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tv   Prime Ministers Questions Prime Ministers Questions  CSPAN  October 5, 2020 12:01am-12:41am EDT

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>> god bless our president. god bless our president. i would die for that man. the u.s. supreme court begins its new term monday, hearing oral arguments via conference call. listen to the oral arguments live or on-demand at she -- court. >> boris johnson talked about the government's response to the pandemic following a surge in positive cases and new restrictions across the country. he spoke before members of the house of commons. trust in this house and not treat with the contempt it has shown. >> we come to questions for jacob mccartney. >> the whole house will want to join me in conveying deep
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sympathies to the friends of sergeant matt rataknow who was killed on friday, the huge debt we owe to those who put their own lives at risk to keep us safe every day. they make a huge difference to the national and cultural life, helping to make britain a better place to be but this is a moment to celebrate their contribution to our country. i have meetings with ministerial colleagues and others later today. >> the events sector, with music events, supported million
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jobs, devoted to the uk economy. it is devastated by covid-19, will the prime minister look at financial support focusing on grants, not just loans officially freelances. will government support proactive covid-19 texting events to reduce confidence and start to allow the event industry to support itself. >> 1.57 billion pounds intended to support those organizations and what he mentioned. where they could be tested before they go is absolutely right and when that day comes the public shows support for this vital sector by visiting theaters as they near.
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>> the leader of the opposition. >> the prime minister, family and friends of the sergeant, this was an appalling incident. when i contemplate the circumstances i shutter and suspect by speaking for a lot of people when i say that. a huge debt that he owed our police officers they take every day to keep us safe. 16 million people, that is one in four are living under local restrictions. in recent months 48 areas in england went to local restrictions but only one has ever come out or stayed out, that is luton. why does the prime minister think that is? >> the right honorable gentlemen is right to draw attention to the importance of
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local lockdown measures. i can tell the house he is absolutely right to say there is a serious growing problem with the resurgence of the virus and that is why we brought forth a package of measures we did last week. the reason for the success of and is local people pull together to depress the virus and follow the guidance and that is the way forward for the entire country and that is what we did before in march and april and no doubt that is what we are going to do again. >> when local it restrictions were introduced the prime minister described them as a wacko mall strategy. that implies the restrictions are lifted. but in fact in some lockdown areas infection rates are still going up but in bradford,
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restrictions have been in place for months. things feel like they are getting worse, not better. i asked the question on their behalf what is the prime minister's strategy of bringing these faces out of restrictions so they can see their families again. >> nobody wants to impose restrictions of this kind whether in bradford or anywhere else and they work closely with local authorities to ensure the right mix of the approach we adopt and frankly, having the virus going up the way it is in some parts of the country and they have to take local action. one important difference in the weight is behaving this time, it does appear at the moment, that the illness is more localized. you need direct local action of a kind we are taking.
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in addition to the strong national measures we announced last week which he supported and whose effect we hope to see in the coming days and weeks. >> one of the major problems from the last 24 hours is widespread confusion about local restrictions. i don't mean the prime minister not knowing his roles. it cuts a surprise to me. let me quote to him the conservative counsel. the government handling restrictions. people pure feel very let down. and his own counsel leaders, and how do the prime ministers
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expect the rest of the country to follow the rules. >> people in this country do understand and we still follow the rules and in spite of the efforts of the leader of the opposition and continually tried to snipe from the sidelines to undermine what we are trying to do, he mentions the restrictions in the northeast and i clear that matter up as fast as i could. and socializing out of that. people understand. and we are doing it together.
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and do i ask him to be a little bit consistent, shed some support, let's hear him tried to instill confidence in the british people in the measures that he supports. >> the idea, the idea that anybody who asks the prime minister a question in prime minister's questions is undermining government effort is wearing a bit thin. we have openly supported the restrictions but it is perfectly reasonable to ask if they are working. mister speaker, i spoke to the leader of newcastle yesterday and he said the opposite problem apart from government messaging is lack of economic support provided local communities on the restrictions.
