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tv   Campaign 2020 Georgia U.S. Senate Special Election Debate  CSPAN  October 20, 2020 10:01am-10:58am EDT

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at noon that live eastern on c-span, online at or listen live on the free c-span radio app. >> emma kratz need to pick up four seats in the november election to win a majority in the senate. 15 of the 35 senate races are considered competitive including an election in georgia. kelly loeffler who was appointed following the resignation of senator isakson is facing fellow republican doug collins, raphael warnock and a few others.
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if no one is elected a runoff will take place in january. [laughter] -- ♪ welcome. i am scott and you are watching the atlanta press club louderm ilk young debate series. the number of qualified candidates we have divided them into two groups depending on how they are pulling. the candidates will be participating from their homes location. remote thank you to urge a public broadcasting for organizing the debates. ,oug collins, republican currently representing georgia's ninth congressional district.
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matt lieberman, democrat, a graduate of yale law school, educator and small business owner. kelly leffler, appointed to the --ate to rowe place roast retiring senator johnny isakson. brian slow and ski, businessman. -- and, a realist airmen. and greg bluestein is a political reporter with the atlanta journal-constitution. and the producer of morning edition. secondses will have 60 to answer questions and 30 seconds to respond to rebuttals. if candidates feel they should
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get a rebuttal, they should raise their hand. when candidates are answering questions, i will hold up a piece of paper letting them know they have 10 seconds remaining. now, let's get started. in the first round, every candidate will be asked one question. lieberman, part of your platform rests on protecting voter rights. if elected to serve, what measures would you initiate after the special election to ensure everyone is heard and every vote is counted. lieberman: thank you. we have the john lewis voting rights act that we ought to pass. he was the icon of voting and democracy. everything from automatic voter when you get your driver's license or interact
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with any state agency. voting is our single greatest power. what we haveto seen in georgia lately, the government needs to empower and encourage that great right we have as citizens. i will be absolutely committed to fighting that fight for all of us. lisa: thank you. >> greg,? leaders from your own party have said you should get out of the race and make way for your rivals. what do you bring to the table that other candidates do not? >> thank you for that question. if you look at my record of extremelyvice, i am qualified to represent georgia in the senate.
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i'm an attorney. of three terms in the georgia state senate. i sponsored over 100 pieces of legislation. president obama nominated me to be the u.s. attorney for georgia. , thee the preparation .ackground, and the knowledge for those reasons, it did not make much sense for me to withdraw from the race, especially when there has not been a single vote cast. collins, hours after death, youginsburg's tweeted rip to the 30 million babies who died due to her abortion law. you have a right to your opinion. others call the comment
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extremely insensitive. do you regret the timing of the tweet. do you regret that tweet? mr. collins: no, i do not, referring toi was was not about ruth bader ginsburg. it was about the laws we have seen coming out of the court. name amy coneyo barrett to be on the supreme court because she has perspective. have cost us a generation over many times. president said he was going to be good on life with his appointments to the supreme court. pro-life.ays been i will never apologize for depending -- defending life. greg: reverend warnock, i want to start you off with a question
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about the economy. national and other democrats have proposed a tax hikes on households making more than $400,000. do you support that and what other tax policy changes are needed? --. rev. warnock: we are in the middle of a once in a century pandemic. what i support is that we ought to give middle class and your families a break right about now. us to start thinking about things we can do to give people a living wage, to raise their wages. now, we have
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500,000 people in the medicaid gap. these are mostly the working poor. the fact that they cannot get health care in this state is a burden on their families and a drag on the economy. i think georgia deserves a senator who stands up for ordinary people to get them the support they need at a time like this. so, i am concerned about that and i want to relieve the people of georgia and give them a chance at a better life. you supportically, a tax increase on households making more than $400,000 a year? rev. warnock: i would support any kind of relief for ordinary families. abovek those making $400,000 a year can afford to some more to pay taxes. i am certainly opposed to the $2 trillion tax cut that republicans gave to the richest
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of the rich in 2017. >> your time has expired. thank you. lisa: senator leffler, you continue to support a president who continues to downplay the seriousness of the coronavirus. how do you support or justify you inpport, and would any way be a voice in washington for those who have suffered from a devastating loss of a loved one? sen. loeffler: thank you for the question. thank you for convening this important debate. it has been the honor of a lifetime to serve as your u.s. senator. i am a political outsider fighting for the american dream, and that is why i'm so proud to stand with president trump and help get the economy back on its feet.
