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tv   Campaign 2020 Joe Biden Remarks on the August 2020 Jobs Report  CSPAN  September 6, 2020 1:20pm-2:07pm EDT

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>> tuesday, a campaign event with president trump at the winston-salem, north carolina airport. live coverage begins at 7:00 p.m. eastern on c-span. [captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2020] [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] joe biden spoke in wilmington, delaware about the august jobs report released by the labor department. he also criticized the president for comments he reportedly made about u.s. troops. mr. biden: good afternoon, folks. sorry i am a little late. i was mesmerized.
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i was walking out of the office, listening to an interview of former general mccaffrey and the -- bill cohen, former secretary of defense. before i begin, i want to speak a little bit to what they talked about and the revelations of president trump's disregard of our military and veterans. quite frankly, if what is written in "the atlantic" is true, it is disgusting and it affirms what we believe to be -- what most of us believe to be true. president trump is not fit to be the commander-in-chief. the president reportedly said -- and i emphasize reportedly said -- that those who signed up to serve, instead of doing something more lucrative, are suckers. let me be real clear.
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when my son was an assistant u.s. attorney and volunteered to go to kosovo while the war was going on, as a civilian, he was not a sucker. when my son volunteered to join the united states military as the attorney general and went to iraq for a year and won the bronze star and other commendations, he was not a sucker. the servicemen and women he served with, particularly those who did not come home, were not losers. if these statements are true, the president should humbly apologize to every goldstar mother and father, every blue star family that he has denigrated and insulted. who the heck does he think he is? is it true? well, we have heard from his own mouth his characterizations of
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john mccain as a loser in 2015. donald trump says he was not a war hero. "i like people who were not captured." well, good for him. and the dismissal of the traumatic brain injuries suffered by the troops serving in iraq, as mere headaches not too long ago. he stood by, failing, failing to take action or even raise the issue with vladimir putin while the kremlin puts bounties on the heads of american troops in afghanistan. it is a sacred duty, and you're tired of hearing me saying this, those of you who have been covering me for years no -- know. i get in trouble for saying it, but i'll say it again. we have many obligations, but we have only one sacred obligation. equip and support those who we send into harm's way, care for
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their families while they are gone, and care for them when they are home. that is the only truly sacred obligation a government has. duty. honor. country. these are values that drive our service members. it is an all-voluntary outfit. president trump has demonstrated that he has no sense of service. no loyalty to any cause other than himself. if i have the honor of being the next commander-in-chief, i will ensure that our american heroes know i will have their backs, honor their sacrifice, and those who have been injured will be in military parades.
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i am always cautioned not to lose my temper. this may be as close as i come in this campaign. it is just a marker of how deeply president trump and i disagree about the role of the president of the united states of america. you know, the august jobs report came out this morning. i'm grateful for everyone who found work again and found a , of hope that rings them back from the edge. but there is real cause for concern as well. the pace of the job gains in august were slower than in july,
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and significantly slower than in may and june. more and more temporary layoffs are turning into permanent layoffs. 28 million people have filed for unemployment and after six months in the pandemic, we are less than halfway back to where we were, with 11 million -- 11.5 million americans not getting their jobs back. we are still down 720,000 manufacturing jobs. in fact, donald trump may be the only president in modern history to leave office with fewer jobs than when he took office. i talked to a lot of real working people. i asked them, do they feel like they are being left behind? i asked how they felt about the economy coming back. you will find that they do not feel it. that is why i am here today, to thank the team for hosting us
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here at wilmington. all of your continued tradition of doing god's work in this community is important. it has been around for more than 130 years, through pandemics, wars, depressions. westend has been here for generations of people who are just looking for a chance, not a handout. shot at a good job, a safe place to live, and a better life to pass down to their kids. this is a special place for the biden family. my daughter ashley, a social worker, was a caseworker here. helping young people who were aging out of foster care. when my son was the attorney general, beau came right here to learn more about job training programs for those working toward a ged or certificate for good paying jobs. when i was senator and vice president, there were plenty of
