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tv   U.N. Security Council Meeting on Middle East Peace Plan  CSPAN  February 15, 2020 7:02pm-8:01pm EST

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be sure to watch museum week all next week at 9 a.m. eastern on "washington journal." u.n. security council met recently to discuss president trump's middle east peace plan, a resolution to reject the plan was withdrawn after it was blocked by the u.s. and israel. in this debate we hear from palestinian president abbas, israeli ambassador to the u.n. danny dylan and u.s. ambassador to the u.n. kelly craft. >> you ready? [speaking for in which] >-- foreign language] >> in the name of god, the excellency the minister and president of the council, your excellency, secretary-general
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your excellencies, secretary-general, your excellencies, members of the security council may the peace, mercy and blessings of god be upon you. i have come to you on behalf of 13 million palestinians to call for justice. for a just peace. that is all. i have come to you today ladies and gentlemen, to reaffirm the palestinian position that rejects the israeli-american proposal supported by the results of the meeting of the league of arab states and the oic and the a.u.
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they all concluded that this must be rejected fully in addition to statements issued by the eu, russia, china, japan and other countries around the world. i mention specifically the position of the secretary-general of the united nations that this commitment the -- to the resolutions. the rejection of this plan is reaffirms or is the result of the unilateral steps and the fact it violates international legitimacy and the arab peace initiative.
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and the legitimacy of the palestinian rights to self-determination, freedom, and independence in our own state. it legitimizes what is illegal -- settlements and confiscation of land and annexation of palestinian land. i would like to reaffirm that this plan or any part of this plan should not be considered as an international reference for negotiations. this is an israeli american preemptive plan in order to put an end to the question of palestine.
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it was rejected by us. because it considers that east jerusalem is no longer under the sovereignty of the state of palestine which is enough for us to reject the plan. at least palestine -- it leaves palestine segmented without any control of our land, air and sea and puts an end to palestinian refugees and and a peace plan -- and it will end all basis for a a peace plan and the rejection to all agreements and agreements -- and obligations to establish two states along the 1967 line . this plan will not bring peace
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or stability to the region and therefore we will not accept this plan. we will confront its application on the ground. this is the summary of the project that was presented to us . this is the state they will give us. it's like swiss cheese. who among you would accept a similar state or conditions ? deal, ladies and gentlemen, includes instructions and the entrenchment of occupation by military force into strengthen the apartheid regime that we thought we got rid of a long
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time ago is coming back to palestine. they are strengthening the apartheid regime. this rewards the occupation instead of holding it accountable for all the crimes it has perpetrated against our people and our land. in this regard, i would like to thank countries, regional and international organizations organizations, parliaments around the world the members of the security council for helping us support the national consensus on the basis of international legitimacy rather than u.n. resolutions. also thank you to israel. we thank the israelis who also
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rejected this plan in different ways and those who stood with us in the house and the senate in the united states we also think -- we also thank american organizations and free people who rejected this plan. we value their positions to support peace and commitment to national legitimacy. this document, 300 israeli officers rejected this document. 300 israeli officers who fought for their country and now they say we are fighting for what is just. we also welcome the israeli demonstrators who took to the
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streets in tel aviv. to reject this plan. this is a letter from congress. in this letter 107 members have , signed the letter go a . another document from the us senate 12 members have signed , this document they all reject this plan. and some are even presidential candidates. we salute palestinians, arab people and all of those fighting for peace around the world who took to the streets by the thousands and hundreds of thousands in the west bank and
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gaza. although it is freezing there. it is cold but still they take to the streets to say no to the deal. and is not like some are saying. some reporters are refusing or rejecting this plan. no, hundreds of thousands of people taking to the streets to say no to this deal. tens of thousands around the world are saying no to this deal. and some insist this deal is not -- just. no, this deal is not just. i come before you today to say peace between israeli and palestinians is still possible. it is achievable. i have come to you to build and international partnership to
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achieve lasting peace. we are still committed to this as a strategic choice this is not an international partnership . this proposal from one state supported by another to be imposed on the world on the international legitimacy that represents hundreds of un resolutions and dozens of security council resolutions to reject the deal. mr. president, ladies and gentlemen, i wonder why are they determined to draft this proposal alone when we entered in 2017 into a dialogue with the
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u.s. administration and all the final status issues which me and president trump have had a long discussion and spoke many times about legitimacy and the two state solution. and he said, yes, now i will declare it. we also the 1967 lines and jerusalem we talked about security and other issues. that we have discussed and i was happy to discuss these issues with him at the time. however, i was surprised afterwards when the plo office in washington was closed and they declared jerusalem is the capital of israel. how is that possible?
