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tv   Campaign 2020 Iowa Campaign Events and Viewer Calls  CSPAN  February 2, 2020 1:41pm-2:08pm EST

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host: amy klobuchar in cedar rapids, iowa. iowa, acounty population of 200 went to 5000 residents.- 225,000 hillary clinton received nearly 50% of the vote compared to 49.6 percent for bernie sanders.
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in the general election, the county went for clinton by just over 50%. 41.3% for donald trump, estate he won in 2016. our phone lines are open. we want to know what you think about the iowa caucuses. we have lines set up for islands. (202)748-8902. we begin with jack. will you caucus tomorrow? caller: definitely. host: who are you caucusing for? caller: amy. host: anything to say about her. caller: she comes across as one genuine candidates she comes across very deliberate. it seems like she's got the determination to hang in there and do stuff deliberately.
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donald trump is sort of a pit bull and i think she can be a pit bull so i think that makes her electable. she comes across as thoroughly likable and decent. someone i can listen to for four years or eight years. host: jack from davenport. we are going to laguna beach. what are your thoughts about this campaign on the day before the iowa caucuses? caller: thanks, c-span. it is ane, i know distant memory, 12 years ago, we arp,something called t and we had to bail out the banks. a lot of folks on the left didn't want to do it and help out the banks. people on the right didn't want to do it. the tea party or caucus didn't want to do it because they did not want to get into bed with
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private business. but they got together and did it. it put our economy on life support and lead to 12 years of relative prosperity. bernie sanders, as a member of the senate, decided instead of being responsible he wanted to let rome burn. that is something we don't talk about and that is huge indictment of bernie. dopeiden doing the rope a not doing anything, has no business being anywhere near the white house. host: who is your candidate? caller: of the whole bunch, i would have to go with liz. you might say she is unelectable or too far left -- media wants to fall in love with labels.
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you need somebody who is going to shake things up and talk to people who are feeling economic anxiety. she is authentic. it is easy to say she is another hillary. i think you just saw is another hillary who doesn't excite people. elizabeth warren is the one who can get it done. iowa we will go to weldon, . where is that located? caller: in the center of iowa. host: are you going to caucus tomorrow? caller: i have not decided for sure yet. think -- it seemed to me -- it remindede shows whereality tv
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at the debate where she went over to sanders to call him out was planned, iit thought. host: thank you for the call. tom steyer is going to be joining us later. we will also have a chance to take your phone calls. patty is in cedar rapids where we just dropped the event from amy gosar. -- amy klobuchar. how many people have been in your state? caller: hundred thousand, i believe. i love it. they have all been here, mayor pete, everybody has been to cedar rapids, iowa. i love every second of it. host: are you going to caucus tomorrow? caller: i am working the caucus. host: who are you going to support? caller: joe biden. host: this story broke yesterday
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from the "des moines register," announcing the iowa polls had been pulled because pete buttigieg's name wasn't on one of them. here is something from last night. >> it was brought to cnn's attention earlier this evening that somebody who was question for the survey raised an issue with the way their interview was conducted. that means the result of the poll could have been compromised. we were not able to determine exactly what happened during this person's interview, and we don't know if it was an isolated incident. out of an abundance of caution, cnn and the des moines register and the company who conducted the poll decided not to release the poll. we take the standards that we apply to our polling very seriously. and to keep highest possible standards, we wanted to present
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this to the public and explain why we didn't proceed with releasing this poll this evening, anna. head ofat is from the andpolitical unit at cnn the executive director with the statement, it appears a candidates name was omitted in at least one interview. while this appears to be isolated to one surveyor, we cannot confirm that with certainty, therefore the partners made the difficult decision not to release the poll. the candidates name was pete buttigieg. his campaign complaining in advance. so we do not have the results from that i will call. it has been -- that iowa poll. we will go back to the phone calls. jack in branson, missouri. good afternoon. caller: thank, c-span, for taking my call. i am an independent voter.