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economists i had around me to talk about every aspect of the economy, but i always thought about the people who walked through the doors here. working people. white, black, brown, latino. what are they doing? are they ok? i knew if they were ok when they were walking through these doors, the economy was doing ok. if they were not ok, we were not doing well. that is what we should be thinking about. this latest job report. but the report reinforces the worst fears and painful truths. the economic inequities that began before the downturn have only worsened under this failed presidency. when the crisis started, we all hoped for a few months of a shutdown would be followed by rapid economic turnaround. no one thought they would lose a job for good or see small businesses shut down en masse. but that kind of recovery requires leadership. leadership we did not have and
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still don't have. as a result, economists are starting to call this recession a k-shaped recession, which is a fancy phrase for what is wrong with everything about trump's presidency. the "k" means those at the top -- the top are seeing things go up. and those in the middle and the lower end see things go down and getting worse. the root of this is the fact that trump has mismanaged the covid crisis, and that is why it is a k-shaped pandemic. first, the president's chaotic mismanagement of the pandemic is still holding us back, compared to other countries in europe and asia. during the pandemic, our unemployment rate is still more nationsble, while other have only gone up by why? half. because the president has botched the covid response. botched it badly.
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i've said from the beginning, we can't deal with an economic crisis until you beat the pandemic. you can't have an economic comeback when almost 1000 americans die each day from covid. when the death toll was reached about 200,000. when more than 6 million americans have been infected. when millions more worry about getting sick and dying. as schools and businesses try to reopen. we all know it didn't have to be this bad. it didn't have to be this bad to begin with if the president just did his job. if he just took the virus seriously early on as it spread around the globe, if he just took the steps when needed back in march and april to do -- to institute widespread testing and tracing to control provided clearou scientific guidance to state and
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local authorities, giphy just set a good example, like social distancing and wearing a mask -- it's not too much to ask. it's almost like he doesn't care, it doesn't affect him, because it doesn't affect him or his class of friends. anyone with a big enough check book can get rapid tests on demand. if you don't, you might have to wait in line for hours and wait for weeks to get your result, if you get them at all. if you have the kind of job where you can work from a laptop at home remotely, risking getting covid is very small work. this job reports shows that 37 million people reported teleworking in august. but if you work at an assembly line or checkout counter, plant, or you drive a truck or deliver packages, there are much bigger risks. the jobs report shows more than 27 million workers reported that they could not work or lost hours because their employer had
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to close or lost business during the pandemic. if you can hire a private tutor or have a live-in childcare, you can balance being a parent and remote schooling. if you can't, you have to do your job and be a teacher all at once. jill and i have held briefings on reopening schools safely two days ago. asking the questions that parents call on us, educators as well, who feel like they are in an impossible situation. what are they supposed to do with our children when the president has made it so hard for schools to reopen safely? what is the alternative when it is devastating to keep them isolated from their friends and their support systems? i also said earlier this week, to the shock of many, we lost
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more cops this year to covid than on patrol. just a reminder of how an already dangerous job, law enforcement, has gotten more dangerous because of trump's mismanagement. what may be just as shocking as many other jobs also become dangerous due to covid. being a health care worker is now more dangerous than ever. we have lost hundreds of them this year, because they were not protected from covid on the job. being a meatpacker is more dangerous than ever. so many have died due to getting covid at work. work for waitresses, waiters, and transit workers all have become more dangerous, with so many dying of covid. ladies and gentlemen, no matter what he says or what he claims, you are not safer in donald trump's america. you are not safe in donald trump's america, where people are dying at a rate last seen when americans were fighting in
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world war ii. donald trump's malpractice during this pandemic has made being a working american life or death work. and while there is a disproportionate impact on black, latino, and native americans, white working-class communities are being hit hard as well. opiod deaths are up during the pandemic. another crisis that trump continues to all but ignore. in the meantime, trump and his friends have strong views about what the rest of america should do. "cut unemployment benefits to force people to go back to their jobs." "defund social security and the -- and eliminate obamacare in the middle of a pandemic." "reopen public schools without resources or guidance." "reopen main street businesses
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without protection for workers so corporations can continue to soar." this is their plan. secondly, the economic pain remains unrelenting to millions of working people of every race and background are not getting the relief they need. meanwhile, the wealthy are doing just fine. some better than ever. this divergence of forces is unique to any recession in recent memory. the painful truth is, we just have a president who just does not see it. he does not feel it. he does not understand. he just doesn't care. he thinks if the stock market is up that everything is fine. if his wealthy friends and donors are doing well, and everything is doing well. if corporations see their valuations rising, then they must be hiring.
