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tv   Washington Journal 09302020  CSPAN  September 30, 2020 6:59am-9:01am EDT

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10:00 a.m., the senate returns to consider the short-term spending bill that would keep the federal government funded through december 11. on c-span3, the senate judiciary committee hears from former fbi director james comey, testifying on the crossfire hurricane investigation into ties between the 2016 trump campaign manager russian officials -- campaign and russian officials. live on wednesday on, three hearings beginning at 10:00 a.m. the house committee hears from on drug prices. the house homeland security subcommittee considers preapproved travelers programs. testifies on travel security programs including global entry, tsa pre-check, nexus, and fast. the house small business committee looks at how covid-19
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is impacting small businesses across the food system. coming up this morning on washington journal, your reaction to last night's presidential debate between president trump and joe biden. ♪ good morning. washington journal for september 30. the house comes in at 9:00 a.m. we are devoting today to hearing from you about the first debate between president trump and former vice president joe biden. here is how you can let us know your thoughts on last night. if you support joe biden, call (202) 748-8000. if you support president trump, (202) 748-8001. perhaps you are an undecided voter or you support another candidate. call us at (202) 748-8002. you can text us at (202) facebook tweet us,
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available to you at we will show you bits from last night, all of which is available at to help us this morning is john mcardle. . >> there were plenty of interruptions but cnn found when it came to actual speaking time, president trump and former vice president joe biden were pretty evenly matched. donald trump with just over 39 minutes. joe biden with just under 38 minutes of speaking time. when it came to those interruptions, slate trying to track each one of those interruptions last night. jeremy stoll is a reporter. he notes president trump interrupted the former vice
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president 128 times. that number dwarfs the 51 times he interrupted hillary clinton in their first presidential debate in 2016. biden interrupted dozens of times, but it was no match for president trump's interruptions. chris wallace asking the president at least 25 times to stop interrupting. more debate by the numbers for you. this is from google trends. their top searched issues during the debate. number one, unemployment. supreme court, the economy, race, care, wages, abortion, immigration, social security, and climate change. from issues to actual search terms, merriam-webster sending out postdebate top words searched. they include white supremacist, antifa, petulant, fascism,
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debate, racism, systemic, poll watcher, moderator, bully, and standby. host: john will join us throughout the morning with that type of information. you are reacting. stephen on facebook saying watched the debate. regardless if you are a republican or democrat, the bar is so low it is disgusting. i never heard such political ramblings in my life. blamewallace tried to anarchy on the right with 99% of the problem is on the biden left. fist was in office for one of our nation's existence and now he things he can fix it. president trump turned off the voters he needed to move up in the polls. the president panic? after last night's debate no decent american would vote for trump. that was one of the topic
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discussions from last night. here is a bit featuring a question from chris wallace. >> you have repeatedly criticized the vice president for not calling out antifa and other left-wing extremist groups. are you willing to condemn white supremacists and militia groups and say they need to stand down and not add to the violence in a number of cities as we saw in kenosha and as we have seen in portland? mr. biden: do it. president trump: i would say everything i see is from the left-wing. chris: what are you saying? president trump: i want to see peace. mr. biden: say it. president trump: what do you want to call them? chris: white supremacists. president trump: proud boys, stanback, standby. somebody has got to do something about antifa and the left. mr. biden: his own fbi director
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said they were white supremacists. antifa is an idea, not an organization. that.i director said chris: we are done, sir. antifa is bad.: mr. biden: you have no idea. president trump: antifa is a dangerous, radical -- chris: we are moving on. host: we start this morning with richard from california, supporter of joe biden. what did you think of last night? caller: i thought it was disgrace -- a disgrace in democracy by trump. obviously the guy is totally scared of losing. he had no policy. like an unhinged person
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on steroids. noted quorum. -- no decorum. no boundaries in terms of the debate in terms of the rules and regulations, just like he has been his whole life. just like he has run this country. he was chaotic. he was a bully. he was vicious. he was angry. host: what did you think of joe biden's performance last night? caller: i wanted him to fight back in certain areas. there are so many areas trump is vulnerable. not only with his family. house andn the white people profiting from him being president. there is so much of that. even the tax returns and money to foreign governments. but trump is a narcissistic personality. host: let's go to john in michigan. caller: thank you very much.
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one point and the debate not talked about enough, when joe biden said -- he didn't say he would not commit to not packing the supreme court. won'tgets elected, and he -- trump will route him -- if he gets elected and packs the supreme court, he will render the u.s. supreme court illegitimate. the supreme court will become illegitimate. number two, and trump talked about this. joe biden has been a politics for 47 years. where has he been? all these policies he wants to push forward. he was a u.s. senator voting in 1972. he was vice president for eight years. now he wants to do all these things. i was proud of president trump. hi thought president trump wasn't aggressive enough. host: even after what you thought last night? caller: absolutely.
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he needs to be more aggressive. the stakes could not be higher. the left has no regard for of law enforcement, for our police officers that do an incredible job for our country, for our military. they want to degrade our society. host: let's go to rico in college park, maryland. supporter of joe biden. caller: good morning. how are you? host: go ahead. caller: i watched the debate. it was overall a bad feeling in general watching it. it is not how things should be done. bad,st made everyone look down to chris wallace the moderator. been working for government for 47 years. that doesn't automatically mean everything he ever want to get done should automatically get done. he is one person of several hundred members of congress. when you think about it, the world we live in was different 40 years ago, different 30 years
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ago, different since march. host: do you think joe biden was effective last night? caller: in a sense, yes. he got what he was trying to do. he was trying to talk through trump directly to the camera, which i take was the strategy to talk to the american people. he could only be as effective as one could be further debate that has never happened in that since before. host: that is rico in maryland. let's go back to john mcardle. john: in a nod to social distancing and pandemic precautions there was no pre-debate handshake and a postdebate spin room. bothy of spin last night, pre-and post debate. starting with the predebate on the airwaves and on the internet. this story from cbs news.
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the tram campaign flooding the airwaves with debate day add blitz. a seven-figure digital add blitz according to cbs news, promoting a two-minute clip that features carrie lam, a black truck driver with granting president trump -- with president trump granting him a second chance. here are about 40 seconds of that had. >> i did it. trump is a godsend. he is life he is a second chance. he is a second chance. say -- nah, he is way more than that. i don't have the luxury to worry about freaking roe v. wade. i don't have the luxury to worry
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about that. i am too busy trying to keep my family fed. think about that. for the first time in my life i actually see a way out. john: that is from the trump campaign postdebate. the biden campaign responding with its own seven-figure add buy. politico noting the campaign taking over some of the most extensive digital space on the top including youtube's page, aol, yahoo!, cnn, fox news, pandora, univision, reddit, cbssports, and more. most places featuring this short ad from the biden campaign. [video] >> this job is about protecting americans, not tear-gassing them for a photo op. it takes strength, courage, compassion, resilience. that is a president. host: here is more off of social
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media. bill from twitter saying the program should have been titled "the un-presidential debacle." who caught the great trump interrupt show? i stopped counting at 70. robert saying the questions joe biden refused to answer says volumes. jim saying a call yesterday said there should be a kid with his finger on the mic button the shutdown interruptions. i agree. ray, a supporter president trump. caller: thank you for taking my call. i agree with the trump supporter who called earlier. trump has done more in four years then biden has done his entire career in congress. sayi add, how can biden fraud inno evidence of
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the mail when they found mail dumped in ditches? host: what do you think president trump accomplished last night? he thumped biden with the truth. host: how so? caller: by calling out biden on the mail, the new green deal. the new green deal costs trillions of dollars. not billions. trillions. that will do away with fossil fuels and coal? the lifeblood of our energy. how can you convert all these houses? host: let's hear from ken in fremont, california. a supporter of joe biden. caller: i would like to say i
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joe bidence president did an excellent job last night. he came out with a book called "conscious of a conservative." biden was the clear winner last night. i thought his best debate lying came whenid -- line he said get out of your bunker and out of your sand trap and do what needs to be done for the american people. host: from christopher in minnesota, and undecided voter. go ahead. caller: hi. i saw the debate last night it was just out of control. i really liked what joe biden had to say but i'm not sold on
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what president trump had to say and i'm not sold on went biden was trying to tell us. -- what biden was trying to tell us. -- i'm still undecided on what to do for this election. this is the most consequential election we have had in history since george w. bush and al gore in 2000. the american people -- we have all been struggling. the constitution states everybody who is struggling gets a fair fight to help in the democratic process. host: when it comes to a specific issue you were concerned about, what would it be? dealing with the racial injustice issues with the and to megeorge floyd
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that was tragic. needthe fact is that we barrett that amy coney is pretty good for a judge, but unfortunately i don't think it's going to happen. we will find out. host: on those two issues you did not learn anything from what the candidates brought last night? both issues were discussed. caller: i learned a few things, yes, but i am still not concerned about what biden will do. i am very concerned about what trump is doing. i'm still undecided. i'm sorry. i am struggling to figure it out. host: that is christopher in minnesota. paul in indiana, evansville. a supporter of president trump. caller: good morning.
