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tv   Washington Journal Tim Murtaugh  CSPAN  February 25, 2020 3:08am-3:42am EST

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your reaction, the results from nevada? socialism government carried the day. the frontders was runner on the democrat side. all of the democrat candidates since the middle of last year have been debating bernie's issues. he has been the intellectual thought leader and set the pace as far as the issues that all of the democrats are required to run on. which it does not matter one becomes the nominee because bernie has set with the agenda is. whoever the successful candidate arewe know what the issues that that candidate will be running on and it is thanks to bernie. as we have seen over and over. they have had 47 to beats -- debates and they are always debating bernie's issues. they wille nominee,
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debate on a government takeover of the health care system, the border policy, the green new deal, getting rid of the fossil fuel industry, oil, natural gas, and coal, and the 10 million jobs that go with that. that is the democratic agenda. it does not matter to us who the democratic nominee is. night, president trump said, it looks like crazy bernie is doing well in nevada. said, don't let them take it away from you. guest: i think he is making the observation that there are signs that the democratic best tablet schmidt comfortable with bernie sanders. we saw with 2016, bernie supporters fully believe the nominee was taken from him and there is plenty of evidence to suggest people are gearing up to do that to him again. aboutc having discussions
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super get -- superdelegates, and that would be a way for democrats to move in against bernie sanders. things like the des moines register poll, right before the iowa caucuses, which was going to show bernie with a lead to getting spiked mysteriously before the caucuses. all the various shenanigans that went on with the iowa caucuses that ended up with bernie having a victory lap. hillary clinton coming out forcefully against him. very publicly saying nobody likes bernie. if you are bernie sanders and you are one of his supporters, you do not have to be a conspiracy theorist to think maybe the democratic establishment is up to be against him for the nomination. you are seeing a lot of stories in the news about the democratic establishment being uncomfortable with that. when the president tweets like that, i think he is just making an observation about all of the
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things that are apparent for regular people to see. senator sanders was in san antonio, texas. we will have that in a moment. peopleasically saying hate -- we do have it. bernie sanders: the american people are sick and tired of a president who lies all of the time. they are sick and tired of a corrupt administration. they are sick and tired of a president who is undermining american democracy. who thinks he is above the law. and who apparently has ever read
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the constitution in this country. on thewhat is going on democrat side is this is a nomination process being run by the extreme left fringe of the democratic party. that is the audience bernie is speaking to there. these are the facts on the ground as we know them to be. the president has these rallies which we do on the campaign trail week after week, and they are very successful. we know who they are that register for tickets for those. and state tocity state, about 25% of people who register for tickets for president trump has his rallies, they are identifiable as or democrats. a lot of them did not vote in 2016. these are new voters and fully a quarter of them state to state and city to city are independents or democrats. the president is expanding the pool of people who are
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supporting his reelection. democrats and the media like to make themselves feel better by talking about how the president is preaching to the choir and always talking to his base and perhaps they think his base is shrinking. not so. his popularity is growing. his clear record of accomplishment is attracting new voters. bernie sanders can preach to his choir if he wants to but we know what reality is. .ost: our guest is tim murtaugh phone lines are open. (202) 748-8001 four republicans. (202) 748-8000 for democrats. we also have a line for independents. let me ask you a question i know you have heard many times. this gets to one of the issues you would and the president will have to address in the campaign. he will go on a two-day trip, saying there will be 10 million --ple for a campaign route
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rally for him. my question is, why the need to constantly embellish? it gets to the point that the president has a tendency of embellishing the facts. guest: i do not know if that is embellishing. the capacity of the arena is but there are many magnitudes of thousands of people outside who do not get in. perhaps that is what he is talking about. of 5 he is going to a town million and the rally is 20,000 people but he said repeatedly that there will be 20 million people there. guest: people can travel. in the united states, not from the immediate metro area. a nation of many hundreds of millions of people. i don't suppose that just because his surrounding communities 5 million that that is all they are drawing from. host: how big of a challenge
