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tv   U.S. House of Representatives U.S. House of Representatives  CSPAN  July 1, 2020 8:59am-9:53am EDT

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outcome of the game. host: commerce min as we wait for the house to gavel in -- congressman, as we wait for the house to gavel in, after their work today they will not come back until july 20, how are you using your time? guest: i go back to my district, i will be in indiana for most of that time, i will take a few days off over the fourth of july holiday, like everyone in america should do to honor the holiday and the american flag and what our country stands for. but i will be back in indiana, most of the time talking to constituents about all of these issues that we have discussed, and touring around the district and speaking to a variety of different people. i will be speaking more with law enforcement about what's happening in that area, hospitals, and being in my community and getting a feel for what's happening in my district. guest: congressman, safe travels to you. we will see you when you get
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back after the recess. buschon, thankry you. guest: thank you for having me. host: that will do it for us today. we are taking your life to the house floor to gavel to gavel coverage. the speaker pro tempore: the house will be in order. the chair lays before the house a communication from the speaker. the clerk: the speaker's room, d.c., july 1, 2020. hereby appoint the honorable henry cuellar to act as speaker pro tempore on this day. pelosi, speaker of the house of representatives. the speaker pro tempore: pursuant to the order of the house of january 7, 2020, the chair will now recognize members from lists submitted by the majority and minority leaders for morning hour debate. the chair will alternate recognition between the parties. with time equally allocated between parties and each member other than the majority and minority leaders and minority whip limited to five minutes. but in no event shall debate
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continue beyond 9:50 a.m. recognizes the gentleman from california, mr. panetta, for five minutes. speaker, i rise oday to remember and honor the life of salinas, california, gunter.e mayor gunter passed on monday fter a quick bout, unfortunately, of cancer. public nter was a true servant who truly understood what it means and what it takes live up to our obligation as an american to give back to his and community that gives all of us so much. right out of high school, he marines where he served and fought in vietnam. ight out of his service to our
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country he joined the salinas police department where he protected for and 32 years. and right out of that service to ur community, he then volunteered at a woman's crisis theer, in youth sports, for salinas air show, and the california rodeo. enough because right out of retirement he then served as mayor of salinas for years.t eight and i can tell you as mayor, joe wasn't l that it really about the isn't that correctiness of your tweets. making government work for people. wasn't muchl you he more politics but when it came to serve the people of salinas, was the best. that e joe knew dang well good governing is good politics. my prayers are with his wife, children, and his grandchildren. i hope they take comfort knowing
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joe will be missed his legacy of service will people ofure with the this country and the community of salinas, california. mr. speaker. back.d the speaker pro tempore: the recognizes the gentleman for fiez minutes. irgait nearly 12 million mountain. reclamation said they receive project use power water. mr. gianforte: it will change ower cost from 2.5% of their annual budget to nearly 40%. osing this power would put
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these family farmers and companies out of business. fix this issuell but restoring -- by restoring the original arrangement that's place for 70 years. support for mr. speaker, montana should be overseas.ll its coal washington state is preventing coal export of termina terminals effectively shutting coal.xports of montana and unconstitutionally with interstate commerce. my amendment will continue the ederal permitting process if washington state remains on its unconstitutional path. a coal port that supports good-paying union jobs good-paying and jobs across montana should be a bipartisan winner. of this option amendment. thank you, mr. speaker.
