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tv   Washington Journal 02162020  CSPAN  February 16, 2020 7:00am-10:03am EST

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show host dean obeidallah joins us to talk about the presidential election. washington journal is next. ♪ host: good morning. the president and mar-a-lago this sunday morning. later today, he will attend nascar's daytona 500. he will serve as the grand marshal. most of the democratic candidates are in nevada. later today, they talk infrastructure on the campus of unlv. we will have that life. one candidate was in virginia last night, democrat michael bloomberg. it is sunday, february 16. 2020 politics are our starting point. specifically your reaction to
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the bloomberg candidacy. he is bypassing the caucuses and primaries. his eye is on super tuesday. our phone lines are open, (202) 748-8001 is the line for republicans, (202) 748-8000 if you are a democrat and (202) 748-8002 if you are an independent. we are also taking her text messages, that phone number is (202) 748-8003. be sure to tell us where you are texting from and your good name. good sunday morning. we begin with presidential politics. we are in the february season of caucuses and primaries. all eyes are on the nevada caucuses a week from saturday. virginia is a key state for bloomberg's super tuesday strategy. if there is a state or democrat
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michael bloomberg could expect a return on investment, it is virginia. by investing millions, bloomberg helped democrats take back the statehouse last fall with full control of government in virginia, democrats have started pushing through legislation on everything from gun control to gay-rights. the state could serve as the centerpiece of the strategy of michael bloomberg, looking to compete in the 14 states that vote on tuesday, march 3 -- super tuesday. his longtime investment has helped with fans and local officials. counted on him as a supporter. the campaign to take on the nra, advanced aggressive control legislation in the general assembly. that story focusing on michael bloomberg. last night at a state party dinner enrichment, michael bloomberg had this to say. [video clip]
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virginia is still very much up for grabs in 2020. we are not waiting until the general election to organize here. we have already knocked on 32,000 doors in the state, made and than 72,000 phone calls i have hired staffers to work right here in virginia. [applause] >> i want you to know i am here to stay know better who comes out on top of the primary. we can elect democrats up and down the ballot. [applause] >> and say goodbye to donald. host: that was michael bloomberg and that is available on our website, headline, sharpening attacks on bloomberg as he continues to rise in the polls.
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bloomberg's 2020 rivals are sharpening their attacks against him, underscoring his greatest strength in the primary race. bloomberg has assembled a fearsome campaign apparatus that includes hundreds of the democratic party's top strategists. he has put more than $350 million into an advertising campaign that has lifted him in the polls. he has also apologized for several racially charged controversies for his time as mayor of new york city. polls show him cutting into joe biden;s support among black voters. is taking place on wednesday evening, msnbc is the sponsor of the debate. youin in philadelphia, do
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support the bloomberg candidacy? caller: yes, he has a data machine that is out of this world and he has the resources to go against trump. american and stop and frisk does not bother me. he followed the law because he thought that was the best thing to do at the time. host: do you think this is an issue among african-american democrats in the primary? republicans will try to make it an issue. but from my point of view, i don't think it is an issue. we are dealing with trump and all of the things he does being president. i am ready to listen to somebody else, no matter if they did one thing in their life that was not a good judgment at that
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particular time. as long as they came to realize that it was not the best decision they made, and they try to reconcile it. host: let's go to john in philadelphia on the republican line. good morning. caller: good morning. ago i wassay 10 years a democrat, union democrat all my life. i changed to republican to vote these guys out. and to have that opportunity. hillary, to my surprise, i don't know if this 2020 race will be as crazy as last year -- i mean, as the last presidential race. thingerg, it is the same -- money. same thing as donald trump. money versus money.
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very annoying right now. the democratic party, they can beat trump. they can beat him, but they have to come together more on the issues and there are a lot of issues. the system is a failure. climate change is -- what is trump doing? done a good job with the economy. could the democrats do that and change the policies? that is all i have to say. thank you. host: thank you for the call. he mentioned hillary clinton. a headline getting a lot of attention over the last 24 bloomberg isl considering hillary clinton is a potential running mate. he is with her, writes the new york post. bloomberg could team up with
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hillary clinton to try to take down donald trump by making her his running mate. found they polling would be a force. his communications director did not deny the rumor of the matchmaking effort, saying we are focused on the primary and the debate, not vp speculation. broke theter drudge news, bloomberg posted a message about working with female colleagues. he said i would not be where i am without my female colleagues i have had. the headline from the new york post is hillary clinton is being considered as a potential running mate for michael bloomberg. new jersey, independent line, good morning. caller: good morning. i wanted to point out as the previous caller stated, the stop and frisk was started by rudy
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giuliani and michael bloomberg, who i support, is the one who inherited it and ultimately stopped it. it should be pointed out that trump has indicated on sean hannity that he would like to see stop and frisk implemented nationwide. just given michael bloomberg's most recent comments in retaliation to trump's tweets, i thought he handled them masterfully. the only thing i have heard so far from the other candidates with respect to trump that is they would beat him like a drum. that did not carry the day. thank, c-span. host: thank you for the call. in stateto ben college, pennsylvania. i want to start by saying i am a president trump supporter. i plan on voting for him.
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i agree with the gentleman from pennsylvania who said michael bloomberg has the resources. i can't get on snapchat, youtube, facebook without seeing one of his ads. i admit, they are catchy. he definitely has the best ad campaign going, even though he is not participating in the early states or the debates. host: next from michigan, robert, you are on the air. good morning. caller: the best thing the democratic party could do for america is all the money they are going to spend on is going to-- trump win by a landslide. they don't have a chance. thank you. host: this is from rebecca on our twitter page. tom steyer can't make any headway but bloomberg is coming up fast. tony is next from kansas city, missouri. good morning. caller: thank you for taking my call.
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supporter butden his lackluster campaign, he makes no sense. i have given my support to bloomberg. he would be the savior for the democratic party this time. warren, bernie sanders, they would be a disaster. we need someone to get this crazy man out of office right away. host: according to cnn, the onomberg staff, 2400 people the payroll for michael bloomberg, spending close to $400 million in advertising and vowing to spend more than $1 billion to win the nomination. the republican convention is in late august in charlotte, north carolyn. buffalo, new york. good morning. caller: good morning. i am a big fan.
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this is the first time i have tried to call. i enjoyed the way you monitor the calls. i like the idea of bloomberg. i think all of this stuff before is a waste of time. get 40 or 50 emails a day, and i am not kidding. i get that many emails per day requesting money. i think it is a total waste of time what the candidates do. none of these debates mean a thing because they get 30 seconds to answer this, 20 seconds, it is ridiculous. the real way to get to know candidates is what bloomberg did last night, what some of the candidates have done when they do town halls. i am interested in mr. bloomberg because he is a successful businessman, he is not a liar, he does not tweet. to me, he is a decent human being and he would lead the
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country well. host: thank you for the call. don't be a stranger. how much snow in buffalo? caller: it has been a mild winter. rains, snow, and then it and then it is gone. is inof the snow we get the southern area, which is our ski country. we don't mind it there. were praisingans trump for using his own money. they say he can't be bought. now the same republicans are criticizing michael bloomberg for doing the same thing. ofconsin, the hometown former house speaker paul ryan. good morning. caller: good morning. the former town where he used to live. i think he moved out closer to you guys. i am looking forward with bloomberg getting in, i have always been a fan of him when he was mayor of new york city.
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i don't agree with all of his positions but i think it will elevate the campaign. i think trump is very scared of him because he understands how tough it will be against him. finding out this morning, from your program, of hillary clinton being a possible running mate. examplethat is a great of the intelligence of mike bloomberg. to build that huge network, i watch a lot of c-span, i watch a lot of bloomberg tv also, i just can't wait. what he is going to do with the debate stage, and he has racial problems he had in new york city, but he also was looked up to in new york city because he did stop murders of
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blacks against blacks and he expressed that view. there are some pluses on there. he has apologized for not understanding the black issues. as far as running the city, i think he is looked up to very well. host: you mentioned hillary clinton. it might have been a trial balloon by the bloomberg campaign, but what is your reaction to her being on the ticket with mike bloomberg if he is the nominee? caller: i think they would be formidable. she is a high intellectual like he is. genuine insincere, his outlook on things. his idea on guns, that is an issue that has taken down a lot of democrats. i think bloomberg is not an
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ideologue. he has been a republican, now he is a democrat. i don't think he has changed his views on things. i think being in new york, he knows hillary clinton because they both worked on the same issues and stuff. andooks at her for respect he understands women and respects her viewpoints. i think it is a brilliant move. i think he picked her because he likes her, and he likes her because of her work ethic and her intellect. bloombergt vote for because of his views on certain issues, but i have a tough time with trump, also. how thet waiting to see campaign goes. it is kind of exciting. i am kind of a political junkie.
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i just think it will be good to watch. host: thank you for the call and you get a front row seat to the campaign here on c-span. timee live at 5:00 eastern on infrastructure. the democratic candidates are on the campus of unlv. it is also live on c-span radio. tomorrow, we are live with a pete buttigieg rally in crescent city, nevada. we will have the results and the speeches next saturday. this headline from the las vegas review journal, so far the thousands turning out for the first day of early caucuses in nevada, more than 10,000 turning out yesterday, some waiting in line for up to three hours. after that, we are onto south carolina for the primary on saturday, february between
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knightsbridge 14 states going to february 29th. after that, 14 states going to the polls on tuesday. caller: i am in georgia, i am a libertarian. i am inclined right now to vote for him to help save the democratic party from themselves. of fun it will be a lot to watch. i think i will buy some stock in orville redenbacher popcorn. he has the money, he has the moxie, he is from new york. unlike the guy before him, i think it will be a really interesting campaign coming up. if he gets the nomination, it will be even more interesting. i disagree with the hillary idea completely. host: would that be a dealbreaker for you if she is on the ticket? caller: i might still vote for
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him if she is on the ticket. she won't be on the ticket in march. as far as who i would vote for in november, that is a different story. right now i am a libertarian. voteht be inclined to libertarian this time. i despise trump. he is a despicable human being. i would love to see him defeated. i can live with bloomberg. we know he is a capitalist part -- we know he is a capitalist. he would be better than the other democrats. tweet or a text message. he says no, the money is what the dnc wants. the voters want bernie. let's see how the dnc thanks.
