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tv   Govs. Larry Hogan Andrew Cuomo at NGA Summer Meeting  CSPAN  August 5, 2020 2:31pm-3:04pm EDT

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mailed it again. the one i got, i understand all you have to do is sign it, nobody has to verify who you are . it does not seem like there is security in the mail in -- not even absentee ballots -- host: what are most states requiring if someone requests a mail-in ballot? guest: it depends my state. i cannot begin to tell you all the litigation that has been filed by left-wing groups to try to -- >> we look forward to the date when we can all gather in person again. it has been my honor to introduce a person who i have been privileged to work with, governor larry hogan.
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governor hogan is the chief executive of maryland in that state is enough to keep any governor busy, especially with the challenges this year. nonetheless, he has been generous with his time, choosing to lead the nda in devote time and energy to our cause while leading the state government in annapolis. supportseen excited to -- to support governor hogan's initiative as we proceed with the necessary work revitalizing the economy. tenure,eginning of his governor hogan chose to work on the issue of improving our aging infrastructure and building the modern systems of connectivity that we need to build a prosperous future. it was a national priority before the pandemic and it has taken on greater importance now. governor hogan will share some of the highlights and conclusions from his initiative, infrastructure, foundation for success. we look forward to hearing the conclusions of your policy work
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over the past year. ♪ nga is not just about representing america's governors, it is also about what america's governors represent. in states across the country, governors are working together in a bipartisan way, showing real leadership in finding solutions for the serious problems facing us. ♪ i am a small business owner who never held elected office before. the only reason i ran for governor is because i was concerned about the small businesses that were being lost in our state and people losing their jobs. we created more businesses, had the best economic turnaround in america, then we are faced with this coronavirus, this economic collapse. chinese government has
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locked down more chinese cities. >> there is no vaccine as these infections continue. announced it is closing the border with china. then italy and germany, infection rate doubled in a day. >> we had the first outbreak in the state of washington. decided to ask for a briefing from the federal government, experts, dr. fauci, dr. redfield , and other top experts, they were talking about what we might be faced with. it give us a heads up and allowed many governors to start to prepare. my wife worked with the ambassador to host a reception for the governors. thats later, how important relationship would become. >> in south korea, a huge surge of infections.
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the entire population urged to stay home. >> all of italy, now effectively a red zone. we got our first case in maryland, we declared a state of emergency. as chairman of the national governors association, i joined vice president pence in the white house situation room with 52 governors for a teleconference with federal officials. >> 34 states with confirmed cases, many had declared a state of emergency. >> there are more than 118,000 cases in 114 countries. >> the national governors association, we don't wear red or blue uniforms. there is not partisanship like you see in washington. the governors are individual
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ceos of their states. we have had 12 calls with every governor in america. eight of which the president or vice president was on the call with us. >> the only way this has been contained, china or korea did, quarantine or increase the number of tests. has done a good job on testing. in south korean and i said, what you think about reaching out to the ambassador? >> governor hogan says maryland purchased enough kits from south korea to provide for half a million tests. they arrived over the weekend. he and the first lady carita korean -- greeted the korean air jet. surgingve not seen cases in maryland and hospitalizations hit the lowest since the pandemic started. >> the real enemy is the virus. that is the common enemy we are fighting and it is going to take
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the federal, state, and local governments working together to fight this enemy. ♪ no question, people have been suffering as a result of the economic collapse. we have this twin problem of this terrible health crisis where we've got tens of thousands of people dying and yet we also have this incredible economic challenge where we've got millions of people unemployed and small businesses hurt. we have to balance those needs but the first thing is saving lives and keeping people safe. ofannot be more proud governors all across the country on both sides of the aisle for stepping up and meeting in a crisis like this. it shows what leaders are made of. safe and care about their fellow neighbors and citizens, we can beat this. ♪ the nga is not just about
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representing america's governors, it is also about what america's governors represent. our nation's governors on both sides of the aisle finding solutions for the serious problems that are fundamental to our way of life. ♪ i am very excited to turn over the gavel to governor cuomo, he has been terrific to work with your he is going to do a great job as chairman and i look forward to assisting him in any way i can. wear a mask. stay six feet apart. outdoors is safer than indoors. we can make a huge difference with simple things.