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you do not have it on your titles there. the farce ofching an impeachment hearing, i have to go to donald, which i would not have voted for him last time and, i voted for gary johnson. i see what the democrats have done to this man is not fair. all they have done is swayed me over to the republican party for the first time in my life. host: you think the democrats shot themselves in the foot? caller: i heard schumer say that people were for the witnesses and most people i talked to and listening to the calls on c-span which i listen to every hour, i think 90% of the people were voting for donald trump like in california, maryland, and new
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york. it shocked me how many people were for donald trump in those liberal-type areas. host: what do you do in branson, missouri? caller: i am retired. i am a veteran. it is warmer here than in miami and i think the next couple days we will have ice rain. i am retired. host: do you consider yourself a swing voter? politicallyally -- in the state it is republican, and i voted for josh -- and i loved him. i voted basically republican the state. i am more independent. i didn't care for hillary, for sure. i call him pencil not, he just lies. that is terrible -- pencil neck, he just lies. that is terrible. one thing donald trump said
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certain things he would do and i think he has done it. i am proud of him as an american, i truly am. host: thanks for the call. glad to hear from you. we will go to elmo, texas, republican line. your view one day before the coxes and where we are heading. -- caucuses, and where we are heading. caller: i have been looking , but ily at the caucuses feel that the democrats and the democratic candidates don't have want tos of what they do to keep the economy going. i live in a region close to the mexican border and a little small town called alamo.
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deal, it's going to bring a lot of trade to this region. brought a lot of trade --but with the new trade, brought a lot of trade, with the new trade, it is going to bring a lot of jobs. our number one trading partner is mexico, and i see for that reason, i can see that donald trump really cares about the trades. he really does. last january and many candidates and even presidents don't come to this region. this is one of the regions that is overlooked by candidates. i feel that more candidates, if they really want to have our vote, should come to the small regions.
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not only ours but the small regions of the country, not just swing the and states like that. if a candidate really wants to swing our vote, they should spend time and campaign and come areas.l, rural glad to hear from you. thank you for the call. we are going to like from kentucky, democrats line. good afternoon, mike. hi, this is mike from kentucky. is a better democrat, because hillary wasn't. i voted for barack obama. two-facedmp is such a
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that we need to get rand paul and mitch mcconnell out of kentucky. is just a big circus around different all these byortunities going on kentucky because of them. if everybody is scared of donald trump, as i have been watching throughthe hearings, the whole thing and waiting to see if he is going to be impeached or not, it's not going to matter because in the state tokentucky, we've got them contend with, rand paul and mitch mcconnell. host: mike, thank you for the call. senator mcconnell up for reelection and we will cover
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that race as well as the other senate key races in our campaign 2020 coverage. if you are interested in seeing how the caucus process unfolds, two different caucuses, one out of downtown des moines and one in a more rural part of the state. also on the web and the free c-span radio app. this is the headline from the drug report. "super bowl of insults, he's short, he's fat, billionaires battle," it all came from the interview airing later on fox in advance of the super bowl before the super bowl. sean hannity sat down with president trump at mar-a-lago and there was this change in -- exchange with regard to michael bloomberg. >> michael bloomberg? pres. trump: very little. now he wants a box for the debates to stand on.
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that is ok. why should he get a box to stand on her he wants a box for the debates. does that mean everybody else gets one? booker and all of these people couldn't get any of the things that bloomberg is getting. i think it is unfair for the democrats. i would love to run against bloomberg. i would love it. that from fox news. bringing this response from the bloomberg campaign with the presidentquote, "the is allying he is a practical deathor death patch a lot pathological lying, he lies about everything, his fake hair, his obesity, and his spray on tan." that was released this morning.
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back to the phone calls. chris in tennessee, republican line, good afternoon. caller: well, here i am. i was thinking i was going to vote for gloria jackson and donald trump and lamar alexander on primary night. he's going to vote for election. vote for is going to the campaign of barack obama and michelle obama, they want to and thethe president candidate. i know the candidate. them, michelle obama and jackson from tennessee. she is going to vote for primary
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day as presidents. .ost: thank you for the call we will go to our democrat line with judy. caller: thank you so much, c-span, couldn't do without you. host: we thank you for that. caller: you're welcome. i have lived for a long time. i used to listen to the radio to ike eisenhower, president eisenhower, so i have followed through all of the years all of the presidents. i have never, never been as concerned about our country and where we are then i am today. democracyul for our and i am thrilled to see these people in iowa and their enthusiasm, and i want them to keep that up. we have got to make some changes and all work gather to do that. host: who is your candidate? caller: they are all very good
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people and i would love to see these people get in cabinet positions. i think at this time, the person who is most electable and has the most experience is joe biden, and so that is my choice at this time. i think amy klobuchar is wonderful. i think they are all very good people. , want to encourage everybody if they have to call to the polls, to vote and be sure that they do that. canthe information -- you get it from c-span or from the websites, but pay attention. i am saying again, i have never been as alarmed and frightened as i am seeing and hearing right now. this is not the way i want our country to be. one thing i do say, and i think the iowa people look like they
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are the best, most wonderful people. i'm glad they are enthused and thing that but one concerns me, iowa and new hampshire, they take away so much of the money that the people have come of the candidates have, and so much of their time. it takes away from the rest of us in other states like arkansas. where they can't come. host: that is a common argument every four years, the other states feeling that this state has an outside influence. when is your primary? caller: march 3. with formere live vice president joe biden in waterloo, iowa, and we will show you in a few minutes the sanders campaign, campaigning in cedar rapids, iowa. all of our coverage is available on the web at
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our caller from wilson, north carolina, republican line. i have been following this stuff since 2008, 2009 when obama came in, before i was involved in politics, and i joined the tea party and i am a believer in christ, i believe in jesus, and i know the tea party was put in the constitution before jesus, so i left that and i became unaffiliated. believe --rump and i i wish you would not tweet as much because sometimes he can crawl under people's skin when he could not say nothing at all, but if i had to vote, it would haveump again because i seen the democrat debates, and i do not want socialism. i don't think nobody in america wants socialism.