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they transfer their embassy and called in other countries around the world to do the same. and they stopped sending us aid. $840 million u.s. dollars they stopped sending assistance. i don't know who gave him this unacceptable advice. i know mr. trump is not like that. president trump i have met is not like that. this was very surprising. i would like to recall we held the madrid peace conference with washington negotiations in the oslo accord, at the conference for peace on the basis of resolutions legitimacy that called for negotiations on all final status issues including jerusalem.
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we should not dictate as a wee give jerusalem to the state of israel. it is an occupied land. who has a right to give this as a gift? to one state or another? we come before you, the security council. we are committed to all of your resolutions. ladies and gentlemen, we were committed to implementing all agreements with israel. we behaved in a responsible manner. respectedy the world us.
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140 countries recognize the state of palestine palestine. we have become a part of the international community we became the observer stay in the -- we became an observer state in the general assembly. unable to become a full member we are because of the veto but still we could become the observer state joining 120 regional organizations and have become the observer state that became the chairperson of the group of 77 and china, including 135 countries in addition to china. so we do exist. we have continued to build our national institutions based on the rule of law. and international parameters for
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a modern state that supports transparency, and to combat corruption. we are among the countries combating corruption i called on the security council to have a fact-finding mission to palestine to look at our efforts to combat corruption to see that this emerging state under the occupation is fighting corruption and free from corruption. and anyone who claims that our state is corrupt only has to see for themselves. we have empowered women and youth and worked on spreading the culture of peace among our people.
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we always call for peace we reject violence and terrorism. we fight terrorism around the world we have agency protocols with these countries we have signed these protocols to fight terrorism and one of them was the united states of america. and canada, russia, japan, and other countries. we are fighting terrorism. we are not terrorists. and we will remain committed to combating terrorism. three times we have held elections we believe in democracy.
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we called for elections last time but israel rejected that because we cannot hold elections in jerusalem although we did hold elections in 1996, 2005 and 2006 and jerusalem but not now because there was a decision divided jerusalem will be the capital of israel. but no, this will not happen . east jerusalem is ours west is theirs. and nothing prevents both states and both capitals. ladies and gentlemen, they said we have wasted opportunities for peace but that is not true. and to say that one day palestinians do not waste one opportunity to waste
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opportunities. and, recently, it was quoted by another senior israeli official saying that we do not waste any opportunity to waste opportunities we never waste opportunities. these are silly slogans. we accepted all human -- all u.n. resolutions 2334, 87 resolutions and we became an active member of the international community in 1993 we are committed to the oslo accord and all the details and decisions.
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-- and all of their provisions. we have recognized israel and israel recognized us. and also we have recognized israel. "i recognizesaid, the right of israel to exist and it is said and it is written, i recognize the plo as the legitimate representative of the palestinian people." so we have recognized one another. so what opportunity did we waste for peace? we responded to the efforts of the u.s. administration to those international initiatives to all calls for dialogue and negotiations.
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however, we were never offered the bare minimum of justice according to the international legitimacy the government of the occupation is undermining international efforts. we have tried to seize every opportunity in a serious way because peace is in the interest of our people around the world. and this document shows that. more than one country sent us an invitation. russia, japan, belgium. the netherlands. they all sent us an invitation to hold a dialogue. with mr. benjamin netanyahu on their territory. and every single time we have responded to these invitations
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. i went to moscow three times and he did not appear so who is rejecting peace cracks therefore -- so, who is rejecting peace? therefore, i wonder what opportunities did we waste? and then it was quoted by the son-in-law. on the other hand, israeli governments and israeli settlers have sought to destroy every opportunity for peace and they move forward everywhere in the west bank. occupiedd that was since 1967, they are building settlements there with impunity.
