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tv   Democratic National Convention Day 2 - Roll Call  CSPAN  August 23, 2020 11:51am-12:34pm EDT

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democratic national convention, a virtual rollcall was made across the united states to officially nominate joe biden as their presidential candidate. we will take a look at that rollcall next. then, senator kamala harris and joe biden each making their nomination exit and's speech -- acceptance speech. delegates and distinguished guests, under our procedural rules, two democratic candidates submitted nominating documents tower our convention secretary for the office of president of the united states. senator bernie sanders and vice president joe biden. as such, each candidate has provided names of individuals who will make nominating and seconding speeches on their behalf. we will begin with nominating and seconding speeches for senator sanders. will be on his behalf two progressive champions, bob king and representative
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alexandria ocasio-cortez. bob king. as a proud union member and former president of a great american union, the uaw, i am honored to nominate bernie sanders for president. for decades, bernie has led the fight for working families, fighting for workers rights to organize unions and collectively bargain. in a time of enormous inequality, he understands that we must confront large corporations which have pharma -- far too much control. bernie believes health care is a human right and shouldn't be contingent on a job. he knows we can rebuild our current -- crumbling infrastructure by creating millions of paying union jobs while combating climate change. clarity moral emboldened the democratic party's fight for justice, the grassroots energy of his have made a
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he will deliver transformational change. i am excited to name a great champion of the working class, senator bernie sanders. >> good evening. os and thank you to everyone endeavoring towards a better, more just future for our country and our world. infidelity and gratitude, to -- in fidelity and graduate -- gratitude, looking to establish guaranteed health care, higher education, living wages, and labor rights for all people in the united states, a movement striving to recognize and repair the wounds of racial injustice, colonization, misogyny, and homophobia, and to propose and build reimagined systems of immigration and foreign policy
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that turn away from the violence and xenophobia of our past. a movement that realizes the unsustainable brutality of an economy that rewards explosive inequalities of wealth for the few at the expense of long-term stability for the many, and who organized the historic grassroots campaign to reclaim our democracy. in a time when millions of people in the united states are deep, systemic solutions to our crises of mass evictions, unemployment, and lack of health care, and out of a love for all people, i hereby second the nomination of senator bernard sanders of vermont for president of the united states of america. >> thank you, mr. king and representative across io cortez.
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we now turn to nominating and seconding speeches for vice president biden. in a moment we will hear from senator chris coons, who holds the delaware senate seat once held by the vice president and representative lisa rochester, my colleague in the house. first, we will hear from a working american, jacqueline, who met joe biden in an unexpected place, the elevator she worked. >> i take powerful people on my elevator all the time. when they get off, they go to their important meetings. me? i had back to the lobby. but in the short time i spent with joe biden, i could tell he really saw me. that he actually cared, that my life meant something to him. and i knew even when he went to his important meeting, he would take my story in there with him. that is because joe biden has room in his heart for more than just himself.
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we have been through a lot, and we have tough days ahead, but nominating someone like that to be in the white house is a good place to start. that is why i nominate my friend, joe biden, as the next president of the united states. >> i'm senator chris coons from delaware. a small state, where people expect to see their senators and even sometimes there vice president at the supermarket, at a church festival come out in the community. joe fights for us because he knows our struggles and hopes. he knows the pain of loss and the worries of working parents, and he has always brought that same personal concern he showed for jacqueline to getting things done, as are senator and then as president obama's vice president. joe has tackled gun violence and climate change. he stood up to dictators and supported our troops. he led the recovery effort after the last recession and delivered
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on a promise to make our health care system fairer and stronger. through it all, joe biden has never forgotten where he is from. he has been sustained by his faith and his family through the toughest of times, and he has the heart and the compassion for this moment. for all of these reasons and secondt is my honor to the nomination of my good friend, joe biden, to be the next president of these united states. >> i am congresswoman lisa blunt in some history class in the future, children are learning about this moment. they are learning about our pain, our grief, our worry. they are also learning about a man named joe biden, about how he restored decency to our government and integrity to our democracy. we built our economy back better than before.