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back.yield the speaker pro tempore: the chair now recognizes the gentleman from oregon, mr. for five minutes. mr. blumenauer: thank you, mr. speaker. longer i'm here the more i uestion why everything must be so complex. some, like our transportation because of thelex massive interrelationships we have. make complex.just i would offer two simple solutions today to the crises facing, not just from black americans for justice. we t, i would suggest that remove the dead hand of richard of justicethe scales
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ith his cynical, cruel, war on drugs. which continues to this day. thousands of young black arrested or cited still for something that the of americans, 2/3 of be legal think should and in fact, voters in 10 states have done so. we are watching how these police, with ith young people, for something that even a majority of republicans say should be legal can lead consequences. why do we do this? an opportunity before us now with legislation approved by house judiciary committee, the remore act, which
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of rporates many elements congresswoman barbara lee's marijuana justice act, which legalize marijuana. american ajority of people want, what's happening in states across the country, and this opportunity for interference with law completely that's unjustified. completely unjustified. suggest that there's another deal with a to century of discrimination, housing.ith specifically, against people of color. spent most of last summer and fall doing a deep dive into housing policy. have a report on my website, locked out, reversing federal housing failures and unlocking opportunity. i found dealing with embarrassing ic,
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record of blatant discrimination government al against people of color, look at the history of the federal government denying them for wartime work denying, for redlining, application for new deal housing excluding african-americans. an example of something that i aware of, ly became housing urban development act, which had good and generous terms but gave way to predatory where real estate sold essentially terms nt properties at that unsophisticated buyers did not fully understand but they
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the loans because were guaranteed by the federal government and inflated prices able to take those back, flip them, sell them again. shameful chapter in this entury-long process of discriminating against african-americans in housing. i'd suggest when we look at what some are o, and thinking about rep rations, i generouse just provide rental subsidies and loan terms americans. think of it as a g.i. bill for americans who endured a century of discrimination and the access to wealth that has built much of class.te middle i would respectfully suggest overdue. is long it's justified. it would help stop some of the
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in housing markets that's moving forward and could burst the same economic of energy that we saw after world war ii for the g.i. bill too many black americans were denied. mr. speaker. and i yield back. the speaker pro tempore: the chair recognizes the gentleman mr. pence, for five minutes. mr. pence: thank you, mr. speaker. voice my strong support for our second amendment protected by the united states constitution. the right to bear arms shall infringed upon and i will always defend that right on this very floor. to serve the h people of indiana's sixth district, and that means god-given right of all americans to defend property. and their the right to defend yourself and protect your loved ones is ever.unt now more than mr. speaker, i rise today to
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those who do not have one. america.n children of i am a pro-life american. it is our duty to protect the vulnerable among us. every human being deserves a life, and i will always defend that right. s i stand in this chamber today, i will pledge to always fight for the fundamental right given to us by mr. speaker, i rise today to support olleagues to main street as our economy reopens. nation, mom and pop shops are suffering. pandemic, combined with extreme social unrest, has everywhere to es shut their doors, many of which open as we reopen, american jobs may be lost permanently. make it a priority to protect and support small workers.owners and
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it is our duty to do the eople's work here in the people's house in our nation's capital. congress must support the to represent.wore mr. speaker, i rise today to for our brave t law enforcement officers. uniform of adge in our men and women in blue, our neighbors and -- are neighbors put their lives on the line every day to protect the citizens they serve. would be the police downright dangerous, and i will further, some are advocating to immunity.lified eliminating this civil protection would have disastrous implications. it would open up officers and their families to countless lawsuits and make
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policing all but impossible. of hese times, the heroes law enforcement deserve more less.t not mr. speaker, i rise to voice 2.osition to h.r. americans across this nation need a strong infrastructure strength --aive and revive and strengthen our economy now. yet, democrats drafted this bill republican input. commonsense, bipartisan proposals like the 12 amendments i authored, failed because this is not a serious effort. a progressive wish pelosi power cy grab again. i urge my colleagues to oppose h.r. 2. mr. speaker, as the fair season wish the best to f luck to all four across
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indiana's sixth district. this year's fairs are virtual different.k very the hard work they have put in his past year i want to recognize. 4-h is a tremendous organization that helps our nation's youth skills needed e to empower themselves and their communities. best of luck to those in their 4-a county fair. you are making your families and very proud. thank you, mr. speaker. i yield back. the speaker pro tempore: the recognizes the gentlewoman from the virgin islands, ms. plaskett, for five minutes. ms. plaskett: thank you, mr. speaker. members of congress, i ame determined to increase long-term federal investment in infrastructure. supporting the movement of people, goods, energy, and information through our crucial to re is riving investment in our
