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tv   Campaign 2020 Mike Bloomberg Holds Get- Out-the- Vote Rally in Houston  CSPAN  February 27, 2020 11:31pm-11:57pm EST

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at 8:30 a.m. eastern, secretary of state, mike pompeo before the house phone affairs committee about u.s. policy toward iran and iraq. that is followed by senator amy klobuchar in falls church, virginia. on c-span3, our cpac coverage gets underway at 7:20 eastern. course the south carolina join us to hear the candidate reaction to the results. live coverage starting at 7:00 p.m. eastern on demand at or listen live on the c-span radio app. bloomberg held a get-out-the-vote event. he spoke about efforts to prevent a coronavirus emdemocratic and president trump's impeachment.
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a short the event with meet and greet with supporters. [cheers and applause] >> good morning, houston. come on, you can do better than that. good morning, houston. the weather is great and the sun is shining and is going to be a great day for mike bloomberg. i have the pleasure of introducing mike and i want to acknowledge again our commissioner aid dry and garcia. give it up again to commissioner commercial aid dry and garcia. thank you for allowing me to be your mayor and let me just ta say, what is important to mayors getting things done because what is important to you is what happens at your home, on your
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streets and your community and in your city. and mike bloomberg was the mayor of new york city for 12 years, for 12 years. and then what we know as mayors, you can talk a good game but at the end of the day, people want, people want results. they want things to happen that is positive and impactful in their lives and want to make sure when it comes to infrastructure we are making those things take place. they want job creation and what i looked at what mike bloomberg did in new york for 12 years and creation of 500,000 jobs, a long way from 500, 500,000 jobs in new york city, when it comes to expanding health care, which is critically important, affordable and accessible health care, that is a critical component. for me, it's not just about
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being mayor but growing up in this city and coming out of a household where neither parent graduated from high school and didn't have private health insurance but go to the local hospital and get there early in the morning and stay there all day long, a dad who died from cancer at aged 13 because we didn't have private health insurance and he would get painkillers and took those until he died. it's hell to be poor. and it's hell not to have access to affordable health care. when i looked at what mike bloomberg has done, spappeding health care services for over 700,000 people. when you focus to communities like the community in which i was born and reared, mike has gone into five of those areas, major areas in new york city and literally turned those areas around.
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when we talk about closing the achievement gap for education, because if you want to move people up, you have to provide them with opportunities, educational opportunities, job opportunities, all of those things are important. mike bloomberg has gotten the job done. and so when it comes to who you want to be the next president, it's not just about the rhetoric but about the action. it's about being able to be in a position to make sure that our future is better than what our past has been. and putting someone in the white house who can get it done, who can pull it together and not divide us and separate us. when i look at all of those things, as someone who i believe can get it done is a winner, can defeat the person that is impacting me, the choice is very clear. ladies and gentlemen, it's my pleasure to bring to this stage, someone who i believe will be the next president of the united
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states of america, the honorable mike bloomberg! [cheers and applause] >> thank you. hello, houston. [cheers and applause] >> i'm honored to have you and your endorsement and support. i'm particularly pleased with that introduction. you read it the way i wrote it. [laughter] >> i want to thank adrian garcia for his kind words and i thank you for this warm welcome although i could put a sweater on. wait until you get to new york. let me wish everyone a happy early texas independence day. we do not celebrate that in new
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york. surprise. surprise. that's on monday and the next day is super tuesday and our chance to nominate a candidate who will liberate us from the insanity of donald trump. [cheers and applause] >> i thought you would like that. this is my fourth visit to houston. this is like my home-away-from-home. the combination of rodeo was pretty tempting. i couldn't wait for another box
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from shiplies. before i talk about this campaign, i want to say about what is facing the country and the world. you watched the president's press conference yesterday. president trump was briefed on the coronavirus two months ago, but he buried his head in the sand and he is not responding. these are not things you can jump into. you have to plan and have to have a staff ready to go and the president slashed funding for centers for disease control. he fired the entire white house team in charge to respond to pandemics and he present difficulted this will be over in two months. the president is not a scientist and that's a nice way to president, he doesn't even believe in science, he is not leading and reacting much too late and his incompetence puts us at risk. we need proven leadership from the white house and someone who has led during a crisis and who believes in science and listens to experts. we need who understands -- yes, you should applaud, because that
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is really true. \[applause] >> the u.s. is response i will for keeping americans safe from a pandemic and helping to lead the global response to combat it and protect the health of the american people, which is the number one priority at all times. i can promise you that is the kind of president i would be. [cheers and applause] mike: over the last several months i've been all over texas. we went from san antonio to austin to waco to dallas and along the way i picked up one of the most celebrated justices in