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the so-called stop and frisk policy put in place under a number of new york city mayor's, including michael bloomberg, has been the source of a lot of attention, with michael bloomberg apologizing for that policy. he addressed the issue enrichment yesterday. [video clip] >> many of the ways we tried to reduce gun violence was right, and we did reduce murders by 50% in new york city. there was one approach that i deeply regret. it is the abuse of the police practice called stop and frisk. i have gotten a lot of grief for it lately. i defended it too long because i did not understand the unintentional pain it caused young brown and black men and their families. i should have stopped it, i did not and i apologize for that. [applause] sometimes we make a mistake and i think the sign of
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leadership is standing up and learning and doing it better. i spent a lot of time with black leaders and community members, i listen to their stories, i heard their pain, confusion and anger, and i have grown from that. let me make it clear. those of you who want to know, as president of the u.s., i will work to dismantle systems plagued by bias and discrimination. i will invest in communities who have received the brunt of these systems for generations and i will put this work at the top of my agenda. host: that was mike bloomberg in richmond, virginia yesterday. texas, democrat line, your view on his candidacy? caller: good morning, c-span. host: good morning. i emailed him in new
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york when he was the mayor. all of this money, i don't like him. , who knows what he really is. he is all over the place. , ion't like any democrat call them extreme right wing democrats. host: who is your candidate? caller: elizabeth warren. i think she is a centrist. i don't see her as far left wing. i don't like pragmatist people. they reign on our parade. bloomberg is trying to do what he is doing. the democrats are looking to get together and get enough
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delegates to take over the convention if nothing else. -- it iss is from interesting to read the stories on the iowa caucuses that are coming out. front page of the washington post, an in-depth look at exactly what happened at the iowa caucuses. they crashed under the dnc's watchful eyes. we saw the email from troy price, the former chair of the democratic party because of the errors that led to significant delays. vermont, democrats line, the bloomberg candidacy, what you think? caller: thank you for accepting my call. previouse with the callers about michael bloomberg. i am african-american and i -- i don't they will
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think african-americans will vote for him. i think they will be able to see through him. i just like to make that comment. i disagree with the previous callers on that point. host: a couple of text messages. nathaniel in new jersey says i think when a politician looks back at his past political positions and says he is wrong, that is a sign of good character. bloomberg is a person who can beat donald, the king of fake news, trump. i can see the ticket being michael bloomberg and kamala harris. tweet, tom steyer can't make any headway because bloomberg is coming up fast. this story is on the front page of the new york times, here is some of the details from a team of reporters.
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2018, emily's list had a dilemma with congressional elections approaching and a battle over judge brett kavanaugh overweight, the democratic women's group was hosting a fundraising luncheon and new york. among the speakers, michael bloomberg, the former mayor who had donated $6 million over the years. bloomberg made blunt comments it'd interview expressing skepticism about the me too movement and questioning sexual misconduct allegations against charlie rose. emily's list officials seriously debated withdrawing bloomberg's invitation. according to three people familiar with the conversations. the group decided it could not risk alienating michael bloomberg.
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the women in the audience wore black to show support for christine blasey ford. story,nt-page bloomberg's billions, how the candidate built an empire. available online. from vermont, you are next. thank you for waiting. good morning. caller: like i said, i don't believe that mr. bloomberg is the remedy for the democratic .arty, as shown i just don't feel like he is a good candidate. , i think he is the one the democrats should nominate. college park,from maryland. too many people are willing to
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vote for lucifer, bloomberg and parentheses, bloomberg is simply diet trump. c-span.thank you for i watch you guys all the time. it is tough to get in. i am glad i did. on the bloomberg issue, i agree with the gentleman from vermont. i don't think bloomberg is the answer. he definitely might have the money, but he has not been scrutinized. he turned new york city -- started turning it into a nanny state. virginia, he was anti-nra. he has the democrat legislature, they have been going gang bust with the democrat agenda.
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would you listen to all of the candidates, they talk about health care and all they talk about is beat donald trump. they tell me how bad the economy is, but i will tell you what, my 401(k) is doing great. i don't think bloomberg is the answer. i am interested in seeing the convention. some of the networks are really pushing bloomberg and they are pushing bloomberg hard. bernie got asked the question if he would accept bloomberg's money if you were to get the nomination and of course sanders it,ed around i, -- around and he even made the statement if they want to give him money, even if he will raise their taxes, i will take it. what i'm interested in is bloomberg said he will continue
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to dump the money and, no matter who gets the nomination. host: thank you for the call. bernie sanders addressing the bloomberg candidacy. we will have that in a moment. he was among the democrats speaking to clark county democrats in nevada. this is jennifer on facebook. but bloombergue, is not one of my choices. he is trying to buy the nomination. democrats are not as gullible as republicans. i do like his tweet attack against trump. mar-a-lago,t is in he is the grand marshal of the daytona 500. is the president hosting a lavish fundraiser, raising an aboutted $10 million with 40 people in attendance last night. the bloomberg campaign at what this ad taking aim at president trump. [video clip] >> asked not what your country
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can do for you -- [bleep] >> ask what your country -- ask what you can do for your country. >> i could stand in the middle of 5th avenue and shoot someone and i would not lose any voters. gorbachev, tear down this wall. >> build that wall, build that wall. >> americans are generous and strong and decent not because we believe in ourselves -- >> i would like to punch him in the face. believe inuse we others. we have tothe crap put up with. >> i am asking you to believe, not in my ability to bring about change, but in yours. >> how about i take his money but in the end i screw him and
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don't do anything? ♪ host: that from the bloomberg campaign, spending in excess of $380 million so far in advertising since launching his campaign with a staff of more than 2400. the bloomberg headquarters located in times square. on facebook, another dangerous billionaire republican trying to pretend to be a liberal and buy his way into power. i am shocked how many people are falling for the slick ads. another prison said it is ironic and hypocritical that the democrats are considering voting for a 1%-er. the betting odds are increasing for michael bloomberg, with bernie sanders still leading the pack. followed by michael bloomberg, pete buttigieg, joe biden and
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even hillary clinton is listed. in connecticut, republican line, good morning. caller: good morning. i don't think mike bloomberg is acting in good faith. i think he will resign if he wins and install whoever he picks as his running mate, maybe hillary clinton or kamala harris. he does want to be president. i see him as reluctant to get in. he had to be coaxed to get in. it does matter anyway because trump is going to win. host: last night in las vegas, this from vermont senator and presidential candidate bernie sanders. [video clip] >> let me also say a word about the current campaign and say to you that regardless of how much money a multibillionaire
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candidate is willing to spend on his election, we will not create the energy and excitement we need to defeat donald trump if that candidate pursued, advocated for and enacted rasul policies likecial stop and frisk. caused communities to live in fear. we will not defeat donald trump with a candidate that in 2015 example, am not in favor, have never been in favor of, raising the minimum wage. we will not defeat donald trump with a candidate who opposed a modest proposal during barack obama's presidency to raise taxes on the wealthy while advocating for cuts to medicare
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and social security. we will not defeat donald trump with a candidate who instead of holding the crooks on wall street accountable, blame the end of racist policies such as redlining for the financial crisis. the simple truth is that mayor bloomberg, with all of his money, will not create the kind of excitement and energy we need to have the voter turnout we must have to defeat donald trump. host: that was senator bernie sanders in las vegas last night. we carried it lives. it is available on our website. this is from joe in oklahoma city. not only did mike bloomberg not and stop and frisk, he defended it. -- thert andy dick, not court ended it, not mike. caller: i'm not sure about
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bloomberg. he switched to republican while he was mayor, he had controversial issues, then he switched back. he supported bush. host: he did not quit. he ran as a republican, then he became an independent and now he is a democrat. caller: he has been all three. [laughter] caller: he has lots of money. he has not been in any debates. i don't really think he will have the kind of support through the nomination process to win the nomination. think the democratic voters are fickle right now. i think they should stay with joe biden. he is the guy with the most experience.
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in and bring stability, calm, and start the presidency right off the bat. he knows all of the foreign leaders and everyone in congress. independent is an who switches to democrat. when he ran against hillary clinton, he won the caucus states. we saw what happened in iowa. he did not win any big democratic states. everyone should calm down and get behind biden and believe me, there should be a lot of people to vote trump out because we can't have him another four years. to say he is corrupt is putting it mildly. we probably only no, the tip of the iceberg of corruption he has done during his presidency. host: the headline from the nation magazine, democrats should welcome michael bloomberg to the debate.
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it is time for bloomberg to come out of hiding and faces fellow democratic candidates and the media. he cannot win without presenting a compelling case for his candidacy without great ads. they need to know the man and see him in action. explaining where and why he has changed his mind and showing why he is the man for the moment. i would love to have his billions against donald trump but i would prefer a massive voter movement to defeat the incumbent. if bloomberg can do both, more power to him. if not, the sooner we know, the better. greg is joining us from jacksonville, florida. good morning. caller: good morning. year watcher of c-span. i am a big fan of steve. i happen to think you are the best of the best when it comes
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to not only hosting the program -- i am calling because i am an independent and i am a huge supporter of michael bloomberg. calls comingof the in are misleading. taken anhe media has unfair approach for michael bloomberg and i will tell you why. a stopecause i don't see and frisk policy, as an african-american, as a form of racism practiced by mr. bloomberg. facts and they were, with all due respect to my own ethnicity, the guns were being carried, the murders were being made, the robberies were being made, that happens with economic deprivation, systemic racism within the whole system. some of that was even practiced
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by the democrats over the years when they were in power. they have not done what michael bloomberg did with his terms as mayor in new york. with some of the foundations he set up to empower african-americans economically. i think this whole rush to judgment that he is a racist, it is over the top. it is unfair to him. a statistic that is true, the murder rates in new york when he was mayor dropped 50%. african-americans, with all due respect, we have to recognize what the facts would be and they are we were carrying weapons and the younger people were carrying weapons and committing robberies and murders. i would like to see a lot more balance and fairness with michael bloomberg. i plan on voting for michael bloomberg because i think he is
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the only one who can go toe to tell with donald trump, both financially and the criticism he can make toward donald trump. host: thank you. we appreciate it. this is a text message from of your sing i would like to see a bloomberg-amy klobuchar ticket. one of the underlying problems is alcoholism in washington blames the other party when the problem is lobbyists. washington is addicted to money and like an alcoholic it can't function. from the washington post, how michael bloomberg could win. he writes the following. resistance, this is a democratic party with an anti-billionaire message that has suited some of the candidates quite well. babyis becomes a just win
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election, some voters might think about what that could do. bloomberg could plausibly present himself as a pragmatic pick on other issues like the economy. strategist for the bernie sanders campaign with this on the bloomberg candidacy. [video clip] >> mike bloomberg is the billionaire backstop. bernie comes out ahead, they have bloomberg there to try to stop bernie sanders. democratic voters will reject that. this is where candidates meet face-to-face with voters in their living rooms, coffee shops and to just say i am not going to do that, i am just going to buy this election. i don't think democratic voters will respond to that well. host: back to your phone calls. north carolina, republican line,
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good morning. caller: good morning. i am in favor of mike bloomberg running for president. if nothing else, i think he would be a good hedge bet against the other democratic candidates. i don't support any of them. anyone from elizabeth warren to the communist bernie sanders. bloomberg would provide an even keel. with bloomberg and trump presidential run, i think i would still go for trump, even though i think he is nutty, i voted for him the last time. he has the economy going pretty good right now. that is my main reason. host: thank you. yes, ifacebook page, hope he uses every last dime that the trump administration gave him. hisess you could say opponent's funding his campaign.