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they changed the characteristics of the occupied city of jerusalem. -- they continue continued with the war against our people on the gaza strip. supported by the u.s. administration that issued that issued a number of decisions that the world rejected. that a number of the current in the united states have rejected. and a number of americans and jewish organizations. have rejected it. this is a decision by the u.s. congress. number 326 rejecting the policy
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of secretary pompeo and the us -- the u.s. president on settlements. this is a decision from the congress. i would also like to affirm that we reject that linking economic assistance to a political solution. ue,y went to the hag and they said we will give you 50 million u.s. dollars. what about the political solution? no. political solution than if you wish to help us but however we cannot accept an economic solution first. we thank every country that
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provides us with assistance now without any precondition to build our institutions work on -- mr. president, ladies and gentlemen, in this difficult time, and before it is too late i would like to say to mr. -- to mr. donald trump, that the proposed american deal cannot achieve peace and security because it canceled international legitimacy. who can cancel international legitimacy? international legitimacy who can anull and cancel that?
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president trump did so. it cancels all resolution of legitimacy and all the rights of the palestinian people and it's even decided east jerusalem is no longer part of the sovereignty. this does not meet the aspirations of a two state solution. israel and palestine. is peacee, if there between us and the israeli people, it will be the most beautiful form of peace and the best relations there will be between israelis and palestinians. give us this opportunity to achieve peace. i know the peace deal is 180 pages and not everyone is
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willing to read all 180 pages . therefore we have decided to , summarize these pages with 20 pages. i wish that president donald trump will be fair and support international legitimacy so we can have a real opportunity for peace between israelis and palestinians. if you impose peace, it cannot last. let us reach peace between one another. we have reach peace without anyone in oslo.
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that peace was reached without the intervention without the knowledge of any country. and we reached the best agreement and we are willing to commit to that agreement however they killed rabin. why did they killed rabin? may his soul rest in peace. the this rostrum, i call on international quartet by the united states and russian federation, the eu and the un. the international quartet. and i call on the members of the security council to hold a conference for peace.
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we have the quartet so we can hold this international conference to the resolutions of international legitimacy. notably resolution 2334. not only this resolution but all resolutions. all your resolutions if you could pick and choose the resolution that you want want, however we have chosen to disregard all resolutions not even want to be taken into consideration? who are we to resort to have these resolutions are adopted by this council. if this council's resolutions are disregarded then who do we go to?
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we call for the implementation resolutions, the arab peace initiative, and we insist on the implementation of the arab peace initiative because it is part of the resolution adopted by the security council. by establishing an international mechanism. to sponsor negotiations. between the two sides. and any other country can join the quartet. quartet, in addition to any other country, however, to be honest honest, the us alone cannot be the sole mediator among the quartet you are more than welcome however as the sole mediator, we have tried this now and honestly we cannot accept it again. and i call on the international
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community and the government of israel to put an end to their occupational practices and their decisions to annex our land. these are our lands the disputed land what gives you the right to annex these lands? you will destroy every opportunity for peace in this historic moment i will extend my hand for peace again before we break this final opportunity i hope we find a real partner in israel. rabin, may his soul rest in peace. anybody who believes in peace in israel is welcome to join us to create a real piece that will -- a real peace that will bring
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fruit to palestinians and israelis alike. let us coexist in peace. our people, ladies and gentlemen can no longer tolerate this , occupation and it can implode at any moment. to avoid this we need renewed hope. do not take hope away from us. hope for our people. for justice, for independence, for peace. hope. please do not take away this hope from us. i would like to show you this now. -- show you this map. 1937, 1947, 2020.
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every time i look at this map, i lose hope is this what we deserve? is this what the palestinian people deserve? why? we were here. how did we get to this point with these small islands with , inland islands? on this occasion, i would like to call on the israeli people to say that the continued occupation and military control of another people, this will not help achieve your security. we only have one choice.
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we have to be partners. we have to be neighbors. each in their own country, their sovereign country let us remain committed to this choice before it is too late. once again, i stress that our struggle is not with the jewish people. we are not against the jewish people. we are muslim. a muslim who says i am against a jewish person has committed blasphemy. if i say i am against the torah, against jewish people , you are committing blasphemy. we are not against the jewish people we are against anyone who attacks us regardless of their religion. our struggle is not with the jews.
