobuchar move forward. i am hoping that her pragmatism, her good humor, her smarts will keep her in the race. i did not come to that quickly. timet watch her perform after time. come to really value what she has to say and how she would take care of things for us. >> what impresses you about her? her intelligence, her smarts, her pragmatism, her midwestern
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values. even though i am from the pacific northwest. done,ility to get things she is not afraid of standing up. >> who is your second choice? see joe bidene to and amy klobuchar on the ticket. put amy inprobably the vice presidential place. i'm going back and forth between those two. my heart is with amy. if not, i will definitely be a supporter of joe biden. this, it isk you just here in iowa was three days to go. you have bernie sanders and joe
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biden competing for the top spot -- we lost susan. and joe bidene the former vice president competing for the top spot. and thezabeth warren buttigieg. the polls are to showing that it is no and that between bernie sanders -- it is neck and neck between bernie sanders would just a few days to go. what are your thoughts on campaign 2020? i am in florida. >> go ahead. >> my number one that i am thinking of is bernie with elizabeth or elizabeth with bernie. [laughter]
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they are my priority compared to the others. i just listened to jane sanders speak and i that she did a wonderful job especially explaining what a democratic-socialist is. people don't realize. in everyday life, we are social matter what. [laughter] we're all socialists. illinois,n independent color. if you google jane sanders, she is the president of a college for bernie that she funded. --we have her on c-span [indiscernible] ok our next democratic collar you are next. i am oneed to say that
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of the young people who supports bernie sanders. it has to be him this time. the older folks in our country, they focus on climate change. we can't go with the status quo with george -- joe biden. someone from chose the democratic establishment we have lost the race. i might be young and some people think we are naive. have to consider why we are doing that. >> how old are you? >> i am 16. vote but i am to organizing people in my high school to make sure it happens. this, you saidou climate change and college. you also said health care. those issues that are important to you in that order?
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>> yes those are the things i am concerned about for my future. bernie sanders is one of the only people who is speaking to that. to win this election, we need young people to turn out. i think bernie is the person who can only young people out this year. can only young people out this year. >> how are your parents going to vote? >> i convinced my grandmother to vote for bernie sanders. my uncle has been a hard process. we need somebody we can believe in. obama was hope and change. we need someone who gives us a vision the people can turn out for. robert in pennsylvania, a republican. >> good evening. half my life, i registered
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republican and voted for a republican president. some of my life i have registered and voted for democrat. because ilican now think the party needs help. it is a sick party and that's where you go where people need help. if you continue with donald trump with the environment and with fascism, we are not going to have a country. i live in northeastern pennsylvania which is where the vote slipped -- it's flipped. one county became infamous. .eople do support bernie the guys around here have no problem with it. we didn't have anyone to vote for before. we didn't like the phoniness of hillary. the republican party, there was
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nothing wrong with it when i joined it originally but it is a sick party and it needs help. go bernie. >> how did you vote in 2016? i-44 jill stein. -- i voted for jill stein. if bernie sanders is not the nominee, do you still vote democratic? >> i feel like i'm going to lose my incentive. i don't think i will feel like there is much hope with joe biden. i think we need someone who is really sincere who will go all the way to help us. we are in deep trouble. and the fascism and economically. i am not going to be excited or it i don't know that i will even
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take an interest if it's not bernie. it will matter but it's not going to pull us out of it. >> what about michael bloomberg? either joe biden or bloomberg, i think they are better than trump and i just won't feel the same excitement. i would had to him out more also. out would have to check him more also. >> michael bloomberg qualifying for the nevada debate, the dnc changing guidelines on donors so michael bloomberg is qualifying there. now to kathleen, a democratic color in missouri. ler in missouri. fdr had universal health care in the pipeline when he died.
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in his fourth consecutive term, he had the same powerful enemies that bernie has today. i am 65 years old and i live in missouri. i am a feminist. i would not vote for anyone else but bernie. i voted for hillary last time and i knew she was not going to win. it would be insanity if they were to put anyone else up besides bernie. kathleen a democratic color, we are live in iowa just a few miles from the morning. it struggles to different counties. joe, an independent. go ahead. i just wanted to say, call and say i am definitely not
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going to vote for bernie sanders. fooled by his cloak of disguise of his communist roots. i will be voting for tulsi gabbard. >> ok. why is that? >> why is what? am i not voting for bernie? >> why are you voting for tulsi gabbard? >> the main reason is because she is for getting us out of all of these wars in the middle east. out of afghanistan, out of a tok -- iraq, stop trying getting us outd of these insane wars, the occupations that are really just wars for israel. it is insane.
