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Nancy Pelosi
  House Speaker Pelosi Holds a News Conference  CSPAN  September 24, 2020 7:00pm-7:14pm EDT

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>> justice bader ginsburg died today at the age of 87. you can continue to watch live coverage of the viewing on our website. justice ginsburg will be the first woman to lie in state at the u.s. capitol. nancy poulos he held her weekly conference at the capitol. she spoke about the life of ruth bader ginsburg. and the transfer of presidential power. this is half an hour.
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>> good morning. it is the first time we have all been together since losing the notorious justice ginsburg. sad passing for our country. my understanding from the jewish faith is when you leave on the eve of rosh hashanah, you are in this special category of the righteous. a she rest in peace. people ask me some stories about ruth bader ginsburg. when i want to tell you is remarkable. tomorrow, we will be gathering at statutory hall.
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air prayer will be led by a rabbi, the first jewish person to lie in state in the capital of the states. -- for i lot of cause don't want to say celebration, but observance. a historic time for a historic woman. that did more for the equality of women than anybody in our history. theonored in the capital women members of the supreme court. being the senior member, justice ginsburg spoke for the group to receive the honor. woman --the story of a yorker,.new a long time ago, she applied to
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practice law in the supreme court. was 6-3.against her there were nine justices then as now. 6-3 because she was a woman, they turned her down. she did not take no for an answer. withdvocated for change the congress of the u.s. she won. congress passed a law that said women with the qualifications must be admitted to the bar of the supreme court. say, it ises on to my favorite example of how sometimes congress is more in touch with changing times than the court is. i remind you when the court -- current history rules against
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women in the workplace in the lilly ledbetter case, the dissent was written by justice ginsburg. her dissent became the basis for the lilly ledbetter fair pay act which was passed in the congress. the first bill to be signed by president obama, his first to sign. the congress, more in touch with the changing times and expansion of the quality -- equality. first time, it was taking 79 by the time it was finished. her passing, it is like a death in so many families in our country. people pinned their hopes, heated her guidance, admired her stamina. her love of the arts, bringing
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stability to her relationships. we observe time as her passing, we observe the deaths of the family of 200,000 americans. from the coronavirus. we mourn every one of them. i had the opportunity to be invited a couple of days ago was exceeded,r actually. there were 20,000 flags in the mall in front of the washington monument. 20,000 flags. if you saw the optic of it, that many flags. representing, each one of them, 10 people who had died. es, 200,000 families.
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many not even able to give a hug. way,d not have to be this fortrump's contempt science including his covering of the catastrophic nature and distancing to mask wearing, distancing, has led to the historic national tragedy. terrible. immoral failure on the part of this president. a -- advanced a proposal. march 4, testing. in other bills which were not implemented. theheroes act had not only
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resources but the strategic plan set forward by the energy and commerce committee. ignored science. tracing, treatment. mask wearing. that could have saved many lives. not all but many. either the gop does not understand the gravity of the situation, or does not care about meeting america's families needs. sadly, within hours of justice ginsburg's passing -- they had it planned in advance. we barely heard she had passed when mcconnell said they were going to approve a justice soon. peace. rest in any sense of decency, i guess not. you know why? this andle talk about
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do that, it is important to the american people to know. statement and president's statement as well, what they are to putis, we have somebody there. we will never replace justice ginsberg. we have to fill that seat so we can overturn the affordable care act. people have to know why this matters in their lives. if you have a pre-existing condition, of which 150 million families in america do, say goodbye to the benefit. overturn the benefit of the pre-existing condition. if you are children, and millions of children are, that is over. all of theedicare, provisions of the affordable care act to strengthen those initiatives. and the terms of medicaid. if you have a senior member of your family that needs long-term
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care and benefits from medicaid, soon they will be living in your house because that benefit will be gone. woman, thea affordable care act said if you are a woman, no longer will it be a pre-existing condition. something that many of us can speak of firsthand. when women paid more. if they could even get the coverage. these are just some of the that benefits america's families. kitchen table issues about how iny maintain their health their financial health. health care is expensive. whates on and on about will be gone. that is the method to their madness. just get in there and overturn the act. it but the things that matters
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in people's personal lives is the affordable care act. and in one sentence, the pre-existing condition benefit. trump has been in office four years. he keeps talking about supporting pre-existing conditions. about not done anything it. we would be willing to work with youto remove all doubt if have a pre-existing condition or a baby is born, physical needs that are a pre-existing condition for a lifetime, there what youetime limit on can receive in terms of benefits. i am a little proprietary about the affordable care act. we have defended it. 10,000 events. people telling their stories. that is how we saved it.
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that is how we passed it. that is how we saved it. that is what is at risk right now. that is why they were in such a hurry. theerday, we had heartbreaking report, news justice was denied for breonna taylor and her family. just think if it were your daughter or your sister? your cousin, your relative, your friend. police murdered by the and the charging decision held no one accountable for her death. in june, the house passed the justice and policing act. votel upon the senate to immediately. we owe it to george floyd and so many others.
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provisions in the bill would have prevented this from happening. with all due respect for the men and women in blue, there has to be respect for our police. for doing the job in a way that has justice for all. i was told by one of your cameramen the other day and the black community, there is a saying. just us.not we don't want there to be two systems of justice. we had a bipartisan vote on the cr. we were pleased to avert a shutdown and continue to pass elements of the heroes act so we can save lives. for the children, nearly $8 billion in nutrition assistance for seniors prevented what would have happened if we did not act.
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month expense for part b premium. dollars. like 4-5 we save the republicans from the cells because we know it we are doing. one-year service prevents --h now they were going to use money saying, this is for farmers. we wanted to be for family farmers. we wanted to have clarity and transparency and all of that. announced -- imagine they announced they were going to spend $300 million for farmers to give a bailout to big oil. florida fore to remarks from president trump. he is holding a rally in jacksonville. ♪