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more on allegations against the use of profane language, critics of michael bloomberg, this is a headline from the washington post, mike bloomberg four years has battled women's allegations of profane sexist comments. the allegation that he tolerated a hostile office culture could undercut him. candidates have dealt with related issues. tonie last year apologized female staff members of his 2016 campaign who said they were sexually harassed by coworkers, saying it was unacceptable behavior. joe biden facing allegations that he had touched and kissed women without consent. he said his expressions of affection were misconstrued but he would pay attention to concerns. one of bloomberg's rivals is senator warren of massachusetts. stop,iowa campaign
7:44 am
nondisclosure agreements are ways to hide bad things to have done. he called on bloomberg to release women from such agreements. bloomberg said maybe the senator should worry about herself and i will focus on myself. that this morning from the washington post. back to your phone calls. connecticut, good morning, independent line. bloomberg.upport the other candidates don't talk about what republicans do. back to the good times. they don't talk about what happened in wisconsin when the democrat got voted in and he was stripped of his power. and what they do in the southern states. they make it harder for african-americans to vote in the southern states.
7:45 am
trump disrupted all of the branches of government. he weaponized the doj. i think michael bloomberg is the guy for the job. he can stand toe to tell with trump and just get the got out and ship trump back to russia. host: florida with a text message. we need someone who can take on the lying disgrace in the white house. he is also a real self-made billionaire, unlike trump, who got his money from daddy dearest. the elizabeth warren campaign with this video responding to michael bloomberg. [video clip] >> for decades through something called redlining, our government lost many african-american families out of the american dream of owning a home. the 1960's,0's to the federal housing administration had color-coded
7:46 am
maps drawn up of neighborhoods where they would and would not back loans for home ownership. african-american neighborhoods got marked on the map in red and they were effectively denied home mortgages eventually, finally, redlining was outlawed. there has never been anything done to make things right. othere of redlining and types of systematic discrimination, many black and latino families have not been able to build up wealth through homeownership. today, white families have a median net worth of about $171,000. black families, it is about 1/10 as much. it is time for the federal government to right this wrong. [applause] host: that from the worn campaign and this from don in
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california. bloomberg and trump come from the same wealthy circles and he knows more about trump than any other candidate. uglyberg will reveal secrets about the president. two headlines from the new york times. early voting going on in nevada where the caucuses take place next saturday. unlike iowa, trying to learn the lessons of the iowa fiasco. bloomberg's billions build a sturdy foundation for his presidential bid. michael in maryland. your view on all of this? caller: i am a trump supporter but i am just curious, if bloomberg wins the nomination, what happens to bernie supporters? about crazy like bernie, but that is where the democratic energy lies. c-span like to hear from
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supporters, what their thoughts are if bloomberg won. would they even show up? host: that is a very interesting point. another viewer said bloomberg is a representation of everything wrong with american politics. it is disheartening that so many democrats are swayed by propaganda alone and can overlook past racist and classist behavior. i support bernie sanders and this will show us if we have been sold out to the elite interest of the working people if they still have power. mustheadline, bloomberg contend with longtime allegations of sexism in the workplace. pennsylvania, democrat line, your view on his bid for the white house? caller: good morning. i am also a bernie sanders supporter.
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there is an increasing movement among young democrats that will vote blue no matter who, except for mike bloomberg. we know he is buying his way into the election. we know he is a racist, he supported stop and frisk and the , we don'tio about it want another racist, sexist billionaire in office. we will not be voting for the lesser of two evils again. host: thank you for the call. if you go to the new york times website and look for the story how bloomberg spent billions of dollars, most of it on the east coast, also in the south and out west. to matt in maryland. go ahead. caller: how are you doing? host: fine. how are you? meler: it seems crazy to
7:50 am
that anyone is pushing bloomberg. the news has done this and that is why we are hearing so much about him. he has gone up a little, but bernie is still in the lead. my question would be to most people, why do we want anyone like that? why do we want another sleazy billionaire? we don't want that anymore and we learned our lesson. bernie is in the lead, last i heard. we are not hearing a lot about him. i think we should hear a lot more. bloomberg, he is the last thing we need after trump. we don't need any more billionaires. host: patricia with this view. yes, absolutely. he has the character, experience and means to lead this country to a far better place than it is now. it is bloomberg or bust as far as i'm concerned.
7:51 am
wallet too big to offend. let's go to tommy in new york city, republican line, good morning. caller: hi. i would take bloomberg over sanders. the people always think sanders is good for the working people, he is not, he is a socialist. all socialists do is tax the working people and take that money and give it to people who don't want to work. i don't think i know how he is good for the working people. host: good morning from north carolina. good morning? caller: for three years, all we heard was russia, russia, russia. 16 president debated different people. bloomberg, will not get on the stage and debate with anybody.
7:52 am
afraidt be that he is that they will start asking him questions about china? that is something that people need to think about. host: let me jump in. the reason why he is not in the debates is he is not qualified under dnc rules for debates. that could change in the vat or south carolina. caller: the man knew he was going to run. why did he not go ahead and throw his hat in the race early enough to get into the debates? chickenthat was kind of on his part. thank you for taking my call. host: thank you. this is a text message from boston. frisk,gard to stop and bloomberg wanted to make the neighborhoods safe and get red of the guns, but trump wants to get rid of the minorities.
7:53 am
trumperg has apologized, never apologizes for anything. bloomberg is leading a list, followed by tom steyer, ross perot, president trump. anthony in san antonio, texas. good morning. caller: good morning. i would like to say that i don't know why any true democrat would support mayor bloomberg. he is another billionaire wall has noperson that business running for the democratic party. he was a republican the last 12 years and only a week before he decided to run for president did he ever apologize for his stop and frisk policies. as a bernie supporter, there is no way i could support bloomberg because i believe it would send the wrong message to the democratic party that if trump
7:54 am
were to win, maybe the democratic party would understand the working class is for the democratic party should be. if they nominate another billionaire wall street tycoon, i don't know where they would be. host: thank you for the call. patricia says i like bloomberg but i think it would be a mistake to put hillary on the ticket. i love hillary, but people won't vote for her. i think amy would be a better choice. from new jersey, michael. good morning. caller: good morning, how are you doing? host: fine. thank you. caller: i think he has an all terrier motive. he is spending all of this money. somehow he will get it back. he's not losing anything. do you still hear me? i am voting for donald trump. he puts americans first. he puts america first.
7:55 am
he is going to keep america great. remember that, people. keep america great. he wants to give illegals everything free. he wants to give them freebies and let the men. donald trump wants to make secure borders and let legal immigration and. that is why i am voting for donald trump. host: south carolina, good morning. caller: good morning. i have been sitting here drinking coffee, as i do a lot of mornings and listen to c-span. the opinion of people around opinion,try, in my most people the call in against mr. bloomberg.
7:56 am
it seems like they put down the successful people in this country. warren, talked about and what she wants to penalize. how long at 2%, or 1%, it won't be after 10 years of that tax. bloomberg, mr. warren buffett, those are the hardhat have worked very to be very successful and this nation needs to be proud of them. host: thank you for the call from south carolina where voting will take place february 29. the following tuesday is super
7:57 am
tuesday, 14 states with primaries and caucuses. says trump reelected for a second term. i hope they get adjusted better than last time. it is coming. it is being reported in hillary clinton is a potential running mate for mike bloomberg. bloomberg could team up with hillary clinton to try to take down donald trump by making her his running mate. gloomberg's internal pollin found the duo would be a force. primaryocused on the and the debate, not vp speculation. broke theter drudge news, bloomberg posted a message about working with female colleagues. he said i would not be where i am without the female colleagues around me. a bloomberg insider telling the
7:58 am
new york post -- we will go to baltimore. good morning. caller: good morning. i am an african-american living in the heart of baltimore city. i support mike bloomberg. is weou have to realize black people, especially people my age around our 60's, we know that america, people of mike there is a age, certain expectation of what black is. we have had to fight and struggle for whatever we have had in this country. has a chance of beating donald trump because bernie sanders will not win an election against donald trump.
7:59 am
the moderate people in this country who sway both ways who voted for barack obama and forld trump will not vote bernie sanders. host: thank. one viewer disagrees. trade one shady billionaire for another? i want real change. this viewer sing bernie or bus. pine bluff, arkansas. you get the last word. anxious for very bloomberg to run because i am so sick and tired of trump's lies. president,lity of a a president must have character and he must have strong integrity and we have not had that from donald trump and i am ready for anybody who can do something host: thank you. this is jose in puerto rico. he writes on the text message, i
8:00 am
will vote for bloomberg. he is supporting statehood for the eyelet. coming up two different perspectives beginning with sebastian gorka, talk show host on salem radio. later on, dean obeidallah from siriusxm will be joining us. news anchor follows the washington journal at 10 a.m. eastern. this week the conversation with the director of the congressional budget office who talks about the work to score economic proposals as well as the president's budget. questions focused on medicare for all which is one of the issues among the leading democrats. here's part of the conversation. >> several democrats running for president in the cycle are campaigning on a medicare for all plan and if one of those candidates were to win, i am curious if cbo is equipped -- if
8:01 am
it is harder to analyze plans we are not talking about billion-dollar changes but tens of trillions of dollars over 10 years. how does that change the way you approach analyzing a plan that is that large? the right question with these large policies and we have to start with humility. -- youge of uncertainty said the whole economy, we will be large -- just before i arrived the cbo sent out a report and my colleagues testified. we started building the analytic capacity to analyze those kinds of programs. we are looking very broadly at various ways to expand insurance coverage because we realize there is congressional interest in expanding coverage. whether all the way to universal coverage with a single-payer system or incrementally building
8:02 am
on the affordable care act, putting in a public option. the administration has put forward an hra role for reimbursement accounts which we are looking at and how that would affect the health care system. we are building capacity in all of these ways. you said to be ready. goes,er direction policy we are hoping to be ready. the director of the congressional budget office is our guest which airs at 10 a.m. intern and a special re-air order to offset our camping 2020 coverage. it is also available on the web at i want to welcome back dr. sebastian gorka. he is heard on salem radio now. good morning. >> thank you for having me.
8:03 am
host: i want to begin with this piece from arthur brooks. he talks about why he disagreed with the president. he said, publicly insulting others simply creates the terrible, national discourse in this country. something that needs to stop. what is your reaction? he's taking aim at donald trump. guest: we have a problem with public discourse but it. we had people like maxine waters. they were publicly harassing them. this is what happened to sarah huckabee sanders. when you have eric holder, obama's attorney general saying when they are down, you don't help them, you kick them. this is something that started a long time ago. even president obama said at the thanksgiving table get in their
8:04 am
face if they are on the wrong side of the political argument. trumpea that donald started a negative public discourse -- he is responding to the attacks against him, his family, his administration. we have a media the attacks the president's life for wearing the wrong shoes, his 10-year-old son. inald trump was not elected 2016 because he is standing up to the abusive behavior of the mainstream media and a lot of people applaud him for it is do i. "manywhat he refers to " or "nervous nancy" doesn't that look bad on demonstration? i don't think national politics became as much about celebrity as policies and platforms. obama was a manufactured
8:05 am
celebrity candidate. nobody knew anything about him. he went from being a nonentity senator from illinois to being the democrat candidate. show. trump had a reality this part of labeling your opponent effectively in the age of twitter, facebook, instagram is part and parcel in the life in which we live. if you're going to be successful, you have to be able to brand. donald trump is the master. host: talk about alliances. born in hungary, grew up in london, this is the story getting attention. mike pompeo at the conference in munich but the president of germany is saying "our closest ally, the united states of america under the current administration, rejects the concept of the international community." are we losing the relationship with our alliances especially western europe? reject, what the
8:06 am
administration rejects is not the international system. we reject globalization. if you look at mike pompeo's speech, it was about western values and standing shoulder to shoulder with any nation that shares those values. it harkens back to what i think's is what the president's most important speeches. the warsaw speech at the site of the warsaw uprising where he said we are proud not only to be american but proud to stand for judeo-christian values and whether does poland, israel, or anyone else's we will stand shoulder to shoulder with you. globalization that would require us to sacrifice our sovereignty to an international criminal court or other initiative has to stop. that is why donald trump was elected by 63 million americans. to reassert those values.