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-- as soon as the president was talking about his supreme courthe justice. that befored along he even answered the question. that raised trump up. dear reminded me of a boxing match, kind of. sad that we have to listen to all of this. not get anything across in my opinion. host: when you said mr. biden skipped, what did he skip? caller: the first 30 seconds he was speaking and they were talking about the supreme court justice election for trump. said 30 seconds about
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something else. that would get under my caller. when you -- collar. that, the way for i understood it. you don't call a person a clown, an idiot. i don't think president trump said anything nasty. indiana.t is paul in the idea of what is known as court packing, he was asked about that it he was some of that exchange. [video] chris: if republicans confirm justice barrett, there has been talk about ending the filibuster or even packing the court, addi ng to the nine justices. you call this a distraction but it was not brought up by the president. it was brought up by some of your democratic colleagues.
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my question to you is you have refused of the past to talk about it. are you willing to tell the american people whether or not you will support either ending the filibuster or packing the court? mr. biden: whatever position i take will become the issue. the american people should speak. you should go out and vote. you are voting now. let your senators know how strongly you feel. sure younow -- make let people know. i'm not going to answer the question because the question is -- president trump: the radical left. mr. biden: will you shut up, man? president trump: it was on your list? chris: no, no. host: a supporter of joe biden, good morning. caller: good morning. debate really needed some work on both sides to be honest about this.
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i dreaded this day. weelt it is a problem where are not really looking at who we are addressing at this debate. in this case what we saw clearly last night was donald trump doing nothing more than just pounding his brand. that is all he has ever done and all he is ever going to do. you never see any facts coming out of him. where are they coming from? he has not. he's a good salesperson. if that is what this country is about, we are done. america is not going to survive. i want to see a president that represents the working people and our rights in the constitution. i felt more of that with joe biden but i know he was lacking in that and he didn't really get enough opportunity to do that. i feel with this one-sided party we are dealing with with the senate majority and trump we are going nowhere. we will continue to be divided.
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what we have to address is when this debate happens when need to talk about who we are addressing it to, and that is the working people. they pay the taxes. they should be the wasn't have the biggest say in this election. i'm hoping both candidates can understand they need to hear who they are talking to and set of talking about themselves. host: the next debate will be a town hall format with questions from the audience. one more debate after that. next week, the vice presidential debate. joe, go ahead. caller: good morning. i was disappointed that both candidates and chris wallace did not talk about something with substance. let's talk about seniors, medicare, medicaid, and the road tax. that is all on the trust fund. the trustreasury owes
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of 2019.rillion as the law states that if they $700,000 that it costs billion, and $700 they only cost 200 billion to operate, they leave $500 billion in reserve. they are not allowed to keep that money. it goes to a special bond that the treasury department takes. they only pay 1% to 2%. they only give it a balloon note to pay interest per year. it will not go away. host: more of that issue should have been discussed last night and that is something you would like to see going over it? caller: definitely. just like obamacare. who paid for that? social security. who pays for the $1200 bose people got -- most people got? that came from social security.
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we are being robbed. the law states that the treasury department does not have to pay back the government. host: that is joe from north carolina on his issues when it comes to social security and other matters. cleveland being a stop in the candidates' schedules. more on that with john mcardle. john: if viewers did not hear enough from the candidates last night, there is plenty were opportunities to come in the days ahead. let's go over the schedules, starting with the president holding a rally today in duluth, minnesota. that is happening at 9:00 p.m. eastern. that will be life on c-span. expected to give remarks at the annual al smith dinner, the new york dinner that raises funds for catholic charities taking place virtually this year. that's on thursday evening. friday, the president expected in sanford, florida, holding one
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of his make america great again events in the key state of florida. saturday heading to the badger state of wisconsin. bay and green latrobe, wisconsin. joe biden, his schedule expected to head out this morning on a train to work of ohio and pennsylvania. here is how it is described. the build back better trained tour departs from cleveland this morning, make five stops, including alliance, ohio, pittsburgh, greensburg, pennsylvania, latrobe, pennsylvania, and johnstown, pennsylvania. to give the democratic nominee a chance to talk about what he will do as president, support working families, and build our economy back better. that's from the biden campaign about the train to work. the train is one of his favorite forms of transportation. he is also expected to give
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remarks at the l smith dinner. -- al smith dinner. the debate for next week, the christ presidential debate in salt lake city. the next presidential debate will be thursday, october 15, in miami. that is the town hall format. thehursday, october 22, third debate in nashville, tennessee. watch those debates on c-span,, and listen to them on the free c-span radio app. host: when it comes to the format from last night a couple of comments from twitter. does boxing have a moderator who tells each fighter he has two minutes to punch with no counter punching allowed? these are not debates anymore. i think they were too many topics that prevented them from going into depth on anything. edward in houston, texas. a supporter of joe biden. caller: can you hear me/ -- hear me?
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excuse my throat. i thought biden did great. trump did terrible. the reason trump was the way he was is he is trying to clamp down on the voting. he does not want people to show up because he knows the lower the vote, the better for him. his supporters are members almost of a cult. he is trying to clamp down on the voting. it's as simple as that. host: when you say joe biden did great, give me a specific. caller: he answered the questions. his demeanor was of a gentleman and a person that actually was serious about the issues. trump was like a bully, like a street fighter. he had no rules. there are no rules for him. host: when you say joe biden addressed the issues, what was the most important issue he addressed last night and how? caller: covid-19 is the most
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important issue in this country. it is affecting every citizen. it is a threat to our health and our economy. trump, did he touch that? no. caller: how did joe biden address he would handle the pandemic? host: he --caller: he will follow sides. he will be a logical person. he will do what is better for the public. trump is only doing things that are good for him. is next ins cleveland, ohio where the debate took place last night. undecided voter. go ahead. caller: pedro, what's up? host: you are on. go ahead. caller: neither man deserves to be president. party, they are really standing in the way of the american people getting rid of this president. i just came from florida.
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i was in charlotte for the convention. i was in new york. the democratic party has nothing going on for itself. florida, you have rhonda santos running over the teachers union in broward and dade county, huffing and puffing. he is doing trump. he is doing with the president tells him in florida. host: from last night you got nothing from either candidate specifically? caller: i know who they are. i'm from dover, delaware. i know who joe biden is. every time we ask about the 1994 crime bill, you guys in the media tried to protect him. even last night. donald trump in front of him again about calling blackman men -- you always run from that issue. one of the top issues is mass incarceration and people sitting in jail for marijuana while
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dispensaries are opening up all over the place. host: in president trump's performance? caller: we know who president trump is. i know who he is. host: specifically, what did you think? caller: he's got to go. beyond that, look at the foreign policy. it is time to end the cuban embargo. 13 presidents. it is time for the embargo to go. iran -- florida, supported a president trump. go ahead. caller: good morning. about people not are so manythere people that are really homebound right now watching a lot of tv here in florida. it is a big issue about the health issue, but i watch all the time to see what these
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candidates are up to. it looks to me like it is almost watchingogram of --berry host: how do you relate that to last night? caller: because trump actually talked sense. barney. to me, is like barney has the best intentions, but he does not have the experience in knowing common sense of how the law and how ,usiness and how other people not just his own self, he is up against a situation where i don't even think that biden understands that he really is going to be tossed aside if he is elected.
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he is going to be made a full of. host: what did you think president trump accomplished last night? caller: i think trump was fantastic. that is why it amazed me and how this came forward about how he acted like sheriff taylor. sense andmade more was reasoning out these things and came forward with the right answers. host: that is mary and florida. we will go back to john. host: just wanted to follow-up on the color a few calls back on the issue of super predators. a fact-check website we often refer to from the pointer institute taking a look at that word specifically and whether joe biden had used it in the past. thatdent trump saying biden called african-americans super predators when he pushed the 1994 crime bill.
