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tv   Prime Ministers Questions Prime Ministers Questions  CSPAN  February 16, 2020 9:00pm-9:35pm EST

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on his book "reforming journalism." >> we don't want to make ourselves the center of attention. we want to go out and report. reporting has fallen into similar -- strange circumstances. there is so much opinion journalism. wienerat 6:45, and a looks at san francisco startups in her book " uncanny vally. >> at 6:45 p.m., technology reporter and wiener looks at san francisco startups in her book, uncanny valley. > i heard people say that uber could not exist if it did not have this crazy culture paired my question is, should it exist? if you do not have that culture and the company does not happen,
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maybe that assignment. >> watch book to be on presidents' day on c-span2. -- book tv. next prime ministers questions from the british house of commons. boris johnson field of domestic and foreign policy questions from eber party leader jeremy corbyn and other party memos in the house. just other party members. we continue to work closely with our partners to help those affected and to keep people safe. in addition we can make that today. question number one mister speaker on the defense and security review. we will continue to transform
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through the budget large and the timing of that review will be announced shortly. may i urge the prime minister to recall what happened to the last confined security and defense review which was done within a straitjacket of fiscal neutrality's. it meant that every extra pound spent on the site or security was a pound for the conventional arms forces. it will not face such a straight jacket. it would be concluded before or after the comprehensive spending review. they want to ensure him that the integrated review would be
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the foreign policy. by transforming this country. and by raising productivity. we will ensure the defense insecurity is provided. thank you mister speaker i join with the prime minister and expressing sympathy and support to those who are victims and all of the emergency services that are there. with the chinese community in this country they are facing alarming levels of racism in the country. i would also like to think public health workers. and raising awareness about the danger of this virus.
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does the prime minister think that someone who came to this country at the age of five and was the victim of county lined grooming county lined grooming and compelled ticket. drugs release five years ago and never there. i think the whole country what a would agree while i cannot comment on they should be depleted from this country. they're trying to persuade the middle -- these people. who are guilty of murder rape and other very serious
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defenses. take the example of the young black boy who came to the uk age five and is now being deported after serving time for this offense. if there was a case of a young white boy. with long hair what he did report that boy the young black boy from the caribbean and another white boy from the united states. i think quite frankly the right honorable gentlemen they are the reputation. they came to this country to work in the public services.
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to make lives better for the people in this country. they haven't no right to replace them. to make the generation has been disgracefully treated by our government. while the government was fighting to support people. the reason might the u.s. is blocking the extradition. i now ask the prime minister strike this question. i think the whole house will know that not only the foreign area. for justice in this country
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and we will continue. now they lead the dense family. they are be denied justice by the u.s. government. will the prime minister commit to his removal from office tomorrow and his reshuffle? and his reshuffle? they know very well and that the foreign office has been told that they were notified to the government as a spouse with no official role. without fear or favor. and he will continue to speak with the extradition from the united states. this morning harry's mom said we thought we have bridged the gap of the government.
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the u.s. can request extradition. the u.s. continues to deny justice to harry done while will they commit today to seek an equal and balanced extradition relationship with the united states? to be frank i think the honorable gentlemen has a point in his judgment. and i do think there are elements of that relationship that are on real ballots. it is totally different from the case of harry done and we continue to seek those things
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in this country. it's everything to do with the relationship with the usa. the u.s. refuses to do it. i'm glad the prime minister at least has that. it's about to be laid bare. whether the publisher will be extradited to the u.s. on charges of espionage for exposing war crimes. while the prime minister agree this extradition could be opposed in the rights of journalists upheld for the good of all of us? i'm not get a comment on this. this government will clearly continue to do that.
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thank you mister speaker. my wife is a volunteer. they would know what good work they do. when my right honorable friend agree. they have a strong regime. we are delivering on our commitments to make the uk the safest place in the world to be online. we think you for raising that point. we will also ensure that it's the safest place to be online. thank you mister speaker. displaced women and their children. a report due to the
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conditions. they had been stranded with nowhere to go. mister speaker. the city at war is considered to have caused the biggest wave of displacement since the second world war. can they tell the house and what what responsibility as government has taken for this humanitarian crisis. i think the whole house will know what i said several times that the uk leads the world in supporting the crisis. with 3.2 billion times this country has committed to that cause. the question is about the children that are literally freezing to death. that was not the answer to the prime minister.
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this prime prime minister and accepting the industry. for the country. they have delivered death and destruction on his people a man who has gas his own civilian. the situation has reached crisis points. of all out war. is the message that they want to send that this uk government is washing its hands in the city people. to continue in acting these atrocities. i really think the right honorable gentlemen leave sick and sold his memory better. this country and this government has persistently called for the end of the regime. and it has led the world in denouncing the cruelty. towards his own people.
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thank you mister speaker. with the prime minister joined me in supporting a new initiative. to train mental health first aid across schools in the community. to tackle loneliness challenge the mental health stigma. i ask if i could have time to join him. thank you for what he's doing to champion mental health. we are massively increasing support for good mental health in schools. and if i can. i will do my best to come to the launch. to the launch. after three years of extensive evidence. they will publish the final
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recommendation violence are the welcome first step. how they get to grips with this crisis. we are also mister speaker putting 20,000 police on the streets of this country. and giving them the power to take knives off the street. the prime minister may transport the connectivity.
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it would only give my constituents great help with that network. what he has done to campaign for the restoration. and the chance to be with the great idea. does the prime minister agree with me. in washington it would be terrible for the people. it would be a blot on the landscape.
