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tv   Washington Journal 02242020  CSPAN  February 24, 2020 6:59am-7:24am EST

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address will be read. onc-span-3, a conference economic policy in an election year held by the national association of business executives. that starts at 8:00 a.m. eastern. inwhen that senate gavels monday, wisconsin senator tammy baldwin delivers the traditional reading of washington's farewell address. later in the week, the senate takes procedural votes unto antiabortion measures. the house is back for legislative work on tuesday, with the first both expected on wednesday. later in the week, a bill that would ban all flavored tobacco products, including e-cigarettes . watch live coverage of the house on c-span and the senate on c-span two. >> this morning, look at the week ahead with jeff mason from reuters and the hills al weaver.
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later, the cato institute talks about the use of stop and frisk and its effect on law enforcement. you can join the conversation on facebook and twitter. "washington" is next. ♪ host: good morning, everyone. a new study has found nearly 100 million eligible voters do not vote. inwill give you the details that new study and we want to hear from you. if you plan to vote in 2020, your phone number is 202-748-8000. if you don't plan to vote in 2020, 202-748-8001. with your plans, whether or not you will vote at 202-748-8003.
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just but your first name, city, and state in the text and go to twitter at@four -- at @cspanwj or they commissioned this report to find out who is voting and who is not voting and why. the study surveyed 12,000 chronic nonvoters nationally and in 10 swing states. here is a video they put together on what they found. [video clip] >> nearly 100 million eligible voters did not vote. this is the story of perhaps the most important voice in america yet to be heard, the 100 million project is a landmark study of nonvoters done at the unprecedented scale. who are these 100 million americans? thisare as diverse as country, as different as 100
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million people can be. many nonvoters lack a six faith in our democratic system. 38% say they are not confident elections represent the will of the people. many believe the system is rigged. a me and my sister and get is conspiracy theory it is rigged. >> i think the whole thing is predetermined. -- predetermined -- >> many nonvoters are college graduates -- reported anondents unfavorable view of 40% -- of president trump. with the emerging electorate, 18 purse -- 18 to 20-year-olds are less informed, less interested in politics, less likely to vote than nonvoters overall. are we losing a generation of
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voters? >> i am not informed, so i feel like my vote will be wasted. >> being young and voting, people judge you because you are not educated enough. increasing voter turnout is about the future of our democracy. host: the night's foundation with their latest synopsis. they found half of americans do not vote. inyou do not plan to vote 2020, your phone number is 202-748-8001. we want to hear from you. if you plan to vote in 2020, call in at 202-748-8000. you can text with your first name, city, state. jeff, you are first in indianapolis. did you vote in 2016? caller: absolutely, i did. i voted for hillary clinton and i am going to vote for the
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democratic nominee. i don't care if it is bernie, joseph biden, klobuchar, whoever because our nation is at risk. we have a president who is lawless. he is not even really a president. city convict.rk i am afraid this country is headed in the wrong direction. it is time democrats show a little spine. republicans do not even know what a socialist is. i am going to vote because i am a veteran, african-american. my people died for the right to and and i love this country i don't like the direction it is headed and the republican party sold their soul to the devil and
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too much is at stake and c-span, you are the best. host: before you go -- are you still there? caller: yes. host: the majority of people you know in your community, do they vote? caller: absolutely. i know people who do not vote because they say it is rigged and the illuminati. the majority of the people i know -- my close friends will vote because they see what is going on in this country. they see the president for his lawlessness and throwing little in cages. we have an attorney general who is basically nothing but a mob lawyer. everyone who plans to vote -- we have to put a stop, this is fascism and you republicans -- be careful if you call democrats
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socialist, you might be called a nazi. host: sadie is planning to vote, tell us why. this is the worst president of the united states of america ever had. to women.asty mrs. bush was wondering why any woman would vote. i would vote for a cockroach instead of donald trump. he is the worst one. host: have you always voted your whole life ? yes, and i am deaf lee going to vote. host: jeffrey in maryland. also voting.
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voted?u always caller: yes. i get to vote -- the new people, i get them to vote like social services places and other places, i vote because i was born in 1961 and what i see -- when i see what is going on with this president, his ways are not american way. i am trying to get democrats more involved because we are .lways to blame people call on c-span and say democrats did this. we did not start these things like the russia probe or ukraine probe.
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to divide the country. i am going to vote for bernie this time because it looks like he has a movement going on. i watched him in el paso, san antonio, houston, the people who came up for this man, i did not believe my eyes. it look like a donald trump rally to me, even stronger. i am trying to get young people to vote because we have to have a change. we do not need a government if you have -- if you don't have social services. look at the rich people. wife isconnell's getting the grant. mcconnell mitch
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mcconnell is putting judges in seats. to thosen you talk young 18-24-year-olds about voting, when they say they are considering not voting or they don't want to vote, why? they tell me because they did not like hillary and they did not think a woman could win. black president that got in there. i have confidence in obama. i am getting a lot of --ple i know i tell my nieces and nephews go ahead and sign up. host: what do you do for a living? caller: right now, i am a
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caregiver for my mother. diabetes and i take care of her now and it is hard to focus on what trump is doing because i see what my mom is going through. she has social security, she is doing pretty good. people need these plans. like aask for assistance lot of republicans do not want to raise the minimum wage. up $20 at least every year and they worry about -- people need help, people need this. and glad i got through you you made my morning. host:host: peter in
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charlottesville, not voting. did you vote in 2016? .aller: i voted all my life famousfluence a bull and aerican, if voting made difference, they would outlaw it. the parties are all controlled from somewhere else and there is no leverage anymore. host: who did you vote for in 2016? caller: jill stein. this year i want to go on record , they are going to give us hillary versus trump again. he is the modern-day version of mr. reagan.
