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tv   Washington Journal First Presidential Debate Phones  CSPAN  September 30, 2020 9:31am-10:01am EDT

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essential nutrients that whole milk provides. i'd like to close by thanking hardworking men and women who have the 24/7, 365-day a ear job of running our dairy farms. thank you for working tirelessly to ensure that we have access to delicious, nutritious, and top-quality milk. thank you, mr. speaker, and i yield back the balance of my time. . the speaker pro tempore: pursuant to clause 12-a of rule 1, the chair morning is john mcardle. . >> there were plenty of interruptions but cnn found when
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it came to actual speaking time, president trump and former vice president joe biden were pretty evenly matched. donald trump with just over 39 minutes. joe biden with just under 38 minutes of speaking time. when it came to those interruptions, slate trying to track each one of those interruptions last night. jeremy stoll is a reporter. he notes president trump interrupted the former vice president 128 times. that number dwarfs the 51 times he interrupted hillary clinton in their first presidential debate in 2016. biden interrupted dozens of times, but it was no match for president trump's interruptions. chris wallace asking the president at least 25 times to stop interrupting. more debate by the numbers for you. this is from google trends. their top searched issues during
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the debate. number one, unemployment. supreme court, the economy, race, care, wages, abortion, immigration, social security, and climate change. from issues to actual search terms, merriam-webster sending out postdebate top words searched. they include white supremacist, antifa, petulant, fascism, debate, racism, systemic, poll watcher, moderator, bully, and standby. host: john will join us throughout the morning with that type of information. you are reacting. stephen on facebook saying watched the debate. regardless if you are a republican or democrat, the bar is so low it is disgusting. i never heard such political ramblings in my life.
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blamewallace tried to anarchy on the right with 99% of the problem is on the biden left. fist was in office for one of our nation's existence and now he things he can fix it. president trump turned off the voters he needed to move up in the polls. the president panic? after last night's debate no decent american would vote for trump. that was one of the topic discussions from last night. here is a bit featuring a question from chris wallace. >> you have repeatedly criticized the vice president for not calling out antifa and other left-wing extremist groups. are you willing to condemn white supremacists and militia groups and say they need to stand down and not add to the violence in a number of cities as we saw in kenosha and as we have seen in portland? mr. biden: do it.
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president trump: i would say everything i see is from the left-wing. chris: what are you saying? president trump: i want to see peace. mr. biden: say it. president trump: what do you want to call them? chris: white supremacists. president trump: proud boys, stanback, standby. somebody has got to do something about antifa and the left. mr. biden: his own fbi director said they were white supremacists. antifa is an idea, not an organization. that.i director said chris: we are done, sir. antifa is bad.: mr. biden: you have no idea. president trump: antifa is a dangerous, radical -- chris: we are moving on. host: we start this morning with
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richard from california, supporter of joe biden. what did you think of last night? caller: i thought it was disgrace -- a disgrace in democracy by trump. obviously the guy is totally scared of losing. he had no policy. like an unhinged person on steroids. noted quorum. -- no decorum. no boundaries in terms of the debate in terms of the rules and regulations, just like he has been his whole life. just like he has run this country. he was chaotic. he was a bully. he was vicious. he was angry. host: what did you think of joe biden's performance last night? caller: i wanted him to fight back in certain areas. there are so many areas trump is
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vulnerable. not only with his family. house andn the white people profiting from him being president. there is so much of that. even the tax returns and money to foreign governments. but trump is a narcissistic personality. host: let's go to john in michigan. caller: thank you very much. one point and the debate not talked about enough, when joe biden said -- he didn't say he would not commit to not packing the supreme court. won'tgets elected, and he -- trump will route him -- if he gets elected and packs the supreme court, he will render the u.s. supreme court illegitimate. the supreme court will become illegitimate. number two, and trump talked about this.