8:07 am
we have had enough of the narratives that america is the source of all evil. we are the only nation founded on the principles of individual liberty which derive on the fact we are made in the image of our creator. that is what mike pompeo, that is what president trump stands for. i think that was what he was elected. host: michael bloomberg is running for president. he is leading in some states including florida and reports are considering hillary clinton as a running mate. aughter] guest: the idea that the woman who flamed out in 2016 and spent $1.4 billion is going to be his running mate -- that for me is christmas coming very early. mike bloomberg does not have a
8:08 am
chance to win the presidency. liken buy the nomination the superdelegate fiasco where hillary shut bernie up but a man who has as much charisma as an old shoe is going to be the president of the united states -- he might be rich but he could spend $54 billion and he will never be president. again, it is not something you have to applaud it is just a fact. politics has become celebrity bound. you cannot buy charisma and mike bloomberg does not have an ounce of it. host: how often you talk to the president? guest: he called me last sunday. we talked about issues to do dman personnel and they vin case. host: did he tell you about his decision -- guest: now i wanted to give him advice about what to do next.
8:09 am
i will say in general terms -- and i've said this publicly -- it does not matter what your issue is as a conservative. whether it is physical response ability, building the wall, pro-life, second amendment, it does not matter. if the president is reelected, above all else is personal policy. the swamp is still the swamp. yes ambassador sondland was recalled and lieutenant colonel vindman is gone. but we need positions filled. priority number one, get the personnel and the rest will fall in place. host: how long will the white house chief of staff stay in his job? guest: i like mick. i think is overburdened. he basically has three jobs. being chief of staff is a tough job. it is one of the toughest. the fact is doing to other jobs at the same time has to be
8:10 am
resolved. i am very excited about mark meadows coming on board. you really have to have somebody who knows how capitol hill functions. we shall see. host: what about bill barr? guest: what about? i love him. i called him the honey badger. exacted the kind of person you need it doj. the doj, above all else, was the most corrupt department we inherited when we came into the white house. having bill barr there is blended. host: according to reports, he told the president privately to stop tweeting and did so publicly on abc. what is behind that? guest: i'm not going to comment on whether or not that happened.
8:11 am
bill barr can make those statements. i am not sure i agree with him because he's the president of the united states but he also has first amendment rights. of roger stone but what happened to him should be an outrage to republicans, independence,. he has swat team on his house, helicopters, from misstating something that was not correct to congress. on john brennan, comey? the president called it out and he has every right to do so. host: let's get your reaction to what the attorney general told abc news this past week. [video clip] >> did you talk to the president at all regarding the recommendations? >> never. >> anybody call to try and
8:12 am
influence you? >> know. no. i have not discussed the roger stone case at the white house. guest: this is one of the things that surprised me the most. we have this absurd hoax of russia collusion, $35 million spent on the probe and exoneration. when i raised this issue once i was so surprised by his attitude that he was completely hands-off. he will tweet about issues but the fact he will reach in like nixon and brattle cages inside a given department -- he said let it collapse by itself. that is what he is doing with roger stone. rre fact that a debar -- ag ba had someone else review the case , another egregious abuse of power.
8:13 am
i am sure president trump had nothing to do with it. r duringgeneral bar doin itself. how many station? are 200. host: you have a new book? guest: my third book. we are in a constant war for this republic. we fail as conservatives to understand what was happening in the last 80 years. we have had a left that is increasingly radicalized and normalizes violence. we have to stand up for the values that our founding fathers built this nation on and understand that politics truly
8:14 am
is downstream from culture and if you have an issue you want to solve, you have to have influence socially first. the left understood that. what they have done with the media, hollywood, they understand that connection. host: you're told your story about hungary. do still have family? 15st: my family passed years ago and i am an only child. host: i went to get your reaction to what the ukrainian president said. [video clip] >> that is not true. when i have meeting with he said thatmp previous years it was so corrupt. honestly andery very open with him, i told him that we fight with corruption. we fight each day but please,
8:15 am
please stop saying that ukraine is corrupt because it is not true. we want to change this image. host: you advise the president on national security for an foreign policy. what has happened in regards to the impeachment and what we are seeing? what is the state of relations between the u.s. and ukraine? guest: it is robust because remember who this is. president zelensky is not a politician. this is a person who came from entertainment. business butessful came on a ticket. with all respect to the president, ukraine is the third most corrupt country in the world but independent metrics -- that he has solved that in less than a year is less than intuitive. ukraine has a problem. this man hopefully will be able to drain the swamp as well as
8:16 am
ours. host: are guest is dr. sebastian gorka. phone lines are open. you can also send us a text message at (202) 748-8003. be sure to tells your first name and where you are from. sandra in michigan thank you for waiting. caller: i have three points to make. first, it was not the democrats that started attacking president trump. he started with the thing against president obama and before 2015. you say donald trump has never done anything wrong. two years ago he went to court. he was found guilty of running a fake university for five years, cheating people out of $75 million. he had to pay a fine and if that were not enough, he asked for money for the veterans, put it
8:17 am
in his foundation, and he and his children spent that money for himself. thank you. host: thank you for the call. sebastian gorka? guest: you need to look into the background of the birth story. that was linked out of the clinton campaign. the idea that donald trump is a bad guy because of the -- talk to hillary clinton's campaign. youegards to started it, can look it up right now chronologically. 19 minutes after president trump 20, 2017 in on january the washington post said the impeachment begins now. 19 minutes. if you're looking for who started the fight, it is very clear. i know who is going to end it but it is clear who started it.
8:18 am
it was not my old boss. host: john in chicago, good morning. caller: hello. host: good morning. they want to be dictators. why won't trump show his texas? he is a walking, talking swamp. this guy sounds like a trump sycophants. get off your knees and be a man. guest: i don't need anybody to tell me to be a man, my friend. the president is a wannabe dictator? seriously? this is so, so disturbing that we have people who do not know the facts and are victims to fake news. donald trump has put nobody imprisoned, has not prosecuted anybody for political purposes.
8:19 am
createdecessor, obama, or signed off on the first ever operationy fbi, cia against day presidential campaign. that is unheard of. that is what you expect in venezuela or north korea. likewise, here is a little statistic that you can check at your hearts delight -- president obama prosecuted more journalists in jail more journalist sources under the espionage act than all previous 43 presidents combined. if you are looking for authoritarian, dictators, check out president barack obama. host: we will go on the republican line to marshall in clearwater, florida. caller: good morning. guest: hello. caller: i was hoping it would
8:20 am
not happen but i knew it would not be long. it is said with a man said you about get off your knees. i want to say thank you for speaking truth to power. guest: thank you, marshal. when they have no argument they go ad hominem. i was in the white house and in the first few months i had 42 hit pieces written on me by one journalist. they attacked my wife, my dead mother and one journalist -- a delightful individual -- wrote about my 18-year-old son using door traitor in the headline. the left is out of control. they have totally internalized the arguments and make politics about personal attack. i want to talk policy, i want to talk substance, the left wants to do ad hominem and that tells you about who they are. host: marshal, you want to follow up?
8:21 am
caller: in the last segment somebody said trump was trying minorities and i think he is but he is tried to do away with them by helping them find better jobs. i know you know the stats, if you could hit on that a little bit i would be grateful. one other thing, i know you have the facts, tried to go in a little bit of the bias concerning the left when it comes to being charged. host: thank you for the call. guest: i like the philosophical approach. he is not trying to do away with minorities but the idea we are defined based on our skin color and do away with the left's favorite topic of victimhood. if you look at the statistics, it is incredible what has happened in the last 3.5 years. with the lowest unemployment
8:22 am
since 1969 but the lowest unemployment on record for minorities. we have the highest employment rate for women. when those statistics were read out, for the record, by the president what happened? the democrats sat down. did not clap. they are against women employed. they are against the nine-year-old girl getting to choose which school she goes to. they could not clap for that 103-year-old tuskegee airmen who had been made a brigadier general. that is un-american. when it comes to getting justice s there is an issue with getting justice. 2016, 90.9% of washington,
8:23 am
d.c. voted for hillary. somebody who worked for the president, like myself, or support of the great make america great again could get justice in d.c. when the pool is more than 90% democrat -- this is a significant problem. host: when the speaker tore up the state of the union address your reaction was what? guest: this is a woman who is telling us she is the adult and donald trump is the child. this is churlish, it's disgusting, but you know it the most appalling part of the story is? people found the video of her pre-preparing the papers to tear them up. part she was doing that at?
8:24 am
i did a check. she was doing that childish thing under the table when the president was saying we are committed as a nation to make sure that children do not suffer from cancer. that we beat childhood cancer and we finally find a cure for aids. how could you not support that? i don't care who you vote for. we're talking about children with cancer and defeating aids. what does nancy pelosi do? she is a childish stunt under her desk. that is to the democrats have become. where the jfk's? people who are pro-life? strong on national security? it has become a party of extremists. host: they did say he was he put hypocritical when it can to pre-existing conditions since he got rid of the affordable care act. guest: but what has he said? pre-existing conditions will be covered.
8:25 am
the issue with the affordable care act was that it was unconstitutional. the idea the chief justice said it is not a penalty to tax. since when does the supreme court get to legislate and redefine u.s. law? they say whether it is constitutional or not. i know the president -- this is important -- pre-existing conditions is vital. host: we welcome all colors. allers. if you are listening and cannot recognize the accent, it is dr. sebastian gorka. [laughter] 's book is out in january and you can check it up. handing out cash to black voters. allies of donald trump have begun holding events in black communities were organizers lavish praise on the president is the handout tens of thousands of dollars to lucky attendees.