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but the best economists know when i know. i have learned growing up in scranton and delaware, places where folks are not invested in the market like wealthy americans. a measure of our economic success is the quality of life of the american people. and if your stock sores, families teeter on the brink of homelessness, and the president called that success, what does that say about what he values? when you see the world as such a narrow prism, it's no wonder he doesn't see nearly 30 million americans on unemployment, one in six small businesses that are closed right now. he doesn't understand what life is like for people walking by their boarded-up shops. educators afraid of doing their
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job, the job they love, will bring the virus home to the people they love. it's no wonder he doesn't see the single mom forced to wait in a three-hour food line. so, for the first time in her life, so she can feed her family because she is not part of the one in six households with children that don't have enough to eat. he wants us to believe we are doing better. to keep it up and not notice that this remains the worst economic situation is the great -- situation since the great depression. faces historic divergence in our way of life. which gets me to my third and final point, and what the american people really need to understand. all pain and suffering stems from president trump's failure to lead. his sheer inability and unwillingness to bring people together. he likes to sign executive
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orders, actions for photo ops, but they are ill-conceived and can do more harm than good. he says, "protecting renters from eviction," that's what he's doing, but he is not giving them any support to pay the rent when it comes due. millions of americans will be left with the terrible choice between eviction and living in the streets, or paying back rent they simply do not have. when there was an answer offered and rejected. he says he is continuing to provide enhanced unemployment insurance payments, but he cut the amount everyone on it received, which leaves them on the edge when it runs out in a few weeks or sooner. he should be doing his job of calling congressional leaders together immediately to get a deal and deliver real results for the american people. this is the first president in the middle of a crisis i have
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never seen has called congress into the oval office. if i were president, that is what i would do, and i would get it done like previous presidents. rentals, food, unemployment assistance, tens of millions of struggling americans. student loan relief, small business support, aid schools -- aid to schools and state governments that are going bankrupt. as long as a pandemic and the economic catastrophe persists, no one should have their water or power cut off because they cannot afford to pay the bill. bottom line, mr. president, do your job. get off your golf course and out of the sand bunker. call the leaders together in the oval office. sit with them and make a deal. make a deal that delivers for working americans. and eases their anxiety and pain. in july, i laid out my build
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back better plan for an economy that works for everyone. over the next three weeks, i will be laying out the sharp contrast my plan has with the president's non-plan. i will be asking american people three basic questions. who can handle the pandemic? who can keep their promises? and who cares about and will fight for working families? like the people here in west end, throughout this pandemic, they found a way to keep the center open safely and provide for critical services. no one here has been laid off. they adjusted their spaces for social distancing. they started a lending program to help local businesses, hair salons, other small businesses. they continued their childcare services, which is critical for so many working families. by pure courage, heart, and grit, they never give up and they never give in. that is the pursuit of the full promise for america.