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they certainly raised this question. if there is a question. it continues to prosper. with the most strategically important points. with the technology. [inaudible conversations] the answer was in the question about the potential.
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the allocation will be decided in a fair and transparent way. estimated 280 shop workers will be there. they and other local retailers engage seven and half months later they are awaiting a response. can we commit today to publish the response. and what will you meet with me with a group of shop workers. take her about what happened. i certainly will make that undertaking. we should not tolerate crimes of violence against shop workers or anyone else.
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the veterans affair. >> i think my honorable friend that i can tell him that the new office of veterans affairs is helping them to transition to new jobs into secure a home. a discount will card will be rolled out. and veterans will get guaranteed interviews. so we have more veterans bringing their talents to government. he told the national founders union last week that some of them will be around into the uk. but it would be have to be labeled as such. they had denied that in the past so who is telling the truth and which of them
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doesn't know what's coming. >> i can ensure the honorable lady that they have and will continue. because of that feeling system. will they find that respect. mister speaker i'm afraid you are entirely right. and then they have the police and crime minister to ask them. for the independent review of the operation of the system
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that will make sure that my honorable friend is getting there. >> the hospital that conserves my constituents. the capital investment. by the end of the financial year. when can prime minister expect to receive a little bit of government love and attention. they make an important point. the highest number of people attended in this country. it was exceptional. and we are responding. with the record investment. they will help to deal with that crisis.
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they had recovered along the whole valley. towards the capital. >> mister speaker, i obviously pay tribute to the emergency services with all of the flood affected areas. we have activated the scheme to protect homeowners.
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for the peers been stuffed in. the monthly element is over 25. actually agreeing agreed with his people. i do find that it is more chosen than to do that. the trophies coming into this
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country. particularly with endangered animals. >> with the wildlife trading. and we mean to end the import elsewhere into this country. thank you mister speaker. with the former finance minister paid 20,000 homes. it would soon to be a novel. can they reminded once more. i think he knows very will the report will be published as soon as the committee is reconvened. i told i've told the house several times before those
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will be disappointed by their findings. can i commend the prime minister. it may all be time. there elsewhere in the country. to give it there. they were supported by people across them.
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they are currently underway. and the air quality. the number of teams working in sunderland. much higher than the national average. almost a decade they are getting worse. we had course are responsible. we take full responsibility. a sound economy. this was across the whole country. as that coronavirus takes the headlines every day join me and thinking and pain for the
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extreme professionalism. and in my area for bringing those people who have been affected. it is the admiration of all of us. i think everybody who is involved in bringing home victims and protection in particular victims. i think it so far done. and the standing job in preparing and informing the country. >> when kevin simpson's partner died after over 12 years. they did not receive that at all. last friday the high court ruled that this breached the human rights. the legislature responded to
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that ruling. will there be no further delay. who lose their mother and father every year. mister speaker they are raised with me before and i want to take them to meet them. they will certainly look at the case. he is right to draw attention to this.
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what can i give to the cleveland police. and tackle that. when will we see more on the streets of seaside. i think my honorable friend for raising it. with the recent rise must be combated. it gives the police the powers where they suspect that it might be able to take. that's why they're putting 20,000 more police on our streets. they can carry out stop and search. and one of the prime minister's cut up there. could be announced today whether i was finally being put to rest.
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you have birds more about the infrastructure plan. i support the prime minister's decision yesterday to go ahead with hs two. there is a little enthusiasm among my constituent for it. to build up enthusiasm. i urge the prime minister to reintroduce the direct train service from england. to makes that great gaines barrel burge into a seven-day service.
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he has made at a very compelling case. they would certainly be looking at the average in the infrastructure review. that requires investment in early years. does the prime minister regret that. it will two greater funding and support. >> that is why we are putting record times now. 14billion pounds going into education and it is under this government that you will see the biggest improvement is under this government. we have with a strong dynamic economy.
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and we are able to make those investments precisely because of our sensible management of the economy. 1 million pounds per week it's nothing short of a national scandal. we need to make sure that it never happens again. one of the many scandals of the last labor government. this is that what they did. with 18 billion pounds in exchange for 12 billion pounds of hospital assets. that is how the labor runs in government. let's not let it happen again.
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>> think you mister speaker. a witchhunt against the former police officers who served the most odious prosecutions. that would not be tolerated in this part of the united kingdom. we will make sure that we do encourage support for all of those. and face unnecessary prosecution.
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>> you have been watching prime ministers question. you can see it live on wednesday or you also go to to find video of past prime ministers questions and other british public affairs programs. >> monday not on c-span, a conversation on writing residential speeches with greg smith, a speech writer for president george h w bush. here compares the rhetorical styles of presidents. style, bark obama spoke in what we call in speechwriter jargon, the periodic style, this is the march of paragraphs across the page. lincoln had it. of the people, by the people. for the people. bark obama was very compatible with that because of the black pulpits he had experienced in
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his lifetime. though clinton was very different. he was talking to you all the time. you are into bill clinton's living room. a very conversational style. yournding that style for candidate, your client, is very different. of them. and with ford it was very plainspoken. writing present still speeches with craig smith monday it :00 p.m. eastern. can also watch the program online or listen on our free radio app. >> monday night on the communicators, we discussed technology and the internet with members of congress and the federal election commission. watch the communicators monday night at 8:00 eastern on c-span2. >>


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