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tv   Washington Journal Lauren Baer  CSPAN  February 27, 2020 2:13am-2:41am EST

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orc-span, on, listen live on the free c-span radio app. >> there are really a lot of ways to follow this highly competitive election season on the c-span network, but probably the fastest and easiest is on the web on we have our campaign 2020 interactive calendar, with the result maps of all the upcoming primaries and caucuses, including super tuesday. there is the event tracker. this is a quick and easy search of the 2020 candidates. our coverage based on the candidate, the topics, the events, and the locations on the campaign trail. the state-by-state results broken down by the candidate, county, and the district, not only for the presidential candidates, but also the upcoming senate, house, and governor races. it is free, it is easily accessible, it is all there at
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lauren baer, a democratic strategist, thank you for joining us. we appreciate it. >> thank you so much for having me, steve. last night was an excellent night for bernie sanders. he will come out of that with the clear delegate lead and the clearest path to the nomination. but it is a long way between now and july, certainly. we have seen quite a few candidates on the moderate side of the party who think they have comeerate route to victory july. if you were to advise amy klobuchar, what would you tell her campaign? guest: i think it is really hard for senator klobuchar to see a path to the nomination. momentumout with some and had a less than stellar
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debate last week. if you are getting less than 5% of the vote in nevada, the first state really diverse and representative of the electorate as a whole, it will be hard to see how that is indicative of what she needs to win. senator elizabeth warren came in fourth and did not do well in southern new hampshire, which borders massachusetts, and came here yesterday. reading too much into a fourth-place showing. she had a spectacular debate last week and had her strongest fundraising showing of her entire camp and reporting that she has raised over $9 million. i would also note more than in thevoters voted early nevada which meant elizabeth toren's -- a limited ability
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impact those showing up in nevada caucuses. it will be critical for her to follow-up up with another strong debate performance next week in south carolina. show that she can project a strength into super tuesday. host: senator bernie sanders has a progressive path and the moderates have 3, 4, or five democrats vying for the lane. guest: there is a conundrum on the moderate side. senator sanders is pulling strong nationally but only 25 or 30%. the overwhelming majority of democrats have someone else as their first choice. it is frankly hard to see the way the race is currently playing out, a clear front runner emerging. we saw last week that michael bloomberg was considering hillary clinton as his running mate.
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what was that about? guest: i am not sure. host: they were clearly looking for hillary supporters. guest: michael bloomberg is coming off of what can be called a disappointing performance last week. he needs to come up with a way to ensure support. that might be one idea for his campaign. along is to all spend quite exorbitantly and basically to crowd the airwaves and the internet with information about his campaign. their strategy is the incredible spending combined with laser sharp data driven, it will be a path to victory. your reaction to comments
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by joe biden on face the nation. this interview with margaret before the final results were released in nevada. >> early entrance polls show that bernie sanders has a strong lead here. is a diverse state. you talk a lot about relying on minority votes as being a key to your success. what is happening? >> i also said i'm way ahead of african-american voters here in voting. i feel good about where we are and about going to south carolina and i feel good about the support i've had with african-americans around the country. indicate to this you? in the past, you are confident you can pull off a win in south carolina. >> i just told you, the exit polls you just cited also say
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i'm winning by 15 percent or 20% with the african american vote here in nevada. >> in south carolina? >> same thing. i am still confident. former vice president joe , does he need to win south carolina? if he does not, then what? without a doubt, the vice president needs to win in south carolina. his campaign was counting on second place in nevada but it was not as strong as anyone would like. sanders at about 45%. joe biden's's campaign is premised to the diverse electorate really representative of the democratic party. if he does not have the showing in south carolina, it is hard to see how he continues to make the case. host: what does michael bloomberg need to do in the
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debate? guest: he needs to show up with a clear vision for america and why he wants to be elected. he came to the debate last week looking unprepared, ganged up on, but without answers to questions i think his team ought to have known were going to get thrown at him. he needs a compelling argument that he is the strongest candidate for super tuesday and that americans have a reason to want to elect him. host: you run for the house of representatives. is there an establishment? who are these individuals? guest: i do not know what the term means. art of why i am a member of democratic party is because it is a big tent party. a diverse coalition of individuals across ages, races, genders, and the left side of
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the political spectrum. i think when we talk about the democratic establishment, it is really able demand, and a straw man for what some folks are fighting against. host: our phone lines are open. (202) 748-8001 four republicans -- for republicans. (202) 748-8000 democrats. .r join (202) 748-8003 tell us your name and what you are -- where you are voting from. what will it look like post super tuesday? guest: if you are a candidate in a race, and i was in 2018 myself, there are two things that will keep you running. one would is having the resources to continue. two is having a sense of having a path to victory. -- fact is i think we will if we will get past super tuesday, certain candidates will see they have neither the
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resources nor the have to get to the nomination. how that shakes out remains to be seen. i expected to have a narrower field. host: good morning to you. welcome to the conversation. caller: thank you. i just want to say this is a great show. anyone who is the final democratic representative. i would vote for a dolphin, anything that is not republican in order to defeat donald trump. host: thank you for the call. guest: thank you for calling in and for your comment. at the end of the day, when it comes down to electability, who
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is going to show up, cast a vote, and say they decided to take the country in a different direction than donald trump's fails -- failed politics. we have enough in the country looking for a different direction that when it comes november, whoever is on the ballot will show up and vote democratic. don from ohio, republican line, good morning. caller: i just wanted to comment on trump. i am 93 years old. in every presidential election since harry truman. the donald is doing just exactly -- exactly what i voted for him to do.
