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tv   Campaign 2020 Massachusetts Democratic Senate Debate  CSPAN  February 18, 2020 7:00pm-8:00pm EST

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>> coming up, live coverage of the debate in massachusetts, between ed markey and joe kennedy, his challenger for one of the bay state's announcer: the first massachusetts senate primary debate between incumbent senator and congressman joe kennedy, broadcasting across the commonwealth in partnership with wcai. here are our moderators, jim eagan.and margry >> welcome to our audience, the first debate in the senate race closely watched across the country. >> with an incumbent who served in both the house and senate, challenger with seven years belt in the house,
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airr first opportunity to their differences and views. we willlimits although keep track of speaking time to keep things relatively even. cover a lot of ground so brevity is appreciated. we encourage you to talk to each since we're asking our audience not to applaud during to take a, we'd like minute to give senator ed markey and congressman joe kennedy a hand. [applause] >> thank you so much for joining us. ory. >> congressman kennedy, why are defeat a mano who's championed so many support?you rep. kennedy: thank you for everyone being here and those tuning in around the country. this election, this time around,
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about --f what we care everything that we care about, is on the line. at stake for us, for our party, our commonwealth and counts.try, this one and for this moment, we have to have a united you states senator that go giving have tong you possibly guide our party and commonwealth through it. that means at this moment, massachusetts, this is not a swing state and this is not a swing seat. special opportunity and thootion comes with it. and filingright way the right bill, mitch mcconnell does not care. this is making sure you are a presence in massachusetts and the people in the state know you're fighting folksem and that the victimized most by this president, those that are vulnerable and suffering and are know they have a champion for you every day and given the challenges we face, you have ensure you're
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you possiblyything can to restore power to a advance thearty to causes we care about and protect the people we care about. has he been a good senator? rep. kennedy: yes he's been a the issue is at this moment given what is at stake with the headlines we've trump'sh president pardons, what he's done to weaponize i.c.e., this is not about filing the right bill and voting right way. to restore power to a democratic party across the country, flip the house, flip senate, flip the presidency andrestore the courts that's the leadership i think i can bring to the seat and what massachusetts deserves. we'll return to most of those things. of yourthe critics senator,, bipartisanship in the senate is dead, the democratic agenda is
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nowhere.olutely some believe that a fresh face with a different approach is exactly what's needed to change the dynamic. why are they wrong, senator? k 3w4r sen. markey: this is what i fight for, the future for the young people. when i introduced the green new o.k. -- alexandria ocasio-cortez, it transformed way climate change is being debated in the united states and across the planet. a huge difference, based on laws i've already passed. fuel economy standards we live under is my law. law reduces amount of oil the koch brothers with sell. passed legislation just in december to have 25 million
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dollars spent by the centers for control to begin the research on the causes of gun in our society built on a law that i passed earlier that bans 10 million chinese assault weapons from coming to the streets of the united states and might add, in december, again, passed,eks ago, my law $350 million more to find the alzheimer's before 2025. listen to this number, unbelievable. 15 million baby boomers will have alzheimer's if we don't find the cure so one of the big of today, on the challenges of today, i've not leading but i have been delivering with legislation which passes which protects the people of massachusetts and the country. >> remember when i mentioned brevity, gentlemen. would you respond to the senator, congressman? rep. kennedy: this senator has made an important contribution to our commonwealth and our
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country. ae fact remains that on number of challenges we confront today, many of us just last week celebrated valentine's day. this valentine's day was the two-year anniversary of the shooting in parkland. remains that we have not -- congress has not, the federal government has not -- meaningful gun violence legislation in decades. when the it comes to the we have not -- senator markey has been a leader on this -- the last transformative bill signed into way theransform the federal government protects the environment was signed by airard nixon with the clean act. the bottom line is, when it comes to the challenges we with mitch mcconnell saying this is about maintenance and access to power and he'll it with everything he's got. sen. markey: that's just not accurate. the last meaningful gun safety passed in december 2018 when my bill was signed by donald trump to begin research
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beene c.d.c. that had blocked for 25 years by the n.r.a. makes n.r.a. not relevant anymore in american politics when you have a victory and the last big environmental law was my law, as well. the2007 law that doubled fuel economy standards of the vehicles which we drive, 70% of into gasoline tanks. it's the single largest reduction of greenhouse gases of passed in any country in the world so i have been and delivering. fossil fuel industry, i beat them. gun lobby, i beat them. the law is on the books. >> one thing about the green new deal, many of your democratic colleagues including nancy pelosi, she doesn't think there's a chance that the green but there's noss carbon tax in the green new deal and that's something a lot of of youres and some g.o.p. establishment leaders