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newcastle counsel indicated by the end of the year 10,000 jobs in hospitality wouldn't be lost which many businesses are forced to stay closed. but for these restrictions these are viable jobs. why has the government decided these jobs aren't worth saving. >> we are going to repeatedly, the economy will do everything to save every job. i saw the labor leader of newcastle, surprised by what he said. to the best of my knowledge they are calling for the measures they put in. the best way to protect our jobs and economy is to continue to work together to comply with measures to drive down the virus, keep children in education which is a priority
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for the country and to keep the economy moving. that is the strategy, the approach he supported last week, which is it? he has to make up his mind. he supports these restrictions. >> every single time the prime minister introduced, the question i have asked is covid-19 restrictions, lots are at risk. lots of people jobs, 10,000 people jobs because of the restrictions. i support restriction but can the economic support, he did not for that. 10,000 people denounced that because they will lose their jobs by christmas.
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the reality is a political choice, with health restrictions coming in. if the prime minister doesn't accept that from me maybe he will listen to the following example from the chancellor's own constituency. this is a business owner, might want to listen to what he has to say. in richmond, the chancellor's latest plan does nothing to help us. we can't employ people -- not allowing it to take place. simply can't afford to pay wages when events were in lockdown. these jobs are viable, to allow terms to work. a fantastic insult to suggest their jobs are not worth saving. it is about what the prime minister has to say to those who risk losing jobs to businesses.
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what does he say to that business owner? >> very important just to remind everyone this is prime minister's questions, not opposition questions, prime minister. >> i think the answer is very clear and last week the labour party supported the package of economic plans the chancellor put forward and looking at $190 billion we invested in supporting people across the country. the furlough plan alone is far more generous than any other european country. most people see this government is putting it around people in this country helping them through. the wedding sector had a tough time and of course i feel for the gentleman you referred to
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in richmond who wants the visit to go ahead. all other business in the country, we all pull together now, get the virus done, keep the economy moving and in the meantime this government was able to supply the support needed, because we had a prudent sensible party in power over the last ten years. the labour party bankrupt to the country. >> refreshing to the prime ministers did the chancellor out of the hole for a change but i don't think that would wash. the problem with his argument to this. these are viable jobs with restrictions. the new jobs don't exist in the training scheme the prime minister announced doesn't start until april 3rd. there is a gap of the prime minister between those whose jobs are at risk.
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the start of black history month, as well as celebrating the huge contribution black people made to the uk we must also reflect on the present and the structural inequality and discrimination that exists. black women in the uk are five tweet times more likely to die in presidency than childhood. that is truly shocking. will prime minister commit to addressing this and launch an urgent investigation? >> the gentleman knows this government has an urgent investigation into any qualities across the whole of society and we will certainly address them in a thoroughgoing way. i'm amazed he seems ignorant of that fact. it is quite an extraordinary state of affairs, in the
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general volume of questioning. one moment he is supporting the restrictions and the next, he seems to be opposing them. one day marching side-by-side with the rest of us trying to defeat coronavirus and sparring from the sidelines and it was the right honorable lady, the shadow education secretary revealed what labor is about, he said this is a good crisis we intended to exploit. we see this as a moment for the nation to come together and that is what we are doing. we are making tough decisions that will get the country forward. the lifetime skills guarantee that she was kind enough to mention in the huge investment, in affordable housing, this is the government, this is the party taking tough decisions to take this country forward.
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all they want to do is snipe from the sidelines. >> does my right honorable friend agree with me, and the tariffs placed on scotch whiskey to be removed in the second presidential term, the master of urgency to reach bilateral agreement on the airbus going dispute that that can happen. >> i'm grateful to you for raising this. donald trump and others, we continue to take a robust line. it cannot be right that americans continue to pay the odds for scotch, the dissemination should continue and we will fight it every step
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of the way. >> ian blackburn. >> the remarks of the prime minister leader of the opposition. a shocking incident, a wonderful job to keep the rest of us safer. and associate myself with the leader of the opposition and the responsibility that we all have to eradicate inequality. yesterday the scottish social attitude revealed 15% of people trust the uk government to work in scotland's interest. scotland's mps overwhelmingly against the tori paragraph but the prime minister forced it through anyway. and the biggest attacks on
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scottish parliament in the history of evolution. can i ask the prime minister, not a difficult question. why does he think the people of scotland have more trust in him? >> he is completely wrong, what he says about the internal market, and the people of scotland, a clearer account, supported by the leader of the opposition, devolved power back to scotland, gives power back to scotland, enables scotland not just to take control of scotland's spectacular fisheries but also markets, scottish agriculture around the world and the historic day,