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our fight is against everyone who attacks our land. we call on ending the occupation in establishing our palestinian state. our people will not surrender. and you see before we will not surrender. we will continue to demand our rights. if you give us our rights, then we will stand with you. however, we will never surrender our rights and we will not surrender to this occupation regardless of the sacrifices. in conclusion i would like to say once again that i am ready to start negotiations as i was ready always if we have a partner in israel ready for peace and negotiations under the sponsorship of the international
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quartet and the agreed-upon parameters. i am serious. i am ready to stay here in the united nations to start these negotiations immediately. and i will say one thing. we will not resort to violence or terrorism. no matter how strong the attack against us is. we believe in peace. we believe in combating violence and therefore we will not resort to violence. eighty-three countries that will soon become 138 countries. we are willing to cooperate with any country against terrorism and violence. we are against terrorism regardless of the form and manifestation. we will not resort to terrorism. we will fight with peaceful
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means. look at what is happening now with the west bank and gaza strip. 100,000 people took to the streets. although it is freezing cold there to say no to this. it isn't just me rejecting this deal. but my delegation our entire people are saying no no no to the steel and finally i say to -- to this deal. finally i say to the world, be careful not to take away the hope of the palestinian people. i have come here to save this hope. i thank you. >> mr. president, mr. secretary-gen eral, distinguished colleagues.
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as trulydent abbas w serious about negotiating in good faith he would have taken the advice he received from many of you and many arab states and dthis opportunity to start direct negotiations. if he was serious about negotiation we would not be here we would be in jerusalem. yom kippurter the yo war, after countless clashes on the border, president sadat of egypt he didn't go to the when -- to the u.n., he went to jerusalem. president sadat knew that to achieve peace those steps must
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be taken and must be rooted in the past. presidents the. came to jerusalem and spoke directly to people about reaching out the hand for peace. i remember listening to that speech as a child. the fact that a leader of a country that we fought numerous wars it was incredible. not long after that speech, after that show of leadership and willingness to negotiate and compromise with president sadat signed the historic peace treaty between israel and egypt. mr. president, if president abbas was serious about negotiating we would not be here in new york he would be in washington dc.
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in 1994, his majesty king hussein of jordan came to the un -- did not go to the u.n. with president clinton and rabin he signed a declaration on terms for negotiations. if he was serious about if president abbas was serious about negotiations, it would be jerusalem or washington that he is not serious about negotiations or about peace. instead, he did what he always does. he came here to distract from
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his unwillingness to negotiate, to sit down, the speed. you can ask him when he asked -- the last time he met our prime minister benjamin netanyahu. they met only once. how many times did abbas in the general assembly and the security council? why don't they go to jerusalem? he is trying to blame the lack of progress on israel complaining instead and then to -- complaining instead of leading. that is not leadership. that was his way when he took office. that remains his way today. that het abbas claimed wants sovereignty for the palestinian people. avoids done everything to receiving it. his words are nothing but lip service.
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his call for sovereignty long ago became a battle cry rather than an actual goal. it is a way to keep the conflict alive. mentioned, in the last decade, not even one meeting. on the other hand, over 150 u.n. resolutions concerning the palestinians were passed during that time. does that seem like a reasonable balance? with oure meetings negotiating partners and 150 u.n. resolutions. it is only reasonable if you have no real intention of negotiating. mr. president, it must be noted that president abbas' rejection have been encouraged by many in the international community. if not with their words but then
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by their actions. voting in favor of one side of the resolution only further encourages his behavior. many of you have fallen into the habit of trying to -- the outcome of negotiations before they even began. you adopt precondit that contradict previous agreements between the sides. theexample, israel and p.a. previously agreed internationally endorsed dereements that the bor will determine direct and bilateral negotiations. yet still, some of you against this agreement, tried to add preconditions that future borders must be negotiated based lines.sole 1967 let us negotiate. when you tell them that is the outcome, it is not enter the room.