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have supported. in there andt that maybe have increased chance this bipartisanough in a way? sen. markey: the green new deal, since we introduced it, alexandria ocasio-cortez and i, just one year ago, it's transformed the debate on this issue. we deal with the fact that our own scientists say that the planet -- massachusetts can warm 10 degrees over the next 80 years and our sea rise 10 feet for the massachusetts so the magnitude of the problem is clear. solve thisave to problem with millions of new jobs created and to do it with justice so the front-line communities, minority withnities, that we do intersectionality. we have to make sure no matter tot we do, it doesn't lead dramatic price increases for the poorest in our society. debate overave a how to get this done but we have to be nonnegotiable when it comes to the -- that we set so
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we can accomplish this goal. there are many paths to take to accomplish this goal. we have to say we're going to society into 100% clean energy and we can do it with a number of paths, efficiencyuel standards. >> you said you would put up your environmental record against anybody. please do. rep. kennedy: big picture to small. this is an issue that is important to me. i am 39 years old. i have a 4-year-old and a 2-year-old. parent is to make sure they have a planet that will be there for them, the same from my inherited parents and the fact is that while i believe the senator is there are plenty of policy ideas out there to try to warming climate, what we lack is the political will to get there. i support the green new deal. frames the debate the right way. emissions,ral getting us down to net zero
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emissions, sector by sector decarbonnization. is approach i've taken communities at the brunt of are put at the forefront, like fall river, and specifically, i filed a bill last week to make sure communities targeted for plants, they have a greater ability to push back against it. theave been working with community in fall river to transform that economy to be the wind.g area for offshore we've done legislation and worked on that with senator markey. dedicated to issues like storm water runoff in ways that impact gateway cities. >> both of you have been front runners regarding the natural compressor in with a moth. you've taken money from black an investor in that compressor. you have close to $2 million in
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your portfolio in stocks of fossil fuels. does that not at least leave the sort ofce of some conflict, even if you say it's -- going to affect -- once why don't you divest in those stocks and return that contribution, starting with you, quickly. sen. markey: i went down with weymouth and stood with those citizens. land wherel piece of a natural gas company wants like a straw to bring up natural gas. that station should not thereby mainey can move it up to to export that natural gas most likely to china so what i've is i've led on that issue and i'll tell you why -- >> you've taken money from an that project. my. markey: i vote convictions and from my perspective, what i've done is company that.that
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company that wants to go weymouth and i've told them absolutely not. i've led the effort on that issue, as well. guaranteed there's no dispute which i'm not going to be the leader on. it because when i was a boy, and i was in malden, my not to swim in the malden river because of the chemical companies and the coal companies that were polluting the malden river and she said it be unsafe to swim so wherever i see environmental istice issues, i stand up and fight for those communities. i've done so for weymouth, i've taken on that company. i've told them absolutely under no circumstances right from the notnning that it should happen. >> why don't you divest of those holds? rep. kennedy: there is not a single vote that anybody can annt to that shows investment of holds -- holdings
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long been held have influenced my vote once. the idea that those holdings my vote at all, you can't find it. >> one last thing about campaign finance. it we can, the congressman has challenged you repeatedly, senator, to support a people's pledge, originated by, as you know, elizabeth warren, years ago, virtually the same people's you embraced in 2013 and 2014. enough for your races then, why is it not good enough for the race in 2020? sen. markey: i've introduced a progressive people's pledge for we deal with the era of donald trump. yeah, we should have a pledge keeps our dark money, that keeps out negative voices. should welcome positive voices. disclosedwelcome contributions so that
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environmentalists, women's groups, lgbtq groups can speak. massachusetts. it's 2020. donald trump is president. modern to have a new people's pledge. not an old one. one for the trump era, that allows positive voices to speak. >> what's the matter with that, congressman? rep. kennedy: it was good enough 2014, when markey in he championed it, when massachusetts set the standard for keeping dark money out. the same pledge now. you start adding in voices we which voicesides they are? dark money, jim, is dark money. massachusetts walks the walk when it comes to progressive values. we need to do it now. opened the door to this. you opened the door to absolute landslide of money coming in to electoral framework we have been so proud to -- what is positive
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and progressive and what's not? sen. markey: we need the voices and we need -- >> who decides that? sen. markey: you'll decide, the media will decide. should have positive voices. the media decides. sen. markey: and no dark money. should not disclosed, it not be allowed into our state. rep. kennedy: the media's going to say it's not so fox news can is?it but wgbh can say it's not? this's no rationale to whatsoever. the broader point on this, campaign finance reform is one issues for a democrat and for progressive values to try to make sure that the playing field so that you can empower the people that are hurting today across our country. not do this, how are you ever going to pass a green new fossil you allow the fuel industry to open the spigot airwaves with