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they are learning about how his leadership gave their generation a fighting chance. they are learning about us, too, about the resolve in unity we showed against the forces of hatred and division, about the work we will do over the next 11 the night when, despite our distance, we came together to nominate joe biden for president of the united states, a nomination i am honored to second. >> thank you all. pursuant to our convention rules, we will now proceed to a rollcall by states on the selection of our party's candidate for president of the united states. secretary? >> mr. chairman, coming to you live from the wisconsin center, it is time to begin our virtual .rip around america
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our journey begins at the sight of a major step forward in our national journey towards justice. let's go to alabama. >> john lewis marched across this bridge in 1965 to demand the right to vote. a lifetime later, civil rights and voting rights remain america's great unfinished business. for those who walked this path before us, they showed us the way forward. if we want to honor john lewis' incredible life, let's restore the voting rights act and ensure our democracy belongs to all americans. alabama casts eight votes for bernie sanders and the great state of alabama casts 52 votes for our next president of these united states, joe biden. >> alaska. on to feedgs we rely
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our families are threatened by climate change. joe biden and president obama made sure alaska's tribes had a say on how the waters were managed. donald trump took it away. we need a president who will respect our voices, protect our waters and address climate change. alaska casts seven votes for bernie sanders and 12 votes for the next president, joe biden. >> american samoa. to support joe biden our community. as vice president he helped expand rural infrastructure to communities like ours. as president, he will continue to strengthen rural america from new england to the pacific. ,> on behalf of the governor and the american samoa democratic party, we proudly cast 11 votes for our next president of the united states .f america, joe biden
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>> arizona. >> as a middle school teacher i know public educators are doing everything they can to make sure our students have quality learning experiences this fall. as a mother of a high school freshman, i know this is far from perfect. as a union organizer, i will fight to make sure it is scientists, parents and educators that decide when it is safe to go back to school, not politicians. as an arizona latina, i probably cast our votes, 29 for bernie sanders and 51 for our next president, joe biden. >> arkansas. >> feeding people is an act of love and i think we could all use in our -- a little extra love. we took our food truck to the community to deliver meals made right here, for our neighbors in need. even when our leaders let us down, americans kept looking out for each other. arkansas casts nine votes for bernie sanders and 27 votes for our next president, joe biden. >> california. >> climate change is not a hoax. it is real. communities of color have been
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bearing the brunt of this reality for generations. joe biden's plan to crack down on polluters to protect our air and water is about environmental justice and economic justice. >> people prioritize equity and bring clean energy jobs to black and brown neighborhoods because that is how we build back better . our nextrnia, home to vice president kamala harris, casts 231 votes for bernie sanders -- >> and 263 votes for our next president, joe biden. >> colorado. >> we grew up in poverty as immigrants but we have been able to make a decent living. we have three family members that tested positive for covid and it doesn't feel safe to put our kids back to school. this will be hard on them and on us. but millions of working families will have it much harder. i know joe biden cares about the struggles and that is why i trust him to fight for us.
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with one abstention, colorado will cast 36 votes for bernie sanders and 42 for our next president, joe biden. >> connecticut. >> firefighters are proud to put our lives on the line every day to protect our neighbors. it is a badge of courage. while we are protecting your families, we need a president who is committed protecting ours. that is joe biden. he has the courage we respect and the commitment to working americans we need now. on behalf of our governor, i am honored to cast connecticut's 75 votes for our next president, joe biden. >> delaware. passes.are >> delaware passes. democrats abroad. >> we represent millions of americans who live outside the united states. americans abroad can make a difference in the states that will decide this year's elections. we need your help to elect a president who will restore our
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standing around the world. casting 10-- we are votes for bernie sanders and seven votes for joe biden. >> district of columbia. >> welcome to the best city in the world. has raised d.c. families, paid taxes and served in the military, just like every american in the 50 states. the house of representatives just passed an historic piece of legislation to make washington, d.c. the 51st state. plaza,ack lives matter we proudly cast one vote for bernie sanders and 43 votes for the next president of the united states, joe biden. >> florida. >> when my daughter was murdered, joe biden called to share our families grief. i quickly learned about his
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decency and civility, but i also learned about his toughness and how he has beaten the nra. together with the other victims of gun violence and are nathan -- our nation's youth, joe biden will win back our freedom to live without fear. florida casts 57 votes for bernie sanders and 192 votes for our next president, joe biden. >> georgia. >> my mentor, congressman john lewis, new the right to vote is sacred. georgians know our ability to vote is under attack. long lines, voter suppression. donald trump is even trying to slow down the mail and force us to risk our lives to cast a ballot. we will not be silenced. take out your phone and text vote to 303 30 and make sure your voice is heard. from the cradle of the civil rights movement and in the spirit of good trouble, georgia casts 117 votes for our next president, joe biden.