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american history. i'm talking about the one and only judge judy. \[laughter] i'm honored to have her support and i can just tell you, if republicans in the senate were half as tough as she is, they would have convicted president trump on the impeachment charges. [cheers and applause] but since they didn't vote to remove him from office, we are going to do it in november. [cheers and applause] i can also tell you that judge judy and i ate more brisket than i ever have in my life. across all of texas we have built a campaign team led by houston's own ashley turner. [cheers and applause] and we've got almost 20 field offices and 180 staff on the ground across texas. and everyone is hard at work. early voting is in full swing. and we now have only five days until super-tuesday. so when we need clutch city to come through, we need to wrap up here this morning and i hope all
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of you will help build our texas team and get out the vote. and hope you'll tell your friends and your families and neighbors how important their votes are. and if they ask about my campaign and what it's all about, just tell them. i'm running a campaign for change, for sanity, for honesty, for inclusion, compassion, and a campaign for human decency. and we don't have that in the white house right now. [cheers and applause] i am running to restore honor to our government and to build a country that we are proud of and to start getting things done. and to start putting the united back into the united states of america. [cheers and applause] and all that starts with beating donald trump. [applause] back in 2016, if you remember, 2016 is not that long ago. i spoke at the democratic convention and i warned that
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donald trump was not fit for office. and then in 2018 i worked to hold him accountable by flipping 21 house seats, including lizzie fletcher's here right in houston and that made nancy pelosi speaker and allowed us to begin holding donald trump accountable through the impeachment process. that's where that all came from. and this year we know trump's strategy. attack democrats, make their plans look unrealistic and unaffordable and undoable. well, that's not going to work against me. and it's not going to work against you.
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[applause] i have the record and we have the resources to defeat him in swing states the democrats lost in 2016. and to finally turn texas blue. [cheers and applause] and capture those 38 electoral votes. and flip the texas house. [applause] now, i know we can do it. my friend, beto, showed that we're getting close. but to get it done, we need to nominate someone at the top of the ticket who can build a broad coalition that rallies democrats and attracts independents and moderate republicans. and that's what i've done in all the three races that i've run in new york city and i've would be them all. so i know how to do this. [applause] i am not a typical politician. i think i showed that a week or so ago in a debate. [laughter] i didn't ever work at a place where everybody talks on top of each other. i couldn't believe it. my mother would have shot me if i'd done that.
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i've never worked in washington. and i don't make pie in the sky promises. and i don't talk until the cows come home. and as you've seen in the debates, i'm not someone who just yells slogans, even when they're not true. that's what they did -- two of them in the last debate, they had the same answers, no matter what the question was. i don't know how do you that. i believe we need a leader -- i believe we need a leader who is ready to be commander in chief, not the college debater in chief. [applause] so if you want someone who talks turkey and who has a record of accomplishments on all the big issues facing our country, and if you want somebody who has the resources to beat trump, that's me. [cheers and applause] now, i give virtually all my companies' profits to charity. there's no better investment i can make in the future of our country than spending to defeat donald trump. [cheers and applause] and if you think this campaign is expensive, just imagine what four more years of donald trump would cost us. i think it would be a catastrophe and i'm in this race to stop it. now, even though -- this is going to surprise you. donald and i are both from new
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york, we couldn't be more different. in fact, i campaigned and say, i'm the un-trump. just think about it. he breaks promises, i keep them. he divides people, i unite them. he's a climate denier. i'm an engineer. i actually believe in science. imagine that. [cheers and applause] he tweets, i follow facts and respect data and tell the truth. he looks out for people who inherited their wealth like him. i started with nothing but my parents teaching me hard work and ethical behavior and i'll raise taxes on the wealthy to get the revenue we need to start fighting income inequality and paying for infrastructure and investing in emergency prepareds -- preparedness and extending health care and improving education and all the other things we need to strengthenen our great country. my whole career i have been a doer and i believe we need less talk, we need less partisanship, less division, less tweeting.
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[laughter] in fact, and i do this in every speech, i'm shameless about this. what about an agreement, no tweeting from the oval office ever again? [cheers and applause] it's easy for me to say because i can't spell. [laughter] but then again, neither can donald. now, i've been pretty blessed in life and there is nothing that trump can do to say or to hurt me. but he has hurt, all kidding aside, a lot of other people. and that's why i'm running. to stand up for every american who has lost their job or lost their insurance or can't pay their college tuition. you've all heard the slogan, mike will get it done. it's on our literature. if you haven't heard it, then we spent a lot of money for nothing. [laughter] but let me tell you what the it is in get it done. it means winning this november and sending donald trump back to mar-a-lago permanently.