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from florida. go ahead. >> i am not a very good speaker. why did wee to say vote for a republican and now everyone's trying to impeach him? goes, i canext and see there was a good reason to impeach him but i don't understand. we have soldiers over there fighting for our freedom and i we arenderstand why having a war over here between democrats and republicans. i think it's a shame in this world. 11 or 12 days, if there was
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nothing on your tv, it you get sick and tired of hearing [indiscernible] 81 years olde at don't really understand at all. michelle into jacksonville a democratic caller. michelle in jacksonville florida. democratic caller, michelle are you there? let's hear from chris in tampa, florida independent. >> yes i just wanted to say i have voted for democrats, republicans, i even voted for ralph nader. i am definitely voting republican after what chuck schumer and nancy pelosi and jerry nadler and adam schiff have done.
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i am ashamed to admit that i was democrat and i would never vote for them. the republican party has now come to the middle and they are the party of the people. >> bernie sanders, senator klobuchar and senator warren are all stuck in washington and they cannot hit they campaign trail. this indie rock concert is about to go under way. the public will be let in here at 6:00 p.m. eastern time. if the senate were to adjourn tonight, the impeachment trial and return to it next week, then he would be able to make it out here for this concert. we shall see. jack in georgia, a democratic
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caller. >> thank you for taking my call. i think joe biden has the most experience working with the obama administration for eight years to represent the democrats? other candidates are way too far left. joe biden is in the middle. i am a deer hunter and i don't believe in gun control for some things need to have stipulations on them. i think that he will handle iran different. he is more of a diplomat than the rest of them. i think he is for the worker. socialisticr the type or promoting like bernie sanders and elizabeth warren. i think they are living in policies that do not represent
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what this country stands for. i think joe biden is a very good diplomat. he is more in the middle-of-the-road. i don't know if you remember the reagan democrats that voted for reagan but they were democrats. they were conservative. joe biden relates i am a steelworker. i think he relates to the common worker more. would beis best chance the experience he has dealing with people on both sides. he believes in some things, i am a member of the nra and i am against assault weapons. he is not out here trying to totally take the second amendment. i am an avid deer hunter. prospect of in the people who need especially the
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experience he has. for positive one or bernie sanders but they have gone way too far left. >> let me hear from mark, an independent in idaho. trump isd like to say absolutely not guilty and why people can't see this for what it is, it is nothing more than complete election interference on the part of the democrats and they have been trying it since the very beginning. that's all i like to say thank you. earlier a newng york times headline about iowa caucuses being impacted by the senate impeachment trial. it reads with senators stuck in washington, they are getting a starring role in iowa. warren'sd elizabeth husband and their dog. meeting and iowa.
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here you go. [applause] welcome. [laughter] we are all happy to be here. bailey got to stop at the park and run around. and demonstrate how much fun it is to be a dog. [laughter] >> that's right. there are chinos around. --cheetos. [laughter] that a full day but he is in his element. bailey and his predecessor they
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just assume that everyone wants to put them. they were right. most of the time. hello, how are you. it's good to see you. thank you so much for coming. it's good to be here. >> we're really excited to get the caucus out. we're doing everything that needs to be done. >> do you want to start off? is the again, this wonderful husband, harvard professor of our candidate, elizabeth. [laughter] furrogate,vorite
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bailey warren [applause] >> thank you all for being here. bailey, he just came from waverley where he met [indiscernible] .ho has a twitter account he is 11. it was a lady -- meeting of two social heavyweights. gideon just posted a fabulous photo that his mother took of gideon and bailey. it is already lighting of the internet. allst wanted to thank you for turning out. have done to this point and everything you're are going to be doing over the next five days.