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they are talking about all the other candidates, but the one i see, the sleeping dragon is bloomberg. he is a billionaire, he is from new york, trump is from new york , and i think he is the one who will give trump the biggest fight for -- for the presidency. host: trying to pull up some of the tweets from the president, who is spending the day at mar-a-lago. this is from the president, saying many of the ads you were watching for were played by many mike bloomberg. he is going nowhere, wasting his money, but getting the dnc to rake the election against crazy bernie, they are doing it to bernie again in 2016. mike ison to say, mini part of the fake news. media,ll the fake news and that is why no one believes them anymore. that is from the president.
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we will go back to your phone calls, darren in iowa city, iowa. go ahead. the question i had, i am trying to figure out who i am going to vote for, because i have a few people in my head who i am thinking of right now, but i am really pushing and thinking about elizabeth warren or bernie sanders. right now we need somebody who can lead the country. all this other stuff going on does not make any sense, calling people names, we need a leader, not a follower. until we figure that out, we are still going to have problems. come on.r letting me again, i am looking for someone who can leave the country, not looking to work against the country. probably seen a lot of media buses traveling to iowa city. how many candidates have you seen over the past couple of
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weeks? i live in sioux city, not iowa city. we have seen them every day the last couple of days. i just came ith a rally with joe biden -- just came from a rally with joe biden, so we are seeing them a lot. the more trump talks, the more i am leaning to delete -- leading to bring someone in who is going to take care of all of us, not some of us. who is your candidate right now? caller: i am leading between bernie or elizabeth. us fromlen is joining said cruz, ellen. thank you for taking my call. i have made up my mind, i will be voting for amy klobuchar because she gets things done. i liked her policies. i like the idea that she would
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drugsthe addiction for and to bring down drug prices, and also i think she has been in the senate for a long time and she knows what's going on up there on the hill. i don't think she is afraid to stand up for us or stand up for herself. a lot of people say that a woman is not a good candidate, but as far as i am concerned, everybody who i have listened to, i have not been thrilled, you know? the feeling you get that yes, that is the right one, and amy is the one i am choosing. thank you again. host: thank you for the call from santa cruz, california. temperatures in the mid-50's, so warmer than normal. the greater50's and des moines area tomorrow, maybe
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some light snow, so the weather should be perfect for those attending the caucuses. as we mentioned, the c-span buses across the state. here are some of the scenes from this weekend, and our c-span team traveling through the counties of iowa and heading to new hampshire for coverage later this week. a look at some of the bus scenes beaue are listening to in baltimore, maryland. hillaryi actually liked over obama because i did not know who he was, but a lot of my clients, female, would tell me why she did not like hillary, and it was because of abortion. she was for abortion and gay rights or whatever. my message to the democrats is, trump is the republican party and it is only going to get better. if you think the republican party is going to go through trump back to lindsey graham, after trump, it is going to be nikki haley. it is going to get better.
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my advice is to go for someone like bloomberg who is going to clean you up, because it is the democrat party, and they need to tighten up. america is not a communist country. if there is anything in the constitution that resembles socialism and communism, please write a book about it, because it does not exist. america will never be a country,.or communist coverage of the state of the union address from a joint session of congress gets underway on tuesday evening. all of our event coverage on the web at iowae live in cori bill, with the candidates, including tom steyer, who will join us after his event to take your calls and comments. up next, we continue our coverage from cedar rapids, iowa and the bernie sanders campaign. a very busy schedule as the senator tries to make as many stops as possible in what is a truncated schedule, because he habe


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