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joe biden has been a politics for 47 years. where has he been? all these policies he wants to push forward. he was a u.s. senator voting in 1972. he was vice president for eight years. now he wants to do all these things. i was proud of president trump. hi thought president trump wasn't aggressive enough. host: even after what you thought last night? caller: absolutely. he needs to be more aggressive. the stakes could not be higher. the left has no regard for of law enforcement, for our police officers that do an incredible job for our country, for our military. they want to degrade our society. host: let's go to rico in college park, maryland. supporter of joe biden. caller: good morning. how are you? host: go ahead. caller: i watched the debate. it was overall a bad feeling in general watching it.
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it is not how things should be done. bad,st made everyone look down to chris wallace the moderator. been working for government for 47 years. that doesn't automatically mean everything he ever want to get done should automatically get done. he is one person of several hundred members of congress. when you think about it, the world we live in was different 40 years ago, different 30 years ago, different since march. host: do you think joe biden was effective last night? caller: in a sense, yes. he got what he was trying to do. he was trying to talk through trump directly to the camera, which i take was the strategy to talk to the american people. he could only be as effective as one could be further debate that has never happened in that since before. host: that is rico in maryland.
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let's go back to john mcardle. john: in a nod to social distancing and pandemic precautions there was no pre-debate handshake and a postdebate spin room. bothy of spin last night, pre-and post debate. starting with the predebate on the airwaves and on the internet. this story from cbs news. the tram campaign flooding the airwaves with debate day add blitz. a seven-figure digital add blitz according to cbs news, promoting a two-minute clip that features carrie lam, a black truck driver with granting president trump -- with president trump granting him a second chance. here are about 40 seconds of that had. >> i did it. trump is a godsend.
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he is life he is a second chance. he is a second chance. say -- nah, he is way more than that. i don't have the luxury to worry about freaking roe v. wade. i don't have the luxury to worry about that. i am too busy trying to keep my family fed. think about that. for the first time in my life i actually see a way out. john: that is from the trump campaign postdebate. the biden campaign responding with its own seven-figure add buy. politico noting the campaign taking over some of the most extensive digital space on the top including youtube's
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page, aol, yahoo!, cnn, fox news, pandora, univision, reddit, cbssports, and more. most places featuring this short ad from the biden campaign. [video] >> this job is about protecting americans, not tear-gassing them for a photo op. it takes strength, courage, compassion, resilience. that is a president. host: here is more off of social media. bill from twitter saying the program should have been titled "the un-presidential debacle." who caught the great trump interrupt show? i stopped counting at 70. robert saying the questions joe biden refused to answer says volumes. jim saying a call yesterday said there should be a kid with his finger on the mic button the shutdown interruptions. i agree. ray, a supporter president
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trump. caller: thank you for taking my call. i agree with the trump supporter who called earlier. trump has done more in four years then biden has done his entire career in congress. sayi add, how can biden fraud inno evidence of the mail when they found mail dumped in ditches? host: what do you think president trump accomplished last night? he thumped biden with the truth. host: how so? caller: by calling out biden on the mail, the new green deal. the new green deal costs trillions of dollars. not billions.