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here is the fact-check. speech, bidenor spoke about doing something for young people who did not have supervision or structure and did not have opportunities. he said the country needed to focus on them because otherwise, a portion of them would become the predators 15 years from now. biden did not single out african-americans. "because -- neglect had created that." the term super predator also came up during the 2016 presidential campaign between trump and hillary clinton. the pointer institute pointing out that clinton used the term super predator when referring to gangs of kids. clinton did not specifically label super predators as african-americans, but the context of her speech and subsequent apology decades later suggest it was a reasonable
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inference. from politifact. just one of the fact checking websites. all of them kind of an oscar mode yesterday when it came to the presidential debate. we will be going through more of those throughout today's programs. host: here is jean from new york saying moderators should have a whistle. i call the debate gentleman versus bully. stillying although undecided, i lean towards president trump. too many cheap shots, low blows and talking over each other. i think they need to be more composed in their responses. did not like when joe biden said "will you shut up, man," but also did not like president trump bringing up the fact that joe biden son had a cocaine addition -- addiction or calling covid-19 the china plague. caller: good morning, america.
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i'm a disabled veteran, served during the vietnam war. born in mexico. mondays in a radio station. please don't interrupt, i'm only speaking for 1.5 minutes. last nights debate was between a pit bull and a colleague. -- a collie. the biggest mistake by chris wallace, fox news, was to have two podiums and two microphones. chris wallace should have set up three podiums and one microphone. [indiscernible] better yet, chris wallace, fox news, should have hired a 300 pound bouncer. one microphone, a timer and a taser with a bouncer holding off. [indiscernible]
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trump, coward, tex of innovator, clan sympathizer, can't stop pigging out on cheeseburgers. host: besides the format, what did joe biden accomplish? caller: please let me finish. host: you have had plenty of time to state these things, what did joe biden accomplish last night? caller: donald trump let him speak. he interrupted him over 100 times. host: ok. let's go to tim in pennsylvania. caller: can you hear me? host: yep, you are on. caller: i liked the debate and that there was a lot of action. caller, i like my president because he is a fighter. no matter who wins, god is in control.
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host: did you think the president interrupted too much last night? caller: i think they all interrupted too much. i think it is our president's job to do what we put him in there to do. we are going to vote him in another four years. host: specifically, what do you think he accomplished last night? caller: he laid the gauntlet down and put his foot down. it is only going to get better from here on out. host: what do you mean? caller: he called him out on some things. joe biden couldn't answer. they were all talking over each other, neither one of them were presidential, but if that is what we are going to get, i will take trump any day. host: let's hear from eric in ohio. caller: good morning. watching that debate last night, it was just like watching a kid. donald trump doesn't have any empathy for any of the americans in this country. people don't see that.
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i don't want a president that tweets all day long, 22,000 tweets since he has been in office. he doesn't understand what it is like to be poor. all he understands is rich and getting what he wants. he is definitely flaming the fires of all of these protesters and all of these other people. he likes to see that thing go on, he likes to see that kind of stuff. we have a president right now that goes around the world and people laugh at us. that has never happened before. i've never seen -- i can't sit with my cousins or brothers and debate about a president normally. host: when it comes to last my specifically, ways very best moment for joe biden, do you think? if that is the case, what was it? i think there was a good
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moment for trump. host: joe biden. caller: for joe biden, whatever he was trying to say about the police. he is not against the police, he is just against the bad ones. i think maybe a good thing some of these should do is maybe police should be elected officials as well. we have a chance to put in -- don't put somebody in, a white man who has never been around a black neighborhood into a neighborhood that he just wants to pull a gun and use it on somebody. i think the police needed to be voted in instead of just sitting around and some guy just decide you are hired because i like you. host: that is eric in ohio giving his thoughts from last night. this is sheila from ohio as well. she says the president confirmed he did not have a clue or plan on what to do with health care. anyone concerned with coverage needs to consider what will happen if the president is reelected.
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health care being one of those topics discussed last night specifically the state and future of the affordable care act. out hisot here to call lies, everyone knows he is a liar. >> you are the liar. notwere last in your class, first. >> can you let him finish, sir. >> he doesn't know how to do that. >> you would be surprised. >> the wrong guy, the wrong night at the wrong time. >> you agree with bernie sanders. >> there is no manifest or -- manifesto. >> please let him speak. >> you just lost the left. you agreed with bernie sanders on a plan. >> folks, do you have any idea what this man is doing? >> socialized medicine. >> mr. president. >> he is not for any help for people needing health care. >> bernie? >> because, he already has cost
7:40 am
10 million people they health care care they had from employers because of his recession. there are 20 million people getting health care through obamacare now that he wants to take it away. won't look anybody in the eye and say that is what they want to do. >> i want to give them better health care at a much lower price. [crosstalk] >> you might know, but probably don't. youentlemen, you realize are both speaking at the same time. >> obama care is no good. we made it better. we took away the individual mandate, guaranteed pre-existing conditions, but took away the individual mandate. this is the way it is. they shouldn't even call it obamacare. do i let my people run a really badly?
7:41 am
if i run it badly, they will probably blame him, blame me, but more important, i want to help people. i said you are going to run it so well. i just had a meeting with them, the problem is, no matter how well you run obamacare, it is a disaster. premiums are too high. we do want to get rid of it. >> i understand, but i have to give you roughly equal time. please let the vice president talk. >> he has no plan for health care. >> please. >> he sends out wishful thinking. he has executive orders that have no power. he has of lower drug costs for anybody. he has been promising a health care plan since he got elected, he has none, like almost everything else he talks about. he does not have a plan. is in south dakota, and undecided voter. caller: good morning. i have to say the debate was a total disaster and i think the platform is the failure. i agree with the previous caller
7:42 am
where he said one microphone, one podium. the narrator asks the question, the candidate answers the question without diverting attention to the other candidate. that was a disappointment yesterday. at the end of it, i still have no idea whatsoever what joe biden's plans are. he is very quick to divert the attention of trump. trapp did this, didn't do that. on the flipside, trump would stop on biden when he had something to say, which i was hoping to let him finish saying because sometimes, i feel like biden was about to put his foot in his mouth. if trump would have stood by and let him finish, we might have known more from both candidates. i think that was the failure overall. host: do you plan to watch the other debates? caller: i absolutely do with the hope that it might get better. between the two of them, i am leaning more towards trump because joe biden denies a lot of wrongdoings that he was
7:43 am
involved in particularly with his son on his dime and watch on air force one back and forth to china. the money from russia, which joe biden absolutely denied it didn't happen and it did. there is a senate report coming out. his son did receive money. i think that is important. trump got impeached for quid pro quo and joe biden got the nomination, and what he did was even worse because he actually extorted the money by telling ukraine you had six hours to fire that prosecutor -- host: because you said all that, are you truly undecided or have you decided already? caller: i am undecided, leaning more towards trump until i can hear more from joe biden. seems performance, he like he is not the man out front. it is more he is the voice piece for the party. i really want to hear the man tell us what is his take on the issues. host: that is norm in south
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dakota, and undecided voter talking about format and the performance of both gentlemen. night, sayingst chris wallace was the biggest loser. host: that last caller calling the debates a total disaster. we have heard more of that sentiment from some of our callers. plenty of calls last night not to hold the next two presidential debates after how this first one went down. here is a few of those from twitter including congresswoman jackie spear, democrat from california. "we don't need another presidential debate. cancel the next two. this -- two." "cancel therry, remaining debates. it is impossible to have an orderly exchange with donald trump. stop pretending otherwise."
7:45 am
is acarborough, "this disgrace. a low point in american history. there is not one reason joe biden should participate in another debate." margaret sullivan with "the washington post" saying, " cancel the next two." she wrote a column you can see in "the washington post." two more like this one in the near future is simply unacceptable. the idea that either of the two can hope toators control things any better is a dubious one unless the format changes substantially. debate commission, it is up to you now, fix or cancel." one more headline on this from "time" magazine. "america has suffered enough." when it comes to the trump campaign, in politico, their story about the debates and this
7:46 am
idea of canceling the debates, trump aides say they relish the freewheeling debates saying it benefits the incumbent's style. they also had criticism for chris wallace saying "he jumped into often to save biden from himself when he couldn't come up with an answer. -- answer." going on to write that president trump was "jubilant when exiting the stage and many in his inner circle word thrilled with his performance." that from those watching the campaign from his side of the aisle. host: wisconsin, a supporter of president trump go ahead. caller: i think the president is angry because joe biden, o biden and the rest of his clown administration were spying on him illegally.
