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tv   Campaign 2020 President Trump Delivers Remarks from the White House  CSPAN  October 10, 2020 1:58pm-2:21pm EDT

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how optimistic are you that democrats are going to be making some big inroads to changes to these congressional districts after the 2020 census? mr. holder: i'm actually very optimistic. rep. clyburn: well you know -- ms. palmer: we will go with the attorney general first. thanks. >> we are living this program and going to the white house and president trump holds his first in person offend since being hospitalized for covid-19. we will address a group at the white house from the south portico balcony and is expected to focus his results on law & order issues. according to media reports, white house officials would not say would be in attendance, but guests are requested to bring a mask with them and where it on the white house grounds. live coverage starts shortly on c-span. ♪
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[cheering] pres. trump: thank you. "]rowd chanting "usa [cheers and applause] pres. trump: well, thank you very much and keep that
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enthusiasm going. get out and vote. we have to vote these people into oblivion. oblivion.into abilit i'm feeling great, i don't know about you. how is everyone? [cheering] i'm honored to welcome -- we call this a peaceful protest -- to the white house in support of the incredible men and women of law enforcement and all of the people that work so well with us. i have to tell you, our black community, our hispanic community, thank you very much. but before going any further, i want to thank all of you for your prayers. i know you have been praying. i was in that hospital. i was watching down over so many people. say hello toto those people. i took a little heat for it but i will do it again.
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on behalf of myself and the first lady, this has been an incredible outpouring. we are starting very big with our rallies and everything because we cannot allow our country to become a socialist nation. we cannot let that happen. that's what would happen. or worse. by the way, or worse. i want you to know our nation is going to defeat this terrible china virus, as we call it. we're producing powerful therapies and drugs. we are healing the sick and we are going to recover. the vaccine is coming up very quickly, in record time. it is coming up very soon. we have great companies doing it and they will be distributing it. we will through our military very rapidly. through the power of the american spirit, i think more than anything else. science, medicine will eradicate
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the china virus once and for all. you see big flareups in europe. big flareups in canada. very big flareup in canada. a lot of flareups, but it's going to disappear. it's disappearing. vaccines are going to help. the therapeutics are going to help a lot. just want to thank everyone this afternoon. what beautiful color. where did you get that color, candace? what a beautiful color. i want to put one of them on a white shirt. i want to thank you, though, seriously. every day, more black and latino communities are leaving behind left-wing politicians and their failed ideologies. failed for many years and many decades. democrats have run nearly every inner-city in america, and i mean for 100 years. their policies have delivered
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nothing but calamity, poverty and trouble. sleepy joe biden betrayed black and latino communities. if you think he can run this country, you are wrong. for half a century, shipping your jobs to china. we are bringing the jobs back. we've been charging china a lot of money with the tariffs. billions and billions of dollars. opening your borders to mass illegal immigration. the wall is now 380 miles long. it will soon be finished. trapping us in endless foreign wars, these ridiculous foreign wars that last for 19 years. our people are coming back home. and selling you out to the rich globalist wall street donors. they have the wall street donors. someday, somebody's going to have to write a little story about that.