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trillions. that will do away with fossil fuels and coal? the lifeblood of our energy. how can you convert all these houses? host: let's hear from ken in fremont, california. a supporter of joe biden. caller: i would like to say i joe bidence president did an excellent job last night. he came out with a book called "conscious of a conservative." biden was the clear winner last night. i thought his best debate lying came whenid -- line
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he said get out of your bunker and out of your sand trap and do what needs to be done for the american people. host: from christopher in minnesota, and undecided voter. go ahead. caller: hi. i saw the debate last night it was just out of control. i really liked what joe biden had to say but i'm not sold on what president trump had to say and i'm not sold on went biden was trying to tell us. -- what biden was trying to tell us. -- i'm still undecided on what to do for this election. this is the most consequential election we have had in history since george w. bush and al gore in 2000. the american people -- we have
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all been struggling. the constitution states everybody who is struggling gets a fair fight to help in the democratic process. host: when it comes to a specific issue you were concerned about, what would it be? dealing with the racial injustice issues with the and to megeorge floyd that was tragic. needthe fact is that we barrett that amy coney is pretty good for a judge, but unfortunately i don't think it's going to happen. we will find out. host: on those two issues you did not learn anything from what the candidates brought last night? both issues were discussed. caller: i learned a few things,
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yes, but i am still not concerned about what biden will do. i am very concerned about what trump is doing. i'm still undecided. i'm sorry. i am struggling to figure it out. host: that is christopher in minnesota. paul in indiana, evansville. a supporter of president trump. caller: good morning. -- as soon as the president was talking about his supreme courthe justice. that befored along he even answered the question. that raised trump up. dear reminded me of a boxing match, kind of. sad that we have to
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listen to all of this. not get anything across in my opinion. host: when you said mr. biden skipped, what did he skip? caller: the first 30 seconds he was speaking and they were talking about the supreme court justice election for trump. said 30 seconds about something else. that would get under my caller. when you -- collar. that, the way for i understood it. you don't call a person a clown, an idiot. i don't think president trump said anything nasty. indiana.t is paul in
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the idea of what is known as court packing, he was asked about that it he was some of that exchange. [video] chris: if republicans confirm justice barrett, there has been talk about ending the filibuster or even packing the court, addi ng to the nine justices. you call this a distraction but it was not brought up by the president. it was brought up by some of your democratic colleagues. my question to you is you have refused of the past to talk about it. are you willing to tell the american people whether or not you will support either ending the filibuster or packing the court? mr. biden: whatever position i take will become the issue. the american people should speak. you should go out and vote. you are voting now. let your senators know how strongly you feel. sure younow -- make let people know. i'm not going to answer the
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question because the question is -- president trump: the radical left. mr. biden: will you shut up, man? president trump: it was on your list? chris: no, no. host: a supporter of joe biden, good morning. caller: good morning. debate really needed some work on both sides to be honest about this. i dreaded this day. weelt it is a problem where are not really looking at who we are addressing at this debate. in this case what we saw clearly last night was donald trump doing nothing more than just pounding his brand. that is all he has ever done and all he is ever going to do. you never see any facts coming out of him. where are they coming from? he has not. he's a good salesperson. if that is what this country is
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about, we are done. america is not going to survive. i want to see a president that represents the working people and our rights in the constitution. i felt more of that with joe biden but i know he was lacking in that and he didn't really get enough opportunity to do that. i feel with this one-sided party we are dealing with with the senate majority and trump we are going nowhere. we will continue to be divided. what we have to address is when this debate happens when need to talk about who we are addressing it to, and that is the working people. they pay the taxes. they should be the wasn't have the biggest say in this election. i'm hoping both candidates can understand they need to hear who they are talking to and set of talking about themselves. host: the next debate will be a town hall format with questions from the audience. one more debate after that. next week, the vice presidential
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debate. joe, go ahead. caller: good morning. i was disappointed that both candidates and chris wallace did not talk about something with substance. let's talk about seniors, medicare, medicaid, and the road tax. that is all on the trust fund. the trustreasury owes of 2019.rillion as the law states that if they $700,000 that it costs billion, and $700 they only cost 200 billion to operate, they leave $500 billion in reserve. they are not allowed to keep that money. it goes to a special bond that the treasury department takes. they only pay 1% to 2%.