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as you all double down. bailey is happy to be here. bailey is happy to be everywhere. as long as people are willing to pay him. he particularly likes cold weather and snow. he is really happy. folks and iowa have been asking for months. where is -- when will we see bailey? they figured only folks in new hampshire get to see him. we said no, he does not fly commercial. [laughter] at the end of last week, our son and his wife, he is here somewhere. to take a road trip and bring bailey out. [laughter]
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bailey is very persuasive. he arrived in iowa on friday evening and within 24 hours, the des moines register ahead endorsed elizabeth. i think bailey is a national -- natural closer. this is what elizabeth is counting on all of you to do. has to tell you how important the next few days are or how important the caucuses are on monday. the 2020 is the most consequential election of my lifetime. it will be the last chance we have to try to get the country back. and to start rebuilding a government. that works for everyone and not just the folks who can afford to
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influence it. the campaign that she has built from the beginning has been grassroots. from her experience before, but when you get things done. it's to do inside outside. as chair ofition the congressional oversight for thed in pushing consumer financial protection bureau, getting all of the groups outside involved and building the grassroots movement for change. tot's what she knew she had do this time and that's what she has been doing. this is all built on face-to-face. it is over 100,000 selfies. people like you and rims all across the state. the people who get out and knock
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on doors or on the phone bank to talk to neighbors and strangers and talk about the importance of the issues and talk about why you all think that she is the best person not only to be the nominee but to be president. herou have been to any of town hall events, out of curiosity, if you had to describe your impression in just one word, what words come to mind? >> energetic. >> dynamic. compassionate. those are all parts of who she is. had the good fortune of being married to her for nearly 40 years now.
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i consider myself the luckiest man alive. all of the qualities that you mentioned, they are qualities that i saw 40 years ago. life of elizabeth has always been an adventure. the adventures keep getting bigger and bolder. it is good that you see all of that and it's important that others see it as well. although she has the extraordinary plan enter plans are part of a coherent whole, all of the pieces fit together better than anyone else she understands the issues that working families face. and how we can fix them, how we can address them. plants are not enough.
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plans are not enough. they are put into effect by people. if they have to understand who the candidate is that came up with these plans. and all the qualities you mentioned are warm, compassionate, dynamic, powerfully smart woman who really is our best chance at wi nning. may notthing that necessarily come through in all those appearances, because she's talking enthusiastically about all the issues. she's listening to people. she's engaging them with their questions. she said smiling and hugging people. there would be easy to forget
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she's also the toughest person i have ever met. and the elizabeth who hooks is the-- hugs people same elizabeth who terrifies bankers, absolutely terrifies them. i'm not exaggerating. the -- a number of them are now admitting, as conversations come out, how really scared they are what her presence might mean, that it might actually cost them some money. becauseterrified of her they know that she knows what they do better than anyone else. because she has studied this for a very long time. and so she really is the biggest threat to them. and a prime example of that a lot of you will remember was
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then-ceo of wells fargo came before the senate banking committee and elizabeth just destroyed him, absolutely destroyed him. and within two weeks, he resigned. and just last week, the comptroller of the currency banned him from the banking industry for life. and none of that would have happened if elizabeth hadn't torn into him in her very calm, very precise, but very deadly passion on the committee. qualities, thee warmth, her compassion, her energy, her toughness, the fearlessness are what we need in washington, with your help and the help of your neighbors all
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across the state. so, thank you very much for everything you've done this far. daysw for the next five that the folks in the office here will ask you to put the rest of your lives aside and just engage in nonstop fantasy in banking. i know you know it's all in good cause. so i just want to thank you in advance for all the help that you're going to be over the next few days. we'll allour help, get to dream big, fight hard, and win. thank you very much for being here. now, bailey will have the photos. [applause] [inaudible]
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>> and we are back live for a bernie sanders event in clive, iowa. and you can see the public has been let into this event, where an indie rock concert is going to be underway. there are several bands there are going to be playing. we're also expecting some congresswomen to be stumping for the senator tonight. now, the senator might be able to make it back here. the bernie supporters are hoping he will be able to come back