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ommunities and maintaining our competitiveness. we know that infrastructure rojects are consistently evaluated as the best return on government investment. as a member of the new coalition, we believe that any new proposal must nclude new revenue, new financing, new funding, egulatory streamlining, and encourage life cycle funding in innovative infrastructure last.ts that are built to as chair of the new dems task force on infrastructure and a ander of the transportation infrastructure committee, i believe that there should be for infrastructure deals. funding.lude revenue i support dedicated, sustainable revenue to keep the highway solvent wal into the -- well into the future. a variety of funding options, including mileage base racing -- raising or tax, slightly s
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increasing the corporate tax dedicating the increme incremental revenue gains towards infrastructure, both expanded and new bound programs. the baming will be accessible to states, localities, and regional groups and will be able to loan the money with favorable terms as well as offer bond insurances. i and the task force support grant programs that specifically target areas in desperate need of revitalizing their infrastructure. including those recovering from natural disasters, communities with higher rates of unemployment, and poverty, and rural areas. that means new avenues to fund infrastructure projects and communities -- in communities that have been left behind and areas that traditionally struggle to attract
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infrastructure funding for holistic hat have community support. it balances expedited production with appropriate environmental and safety safeguards. the administration must work to implement the numerous streamlining provisions already passed into law by congress in the fast act transportation bill. in addition i support encouraging use of regional partnerships and public-private partnerships. we must also think about broadband and realize that this is the new transportation of the 21st century. making sustainable and innovative public and private investments across the us to us repair and upgrade existing assets and build vital new projects we must seek to support projects that help communities become more energy efficient, resilient, and better prepared to deal with the impact of climate change and environmental cleanup. finally, we must seek to give
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communities ownership of local development and encourage innovation, regulatory streamlining, and more comprehensive multiproject long-term planning. i yield back yack. >> in ply district people are eager to get back to work and i believe it's congress' duty, our duty to ensure that our citizens have the necessary resources to reopen in a safe and responsible way. that's why i'm proud to have introduced two bills that focus on this very need. the same at work act will create a tax credit for businesses who allow their employees who to work from home. this not only protects employees and employers against the spread of covid-19, but also encouraging employers to create telework opportunities for those most susceptible to the virus.
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i also introduce the keep act which supports the president's push for a three-month payroll tax holiday. mr. spano: it's an issue that would allow millions of americans to keep more of the money that they already earn. thus providing critical capital to weather this crisis without involving federal bureaucracy. no government program no matter how generous can replace a functioning economy. these measures would support hardworking americans' efforts to get our economy back on track. so i urge their immediate adoption. mr. speaker, i rise to lend my voice to the fight to protect our nation by securing its borders. since arriving in congress, i stood by the president and his efforts to protect our children from traffickers, dealers, terrorists, and other criminal elements by building the wall. for decades our pourous borders have threatened our national security and it wasn't until president trump took office that
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our government took this threat seriously. just how effective has the wall been? it's a fact, that nearly one million people were stopped at the u.s.-mexico border in 2019. but in the last 12 months illegal immigration has been down 84%. and illegal crossings from central america down 97%. it's a fact. that president trump has deported over 6,000 ms-13 gang members. and it's a fact that this barrier between the countries is helping stop the flow of illicit drugs. nearly 450,000 pounds have been seized this year alone. for far too long too many have ignored the facts. but i haven't. and i will continue doing everything i can do to keep florida 15 residents and its businesses safe. mr. speaker, i rise today to nor mr. andrew boscum, a
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lakeland, florida world war ii veteran who is 98 years young. born in ohio, raised in pennsylvania, and one of 13 children and immigrant parents from austria and chechnya. -- czechoslovakia. he was assigned to the seventh fighter command in hawaii and in 1945 the command was reassigned to iwo jima, seized by marine units, to provide emergency landing field supporting bombing operations against japan. meanwhile, his wife and true love, sofia, was supporting the war as a rosy the riveter. yes, they still found time to write each other each day. and following the war, andy worked as a machinist in new york and later launched some of lake lapd's favorite restaurants. andy, you together with your bride of 74 years, represent the greatest of our greatest generation. you experienced economic and social turmoil and a world war and then you built our nation into the greatest on earth.