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with the president's tweets? he communicates directly with the american people. he has 73 million twitter followers. he is able to communicate directly with and it is very effective. we have data inside the campaign that shows when there are people who hear from the president himself and not filtered through the news media, people respond much more favorably to the president's record, his proposals, and his messages. twitter is a way for him to go straight to the people. i know the media likes to write stories about this because when he tweets, it is outside of the media control to shape the narrative. the only thing there left to do is tweet. when you see this headline, the president making 16,241 false or misleading claims in his first three years,
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is that headline accurate or inaccurate? guest: i think the fact checkers at washington post, cnn, and elsewhere, see it as their duty to be card-carrying opponents of the president. what they say does not concern us. host: from kentucky, good morning, republican line. thank you for taking my call. i would like to speak about the tweeting first. i voted for trump. i'm a 200% trump are. -- trumper. , it did fortweets
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quite a while. . am not a tweeter i had to overcome that because raw even, i love as it isore raw for me for some of the other people, that maybe they take the and i have thought a lot about blowing up the white house,, get in their face. those ares of things ,robably more irritating to us and i do like the way the president says -- thank you. hear every civil time that people support the president because he tells it
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like it is. people tell us this is a president who says out loud the things they themselves are thinking. i think a lot of that is borne out in his tweets and the things he says at rallies. i do not think you will find too many people in the country, maybe half a dozen, who don't already have their opinions of donald trump well cemented. we know this president is in a much stronger and far better position today than he was on election day 2016. if you look at the real clear politics polling average going back to 2016, on election day of 2016, his favorability rating was 37.5 on average. the rcp polling average. he won that day. 37.5% approval rating. today, it is 46%. the day hetter than
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was elected quach or years ago. i know that scares democrats to death and that is why you see bernie sanders and democrats leading with bombast when they make their election night speeches like last night in nevada. bernie was in texas. this president was in a far better position today than he was in 2016 and everyone knows it. our guest is tim murtaugh. you understand pennsylvania politics. why is it such a battleground state? >> it is to states in one. urban areas and more rural areas. the rural areas in the center part of the state, that is something else. it will always be a battleground state. it is tough. when i worked with the congressman in 2016 during the president's's first campaign, lou kept saying don't worry
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about this. he was the cochairman of the election in pennsylvania. he said i'm telling everybody that trump will win pennsylvania. this was at a time where the national news media and the local media and a lot of republicans in washington were convinced hillary clinton would be the next president of the united states. he kept saying no, he will win and that will seal the deal. the president called the two of them thunder and lightning and he was right. now that we go back to pennsylvania and other states that have similar concerns to pennsylvania, it is a working class state. we have an excellent story to tell. the president's record argues tremendously for reelection. he made a lot of promises to people who are hard workers and people who carry a lunchbox to saying ion members,
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will bring construction and manufacturing jobs back. thee jobs disappeared over obama years and president obama famously said you would need a magic wand to get those back. president trump must have found it because those jobs are back. battleground or not, president trump will win pennsylvania again. host: glenn, pennsylvania line. caller: good morning. there are about four commercials out, that they only show one time and then they ditch them. one of them had him coming through the doors, where the president is coming through the doris with right lights behind , and you have two generals standing there at the podium. through their like he is god.
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when we willg start changing the religion once this guy gets in again. we have got to get him out of there. everybody just keeps going on with this -- going along with his lies. sons put up ahead on the spikes when they were talking. when congress had a half hour or 45 minute break coming down the hall, there were two of them , anyoneabout trump voting against him on this there were $100,000 waiting to go against him. i am not exactly sure which advertisement he is talking about. bulk of our advertising has been to tout the president's is
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positive record of accomplishment. is on the vastly improved economy. we have the best economy in 50 years. unemployment nationwide is at its lowest point in 50 years. for just about any demographic of the citizenry, it is at an all-time low unemployment, talking about unemployment rates for women, blacks, latinos, asians, and veterans. all of those groups have seen all-time low unemployment rates. those are the kinds of things we highlight in our television advertising and more specifically for an ad that aired more than once, in the super bowl. if aegis alice johnson in our super bowl ad, and she was a person who had her sentence commuted by president trump. she was in prison for a nonviolent drug offense. she signed the first step act.