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from washington. we understand the impeachment trial is in a recess after voting 51-49 to not subpoena witnesses in that trial. if they adjourn tonight, they are hoping the senator could get on a plane and make it back here. the event is supposed to get underway at around 5:40 p.m. central time, 6:40 p.m. on the east coast. and when that does, we'll bring you to that coverage here on c-span. we're taking your calls in the meantime. let me tell you a little bit about where we are in clive, iowa. it's about three miles away from des moines, and it's two counties in the state. dallas and polk county. president obama won dallas county in the general election, and hillary clinton secured more than bernie sanders in the caucus election. it was a similar election and polk county, in both the general
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and primary battles. let's go to stephen in belleville, illinois. stephen, good evening to you. what are your impressions of the iowa caucus, the campaign season so far? >> i think it's great. >> like? >> -- why? >> i'm rooting for pete buttigieg. he speaks seven different languages. i think that's the kind of president we need. he's young. he is ambitious, very highly intelligent. he's a war vet and he's exactly what we need. and he doesn't want any more wars. and if there's any worse going on, -- wars going on, he wants us out of the. >> why do you think we need that kind of president? why is that important to you? >> because i think being able with his own voice, his own
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heart, is more compelling to other countries for us to get along with them and he converses. he doesn't need a translator. i think it will be fantastic if we had a president like that. from -- duane from tennessee, you're next. bernie, i really don't understand how a socialist can run for a democratic office. moran bothrs and have a chance to vote for impeachment against a republican implement -- opponent. that don't make a lot of sense. >> ok, you think that's a fair? >> yes, it is. warren talkeard
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about the health care, bernie also. and i'm sorry, obamacare costs me and my wife -- we couldn't afford insurance anymore. i lost my wife two years ago to diabetes because of that. >> ok, sorry to hear about your wife, health care an important issue to you, obviously. >> i'm actually a republican. >> ok. your impressions of campaign 2020 so far? >> campaign 2020, i don't see any democrat that stands a chance against trump. at the if you look economy, the way things have been going, the things that he's accomplished in a short period of time, i think he's the only one that's going to make the
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presidency. i know he's got to have a running mate, but as far as the impeachment trial, i think the democrats have really shown how impartial -- or how partisan, i'm sorry -- how partisan they've been through the whole thing. i think this is their only way they stand a chance, from removing him from the ballot, to be able to get a democrat back in the office. we're going to go up north to waterloo, iowa, david calling from their. will you participate in the caucus in your area on monday night? it's just a couple of days away. i've been going since 1972. >> 1972. what do you think about the new rules this time around? >> well, there might be some
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different rules, but it's been a 15% threshold. right. >> right. and it is really divided here. you see everybody's signs. and i've been switching two or three differents, but i made a decision that if it was tonight, i would vote for biden. >> ok. and why? >> i think the single biggest factor that came down was who could best beat trump? >> ok, for you right now. who's your second choice? >> klobuchar, neighbor there to the north. i am more of a moderate. a few years ago, i was a bernie delegate at the caucus, but i'm afraid he may not be able to beat trump as well as some of the others. >> ok, and who's your third?
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you mentioned a possible third. >> i would probably pick buttigieg. >> so, bernie is not even in your top three? >> see, i was a bernie voter four years ago. but the highest priority, and it is really scary, as democrats out here, the highest priority is to beat trump. i put that as the single biggest important factor. i'd vote for any of them, but the single biggest factor is who can best be trump -- beat trump. i know other congressmen have endorsed biden, and i sensed they used that judgment, too, because they're going to be on that ticket, and it is absolutely vital to the democratic party, to the country, to beat trump. >> david, we're going to be up your country tomorrow. go to for more details on that.
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susan in california, a republican. i'm a republican. i'm voting for bernie. i think bernie is the best choice. on insteadcan take of any of the others. i think he's the best choice to win the voters for president. he's the best. too, butarren's good, i think bernie is the best. he would've won instead of hillary, but that's another story. he's the best choice. and he's fighting for the american people and he's all the for all the -- things that trump said he was going to do, bernie will do. and he will bring this country back together.
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>> what republicans have you voted for in presidential elections? >> well, the one i would've -- i for would've been -- it who it was, but think bernie is the best for both republicans and democrats both. i think he would bring the country back together. hear -- alrie'll ght, susan, we'll hear from ray, an independent. >> i'm an independent and the democrats have convinced me absolutely to go with republicans and vote for trump. >> and why? history,looking at the the biggest thing is the patterns they had.
