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tv   Campaign 2020 Sen. Amy Klobuchar in Des Moines Iowa  CSPAN  February 4, 2020 2:28pm-2:41pm EST

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>> the iowa democratic party says it will release caucus results by 5:00 p.m. eastern today. the results are still not in because the iowa democratic party used a new app to report caucus results. it didn't work at some presinkets. as the delay in results continued last night, candidates started giving speeches to supporters. we'll show all of them now beginning with minnesota senator amy klobuchar.
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>> amy! sen. klobuchar: thank you so much, unbelievable. you probably heard we do not know the results. but i do not want to let another minute go by without thinking all of you. we know there are delays, but we know one thing, we are punching above our weight. y heart is full tonight. i have my great campaign chair here. i have a fantastic staff. and because my husband and daughter are here with us.
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[cheers and applause] i want to thank them and our tireless field organizers, the unstoppable volunteers who would never give up, and we are feeling so good tonight. i cannot wait, somehow i will get on a plane to new hampshire. [cheers and applause] we are bringing this ticket to new hampshire. even in a crowded field of candidates, even during the well-earned impeachment hearing of donald trump which kept me bolted to my senate desk for the last two weeks, we kept fighting, and you kept fighting or me. we have been in a blizzard, and and a lot of people didn't predict i would finish that speech.
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in the summer they kept saying, will she make it through the summer? hen after debate after debate, and all i can say is we are here and we are strong. [cheers and applause] and with that same grit that got us through that blizzard, we are now ready to head to new hampshire. my friends in iowa, we have beaten the odds every step of the way, we have done it on the merits and with ideas, and with hard work. cheers and applause] we know in our hearts that in a democracy it is not about the loudest voice or biggest bank account, it is about the best idea and the person who can turn those ideas into action. we know our party cannot win big by trying to out divide the
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divider in chief. we win by bringing people with us instead of shutting them out. donald trump's worst nightmare is that the people in the middle, the people who have had enough of the name-calling and mudslinging have a candidate to vote for in november. donald trump's worst nightmare is that fired up democrats will march to victory alongside a big coalition of independents and moderate republicans who see this election just as we do, that this election is an economic check, but it is also a patriotic check. it is a decency check. it is a simple idea that the heart of america is so much bigger than the heart of this guy in the white house. cheers and applause]
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our country cannot take another four years of donald trump. our collective sense of decency cannot take another four years. the rule of law cannot withstand another four years of a president who thinks he is about -- above it. our democracy cannot tolerate another four years of a president who wants to bulldoze through it. the american dream cannot take another four years of a president who thinks he can choose. his playbook is not hard to understand, it is really three words, divide and demoralize. i have a playbook that is three words, unite and lead. [cheers and applause]
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that is how i have passed over a hundred bills as the lead democrat in the united states senate. that is how i have won elections in the reddest of red congressional districts, in the bluest of blue congressional districts. the president might as well have a sign on his desk that says, the buck stops anywhere but here. look at what he has done, he blames everyone for our problems, people who should not be blamed. he blames immigrants, he blames barack obama, he blames the fed chair he nominated, the energy secretary he appointed, the generals he commands, and, yes, the king of denmark. he even recently blamed justin trudeau for cutting him out of the canadian version of "home alone 2." [laughter]
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who does that? when i am behind that desk, i will take responsibility instead of passing it on. i will reach across the aisle and work with americans in good faith instead of picking fights. i will bring this country together instead of pushing it apart. some of you may know that old story about franklin delano roosevelt, a story about how after he died they put his body on a train and it worked its way to washington, d.c. a story of a reporter who came upon a man who was crying on the side of the tracks, and he had his hat on his chest and he was sobbing. the reporter said, do you know president roosevelt? and the man said, no, i did not know president roosevelt, but he knew me. he knew me.
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what we are missing so much right now in our country is that sense of empathy. we are missing that caring. i promise you, i will bring back that sacred trust between the american people and the president of the united states. cheers and applause] if you are sick and tired of hearing how great the economy is when you do not feel it, when your paycheck is stretched to the breaking point month after month, i know you and i will fight for you. if you are sick of choosing between paying for daycare for your kids and long-term care for your parents, i know you and i will fight for you. if you are sick of being torn between filling a refrigerator and filling a prescription, i know you and i will fight for
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you. if you want a democratic nominee who can make our tent bigger and our coalition wider, and our coattails longer -- cheers and applause] [crowd chants "amy"] senator klobuchar: if you want that, i know you, and i will fight for you. if you are sick of the noise and a nonsense, you have a home with me. please join our campaign at amyblow by -- join us because we will be here a really long time tonight. you will have plenty of time to join us.
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stay up, stay in a good spirit, because you know what happens ut there in those precincts, you know we have been punching way yont our weight. beyond our weight. and despite limited resources compared to bigger bank accounts, we are way on the board. let's stay up, let's stay happy, and let's go to new hampshire. thank you, iowa. cheers and applause] [crowd chants "amy"]
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>> i want to thank one very special person, lauren dillon, our incredible stage irector. i would like to say she's from brooklyn -- iowa. and has been with us from the very beginning. has put together this incredible team, a happy team. and we have had an amazing time with the volunteers. thank you for everything you have done. we can put the music back on.
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