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tweets be dammed, i could care less about that. damned, i could care less about that. guest: thank you for sharing your feelings. withight be pleased everything donald trump is doing. what i've heard from americans in florida and around the is that there are millions of americans who are not pleased, particularly when it comes to the issues most voters care about, their economic security and their health care. marketve a rising stock , aing to piece together president continually trying to take health care away from millions of americans. when you talk to the average voter out there, ask them whether their life has been improved with donald trump in office, most people will say no and turn up voting democratic in
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november. yorker waiting for cleaner air and that 4% growth rate in the economy that he promised. cement thate to they are sociopathic liar in chief -- let's go to debbie in flint, michigan, also democratic line. caller: good morning. thank you for taking my call. i tried all day to get through yesterday because yesterday, it was a disinformation campaign by republicans. the mullah and said report exonerated him, which it clearly did not. anyone who read it, and i know it was a heavy lift, and i know a lot of people did not read it, but even though it did not rise to the level of criminality, it makes you sick to your stomach to read what the trump campaign
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did in the last election. i am for joe biden. what he did to hillary clinton the last time, sliming her with all of these lies, here we are three years into it, hillary is not in jail. never been locked up. those were all lies. they are now trying to do it to joe biden. i'm not a bernie fan. he is not a democrat. do i need to say anything more? in regard to yesterday, i was so frustrated, i swear i said i would never watch this program again because you have got republicans calling in on the democrat line saying, "i will never vote for democrats against." week who girl last said, a dictatorship would not be that that of an idea. i thought, these people do not do their homework. you call in and sound like an idiot in front of millions of people. open your, please, hearts and your minds.
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joe biden is a good man. you for tuning in today after your frustration yesterday, i hope you will continue to watch us. caller: i love c-span and i love being able to put my two cents in. when people call, and it is obvious that they did not read the mueller report -- the mueller report did not exonerate president trump. he is a crook, and unindicted co-conspirator. wake up, america. host: well we love you, thank you for the call. made it am glad you through today. i want to pick up on one part of , which was, this president, and republicans as a whole, their willingness to play fast and easy with the facts. a graphic was shown before i came on the air this morning, highlighting the fact that the , over 16,000 lied times since taking office. that ought to be concerning for every american.
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the basis of our democracy is having a common understanding of truth and the facts. we may disagree about policy solutions and the best way to get for -- from point a to b. with ahave to start common understanding of facts on the ground if we will move forward. what the president and the republican party have shown is to will -- a willing disregard for the truth. .ost: our guest is lauren baer will you run again? guest: that is to be determined. i would love to stay involved in politics. ensure on i can to the democratic side in 2020, to come out in that election. host: our guest studied at the university of oxford.
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a call from south carolina where the candidates are heading now. caller: it is getting exciting. thank you for what you do on c-span. since you are connected heavily with the democratic party, and to change motivated the rules for debates? there are people who are democrats who are missing from the debate page who i think should be on there. tulsi gabbard was not on last time. tom steyer was not on. tom steyer spent a lot of money in south carolina hiring african americans. tulsi gabbard has strong foreign policy. they are not qualifying according to dnc rules because of not pulling with official pulling people, not having enough money, or whatever.
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can exceptions be made for candidates like that? the field is not huge. why are they not allowed on the debate stage? for taking my the most important thing is the perception of fairness, that the rules are not changing midstream. what we have seen in this cycle from the party is very clearly before each debate what the standards are for altercation. i would caution against changing to allowes midstream one or another candidate to make it on the stage. we have heard from an incredibly diverse range of voices going into this process, starting with more than 20 candidates at the start of the debate. as we had deeper into the election-year, it is time to narrow the field and consolidate
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around the candidate who'll carry us to victory come november. host: they did change the rules to allow michael bloomberg to participate. guest: and they received quite a for that.hback that is precisely why i'm suggesting that further rule changes to a, a getting one or another candidate on the stage is not an advisable choice. headline, sanders surge is giving democratic -- democrats the jitters. many democratic house and senate candidates are approaching a dramatic shift in their campaign tothey count -- recalibrate include praise of capitalism and distance themselves from the national party. strategists view both parties success as a potentially tectonic event which could narrow slim hopes of taking the senate majority and fuel gop -- dream of taking the
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house, which it lost amid a romp in 2018. with a victory in saturday's third in they lost the the iowa caucuses in a squeaker. the march 3.states watch wrote and 10 delegates nasher -- nationally will be chosen. the ceiling of trump support is poorly defined in a two-way race. the senator from vermont has not yet been subject -- subjected to a negative advertising effort. your comments? very legitimate concerns coming from individuals in the democratic party. 2018elf was a candidate in in a very contested swing district in florida. if you look at the strategy that allowed democrats to reclaim the house in 2018, by a large
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margin, the strategy was focused on decisively focusing on the issues that mattered to voters. what i would advise the sender's the nominee,ou are heading 22020, focus less on the label and focus more on what you and thefor americans proactive agenda of how we will restore our democracy in this country. concerns people are raising, that someone who is a self-avowed democratic-socialist might be subject to easy attacks come november, those are valid concerns. st. petersburg. good morning. you are with lauren baer. caller: thank you for having me. i love trump. our whole family does. so many people we know changed.