8:26 am
the first took place in cleveland, ohio where recipient who winning tickets were drawn from a been landed cash gifts in increments of several hundred dollars stuffed into envelopes. a second giveaway scheduled in virginia has been postponed. more are said to be in the works. politico says the events are run to intended to promote economic cities. it is registered as a charitable organization. one legal expert saying the arrangement does raise questions about the group's tax-exempt status as it does not appear to be venting the recipient -- vetting the recipients. guest: i do not comment on politico. it is the exemplar of fake news. when it comes to the black community i will say one thing hishe president has tripled popular jerry in the black community. that has nothing to do with
8:27 am
envelopes of cash. it has to do with the fact we have added $11 trillion to the economy. if you want to work and are not physically able to do so -- and are physically able to do so, you are able. we have almost zero unemployment. we will see some stunning things occur in november because the democrat party, in the last 50 years, has re-created the plantation in a political sense and black americans are leading it. there is a movement under candace owens and they waking up to what the democrats have been doing. he black community is being enslaved economically. host: the president received a 8%cent of the black vote -- of the black vote in 2016. where would he be now? guest: he is about a 23%
8:28 am
approval rating. he was accused of being a bigot, a racist, anti-semite and is potentially hitting the low 30's and approval with the black community. that is not directly translate to voting. approval rights and voting are not the same but we have got five or six months to make that happen. the democrat, party is broken. they've taken the black community for granted. they think they will always vote for them. it is exciting for all americans. host: we will go to california. michelle, good morning. caller: good morning. guest: good morning. host: go ahead. caller: i am a silent trumper. bloomberg will split the party even further? andt: fabulous question keep doing what you're doing in california.
8:29 am
every day is increasing the chances of a contested democrat convention later this year. the idea that you look at the front runners for the democrat party and all you have is rich, white people or rich white commonness like bernie sanders -- communists play bernie sanders you have to scratch your head. they are about standing up for the victims and michael bloomberg is one of the candidates? bernie sanders, who honeymooned in the soviet union with his wife who is an american jew? when you have somebody who has repeatedly lied about her ethnic background like senator warren, lied about it when she was professor at harvard getting $200,000 for teaching one course a semester. this is the democrat party.
8:30 am
if you look at the president's cabinet, there you will see diversity but not in the democrat party. guest: we go to iowa. kim, good morning. caller: i have a question. you sound kind of mad. i want to know what trump is going to do about the debt. it is rising $1 trillion per year. i want to know why the debt is going up, not down. what are you going to do about the debt? host: thank you. guest: what am i going to do about it? i'm good to talk about it but i'm just one guy with a radio show. [laughter] i would tell you with the situation is in the white house. the president is infuriated every single time that his hand is forced when it comes to signing another resolution, another cr, another budget. that is not who he is as a
8:31 am
businessman. our founding fathers had a checks and balance, a division of power, the pursestrings are not held by the president or senate but by the house. i will tell you one thing, kim. take of the president -- check out the president's budget proposal. that the first of its kind target the waste and mismanagement of funds in federal hands. the intent is there the question is what is going to happen in house? we can tackle the debt as long as we do our work and retake the house in november. guest host: i want to get your reaction to what pete buttigieg said last night. clark county democrats in las vegas. [video clip] >> wouldn't you like to see a president who likes to talk tough and thumped his chest and through military parades? to stand on the debate stage
8:32 am
next to a war veteran who will educate him on what traumatic brain injury can be more serious than bone spurs. [applause] it is time for this president to be held accountable. this moment is not just about who we are against but what we are for. that is where i see a powerful american majority coming together. not just our fellow diehard democrats but independence and what i call future former republicans. they stand at our side that we turn a page to a better day. some say why would a mayor run for president? you are not even from one of the big cities. you have not accumulated decades of washington experience but to that i say, that is the point. this is our only chance to bring new thinking to washington and
8:33 am
flesh out with this president has brought with him before it is too late. we cannot go up against the most disruptive president in american history by falling back on the familiar. if we want to go up against the most divisive president and megan history, we've got to call everybody to be at our side. we do not have to choose between one course following our heart and the other our head. we do not have to choose between a revolution or fidelity to the status quo. we can call every american into a better vision for a better future because the american majority exists right now. host: that was from last night. pete buttigieg taking aim at president trump. guest: the idea that pete buttigieg is going to criticize the president on leadership -- look at the viral videos of his mayoral campaign and the people from south bend who are screaming at him because of the police corruption in his little town. the idea he is going to talk to
8:34 am
the president about being a military leader? they have to look into who he is and how we got the position. he got to be an officer without going through -- it was a direct commissioning. it was a strange situation that put him into theater without going through candidate training school. it was a political scenic route. let's talk about his environment. . talk about pete buttigieg but who his father was. joseph died last year and was the preeminent, communist professor of antonio graham she. he was the president of that society. -- ost very lent virulent program .
8:35 am
this issue pete buttigieg looks up to. believed andjoseph you will understand how much of a threat this person is to our democracy. far more than any other candidate. host: how much should you be responsible for what your father debt? guest: not responsible but it shapes you. i am shaped by the fact by parents suffered as children under fascism. my father was arrested, tortured, and imprisoned by communists. that is the mother's milk i drank as a child. the idea this person's father was one of the most rapid communists out there -- a see him disavow those views. he is going to lecture us about reserve positions in the military that had direct commission. pete, you need to look in the mirror. host: you are quoted from the and youon post
8:36 am
reportedly said why is a homosexual man lecturing us about the sanctity of life and the womb? guest: i find it strange that a man who is proud to kiss his partner on stage is making judgments about whether or not women should have abortions in the third trimester. i thought the left was about don't comment on things about your lived experience. what is pete buttigieg's lived experience about pregnancy and abortion? i would say zero. he is a hypocrite. either the left says you do not comment or i get to comment on anything i want to. it is not a bisexuality but the his sexuality but ideology. host: aren't you taking aim at the fact he is gay? guest: the left says you cannot
8:37 am
comment on things that have nothing to do with your lifestyle. they say to me while you are white you can't say anything about asian life. you cannot understand their expanse. then pete buttigieg can shut up about pregnant women and abortion. you've got to be consistent. host: let us go to henry in michigan. good morning. caller: good morning. it is to gette to satan gorka. as a hard-working, taxpaying citizen from a blue state -- a blue donor state -- i am dismayed my tax dollars are going to neo-confederate red states that voted for donald -- filthy donnie trump. gorka --atan sebastian
8:38 am
guest: you can't even call the show up and get my name right. using --rance is just ignorance is oozing from your pores. satan? is that what you believe in? 63 million americans voted for that man. are you calling all of us filthy? that is the left. you cannot debate policy. god bless you, my friend, for demonstrating the moral bankruptcy of your party. thank you, henry. you demonstrated that live on national television. host: senator susan on impeachment said, "he was impeached and there's been criticism by republicans and democratic senators. i believe he will be much more cautious in the future." guest: then she has never met the president. he is not changing his ways.
8:39 am
he came to the white house to fight for the american people, to reestablish us as the shining city on the hill, to make us prosper. he will keep on doing exactly what he has been doing for the last 3.5 years. next from, you are ohio. caller: good morning. three things i have. president trump's is the best thing that ever happened to this country but the worst thing that ever happened was obama. he divided this country terribly. second, they keep talking about the debt. obama had a $10 trillion addition over years. nothing ever came from that. third, if the democrats -- i have a sister that is a democrat. she makes a lot of money on her 401(k) but i'm telling you if they get in their, everybody can bend over and kissed her behind
8:40 am
goodbye. this country is going down. it is terrible. president trump's the best thing to ever happened to this country. the only thing i say as every once and a while he used to be a little quiet about barr. i love that man. host: appreciate the call. you hear this often. we like the president i just wish he would -- guest: it buys me crazy. -- drives me crazy. if i have one more person who says i am republican and complain about the president's tweets, i don't know what i will do. tweets really? let me talk to you about the supreme court. let us talk about the associate justices that protect the constitution as the founding fathers saw fit. let's talk about more than 150 judges appointed. let's talk about isis destroyed.
8:41 am
$11 trillion added to the economy. let us talk about qasem soleimani killed. let's talk about we have more jobs available and you are going to lecture me and the president on tweets? get perspective. i do not understand this. it is results that matter not style. if your issue is with style, support obama because he can read the teleprompter smoothly. it is not about smoothness but what you're doing for america. this man has done more for america in three years the most presidents ever do into terms. host: if asked, would you return to the white house? guest: we have discussed this. right now with 3 million people listening and following to my show and social media i can be most effective on the outside. if -- god willing -- we get him
8:42 am
reelected and he needs me, it is not something you say no to. it is not just an honor but a duty. agenda has to be supported wherever i sit. host: his latest book" the war for america soul" is available online at the third book by dr. sebastian gorka. heard on salem radio and tess is joining us from north carolina. morning.d caller: good morning and good morning dr. gorka. this is very important. someone who has the president's ear needs to get a message to him that he has got to start being proactive on this whole racism thing where all of the republicans, everyone who voted racist. is a rac
8:43 am
have you ever seen a rally that donald trump has put on where there has been one boo when he has mentioned all of the jobs the african-americans and latinos have? no, you have not. when they boo is when they talk about the press and they have every right to do that. never has there been a rally donald trump has had that any person has booed when he mentioned the african-american, the chinese-american, the latino american. he has got to get proactive. tell his fellow that runs his campaign this has got to be mentioned. if you do not, people will continue with all of the republicans are racist,
8:44 am
everybody in the administration is racist. it has to stop. host: thank you for the call. guest: look, one of the most remarkable things about working for donald trump the man is that i realized very early on -- it is a very unusual washington, d.c. he wants his programs, his presidency to benefit, to make safe, and to provide prosperity for all americans. he is truly a colorblind individual paired irrespective of where you voted for me -- he doesn't care if you want bernie to be the candidate. if you are american, if you are here illegally, he wants you and your -- legally he wants you and your family to prosper. the man was lorded by the left. about who this
8:45 am
great example of american success is. as soon as he becomes a he is attacked in ways most men would end up in the fetal position on the floor with the amount of the tax he and his family have gone under. we have got to push back more on the argument. every single supporter needs to push back. this is a smear tactic and that is because they have nothing else. the democrat party is imploding. we will see contested convention and all they have left is to attack the individual paired host: on our podcast the weekly available on the free c-span radio app or wherever you download your podcast. we have a conversation with aaron parenti who is the director for the 2020 ticket. that available online at
8:46 am
i want to ask about john kelly. when the president asked him to be chief of staff he said he would be one of "the greatest chiefs of staff ever." what happened to that relationship? guest: let me see what i am at liberty to say publicly. legend,ly, marine corps dedicated his life to this country. lost a son in the post-9/11 conflict. the most important thing about john kelly -- we did not know this at the time -- he does not believe in making america great again. he could have served more easily as chief of staff in the hillary clinton what has. this is a man who abused his position as chief of staff to block individuals who were loyal to the president and the agenda. this is a man who feels fit to make public comments about lieutenant colonel vindman and
8:47 am
his seditious activities. but has not said one word about the attacks against the president. has not talked about crossfire, the obama holdover to take down the president, the two with the fbi and cia. i would like to hear his thoughts on the threats posed by the left, holdovers, seditious activities than his comments in .egards to vindman a lieutenant colonel serves the president of the united states. he is not the president of the united states. general kelly, you need to get your perspective correct as well. i respect you for your service but you cannot comment on one and not the other. host: because of the interview he did with the atlantic. let me put the on the screen and get your reaction. he said through the obama
8:48 am
administration, up until that july 25 phone call, the policy of the united states was militarily to support ukraine in their defensive fight. when the president said continued support would be based on that changed. that is why that guy was most interested in. when vindman heard he wanted to see the biden family investigated that is paramount to hearing an illegal order. we teach them don't follow any legal order. if you have given one, you will raise it to who gives it to you and tell your boss. guest: so much wrong with that statement. but let'sis not lying talk about the fact the obama administration was intent on supporting ukraine militarily. he is either lying or does not know the facts. president obama refused to provide legal aid to the government of kiev.