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that is the story of the people of this community and this country. that is who we are. give ordinary americans just half a chance, and they never let the country down, they will do extraordinary things. they will never let us down, unlike the current president. and unlike the current president, i won't let you down either. this is what this election is about. helping people unite. get together. and move this country back in the direction that we can be. there's nothing beyond our capacity. nothing. if we just do it together. thank you all. i will now take your questions. i guess, are you calling on people? i don't have a list, so you go ahead and call. >> thank you, sir. this morning, in reference to that article in "the atlantic,"
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thatomments demonstrated president trump's comments are testament to selfishness and that his soul is that of a coward. you have talked about this as a different view of how you see the job as a president. when you hear these remarks, suckers, losers, recoiling from amputees, what does that tell you about president trump's soul and the life he leads? joe biden: i'm going to try to be measured in my response. if it is true -- and based on other things he said, i believe the article is true -- i would ask you all a rhetorical question. how would you feel? how would you feel if you had a kid in afghanistan right now? how would you feel if you lost a son or daughter or husband or wife? how would you feel? for real? i know that it is not your job
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to express that feeling, but you know. you know in your heart, you know in your gut it is deplorable. it's deplorable. as i have said many times and i will say again, these folks are the backbone of america. they are the heart, the soul, the grit. that is what patriotism is about. -- i've just never been as disappointed in my whole career with a leader i have worked with, president or otherwise. because if the article is true -- and it appears to be based on other things he said -- it is
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absolutely damnable. it is a disgrace. >> on a somewhat related topic, what would you say to the supporters of the q-anon, the people who believe in that conspiracy? what they think about america, that there is sex trafficking, conspiracies against president trump? what would you say to president trump for not rejecting the -- that conspiracy and the people who believe in it? joe biden: i've been a big supporter of mental health and recommend that people who believe it, maybe should take advantage of it while it still exists in the affordable care act. it's bizarre. totally bizarre. and now, have you guys found that planeload of people in uniforms and weapons and flying around? have you found them yet? by theody even from --
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way, i respect conservative and liberal points of views in the press. anybody found that plane? what in god's name are we doing? look at how it makes us look around the world. it is mortifying. it is embarrassing. and it is dangerous. it is dangerous. if the president doesn't know better, which he has to know better, then, my lord, we are in more trouble than i ever felt we were. it's bizarre. and, you know, this is a case i have been surprised, pleased, but surprised with folks i have had political arguments with, like the former governor of michigan coming out and endorsing me. they are where i am. that this can't go on.
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this cannot go on. it's a deconstruction of a democratic system. they know it. so, i just -- i will conclude with what you heard me say many times before. the words of a president matter. even a lousy president. it gives succor, it gives encouragement to people who are spouting irrational views that no one has even close to ever presuming or showing ever existed. it is done for a simple reason. from the very beginning, he's understood the only way he can win the first time and this time is if he fundamentally divides the nation. puts the nation -- divides it so
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that we are at each other's throats. that is not who we are. that is not who we are. >> you, sir. -- thank you, sir. >> thank you, mr. vice president. last night, president trump mocked you for wearing a mask, and said this is a sign that you issues." heme "big says this despite knowing according to scientists and public health officials, wearing masks save lives. i wonder if you worry this language that comes from the president of the united states could deter some americans tuning into him to not wear masks? joe biden: i wear this because i am a smart fellow. i listen to scientists. this is not a game.
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life and death. life and death. there are reports that we are going to have maybe as many as 100,000 dead, more by the end of the year. i don't get it. anyway, it is -- hard to respond to something so idiotic. >> have you been tested now for covid-19? joe biden: yes, i have. >> how many times? mr. biden: i have been tested once with a deep test, and i will continue to be testing on a -- tested on a regular basis. >> can i ask quickly about attorney general william barr said on cnn this week that his assessment right now is that china poses the most aggressive threat to u.s. elections, even more than iran or russia. do you believe and is that your
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understanding based on the intelligence briefings you have received? mr. biden: no, it is not consistent with the briefings i have received. he is a lousy enough attorney general, but he is a really bad intelligence officer. >> it's not consistent, because you believe -- mr. biden: because i believe what i've been told. [laughter] and you all know it. you even have facebook taking -- look, it is just there are a lot of countries around the world i think would be happy to see our elections destabilized, but the one who was working the hardest, most consistently, and never has let up is russia. and again, it is unfair to say to you guys, but ask yourself a rhetorical question -- why is he so afraid of vladimir putin? i mean, what is the problem?