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scare tactics. not markey: we should silence progressive groups. we should celebrate them. if they want to come into this debate, speak positively, disclose funding sources, we and celebrate it but keep out dark money and negative voices. on.e have to move rep. kennedy: just invested in a across this country with positive voices in a positive way. koch brothers, number one opponent of environmental protection and regulation in the they can cross things in a positive way. that's what the senator is advocating for. way this works. none. >> let's talk about a couple of current issues starting with immigration. you've both condemned a decision by customs and border patrol to come into boston. what do you propose to do to stop them, congressman?
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points ondy: a. this. the way in which this administration has gone about targeting and vilifying the the immigrant community is one of the most abhorrent things i've time in we have to continue to speak up and push back. massachusetts has a proud history of immigration. our country has a proud history of immigration. my own family, both sides of it, an immigrant family. i'm very proud of that. areeed to ensure that we not just as elected officials the community of standing up and rejecting the administration's efforts but to athan that, building place to pass comprehensive immigration reform. first father's day with my son i spent on the border outside of texas protesting the family separation policy as this administration ripped children from their parents' arms. thee's no way that is ever
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answer for immigration. that is what this administration's going to do. that is what they're going to continue to do, to scare, to vilify, to tear this country apart and you have to go after you've got.erything >> senator? sen. markey: this is just part trump policy of trying to make america great again by making america hate again. these s.w.a.t. teams are meant to terrorize immigrants. take muslims, mexicans, immigrants, women of and demonize them. senate, iounced the went up to lawrence to knock on the door where the five markey grew up and sisters see who lives there now and on dominicancame a family and the aspirations are family the same for that as for the markey family. what donald trump is trying to
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do is to terrorize those in boston, to make them afraid to answer the door and afraid parents might be separated from the children and make it much less likely they will cooperate with law enforcement officials. i agree with marty walsh, the with of boston, i agree the district attorney. make boston a beacon on the hill and make it stand it alwayseedom which has stood for and fight donald trump every step of the way, not him to court, cooperate. this is fundamentally a challenge to who we are as bostonians. >> but there's no way to stop them right now. sen. markey: i have to take them to court. we have to stop them in court. we have to introduce legislation we debate it on the floor of the house and senate, canto move it as far as we as fast as we can to let him know he's accountable. i'll tell you what i did in august. when trump announced he would take kids who were in hospitals in massachusetts and deport them
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had cancer, iey alongup and i fought him with congresswoman presley and in two weeks we got trump to back down. you can't deport kids with cancer. i won in august on that issue. thing. to do the same that's who we are here. >> speaking of cancer, if i may, as you know, recipients in this country, young people brought to this country by their families others, the supreme court will decide what the disposition of them is to be. maybe three years ago democratic leaders in the senate went to the white house and said we'll all 25 billion dollars for your wall, president trump, get protection for the dreamers. two quick questions. you support the same deal? giving him all his money for the wall? and if not, what would you be willing to trade for the president, the republicans to
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quickly?he dreamers, sen. markey: i would trade presidents. just get rid of trump. we have eight months get rid of of mitch get rid mcconnell running the united states senate. that's what this next eight months is about, it's about a referendum on this issue, who we are as a country. he goes right to the soul of who we are. what the president is doing and it's our thatnsibility to make sure this man is really a footnote in history. would you support his wall? democrats were willing to do 2017.n sen. markey: i am not willing. we need a pathway for all 11 million immigrants in our make sure dreamers are made citizens, protect the -- status of residents haiti. here from i've also introduced the grace act to lift up to 90,000 a year number of refugees we accept in our country. the president is only accepting
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13,000 this year. this is a disgrace. on each one of these issues, we rid of donald trump, change the agenda for our -- put out and out the welcome mat to immigrants. you cannot make america great by down.g people you make america great by lifting people up. >> before you get rid of donald do for the do you dreamers, congressman? rep. kennedy: i went back and forth between republican leadership ad our year ago when the house, we had the votes to pass an additional piece of legislation to protect dreamers and deported veterans and i've got strong relationships with republicans yousome folks asked me can transfer a message to house leadership, which i did. and every time the response was the same.
