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Nancy Pelosi
  Campaign 2020 Democratic News Briefing on Republican National Convention  CSPAN  August 26, 2020 7:55pm-8:31pm EDT

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continues tonight at 8:30 eastern with vice resident mike pence, karen pence, and counselor to president trump kellyanne conway. listen on on c-span, the c-span radio app, live .treaming on our newsletter offers a synopsis of the day's event sign up at >> us speaker nancy pelosi and senate minority leader chuck schumer host a video rest conference for the democratic national committee. they spoke about the republican convention and its message to voters. this is half an hour. >> four years ago, donald trump said, i alone can fix it. this year he is ignoring challenges facing working families. there are threats of a dark future if trump is not reelected, imaginary
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accomplishments, and lies about joe biden that have been disproven and debug. -- debunked. unoriginal yet thoroughly unsurprising. as far as this press conference goes, the best is yet to come. i will turn it over to nancy pelosi. you forpelosi: thank hosting us on this important subject, the health and well-being of american families. the chaos presidency of donald crisisas brought further to american families in the midst of a pandemic. brought forth for calling it a hoax, the denial, the delays, the distortion, has resulted in what you just referenced. 180,000 people have died in our country. and millions and millions have been infected.
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been 104 days or something like that since we and mitcheroes act, mcconnell said we should pause. the virus didn't pause. hardship didn't pause. since then, the number of people who died has doubled, and the number infected has increased by nearly 4 million people. this is tragic. but instead of the president and the the virus, chaos he brought with his ridiculous claims and delays in denial, instead of trying to crush the virus, he is trying to crush the affordable care act, in the tradition of republicans in congress who more than 60 times tied appeal or undermine the affordable care act. this president is trying to crush it in the courts. november 10 will be the day we
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put forth oral arguments to fight his effort to crush the affordable care act. is the affordable care act, 20 million more people have access to affordable health care and over 50 million families have essential benefits and reason -- benefits increased, among them the essential pre-existing condition benefit. is president is saying he going to protect pre-existing conditions. he is not is crushing it. this makes all the difference in the world to 130 million families in our country who have someone with a existing condition. a child warned with a pre-existing condition has it for life. people with disabilities defend on that benefit -- depend on that benefit. they also depend on medicaid, was the president is trying to undermine as he is not encouraging states to expand medicaid.
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in fact, he was to eliminate the affordable care act has done expand medicaid and medicare as well. but in terms of medicaid, this is essential to 55 million families with people with disabilities in them. many of them are our veterans. so medicaid is. dentist essential to the affordable care act -- so medicaid is essential to the affordable care act. on day one of our majority, our freshman last went down there and forth a resolution that we are going to this in court and we are indeed doing that. , purplea sad note today and white for suffragettes, an important issue for women. martin luther king said, of all the inequalities, the one that is horrible and inhumane was the
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inequality and health care, because people could die. obamas why president and -- president obama and vice leadership let's us to pass the affordable care act. president biden and vice president harris will be expanding in strength neighing and- expanding strengthening it. lost twougust 25, we of our heroes. ted kennedy, not only an inspiration but also a leader in establishing the affordable care act, he died 11 years ago yesterday. two years ago yesterday, john away, a hero in saving the affordable air act. -- affordable care act. so people have acted with liens and courage for the good of the american people. the president is acting with
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chaos, catering to pharma, catering to insurance companies and not telling the truth about it. he is about chaos. we are about science. science, science, science instead of the resident -- the 's mumbling about different cures that he knows nothing about. it is chaos and how to ease treating the affordable care act. it is chaos how he is treating fda, instead- the of science dominating the approval process, politics is doing so. i am pleased to be fighting for the affordable care act end expanding access to quality, affordable care act all americans. senator chuck schumer. schumer: thank you, speaker and thank you to the biden campaign and dnc for
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holding this call. . republicant and one that you mentioned, essential in expanding health care. john mccain was essential in the republican senate right to undo it, to helping us stop it. let's not forget them. they are great donald trump made his name in reality tv. but at the republican national convention this week, the republican campaign is producing surreality tv. the u.s. leads the world in coronavirus so far, close to 180,000 have died so far. every one of them, leaving families and friends with open hearts. and republicans pretend donald trump has a handle on the virus, spending their convention trying to papier-mache over reality to cover up the fact donald trump has failed to contain covid-19.