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it's our honor to serve you as you for so many years have served us. mr. speaker, i rise today to share the inspiring story of world war ii veteran from lakeland, florida, at 100 years young, ella erickson is a unique personalfication of what heroism is about. raised in wisconsin she joined the u.s. marine corps in 1943 and following basic training she reported to marine corps headquarters here in washington and for the next two years staff sergeant erickson maintained the records of marine prisoners of war. discharged at the end of the war, ella married and began her family and career. while holding demanding jobs at wheaton college and a nurse caring for the ailing, she found time to be a supportive wife to international evangalist, victor erickson. and raise two children. she's been a hero to the sick, our nation, and even greater one to her family. she epitomizes what heroin is
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all about. sacrificial service. thank you, ella, thank you for serving us and showing us how to live well. on behalf of florida 15 i salute you. i yield back. the speaker pro tempore: the chair recognizes the gentleman from minnesota, mr. phillips, for five minutes. mr. phillips: thank you, mr. speaker. i rise today as a father, an american, and a congressman in support of h.r. 1425, the patient protection and affordable care enhancement act. i rise today as a father because health care is personal. i know the pain of caring for a sick child. my daughter was diagnosed with hodgkin's lymphoma when she was just 14 years old. parents and children who have been through the fear, the hospitalizations, the chemotherapy, and the years of anxiety of followups know the nightmare all too well because they have lived it. but pia and our family are among the lucky ones. she survived cancer and is now a
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thriving 20-year-old pursuing her college studies. i know how lucky i was to be at her bedside during the toughest days and to do so without worrying about how i was going to pay her medical bills. i know, in fact we all know, that this is not the case for too many american families throughout our country. we need this legislation because it will lower health care costs, costs that are the very highest in the entire world. and yet, and yet our outcomes are mid pack. in the united states of america we should have the highest quality care in the world, the most efficient delivery of care in the world, and best value in the world. and in the united states of america, the wealthiest nation in the entire world, no one, no one should have to choose between seeing their doctor or seeing food on their table. no one. i rise today as an american because health care is
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patriotic. i am sick and tired of americans paying more money for less quality than other nations. and i'm sick and tired of americans paying more money for the very same lifesaving medications than patients in other countries. americans are getting ripped off and we, every single one of us in this chamber, can do something about t ensuring every american has access to high quality and affordable health care and medications is, indeed, a moral decision. but it is also an economic decision. let's not kid ourselves. we do not have a health care system in our country, we have a sick care system. it's not even a system. which has made the epic failure of our nation's covid response even more glaring. you see we tolerate, even condone incentives for procedures over prevention. and profit over people. it's costing us billions of dollars and bankrupting thousands of families, and surely costing american lives. we need this legislation because
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there is meaningful economic and societal value in ensuring that every american enjoys health care coverage. no matter their age, their race, their gender, their zip code, their income, or their condition. and i rise today as a congressman because finding common ground, building consensus, and fixing our broken health care system is my job, i'm on a mission to inspire collaboration in this chamber, restore americans' faith in government. and can i not imagine a better place to begin than health care. so let's rise to this moment and improve it together. colleagues, we need this legislation because it will help all americans, not red state or blue state americans, but all americans. we need this legislation because no one in this country, republican, democrat, independent, or otherwise thinks that our health care system is working. we need this legislation because health care is collective and this pect presents an extraordinary opportunity to build a true health care system
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in this country. code of r covid-19 has taught us one's health and well-being are depenent on the entire community. we are in this together, my friends. and we must take care of one another together. we need this legislation because whether it's my daughter, a cancer survivor, or cindy with diabetes in eden prairie, or nicki with m.s. in brooklyn park, or every single mother in our country who has ever given birth to a child, pre-existing conditions are part of being human. and should never be a barrier to care. we need to pass this legislation because it is personal, it is patriotic, and it is our job. i'm grateful to my colleagues in this house for doing so yesterday, and i call on our colleagues in the senate to join us in ensuring a healthier and more equitable future for every single american. i yield back. the speaker pro tempore: the chair recognizes the honorable gentleman from georgia, mr. carter, for five minutes. mr. carter: mr. speaker, i rise today to remember and to honor
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the life of one of my mentors and of my very good friend, georgia state senator jack hill, who passed away on april 6 at the age of 75. i sat next to jack in the georgia state senate for five years. he was truly a mentor to me. through listening and interacting with him over the course of those years up until his death, i understood what it really meant to be a dedicated public servant. jack lived his entire life in rodriguezville and his love for his hometown and community was evident throughout his life. after he graduated from reeds vill high school he came back to his home town and went into the grocery business as owner and operator of hill shopping septre. in addition to running his own successful business, jack still found time to serve in the georgia air national guard for over 33 years, both as a unit commander and a state ininvestigator general. he was appointed to the board of