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>> guam. >> 70 years ago, we became u.s. citizens. we are proud of our resilience, our indigenous heritage, and proud to be part of this historic moment for our party and our nation. the land where america's day begins, guam casts two votes for bernie sanders and 11 votes for our next president, joe biden. >> hawaii. land ofi is the indigenous native hawaiians. i want to speak to my fellow immigrants, to essential workers, to servicemembers who wear the flag, to parents with big dreams for their children. no matter where we came from, immigrants belong in our country's fight for justice. we belong in the america we are building together. hawaii, birthplace of president obama, casts nine votes for bernie sanders and 23 votes for our next president, joe biden. >> idaho. >> we are not waiting for washington to act on climate
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change. here in boise, we know clean energy doesn't just mean a healthier planet, it means good paying jobs. imagine what we could do with the president that listens to science and leads with courage. idaho casts nine votes for bernie sanders and 16 for our next president, joe biden. >> illinois. >> this administration denied too many black americans the chance to own a home and build more. joe biden has a plan to end racist lending practices and help more people achieve the american dream of owning a home. community, and more economic security for working families. illinois casts 59 votes for bernie sanders and 122 votes for our next president, joe biden. >> indiana. >> in south bend, we once feared our best days were behind us. then we reimagined our economy with new jobs and even new
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industries. the hoosier state is ready to lead america's recovery with our diverse communities, our talented workers, and our best in the world agriculture. joe biden's plan gives us a blueprint to revitalize industrial cities and rural areas alike. 86 votes for the next president, joe biden. >> iowa. >> we were going to talk about biofuels, but the powerful storm that swept through last week has taken a terrible toll on our farmers, small businesses and families were still without power. >> while we have the honor of casting i was votes, 11 for bernie sanders and 38 for joe to keepe want to ask you to keep islands in your thoughts. >> kansas. >> i am a fourth-generation farmer but i worry about the next generation. many of our young folks are moving from rural communities to find jobs.
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joe biden has a plan to help new farmers get a good start, and by care, he will make sure rural communities remain great places to live, for, and raise a family generations to come. kansas proudly cast 10 votes for bernie sanders and 35 votes for our next president, joe biden. >> kentucky. >> one day when i was 14, my mom woke up calling 911 -- my mom wouldn't wake up. i called 911 and i was scared because we couldn't afford the bill. thank god she survived. obama got busy passing obama care. two years ago when mom had a heart attack, we only had to worry about her getting better because joe kept his promise. the commonwealth of kentucky casts 60 votes for the next
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president, joe biden. >> louisiana. >> this used to be an abandoned building. now it is a thriving art studio, a community hub, a place where independent artists can make their name and parents can bring their kids during these difficult days of remote learning. >> our cities are strong because our people make them strong. and our economy will come back because our small businesses will bring it back. >> louisiana casts all 60 of our votes for my friend and the next president, joe biden. >> maine. >> my american dream, i am living it. a 25 acre organic farm on a lake , a farm stand in the bed and breakfast. my husband and i aren't corporate tycoons, we just want to make an honest living. small businesses like ours are the backbone of rural economies. joe biden has a plan to help more americans, especially people of color, start businesses. main casts nine votes for bernie
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sanders and 22 votes for our next president, joe biden. >> maryland. >> black lives matter and when it comes to racial justice black opportunity matters. >> joe biden won't leave anyone behind. his plan will help black entrepreneurs. >> or funding for schools. >> paying every worker a fair wage. >> that is building back better. >> maryland casts one vote for bernie sanders and 119 votes for our next president, joe biden. >> massachusetts. >> we need a plan to get the economy going again. joe biden will get the pandemic under control, create new jobs in manufacturing and clean energy, help small businesses and our restaurants recover, and economyck better so our is stronger and fairer than it was before. massachusetts casts 30 votes for bernie sanders and 83 votes for our next president, joe biden.