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what is scary, i talked to a lot of people. i asked what a socialist country is. they are shocked. they are saying i do not want the country to be like that. people who work so hard, people paying taxes, it is scary what is going on with the socialist -- socialism in this country. you for calling in. this goes to the point i think i was just making to steve. if you are the sample -- sanders campaign, you will need to focus incredibly hard on the issues that are propelling your agenda for. those issues are, frankly, quite popular with the majority of americans, expanding access to health care, reducing income inequality, ensuring we are doing something about climate
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change so our children are able to enjoy the lannett in the same way we have. the label of socialism is so easily weaponize. i as a democrat have no doubt that bernie sanders does not want to turn our country into venezuela. but he has also made himself in the target. advice to his campaign or to any democratic campaign come november is to focus on the issues that voters care about. we will go to ed in florida. democrats line. good morning. -- the rapture of bernie sanders. shocked, that he had expanded his promise. i was sure he would cut back on some of his promises. the way it is constructed right first of all, there will
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have to be cuts. the only way with that list of things he came out with yesterday, it is all just beginning. she had some of those features. they would have to control all of the goods and services in the country as a distribution -- host: thank you, ed. thank you for calling in. you are raising a question a lot of americans are raising. what are the costs democrats are putting out there? in the democratic debates themselves, you are starting to see are starting to see democrats call on each other asking for more details of the plans they are proposing.
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elizabeth warren laid out very clearly how she plans to pay for medicare for all. i want to take a step back and examine this assumption. democrats are the big spenders -- examine this assumption that democrats are the big spenders. if you look at what donald trump has done, it has ballooned deficits and been exorbitant spending. it has been in ways that do not benefit the average american. we are seeing income inequality as high as it was during the great depression. the haves are doing great but the have-nots are not. it is not fair for the republican party to claim the mantle of fiscal conservatism. host: al in detroit, good morning. caller: a few things real quick. to her response about these guys claiming fiscal responsibility, they don't care.
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period. these guys just do not give a dam. second, has anyone thought about , for the guest, on supreme court justices -- we have nine judges, why doesn't somebody -- they can't win by one vote anymore. it has to be by two or three. --t would force a response host: thank you. we will get a response to those points. guest: i love a fellow tennis fan. when it comes to the supreme court, i approach this wearing my hat as a lawyer. historically there have been times where there have been discussions about changing the composition of the supreme court. it has always been to advantage one political party or another. i think our supreme court functions best when it is seen
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as an impartial institution that can deliver justice on behalf of all of the american people. belief is that if we democrats care about outcomes on the supreme court we will have to redouble our efforts to ensure that we put a democrat in office come november and that we are able to control appointments for the next four years. host: with bernie sanders now the democratic front runner he refuses to release his medical records. ishas had a heart attack, he 79, should he release them? host: for the last three years democrats have made calls for transparency a hallmark of their criticism of donald trump. i believe that on on our side we should show the same transparency that we expect of republicans. that sander should release medical records and tax returns and the same should be for
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democratic candidates across the board. we cannot expect more of the other side and we deliver ourselves. host: lauren baer >> c-span's "wall street journal," live every day with news and policy that impact you. coming up thursday morning, illinois democratic congress woman january discusses the u.s. and global tons to the coronavirus outbreak. then ohio republican con depressman warren davidson will talk about his proposal to reform government surveillance programs. and form are u.s. senate candidate and author neil simon discusses his book, contract to unite america. be sure to watch c-span's "wall street journal" live at 7:00 a.m. eastern thursday morning. join the discussion. >> c-span, your unfiltered view
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of government, created by cable in 199 and brought to you today by your television provider. >> earlier today the house passed a bill designating lynching as a hate crime under federal law. the legislation was named in the memory of emmett till, a 14-year-old african-american boy who was lynched 65 years in mississippi. next we will show you the florida debate starting with house judiciary chair, gerald nadler. consume. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman is recognized. mr. nadler: thank you. this is long overdie legislation that would criminalize lynching for the first time under federal law. the term lynching generally referring to -- refers to premeditated acts of violence often resulting in death carried out by a mob to punish a transgressor or strike fear among a targeted group. h.r.


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