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after 23 years this government, lifted the ban on british beef in america and scottish beef will be going to the united states thanks to efforts of the british government and that is a fact that might inform his electorate in scotland. >> i don't know what that was but it is little wonder, 50% and falling after that performance. bubbling, mumbling but no answer. i will tell the prime minister. >> order. i expect the prime minister to be heard. i expect to hear the leader of the s&p, ian blackburn. >> scottish voices shouted down, the tori government
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casually and arrogantly brings international law has shifted any remaining trust in this broken westminster system. lastly was a defining moment, the attacks on devolution fails to gain the consent of the devolved parliament and wales and northern ireland and scotland. will prime minister withdraw the legislation or will he forced through? isn't the prime minister demonstrating how to do that, becoming an independent country. >> the honorable gentlemen says it is to foment grievance or no grievance to exist. all this builds us, actually, devolved power back from brussels, gives power back which he should welcome. the people of this country
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wrangling, protect jobs, protect growth, protect trade, that is the most important thing and why he should supported. >> despite the many challenges, unexpected relief for reductions in noise and evolution from the m 25 during a lockdown. benefits from those on both but it comes at a cost. does my right honorable friend agree to making sure the infrastructure is the backbone of the country, and minimizes the impact on the community. >> my honorable friend is spot on. when he talks about that, we have a vision on this side, the government wants to accelerate the introduction of electric
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vehicles, quieter vehicles in order not just to produce pollution but to reduce noise as well and that is what we are going to do. >> 2.3 million people in wales won't be able to travel out of the county without good reason but people in lockdown areas in england can visit rural wales. it could land you with a fine. but otherwise no problem. i raised this with the prime minister, traveling from lockdown areas, will he make good on this today? >> i am grateful to the right honorable lady, there are different measures in place that i discussed already this afternoon but overall the uk is proceeding with the same approach. everybody else in the welsh
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government the way we are working to gather to defeat the virus. there will be differences and illogic allergies. that is inevitable, inevitable in tackling the pandemic. i'm grateful for the cooperation. >> my constituents will be worth affected by the construction of phase 1, the best mitigation would be a tunnel. does my right honorable friend agree with this decision. constructively with the window of hs 2 group minimize noise. in, and by other means. >> i totally support hs 2 and as a local mp i feel the pain
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and understand where he is coming from. we are having extensive engagement, and i will ask the relevant minister to make contact. >> thank you, mister speaker. the prime minister is that improving the lives of disabled people is a personal mission. his coronavirus act, the right to care for the most vulnerable particularly the disabled, children with special needs and those struggling with mental ill health. how does renewing the act today with his personal mission, nevermind his conscience and will he finally commit to working prosperity to replace these draconian laws to ensure we protect our most vulnerable and safeguard our liberties.
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>> we are making sure everybody in society gets all the protections they need, i'm referring to what she refers to in the care act, and the necessities we temporally had to put them in, the protections they need and that is what this coming will do. >> i welcome the prime minister's announcement on the third hydrogen transport, hydrogen fuel future in the hearts of the energy, does he agree with me that this is how to build back better and greener, with britain as the forefront of a world leading industry? >> i thank my right honorable friend. i'm hearing a lot of good stuff about the clean green future
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the garden green industrial revolution and the uk's first hydrogen transport. i look forward to joining the mayor before long. >> the prime minister will know that next may there are elections to the storage parliament and the question of how scotland's government will be central to that campaign. a key student of the democratic principle, and i can i ask this? of the conservative party and other parties are successful enough insecurity majority of seats in the scottish parliament. would you regard that as a mandate for the union? a simple yes or no. >> i am a keen student of democratic principles as the honorable gentlemen says. i was told there was a referendum in 2014, the people
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of scotland and our country voted overwhelmingly on substantial majority to keep the union. a once in a generation event, the leaders of the scottish nationalist party acknowledge and they were right. >> thank you. the prime minister and i were elected on a manifesto pledged to increase homebuilding and level of our country and there's lots to welcome in the planning but the formula used to out locate them seems to be doing the opposite. it is overshot in terms of numbers and the investment is concreteing down rather than leveling up. could buy right honorable friend commit that when the consultation closes tomorrow he will pledged to change the
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elements of this algorithm? >> i can tell her we are going to ensure we have a planning system that fits the purpose that allows us to give young people for the first time in a generation the chance of homeownership, millions of people are shut out from. we think we can do it in such a way as to avoid desiccated our countryside so i avoid disagreeing the greenbelt, that is what we are going to do. >> debbie abrahams. >> with 71 deaths today, they made 183, can the prime minister tell my constituents what he thinks it is today?