8:49 am
the obama administration shipped blankets and night vision goggles to ukraine. blankets, steve. when we came in, we shipped anti-rocket missiles to use against the potential russian invasion. the idea that the phone call was pantomime to hearing the legal -- and what worlds president zelensky a member of the armed forces? as president trump is superior? no. by the way, we have an international treaty from 1999 signed by the then president, bill clinton, ratified by the senate that says the united states and ukraine must work together to investigate corruption. the idea that hunter biden is receiving $83,000 a month from one of the most corrupt companies in one of the most corrupt nations in the world
8:50 am
when his father, the vice president, is obama's point person on ukraine. about,en gloats publicly i held up a billion dollars and said unless you are firing the prosecutor who happens to be investigating the company my son works for, you are not getting the aid. that is extortion. joe biden doesn't get criminal immunity. he does not get immunity from investigation because he is running for office. he was not running for office when he did that. he was the vice president of the united states protecting his corrupt son and company. kelly, a massive disappointment to america. host: the binding campaign says he was fired because he was not investigating ukrainian companies. guest: and i have a bridge in connecticut. host: let's go to the republican line. caller: good morning. good morning dr. gorka.
8:51 am
i want to say thank you to you for all of the work you do. i listen to c-span on a daily basis and have for quite some time. i am disturbed by the amount of overlook theill fact the russian collusion thing was debunked. narrative that continues and will not go away. the same people who attacked your father and you for wearing his metal. dal. i'm worried about the rise of socialism and communism in united states and i attribute that to two things. one is the media and the other is long-term threat. you do provide balance with the media problem. the education system. it started in the universities and colleges and has gone down to the lower levels. right down to small children. host: matt, thank you.
8:52 am
guest: this is why i've written my book. check out chapter three. it was the hardest part of the book to write because i cover everything. this is not something that happened overnight. this is an 18 year long progression of individuals who see the west as the problem. who see judeo-christian values as the problem and want to take down america from the inside. obama'sle who launched political career were members of the weather underground. they were radicals who wanted to have a revolution in america in the 1960's. they failed but what happened? did they resign and go back to the rich daddy? did they become poets? no. they became professors. both individuals, terrorist, became tenured professors in
8:53 am
chicago. ouret them indoctrinate student population, our children, to the point -- and this is where you are right -- the last annual survey by the communism victims of memorial foundation found that 72% of millennials would prefer to live in a socialist or communist america. 72%. that is after the ideology of karl marx took the lives of more than 100 million people. we have a lot of work to do. we are still the greatest nation on god's earth. donald trump opened a small window for us to claw back the republic. to blast a, we have massive hole through the window and continue what he started for us. host: i want to get your reaction to the debate that took place in the senate this past
8:54 am
week on the authorization of military force led by tim kaine. eight republicans supported the democrats and one of them, mike lee, of utah. [video clip] >> if there is one thing we don't need right now, it is anything else that would give more authority to the military-industrial complex to start, and finish, wars without authorization from congress. anytime we introduce ambiguity into a field already riep with -- surrounding the commander-in-chief power in the article one power that congress has to declare war -- we run into problems. this would open up the ambiguity. the legislation and resolution is bipartisan. it has clarified that for future offensive action, we need congressional authorization. we have been lied to by the pentagon for years regarding a war that is going on two decades. we do not want to create
8:55 am
additional ambiguity. we don't want more wars. >> senator, time has expired. host: your reaction. unbelievable. where was mike lee when president obama -- in one weekend -- bombed seven countries? we have not had seven countries bombed by a u.s. president since 1945. resolution --this they will never get the majority -- occurs just a few days after the most dangerous terrorist in the world, qasem soleimani, is neutralized they want to limit his capacity to fight iran that wishes to destroy us and says so every day? ironyst point, the sheer that as this resolution was passed a uss naval ship
8:56 am
intercepted a vessel with a huge cache of iranian weapons that is being used to destabilize the middle east and they want us to be incapable of stopping iran from doing that? it beggars disbelief. host: philip joining us from michigan. caller: speaking of the pentagon, what happened to the audit on the pentagon? did you get a chance to talk to trump getting the shuttle back up? a canceled by handing it to russia. god bless you guys. you're doing a great job. guest: this is perhaps one of the most exciting things about the trumpet administration. space is back. we have a new branch of service, we have space force. newas provided us a objective. it is not the moon, it's mars.
8:57 am
people forget that the space , the run to get us on the ,oon created so many popular positive effects for the u.s. economy. america is back and there's a reason there is only six u.s. flags on the moon and no other countries. host: from new york, gail. caller: good morning. democrat,ars old, a and i wish you would reconsider how you talk about pete buttigieg. father denigrated his and also him. guest: how did i denigrate his father? i made statements of fact about his career and his marxism. how is a statement of fact denigration? caller: you know what people
8:58 am
think about communism. guest: i do very well because my father was tortured by communists. caller: let me comment. know what you are doing and i think you're andgrating the person ramping communism and people who do not like homosexuals together. the man cannot respond to you. democratsbout the denigrating other people and sometimes we do that. i think it is wrong. host: thank you. guest: i still don't understand a statement of fact about somebody's career is denigrating them? communisto the
8:59 am
society and subscribe to enter she and how you destroy a democracy from the inside. guess whose photograph is on the inside of the society of america? joseph buttigieg. he is dead and it is still the opening image. ? why? . because they adore this man. you need to check it out and then make a decision yourself on who pete buttigieg is. host: how you prepare for your daily program? guest: i have a fabulous team. 10:30 my producer will send me stories. i tell them these are the stories i want to concentrate on, these are the audio clips i want because it is a three hour show. with a lot of material we can use.
9:00 am
we meet about two hours before the show airs in my studio and we i like to have one guest per hour. we begin and we wait for the president's next tweet. surprised you the most in terms of the learning curve? quick's i've been an addict of talk radio since i was a child. i had a transistor radio under my pillow. it's been in my blood. i never thought i would be on the other side of the microphone. say how can you talk for three hours? i would like to have six hours. you know what it's like. you prepare for a show and you
9:01 am
may have to re-prepare everything. living at the speed of trump. delight to have a radio show. the people have a mission, great businessmen. they want to support people who love this country. is titled the war for america's soul. we thank you for stopping by. we turn our attention to a more progressive voice. he is going to join us from new york. this weekend, we are traveling to amarillo texas. this is the second largest canyon in the united states. more is available online at
9:02 am >> the canyon has been forming for a million years or so. down close toere the town of silverton area you can make a good case the canyon is 80 miles in length. it's the second largest canyon in the united states. it's not a single canyon. there are many that branch off to the sides. you can actually see three canyons from where we are at right now. it's a much bigger system than people realize. begin,orians often
9:03 am
kennedy's father was the one pulling the strings. there are multiple people who win the pulitzer prize. rather win thed pulitzer prize than be president. he had a strong desire for literary fame. he got himself the prize. in new york city, people had been gossiping of kennedy really wrote that book. changed the equation. i think it an ethical question. readers realized this as well. letters kennedy was receiving a 1957. school teachers were sending him letters asking if they really wrote the book.
9:04 am
watch tonight at 8:00 eastern on q&a. >> washington journal continues. host: he is heard on serious xm. good sunday morning. thanks so much for being with us. guest: thanks for having me. host: as you look at this democratic race, what you see? guest: i am seen an abundance of energy. i'm seeing democrats more animated and unified in a single purpose. i think -- i've never seen more energy. i was in new hampshire, going to events. surprised by the turnout in the votes cast.
9:05 am
they were a record number. skittishness in democrats, who can best be trump. that is the number one factor. that is building some anxiety. about every you candidate. they say vote blue, no matter who. we are seen it over and over. that's what i think donald trump is facing in november. you set down with bernie sanders in new hampshire here is part of that interview. quacks you have mayor bloomberg running. some people look at him as the solution. quacks >> he is part of a problem. everybody has the right to run for president.
9:06 am
in a democracy, you do not have the right to buy the presidency. it really is absurd that we have has already spent hundreds of millions of dollars on tv ads. meanwhile, he did not do with the other candidates do. he wasn't holding town meetings in iowa, south carolina. those were not important for him. he wants to buy the election with hundreds of millions of dollars in ads. that is the fundamental problem of american society. billionaires with extraordinary wealth and power over the economic life of this country. that's what we are fighting to end. host: two of those billionaires are in the race. i had the campaign manager on my show. he said it's interesting that they have two billionaires
9:07 am
standing in their way. they met mike bloomberg and donald trump. for all we know he is a billionaire as well. that is part of the struggle. who is the best candidate to defeat donald trump. as you saw in iowa, was very close. hampshire, bernie wins. he is leading in nevada with a caucus coming up this saturday. there is lot of energy for a lot of candidates. they might look at this simplistically. they don't get what's underneath the surface. the overwhelming, denominator of defeating donald trump. this is a race. democrats --ine -- it's not just a referendum on trump. this is about america. what do you want for the next four years?
9:08 am
it's not are you better off today. do you want four more years of toxic trump? it's a celebration of cruelty, bigotry, sexism. ofdefends every man wrongdoing. hisaw a picture of one of ex-wives with a black eye. rob porter,. mocked to a rally and dr. christine ford who testified. he can deny it. her wasrally and mock despicable. he lost women in suburban areas. there is a lot of energy. i cannot overestimate how focused we are on defeating donald trump. host: let me get your reaction
9:09 am
to michael bloomberg. he was in richmond virginia last night. he is looking beyond iowa and nevada. he is focused on super tuesday. the headline from the associated press, virginia is a key state. he said this to virginia democrats last night. >> we are running hard here in virginia. virginia is still very much up for grabs in 2020. we're not waiting until the general election to organize here. we've knocked on more than 32,000 doors in the state. we've made more than 72,000 phone calls. i've hired more than 82 staffers to work right here in virginia. know i am here to stay no matter who comes out on top of this primary.
9:10 am
we can like democrats up and down the ballot. we can say goodbye to donald trump. host: that is from last night in richmond. the bloomberg campaign has a staff in excess of 2400 people and spending $380 million so far. bloomberg saidor in the closing part of that clip, it's the most instructive part. i'm going to come back with this discussion. democrats are not in disarray. his energy for different candidate. even if he's not the nominee, he is going to be here to defeat donald trump. has $65 billion. i don't he's going to spend that much.