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[cheers and applause] but that's just the beginning. because getting it done finally means providing health insurance to every american who lacks it and lowering costs for everyone else. and we can do that without kicking 155 million people off their health insurance that they have now and imposing a massive tax increase on working people. we just can't do that. [applause] getting it done means passing commonsense gun safety laws that protect our children and communities. [cheers and applause] getting it done means making america a global leader in the fight against climate change. [cheers and applause] getting it done means creating good jobs and higher wages. getting it done means addressing discrimination and inequality. getting it done means finally fixing our broken immigration system and creating a path to citizenship for 11 million people living in the shadows. [applause] and getting it done means protecting a woman's right to choose and appointing judges who
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will defend that. [applause] now, it won't be easy. but i know that we can do it. because, unlike other candidates, i don't just talk about doing things. i have a record of reaching across the aisle and getting them done. i just wanted to give you a couple of examples of how you can reach across the aisle and actually make our government work. other candidates talk about raising teachers' salaries. as mayor, i raised teachers' salaries in new york city by 43%. [applause] if you're a teacher, you'd be happy. and the bottom line is the results came through. they talk about -- everybody talks about raising public schools, making them better. in our case, graduation rates went up 40% during the 12 years i was in office. [applause] in new york city, we cut the number of uninsured by 40%,
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improving care for babies and for mothers and raising life expectancy in new york city by three whole years. [applause] so if you want to live longer, i'm not saying you should do this, i don't want to say anything derogatory about texas, but if you want to live three years longer, vote for me. [laughter] [applause] now, others talk about climate change and fighting it. in new york city, we cut our carbon footprint by 13% and my foundation has helped work with the sierra club and replaced 300 dirty coal-fired power plants with cleaner energy so far and we're on the way to get rid of all 530 coal-fired power plants in the next five years. green jobs and a greener planet. we really can get them done together and we know how to do. it we've been doing this, we're not just talking about it.
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we really have closed 304rks i think it is, coal-fired power plants. and we're starting to work on coal-fired power plants in europe as well. because their communities are -- pollutants are the same stuff we breathe. others talk about stopping gun violence. i can just tell you, in new york city, i helped create a gun safety group with six million members that is working to pass commonsense gun laws in states around the country. moms demand action, i'm sure you've seen them. [cheers and applause] that's all part of that. and we've gotten -- [indiscernible] -- i can see the shirts. way to go. another one right here. thank you. you deserve an enormous amount of credit. i just take pictures with you. all kidding aside, i do know how to bring people together to solve problems.
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that's the way i've run my company and that's how i ran new york city. and if you go back and think about it, i was elected just seven weeks after the devastating terrorist attacks of 9/11. our city was in tatters, our economy was in recession. there was still smoke coming out of the voids where the two towers were. but i brought people together. and people from around this country, including from texas, came and helped us. people from around the world, actually, came as well. and we created nearly 500,000 jobs and 175,000 units of affordable housing after that. we reduced street homelessness by 28%. we launched new programs to fight poverty and we rebuilt our city stronger than ever. and what i've learned there is how to put things together and deal with crises like the virus, like hurricane sandy that we had on the east coast. like a lot of these things, you have to prepare and have people in place and delegate to them and let them do it. and that's what i do well. i spell team tfrpbl e-a-m-and say there's no i in team. donald trump only has the letter i in team. that's why it doesn't work. in the past two decades we've taken on the toughest fights and won. and i've taken on donald trump and won many times on gun safety, we beat him. he was in favor of the n.r.a. we were against it.
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coal pollution. we closed all these coal-fired power plants and he said they would never close. we flipped the house blue in the 2018 election. 21 congresspeople were elected that were good on guns, good on the climate. they put pelosi in charge and that's where the impeachment process started. so i know how to play against donald trump. i know how to beat him. and i'm ready to do it again. [cheers and applause] but i will say, i cannot do it alone. i need your help. and your support. and your vote. and need you to talk to your friends and talk to your families and knock on doors and make phone calls. and tell everybody you can about what our campaign is all about. and how important this is. and when you talk to them -- thank you. when you talk to them, just tell them, if you want health insurance for everyone and not just empty promises, if you want to combat inequality, with fairer taxes and better jobs, if you want to support my commitment to quality education
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no matter what zip code you live in, if you share in my belief for opportunity for all and not just for a few, if you are ready to protect and defend the constitution of the united states of america -- [cheers and applause] -- if you are ready to clean out the oval office and get things done -- [cheers and applause] -- then welcome to bloomberg 2020. thank you all for coming. [cheers and applause] thank you.
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