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directors at the bank in the early 1980's before heeding the call to public service. in 1990 he ran for and won his first term as georgia state senator for the fourth district of georgia. throughout jack's 30 years of steadfast service in representing the fourth district, he served on many prestigious committees, including the senate rules committee where he was vice chairman, and chairman of the powerful senate appropriations committee. both jack and i liked to write columns. we write weekly columns. jack always chatted me and said mine were very chatty. i always chatted him and said his were very nerdy. he was a numbers cruncher. he knew the budget like no one in the state of georgia knew t he was always the also to leave this capitol each day because of how dedicated he was to serve the people of our state. because of jack's leadership, my colleagues and i were always driven to be good stewards of taxpayer dollars and uphold our
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mission in all we did to serve georgian was the best of our abilities. jack was a man of overwhelming integrity, compassion, and humility. he was a true statesman. while he certainly worked hard to be selected for this role, never used his tightle to gain praise or acknowledgement. he was one of the few people who taught me the importance of placing people over the politics and praise. . e was always available and listened to what you have to say. e taught me humility and keeping a calm and steady hand at the helm. will always remember his immense dedication to everyone he reacted with. he made a huge difference in the lives of students, in the reputation of the university ystem and then holistic improvement to the state of georgia. jack's legacy will always be knew ered and those he
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will never forget the impact on the lives he touched. all for these reasons that 14 georgia members of the u.s. signed ncluded myself, proposed legislation to name a post office in jack's hometown him.edsville after naming a post office after him will honor his remarkable great states to our for years to come and work to preserve his legacy of public ervice for his fellow georgians. jack's advice has stayed with me throughout the years and he elped make me the person i am today. i am forever grateful to have hill, and i will never forget him. those ily, friends, and he worked with will continue to be in my thoughts and prayers as mourn the death of a reat georgian and a great american. mr. speaker, i rise today to ben the life of mr. tarbutton jr. who passed away 2020, at on june 9, the age of 90.
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resident of sandersville, georgia, mr. tarbutton's ambition started at when he earned the honor of eagle scout. attended the boy scouts is oree in paris france in the -- paris, france, in 1947. b.a. in ted with a economics. following his studies, mr. our nation in d 1955 and aom 1952 to of the korean he worked with his family shortline railroad which is now old.ears he dedicated 65 years to the company until the time of his death, serving as president, director.dent, and his strong commitment to the railroad industry stretched sandersville railroad company. mr. tarbutton served as director railroad shortline
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association and founder and president of the georgia railroad association. found great success in business, mr. tarbutton is best his for his commitment to family, his church and community and the state of georgia. he will always be remembered for tireless work to bring new industry and jobs to sandersville. s part of this work, he served as director of the washington ounty chamber of commerce and many years was honored as washington county citizen of the year. ut most importantly, mr. tarbutton was a family man. is friends and family will be remembered -- we will remember them in our thoughts and prayers. nancy, ly his widow, for a debt of gratitude sharing mr. ben for all of us. thank you, mr. speaker. i yield. the speaker pro tempore: the chair recognizes the gentleman kennedy,achusetts, mr. for five minutes. mr. kennedy: thank you, mr. speaker. speaker, a week ago this justice to o bring
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our communities. to begin the uncomfortable, work of dismantling white supremacy wherever it finds shelter. our work is far from finished. since we passed the georgia floyd justice in young, biracial althea bernstein was set on fire by four white men as sat in her car. three police officers from north they na were fired after laughed at slaughtering black people. the president of the united states proudly promoted a video of his supporters shouted protesters." at mr. speaker, if we fail to meet to enact the change demanded by millions of mericans of all colors, all
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kreedz, all -- creeds, all beliefs, the damage to this and to our nation will be immense. was built to be a reflection of the people that we represent. hey have the courage to create that change. so should we. i yield back. the speaker pro tempore: the chair recognizes the gentleman from south dakota, mr. johnson, for five minutes. thank you, mr. speaker. uring this covid-19 pandemic, ag producers and consumers across the country have suffered seen the cracks in our food supply system. small state inspected processors, meat processors, did step up and ld to close the gap, fill the gap, but heir efforts were hindered by the fact that federal laws don't
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allow for state inspected across es to ship meat state lines. i would observe that this only accelerating the american desire to know from and r food comes their desire to purchase directly from producers. week, that's why this along with speaker pro tempore henry cuellar, i introduced the act.t and this bill allows these state inspected meat facilities to meat across state lines through ecommerce and unlock an g to incredible amount of potential as small producers and rocessors will have the option to put that product into the hand of consumers. i think it's important to states, like many south dakota, have state atpection standards that are least equal to what the federal government already requires. a food safety issue. this bill would cut through the red tape. allow more flexibility.