7:47 am
they used national security letters, [indiscernible] kevin nunez put out a great report on it which we were told was all wrong until the actual facts started coming out. joe biden should be running for president, he should be indicted for crimes against america. hiss to the point where shovel ready jobs are not shovel ready yet. the liberals debunking it, how? i'm just curious? you have suspicious activity reports from the banking institutions about joe biden. his own state department went to him and warned him about hunter's involvement with burisma. but he didn't want to hear it. host: so when it comes to the debate last night, went to the president accomplish, do you think? caller: as much as he could with chris wallace. he is angry when he saw biden
7:48 am
face-to-face host: because he knows what happened. host:when you say as much as he could with chris wallace, what do you mean by that? caller: chris wallace is not a fan of the president, he has never been. chris ask you this, did wallace ever interrupt barack obama? no, never did. he treated him respectfully and called him president obama. i called him because i have respect for the office. host: so you think mr. wallace favored one candidate over another last night? caller: exactly, you -- he cut him off. he basically saved joe biden from joe biden. host: that is rich in wisconsin. in queento pamela creek, arizona. i think joe biden came there to really try to have a but itwith donald trump
7:49 am
was unsuccessful. donald trump came in very angry and i think he wanted a fight about that tax report that came out a few days ago. he came there to be that the american people, to beat up the moderator, to be that joe biden. i think he might have been a little bit successful with that because boy, was he like a bowl. -- bull. not trying to respond to everything that donald trump kept interrupting him about. the republican party needs to do what they did with nixon. tell them it is time for him to get out and go home. host: that is pamela in arizona.
7:50 am
we go to john. host: just wanted to come back to rich in wisconsin, the color just before bringing up the issue of hunter biden, president trump bringing up joe biden's son several times throughout the debate last night. $3.5 millionout from moscow and russia is one of the fact-checks that several fact checking organizations focused on. itofacts.k to pulol they say there is limited and disputed evidence about that issue. president trump hitting on an unverified story about biden's son hunter's saying why, is it just out of curiosity, the mayor of moscow's wife gave your son $3.5 million? a senate report recently said the widow of the x-men mayors sent that money to an american account in 2014.
7:51 am
republicans have tight hunter biden but have refused to share any documents that might substantiate that. hunter biden's lawyer said he had no connection to that account and democratic staff said they have seen the documents that republicans are referring to and that they don't to tie hunter biden to that account. claim they rates that limited and disputed. plenty of fact-check organizations out there playin -- plenty of fact checking going on. here is another on a statement from joe biden, his claim that one in 1000 african-americans have been killed because of coronavirus. it was one of those key moments when talking about the pandemic. they say the statement needs context. it is tough to say how many have died of covid-19 because the government does not have complete information about the race and ethnicity of those that have died. based on limited available data, biden seems to be in the ballpark. the researchmonth,
7:52 am
arm of american public media found that one in 1020 black americans had died the highest mortality rate of any racial group based on the death rate collected by every state and the district of columbia. if you want to see any of these fact-checks, there are plenty of other fact-check organizations as well. host: you can see plenty of what happened last night including the exchange about china and hunter biden. here's a portion from last night. >> china eight your lunch. your son goes there and takes out billions of dollars to manage. also, while we are at it, why is curiosity, the mayor of moscow's wife gave your son $3.5 million. >> that is not true. >> what did he do to deserve it? [crosstalk] >> none of that is true.
7:53 am
>> mr. president, please. >> totally discredited. >> hey didn't get the $3.5 million? >> that is not true. >> mr. president. it is an open discussion. >> it is a fact. >> you raise the issue, let the vice president answer. month with no experience in energy? >> my son did nothing wrong in burisma. >> i think he did. >> he doesn't want me to answer because he knows i have the truth. his position has been disclaimed -- >> by who? >> the media, our allies, the world bank. by everyone. matter of fact, -- >> mr. president, stop. i'm listening to you. >> he got $3.5 million from
7:54 am
moscow. >> he testified and said, i did my job and i did it very well. i will give you the list of the people who testified. >> go ahead. >> you have already fired most of them. >> wait a minute, you get the final word. >> it is hard to get any word in with this clown, this person. >> no. mr. president. >> why did he deserve $3.5 million from moscow? >> we want to talk about families and ethics. i don't want to do that. his family, we could talk about all night. my family lost a fortune by helping with government. every single one of them lost -- [crosstalk] >> this is about the american people. he doesn't want to talk about what you need, you, the american
7:55 am
people. it is about you. that is what we are talking about. host: again, that exchange and others you can see on our website at in maine, we hear from kathy. caller: good morning and thank you for taking my call. last night, i really wanted to hear joe biden's plan. i don't listen much and i needed to hear. i look forward to the debate. i thought it was very disgraceful the way the whole thing went down. . didn't get a chance to listen everything was interrupted. it was mass confusion with the three of them at some point. it was very sad for the american people to have to listen to a debate like that. that is about all i have to say. host: how do you think you improve that? what would you like to see to improve that? caller: i would like to see a
7:56 am
little bit of respect and more consideration for one another. sayinish what they have to in the time that is allotted for them to speak. host: did what you saw last night turn you off to watching other debates, or do you plan to do that? caller: i don't know if i can take another. debatesi will watch the and hopefully, they improve and there is a little more respect and consideration. for each other and the moderator. to finish each segment in the time they were allotted. from kathy in maine, we go to gina in arizona, a supporter of president trump. caller: good morning. the points i wanted to bring up was that the strategy last night, the way i perceive it on the part of the president, was
7:57 am
combat groundqual between he and joe biden, who is in the media, and they have narrative that they all repeat and everybody hears and joe biden just repeats all of that. there is no fact behind it, trump had to knock that halo off of biden's head. that was just the first debate and he did a good job of that. there has been a systemic denial of the american dream for american citizens. that is why trump was elected. he has done a good job of restoring that. let's just stick to reality. our quality of life is better. yes, we had a pandemic unexpectedly, it has been tragic. host: when it comes to the presidents style last night, the amount of force one as he
7:58 am
showed, do you think that was appropriate, do you think he should've pulled back? caller: no. i think it was absolutely appropriate to bring the situation into fair combat zones by the biden is covered media, by pelosi, by the rhetoric that everybody repeats the same thing, including joe biden. host: do you think that even if that is the case, that both men had a chance to fully examine ideas and topics which most people tune into to find out where these gentlemen stand on these issues? caller: that will be next, but we do because we had little glimpses that got through when the partisan hack, who was in the moderator, who come on, he was helping biden out constantly. our economy is better because americans have enjoyed the
7:59 am
economy. host: when you say when chris wallace helped out the vice president, how so, specifically? give me an example. caller: he would give him little qs. -- cues. biden lost his place, didn't know where he was, didn't know what the subject was anymore. the moderator just kind of made light of it and kind of agreed and brought him back. look, bidenus that has orientation, cognitive deficit host: host:. he has issues. we will leave it there. that is gina in arizona. we bring it back to john. host: plenty of back-and-forth on stage last night and on social media. just want to highlight a few of those exchanges last night starting with the former counselor to the president, kellyanne conway tweeting out
8:00 am
the parts of joe biden's a statement where he said that the green new not my plan and then saying later, i don't support the green new deal and then cc aoc and senator ed markey. getting a response from alexandra cossey or cadets -- a ocasio-cortez. she said this isn't news, kelly and. our differences are exactly why i joined biden climate unity task force so we could set aside our differences and figure out an aggressive climate plan to address the planetary crisis at our feet. joe biden'sted out, statement saying "will you shut up, man." another saying that i feel for hillary clinton because i am positive she wanted to say that and couldn't. responseonse getting a
8:01 am
from hillary clinton who simply said, you have no idea. host: we will spend another hour looking at the debate before the house comes in at 9:00. in that hour, you have a chance to call us and let us know what you think of what happened yesterday. one line if you support joe biden, one if you support president trump and if you are undecided, we have heard from several this morning, also, if you support another candidate, call us. tweet and facebook also available. we go to virginia, but as we do so, we will show you some of the headlines from papers across the country particularly from battleground states. this is andre. caller: good morning. advent of twitter and facebook and these debates, for
8:02 am
the most part, everybody has made their mind up. there is not much left where people are undecided. it was disappointed to see what i saw last night. with everything going on in the world today, i guess i am all about class. the president ultimately did not show a lot of class. if that is who the president is, it is what it is. you don't see it against some of whenther world leaders their bounty is being placed on american shoulders heads. .ou don't see the same fire that was disappointing to see. host: when joe biden reference to the president as a clown, you think that was a show cause as well? is definitely not, but i will say this. i have four years worth or 3.5 years worth -- even more if you look at tv shows and all of that of him just not being classy.