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tolet's take a few minutes watch this video that should bring back some memories of 2019 and 2020 so far. >> one of the things that makes america exceptional is when you see something broken, we fix it. ♪ the nga is not just about representing america's governors, it is also about what america's governors represent. in states across the country, governors are working together in a bipartisan way, showing real leadership in finding solutions for the serious problems facing us. ♪
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i'm a lifelong small business owner who never held if elected -- never held elected office before. i was concerned about small businesses that were being lost in our state and people losing their jobs. we created more businesses, had the best economic turnaround, then we are faced with this coronavirus, the worst economic collapse in my lifetime. >> the chinese government has locked down more chinese cities. as theseis no vaccine infections continue to rise. morning itunced this is closing the border with china. >> didn't italy and germany, the in italy ande -- --many, the infection rate let me just jump in here. it looks like we are having some
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technical difficulties. i'm not sure what happened there. we were going to show the infrastructure video in that rap video was going to come later on in the program. thank you very much for joining us this afternoon. i want to thank all of you for being here for this first-ever annual summer meeting of the nga. we were supposed to be together in portland, maine for this meeting, but it is great to welcome so many of my colleagues even virtually and i want to thank bill mcbride in the staff at nga. i want to thank my staff in maryland and especially, i want to thank my fellow governors and their staffs for all of your incredible efforts and your support over the last year. i also want to thank our outgoing executive committee members for their service and to welcome and congratulate the incoming executive committee members. it was the honor of a lifetime
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to have been chosen by my colleagues to serve as chairman of the national governors association. i could not be more proud of this organization, of every one of our governors on both sides of the aisle, and of everything we have accomplished together. country, atross the one of the most important moments in our history, governors are doing what we do best. we are working together in a bipartisan way, showing real leadership, making real progress, in finding real solutions to the serious problems facing us. never has that type of leadership and more important than it is now in america. i began my term as chairman last july in salt lake city by launching a national infrastructure initiative. in august, massachusetts governor charlie baker hosted us in boston to discuss innovative
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ways to reduce traffic congestion. in september, we completed a three city fact-finding mission in australia. we were hosted by gretchen whitmer in october where we talked about protecting america's infrastructure. newsomary, governor hosted us in san francisco for a discussion on eliminating redtape and smart technologies. we were looking forward to traveling to phoenix last month but the governor hosted us virtually instead to discuss leveraging private sector investments. after our nga winter meeting in washington in february, the world changed. our focus quickly shifted to battling an unprecedented global pandemic. which has taken a terrible toll on our communities and retag on -- and wreaked havoc on our economy. responding to this crisis has shown more than ever the vital
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role of governors and of the nga. inr the past five months, the face of the most daunting challenge of our lifetime, america's governors have stepped up and led. we did not let politics get in the way. we did not hesitate to make tough decisions. we followed the advice of the experts, we worked around-the-clock to build up our public health infrastructure to expand our testing capacity, build contact tracing operations, and provide life-saving ppe to our doctors, nurses, and first responders. most importantly, in response to a silent enemy that does not recognize state boundaries or political parties, we worked together. since the nga's first briefing on the virus by federal leaders in february, where dr. fauci and dr. redfield spoke with us, we have held over 50 calls with the
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governors in states across america, including 42 of them with the president or vice president, members of the cabinet, and the white house coronavirus test force. not to mention the countless other communications we have had together over the past five months. we have looked to each other for ideas, advice, and for help. we have worked across party and when iter really mattered, we have spoken with a unified voice. we successfully pushed for title 32 funding to support the national guard covid-19 response missions, we convinced the federal administration to invoke the defense production act to produce ventilators and swabs and to make more lifesaving supplies available to states. we achieved greater flexibility in federal cares act funding to sustain critical response efforts on the front lines.