9:11 am
it's going to be a unified message about defeating donald trump. i like what bloomberg is doing in terms of building an infrastructure that will remain in place even if he's not the nominee. i'm not taking sides in the nomination process. for ourl be ready democratic nominee. host: if you look at the latest gallup poll, more say they are better off than in the past election. indicators,economic unemployment, the stock market, low interest rates, the strong economy, more americans say they are better off. that poll, about 55% of americans say they are better off. 538, his approval
9:12 am
rating is 43%. it doesn't matter that the economy is going better for people. about the lot of talk economy being the greatest ever. was the worst layoffs in tracking ever. there was a great article talking about it in detail in business insider. was an increase of 24% in farm bankruptcies. wageu take out inflation, growth is 1.5%. i'm glad you brought up the stock market. it's an indicator of how the wealthy are doing. donald trump says it's the best economy, his buddies he's playing golf with, it is good. 84% of the benefits of the stock
9:13 am
market go to the top 10% of americans. they are doing fabulously. people are working more than one job to make ends meet. it's not like donald trump turned the economy down -- around. he is slowing down the obama economy. 2019, the lowest job growth since 2011. laughter was the lowest job growth since 2011. immediate is not pointing out the holes in the economy. the democrats are talking to people. if you taught me is great for you? people say i am not wealthy. let's get to your phone calls. (202) 748-8000 four republicans. (202) 748-8001 for democrats.
9:14 am
we will also take your text messages. i have to ask you about the etymology of your name. .ean obeidallah guest: my father was born in palestine, the west bank. it means servant of god. my mom is sicilian. sicilydparents were from on my mom's side. trump talk about donald in 2015, it's very personal. a lot of times you will hear from your listeners, people who call in to the shore. -- show. it's much more personal. when he calls for a shutdown on muslims, what that saying is they are so inherently bad, so
9:15 am
inherently violent that we will ban them all. voters in the republican party support that. when he called mexicans criminals, that sends a message to our fellow americans that latinos might not be safe. when he bans people want to serve in the military, you say there's something inherently wrong with these people and we have to ban them. right getople on the it. they talked about values. they would animate them. but i side, we would roll our eyes. things of changed. it's analogous to the third law of motion. for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction. when he gives red meat to his
9:16 am
base, it's not just animating them. it's animating us. we see the real world impact on. aboutwas a great article schools. they were yelling at latino kids, muslim kids. kids wearing maggot hats. -- maga hats. it's all documented. people need to take a look at it. this is real world impact. he pushed doing bigotry and hate. there are real world consequences because the children and their parents. host: cnbc following up on a report that hillary clinton is being considered by the bloomberg campaign as his running mate. your reaction? guest: i guess that's good click
9:17 am
bait. i don't see her being anyone's vice presidential candidate. i don't think she's going to do that. i could be wrong. she could say she wants to defeat donald trump so much that she will be on the ticket. in the see that being calculations. it could happen. host: let's go to raymond in south carolina. good morning. caller: good morning. him nowanted to talk to one is explaining how they are going to -- we have some plans out there of $90 trillion for the new green deal and $50 trillion for healthcare. that's $140 trillion. functionnment does not
9:18 am
effectively. you are going to give the government the power to control $140 trillion. host: thank you. we will get a response. all, i'm notof here as a surrogate for the green new deal. i will say this. any proposal by democratic candidate or a republican one will have to be considered by congress. there will be even take. policy, itrn into will take into account real-world economic restraints. the green new deal is an aspirational suggestion. it's about addressing fundamental inequities in our system. it's very ambitious. i think the healthcare thing is much more real. you had it suggestion about health conditions.
9:19 am
i want to remind my fellow americans, donald trump's administration is trying to strike down your coverage for pre-existing medical conditions. that is what he is doing. legalistic, they have made the decision to join with 20 attorney general to strike down every part of the aca. that includes no coverage for pre-existing conditions. this includes if you get sick, you get thrown off coverage. that's what we had for the aca. if you have a chronic condition. to allowfighting now that to all happen again. when he says i'm going to protect your coverage, the only reason you have it is because
9:20 am
president obama and the aca. this is the -- because of democrats. the legislation try to repeal that coverage for pre-existing conditions. it's in the court right now. they have no backup plan. ask them. what is your backup plan if trump wins in federal court in gets rid of coverage for break existing -- pre-existing conditions best to without that, people will die. that's not hyperbolic. people can't afford coverage. they will die. trump is misleading good americans. you may like other issues, on this one, press your republicans and make sure you will fight for pre-existing conditions. concord, california. good morning. caller: good morning.
9:21 am
we need somebody like you. where are the ads on trump? he's got to go. guest: i'm with you 100%. this is the hardest thing about donald trump. i will show you the mirror and it makes it more clear. trump one issue over and over. you may not agree with it. you know about the issue. we don't know as democrats what's the most effective one. he was making his products in china. it came up. ted cruz in the primary may have touched on that.
9:22 am
i may be wrong about that. it's a referendum on donald trump. we have seen his rhetoric. this is about values. do you want four more years of trump? a man using twitter to belittle people, to attack a climate change activist western mark to belittle women? do you want four more years of that? is that what you want your sons and daughters to learn? and ourabout values nation. what do we want? trump's job growth now is slower than obama's. that is all documented now. slowed under trump compared to obama. donald trump has done anything great. do you want four more years of toxic trump?
9:23 am
do you want a more inclusive america were we don't demonize people? i want to get your reaction. the washington post. it's inside the a section of the newspaper. candidate donald trump called ted cruz lying ted. snivelingump is a coward and a pathological liar. i was in the green room on cnn. he had just criticized the call for eight muslim band. i thanked him personally. he went on air and tact and for his values and lack of compassion and
9:24 am
bigotry and his lack of understanding of the issues. it's not just ted cruz and lindsey graham. i think they have checked their values at the door for elect oral concerns. ted cruz is not up for reelection. lindsey graham is a very tight race. jamie harrison is only down by two points and raising as much money as lindsey graham. it is cravenly opportunistic. you can get reelected. i hope the people in south carolina have said we had enough of this guy. ted cruz is the norm now. they have either left the party likest a courageous vote mitt romney against donald trump. host: let's go to pam joining us from arkansas. good morning. caller: i am independent.
9:25 am
i vote according to my jesus vote who would for if he were here on earth. would not vote for a group of people who believe in murdering , on gaysin the womb which is an abomination to god. on false gods from other countries. guest: i'm muslim. i'm not arguing. the reality is if jesus came back and saw donald trump putting children in cages, there have been six children die in u.s. custody. would jesus support that? would he support a man who demonizes women who talk about being abused? cruelty andsupport
9:26 am
segregation? my mother is catholic. i am down with jesus. i wish those people who want a government who all is the teachings of jesus would look at what jesus said. you were a stranger and i welcome to end. best to christianity that used to be followed. donald trump is the opposite of the teachings of jesus christ in every way. host: mike in new york. good morning. caller: good morning. how are you? i will tell you what. guest: my mom is sicilian. caller: you are half italian. i'm from the metropolitan new york area. i'm an immigrant.
9:27 am
i am self-employed. , mylast eight years business sucked. office,ump came into businesses are skyrocketing. they are making money. guest: what kind of business? caller: i have an advertising business. guest: that's great. i'm happy for you. there's no disputing some people have done well during the trump economy. we are going to have to stop there. there are people who are doing better under donald trump than they were obama. there are many americans who are suffering.
9:28 am
and thes a new poll gallup poll is fine. there were two pew polls that showed something different. said they are doing better today. about 40% said the same. saymajority of americans they are doing the same or not as well. some people are doing better. ,f that's your number one thing there's nothing anyone is going to say to. i don't get this. the manufacturing sector of the united states is in a recession. that's not my opinion. that's economist. truckers call my show, they are losing jobs. the mall is closing. this is real life what's going on. pew polls are to doing the same or less. there's a reason why the story
9:29 am
doesn't match that poll. it's the man himself. i'm telling you. it was the same with ronald reagan. with trump, i think democrats can say you want four more years of toxic trump? guy,u are happy with this americans,african ,ocking jay-z, don lemon ifminal justice in general, you're fine with all of that, then vote for the guy. withe, it's incompatible the american values that brought my father and my grandparents to this great country. donald trump represents the opposite of that. host: we were live last night with the las vegas democrat dinner.
9:30 am
among the speakers, the candidate who came in third place in new hampshire, amy club sharp. >> i have a lot of time to think. i thought about this president and how he puts his private interest instead of the public interest every day. storyght about that old of franklin roosevelt, who was beloved in our country. he got us through very hard times. when he died, they put his body on the train and it went from georgia to washington dc and people withstand on the railroad tracks to show their respect. this one guy was sobbing by the tracks, a regular guy. , do yourter said to him
9:31 am
mind me asking, did you know president roosevelt? the guy said no. i did not know the president. but he knew me. he knew me. that is what is missing with this president. he cannot put him self in the shoes of the people of nevada, of the culinary workers, the ranchers, the people who work every day just to help the family get by. he puts himself first. i promise you i will restore that sacred trust between the president and the people of this country. if you are having trouble figuring out how you are going to stretch your paycheck to pay for the rep, i know you. i will fight for you. if you can't figure out if you're going to pay for your
9:32 am
childcare, i know you. i will fight for you. if you can't figure out if you're going to fill your description for insulin or your refrigerator with food, i know you. i will fight for you. host: that is from las vegas last night. dean obeidallah, your reaction? i went to some events in new hampshire for the senator. that is part of her stump speech. it's very effective. i flew on the same flight back to boston from new york on wednesday morning. i went up to her and congratulated her. she said two more days. two more days i think i could've beaten the judge. -- pete but a judge. the point sheo
9:33 am
was touching on, this goes to values. i think they are going to find resonatingn may the in an odd way. we are going to talk about values. that's what she's talking about. compassion. empathy. part of his philosophy is a celebration of cruelty. there is no caring about the vulnerable in our society. he uses peoples as props to get applause. he has no loyalty among his circle of people. the senator is talking about compassion. i think fdr is a great person to talk about. about the candidates talk our bold pass. if you like so security, that's fdr.
9:34 am
medicare, that's democrats. if you like pre-existing conditions, that's obama. not one republican voted for that. not one republican vote if you have coverage of pre-existing conditions. donald trump is trying to end that as we sit here. it's about a celebration of compassion and apathy versus tropism, which is a celebration of cruelty. empatheticrica is an company. host: let's go to roger in pennsylvania. caller: i just want to thank you the aca.cting gorka on i want to put on record about the economy. cnbcall street journal and
9:35 am
, there's no doubt what is going on. economy ising the the low interest rates. drove the stock market for a while. since the fed has been pumping trillions of dollars into the market, that's recently been driving the stock market. construction, it is weaker than it was three years ago. there's no question about it. that's what's going on in the economy. buybacks,t said, the they've been bailing them out since september now.
9:36 am
said don't let them raise the minimum wage. trump is going to get credit for that. not the blue states were the populations are. it that's what's driving up the wages and driving up wages. that drove up other wages. driving thes been economy. roger makes a great point. i go back to what i said earlier. 53% has something in the stock market. of the gains in the stock market goes to the top 10% of americans. when trump brags about the stock market, it shows you who he is.