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is it locking down without operational test systems? billions wasted in back room deals on ppe that doesn't fit and more, all of the above. >> it will be plenty of time, which i said repeatedly. she was right to draw attention for others. a serious increase and the position which is serious and that is why i hope she will encourage the leader of the opposition to support more actively your consistency, what the government is doing and encourage her constituents, the best thing to follow the
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guidance, and the safe space, get a test if you have symptoms and where there are local measures that need to be in place look at the website and follow that advice. >> my right honorable friend, the privilege of representing an honorable history. what -- how you mark the successful conclusion on the syrian resettlement regarding giving the uk the international gold standard and providing safe -- bolstering the human trafficking. >> i think him, with 25,000 through conflict zones and we
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meet our obligations for those fleeing persecution and war around the world. >> the fatality sector has suffered hugely as a result of the crisis and facing the decision to change the polls. with the hospitality sector and now at risk and 800 jobs in my constituency, to deserve what is offs do them, and the chancellor and prime minister, these jobs are not worth saving. >> that is why the chancellor, and the retention bonus at the end of january, the chancellor
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has said and the kickstart funds, we now have lifetime skill guarantee to retain the jobs that are going to be created by this economy. >> we mentioned parliamentary groups but determined to do that. the largest regional economy outside london not left behind in leveling of the agenda. will the prime ministers show in the heart of the country, firing up the engine? >> my honorable friend is completely right about that engine and that is why we are investing another 200 million pounds, getting building funds
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into the engine region and i am happy to write to him about what we are doing in the course of the next few days. >> 1000 jobs at rest, this will be unemployment on a scale great -- can the prime minister tell us about that? >> completely misrepresents what the chancellor is trying to do. he only put 190 billion pounds into supporting livelihoods and families and put our arms around people of this country but the most important thing is to get the economy moving, get people into work, at the same
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time the only way to do that is suppressed the virus the way the government set out, with lockdown measures and the national measures that are across party support. >> with excellent emergency units, returned to the a and e, local hospitals struggle that it will return it but can he tried to assure return sooner rather than later? >> yes indeed, i am sure the closure is only temporary. the biggest ever capital investment in the nhs, 34 billion pounds investment to say nothing of the investments
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of the last nine months. >> what we do at the same time. >> in january, only some across the country during the lockdown with everyone in the program. >> they stepped up and provided accommodation on every single person they helped. >> and important point, one of the consolations of this crisis that we were able to prevent so many from succumbing in the way -- it was a great effort by communities, departments and charities working together and we will do what we can to support vital charities to prevent rough sleeping and homelessness. >> the rotary club would like to pass on to the uk government for being one of the top donors in the polio restitution
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initiative which made africa free from wild polio. will trimester join me in monumental contribution to this effort, $2 billion, 2 and a half billion children around the world? >> i think my honorable friend for a fine example of philanthropy of the british people which has been shown clearly throughout the crisis. >> i know the prime minister refused to recognize my figures last week but there is a waiting list of 7000 households. 200,000 are at the risk of imminent eviction. will the prime minister reinstate evictions to prevent bigger housing crisis? >> mister speaker, we changed
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the law to provide six months for eviction. we will not have evictions in lockdown areas over christmas. we are putting 180 million pounds in discretionary spending, to help but what we are also doing is embarking on a huge program to build hundreds of thousands more homes and affordable homes but his constituents. >> it is the main road, with the great city of nourish, and 30 years, they announced now turn to consider it until 2030 at the earliest. what am i right honorable
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friend do to bring hope that more fit more widely to this inextricable decision to be reconsidered. >> to assure my honorable friend i appreciate the temporary disappointment he was experiencing, this was a government that was ambitious for the improvement of our transport infrastructure and active consideration undertaken that project, and meeting with the road minister, with additional schemes from 2025 on words, in this active business and safe arrival >> c-span's washington journal, every day taking your calls live on the air on the news of the day, and we discussed policy
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issues that impact you. monday morning, we preview the new supreme court term and the confirmation hearings for judge amy coney barrett. and, a discussion about the 25th amendment and continuity of government. atch washington journal live 7:00 eastern monday morning. be sure to join the discussion with your phone calls, facebook tweets., and >> president trump feared in a short -- appear in a short video at walter reed medical center where he is being treated for coronavirus. waved to supporters in a motorcade outside the hospital. ride,a reef ride -- reef he returned to walter reed. pres. trump: getting g


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