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we hear this from the president time and then by the time we make it from the capitol to the white house he changes his mind. you didn't negotiate with a -- anticipating that the president says this is deal, take it or leave it. every time we engage in those conversations he'd change his mind. every time. so when can get into what iticals as to would take. i went through those conversations relaying those time when itevery came back to the republicans to say have that come from the they balked because they know they can never pin him down. to anotherove current event. there is a recent possible breakthrough agreement between taliban that could mean the beginning of the end of in americanthe war history. the seven-day reduction of could inaugurate a drawdown of troops. should the president stop at 8,000 troops or should all u.s. troops be out of afghanistan?
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a should we leave multithousand counterterrorism foreseeablefor the future? which is the preferred route? rep. kennedy: we need to bring home, as many as we can to ensure the safety of our country. let's be clear about this. have the ability to deploy rapidly should we need to. maintains broad constitutional authority to protect our nation and our interests but let's be clear, been at war in afghanistan for the longest armed conflict in american history. two, we still have, according to an extraordinary investigation done by "the washington post" that came out on the afghanistan have no clearll idea, after 20 years, what our mission is, what success looks going to long it's take or the burden we're putting on our men and women in uniform so how longilies are we going to ask soldiers and deployed forces to overseas? >> that's what i'm asking you. bring them all home?
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rep. kennedy: bring them all as fast as we possibly can. >> maintain a small number there we've gained, a small number? sen. markey: when i visit see thetan, i can incredible tension still on the streets of that country. from my perspective, i think it is absolutely imperative that we remove troops, that we try to issue, negotiate a resolution of it. the taliban, the u.s. the afghan government, pakistan -- they'llally have to be involved if we are going to protect this country from descending into chaos which it did the last time the taliban had any power in that country. power in large parts of it but to completely remove the united states jeopardize, it could 50% of their population. women in that country were terror when the taliban had total control. happenot allow that to
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again. so we should draw down as many troops as we can, test any agreement make sure protections put in place are until we're sure that that is the case, we could, again,, jeopardize, once the lives of 50% of that will descend once again back into medieval conditions which is how the treating that population in that country. so draw down the troops, do it can while you're guaranteeing that any agreement is in fact working. senator hasan, the a long history in foreign policy areas. anything you would have done donerently than what he's vote-wise? rep. kennedy: yes, with question to this first, though. the recent attack. service members in afghanistan was a green-on-blue attack, killed by our allies. troops in walter reed who are injured for the rest of
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allies.ves by our yes, we need to make sure we are protecting innocent civilians in but we have been doing that for 20 years at grave cost. we're in the longest conflict in our nation's history, the war in in 2002tan in 2001 and we went to war with iraq and we still.iraq the authorization for the use of military force in iraq was used the elimination of general soleimani, iranian nation from a separate that had nothing to do with quest for weapons of mass destruction and complete for going toonale war yet that authorization was used to do so and keeps us in even today.ast >> that authorization was used by president obama to do drone in yemen that killed 21 kids. you didn't call for -- rep. kennedy: oh, yes i did. i have been outspoken about repealing the authorization for
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from 2001itary force to 2002 for years. >> how about his record, he's experience in foreign policy. rep. kennedy: and he voted for the iraq war without a sunset say you got to come back and justify it, without a definition of success and as to thequestion burden on the men and women of uniform and that authorization is used 20 years later. i met recently with return veterans and heard from them their mission in the middle east and one of them said that's interesting hearing your my missionat was five years before. we still have no clarity as to what we're doing and that's the that vote. >> when you voted for iraq, you were in the minority of the the house of representatives that authorized action in iraq. do you regret that vote, senator? lied,arkey: george bush donald rumsfeld lied to the american people about the presence of nuclear weapons in iraq. it was a false pretense to start
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a war. still angry about that lie to the american people. i regret that vote. it was a mistake. why every day i work to that donald trump cannot start a war on a false retense with iran. that's why i lead with my legislation to make sure that trump cannot start a nuclear war with north korea without prior authorization of the house and senate. why i lead on the new min churized nuclear weapons that wants to deploy, major peace the groups, peace now, mass peace for a livablel world, have all endorsed me. chance to look at our records and sven dors said because i amce fighting donald trump and his