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black and latino americans are rejecting the radical socialist left and embracing our pro-jobs, pro-worker, pro-police. we have to have law and order. and pro-american agenda. i want to thank the foundation for organizing this event. thank you very much. and especially your two founders, great people, candace omens and former tucson police officer brandon tatum. thank you both. great job. what a great job. two brilliant, smart, young people. thank you very much for being here. we really appreciate it. to the whitearched house because you understand to protect the lives of black americans and all americans, you have to have your police support you. you have to have that. if the left gains power, they will launch a nationwide crusade
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against law enforcement, and they have already done that. they are doing that at a level no one has ever seen before. the other day in the debate, biden could not even use the words law enforcement. i said use law enforcement. he was bailed out by the anchor. i said, very simply, name one law enforcement group that has supported you. he couldn't do it. he was bailed out by the anchor. he got bailed out by that anchor a lot. taking their funds away, their firearms. taking everything away, including your freedom. joe biden even said when you call 911, a therapist should answer the call. that does not work. but, this is the people telling him what because he doesn't say. he is told what to say. you saw what they introduced today. they have gone through a period of years, no fracking, no fracking. all of a sudden, he gets the
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nomination and says there will be francking. pennsylvania, north dakota, all of you -- if it happens, all of your jobs are gone, those energy jobs are gone if they get in. remember i said it. i don't think so either. i have to say, there has been more enthusiasm. we've had more enthusiasm right thanright now this year we have four years ago by a factor of three times. and we had a lot. and they had none. they have no enthusiasm. chanting "four more years"] they have no enthusiasm. in fact, the gap is so incredible, a poll just came out. i think it's a 56 percent of the people prefer their position now in the midst of a pandemic than
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they did four years ago. think of what that means. poll and ifallup they highest poll ever recorded, 56%. tell me about that. we really had it going and then the plague came in from china but we are getting rid of that and we are rebuilding it and it's going to be better than it was before. an homes and churches is businesses of black and hispanic americans have been looted. they have been vandalized and burned by left-wing fanatics. total bad people. they know what they're doing. yet, biden likes to call them peaceful protesters. from a couple of the very bad, very corrupt networks. behind them, the cities are burning and they are saying these are peaceful protests. you look at everything is on fire. i want to thank our a lot of enforcement.
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i think we probably have the support of every law enforcement group in this country practically. i don't know of any -- there must be some. they will find one tonight. no, he misrepresented. but, we have a level of support the likes of which nobody has ever seen before. i don't think so. you are going to see that. you see how many cricket ballots are being found and turned back in and fraudulent? they will say he does not believe in freedom. i totally believe in freedom. what we are doing is freedom. tremendous problems with the ballots. 50,000 in ohio. 25,000 -- you have to see it. everyday, there's a story about ballots. some thrown out. military ballots were thrown out with the name trump on them, ok? i think we are going to slump them by so much, hopefully it
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won't matter. we have law enforcement watching. we have law enforcement watching all those ballots. they are being found for a reason. left-wing politicians like kamal a harris, who really did not do well the other night. by the way, did our vice president do a good job, candace? that was easy for him. no, he did a great job because we are on the side of right. we really are. by the way, we are, and it is true -- i see it all the time now -- we are draining the slump like nobody in history has ever drained the swamp. we're here today to deliver a united message to police officers all across our great american, every race and color, we love you. every race, color, creed, we support you.
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we honor you. it is a dangerous profession. they have been doing an incredible job. i want to thank them on behalf of everybody here today because that's why we are safe. in contrast, the democrats socialist program and platform -- and it really is more than socialist, it is beyond socialism. communist, yeah. that's about right. announced myly plan to deliver more opportunities, security, fairness and prosperity to the black community, to the hispanic community. and you know what it is, i don't have to go over it but it is the platinum plan. it's going to bring back jobs at a level you've never seen before. and we've done a lot. but, increase capital. it is going to increase money coming into the black community, to the hispanic community where it has been very much shut out
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and advanced homeownership and wealth building. it is already taking place. it is taking place at a level -- had we not been hit by the pandemic, you will see numbers like you've never seen before. but, those numbers are already rebuilding again. we will build up a peaceful and safer neighborhood program like you haven't seen, with the highest standards of policing. we will create a health care system that delivers better care at a lower cost. obamacare is a disaster. we want to terminate it. we want to get great health care. that's what we are doing. and we will always take care of pre-existing conditions, always. i think we are at a point where we are getting it. if you look at what we've done in health care, we have done an incredible job. less expensive health care at a much better health care at a much less expensive price. you can do better than that. it's happening and it's happening fast.
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another thing is school choice. you have to have school choice. i make the statement that people think it's a little bit on the bold side but we've achieved a historic reduction of violent crime. we signed a landmark criminal justice reform bill that no one thought was possible to even think about. i did that. i did that. i got that done. and i worked with a lot of people but we got it done. the obama administration couldn't get it done. biden doesn't even know what it is. we have prison reform. we achieved the lowest black and hispanic unemployment rate in the history of our country. youth unemployment rate reached the lowest ever again in the history of our country. last year, black and hispanic american poverty reached the lowest ever in the history of
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our country. it is all building back up so quickly. we've look at woul what done with criminal justice reform, what we've done with historically black colleges and universities where we funded them -- they couldn't get funded. for years and years, nobody was funding them. you look at what we've done with senator tim scott of south carolina, opportunity zones and the jobs created. i said it strongly. perhaps, criminal justice reform, people say maybe that is the best of all, but the fact is they are all great. i say the fact is i have done more for the black community than any president since abraham lincoln. nobody can dispute it. nobody can dispute it. nobody can dispute it. so, we are now beginning the fastest economic recovery in history. we created a record 11.4 million jobs just in the last four months. that's the fastest ever.