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i mean, nothing, nothing. it's almost obsequious. i mean, anyway -- i just want to make it clear, i believe any country that engages in any activity to delegitimize or impact an american election is a direct violation of our sovereignty. and if i am president of the united states, there will be a response. >> thank you. >> sir, it's been a couple of weeks since you announced senator harris as your running mate. we have not seen her out very much, including yesterday in kenosha. why is that, and what role do you see her playing in the final month?
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joe biden: she's been on the road. she is out herself. the role is that just like when barack and i campaigned, we try to cover as much territory as we could. and both of us are out campaigning. she is an incredibly competent candidate. she is doing a great job. there will be times when we are together, but there's a lot of territory to cover. i talked with her almost every day, we work together, and i have great confidence in her. there is nothing about not campaigning together, it is about being able to cover more territory. >> as a second question, do you know when you will have another covid test? do you have any plan? any future testing coming up? mr. biden: they are going to do it on a regular basis, because everyone on my service detail, people who come into the house with me, they are all tested. i'm just, yes, sir, show up, and put my head back when they tell me. >> you don't know when the next one will be? joe biden: i imagine it will be
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sometime this week. i just don't know. it will be a regular basis. >> thank you. >> thank you, sir. let me ask you about another thing the president said last night. he once again suggested to his supporters that they should consider voting twice if they are in one of those states that can allow you to request an absentee ballot. he said fill that out, then go try voting again in person. state officials have said that is a felony, in some cases. just curious what you make of it. mr. biden: it is. it is a felony. it would be a felony here in the state of delaware. times does this president have to suggest things for you all do not just write that he is a fraud. not an opinion. he wanted -- maybe we should
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delay the election? maybe we should, you know, right in ballots that are a single bit of evidence. and i think it is all designed to create so much chaos that no matter what the outcome of the election is, that it is thrown up in the air. that must be his reason, because he says and does things that no other president that i am aware of in american history has ever done. and we all go, "well, there's another ridiculous, illegal, said, when he he says so many of them, it doesn't matter." -- it is just -- it just undermines the legitimacy of our democratic process, and it's dangerous. >> you said today is the
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angriest you have been as a presidential candidate. but you said you are trying to restrain yourself. there are a lot of people who are supporting you all -- you or who are inclined not vote for the president who would say, why isn't joe biden angrier about all of this? mr. biden: because presidents of the united states should be presidential and should lead by example, as well as make clear exactly where they stand. getting down in the gutter like the president does, saying things that i would be inclined if we were behind a barn somewhere would be a different thing. but that's not the job of the president. the job of a president is to set an example. my anger is real, because i must tell you, i carry and i deliberately didn't bring with
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me today -- the delaware national guard had a pin made up that is a gold star that was made for my son beau, who did not die in the field. and i always carry it with me. and i didn't carry it today, because i was worried that if i focused too much on it, that i would engage in some of the kind of language the president has used. i mean, but i just think it is sick, it is deplorable, it is so un-american, it is so unpatriotic. and then watching him this morning while i was shaving and the tv was on, talking about how never said anything like that, he honored john mccain, he is
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the reason why flags were flown at half mast? wasn't that noble of him? he is the same guy that when the ship went into harbor, he made sure the uss mccain was covered. you couldn't see it. he is the same guy that denigrated john. he is the same guy who did a similar thing the way he talked about george h.w. bush who was shot down in the pacific. but he just stands there. it is almost pathological. "i have never said anything like that. no one has been better to the military." i've just got to focus on what has to be done, not what he did, what i do from here, would gets done from here. >> thank you, sir. >> thank you you, mr. vice president. effective follow-up on ed's question about voting. we know the president has been attacking mail-in voting. he's even suggested his
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supporters vote twice. we also know that russia has been trying to sow doubt about this system. are you concerned this messaging may be working? that your supporters may give up on voting by mail because they are concerned that it may be rigged? mr. biden: yes, i am, that is why i try not to talk about it too much. because i am playing into -- more we talk about it -- there is two things he wants us to talk about. is the election legitimate and the whole country is up in flames. everything is burning. law and order. because he doesn't want to talk about anything. anything at all about the job he hasn't done. and so, it is a conundrum. there's a lot we can talk about in terms of the specifics that russia is doing and not doing, but when you do, all it does is undermine what people think may be the legitimacy -- what i
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don't want to have happen, i don't want people reaching the point where you could understand sometimes it's not worth voting. you know, it seems to me that one of the things that i keep trying to say to people is, go to -- figure out where you can vote, how you can vote, what is available to you, where you can vote early, where you can vote in person, where it will be safe for you, etc. plan now. plan now. but the more chaos that is sown here is going to disincline people to show up. in essence, every time i speak about it i feel like i am playing his game. not that you agree with me, but does it make sense, what i am saying? i think that is all part of the deal.
