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Charles Schumer
  Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg Lying in State at U.S. Capitol  CSPAN  September 26, 2020 1:50am-4:22am EDT

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deal isis whole catastrophic shutdown. >> in his own words, courted by bob -- recorded by bob woodward, he knew back in february that this was an extremely dangerous disease. think about it. ♪ -- how manyple empty chairs around dinner tables because of his negligence and selfishness? >> watch the first presidential debate, live from cleveland tuesday night on c-span. stream live or on-demand at or listen live on the free c-span radio app. after a remembrance ceremony for justice ruth bader ginsburg, members of congress paid their
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respects. she is the first woman in lie in state at the capital.
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>> we haven't started the rotation. wait just you a few more minutes.
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>> this ceremony for justice ginsburg now complete. ouse staff are rearranging the hall for the people to pay represents. in the meantime, here's a portion from today's ceremonyy. rabbi holtzblatt: madam speaker, vice president biden, senator harris, and to all of our leaders who are gathered here today, thank you. psalm 118:5. ♪
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rabbi holtzblatt: from the narrow straits i call out to
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you, you, god, answered me with expanse. in the chamber of justice ginsburg hangs a framed piece of art that reads -- justice, justice, you must pursue. a command in the 16th chapter of deuteronomy. traditions finds meaning to every single word in the torah. reason why t be a justice is written twice. the repetition here teaches even ezra, a medieval rabbi, that time and time again all of the days of your life you must pursue justice. this was how justice ginsburg lived her life.
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justice did not arrive like a lightning bolt but rather through dogged persistence. all the days of her life. real change, she said, enduring change, happens one step at a time. she faced many obstacles in her life even from a young age. though chosen as the valedictorian of her high school class, she gave no graduation speech. instead, she grieved at home with her father after burying her beloved mother one day before graduation. her family had already suffered terrible loss with the death of her sister when justice ginsburg was only 14 months old. but justice ginsburg kept rising.
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a full scholarship to cornell university and only one of nine women in her harvard law school class. after transferring to columbia law school, she graduated first in her class. yet, she could not find a job. no firm in new york would hire her because she was a woman. these obstacles didn't deter her. she pressed on. as she said in an interview with her dear friend, nina totenberg, and i quote, i get out of law school with top grades, no law firm in the city of new york will hire me. i end up teaching. that gave me time to devote to the movement of evening out the rights -- excuse me -- of women and men.
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i was nominated to a vacancy on the d.c. circuit. justice o'connor once said to me, suppose we had come of age in a time when women lawyers were welcome at the bar. you know what, today we would have been retired partners from some large law firm. but because the route was not open for us, we had to find another way and both end up on the united states supreme court. all the days of her life, she pursued justice. even in illness. she fought five bouts with cancer. and she supported her beloved marty through his battle with cancer as well. each time, she pressed forward.
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she returned to work, to the bench, to the court with focus. each and every time. nothing was given. pursuing justice took resilience, persistence, a commitment to never stop. as a lawyer she won equality for women and men, not in one swift victory, but brick by brick, case by case, through meticulous, careful lawyering. she changed the course of american law. and even when her views did not prevail she still fought. in recent years, justice ginsburg became famous for her dissents. despair was not an option. she said, and i quote, dissents speak to a future age.
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it's not simply to say my colleagues are wrong and i would do it this way. but the greatest dissents do become court opinions and gradually over time their views become the dominant view. so that the dissenters hope they are writing not for today but tomorrow. justice ginsburg's dissents were not cries of defeat. they were blueprints for the future. justice ginsburg loved her family. her grandchildren, her dear friends, her colleagues, and her court family, we all send our love to you. and justice ginsburg also loved
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the court to which she so devoted her life. a court for all of us. it was justice ginsburg's tenacious hope to preserve the integrity of the court. today, she makes history again as the first woman and the first jewish woman to lie in state. today, we stand in sorrow and tomorrow we the people must carry on justice ginsburg's legacy. even as our hearts are breaking, we must rise with her strength and move forward. she was our prophet, our north star, our strength for so very long.
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now she must be permitted to rest after toiling so hard for every single one of us. may the memory of justice ruth bader ginsburg -- forever and ever be a blessing. god, give us the strength and bless us with the courage, the intelligence, the bravery, and the unbreakable resolve to pursue justice. amen. >> that ceremony from earlier this morning. of the ve picture now flag flying at half staff over he u.s. capitol where in just moments ruth bader ginsburg, the first woman to lie in state in history, she will be receiving visitors, people
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tribute throughout the day. this is live coverage here on c-span.
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>> perfect. thank you.
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right face. forward march. halt. ready, step. ready, step. ready, step. ready, step. ready, step. ready, step. ready, step. ready, step. ready, step. ready,step, ready step-t
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ready, step. ready, step. ready, step. ready, step. ready, step. ready, step. ready, step. ready, step. ready, step. ready, step. ready, step. ready, step. ready, step. ready, step. ready, step. ready, step. ready, step. ready, step. ready, step. ready, step. ready, step. ready, step. ready, step. forward march.
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forward march.
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the speaker pro tempore: ruth bader ginsburg being taken away from the u.s. capitol. she is the first woman and jewish person to lie in the u.s. capitol. flags will be flying at half staff for 30 days. she will be buried in a private ceremony in arlington national cemetery sometime >> just as ginsberg will be buried next week at arlington national cemetery. today, president trump announces his choice to fill the vacancy
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on the supreme court. news reports say the president has chosen seventh circuit court judge amy coney barrett. live coverage begins at 7 p.m. a.m. eastern on c-span. several world leaders delivered remarks of the study for session of the united nations general assembly. leading up is chinese president choosinxi jinping. >> mr. president, colleagues, this year marks the 75th anniversary of the victory of the anti-fascist war and the founding of the united nations.