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reckless military policy every day.e we are just a tweet away, at gettingthe morning, of into a military conflict that will be catastrophic for our the planet.for >> senator, as long as we're on voted forlicy, you the use of force in syria around chemical weapons matter. why did you do that? sen. markey: very simply. a rush for judgment. there was an attempt to have a forced without complete information given to the committee and so i protested we weren't given the information and i said i'm waiting until i get everything i to know whether or not we weuld be bombing syria, assad for 60bing days and when i got the announced i would
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vote no before the vote came to floor so i made sure i was not going to be put in a position where there would be a to judgment. >> our producers tell us you have two minutes more time so more time to you, congressman. would you like to respond to what the senator said? lesson ofdy: the iraq, one of many, that you do not go into another middle eastern country without knowing how to get out and when that question 10 years after that vote, the senator on a matter of war and peace and i think that itself.peaks for sen. markey: when your government does not give you all need and oneon you senator says, i'm going to all the other senators get the information they need, that was just in the bring it, before we out on to the senate floor, let's understand what the if we bomb inre syria, put our young men and
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women at risk. to get thee effort information. by the way, they then withdrew. thatthen withdrew resolution. ofit was the disinfectant all of that information that made it impossible for them to get the vote to -- have to move on. rep. kennedy: it is not a disinfectant. finish, senator. rep. kennedy: a present vote. it's hard for me to understand present vote is going to be a -- sen. markey: when you're hiding facts, when you're lying without giving all the information to american people, then somebody has to stand up. which is what i did in order to ensure that on that issue we pulled into another conflict in the middle east. >> why not vote no as the congressman suggested? sen. markey:i wanted to give them the opportunity to present all of the intelligence. had not done so. there wasn't going to be a vote on the senate floor for another
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so i was demanding that information be put out in the public so it could be understood by the other senators and by the american people. on.e have to move 2017 exploration of racism in the "boston that by globe" spotlight team found that black americans rated boston the welcoming of eight major american cities. disparity figures put the wealth of white bostonians $250,000 and only $8 for black bostonians. nationally, the numbers are much less. latinos, the disparity is more than 100 to one where it's eight to one nationally. to change thedone situation for people of color here in boston, congressman? of. kennedy: a number things. saystatistics that you
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fromate a terrible legacy our commonwealth and the federal discrimnt in racial and persists to this day the disparity in those numbers, for median net worth and $8 for african american and zero dominican household is the result of intentional choices made by government, federal, state and local, and will not be resolved without intentional government ony how to address it. >> like what? rep. kennedy: one, housing. after 10 years of economic growth a segment of our population wasn't able to access the housing market so you have to be deliberate and intentional about making sure the federal sizablent makes a investment in access to affordable housing in particular in communities redlined,
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by housingfected policy. the legacy of f.a.a., the g.i. which theways in federal government has systematically prejudiced against african americans awnelds minorities. need to be laws that cleared up that end up being a prohibition on accumulation of wealth. three, issues around transportation. if you're trying to look at ways toget to work to get home care for a child, the 111 bus in chelsea takes you an hour to go three miles. african americans spend 60-plus hours more per year on a bus than white people do in boston to get to work. 60 hours a year more just to get to work. these are the results of deliberate discrimination that have to be addressed and the federal government can do a lot about it and we need to. >> tell us a couple of things the federal government should be doing, senator? sen. markey: i've introduced
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legislation with elizabeth warren to construct three million affordable noms our country that will reduce the overall price of homes by 10% if we do that. to introduce a bill, $75 number, to increase the of public housing units in our there, it'shat it's affordable and it's modern. free college tuition, that we have free community college tuition for color, for low-income citizens in our country and that change ourwe transportation system. my father, when he drove a go up to theo fellsway, get on the bus, go goo sullivan's station and over to drive the truck. that's how people live today, systemsnsportation don't work, when the t doesn't work, when we don't have the bus lines to go out into the it, thenes which need we have a big problem. i lived it in my own house. my father got up to get on the us every day. we have to make sure we provide
