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tv   Campaign 2020 Joe Biden Delivers Remarks Following Nevada Caucuses  CSPAN  February 23, 2020 6:12am-6:33am EST

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win in theicted to upcoming south carolina primary. c-span, your unfiltered view of government. created in 1979 and brought to you today by your television provider. >> democratic presidential candidate senator bernie sanders -- ♪ >> please welcome jill biden and vice president joe biden. [cheers and applause]
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fmr. vp biden: hello nevada! [chanting] biden! president joe! [cheers and applause] fmr. vp biden: thank you, thank you, thank you. you all did it for me [cheers and applause] fmr. vp biden: now we are going on to south carolina and win the democratic state back.
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i want to thank everyone that caucused for us paired i particular the want to thank the precinct captain, are all our volunteers who are here [cheers and applause] fmr. vp biden: people made all those phone calls. i plan on coming back to when this state outright. [cheers and applause] fmr. vp biden: i could not have done it without, i want to start off and i have to recognize a few of the congressperson here. you know, dena titus has been incredible. [cheers and applause] and a guy named hartford. did you ever hear of him? i see him right there. are you kidding me? and also, you know there's a fellow named cardin from the little state called california. [cheers and applause]
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and phil, thank you for coming. especially there. and hilda, where is hilda? she was just there. i bet she is coming back here. and so, so many of you. you know, i tell you what, man. >> the comeback kid! fmr. vp biden: well i tell you what you are sending me back. i want to tell you something. and we are in labor's house, man. labor's house. and we are at it, you stepped up in a big, big way. as did a bunch of you. look, we got into some of the best union support, i think better than anyone in the whole thing. [cheers and applause]
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look, i heard there some guys called firefighters around here. [cheers and applause] utu, ironworkers. by the way, i heard we did awful well with workers. i know we do not have the final results yet but i feel really good. you put me in a position. i know the press is ready to declare people dead quickly. [laughter] but we are alive and we are coming back and we are going to win. [cheers and applause]
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fmr. vp biden: by the way, i want to thank all the folks at 226. they have been incredible to me. they have been incredible, the way they treated me and i want to tell you that no, the choices that they had to make for the -- were ones that made a big difference. i want to get right to the point here -- i think we are in a position now to move on in a way that we have not been until this moment. i think we're going to go we are, going to win in south carolina. [cheers and applause] fmr. vp biden: and then super tuesday, and we are -- [cheers and applause] fmr. vp biden: look, we are here in the ibew hall, and i want to tell you, they stepped up in a moment, just the incredible right moment. with that, the ironworkers, and firefighters, teachers, so atu, so many others -- i have said a hundred times, you are the reason why i am in this.
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you are the ones who built the middle class. you're the ones who brought us back. [cheers and applause] fmr. vp biden: by the way, this time, when we rebuild the middle class, we've got to bring everybody along. everybody along, black, brown, women, men, straight, everybody -- across the board. [cheers and applause] fmr. vp biden: you know, the idea that somehow people are just figuring this out is kind of surprising me, but you know, everybody is just looking for a shot. nobody is looking for a handout. everybody is looking for just an even shot and they don't feel like they are getting a chance because they are not. they are being left behind. i promise you, i give you my word as a biden, i'm going to bring everybody along. [cheers and applause] that single mom trying to raise her kids by herself, it's hard. that 60-year-old dad who just lost his job and has no idea
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where to turn or that college grad who cannot get started because the student debt is so high, those communities of color with the pollution pumped into the water they drink and the air they breathe. couples facing eviction who will do anything at all to maintain a home for their kids or the family that has a child with cancer desperately looking for help -- we can fix all of these problems, every one of them. [cheers and applause] we have the power to do it. folks, there are 100 million americans with pre-existing conditions who fear every day that obama care will be taken away. i promise you it will not be. it will be expanded on. [cheers and applause] fmr. vp biden: and for the immigrant who has been demonized, and the way this guy has ripped us apart in ways we have not seen and any of our lifetimes, folks, we have such
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an incredible opportunity -- i really mean this -- we have such an incredible opportunity to take this country places it has never been, lead the world again. look, i'm a democrat for a simple reason. [cheers and applause] fmr. vp biden: i ain't a socialist. i ain't a plutocrat. i'm a democrat. [cheers and applause] and i'm proud of it. [cheers and applause] fmr. vp biden: you got to remember, what made you become a democrat in the first place. basically the thought that everybody just deserves a shot. i really mean it, just a shot. an even playing field. just a chance, that we can do anything at all in the neighborhoods i come from and a lot of you come from. anything at all. we have never, ever, ever, ever let the country down, and by the way, i was proud to have and run with barack obama. [cheers and applause]
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fmr. vp biden: and i'm proud to still be his friend, and i tell you what -- i promise you, i wasn't talking about running in a democratic primary against him in 2012. [cheers and applause] fmr. vp biden: i was working my heart out so he could win. folks, look, we can reestablish our place in the world, we can reestablish our place for ordinary, hard-working people in this country, and we have said it many times -- with four years of donald trump, we can, with god willing if we win, make that an historical aberration. we can. but eight years would fundamentally change who we are. as i said again, many times, we not only have to beat donald trump, we have to keep the united states house of representatives. [cheers and applause] and we have to in the united states senate.
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fmr. vp biden: and then, we have to bring the party and the country together. so, i think it's time we get moving. i think it's time we step up. i think it's time we unite the party first. >> [inaudible] [cheers and applause] fmr. vp biden: i'm counting on it being biden time because we can bring it together with your help. [laughter] >> to jill for first lady! [cheers and applause] fmr. vp biden: dr. jill for president. that's what i'm hearing where i go. i say what, you have all been so wonderful. i don't want to keep you standing, but this is an important moment, an important moment. i think we are going to look back on this and say this was the beginning of the fundamental change. folks, folks, we are in a spot
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now where we just have to keep moving. keep moving and make sure -- by the way, as you learn today and yesterday in the day before, we are going to have more help coming from vladimir putin for our president. we are going to have more help for -- from vladimir putin for someone who he things cannot beat donald trump. i turned on a couple of tv ads and said where the hell did that come from? staff said they are trump ads. let's give trump exactly what he so i want to, does not want. let's give him you and joe biden is the nominee. [cheers and applause] fmr. vp biden: thank you, thank you, thank you! i plan on coming back. [crowd chanting] >> let's go, joe! let's go, joe! let's go, joe! >> let's go, joe! [crowd chanting] fmr. vp biden: one last thing
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-- tell all your friends, go to and contribute a little bit of money. we have raised a couple of million bucks. let's go get 'em. [cheers and applause] fmr. vp biden: thank you. thank you, thank you, thank you. >> let's go, joe! let's go, joe! let's go, joe! ["champion" by carrie underwood and ludacris plays] ♪
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♪ invincible, unbreakable, they knock me down, i get up again, i am a champion â♪
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>> â♪ you can hear me now, i cannot feel the pain, i was made for this, â♪ â♪ if i was going to win >> â♪ i am the champion â♪ â♪ ♪ i am the champion ♪
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♪ [indiscernible conversations]
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hi ♪
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>> the next contest on the political calendar is the south
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carolina primary. thes called the first in south with 54 pledged delegates. the final week -- the following week is super tuesday. with a total of 15 states and one territory participating including the delegate rich states of california, north , and virginia. on march 10, four states have their primary. of 416 delegates up for grabs. democratic presidential candidate senator bernie sanders claimed victory in the nevada caucuses. he thanked nevada for their support and urged texans to vote for him on march 3. the primary day known as super tuesday.


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