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let's be clear. theident trump ignored advice of experts, downplayed the virus and refused to take swift action to contain the spread. just other western country about, every other asian country and developed country has done a far better job than us, but they had leadership and we didn't. we had chaos. as a result, the trump administration response to covid teen has been an international hasrrassment -- to covid-19 been an international embarrassment. we are experiencing the greatest health crisis this country has seen in over 100 years. the truth is that ever since donald trump has become president, he has been relentless in attacking americans' health care. act, aordable care lifeline to millions, especially during this pandemic, and trump and the republicans in congress right now, they go home and do commercials how they want to protect the existing conditions yett they are suing, -- and
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they are suing, they are suing right now in court to gut the aca and eliminate protections for people with the existing condition. people could be denied coverage when they need it most and covid-19, resulting in more chaos in these challenging times. you won't hear any mention of the lawsuit at the republican convention, no. president trump actually started monday saying he would defend protections for americans with the existing conditions. he actively said that while the administration is in court right now suing to take away these protections. you can't this stuff up. surreality. that is what it is. dishonesty. lying. for this and so many reasons, we need to elect joe biden and kamala harris. the american people cannot
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afford four more years of this dangerous and chaotic leadership. one more point. the trump administration's health care sabotage and weekend inadequate coronavirus response -- weak and inadequate coronavirus response, and no one is more guilty than the senate mitchty leader, mcconnell. senate republicans have refused over and over again to protect american health care, to address the coronavirus. house-past bills that mcconnell and senate republicans refused to even bring up a vote, 80% of which have bipartisan support under the speaker's leadership in the house and many that would strengthen health care for millions of families. america, we can do better than this. this november, americans have a chance to elect a binding and
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kamala harris. they have a chance to send it, -- to send mitch mcconnell packing and secure democratic leadership in the senate. americans are ready and waiting for leaders who will fight to ensure more americans of quality, affordable health care. we need to build the country back at her, we need to strengthen health care coverage and we need a comprehensive approach to this global pandemic. we need to elect joe biden and kamala harris. >> thank you, leader schumer. we have time for questions. if in the apt is raise your hand. your box right now from the war room, you have a fact sheet about the health care crisis and going through the terrible thing for trump administration has done to mass -- done to mess with the health care of
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americans. we start with, christopher. with tommy christopher. my question is, i want to know if you are open to her planning oversight investigations on potential hatch act violations occurring at the rnc. and also on the issue of the cdc testing guidelines and whether there was political pressure put on it to reduce the number of cases reported. speaker pelosi: the cdc forthines they put are scary and dangerous and sad entry and worse is the lack of attention and understanding that we have t.
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scientists have told us over and over again over the past month that we must be testing more, that we should be testing 3 million people a day. the administration has resisted that. the president has said testing was overrated. i think he is talking about himself every time he says something like that, it is like a projection of himself overrated. and in conversations with his staff, they are wondering why we should do tracing. isolating,acing, mass wearing, sanitation. it is what scientists tell us is necessary to stop the growth of the flow of this virus and help eliminate it. cdcow, they are having the -- shame on them, shame on the commissioner of the fda the other day for his
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, this alwaystion being politicized and we will be investigating. the energy and commerce committee is looking into this and our select committee on the coronavirus crisis will be looking into this. this is what other countries done andnd -- have have had success. you have success science. you have crisis from chaos, and that is what the president is about. these peoplepart, are so unethical, whether it is legal, illegal, we think it is. the state department got a warning that they should not be engaged in politics, and then he himself was engaged in it. but the american people know these people aren't ethical and are illegal for doing's outside rings outsideng
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the law -- doing things outside the law. they want us to tell them how we are going to take our country in a forward direction, more jobs, lower health-care costs, bigger paychecks and cleaner government as we attacked our planet, which they are in denial, another example of their anti-science. the committees will decide on -- to go over don penn ao decide on how to go over with pompeo. they have been in violation on many scores. this is pathetic, but nonetheless, no surprise that there unethical behavior there. cdc, this has to
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be resisted. because this is just ignoring letting the virus have its way with our people. it must be addressed. cds -- i don't know if speaker schumer has anything to say. schumer: donald trump is lying about eggs and making it worse. he called it a hoax. he said when it gets warm, it will go away. it didn't go away. it isn't that he just lies, he doesn't do anything to write it because he lives in his own little dream and thinks that by the fact and misstating the it, that lying about that would be the truth. how many people are