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that kind of programs. and moreover, so much of this original sin in our society, slavery. that's why it's so important that we have a debate on reparations that, we have a debate on how we've treated minorities in our country, who arely those descended from slaves. ofy have a legacy mistreatment that then manifests imprisonment, lack of programs to help them to be able and discrimination still deeply built into our society and if we don't deal reparations issue. if we don't deal with the of africanarceration american and other minorities in our society and then the aftermath of that which then these kinds of income wealth disparities, we're not get to the core of this issue. >> i just -- obviously you're
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there's a local push to return to rent control the amount of increases landlords could charge. what do you think about that? rep. kennedy: anywhere i go across the state, cost of issing and access to housing the number one issue, whether to springfield to worcester to boston. we have to do a lot more to make sure housing is affordable. aspent a couple of years as legal aid volunteer in the housing courts in the midst of the foreclosure crisis. you see the outcomes every day, don'tallenge if people have access to protections. >> should we return to rent control? rep. kennedy: resident stabilization needs to be on the table and there's a wide variety can address.e rent control can be part of that
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debate. you're looking for systemic reforms that are necessary, investment in affordable housing, reforms to infrastructure and public transit to make sure there's housing that's affordable, as well. and last piece, you have to address the other economic in boston.we have healthcare costs, costs of childcare. to raise a child from birth to 5 than to send kid to college at boston university. >> rent control, yes or no, senator? would support any community that wants it to impose rent control. >> local options? sen. markey: local option. if they believe in their community the housing costs have far out of control, that it's leading to an exodus the poorest and the most vulnerable out of that community should have a right to impose rent control in order to stabilize that community. gentrification that is taking place across our state but it's across the
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country, as well. we just have to deal with this as the epidemic which it is housing, education, transportation and breaking down of the discriminatory barriers are actually at the heart of this issue. we have to make sure that we're giving these opportunities to every family but especially those who are black and brown. i grew up white. there are much higher -- [laughter] >> to be clear. sen. markey: i'm very conscious conscious of the discriminatory barriers that i with.t have to deal >> moving on to healthcare. >> we have one of the lowest countryd rates in the in massachusetts but i believe you are both supportive of medicare for all. you supportan getting rid of the private insurance that 160 americans through their bosses, employers, including those that haveunions negotiated these great health benefits and their contracts?
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with you.t sen. markey: we still have a america.e crisis in running a sick-care system, not a healthcare system. not haven americans do health insurance as we sit here tonight on channel 2. healthcare bills are still the number one cause of bankruptcy in the united states. we spent twice as much money in the united states as other and weialized nations outcome soddiest, worst for health. we're paying twice as much and we're not getting the answer. that's why we need no no prescription bills. why we need to ensure that we transform this system so that everyone gets the healthcare which they need. eliminate private insurance? sen. markey: we have to move towards a pathway in our society -- we have to debate it and do it correctly and in a way that causes the least
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disruption -- but we have to towards that system. that's a system that will keep costs low -- >> but eliminating private insurance? sen. markey: over time we have to move in that direction and the reason we have to move. have to hold because time whack.out of congressman, get rid of private insurance? rep. kennedy: start big and we'll get there. first off, the healthcare system for the richest, most powerful be ablen earth should to ensure that every person gets access to the care they need and even in is that today our country and even in our state, we don't. a couple of statistics for you. 17 million insured patients in rationuntry, jim, still access to medication. 26% of patients that depend on insulin ration their insulin. $88 billion, the medical debt $812 billion, the amount of that go todollars administrative costs and not a dime of which actually makes you
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healthier. $252 billion, about investment that is made from our dollars into insurance companies that don't actually get turned back around into care. here's the kicker. $12,000, that's the average every american family spends for healthcare already today -- premiums, co-pays,es, out-of-pocket costs, $12,000 already. do i think we can do better? absolutely. my uncle introduced a single payer bill on the floor of the 1971. states senate in when you look at that speech, some of the factors he looked maternal mortality, infant expectancy,ife almost 50 years ago and between 1971 and today, those facts have better. when you look at them compared to other countries, we've gotten worse. them for income, you fall through the floor. more yearsthat 50 will ensure better healthcare?