9:37 am
he was born into wealth. he has an exclusive country club. of course to him and his wealthy friends, things are going great. if you think he cares about you and your struggles, that's your choice. the stock market, when trump do a taxre going to cut in every household will get $4000. have you gotten your $4000? the average american? no. it should just be for the middle class if you care about the middle class. when corporations cut the tax cut, they did not pay workers more. it never went to the workers on the line. it went to stock buybacks to pop up stock prices. they gave bonuses to the executives.
9:38 am
them have their bonuses tied to the stock price. they drove the stock market up, they got more money. this is the truth. you can't tell people the economy is better or worse than it is. the average wage growth this year is about 2.9%. without inflation, 1.5%. is that doing well? have a person who is focused on helping the middle class, the wealthy will be fine. help elevate them, make their lives better. trump only cares about the wealthy. but his cabinet. -- look at his cabinet. host: our conversation with dean obeidallah.
9:39 am
124 is carried on channel on xm. an next color is from montana. thanks for waiting. i meet with combat veterans from different generations. the last meeting we had was when colonel denman was thrown out and everybody went nuts. we are fighting for the constitution, the loop -- rule of law. the way our government is structured now, our supreme leader is blended with prudent and his sock puppet is donald trump. the republican senate with the exception of mitt romney is now complicit with the overthrow of our democracy.
9:40 am
now the united states of russia. us. really hard for without the rule of law anymore and the truth, what happened in the impeachment trial, we are a fascist oligarchy. host: we will get a response. for yourank you service and everyone else in your organization. when you talk about watching colonel denman. he was active duty. he was called to testify and told the truth. that's the reason why john kelly spoke out and defended him. vindman's trump fired brother. that's what's going on. clearly interfered
9:41 am
to help donald trump. they thought it benefited russia. what's going on now, trump is demanding loyalty. absolute loyalty. he can destroy your career by tweeting about you, firing you, having some of the supporters go on fox news and try to destroy your reputation. look at how they turned on john bolton. trump was trying to pressure the ukrainians to help his election. that sad to see the idea if you're not 100% loyal to donald trump, he will crush you. i don't think we are a fascist oligarchy. i don't know what happens if trump gets reelected.
9:42 am
this, are concerned about november is the time to have your voice heard. might try toump , come outrom voting and vote. register voters now. let's and this on november 3 and then we can do with it going forward. i don't know what happens with four more years of trump. i don't want the speculate. host: let's get your reaction to this headline from the he writes the following.
9:43 am
guest: this is anecdotal. i have many collars to my show who have said specifically they like other candidates in the field. now, they are gravitating toward bloomberg. that comes from what i've learned. the pragmatism of the community, there is not going to be a perfect candidate. he has a troubling past.
9:44 am
he has upset many people and i get why. trump, again it's trump. if people think michael bloomberg can be trump, they will support him. i lived in york city. illegalime, he did surveillance of my community, where we went to school, he is never apologized for this. i don't like it at all. i think he's got a problem when it comes to black and brown people. i'm going to be blunt. if he is a nominee, i will work 150% to work against donald trump. minority community has the privilege to go we want the purest candidate.
9:45 am
i just don't think we should give up our values and what we are about during the primary season. fight for the candidate you feel a connection to. whatever that might be. fight for that candidate. when it's over, it is vote lou no matter who. -- blue no matter who. bloomberg should expect attacks. this is actually helping bernie sanders. it's more focused on bloomberg. that might help senator sanders. and be then nevada upset winner in south carolina. then it's super tuesday. i want to see bloomberg on the debate stage. there was one more poll he needed to qualify for.
9:46 am
hear him respond. he might do a great job. he might come across as sincere. there could be a horrific response. on the issue of stop and frisk, this is what michael bloomberg said yesterday in virginia. >> many of the ways we tried to reduce gun violence, we did reduce murders by 50% in new york city. there is one approach that i deeply regret. that's the abuse of the police practice called stop and frisk. i defended it for too long. i did not understand the unintentional pain it caused young lack of grandkids and their families. i should have stopped it and i didn't. i apologize for that.
9:47 am
[applause] sometimes you make a mistake. a sign of leadership is learning and doing it better. with blackot of time leaders and community members. i have heard their pain, their anger. i've learned from them. tonight, let me make it clear. the unitedt of states, i will work to dismantle systems that are plagued by bias and discrimination. i will invest in communities that bore the brunt of these systems. i will put this work at the top of my agenda. host: that was michael bloomberg. our coverage is available on let's get back to your calls. the democratic party is
9:48 am
a party of generalizations, misstatements, lies. bad math, bad science. a lot of people are out to enrich themselves. he is an employee -- guest: a low level kernel? caller: he shouldn't just be reassigned. he should be put in jail. impeachment, which was just a travesty of criminality on the part of the democratic party. guest: what would you describe as the trump administration come to life? this is not me saying this.
9:49 am
he lies so much. i've never been lied to so much by somebody i wasn't dating. statistics, it's always the truth. these are the real numbers. if you are doing better, that's great. defending the attack on alexander vineland, who dies the draft. he is healthy are now at 73 then when he was 20. he gets healthier as he gets older. change theing to mindset. i have to be blunt. i'm not trying to be dismissive. we don't need you. we can win without you. the number support that. democrats have flipped nine
9:50 am
governorships since donald trump was president, including kansas and kentucky. we have one over 400 state legislature seats. virginia for the first time in 25 years, we flipped both chambers. we won the house of representatives in 2018. votes in thetal biggest margin of victory in the history of the midterms. us on ourfar more of side. i mean republicans and people in the middle who don't want four more years of trump. we can debate that all day. if democrats come out big, we win big. there is data to back that up. you can support trump all day. i'm not trying to change her mind. i am trying to animate our base.
9:51 am
host: what is there a chance if there is a woman on the ticket. guest: i think a great chance. it's really very good, either the top of the ticket or the vp. somebody of color as well on our ticket. top of our ticket does not reflect america the way it , the cap will reflect america. look at trumps cap. one african-american, ben carson. maybe one latino. it does not reflect america. it reflects donald trumps view of america. he is demonized so many communities. to mike in new york. you are on the air. caller: thanks.
9:52 am
i like you taking on these colors and spreading a lot of nonsense. i like to go back to the economic stuff, comparing trump to obama. obama came in and the uninstalling rate was 11%. the country has lost $40 trillion worth of wealth. mitch mcconnell would not give $1 trillion. when he handed over -- he handed trump a fully loaded escalade. color-coded terrorist things. he dropped the unemployment from 11% to four something. trump has dropped the unemployment rate 0.5%.
9:53 am
as you said, manufacturing is down. coal production is down. some of these things matter. i appreciate you taking these things on. guest: thanks very much. i'm not sure if it was 11%. if i were member correctly, it was around 10%. he brought down significantly. and donald trump has continued that. wonky, gross to mr. cronic is the output of our nation. he had promised 6%. we are now below 3%. it's not even as good as the year before. he did all of his tricks. the moneyed trickle down to the rest of this.
9:54 am
they kept it for themselves. trump, this isld not as good as it gets. it can be better. the democrats will help the middle class. poverty.ight even the democrats don't talk about poverty as much as they should. don't be afraid, be bold. andhe same vein of fdr obama with the aca. everything with the republicans is socialism. they called social security socialism. they called medicare socialism. they called the aca socialism. the only thing that isn't socialism to republicans is tax cuts for the wealthy. people vote for different reasons.
9:55 am
i can't tell you what your interests are. democrats are about fighting for the average person. republicans are about the wealthy. that's what they are always about. let's change things. you've got the power on november 3. president will be at the daytona 500. he tweeted about it yesterday. he is the second u.s. president to participate in this. the first was george w. bush. we will go to massachusetts. good morning. say i: i just wanted to don't agree with anything this guy has to say. trump is done more for this
9:56 am
country. poverty,to talk about let's look at san francisco and california where people are pooping in the street. trumpsthat's on donald watch. he doesn't want to take any responsibility for the bad things. why do not hold him responsible for the things that are happening on his watch? that is his responsibility. credit for the good, he's got to answer for the bad. host: our next color is from north carolina. -- caller is from north korea. caller: i love your show. i can't believe c-span had sebastian gorka on again. he's been on half a dozen times.
9:57 am
i have seen him last week. he is talking about a magic pill that will cure everything. have him onon't again. now i wish i would have. he was on your show. guest: i am the antidote. he is a snake oil salesman. check out his commercials. the healthcare, the pre-existing conditions. i was watching the budget hearing on c-span. said they will let it go through the courts. do they realize how much anxiety that puts on people, the ones who are on the aca or have
9:58 am
insurance? people who have insurance you paytheir company, part of your premium and the company pays part. all of those protections will go away for people who have insurance through their company. host: we are short on time. we've got about one minute left. absolutely. that is fundamentally important. the other reason you have pre-existing conditions in a private policy is because of obama care. if trump has his way, that's over. i hope people push the republicans. go to the town halls and ask for the active plan if trump wins in federal court. they don't have it. this is not a game. this is real life. host: dean obeidallah is on xm radio.
9:59 am
he is joining us from your. thank you for being with us. a reminder, on watch the journal it is museum week. we will have a tour of mount vernon. from mount vernon, the president and ceo of george washington's mount vernon. chance to visit some the top museums in washington dc. if i might, a personal note. this is hard for all of us. there are 300 employees behind the scenes on c-span. you are looking at one of those employees. we do this because we believe in our mission. this past week, we lost one of our employees. you never saw her on the air.
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she had a major presence. no one was more devoted to c-span. debbie spent 21 years with the network. hey break battle, indeed. deb let up every room. she put a smile on all of our faces. she exuded energy and grace under pressure. you're going to miss her. she was a devoted daughter, a loving sister and a dear friend and colleague. to deb's dad, to her brother harry, to her sister lisa, to her nieces and nephews, and to the entire davenport family we extend our deepest sympathy. davenport was only 49 years old. [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] what is aheade of
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on c-span. newsmakers is next featuring cbo director phillip swagel. speeches from 2020 democratic presidential candidates in the nevada. after that, a look at incidents of white supremacy in the military in the a hearing held by the house armed services subcommittee. >> follow campaign 20 to nevada this weekend. today live at 5:00 p.m. eastern joe biden, p jazz, amy klobuchar, and tom speier -- tom steyer speak. listen on the go on the c-span radio app. >> tonight on q and i, a look at american presidents through the lens of the books they have written. been thatry has often
10:02 am
kennedy's father was the one pulling the strings. but that is not true -- jack kennedy one at that pulitzer prize. he told historian i would rather win the pulitzer prize then be president. because he had this desire for literary fame -- even though he did not want to do the literary work -- he got the prize. in the washington dc people had been gossiping, did kennedy really write that book? but then, the pulitzer change the equation. i think it made it a moral question and an ethical question. readers realized this too. when i was at the presidential library i looked at the letters kennedy was receiving in 1957. school teachers were sending him letters saying, that you really write this book? >> watch


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