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there are some astute characters who call in and i am grateful for them. host: if the nominee is bernie sanders, if he is doing well so far, would you then vote? caller: bernie sanders is just another player in the game. is adeep somewhere, there whole story about bernie sanders. i would like to hear a program on the virus going on. i think that would be appropriate. thanks. host: we did talk about it a couple weeks ago. you may already know, it is making the front pages of the papers. strain asnomy shows ands takes a toll in italy
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iran. president trump is traveling, he is in india. he and the first lady are visiting the taj mahal after he joint statements. we will talk about the schedule and what is happening in congress coming up on the washington journal. we are talking about a new that americans that are eligible to vote did not vote and why not. if you are voting in 2020, we want to hear from you and tell us why. we wanted to hear why you plan to or not plan to vote. joey in maryland, you are
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voting, good morning. who are you voting for? caller: i will be a first time voter voting for president donald trump. host: how old are you? caller: i am 27 years old. host: why your first time? caller: i was part of that crowd initially that it is already predetermined like the whole conspiracy thing unlike those young men and women being interviewed as part of that segment, they claimed they were not informed. eventually, i got tired of complaining so instead of waiting for somebody to spoonfeed me information, i decided to go digging myself. build finally was able to my confidence and feel like i get to where i am informed and i can make an educated vote, that is what i decided.
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i did not want to sit and wait because i feel like voting is my duty and responsibility and i think every opinion matters. i think it is easy for individuals much like myself back a couple years ago to sit and complain about the system and count -- tout all these opinions about how i think the country or world should be, but i am not doing anything. it is easier to use words. host: why would you vote for president trump? caller: for me, it is personal. because of my line of work, there were a lot of policies and things that began to weigh in
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and affect my everyday life more than anything and i supported a lot of these policies because a lot of individuals i care about are affected by these policies. for me, it was a bit of a no-brainer at first. host: what do you do for a living? caller:caller: i would rather not say, not older -- not over the airwaves. host: military-related? o, ma'am. not at all. host: joey is voting for the first time, 27 years old. when they conducted the survey, they put together interviews they did with some of the here is one of the voters in west virginia.
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[video clip] >> i have lived in preston county all my life. i am not registered to vote. they say this and that and when they get in there, they don't do it. >> they don't worry about anything we want or need in life. waste of time, waste of money. >> i don't quite understand everything about it and i don't follow politics. >> i think it is rigged. host: some of the voters saying why they don't. we are talking to voters and nonvoters alike. jim in kentucky, you are not going to vote, why not? i voted for president obama the first time he ran and he was going to do a lot with .ealth care
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my premiums and everything go up every year and then you are familiar with the talk -- i voted for trump last time around, so i will vote who i think is the best candidate, but i will not bother anymore because that is all republicans talked about for 10 years was better health care and lower prices on drugs and nothing has changed except mine went up again. it will save me a drive to my local poll and like many callers have said, they will tell you one thing and when they get in, they do nothing or the opposite. thanks for your time. host: can i ask before you go, what would make you vote? caller: they would have to get a candidate that took a lie detector test and he would do what he said he was going to do and he would be blocked by the
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opposite party. it doesn't make any difference. for years, when i was growing up , i did not vote and as i grew older i thought it is good to have the opportunity to vote, which a lot of people don't in different countries and then they are probably just as well off, it will save them time. have as close to a dictator as we are ever going to have right now and he cannot get anything done. do you mind sharing your age and what you do for a living? caller: i am 74 years old and that is why medicare and health broke all thes me time. i keep hearing about all the drugs are going -- they are not going down at the pharmacy where i go.
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premiums on blue cross blue .hield keep going up that they pay about half an exam and you pay for half your frames. they dropped that and did not tell me i did not have it anymore. since my premiums go up, i should have as good coverage as i had. i would like to see bernie -- he does not have a prayer. he does -- everybody talks about how good he is doing. you wait and see what happens when we get down to the voting. he will disappear like he did the last time. be -- iimagine it will
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could not vote for a democrat .nd i am registered democrat with hillary clinton last time, there is no way i would vote for her. host: what did you do for a living? machinist fora the last 6 years at an aerospace company. host: why he is not voting, health care tops his list. also not voting, good morning. caller: morning. host: why won't you vote? i just don't see anybody i would vote for. i am 70 years old. i have listened to these people make promises for decades and once they get in there, the other side does whatever they can to stop them. when i listen to that, i usually
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-- this is the game they are playing like right now. democrats are going after the republicans because that is what they did to obama. that is what they did to him. they wanted to make him a one-time president. when i listen to the american people say i have never seen a president treated like that before -- are you kidding? look what you did to the last president. i was eligible to vote in 1968 and i could name every president the american people have put in office and i have not seen one they put in office that i would brag to anybody about and when i them say the democratic party is separating the country -- this country has always been
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divided. i have not seen one president they put in office that has not divided the country. look at george bush junior. that guy was the worst president. he lied to the american people. saudi arabia attacked us. what did he do when he took a sucker punch like that? he went after somebody else. in this night foundation survey they did, they asked of the 13,000 people they talk to what could motivate you to vote in more elections? they broke it down into two categories, nonvoters and the 18-24-year-olds and 22% of nonvoters said a candidate they believe in could motivate them to vote. what a 14% of 18-24-year-olds had the same answer and 15% of
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they would be motivated to vote if they could do so online. information,y of if my vote would affect the outcome, a particular issue, more information on candidates, more convenient process, more time to learn, if they made voting mandatory, and more time to vote. this is some of the answers these folks gave on what would motivate them to vote. denise in georgia, planning to vote. why is that? caller: planning to vote. host: why? caller: i


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