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it would allow more opportunity, producers -- for roducers, for processors and for consumers. now the bill is a market-based approach, allowing producers and retailers under state inspection to establish those connections ith customers in different states through ecommerce. and that's going to empower to buy if they want a particular branded product. hey will be able to get that product. they will be given more freedom to choose at the same time we as have any won't reduction in our confidence that safe.od supply system is with that, mr. speaker, i would back. the speaker pro tempore: the chair recognizes the gentleman from michigan, mr. levin, for minutes. mr. levin: thank you, mr. speaker. rise today because the coronavirus is winning. cases.illion u.s.
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ore than 126,000 americans dead. that's more than double the number of american lives lost war.g the korean tens of thousands more than the -decade vietnam war and -- two-decade vietnam war. the united states has 4.25% of world's population, but 25% deaths.ovid-19 tens of millions of americans ave lost their jobs or faced pay cuts. and in the coming weeks, economic lifelines passed by cushioned thehave blows are going to expire. have to be this way. right now as i speak, the senate s sitting on the heroes act, a bill that majority leader mcconnell has refused to than 45 days.ore what could have been done in days?45
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moody's analytics said, and i quickly passed into law, the heroes act would boost to substantial the economy during the second half of this year. is most economy vulnerable to the pandemic and t most risk of sliding into recession. the legislation would also eturn the economy to full employment much more quickly, end quote. said, how well the economy does in the next several on whatpends critically lawmakers decide to do in the weeks.w that was more than a week ago. refuses tonate still pass a bill that puts money in the pockets of workers with a of direct payments to families. bill with new payroll protection measures to keep 60 million workers connected with jobs.
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a bill that extends weekly $600 federal unemployment benefits next january so families can pay their bills. heroes isn't just a bill to provide relief from the pandemic. to end it. for s contains $75 billion more covid-19 testing and tracing. and $500 million to help our workforce system place new tracers. focusing specifically on americans who are out of work drawing from the communities they'll work in with the diversit those ty reflecting unique communities and the language competencies necessary this last part is so important nd a core piece of my coronavirus containment core act, my bill with senator arren, that's included in heroes in substantial part. last week, dr. fauci said that tracing isn't going
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well. why? redfield, the c.d.c. director, says that we have contact tracers when we need, in his own 100,000.on, and when other experts believe we may need double that. health public departments that are underfunded. we have communities that after are es of discrimination understandably weary of trusting health authorities. coronavirus containment core act addresses every one of those issues. we have solutions ready. no single one of the solutions cure-all, but together they can turn the tide of this pandemic. as members of this body are in a unique and privileged solutions develop that channel the resources we implement those solutions on a nationwide scale. this is to accept
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the status quo. law. make the heroes act there's not a minute to waste. back.eaker, i yield the speaker pro tempore: the chair recognizes the gentleman from florida, mr. rutherford, minutes. mr. rutherford: mr. speaker, i rise today to honor the life and j.acy of joseph j.mancino -- mancino sr. who sadly passed late june. r. mancino was a true american patriot. he joined the navy at the age of bravely served aboard the .s.s. griffin and the u.s.s. google in the pacific during world war ii. e also witnessed the atomic bomb explosion during operate rossroads, which was the first atomic test after the war. joseph received numerous medals his service including the
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philippine liberation medal and medal.nduct those who knew him best said the only thing stronger than his love for his country was his his family and friends. wife, mary,d by his seven e of 72 years, randchildren, six great-grandchildren. on behalf of the congress and united states of america, i mancion for his -- ancino for his service to our nation and offer my sincere condolences to his family and friends. rise in memory of tyler layman rare form away from a 2017.kemia in tyler became an inspiration to many in our jacksonville, community. despite numerous cycles of remission, relapse, and a motherapy, which took really hard toll on his body, he
9:44 am that positive each year, no matter how difficult it was for him, tyler team of walkers for the annual light the night for the lymphoma leukemia society. he's befriended by people all world, supporting them as they struggled through their own ailments and conditions. whether the outdoors, it was biking nearly 20 miles a barbecuing aty or cedar point park. it's now been over three years passing and he's still missed dearly by his family and friends. to so many portant n northeast, florida -- northeast florida and i know his emory will be missed by those he touched. i united states the -- i recognize the united states for their response
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jack's port.ire at during the fire chief and sector mark nville captain vaughn, they battled this fire under difficult conditions with skill, extinguishing the flames and saving the ship destruction. unfortunately, mr. speaker, nine firefighters sustained injuries in the blaf and five are still recovering. have thesehankful to outstanding firefighters in northeast florida who are the communities, saving lives every single day. it's comforting to know we have trained, profession -- trained professionals ready to emergency, medical a house fire, or in this case, a ship fire, at a moment's notice. thoughts continue to be with the injured firefighters and their families and we wish them a full and speedy recovery. with that, mr. speaker, i yield back. .