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the national governors association has been more relevant and more effective than it has ever been before. our swift, early, and aggressive actions in our unified efforts have helped save lives. we all know that this crisis is far from over. we continue to battle this global pandemic and this economic collapse. we will continue to push congress and the administration to follow through on their commitment to provide additional critical funding for state governments who are battling on the front lines. together,doubt that america's governors will continue to lead and we will continue to do whatever it takes to get our states and our nation back on track. together, we will do what america and americans have always done in times of crisis. we will defeat this virus
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together, we will get through this, and we wailed come back stronger and better than ever before. thank you for giving me the incredible honor of serving as her chairman this past year. i want to thank my vice chair and incoming chairman of the nga, governor andrew cuomo. we have had a terrific working relationship over this past year. i'm proud of all the nga has accomplished in governor cuomo, i wish you and your vice chair, governor hutchinson, all the best and much continued success over the next year. may god bless each and every one of you and the people of your states. thank you. thank you, governor. at the beginning of this program, i said what a privilege it happened to work with governor hogan. what i learned about him is he is a practical and focused leader who knows how to stay positive and keep moving
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forward, even when facing difficult circumstances, especially when facing difficult circumstances. we saw these qualities of the pandemic hitting hard this spring, and governor hogan's leadership encouraged everyone to keep looking forward and solving problems one by one. he started holding weekly conference calls for all governors and they bonded over their shared vision of keeping the virus at bay while revitalizing the economy. americans responded to governors work.- governors' the pandemic capitulated governors into the public spotlight and is served to make the public more aware of what governors actually do. we have in facilitating this work and create the communications that kept governors in touch with each other through the spring and connect governors today. governor hogan, i know i echo the thoughts of all governors when i say thank you for your leadership of nga during the past year and i speak for the staff at nga as well, all of
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whom have done great work in support of state and governors. they also thank you. we are here to help states succeed and help governors succeed. we are here to help governors speak with one voice to amplify that voice. it has been exciting to be involved in all of it under your leadership your even though it has been an unforgettable year filled with difficulty and challenge, it has been among the most rewarding chapters of our careers to see governors working together. you elevated the debate and worked across the aisle under difficult circumstances. a,u embodied the spirit of ng governors working to find practical solutions. thank you for your bipartisan leadership that brought governors together in this difficult but memorable year. now we have special messages for you sent by your colleagues. pal, governorr baker, way up here in massachusetts.
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i want to say, i cannot imagine that this is what you expected when you signed up to be chair. >> we don't think this is what you had in mind, but when the pandemic hit, recognizing the value of a bipartisan organization. >> we started talking on a regular basis about the problems we were all facing in practical solutions. >> we shared our good ideas, learned what was working in different areas of the country, and how we can work together. bipartisanght cooperation to the nga this year and we are ticking that forward as we continue to work on the pandemic and the economic challenges it created. >> your initiative on infrastructure was near and dear to my heart spared it was what america -- near and dear to my heart spared it is what america needs -- near and dear to my heart. thank you for focusing on our infrastructure. >> throughout this year,
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americans have seen governors working together. finding solutions. you helped us a compass that. -- you helped us accomplish that. >> thank you for your work as chair of the nga. >> thank you for your great work. >> thanks, larry. >> thank you. >> thank you for your service as chair of the nga, god bless. >> thank you very much. i can't thank you enough for all that. governor cuomo, i want to wish you the best of luck, i am excited to have this opportunity to pass this gavel onto you and i'm looking forward to your leadership over the next year, it has been great working with you. i look forward to continuing under your leadership.
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>> i got it, thank you very much. first, to the whole team at the nga, thank you for your service this year. to governor hogan, -- governor hogan, the honor was ours. when the pressure is on, you can see when a person is made of and you rose to the occasion and we all owe you a big thank you. i give you a virtual round of applause and i know every governor joins me in doing that. you have been a friend to us through this impossible past year and i look forward to relying on you as we go forward in continuing our counsel as i take the gavel. i look forward to working with our vice chairman, governor hutchinson. we governor hutchinson for his agreement to serve. a question before us as we wrap up this meeting, what's the
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avenger -- what should the agenda be? it should adopt the agenda most prevalent -- most relevant to the governors. i don't think we have that many options this year. next year's agenda is not going to be a question of discretion but rather the dictation of reality. our agenda is america's recovery and revival. we must manage the covid virus until a vaccine is developed and we need the federal government to work with us in partnership in that effort. second, we will need to deal with the consequences and effects of covid, the economic damage it has done is all across this country. and the critical public health care needs that covid has exposed and highlighted. in the context of a new chapter in the federal state -- federal-state relationship your none of us