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that single mom, probably not. say thatis enough to the pathway is leaving too many behind. for alls of medicare scare some people because they like their insurance and some love theire insurance. would you favor taking that away? rep. kennedy: two things, one, ended up in this odd litmus test on whether or not to allow private insurance. bill isre point of the that people will get access to better healthcare at lower costs. i think we can do that. to actually do that. two, there's no single pair hasem in the world that abolished private insurance but equity, iturces of eases the statistics i cited and suretter try to make people do get access to clear. >> you're both supporting medicare for all and other than the buttigiegs of the world who say medicare for all who want not saying you do or
7:45 pm
ofnot support elimination private insurance over time. you said yes over time. what's your answer, congressman? think we need to make sure we provide access to wee that we need and i think can try to do that without access to private insurance. access.ut quickly. sen. markey: we have a healthcare system that needs to be fixed. my mother contracted alzheimer's. senior going to become class president. grandmother died, my mother had to be the caregiver for the family. married my mother. when she contracted alzheimer's, eddie,er said, you know, it was an honor that your mother married me, she was a brilliant mother. you got to help me keep her in the living room in malden. and the right arm of the milk man is the strongest arm in the six milk bottles all day long.
7:46 pm
1980, 1982 through 1990, we kept her in the living room in malden. medicaid bills will be budget. the defense that's why i've led in the research tolly fund end alzheimer's by 2025. find a cure by 2025 and if we don't that, issue alone system.krupt the so we have to look ahead, lead the way. that's my legislation which is right now and it's up to $2.8 billion just this year in funding to find the cure. i was able to add $350 million toe dollars in december accomplish that goal. we have to give hope to every havey that they alzheimer's solution that is on the way, otherwise, almost every family will know someone with that disease.
7:47 pm
theet's talk about president. >> let's talk about the president for a minute, your favorite person here. 25th amendment determines what to do if a president is deemed physically or mentally unfit to serve. an issue early in the president's term when then deputy attorney general rod talked about getting cabinet members together to remove the president and then psychiatrist, psychologist who wrote the book president'st the malignant narcissism that these --ical professors professionals made him unfit to serve. senator markey, do you think the president is unfit to serve? sen. markey: there's not a world that the president's cabinet will remove him. sad to say, there are tens of agreens of americans who with the president on everything he does. i just saw that on the senate for two sat there weeks. i heard overwhelming evidence
7:48 pm
highhe had committed a crime against the country. i looked over at the republican side. was irrefutable evidence that he had done so and then we cast vote. i stood twice and voted guilty to each one of the counts and the republicans acquitted him. the extent to which we think that donald trump is wrong the country, look, in the united states senate, in his cabinet, he has willing, supine allies. do you think he's mentally unfit? sen. markey: i think he has crazy ideas. think his view of the world is absolutely a rear-view mirror world for a country that never existed. andi don't think anyone -- my wife is a psychiatrist -- can evaluate anyone at a distance examining them. ideas are crazy. >> know a colleague of yours has
7:49 pm
to compose aer body, authorize the composition of a body, that would be able to these determinations unders the 25th amendment. do you think he's mentally fit office, congressman kennedy? rep. kennedy: i'm not a doctor qualifiedt think i'm to make that determination. i'll leave that to the professionals. his i will say is that actions alone disqualify him from office because the mueller is a clear dheation he multipled justice on occasions. i was a prosecutor. i had cases where people didn't evidence or witnesses. they were called pleas. that's what that should have that's essentially what that was. that i think is critical to understand, the bigger picture, is that this president violates his oath of office to protect every single citizen in this country a daily basis but what is incumbent for every one of us now is to ensure you are
7:50 pm
you possiblying can -- we ended up in those impeachment proceedings with the the house ofough representatives because we were able to flip the house. we need to ensure we are doing can to -- if republicans are not going to asde by their oaths impartial jurors, you hold them senate.d flip the >> a lot of democrats and others think attorney general barr has oath of office. a woman you're supporting for president says if he doesn't voluntarily resign, he should be impeached quickly. be?ld he rep. kennedy: yes. >> should he be impeached? for hiskey: i call resignation and i would say that impeachment is the only way to a man who responds to a tweet from the president of the united states and changes -- a yes.'s staying in the judicial system. you know there have been two
7:51 pm
conservative justices appointed, a tilt to the right. the two of the oldest justices are liberals so the president could potentially affect the tilt for a generation or beyond. there are some presidential proposess who enlarging the size of the court quickly. do you support that? rep. kennedy: the better is term limits. >> the term limits might need a constitutional amendment enlarging -- rep. kennedy: term limits are the better way to go. theo you support enlarging size of the court? sen. markey: i think we need a changing the supreme court -- term limits, enlarging it. us to do so. i'm glad that ruth bader limited.was not term >> you would support enlarging the size? you say we need a debate. the chargecrats lead to enlarge the size of the supreme court?