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i know all the news coverage, different platforms of the media, really, if you look independently, it's been nothing but attacks and decisions against trump. the big thing was the mueller report. after three years, two years of investigation, it didn't show anything. american people aren't stupid. and i'm still an independent. >> rate in phoenix, arizona. i want to show you an event we covered yesterday in cedar rapids, iowa with joe biden, the wife of former president -- former vice president joe biden. she was on the campaign trail for him. take a look. [inaudible] >> hello! [applause] you. i late?y, am
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>> you're early by political time. >> by political time? i'm a teacher. i'm always on time. hooray for teachers! yes! everyone, thank you all for coming today. thank you for coming to see dr. biden. it's so exciting. before she comes up and blows us all away, i want to introduce myself. i'm one of the organizers in cedar rapids. really quickly, i'm kind of shocked we're standing in front of her because this wasn't supposed to happen. [laughter] a month ago, sitting in a corporate office in los angeles typing on a computer for eight hours a day. i got an email all of a sudden, and within five hours, i quit my job and came here to iowa. >> wow, hey! [applause] >> it was awesome. so happy to be here.
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because it'sre not glamorous to be knocking on doors for eight hours a day. >> 94 degrees, right? [laughter] >> but it's fulfilling work and it's something that needed to be done because we need someone like joe biden to be president. [applause] we need someone who understands the dignity of working in this country. we need someone who understands the commitment to education that we need in this country, and that's why dr. biden, i'm so excited to meet her today. [laughter] because dr. biden is the utmost supporter of great education in this country, and that's something we hold so dear. and i know my parents really valued how hard education is, but how important it is and how it can really lift you up. so, with that, i wanted to introduce dr. biden, and thank you for coming. [applause] >> thank you. so, thank you. that was beautiful.
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i mean, see the commitment of people in this country who want to make a change? it's people like him -- unbelievably, quit their job, left their families, left their home states, and traveled here to iowa to make a change. so i want to thank all of the people who are here on team biden for all that you are doing and continuing to do. and you will forever have a place in my heart and in joe's heart for all that you are so committed to doing. thank you also very much. so, i want you to think for one minute back to the night of november 8, 2016. [grumbles] [laughter] remember how you felt when florida went red/ remember watching the results on the tv and seeing pennsylvania
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and then wisconsin? remember when those results came in and you sort of held your breath? how about that sick feeling you had the morning after, when you realized, when you woke up and you realized that we had lost the election? look at who we had lost the election to. and i know a lot of us felt hopeless. and we wondered if that arc of the moral universe was veering off course. we couldn't believe that this had happened. and since then, with every tweet, with every swipe, you know, the president has tried to fundamentally change everything we accomplished in the obama/biden administration. he wants us to believe we are angry and divided and hateful, doesn't he? but that is not who we are. for the cruelty and the corruption and the cowardice
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we've seen over these past few years, it has become clear that america is so much bigger than one person or one party. we've seen people across the call toanswering the stand up for their neighbors, to show up for their communities like each and every one of you here who has come here today to volunteer. we have shown that our nation still beats with courage and kindness. be hard toit might look back, and it is, i know that a better future is waiting for us. so i want you to think of that future. i want you to think of 2021, one year from now. so, it's a beautiful morning e'll have a but w'l little bit more son.