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giving people a second chance, those are the sorts of things that highlight advertising. it argues strongly for the president's's election. i want to read part of this and get your reaction. in some of the most critical corners of the trump administration, officials show it to work now never entirely sure whether or not they will be there at the end of the ed -- the evening. an administration that has been a revolving door since seat -- since day one. at a moment when first-term presidents are typically seeking a stable team to focus on reelection, president trump has embarked on a systematic attempt to sweep out officials perceived to be disloyal.
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a replacement by a sharp partisan it -- a missed and -- a dispute over interference. ofluding perhaps even that attorney general william barr. dozens of policy experts have been cleared out of the national security staff. the official at the defense department was shown the door. the office of presidential freeze onordered a all political appointments across the government. i have known peter for a long time. i think, with all due respect to peter, we are about political appointees, that every single president and administration gets to make.
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any president has the right, and the expectation is that people he appoints to these jobs actually agree with him. host: he has the highest turnover of any modern president. guest: these are people who serve at will and the president can make changes as cc fit and that is what he is doing. the new york times has a interest,, a vested in trying to create the impression of turmoil where none exists. with all due respect to peter in the new york times, this is talking to political appointees in the administration and every president in every administration gets to decide who the important is are. you want them to agree with your point of view. difficults having a time finding replacements knowing that if you're disloyal to the president you are out the door? guest: i do not think so. i worked for two years for
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secretary of sonny perdue at the department of agriculture and we had a very strong and impressive cast of legal and pointy's -- political appointees. we all knew that we served the president of the united states. i was oh impressed with my .ounterparts i met i was always very impressed with the people i worked with and still work with who work with the president. and very strong professional team. these are political appointments. i do not know why anyone would expect the president to surround himself with people who have a different view of the direction of the american government. that is silly. no one would ever expect someone like barack obama -- who disagreed. that is silly. this program is carried live every sunday morning.
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to our viewers in great written, good afternoon to you. kevin is joining us. good morning. caller: my question is this. what are we doing to take the house back? in new jersey, all of the people running in 2018 distanced themselves from donald trump. all but two lost. that does not make sense. the republican party in new jersey, if they do not get all of these representatives back, they should be fired. i do not know how it goes around the country but i know it new jersey, in these town halls, the democrats plant people to harass the republican candidates. host: is there a path from your mind -- in your mind for the
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democrats to lose the house? guest: certainly. getting the house back is certainly one thing we anticipate that is extremely possible and in fact likely. 2016 versus 2018, one president , house districts that , althoughied president trump did better in ending, weidterm know that there were almost 9 whoion people nationwide voted in 2018 one president trump was on the ballot, and did not vote in 2018 and stayed home. that contributed to the house seats we lost. we know who the 9 million voters are. they are nationwide. main contact with them and we know who they are.
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they are trump voters and will be back. president trump will be on the ballot again in 2020 for his reelection. willhe is reelected, we win back a lot of hous for suree years of donald. hear house,g i never retain the senate, and get the house back. had respect to the rally we a new jersey that the caller mentioned for a congressman, party switcher who switched from the democrat to the republican party as the result of a -- an impeachment and the frustration with the way the democratic party was handling things, that was a show of support for the congressman and we think the fact that he switched from democrat to republican, we think he represents exactly what millions of americans at ross the country are feeling, their frustration with the democratic party, which has been completely obsessed with impeaching and getting rid of this president, overturning the 2016 election
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and interfering in the election from today.5 months he embodies what a lot of democrats across the country are feeling, and that is why we believe, we see it, more independents and democrats are coming to the president's camp. the president will win a bigger victory in 2020 the first -- then the first time around. host: when you saw the speaker of the house repurposed it of the union address, were you thinking, we will see this in an ad? guest: you will probably see that from time to time, yes. that was from a three-year >> --= quest to overturn an -- withe with the 20 the election. they told the american people that president trump was a in the-- russian asset
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white house. they set it for two years. the most convenient excuse -- it was the culmination of that and through the course of it and through the efforts and the course of three years before he took the oath of office and before he became president, that will go down. -- that will go down as the greatest miscalculation in american political history. host: can president trump work with her in a second term? guest: the battle is over ideas. i your ideas are superior,
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think if there is a democratic speaker of the house, that person will have no choice but to work with the president because people will have demanded it to be so. i do think it is extremely likely that people will refer to nancy pelosi as the former speaker of the house. two pennsylvania on the democratic line. caller: i cannot believe that your guest has not spouted off about from getting 63 million votes. got 66 million votes and is not in the white house. the people, the 66 million who bootheel her, have the of fascism on their throats for the last three years. i would also like to comment that manufacturing in this country is back to 2009 levels.