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they only give it a balloon note to pay interest per year. it will not go away. host: more of that issue should have been discussed last night and that is something you would like to see going over it? caller: definitely. just like obamacare. who paid for that? social security. who pays for the $1200 bose people got -- most people got? that came from social security. we are being robbed. the law states that the treasury department does not have to pay back the government. host: that is joe from north carolina on his issues when it comes to social security and other matters. cleveland being a stop in the candidates' schedules. more on that with john mcardle. john: if viewers did not hear enough from the candidates last night, there is plenty were
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opportunities to come in the days ahead. let's go over the schedules, starting with the president holding a rally today in duluth, minnesota. that is happening at 9:00 p.m. eastern. that will be life on c-span. expected to give remarks at the annual al smith dinner, the new york dinner that raises funds for catholic charities taking place virtually this year. that's on thursday evening. friday, the president expected in sanford, florida, holding one of his make america great again events in the key state of florida. saturday heading to the badger state of wisconsin. bay and green latrobe, wisconsin. joe biden, his schedule expected to head out this morning on a train to work of ohio and pennsylvania. here is how it is described. the build back better trained tour departs from cleveland this morning, make five stops,
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including alliance, ohio, pittsburgh, greensburg, pennsylvania, latrobe, pennsylvania, and johnstown, pennsylvania. to give the democratic nominee a chance to talk about what he will do as president, support working families, and build our economy back better. that's from the biden campaign about the train to work. the train is one of his favorite forms of transportation. he is also expected to give remarks at the l smith dinner. -- al smith dinner. the debate for next week, the christ presidential debate in salt lake city. the next presidential debate will be thursday, october 15, in miami. that is the town hall format. thehursday, october 22, third debate in nashville, tennessee. watch those debates on c-span,, and listen to them
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on the free c-span radio app. host: when it comes to the format from last night a couple of comments from twitter. does boxing have a moderator who tells each fighter he has two minutes to punch with no counter punching allowed? these are not debates anymore. i think they were too many topics that prevented them from going into depth on anything. edward in houston, texas. a supporter of joe biden. caller: can you hear me/ -- hear me? excuse my throat. i thought biden did great. trump did terrible. the reason trump was the way he was is he is trying to clamp down on the voting. he does not want people to show up because he knows the lower the vote, the better for him. his supporters are members almost of a cult. he is trying to clamp down on the voting. it's as simple as that. host: when you say joe biden did
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great, give me a specific. caller: he answered the questions. his demeanor was of a gentleman and a person that actually was serious about the issues. trump was like a bully, like a street fighter. he had no rules. there are no rules for him. host: when you say joe biden addressed the issues, what was the most important issue he addressed last night and how? caller: covid-19 is the most important issue in this country. it is affecting every citizen. it is a threat to our health and our economy. trump, did he touch that? no. caller: how did joe biden address he would handle the pandemic? host: he --caller: he will follow sides. he will be a logical person. he will do what is better for the public. trump is only doing things that are good for him.
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is next ins cleveland, ohio where the debate took place last night. undecided voter. go ahead. caller: i was in charlotte for the convention. i was in new york. the democratic party has nothing going on for itself. in florida you got ron desantos running over the teachers union in brow ward and huffing and puffing, he's doing trump. he's doing what the president tells him. host: what last night you got nothing from either of the candidates? caller: i know who they are. i'm from overdelaware.
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i know who joe biden is. every time we start asking him about the 1994 crime bill, you guys in the media try to protect him. even last night, donald trump confronted him again about calling black men like his predecessor, hillary clinton. you guys always run from that issue. one of the top issues in this country is mass incarceration. and people sitting in jail for marijuana while the dispenseries are opening up. host: and president trump's performance, what did you think of it last night? caller: neither one deserves to be president. we know who president trump is. host: specifically from the performance last night what did you think? caller: he got to go. beyond that you look at our foreign policy, it's time to end the cuban embargo. 60 years, 2313 presidents, it's time for the embargo to go. host: ok. to mary in rock ledge, florida, supporter of president trump.
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go ahead. caller: good morning. not ncerned about people noticing -- there are so many people that are really home bound right now watching a lot of tv. here in florida it's a big issue about the health issue. but i watch all the time to see what these candidates are up to do. it looks like to me like it's almost like a program of mayberry. host: how do you relate that to last night? caller: because trump actually talked sense. nd biden, to me, is like barney.


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