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[laughter] >> and you're sipping the morning coffee. in the headline isn't about some late night tweet storm. instead, it's about how our children are going to benefit from universal pre-k. it's about how teachers across this country are going to get the payraise they deserve. [applause] how many teachers are here? how many teachers are here? thank you, teachers. thank you for coming. i feel so supported. and you read about how we're investing in wind energy and green technology that's going to create jobs right here in iowa. and when you turn on the television -- i usually do that -- don't you -- to get the weather? although i have to admit, when i looked at that tv, it said minus four. i was taking pictures of the tv
6:21 pm
and sending it to my friends. i couldn't even believe this. so anyway, you turn on the tv and the anchors aren't talking about how we're on the brink of some ill-advised war. remember 10 days ago when we heard about iraq and iran? when you thinking, i hope i don't wake up tomorrow and we're in a war, right? so instead, they're talking about how we're going to build on the affordable care act, with an option, and bringing down the cost of prescription drug prices. and then finally, finally someone is standing up to the nra and keeping our kids and our neighbors safe. [applause] and when those anchors cut to the president of the united states, you don't turn the channel. [laughter] call in your kids and grandkids from the other room
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because you want them to hear what the president of the united states has to say. a commander-in-chief that you can feel proud of, a leader who brings people together instead of tearing families apart like we saw at the border of this country. a president that you can be proud of, who believes that our best days are ahead of us. and that's joe biden and that's my husband, who is going to be the next president. [applause] that's the future i want, and i know it's the future you want, too, or you wouldn't all be here ready to make phone calls and go out canvassing and knocking on doors. so, i know that some of you are still making up your mind. is that right? [laughter] this lady said yes, so i'm just going to talk to her. [laughter] so, if you're still making up
6:23 pm
your mind, i want to give you three really, really strong arguments about why you should support my husband, joe biden, for president., independent joe is the only one who can appeal to independence. he's not too far left.he's not . in the middle. he's a moderate. and a lot of republicans have whispered to me, privately, jill, i made a mistake before. i'm a republican, but donald trump is not who said -- who he said he was. but i can support joe. you ready for number two? number two, swing states. joe is the only one who can beat donald trump in the swing states of pennsylvania, ohio, wisconsin, michigan, and florida, and right here in iowa. [applause] that -- donald trump
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the most. doesn't that matter to you? yes, ok. we almost got her. we're almost getting her. ok, and number three, achievability. joe's policies are achievable. it knows how he's going to pay for them. is not going to say free this, free that, maybe $1 trillion and we'll worry about it later. no, has plans. he's not going to increase the national debt. he knows how he is going to pay for everything or he won't do it. his plans are achievable. that's the kind of president we need. i don't want you to leave with any questions in your mind. so if you want to come talk to me, you can come up to me privately. a lot of i once do that. i understand -- iowans do that. i understand.
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i'm a teacher. my students feel the same way. or it may be a private conversation you want to have. i'm happy to answer questions. before we leave, we have to hear her answer, right? [laughter] >> i loved what he said monday about prairieville, about psychologists. i was in kindergarten, and our little ones were in trouble. >> your teacher? -- you're a teacher? >> i used to be. they're the ones that need help when they're little. >> do you know what his plan said? we're going to triple the funding for schools. what does that mean?
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it's going to double the number of psychologists and counselors who are in the schools. i am a teacher. i have been fighting for mental health in our schools. our kids are coming. they're bringing poverty, food, and security. they need help. teachers are saying jill, it's too much. we;re trying to teach english or social studies. our kids are coming to us because there's nobody at home. they've got two or three jobs. isn't that right? don't you feel that? so, one of the things joe is going to work on his mental health in rural communities. can i tell you right here in iowa, three days ago, i had a woman come up to me privately, and she said jill, your husband has to work on climate change. and i said of course, that's one of the first things he'll do is
6:27 pm
sign the agreement, the paris agreement. she said our firm is flooded. the first time, we recouped. we got back up on our feet. the second time, we lost everything. and she said jill, my husband had a nervous breakdown and i had to put him in a health care facility. and she said i'm alone on our farm. and she said i don't know what to do. the suicide rate of farmers, of farmers, is skyrocketing. i wish the rest of america knew that about rural america. so, joe is going to put mental health clinics in rural america. hospitals build our for infrastructure, better schools. urban america, joe biden is for all americans. you have to feel that in your heart because he will make the
6:28 pm