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us,should he negotiate with when you are negotiating for him? negotiations when you enter the room and you come with your demands and you negotiate. that is what we did with president said.. that is what we did mccain choosing -- with presidents a. sadat and king hussein. those are real negotiations. hisassees h sees battles are being fought for him and there is no reason for him to negotiate or agree to mutual compromises, it makes this an ever more remote possibility. here once again to criticize israel and the u.s. for the efforts to promotei thee, does not increase likelihood of president abbas agreeing to negotiate. instead, the international community would focus on
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bringing both sides to negotiating table. also time to it is reconsider the international community's approach to solving this conflict. it is clear that something in the current approach is not working. president abbas spreads lies in order to mislead the international community into believing that his desired solutions to the conflict is the only solution. in fact, he just did so today. however, all previous attempts to peace have been based on the same printable -- same principles and dogmas. albert einstein once said, he defined insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results. theident trump's plan teaksakes same approach to solving this conflict. it understands we have to try something different.
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maybe it will work this time. at the faces of the plan is the thehe basis of the plan is idea of achieving just and lasting peace between israel and the palestinians. what the plan does differently as if refused to accept the same out of date concept of previous plane. this plan refuses to accept that the only way to solve the conflict is with a formula that has failed for 70 years. the plan will present the requirement of a realistic approach that is not afraid to incorporate innovative ideas to address the concerns of both parties. it represents the necessity of a pragmatic approach in order to solve the conflict problem. even if, i know many of you, even if one has criticism of the specifics of the plan, we should still embrace it spirit. a spirit that says it is time to
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look for a new and pragmatic approach to solving this conflict. the plan's drafters have set themselves that the plan is only a suggestion. in the sides to use negotiations. it is clear that some of you are beginning to embrace the spirit of the plan. that is why you have used the opportunity to present -- to call on president abbas to negotiate. we thank you for that. but president abbas refuses to be pragmatic. he refuses to negotiate. he is not interested in finding a realistic solution to the conflict. beatpresident, let's not around the bush. progress towards peace will not be made as long as president abbas remains in his position. this is the reality. only when he steps down can israel and the palestinians move forward. a leader who chooses
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rejectionism, incitement and glorification of terror can never be a real part for real peace. israel hasnt, embraced the new innovative spirit of president trump's plan and agrees to use as a starting point for negotiations. we thank president trump and his team for their dedication to the cause of peace. israel is criticized in its role despite theasis but lies and', we are determined to fight for peace. we have always been willing to negotiate. we have offered president abbas opportunities, to begin negotiations many times. but his response remains the same. you can ask him when you meet him later today. why you are not willing to meet with us.
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his response is always no. he said it only the other week. a thousand times no. a core aspect of our believe, of the jewish way of life. i urge you take this opportunity to tell president abbas that speeches at the u.n. cannot replace direct negotiations. tell president abbas that unlike him, you choose peace. thank you very much, mr. president. >> thank you, minister. i want to begin by welcoming president abbas today to this counsel. and also to thank the secretary-general and my council colleagues. allocates itsl
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time, defines who we are and what we believe is important. this is especially true of today's meeting, finding a solution to the conflict between israelis and palestinian is important. it is important to president trump. it is important to me personally. based on our recent conversations i know it is very important to each member of this council. and it is vitally important to both israel and the palestinian people. since the formation of united nations, this council and the general assembly have demonstrated their beliefs in the importance of the middle east peace through countless hours of debate and passing more than 800 resolutions addressing this issue. but neither these debates nor this resolution have resulted in a true and lasting peace. so, with this record of failure, this spectacular, it would be folly to suggest this time was
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well spent and that what is needed now was more of the same. that is why president trump has proposed a new vision for peace, which poses a tangible challenge to the status quo. given the challenge, it is understandable that emotions are running high today and that strongly worded statements are being made. president abbas, i heard you speak of hope. i heard your words about the importance of hope. live, there must be willing to compromise, to engage in good faith. we are not here to merely promise hope. anyone can promise hope. we are here to deliver on hope, because that is what leaders do. it is what we are called to do today. piecece we have said our today, i want us to begin thinking about what is going to happen tomorrow. rather than respond directly to rhetoric, now is the
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time to set the table for a new conversation, conversation in which we do not talka at each other, but with each other. a conversation that is a starting point, not a finishing line. when i speak of a conversation, i want to be clear, as president statedt, we are not here to lecture, to tell other people how to live, who to beo to worship. instead, we are here to offer partnerships based on shared values. this partnership must begin with an understanding that real peace is never something theoretical. it is not something to be found paper, putting concrete experiences of security, economic security, and freedom. made theong we have mistake of assuming that documents filled with theoretical concepts alone will lead to the kind of peace that provides for the dignity of all
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people. but i am here to tell you today that this kind of peace, concrete, lasting, dignity that is peace, intrinsic to the plan proposed by president trump on january 28. is vision for peace different from its predecessors because it is specific and realistic. israel's acceptance of the plan and its map represents an historic step towards the establishment of a palestinian state with a capital in east jerusalem. this vision shows respect for of jordan's special role in muslim holy shrines in jerusalem and ensures the ability of muslims from around the world to worship and the al-aqsask -- the mosque.