7:52 pm
sen. markey: i think that we that donaldsure trump does not get re-elected and have the next democratic she's sworn in name all the justices in 2021, 2022, 2023, 2024 and that should goalr principal near-term to make sure he's out, we control the senate and we can justices of the next president of the united states who will be a democrat. >> quick answers, please. you support relief for student debt, tuition free college. tested ort be means available to everybody whether wealthy or not? rep. kennedy: the bill i've and look, the premise here is every single -- the commitment that our country has made to every generation is that you get a pathway to an education that gets you to a good quality job for free and the reality of the circumstances we don't.ent the pathway, appropriate pathway that we should eliminate student debt for 95% of all students.
7:53 pm
families of means, i don't think your taxpayer dollars should pay for my children's education. sen. markey: i was first in my family to go to college. a commuter, i had to truck to earnreek tuition. without federal loans, i couldn't have gone to college so i identify with these kids with of debt they have to take out of the college they graduate from so i believe we should make it debt-free and have free community college, free public universities in massachusetts. for everybody or means? limit it.y: i would i don't think rich people should get free tuition. but i think we have to make sure a pathway for everyone else because for just about is so onerous it that it becomes a way in which the direction of an individual's life and i lived
7:54 pm
it. without the loans, i could not have made it. i was paying back student loans through my third time in congress. of time.out last question, and this time it is time enforced. we after having been informed by an hour of debate, could you sum starting with you, senator, for voters, how you would describe the differences between the two of you. why you should be rehired, and why he should be fired and you hired in his place. 45 seconds. sen. markey: i have led and the people of massachusetts. if i am once again given the in ournity to serve state, i will lead on a green new deal and get it passed in the next congress. i will lead on the strongest possible gun legislation that of pass and make it the law our land. i will lead and win legislation cleanse finding the cure for alzheimer's so that stopped before 15 million baby boomers have it . i will lead on those issues.
7:55 pm
been successful passing legislation in those areas and i'll continue this effort to that in the future children have to look to the history books to find there was a thing as alzheimer's or climate change or a gun safety of ourc on the streets country. >> congressman? rep. kennedy: thanks for this to engage. we are at a moment of crisis for our country, for our democratic party and for our commonwealth for so many of the issues that yes, filingn and the right legislation and voting the right way is a critical part if there's one lesson from today's washington, d.c. is that this is all about power and if you are serious putting the people and the causes we care about first, you got to go out there and take it. you got to have candidates that are going to and senators that will leverage every ounce of with ahat comes massachusetts senate seat to go out there and rebuild the bench the structural change is necessary, ending the
7:56 pm
electoral, ending college, campaign finance reform, keeping dark money out idealsan deliver on the of a green new deal, of college, the voting rights act and ending gerrymandering. these are all of the parts that we need to address. >> thank you, gentlemen. thank you both. time we have for tonight. thanks for watching and listening. candidates,e senator ed markey and congressman joe kennedy and now you have an opportunity to thank yourselves, everybody in this room. [applause] day isary election september 3. thank you so much for joining us. night. [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit]
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