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the u.s. has seen the smallest economic contraction of any major nation anywhere in the world. we have seen the smallest going down. that is an incredible statement. our opponents will crush the comeback with unscientific lockdowns. they want to lock everything down. here we go again. they want to lock everything down. no. we are not going to let it happen. so important you get out and vote. so, we've got a great pole in florida. a great poll in north carolina. a great poll in arizona. a great poll in nevada. just got a great poll in nevada. i think we are doing really well. this is in addition to states we are going to win. george is looking fantastic. think about texas. they have no oil. they don't want oil, then don't want guns, that one religion. i don't think you will win -- they don't want religion.
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i don't think you will win texas very well. we are getting great poles all over the place. they understand it. you know why? it is because of the spirit, the likes of which this country has not seen in a very long time. i just want to thank you all for being on the white house lawn, this beautiful, great lawn. and i'm very proud of this country. i'm very, very proud. i want to thank all of the doctors and labs and scientists and all of the people working so hard because we are way ahead of everybody. i want to thank most particularly you because you people come out and you come out and cheer and you love your country. you get it. you're way ahead of many people in this country. but, the country is getting it. the country is seeing something now. "we love you"] thank you.
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i love you, too. thank you. the people of our country and the whole world is watching, are seeing things now they have not seen in this country for decades. they are seeing a spirit and resilience i have not seen. i just want to thank you. and get out and vote. we have to make this bigger than even four years ago. this is the most important election we've ever had. this is more important than even four years ago. i used to say the most important, and it was true at the time. this is the single most important election in the history of our country. get out and vote, and i love you. thank you. thank you very much. thank you. d applause] ♪
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♪ >> on monday, president trump returns to the campaign trail with a rally scheduled in sanford, florida. we will have live coverage starting at 7 p.m. eastern on c-span2. vice president mike pence is in the orlando area today for several events, including a roundtable with area latinos and a rally later this afternoon. the campaign swing comes a week after trump's planned orlando rally was called off due to the president's positive coronavirus diagnosis. ♪
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joe biden heads to erie, pennsylvania for a campaign event later today. watch live coverage starting at 4:45 p.m. eastern on c-span. online at or listen live on our free radio app. >> tonight, we are featuring debates from two u.s. senate races. first, south carolina. senator lindsey graham, chair of the judiciary committee, faces jamie harrison in their second debate. that race has gotten closer in recent days, and according to the cook political report, it is now a tossup. after that, the first and only debate scheduled in the texas senate race between incumbent republican john cornyn and his democratic challenger m.j. hega r, an air force and afghanistan
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veteran. recent polls show senator cornyn holding an edge in that race. democrats need a net gain of four seats to get control of the senate. watch both debates starting at 8:00 eastern on c-span. >> watch live coverage of the senate confirmation hearings for judge amy coney barrett starting monday with opening statements by judiciary committee members and judge barrett. live coverage on c-span and listen live on the c-span radio app and be sure to visit to view a playlist of any county barrett's -- amy coney barrett's legal views. >> this is an update from the washington post on the coronavirus aid talks. senate republicans and house speaker nancy pelosi raised objections saturday to a new
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$1.8 trillion economic relief proposal from the trump administration, greatly dimming the prospects for a coronavirus relief deal before the election. on a conference call saturday morning with treasury secretary steven mnuchin and white house chief of staff mark meadows, the republicans were weary of the overall price tag of the bill. the article went on to cite gop opposition to an expansion of the affordable care act tax credits, raising concern about taxpayer funding for abortions. next, we will hear from senator amy klobuchar, former democratic presidential candidate, and jay timmons, president of the national association of manufacturing. in separate interviews, they look at the impact of the coronavirus on american manufacturing and workers.


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