8:03 am
it is unfortunate, sometimes. my only hope right now is because even if biden wins the election, i want the country to come together. the only way that will happen is if we know the republican leadership comes in and talk to their party and everyone comes together. my hope is that once mitch mcconnell and crew gets their sixth judge, that they are going to say, you know what, we got what we wanted from this guy and now we have to focus on the country. -- proud or happy about the six conservative judges, but my only hope would be like folks mitch mcconnell are only siding with the president because of the judges and once they get that, mitch mcconnell has set his agenda and has done what he can do as a senator from kentucky, he is going to come back and say let's this country back together. host: that is andre in virginia. let's go to new york.
8:04 am
caller: thank you. i think the president got all of his points across last night. even though all of the biden and things with chris wallace, he still came through to me. got everything covered that i care about. all of the stuff. i've been watching trump for five years. host: what is the issue he addressed last night that you most care about? caller: i like everything that he does. host: was there a specific issue you care about? caller: law and order. host: why is that important to you? caller: because i don't want any problems in my own neighborhood. even though i live in a small town. host: jim in new york. up next is roland and washington, d.c. caller: good morning.
8:05 am
i love c-span because it is nonbiased as opposed to msnbc, the clinton news network and fox. i have some statistics and figures i'm going to run down to you right now. that saysom newsmax 120 7000 blacks and hispanics were incarcerated when harris was california attorney general. to dataaccording obtained from the california department of corrections and saidilitation that offenders were sent to california prisons between 2011 and 2016 under her watch. host: how does that specifically relate to last night? my family,torically, which are african-americans and the indentured irish servants that came over in the 1800s, i can trace my family back for generations were brought here. we are historically republicans, like most black people used to be. democrats, after lbj's
8:06 am
initiation of the civil rights act in 64, that is when we switched. of course, democratic party prostitutes disenfranchised african-americans, hispanics, anyone they can create a fear of fear -- a narrative of fear. host: again, how does that relate to last night? caller: joe biden should not fold. donald trump is appealing to his base. his lowest common denominator. he knows how to do that. joe biden brought a water pistol to a gunfight. and the northeast elitist ivy league educated people need to get off their high horse. sometimes when you find a bully, they have to bully back and they are going to lose because no one once a week president. -- weak president. host: joanne. caller: hi. thank you for c-span letting us
8:07 am
have our opinion. i watched the debate and thought it was horrible, absolutely horrible. i don't know how biden can stand there and take that. he was interrupted all the time, every time. pretty much talked over, screamed out. he did make some snide remarks, but how could he not? chris did not take control over tell trump to not speak over him, to only speak during his time. he only did it maybe one or two times that i saw. i am a supporter of biden. that's it. saw lastor what you night, what did joe biden accomplish? i think he try to
8:08 am
accomplish his points. watching all of the campaigning and stuff, i do feel that joe biden has a plan for health care. liked obama in office when he was in office. i feel that when this all comes together and it is fact checked, biden is going to win for the fact checking on this debate. away is going to take obamacare. socialoing to take away security, medicaid. that is just my opinion. it was hard to watch. it really was because there was too much chaos going on and nobody could really get anything
8:09 am
out of it. host: that is joanne in portland. let's hear from north carolina. caller: good morning. about the only thing i got out of the whole debate is a headache. i think chris wallace was a sorry host. trump couldn'tnt keep his mouth shut. i think joe biden looked very weak. i like what president trump is for. i dislike what joe biden is for. all in all, i think the whole thing was not worth watching. i did not learn anything new. i do wish that joe biden would knock off the name-calling. i don't appreciate name-calling in these debates. i don't appreciate people talking over each other. i think chris wallace was sorry
8:10 am
at the job. case,if that is the president trump talking over joe biden and chris wallace at times, would you disapprove of that as well? caller: i don't approve of it. i think chris wallace just lost the whole thing. job.s bad at his he tried to make it about himself. he did try to defend joe biden. he treated president trump with disrespect. host: that is mary in north carolina talking. again, less than an hour, 50 minutes until the house comes in. until that time, we will keep taking your calls on last nights debate. here is john. host: if viewers had any question about what the campaigns want them to focus on coming out of this first debate, go to their social media pages and they will tell you. this, theinutes ago,
8:11 am
latest from joe biden. there is no other way to put it, the president of the united states refused to disavow white supremacists on the debate stage last night. this part of the debate with an overlay of some of the images from charlottesville and that white supremacists march. [video clip] >> are you willing, tonight to condemn white supremacists and militia groups and say they need to stand down and not add to the violence in a number of these cities as we saw in kenosha and portland? i would say almost everything i see is from the left wing, not from the right wing. i am willing to do anything. i want to see peace. >> do it, sir. >> say it. >> what do you want to call them? who would you like me to condemn? proud boys? stand back and stand by.
8:12 am
host: the joe biden campaign putting that out this morning. clearly, that is where they want people to pay attention this morning. the chop campaign re-cutting parts of the debate as well asking their followers to focus on certain moments including this tweet last night after 1:00 a.m. eastern about joe biden saying he is the democratic party, but when he was asked whether he lifted a finger to tell democratic mayors to stop letting far-left writers destroy their -- rioters destroy their cities, he lamely said, i don't hold public office now. this is that moment from the debate. [video clip] >> i am the >> >> democratic party right now. have you ever called the democratic mayor of portland or democratic governor of oregon and say you need to stop this or bring the national guard or stop
8:13 am
the days and months of violence in portland? >> i don't hold public office now. i am a former vice president. host: again, you can find on the candidates page. georgia. i just have a comment concerning last night. if you want to call it a debate. i feel like it was a great debacle. showedlike joe biden class and some integrity. he was veryecause patient to a certain degree. i think he said what most americans wanted to say. everybody is talking about joe biden going off and making the statement man, shut up, but it
8:14 am
shows that he is human just like the rest of us. he is not trying to be something he is not. he is easily approachable. i think trump was a bully because he bulldozed over the whole conversation. he was rude and disrespectful. it isn't just americans that are looking at this, it is people in the whole world looking at the way america is behaving. -- ifm president of the the president of the free world is acting like this, that makes people thinking what is the rest of america like? i think there is too much division that has been going on. since trump has taken office. i want everyone to work together because i am an african-american. i have a young black man i am trying to raise, my son. with everything going on, that
8:15 am
really gives me pause for concern about just the way that trump looks at everything. he didn't even want to call out the white supremacists. what is that? stand back and stand by? that is one of the most offensive things you can say to an african-american. host: let's go to atlanta, georgia, and undecided voter. caller: thank you for taking the call, excellent program. i basically wanted to say that i thought the debate last night was a fiasco. the context of there was poor statesmanship exhibited particularly by our head of state, donald trump. there was commentary that michelle obama said that really struck a responsive chord. she said when they go low, we go high. i was a little bit surprised and perturbed that joe biden, although seeming to be more civil and respectful and more
8:16 am
dignified from my perspective and analysis, he did somewhat succumb by making the, that a lot of people are talking about, shut up, man. again, when they go low, you go high. i wish he would've taken that particular admonishment. be,ink also, there needs to in terms of looking like -- looking at this, the need to be a real consideration that as president of the united states, the most powerful country probably in the world that is supposed to be exemplary in terms of leadership and certain values, that part of leadership is to be exemplary and to be a paragon and model certain behavior. thought was modeled unfortunately by both, but less by biden was really repugnant and reprehensible. as an undecided voter, you are telling me you don't know at this point who you're going to vote for and last night did not
8:17 am
change things? or is that not the case? i will say this. though i am saying i am undecided, i'm undecided in the context that i may not even actually vote. i do think it is important to have the vote. i definitely would not vote for trump. i don't know if i'm going to vote for biden, although i will say this, he appears to be a little bit more clear in terms of presenting content and substantive points on his viewpoints as opposed to being diversionary. he seems to be a little more candid and forthright. ast: let's go to ohio, supporter of president trump, pauline. caller: good morning. this is my opinion. trump is no bully.