best president. he understands the problems of all americans. and hader lost his job to leave the family and go to work in wilmington from scranton. this father couldn't pay for the school he wanted to go to for college. he suffered loss and tragedy. he empathizes with americans. we need a president who can heal this nation. heal this nation. and i think that's what everybody is looking for. you,promise you, i promise if you decide on joe biden as your candidate, when you see him on inauguration day, he is going to be the president that you can feel proud of. [applause] actually, this is my aunt sally. [laughter]
6:29 pm
anyway, thank you for coming. i know that we all want a better, bigger america. and thank you for your faith in that we can build a better nation if we do this together. so, thank you everybody for being here. [applause] you can see the bernie sanders supporters are in the room here at the horizon event center in clive, iowa. we are live with our campaign 2020 coverage. there's going to be an indie rock concert here tonight with several bands, including the headliner. and, along with members of congress who are supporting senator sanders, michael moore is going to make an appearance, as well as the senator's wife. we'll be taking your calls until the concert starts. republican tim, what are your
6:30 pm
impressions of campaign 2020? on? -- am i on? >> you're on. go ahead. >> can you hear me? >> yes, i can. >> i'm from california. i'm just saying my words. it's a disgrace to see you guys e.t joe biden's wife on ther jackson heard of the five working for money? you got the biden five corruption this -- corruptionness. assing but pain in the hating on america. donald trump has done more for black people, latino people, all the people of america. with blackave messed
6:31 pm
people all their life. don't let me get on chicken wing sanders. what have you done for black people? all these people on tv haven't done a damn thing for no black person but screw them. >> alright, her your point. let's go to dean in pompano beach. >> hello, from sunny florida. [laughter] we love you, folks. thank you for letting me come on. i'm going to go ahead. here's my thoughts. m wish they had asked ada wordf if he knows the treason and understands what happens when you try to overthrow the president of the united states, and he's making it very obvious. lies, innuendos, trying to do all of these crazy things
6:32 pm
because -- coverage of the senate impeachment trial is on c-span2. here on c-span, we're talking about campaign 2020. >> this is what i'm thinking. what are they going to do? and i'm thinking that we have treason. shakespeareso, "much ado about nothing." it's just wasting our time. the money we're spending, we could use it in florida. we have senior citizens really starting to see a little bit more money in our checks. andupported this president we think that we have a winner. but the bottom line is what's going to happen in iowa is amazing because i know iowa.
6:33 pm
i went there during the summers when i was a child and i talked to farmers. in they needed then people our congress that would allow outsidesell their corn of our country, and they did it. time, were plowing the corn back into the ground. now we have a president, just signed a wonderful bill with china. we pray for china that they're going to get rid of that disease. we don't need a here. but the disease that we have here is just terrible hate. and i know those candidates -- i've been listening to them -- and i'm having a hard time picking one of them out. wonell, jean, the president iowa, won the state of iowa in 2016, 51%.
6:34 pm
hillary clinton garnered 42% of the vote in the general election. annette in nottingham, new hampshire, democratic caller. hi, jeanette. >> janet? >> janet, ok, apologies. go ahead. >> janet in your, maine. ork, maine. i was knocking doors. the first doors -- veteran, father was in guadalcanal. he had his marine flag upside down. he was crying that the country was in distress. he was talking about certain things happening in his personal life. and he also said look at this ground. it's january. there's no snow here. this guyte, i mean, said i'm 69 years old.
6:35 pm
the country is in distress. as voted for reagan. i voted for reagan. i was always a republican. i'm voting for bernie. the country is in distress. thank you for your attention. >> ok, janet. deborah, a republican, you're next. >> i'm proud to say i'm from the state of missouri and i believe in show me. and our president, donald trump, has showed me that he can get the things done that we need, even with all of this comey, all, mueller, of the others. i am not for bernie, not a socialist. my grandmother fought against -- and was in france, taking care of men that had been slaughtered stalinistic people,
6:36 pm
so i do not that in our country. hatred, yes, the man was correct. no, we do not feel hatred. we don't know where and who is going to do what in that cesspool there in washington, d.c. hopefully things will change next week. i'm praying. i'm hoping, like the man in florida. i listened to each and every one that has spoken. no, bernie is not the one for us. elizabeth warren is not the one for us. mr. trump is the one. he will get the job done. >> alright, deborah. deborah is a republican in missouri. alright, we'll go to carry, if we can, marina del rey, california. independent. >> thanks for having me on.
6:37 pm
, some interesting colors to say the least. i'm a sanders supporter. i just wanted to circle back on one important point, important talking point the right and some of the middle keep repeating, your last caller, actually. >> i'm going to jump in at this point. as you can hear, the concert is about to get underway. we'll stop with our calls for now. we'll pick up with campaign 2020 coverage. live coverage inside clive, iowa of the bernie sanders event. ♪


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