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>> michigan. >> michigan auto workers of the best in the world. we would be nowhere without joe biden and a lot of folks wanted to let detroit go bankrupt but joe biden believed in us and together, we fought to save our auto industry. a now he has a plan to create million new auto jobs by investing in clean energy. he believes in american workers. he has our back and we have his. >> message again -- michigan casts 92 votes for our next president, joe biden. >> minnesota. >> i am in minnesota, the home of the headwaters of the mississippi river. we know a bridge shouldn't fall down in the middle of america, but it did and we came together to rebuild it. that is what we do in america. that is what joe biden will do as president. he will build back better. he will cross the river of our divide and unite this country from our city's tower suburbs to our rural areas.
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now, we will virtually cross the paul mississippi to st. as the 40 mayor, i am proud to cast our vote for bernie sanders and for our next u.s. president, jill biden. >> mississippi. >> we reflect the people. contributing to mississippi and the world, our alumni are leaders like congressman thompson. joe biden once to invest $17 billion. imagine what impact that could have. imagine what impact it could have on america. recast to get votes for our next president, jill biden. >> as a member of the lovenational union, i
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walking around the city and seeing the contribution that my brothers and sisters have need. we stand ready to be our nation's infrastructure. we will create millions of new jobs, building back better. cast 50 votes for our next president, jill biden. my parent'sme to senior ranch. without reliable internet, there is no remote learning. real game changer. joe biden has a plan to make it happen. >> nebraska. >> i work at a meet packing plant. we get treated like we are
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expendable. workers are dying from covid. a lot of us do not have quality protective equipment. we are not disposable. we want to keep hoping that you will feed our family, but need a president who will have our back. >> working people on the back bone to our recovery. jill biden knows that it is not enough to praise them. wage andse the minimum empower workers to work for better benefit and safer work laces. make it easier to pay for health care. cast 25 votes for our next date, jill biden. >> me trust joe biden. he will abide the leadership necessary to bring us back from the pandemic.
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joe will restore honesty, decency and the white house. will unite all americans and build a better future for us all. 24 delegates to the next president of the u.s., jill biden. >> we have been hit hard covid, but we are coming back, but we have to be smart. we had to have a president who has a plan. a memory of all we lost, in solidarity with all those who are sick or struggling, in eternal gratitude for front-line workers, new jersey cast 139 votes for the next president of the u.s., jill biden. >> -- joe biden. >> i am coming to you on the homeland of my.
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state.ico is a diverse we have a rich multicultural history. we believe that we only to the next generation to protect the cultural resources that are there inheriting. respect tribal sovereignty. we cast 42 votes for the next president of the usa, jill biden. >> i am proud to be part of america's fight against covid-19 , but many health care workers do not get paid health care -- sick leave or have enough equipment. i have a mother who is high risk.
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i worry every day about bringing this virus home to them. joe biden will help to take care of your loved one. cast new york's vote, 34 votes for bernie sanders and 277 for our next president, jill biden. it is joe time. >> north carolina. >> black people, especially black lemon are the backbone of this party. if we do not show up, no democrats get elected. we are going all over north carolina to help organize because we need to make sure that everybody shows up for joe biden. he would show up for us. we cast 80 votes for the next president of the u.s., jill
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biden. >> welcome to the homeland. i graduated from the class of four student and i drive three hours just to take the sats, but i knew that college was the latter that could take you anyway. member, as aibal harvard adjuvant, i am proud to cast north dakota's vote. >> hello from paradise. we might be faraway, but we are americans and for the first time in decades, we finally have a democratic sleep because democrats organized everywhere we do not get to vote for president, so please do not
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waste yours. we cast nine votes for our next president, justice writing. thank you. >> it seems like every time working people believe in a donald trump promise, they wind up getting screwed. joe biden has more than a promise. he has a plan to bring jobs back to america. he will create skilled jobs for union workers and the future will be made in america. we cast 134 votes for the next president, joe biden. >> violent devastated a thriving black community. hatred still lives in our nation, but so does resolved.