8:18 am
he has an aggressive personality, a forward personality. trump has been trained by the pushrats for 3.5 years to his way seemingly by himself. through his presidential period. trump loves the american people. that is so obvious. we all out here that support trump love him. .e will stand by him was staying and hisd do that without losing followers, i think we would follow him to heaven. host: with all that said, that the president -- what to the president accomplish last night? polished --s not a
8:19 am
you have your country preachers that are not polished, so to speak. trump is not a polished speaker. host: what did he accomplish last night? caller: we won't know yet, will we? we won't know yet. he is really trying. him for thised time period. feels and i he believe he is a very intelligent man. host: ok. let's go to a supporter of joe biden. this is tim. thank you for the program. i just wanted to say that i am really shocked at our country right now, the fact that we have a leader who, last night, could not even [indiscernible]
8:20 am
klan or any ku klux of the white supremacy groups. it is embarrassing. he hasn't done anything as far as bringing our country together. i think last night, if you listen to what was said, there was nothing to deal with what we are going through. nothing put on the plate last night to say that what his plan is to further america. host: did joe biden offer any specifics himself last night about what he would do for america, and if so, give me one. i think when he looked at america and spoke about us uniting as one, and it is the truth, no matter what party you belong to, we all need to unite because we will be better if we all unite together.
8:21 am
i think there is a big division in our country right now and it is not getting any better. host: did joe biden spell out exactly how he was going to do that last night? caller: he did not give a plan because he did not get a chance to. i think the interruptions going on didn't allow either one of them to really put their full plan out. as thelieve that american people, we really need and all of the confusion our president likes to put out instead of facts. i just disagree with chris wallace to begin with because he seemed to be more for biden. i understand our president. he is president. joe biden is not the vice president. he is the former vice president.
8:22 am
sayingid really good at he condemns all races. if they are even purple. hedidn't say purple, but said he condemns all races. he wants peace. my thing is that he is always wrong no matter what he does, people say he is wrong. he has done mightily, well. he has denounced all of these people burning these places. i don't understand or get if it is a white supremacist or black, they are all wrong. he is nothere and say for peace because he is. this other commentary of the person before me, one of the people before me said she is raising a young black man.
8:23 am
i raised a young white man. we are both equal. we want to raise them right, period. there, but you can't sit there and say nothing but black lives matter. all lives matter. oft: south carolina, one many calls this morning on last night's debate. onet of topics including that became a topic a few days ago, and that was the president's tax situation. [video clip] >> a report that an 2016 and $750 a yearu paid in federal income tax each of those years. i know that you pay a lot of other taxes, but i'm asking you this specific question. init true you paid $750 federal income taxes each of those two years? >> i paid millions of dollars in
8:24 am
taxes. millions of dollars in income tax. let me just say to you, there was a story in one of the papers, i paid $38 million one year, $27 million one year. >> show us your tax returns. >> you will see it. pages that so everything i have, every bank i have, i am totally under leverage because the assets are extremely good. >> sir, i am asking you a specific question. i understand all of that. no, mr. president, i am asking you a question. will you tell us how much you paid in federal income taxes in 2016 and 2017? >> millions of dollars. >> you paid millions of dollars? not $750? >> you will get to see it? >> it was the tax laws. i don't want to pay tax.
8:25 am
before i came here, i was a private developer, a private businessman. like every other private person, they go through the laws. he passed the tax bill that gave us all of these privileges for depreciation and tax credits. we built a building, we get tax credits like the hotel. on pennsylvania avenue -- which was given to me by the obama administration, if you can believe that. the man got fired right after that happened. >> would you like to respond? >> i do. the tax code that made him, put him in a position that he pays less tax than a schoolteacher, on the money a schoolteacher makes is because of, he says he is smart because he could take advantage of the tax code. he does take advantage of the tax code. that is why i'm going to eliminate the top tax codes. i'm going to eliminate those and make sure that we invest in the people who need the help.
8:26 am
people out there need help. >> why didn't you do it over the last 25 years? >> you are a president screwing things up. you are the worst president america has ever had. again, all that and more from last nights debate available to you at that is where you can find a lot of the about campaign 2020. even as we deal with the day-to-day issues, other events happening in and around washington dc -- washington, d.c. host: viewers should know there is at least a possibility of a government shutdown that could happen at midnight tonight if the senate does not take action as they are expected to do on a spending plan. c-span's cry kaplan with this tweet this morning from capitol hill. "the senate plans to vote later this afternoon on the house passed short-term continuing resolution." the house passed that sort term
8:27 am
on september 22. that would extend the current funding through december 11 and avert a government shutdown. they are expected to do that. you can watch that action on c-span2. speaking of the senate, the supreme court nominee, amy coney barrett returning to capitol hill for a second day of meeting with senators. again, craig kaplan. with eightshe met republican senators, today will be nine. members of the judiciary committee. all expected to meet with amy coney barrett today. those meetings occurring at the senate judiciary committee has released to the traditional supreme court questionnaire. that, available at the senate judiciary committee's website.
8:28 am
65 pages of a variety of questions and background information all available for the public to view through the judiciary committee's website. speaking of judge amy coney barrett, her nomination hearings begin on a week from monday. a little over a week from now. some concern among americans about the potential that she "booked," a reference nomination of1987 borke. his wife had a letter to the editor in yesterday's "wall street journal" in which she talked about the hearings and what joe biden did when it came to her late husband's supreme court nomination hearings. she writes in her letter, "most
8:29 am
people dollar member the hearings on robert bork, but i do. i was there during the four months of vicious political campaigning against this judicial nominee, my husband. in the senate hearing room, then, joe biden presided over a rigged hearing full of unprecedented levels of lying and distortion of a man known as integrity and judicial wisdom. democrats fragrant lee lied about his record of opinions. on day four, senator biden was accused of plagiarism and how to drop out of his presidential race. 33 years later, he is still a man without a compass guided now by prevailing progressive winds. will all have tears in our eyes if joe biden is elected president. host: about a half hour to go before we go to the house, that is your opportunity to call and let us know your thoughts. people texting this morning. anthony from riverside, illinois saying come up my take away from
8:30 am
us night's debate is that there isn't a need for another. from north carolina -- ime trump's a potter, however, -- i am a trump supporter, however, disaster. was a i think a lot of the president's attitude has to do with a lot of the attacks he has enjoyed it during his presidency. they would stick to the plans and share so americans can decide. from indiana -- joe biden did the best he could have. if he had fought back, the media weak.have said he looked again, texting is available during this time on a social media sites as well. we go back to our phone lines. natalie in washington, d.c., supporter of joe biden. good morning. caller: good morning. i would say, you've want us alone he did the best -- leave chris wallace alone, he did the best he could do. none of this was scripted prior
8:31 am
to. people ought to leave him alone as it relates to that. when i look at the trump campaign, all he does is complain, lie, and don't take responsibility for anything. so in this case, if that is what he wants to do, blame someone job.because he did a lousy i think he was a bully, he was rude, he was disrespectful, he avoided questions like when chris wallace asked him about his taxes, he wasn't transparent about that. he can't give you a number of what he paid in his taxes. the comment about the proud boys was just absolutely unfathomable. i am a black woman, and now i have a mindset to be afraid of what i think are ." oud boys host: should the former vice president answer questions about
8:32 am
whether he will expand the supreme court? caller: i don't think you have to put everything on the table. what you are talking about with the elections for the supreme ginsburg,h ruth bader you have mcconnell and graham, talking them publicly about the election year, that --y should not put a judge nobody cares about that. nobody is looking at that, they are bulldozing ahead. i think joe biden did the best he could with the information with the time he was allowed, but i like that he resonated with the american people. he kept trying to look to us and talk to us about things. he talked about the coronavirus and i liked how he talked about that. he was trying to talk about some of the taxes. every time -- whatever he was trying to convey, again, he got bullied by president trump. and we have trump on the side
8:33 am
touting about mexico having paid for the wall and they didn't. host: that is not only in washington, d.c. let's go to crystal in wilmington, delaware supporter of president trump. caller: good morning. i just wanted to comment on the debate. i watched it, and i was a little bit dismayed and is a bit embarrassed, because the whole world is watching this. i think president trump missed a lot of opportunity that he could have stated things that biden had said, done, and stood for. when biden stood up there on the democratic platform and they said, who would agree to medicare-for-all? he raised his hand. so the -- to come back now and say i don't want to destroy private insurance, that is a lie. everybody knows that his and his other family members got rich after he became the vice president.