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seeingstic prospect for in their lifetime a self-governing and fully recognize palestinian state. the plan also recognizes that a political resolution to this conflict is not enough to ensure the palestinian people have the opportunities to thrive. opportunities they need, opportunities they deserve. the plan proposes historic levels of economic investment in the future state of palestine. more than $50 billion in total. this investment would reverse the brutal cycle of poverty that has trapped thousands of palestinian men, women, and chilled and for decades. as president trump said two weeks ago he wants this plan "to be a great deal for the palestinians. it has to be." and it is. the foundation for widespread economic opportunity, the united states plan is more than a path to palestinian independence. it is a blueprint for the construction of a flourishing
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palestinian state. this is not a proposal of peace in theory but of dignity and practice. the united states believes that this plan is realistic and implementable. i will repeat here what senior advisor jared kushner has asserted on multiple occasions. this iplan is not a take it or leave it. it is not my way or the highway. it is not set in stone. rather, it is an opening offer. it is the beginning of a conversation, not the end of one . the united states stands willing to support all efforts to begin this conversation and moving for,we hope all parties keep an open mind, listen and engage. i'm optimistic all council members would give this approach a fair hearing, rather than revert to the old habits that have not produced and cannot produce peace we all seek. and, above all, weho hope the israelis and palestinians will
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have the courage to talk to one another. u.s. heard me say repeatedly that united states will always stand by israel ensuring its security is never threatened and his prosperity is protected. that has not changed and never will. have nole of israel better friend than united states and i want them to know as a force -- as we forge a new path to peace we will be with them every step of the way. but i want to make clear the united states also stands by the palestinian people and support their will for a better future for themselves and for their children. my fervent hope is that after today's rhetoric clears, palestinian leaders will see this plan for the opportunity it is. and sittheir sleeves down with the leaders of israel to begin a new conversation. continuing to leave this conflict unresolved -- leave this conflict unresolved only
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benefits extremists who seek to perpetuate the cycle of terrorism. but peaceful coexistence is not out of reach. by committing to extend freedom, dignity, an opportunity to all palestinians and israelis, we can build the future we have all sought for so long. only this way can the weapons of war at last be beaten into plowshares and peace. true lasting peace to send on this land that is holy to so many. president abbas, president trump knowtated, i want you to that if you choose the path to other america and maybe countries will, we will be there. thank you. a look at some of this evening's programming on c-span. [captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2020] [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] >> next, stacey abrams talks about political activism and
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voting rights. after that, ivanka trump dissipates and a woman's initiative forum. then presidential candidate michael blumberg campaigns in virginia -- bloomberg campaigns in virginia. follow campaign 2020 to nevada this weekend. 11 p.m., joee at biden, pete buttigieg, senator amy klobuchar, tom steyer, senator bernie sanders and senator elizabeth warren speak before clark county democrats. on sunday, live at 5 p.m., joe biden, pete buttigieg, senator amy klobuchar, and tom steyer speak at a forum on infrastructure. live coverage on c-span. demand and listen on the go on the c-span radio this weekend, newsmaker
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interviews to rector of the congressional budget office. he talks about the budget, debt and other spending issues, the same weight president trump sent his budget proposal to congress. anday at 10 a crack a.m. four: 30 a.m. eastern on the free c-span radio app and watch online on >> former candidate for georgia governor stacy abrams talks about political activism and voting rights in front of a student audience at morehouse college in atlanta. this is about one hour. >> good evening. major hereor english at morehouse college. i have the esteemed honor of introducing our 2020 king lecture speaker, leader stacy abrams. [applause]


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