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he does not have much of a record to run on. reference tos a versus the vote electoral college. often when democrats lose, they want to change the rules, to do away with the electoral college when it does not suit them, add to the united states supreme court when it does not suit them. with the truly elected a president based on the popular vote alone, it would change the way you campaign. the president has said that many times and it is just common sense. the president and republicans, anybody would have a lot more in new york, to campaign in those places almost exclusively. that is the reason why electoral college exists.
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it is amusing for us. look what happened with iowa caucuses where pete buttigieg came out and declared victory before anyone knew. as we sit here, there has not been a final tally actually announced and certified in iowa a couple of weeks later. pete buttigieg ran out of town e hesaid i won iowa because he got one more delve it -- delegate than bernie did. it is declaring victory in iowa's state version in its own electoral college. hesuits pete buttigieg when was the victor. the next day, he would tell you we need to get rid of the electoral college because it is unfair. when people complain about this, you have to look at who actually won under the system and find out why they are complaining. host: kathleen in florida, republican line, good morning. caller: for sure, four more years of donald.
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hear,e thing i never bernie or any of the socialist prone people to talk about, is what happened -- happens when the american doctors and dentists and so forth refused to be a part of the socialist system? is exactlyink that right. health care will be a big issue in this upcoming election. the president's's approach is working. it is a free market-based approach to health care. we are talking about lower costs, more choice, and better care stop -- better care. he has added more and better providers, short-term limited to range -- arrangement policies prescriptionlt, drug prices are falling.
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a complete and utter takeover of the health-care care system by the federal government. it means elimination. the elimination of private employer insurance. tri-care, gone, all of it. it makes the government entity massive. tens of chile's of dollars over the course of the life of this. it makes government bureaucracy massive and it gets between you and your doctor. where is the motivation for people to spend so many years becoming a money doctor if you know you will become what amounts to be a government bureaucrat at the end of it. this is from after the impeachment and acquittal by the senate.
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impeached ands there has been criticism by republican and democratic sit -- i believe he will be much more cautious in the future. i do not think the president did anything wrong. everyone can see the contents of the phone call with the president of the ukraine. they can see for themselves what was in it. i think it was obvious from what happened through the course of the house and into the senate that no one can demonstrate any or produce any evidence that the president did anything wrong. i do not think the president has to really alter. his approval rating is reaching all-time highs. unemployment and the economy in the country is at a generational position. the arguments that move forward for the president to be reelected are crystal clear.
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americans want their president to be able to succeed on behalf of the country, and that is what this president is doing. what has this been like for you so far? guest: >> c-span's "washington journal," live every day with news and policy issues that impact you. coming up this morning, mark hugo lopez of the pew research center discusses the role of the latino vote in the democratic primaries and general election this fall. of the one campaign, the international organization cofounded by activist bono. we will talk about his groups fight against poverty and preventable disease. attorney general barr's role
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in the justice department. watch washington journal live at 7:00 eastern this morning. join the discussion. the south carolina primary is saturday. join us to hear the candidates reactions to the results. live coverage saturday evening on c-span, on demand at or listen live on the free reese -- c-span radio app. >> coming up next on c-span, criminal defense attorney alan dershowitz and democratic consultant robert shrum on the politics of impeachment and other topics, including the me to movement. in washington journal is live with your phone calls and a look at today's headlines.


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