8:34 am
if this was on their own merit, why was it -- why was it not happening before he was vice president? family. himself and his host: as far as the president's performance last night how would you rate it? caller: i think he did a decent job. i don't think he did the job he could've done. host: what would change that, do you think? caller: like on issues with black america, this president has helped the african-american community more than any other president in my lifetime, and i have 58 years old. he didn't talk about the bestric lack colleges historical black colleges that used to come back every year funds. for he didn't say anything about the opportunity zones created in the minority communities so that people can acquire jobs. joe biden and obama were in office for eight years.
8:35 am
they want to come now and act like, we have got these problems and i can solve it -- you had eight years to do something about that position. host: ok, that is crystal in delaware giving us her thoughts on last night's debate as many of you have done. many of you also mentioning the international aspect of what is happening here. with that, here's john. john: pedro, crystal just saying, "the world is watching." this is from international newspapers. the independent out of ireland with this headline -- chaotic first presidential debate sees joe biden tell donald trump to shut up. this from the times of india -- a messy debate ends with a dire warning from trump, "this is not going to end well." -- from citizen tv in kenya -- insults are the first debate. from this newspaper in new zealand -- hard to get in a word
8:36 am
with this clown. worst insults and best quotes from last night's presidential debate. one more from australia -- the insults between u.s. president donald trump and democratic rival joe biden get thick and fast during last night's presidential debate in what some would say was a train wreck and disgrace. host: here is kathy from ohio, joe biden supporter, good morning. caller: i would just like to say bullyingp was as usual , blustering. all he did was attack biden about stuff that -- i don't know, it was just ridiculous. and biden did not interrupt trump. speaking,n trump was biden never interrupted him. he had two minutes and he talked -- i don't know what he said because none of it made sense to me. but when biden tried to talk, trump jumped right in there and
8:37 am
interrupted him. so it wasn't biden interrupting, it was always trump. if biden spoke when trump was speaking, it was because trump was interrupting him. i would also like to mention the fact that trump brought up the fact that the recent violence in chicago -- when trump ran in 2016, he talked about chicago constantly, how he was going to get them under control. now, i am glad he didn't, because who knows what he would have done. he would have sent the military theith the infrared -- microwave stuff about was supposed to be used. host: back to last night, for second, what did joe biden do well at in your mind? caller: you know, i think biden tried to talk about the things he was going to do and trump
8:38 am
would interrupt him. coherence inas no that debate. host: do you think joe biden made any point politically, as far as talking about policy? caller: when you say points, what do you mean? host: did he manage to tell a little bit about policy or things he wants to do as president. if that is the case and he did it last night, give me a specific, how did he do well at that? caller: well, that whole debate was so chaotic i know that biden tried to talk about things he was going to do, and he was constantly interrupted by trump. and because it was so chaotic, i was just standing there screaming at trump -- shut up. host: ok, shawn in miami, florida sight of the next presidential debate. this is an undecided voter. shawn, hello. caller: good morning.
8:39 am
some of your callers are saying that they should end the debates now. there should be two more debates. i want to hear about immigration. that is my big concern. chris wallace was definitely in the corner of biden, no question about that. it looks like wallace and biden were getting up on trump. that one caller is absolutely wrong about chicago. chicago under biden and obama had murder rates off the chain under the administration. i wanted the next debate here to be about immigration, because there are 8 million illegals in one state alone in california. nobody is talking about the gang problem with these illegals. that is why i am undecided, i mean, i still say trump should have been stronger on immigration. host: are you undecided between who you are going to vote for, though? caller: i am like one of the callers, i might sit out this election. i don't know. like i said, you have so many
8:40 am
illegals, nobody is talking about immigration. that is the next question that should be brought up in the next t debate, what is your stance on immigration, because right now, we are hearing about black and white and all that, but we have whole group that is coming in. if you come here legally, that is fine, but illegality, i don't know how this is going to play out. host: when it comes to the election, what would drive you to not vote? what would be the thing to cause you not to vote? caller: i feel like law and order i feel that president trump should definitely do something about sanctuary cities. host: but i am asking you about what is the thing that would drive you not to vote in this election? caller: i would probably not vote in the election if they say that illegal immigration is fine says, i have not going to stop the sanctuary cities, my hands are tied, i
8:41 am
can't do nothing. like what is going on with the rioting. against the governor has more power than the president in stopping the national guard from doing your duty. host: ok. let's go to san diego, supporter of president trump, amanda, good morning. caller: good morning. i think president trump did a really good job last night on the debate stage. but iked aggressive, think he was able to articulate his accomplishments in the last 47 month that he was in office. and vice president biden in the last 47 years that he has been in the government. of the callers or saying about president trump not answering about his taxes -- well, there is a tax code on rich people that they can claim losses. maybe he didn't pay as much as we pay, but that is how it is. maybe they should have changed the tax code. host: do you think the tax
8:42 am
question was a fair one for president trump? but,r: oh, i think it is, for me, it wasn't really that important. for me. you know. i know a lot of people that don't pay as much tax as i pay because i am in the middle class section of the country. but i felt that he did his job as a president, especially with the supreme court. it is his responsibility to make sure that the vacancy is filled before the election, there could always be something wrong with mail-in ballots and some corruption. hopefully not. but there is only a people in the court. i don't know what is going to happen. host: ok, amanda in san diego, california. of all the topics last night,
8:43 am
one of those was about the pandemic and both candidates' response to that. and within that was the topic of masks. >> you have begun to increasingly question the effectiveness of masks as a disease-preventer. in fact recently you have cited the issue of waiters touching their masks and touching plates. the ou questioning pres. trump: i think masks are ok. i have a mask right here. i put it on when i think i need it. tonight is an example. everybody has had a test any have social distancing. but i wear masks when needed. when needed, i wear masks. i don't wear a mask like him. every time you see him, he has mask. he could be speaking 200 feet and he shows up with the biggest mask i have ever seen. [laughter] : vice president biden, go ahead, sir. fmr. vice pres. biden: we provided money --
8:44 am
i was asking about masks. mr. biden: masks make a big difference. his own head of the cbc said if everybody were a mask and social distanced between now and january, we would probably save up to 100,000 lives. and matters. pres. trump: they have also said the opposite. mr. biden: no serious person said the opposite. pres. trump: dr. fauci said the opposite. mr. wallace: one minute left in the segment. pres. trump: he changed his mind and said -- virginia.s go to mary is a supporter of joe biden. good morning. caller: good morning. i think the debate really shows trump in his true nature. comment, a statement that he would be likable in a china shop. i think he was more like an elephant in a china shop.
8:45 am
i just really shows who he is. very proud of joe biden. i think a lot of it was thought he was the leak, they made comments about his mental stability, and i think he really held it. especially when donald trump, son -- whereis is hunter, where is hunter -- he knows that would be a trigger. but i really am so proud that biden held it together when he tried to keep on pulling him and drawing in him to the mud fight. -- and iican-american am speaking to all of these african-americans here in this country, you really better think about what he said. and i am glad. i have never heard of the proud boys. but he has definitely put them on my radar. host: ok.