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the speaker pro tempore: the chair recognizes the gentlewoman from michigan, ms. stevens, for four minutes. ms. stevens: thank you, mr. speaker. what an honor it is to be on this house floor with all of you here today in representation of the 700,000 constituents i serve from michigan's 11th district. we are here for the activity of this house floor. we are here for the grand deliberation of our democracy. for the discourse that makes our nation's laws. it is clear, mr. speaker, that this pandemic is continuing to pose a serious threat to our communities and to our nation. as the global death toll has crossed 500,000 this week alone, the world health organization has warned that the worst is yet to come. that the suffering and the loss of life that we have already
9:47 am
endured in michigan and throughout this nation is unfathomable. we must recommit to saving lives by listening to the guidance of the public health experts who are telling us to wear a mask and to socially distance as much as possible. we must recommit to the science that stands before us. and as a result of this pandemic, mr. speaker, we must look at the battle before us in terms of what our states are facing with budget shortfalls. see, this is what we do as appropriators. as individuals who conduct overnight and who authorize the activity and the efforts of our federal agency and for the nation's pursestrings. without additional federal funding for michigan's public schools, a typical school district in michigan is looking a $750 per pupil cut to our
9:48 am
state's budget shortfall. the white house recently signed an executive order saying, we are going to look for the skills in an individual. how do you obtain the skills if you are not in a fully funded school? when first robotics doesn't exist. when the skills training doesn't exist. when the guidance counselors who are going to be there to shepherd our students through this trauma they endured cannot do their jobs. when we are cutting, cutting, cutting. and we say guess what? the federal taxpayer dollars that you pay, the state taxpayer dollars that you pay are not enough. who pays again? who pays again. it is the middle class. it is the individual. folks, i'm tired of it. i'm tired of the tax cuts for the wealthiest corporations at the expense of our middle class.
9:49 am
i am here to deliver for my constituents. i am here to give them a return on their investment that they make every year. they are looking at us. and in fact, mr. speaker, this is something that this house majority has already done in the heroes act. we have already taken these steps to address these budget shortfalls. we are here today to vote on a infrastructure bill, to rebuild america's schools. to put people back to work. to stand for the best this nation has to offer. i did this work in the halls of government. on the other side of pennsylvania avenue. during another time of crisis. during another time of choppy waters and i'm a believer in he's institutions, mr. speaker, i saw what happened when democrats and republicans come together for the best outcomes when, we rescued the auto
9:50 am
industry and millions of autoworker jobs saying we will not let you fail. picking up from where the bush administration left off and the obama administration finished it. we will not let you fail. that is what i say from this house floor today on behalf of the 700,000 constituents from michigan's 11th district. i proudly represent. thank you, mr. speaker. the speaker pro tempore: pursuant to clause 12-a of rule 1, the chair declares the house in recess until 10:00 a.m.
9:51 am
>> i do think there is a line one should not cross where
9:52 am
governmental power is used essentially exclusively for personal been fit. >> we will stand proud, and we will stand tall. >> the latest from the campaign 2020 trail. join in the conversation every day on our live call-in program, "washington journal". if you missed any of our live coverage, watch any time on demand at or listen on the go with the free c-span radio app. michigan democratic congresswoman, debbie dingell, joins us now. she serves on the health subcommittee of the commerce panel. and when the task force members came to capitol hill to testify you focus your questions on that -- on vaccine development. can you ask plain what it means to be in phase three -- can you explain what it means to be in phase three? es


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