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>> thank you, mr. vice president. going back to the jobless report from this morning, you had acknowledged that less than half of the 22 million jobs that were lost this spring because of the pandemic have been recovered. what do you think the 1.4 million added back in august says about just the general direction of the economy? mr. biden: i think any job added back is positive. i think it matters to the people who got that job back. maybe you all were raised in households like i was, where a mom or dad was losing a job because of the economy, what is going on in your community, you could feel the tension, unease in the household, how it -- just everything. worrying about whether you can provide for your family. along the way, also look at the
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along the way also look at the people who you've got, you know, a couple million people out there who are part-time workers who still can't make it, but are listed as employed, and a lot of them are also in the process of wondering whether or not -- i mean they are the people lined up in food lines. they are the people who have lost their health care. health care provided by their employer. there are the same people out there worrying if this president is ready to wipe out the entire affordable care act and the people with preexisting conditions won't be able to get
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insurance even if they could afford it. it's enormous. .'m not being sliss us to among the brightest people i've dealt with in my whole career have been the press. it's not a joke. you are all educated, have significant backgrounds. and the vast majority have tried to report the news, not just opinion. believe that you don't feel the same -- not democrat-republican. you don't feel the same anxiety because you have a mother, father, sister, daughter, mother, who is going through what you are not, what we are not. we have jobs. well, i don't have a job now,
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but you have jobs. so this is a real concern. and i just think that this has moved beyond democrat-republican. to ink it's moved to trying put this country back together again so we can move. > thank you. [inaudible] >> if i may -- president donald trump has just announced the serbia deal and as part president donald trump has announced an economic norm ization deal and part of the deal is cosevow and israel having diplomatic normalization. you have stated that you support a two-state solution in the middle east. would you support more
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muslim-majority countries rmalizing relations with israel -- first of all, i don't know what the deal is that you are referring to. what i have argued relative to serbia and kosovo is that kosovo should be an independent country. not a part of serbia. i've shent a lot of time there so i don't know how -- i assume that would reinforce that independence, but i don't know based on what's being said. i think normalization of relations among countries is a -- by and large, and in almost every instance, a great thing. to have a muslim-majority country normalizing rexes with israel seems positive, but i
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have to new orleans the detail of what's happening, what's going on. and i don't know that. it may -- you may be right that, that may cause the palace -- ose lerge on a two-state i think that's the thing, recognize israel as an independent jewish state. i think that's important. but also i believe israel has to be prepared to work toward a genuine two-state solution. >> thank you mr. vice president.
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>> our campaign 2020 coverage continues with about candidates campaigning and debating. c-span. your unfiltered view of politics. >> live, monday, labor day on c-span's washington journal we'll feature a debating in states. where candidates president donald trump and joe biden are making efforts to win voters
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and we'll talk about the political die no, ma'amic of each state with laura leslie in north carolina and politico's d's -- "pittsburgh post gazette" political reporter julian ralph and arizona capital times eporter, 2kil8en rosenblatt. monday we discuss battleground tates. >> alicia garza is a cofounder of black lives matter and she joined a discussion on racism and at a discussion hosted by the texas tribune festival she also talked about police brutality and community game.


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