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nation must turn back the tide of violence, now. oklahoma casts 24 votes for our next president, jill biden. americans standing on native land, we proudly represent oregon. bare. laid >> we went to bridge divides and make sure that everybody had access to quality care. 16 votes forasts bernie sanders. votes joecast 57 biden. >> pennsylvania. >> when joe biden was young, his father sat down on jill's bed
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and told him he lost his job. right now, across america, working families i experience the same fear and uncertainty. joe biden has a plan to build back better. some more parents can tell their kids what his dad said all those use ago. we cast 175 votes for the next president of the u.s., scranton's of joe biden. >> [speaking spanish]
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>> rhode island. >> rhode island, the ocean state. our restaurant and fishing industry have been decimated by this pandemic. governorcky to have a who let fishermen sell their catches directly to the public. we cast one vote bernie sanders and 34 votes for the next president, joe biden. >> south carolina. >> i am jamie harrison. speaking for the campus of south carolina state university. and for whom the honors college is name.
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22 general officers to our service. 15 for bernie sanders and 49 for our next president of the u.s., joe biden. >> south dakota. of the tribe, i welcome you to the black hills, the site of my creations and the great sioux nation. we are all related. our next president must lead by this philosophy for the betterment of the next seven generations. we cast 17 votes for our next, jill biden. -- joe biden.
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>> tennessee became the 36th and deciding state to ratify the 19th amendment, granting women the right to vote. this year, i am testing my first presidential vote for joe biden. we will replace donald trump with a president who respects us tennessee casts 50 votes for our josephesident, mr. biden. ago, we were targeted by an arsonist and it devastated all of us. in the face of he, we choose love. in the face of continued gun violence in america, we demand change. the time,.
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nextst 161 vote for our president, joe biden. had mail-inwe have voting for years. he automatically get sent a ballot. it is fast. we had turn out well over 80%. this year, we are expecting even higher. mail-in voting strengthens our democracy. utah cost 17 votes for bernie .anders >> the state of vermont strongly believing an economic justice, social justice, racial justice and environmental justice, probably. imminently opposed to
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authoritarianism is proud to cast 15 votes for vermont senator bernie sanders and nine votes for joe biden. recognition, i will .edicate [indiscernible] mites and beaches and friendly people. >> virginia. >> charlottesville, virginia was attacked by whites assist and a young woman was killed. we were attacked again when donald trump praised those races , turning his back on a community that just wanted. that is when joe biden decided
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to join the battle. soul.e come to know his he will bring this nation together. for our president, joe biden. >> as a refugee from, i knew that education was the key. when having children of my own, . became an advocate in educationest because we are committed to fighting for all kids. president, our next joe biden.
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changedvirginians have the narrative. parents, teachers and personnel have worked together. sufficient funding for classroom equipment and fair wages for teachers and school service personnel. fighting to guarantee a quality education for all children and a president who will fight alongside as. we cast ready for votes for next president, joe biden. >> after our son's death, jill biden helped-- joe to pass legislation. we see in him so much of what needed matt's life so special. his passion for social justice and his compassion for others. casts 11 votes for
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the next president of the u.s., jill biden -- joe biden. >> welcome back to wisconsin. it is a place where i was born and raised. this is a community that has been faced with significant challenges but what many do not relys the opportunity that on this community. ,e are hard-working people fighting to provide for our families. we know that we build a better future by channeling wisconsin's legacy as the progressive movement and uniting around agenda that uplifts every community. one that recognizes health care is a human right and taking on racial and economic injustice. votes for thes 67
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next president of the usa, joseph biden. >> delaware. >> long before this train station for his name, see joe biden appear. it has always been his north star. working people who struggle and sacrifice to build a better life. no one has ever had to wonder who joe is and it for. for 40ve known joe years. humble,more, she is tells the truth and treats everyone with respect. he is a leader made for this moment and the finest public servant i have ever known. vote.are proud cast our joe biden.
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♪ [applause]
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>> thank you to all of our delegations. i am pleased to announce that vice president joe biden has officially been nominated by the democratic party for our candidate for president of the usa. he is now invited to deliver an acceptance speech. much.nk you very from the bottom of my heart, thank you all. it means the world to me and my family. i will see you on thursday. thank you, thank you, thank you. [applause]


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