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hospitalized, how many people are dying, by trying to understate those fact? -- facts? he will make things worse. or people will die. more people will get sick. economy will stay in bad shape longer if -- longer as long as they are denying the truth. but trump has this thing in his brain where it will come true if he says it is true. this is what we can expect in a second from administration, which praise god and i believe will not happen. all the rules, norms, values that have a discount rate, trump has destroyed. he only cares about himself. the rules are that you shouldn't be at the white house and give a speech at a convention donald trump says, i want to do it so they do it. that is nothing to compare to things they might do if they get a second term. america, watch out convention
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was just an example of the destruction of the values, norms, honor and honesty in fact-based nature of this look that has made public rate, that undoes every o day. >> can we go to sarah from cnn? >> i have a question about kenosha, but it can be applied or broadly. the unrest and riots are issued the trump campaign is capitalizing on with a law & law and order message. i know biden has addressed it, but i'm curious of the vice
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resident is going to address this issue going forward. and do you believe this is a messaging were that you need to win? >> i can address that and then speaker losey or leader schumer. resident, you saw vice biden call -- vice president biden call for transparent and an immediate investigation into the shooting. he said the seven shots sunday night pierced the soul of the nation. he has said before that protesting such talent is right and necessary. i believe he said after the george floyd order that it was an dr. lee american -- that it utterly american response, but he says that there is no point in burning buildings. he will be out front on this
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issue and will address systemic racism and inequity in a way this president has not done this president has completely failed to lead on. you will absolutely see more from us on that. : i thinkelosi president biden and vice president harris will be leaders who will calm the waters. what we saw in kenosha rakes your heart, it does pierce the soul, as he said. the encouragement of the president, the acquiescence if not more than that that he gives to vigilantes for coming in and making matters worse in this situation is something the president should be quelling rather than encouraging. it was beautiful to hear misses mom. speak, his she said, this isn't what we are
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about. we are not about riots and destroying property. that is not the statement we want. and i felt she spoke from the about this, about her family and their loss and hopefully, science will advance and he will be able to walk. spoke for most people in our country. we all respect peaceful demonstrations. we don't want them to be exploited by outside groups, be they vigilantes and the rest, to stir it on. we an hour country have enough for those who have lost their lives or their ability to walk away or whatever it is that we want everybody to be about the
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speak out on it don't want it to be used for a purpose that is counter productive. president trump is asking his supporters, who seem to accept a most anything is asking him to choose him over their children and over their families, the health and well-being of their families, especially now as it comes to going back to school. he wants to give resources largely to schools that will actually open, as opposed to those that are judging that it is the interest of safety of children not to go down that path. so he is saying to them, it is donald trump or your children. think about it. schumer: a broader
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point. our convention showed unity, ringing put together, ending divisiveness and coming together for a common purpose, health care, opening schools, so many things. there convention is showing disunity and divisive this -- and divisiveness. the american people want unity and want someone to bring us together, not someone who will try to tear us apart. that message will be strong and resonate well in november, and afterwards with president biden and vice president harris. >> thank you. today."from "usa since vice president pence is the top speaker tonight, how does he fit into the indictment
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you are making? pelosi: what we are learning about vice president is that he pulled his punch on the fight against the virus. anticipationw in and in reacting to what was happening in terms of the spread. don't know what, a figure in the background. i don't think he ever emerged until tonight. but the fact is, there is nothing for him to be proud of in terms of his role in fighting this virus. there is evidence to support the and that he was very slow pulled his punch when he should be leading with it. he is part of the indictment on the coronavirus. i don't know what role he played
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in the health-care debate, but he certainly is an accomplice to the president's assault on the affordable care act. i talked about ted kennedy and john mccain, coincidentally dying on the same date, not the same year, but the same date. i mentioned that because it was about bipartisanship, what mr. schumer was talking about, bringing people together. we have differences even within our own parties, we respect other points of u.n. does we forward, that is what joe biden points of and as we go forward, that is what joe biden knows, listening to the concerns of the american people and having a path that is sustainable to address them, whether it is about job security, health security, securing the planet, how do that
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in a bipartisan way, the way ted kennedy and john mccain in their and saved theed affordable care act. schumer: the vice president is the head of the coronavirus task. -- task force. i wouldn't be proud of that if i were him. look at how poorly we have done. it is a severe indictment of him that will be a stain on his record forever, no matter what he does. and statesjust lies things to the detriment of the country, pence is quiet as a little mouse. that is another indictment of him. a real leader would have first going to the president to say, you can't say these mistruths end if you keep saying them, for the good of the country, i'm going to have to contradict you.