8:46 am
dave in lake geneva, wisconsin, supporter of the president, good morning. caller: i hear everybody talking about how he was interrupting and interrupting, but nobody says why he was interrupting. he was interrupting to fact check joe biden in real-time. i think everybody would be better served if maybe they changed the format inside of letting a politician alive for two minutes and then another try to correct them for two minutes. may be shorter, 30 seconds back-and-forth so that they can get more of a natural debate where they go back-and-forth. host: you think you can get that much more information out in 30 seconds? caller: well. maybe let them have a minute first and then a round of 30 seconds on the next topic, they moved from topic to topic so quickly. the president knows that. . he is going to vote to another question but he will not have a .hance to respond
8:47 am
so i think maybe if they change the format, everybody would calm down a little bit and try to get their two cents worth. host: david in wisconsin. there is a format change coming, a town hall debate set for miami. as you probably heard, our own steve will be moderating the event. the final debate in nashville on october 22. you can find that information on the website. more information coming your way from john mcardle. john: pedro, in terms of who americans think won the debate last night, we will get more the cominglls in days, but last night in the instant reaction polls from news organization, you can have your pick of who won dependently elect. a few examples -- cnn's poll had it at 60% for biden, 28% for trump. this from the spanish-speaking
8:48 am
news organization telemundo -- there poll said 66% saying trump won the debate. poll on noting their who won the debate saying 48% for biden, 41% for trump. again, we are expecting more accurate polling in the coming days after the debate. itwill see if and how changed the contours of the race. let me give you a sense of where it stands today at least according to the national polling average from nbc news. their average of the 10 most recent national polls have biden up 49.9% to donald trump's 42.1% nationally. of course, the race will be decided in the states. the news organization with their polls including pennsylvania polls, the latest
8:49 am
abc news-washington post poll had biden up 44%. when it comes to florida, it had him down to trump's 47% to trump's 51%. they abc next poll, 54% to 44%. in michigan, the abc all, 52% for biden, 44% for president trump. all of these are available online. we will be in today to watch the polling as it trickles down here to under 35 days until election day. host: linda from mississippi, supporter of joe biden, go ahead. caller: i just wanted to say, the two ladies that called in, one that said she wanted her son to be just like trump, i want to tell her, your son is in trouble. and the woman said that she wanted to go to heaven with trump -- i don't want to go to that kind of heaven. --y are talking about trump
8:50 am
they are talking about biden and calling him a clown. they realize that trump called hillary clinton a crook. night'st from last specifically, what did you think of the debate and biden's performance? caller: i think joe biden did good. i was disappointed in him a little bit, but overall -- but president trump and even answer no questions. host: when you say you were a little bit disappointed in joe biden, what do you mean? trump. when he didn't -- look, you are talking about my family, let me tell you some things about your family, i mean, right is right. host: linda in mississippi. let's go to sharon from virginia , supporter of president trump. good morning.
8:51 am
caller: good morning. i am calling because my main problem with the debate was it was not a debate. i feel that the moderator, chris wallace, was biased. i feel that trump was debating both joe biden and chris wallace. chris wallace definitely showed bias to biden. , withnt-blank asked trump he disavow supremacists? he did not point-blank asked biden if he would disavow antifa and black lives matter. black lives matter is a wonderful sentiment. however, if you look at the charter of black lives matter, there are some very not nice things under that charter. again, ahing is,
8:52 am
debate should be a debate between the two candidates. what i saw was two minutes of trump, two minutes of joe biden and then it was an open discussion, but it was not an open discussion. chris wallace jumped in and, in my opinion, debated with trump. he did not do that with biden. so i was very disappointed in the debate format. over and beyond you support of a candidate. host: let's go to fed let in brooklyn, new york supporter of joe biden -- philip. caller: hi, how are you. one of the things we have in america that is really important is referees. would have referees for games, we have teachers, people that really handle stuff. the debate last night, we had somebody that wouldn't pay attention to the rules. either constantly interrupting. --e witty that the
8:53 am
somebody that behaved in a way that you wouldn't accept. if you were a teacher, you wouldn't accept that from a small child. think about this, the president of the united states couldn't control himself, yet he has his finger on the nuclear trigger. he is in charge of covid response. he has so many responsibilities but he showed he is a man that can't control himself. this is a very unfortunate situation. host: you support joe biden. how did he perform last night and what did he do well? caller: i thought joe biden didn't get in the mud with trump. i thought joe biden spoke to the issues and actually told the american people the truth, which is something that donald trump dust host: give me an example of mr. that.doing caller: when he looked directly into the camera and he talked about how, i care about you i
8:54 am
covid. something about those were instances where i think he did very, very well. host: on the topic of covid and the overall effort on campaigning, that was yet another line of question in the night.last here is a bit of that. [video clip] >> president trump your holding large rallies with crowds packed together. >> outside. >> outside, yes sir. vice president biden, you are holding much smaller events. pres. trump: nobody would show up. it is true, nobody shows up to his rallies. mr. wallace: in any case, why are you holding big rallies and why are you not? pres. trump: people want to hear what i have to say. i have 25,000, 35,000 show up at airports. mr. wallace: are you not worried about covid? pres. trump: so far we have not had any problems whatsoever. it is outside that is a big
8:55 am
difference according to experts. we have tremendous crowds, as you see, and literally on 24 hours notice, and joe does the circles and has three people someplace. lastiden: one of the rallies he had, in reporter came up to him to ask a question and he said, stand back and put on a mask, have you been tested. far way from those chiseled. i am going to be ok. he is not worried about you or the people out there breathing on one another. pres. trump: we have had no negative effect and we have had 25,000, 35,000 people at these rallies. mr. biden: he has been totally irresponsible in the way in which he has handled the social distancing and people wearing masks, basically encouraging them not to, and he is a full on this. get. trump: if you could the crowds he would have done the same thing, but you can't. nobody cares.
8:56 am
host: snippets of what you can see in the debate last night, all of that available on the website, we go back to john. john: the candidates just now talking about campaign events and rallies, plenty more on that front coming up in the days to come. let's run through the candidates' schedules. today, president trump will hold a rally in minnesota that is going to be followed i remarks -- followed by remarks at an annual new york fundraiser for catholic charities taking place virtually. the president and joe biden are expected to make appearances this year both virtually. then at the president is headed on friday to sanford, florida for one of his make america great again event. then wisconsin, la crosse and green bay wisconsin. joe biden schedule -- taking one of his favorite modes of transformation, the train to
8:57 am
, departing from cleveland, billed as the "build back better train tour." it will have five stops in ohio, latrobe, pennsylvania ending in johnston, pennsylvania. focusing on those two battleground states. when it comes to the vice-presidential candidates, we know the vice presidential debate is the next one on the schedule, happening on october 7, wednesday of next week in salt lake city, utah. when it comes to vice president mike pence's schedule, today he will be holding an event in council bluffs, iowa. he has yet to tweet -- he has three etweeted several things about the debate last night. his focus is on the supreme court and judge barrett being on capitol hill, writing yesterday -- american people deserve
8:58 am
justice like amy coney barrett, and the american people deserve nine justices of the supreme court. she will be back meeting with senators, her second day meeting with senators. when it comes to come a horace, this was her take on the debates at around 11:30 last night eastern -- tonight, america was presented with a choice, a leader who offers a clear path forward versus an angry, interrupting bully. host: and we have just a few minutes before the house comes in. let's go to saint peters, missouri, a supporter of president trump. mark, go ahead. caller: thank you for taking my call. i just want to say that the debates last night were somewhat chaotic. i think they have to have a different format going forward so that the american people can't really understand where they stand. issue.hey stand on i have a question i am hoping your colleague, i believe his name is john, might be able to fact check for me -- my comment
8:59 am
says that the american people, we should wait until the election to have a supreme court justice nominated. biden refuses to put forth a list. if you wanted people to vote for him and people to have a better understanding of where he stands on this, i think he would release a list prior to the election so that people can take that information and use that. host: ok. that is mark in sync peters, missouri. finishing up calls -- that was mark in saint peters, missouri. finishing up calls, on the debate that took place last night the first of three for the presidential candidate's. the full schedule of the debates is on you can follow along and watch the debates also there too.
9:00 am
stay with the website in the network as we continue to cover campaign 2020. with that said, we go to the house of representatives. the speaker pro tempore: the house will be in order. the chair lays before the house a communication from the speaker. the clerk: the speaker's rooms, washington, d.c. september 30, 2020. i hereby appoint the honorable henry cuellar to act as speaker pro tempore on this day. signed, nancy pelosi, speaker of the house of representatives. the speaker pro tempore: pursuant to the order of the house of january 7, 2020, the chair will now recognize members from lists submitted by the majority and minority leaders for morning hour debate. the chair will alternate recognition between the parties and time equally allocated between the parties and each member other than the majority and minority leaders and minority whip


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