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wanted to be in the position of dealing with covid, the last six month have highlighted the capacity of state governments. , we haveide is right shown what states can do and it is time to reformulate and redefine the federal partnership , especially in this coming year where not only are we working through dealing with this pandemic, but we have several critical legislative reauthorization's that are expiring. we know beyond a shadow of a doubt that covid is a problem that affects every state in this nation. it is the great unifier. it does not discriminate. this is a battle for all of us and we know we must resolve this virus together. we know that unless covid is defeated everywhere, it won't be defeated anywhere. across thisicochet country, bouncing from one state to another, and the only course selfrd in both our states'
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interest in our collective interest is to lock arms and lead this -- leave this virus no place to spread. needow the weapons, we unprecedented testing capacity and a supply chain to support it. we need contact tracing, stockpiles of ppe, medicine, supplies, and we need an emergency surge capacity. we need financial support for our hospitals. this nation has gone through ebola and swine flu virus now covid. no one can tell you -- no one can tell you the name of the next virus that is going to attack us, but everyone tells us that it is a matter of time and we have to be ready. so let's institutionalize what we have learned so we are better prepared for the next invasion. let us design and implement a new public health system for
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this nation. we just cannot go through what we went through over these past few months again. the covid challenge goes further, as we heard from our vice chairman. our schools are facing unprecedented challenges, they must not only educate our students, they must keep them safe from this virus. it is a new undertaking and the states will work with them, but we also need federal support. none of this is going to be easy but all of it is achievable. at the same time, we must deal with the secondary effects of covid. wreakedeaked have it -- havoc on this nation's economy. you can add together the jobs lost and deficits of our states. all major economists agree that without providing financial assistance for state and local
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governments, the economy will not rebound as quickly as it would otherwise. , economists all across the board agreed. ournga is united in telling washington colleagues that they must include $500 billion in unrestricted state funding in the upcoming covid response legislation. priority by anga unified nga. this is also the moment to implement the agenda the nga developed last year under governor hogan. this is the moment to invest in infrastructure. we need to be invigorate the economy and need to replace aging infrastructure. we have talked about it for decades. but this is the moment to do it. let the federal government provide the funds and let the states build it.
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finally, the federal-state relationship that has always been a dynamic tension since it was first embodied in our constitution, there are checks and balances and there is a federal and state dynamic tension, that was written into the constitution, but there has never been a moment where state governments have been more instrumental in the lives of the people of this country. state governments are now at the forefront and it is a new chapter in the governance of this country. this coming year, states will not only be laboratories of democracy, we will also be the engines of economic renewal and we will also be the innovators of a new public health system, institutionalizing what we learned. there is tremendous possibility in the nations recognition of the full potential of state governments.
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most of all, we are committed to achieving progress. that is the essence of our goal as governors. that is what we do. thatvernors, we all know at the end of the day, there is no red and blue. all our states have both. we understand that we covering for the red, the white, and the blue. that is what we do. this next year will be challenging for sure but all battles are hard and ours could not have a more noble or righteous purpose. i am honored to stand beside all of you as we lead this nation forward. i am honored to take the gavel from governor hogan in the great executive committee your i am grateful to serve with governor hutchinson. 112thhat, i conclude the nga annual meeting.
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that was a bang of the gavel. [captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2020] [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] >> acting home and security chairman testifies thursday on capitol hill. he will discuss his response to unrest in portland and the deployment of dhs law enforcement personnel to protest across the nation on racial injustice. live coverage of the homeland security committee begins at 10:00 eastern on c-span. on lan at, or
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>> this week marks the 75th anniversary of the atomic bombings of hiroshima and nagasaki all stop watch washington journal live thursday at 8:00 a.m. eastern. for a discussion about the bombings with the author of the twilight of the gods, and the grandson of president harry truman. on sunday, watch american history tv hand washington journal live at 8:00 a.m. eastern as we look back at how the bombings ended world war ii and the legacy in the decade ahead with the author of "the a professor at american university nuclear studies institute. join the discussion with your calls, text, facebook questions, and tweets. watch the 75th anniversary of the bombing of hiroshima and nagasaki this thursday and sunday on washington journal, on
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c-span, and american history tv on c-span3. >> american history tv on c-span3. exploring people and events that tell the american story every weekend. coming up this weekend, sunday marks the 75th anniversary of the atomic bombing of nagasaki, japan, reid is after the bombing of hiroshima, on american history tv in washington journal. a look back at how the bombing ended world war ii in the aftermath of the decades ahead -- on the decades ahead. "downfall" and history --t american american studies nuclear history institute. p.m. eastern on railamerica, the film, effects on hiroshimar bomb and nagasaki, and then, at it
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:00 p.m. eastern, on the presidency, the 75th anniversary of the conference where harry truman informed winston church street -- winston churchill of england about the new u.s. super weapon. asked during the american story. tv, thisrican history weekend on c-span3. now, federal trade commission commissioners testify on a range of topics before the senate commerce committee, including consumer privacy and data security legislation related to technology companies. the commissioners also discussed the importance of protecting consumers against covid-19-related scams. this is more than 2.5 hours.


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