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he hasn't done that. he has shown no leadership erie he has been a total acolyte -- no leadership. he has been a total acolyte of president trump's misdeeds and rightly, lying. >> thank you, everyone, for joining us today. tomorrow, our final call of the week be at 11:00 a.m. with mayor pete buttigieg. have a great day. ♪ >> you are watching c-span, your unfiltered view of government created by american cable television companies as a public service and brought to you today by your television provider. ♪ our campaign 2020 coverage continues. c-span. your unfiltered view of politics. >> night three of the republican national convention, the theme,
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america land of heroes. we have seen white house locations as a backdrop for the president and first lady. this evening, vice president mike pence will accept his nomination at fort mchenry located at locust point in troopsre, where u.s. fought the british and the war of 1812, inspiring francis scott key to write "the star-spangled banner." other speakers include his wife south kellyanne conway, dakota governor kristi noem and representative elise stefanik of new york. a reporter. from "the washington post" what will you be looking for? >> i'm going to be looking for the absence of topics we are
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seeing dominate the news media. from the hurricane that is about to hit texas and louisiana , hurricane laura, and everything going on in wisconsin. republicans have called black lives that are a hate group, as president from tweeted. i am curious to see how republicans are going to a coach this topic, if they are going to ignore it, if they are going to maintain that all lives at her, i talking point they have driven home trying to describe democrats as beholden to anarchists,t-wing and whether they will mention the seven teen-year-old right wing gunmen shot protesters, claiming he is part of a vigilante militia and prolonged
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and developing news, a trump's order -- a trump supporter. aire is a lot up in the right now without the rnc hundred applicants are going to coach this. holding is not on their side at the moment -- polling is not on their side at the moment. the majority of americans are in racing this moment to support black lives matter. are republicans going to say they are against this? or are they going to break with talking points and acknowledge the courage we are seeing people like the milwaukee s, and the protesters out there in the wake of the police brutality. >> the nba canceled layoff games
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tonight. we have seen demonstrations in kenosha. federal agents will be going into wisconsin, including national guard. you mentioned the storm. this headline from open boat the beaumont express," the mayor saying, if you stay, it is between you and god very powerful storm. and it comes on the night of the convention. >> and it comes at the confluence of another disaster right now, the coronavirus pin. -- pandemic. we've seen the last two nights as revisionist history with the resident or trade as a savior in handling a pandemic that is claimed the lives of 180,000 americans. americans are vulnerable right now and have lost their jobs in many or to evacuate the areas
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that are threatened in louisiana and texas. all that this makes for potentially more extreme tragedy, if that is even possible. strategy thisalk morning, you wrote regarding the trump, kim tiffany reynolds, all addressing the bring and they hope to the female voter including white suburban women and those without college degrees back into the fold. how did they do last night at what you expect tonight with dr. that key voting lot -- with regard to that key voting block? >> on a superficial level, last night went well for republicans. on a fact-check and level, there were numerous exaggeration hyperbole. how theked about president is empathetic to
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americans. they lined up a slate of prominent women who were for the president or are related to the resident to vouch for him. the first lady vouched for his character, took bridge the empathy gap and the character chasm we are seeing right now. joe biden leads donald trump among women by nymphet kit margin. to theuburban women is president is hemorrhaging with right now and who previously one in 2016, and they haven't really rate up there my. the convention was a reset with them to convey a message of vapid the and swing them into the rt and prevent them from so working joe biden. steve: tonight is a night for the vice president, not only for his reelection clearly with his
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eyes on 2024. >> we expect the vice president to talk about the economic recovery of the u.s. and how his administration has been responsible for a successful response to the coronavirus. but there is that risk of being tone deaf to the current breaking news before our eyes, the unrest in wisconsin in .esponse police brutality attention and caused mlsmba -- the nba, mlb and to put sports on hold and protest of police and systemic racism and inequality. what we heard this morning and going into the day, and tonight, is that the vice president will
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tout the administration's response to the novel coronavirus but again, hasn't been approved of by a majority of american people and has killed over 170,000 americans. steve: we will look for your work at our live coverage of day three of the republican national convention. >> men and women of remarkable character and fortitude. fueledaordinary spirit the dreams they held. that spirit lived on to win liberty in the revolution, and bold and the underground railroads, strengthened the brave souls of normandy, it endured with those who gallantly fought the spread of communism, and on 9/11, that same spirit was found in the men and women storming the gates to save precious lives.