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my let me be very clear, heart goes out to all americans, all georgians whose lives have been lost and cut short due to this tragic virus. i want to hold china accountable and help georgians get back on their feet. and careerical left politicians have kicked the can. democrats blocked funding for schools to reopen, for small businesses to get ppe funds, and for vaccinations to be delivered. >> thank you very much. greg, you get the final question this round. mr. slowinski, how did you end up a third party candidate?
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>> first of all, i started in politics in 1980. i was with the democratic party from 1980-19 94. a polish grew up catholic jfk democrat in a union household. i went through the democratic they were notthat supporting anyone who was not a yes-man. in 1994, we left the convention because we were discriminated against for being pro-life democrats. in 1994, i voted a straight republican ticket after that fiasco. thanore of a republican republicans right now because i served at the grassroots level as a county chair, at the
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district level, at the state level. i was also chairman of the tea party. >> that concludes the first portion of the debate. the candidates will now ask a question to the opponent of their choice. rev. warnock: my question is for senator kelly loeffler kelly loeffler. ,ince the start of the pandemic georgia hospitals have closed. for three years, republicans have promised a replacement for the affordable care act. where is that plan? the supreme court attempting to repeal the affordable care act? thank
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this is a vitally important question. first of all, to many of our rural hospitals have closed. one of my first acts in the senate was to provide funding, one of my first bills i passed as a freshman senator was rural health funding. another bill i passed was to help rural communities. i grew up on a farm. up in a town with 600 people in it. i understand what it means when a tire explodes or when a family member has a heart attack. has failed georgia. over 100,000 georgians lift the exchange in the past couple of years. premiums -- left the exchange in the past couple of years. premiums have doubled. legislation to not put
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the burden on taxpayers. and providet additional support for hard-working families. rev. warnock: i don't think she answered the question about where the plan is that republicans have promised for the last three years. i look forward to hearing her proposal of how to replace the affordable care act. sen. loeffler: i would be happy to follow-up if you would like. >> 20 seconds. sen. loeffler: fantastic. look, the best way to get americans good, quality health care is to provide jobs. we need to continue to create a jobs led recovery. that 50 million americans have great health insurance through their employers, so i am working side-by-side with president trump to make sure we
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provide those jobs that provide great benefits for hard-working families. ver, a 62nd response if you would like. mr. tarver: we all support finding jobs. that during the covid-19 pandemic, everyone needs access to health care, and one person -- one way to get that is through the affordable care act. sen. loeffler: my question is for rough ale warnock. rafael warnock. you have called police officers thugs and gangsters and characterized them as a threat to our children. will you apologize to georgia families for these dangerous and hurtful attacks? i have deep:
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respect for police officers and law enforcement. i believe the senator knows this. certainly, members of law enforcement knows this. i support law enforcement. they have come to my church many work together. i appreciate the work that law enforcement members do. at the same time, hold them accountable. we see abuse in all kinds of professions. we have seen officers abuse their authority, focused on .heir own financial wealth i will continue to fight for safe communities and to ensure that we all have equal protection under the law. myt is -- has always been
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goal, equal protection under the law. sen. loeffler: i find it tragic that you will not apologize for these comments attacking our brave men and women in blue. they are on the blue line keeping our families safe. i think it's vitally important that everyone understand the sacrifices they make every day to put on the badge and wear the uniform. that is why i have introduced legislation that the funds at cities that defund the police. these brave men and women know that i will always have their back and i will stand up to anyone who tries to diminish their role. rev. warnock: i would like to rebut that comment. i don't think we should defund the police and i have never said that. i do think it is lamentable that the senator is using her power
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to politicize an issue. people are literally dying on the streets. what we could use is someone putting forward the kind of reform we need in our criminal justice system. whened a review process many have died at the hands of police. we can do that and at the same time appreciate the brave work our police officers do. sen. loeffler: i would like to respond. >> well, we have to move on. we can get to some of that later. it isile, rafael warnock, your turn to ask a question of your opponent. loefflerock: senator was endorsed by marjorie taylor greene, an outspoken supporter uanon movement, a movement that pushes conspiracy theories and traffics in hate. , mr. collins,
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will you speak out clearly and their hateful rhetoric? rep. collins: thank you for the question. i do not agree with them and i do not support them. i never heard the democrats when they wanted to put a bill on the floor for political purposes a week ago, they wanted to talk non and conspiracy theories on the internet, which is fine, but they did not condemn and defend the people antifa and the people setting our cities on fire. rev. warnock: first of all, i want to thank you, congressman, for condemning qanon, which is more than i can say for the senator, who has embraced the support of marjorie taylor greene. i condemn violence no matter
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whoe it shows up or endorses it. tragic seen some flashpoints, george floyd and others. we have seen a multiracial, multigenerational generational coalition pouring into the streets saying we are better than this. and i am proud to stand with those who are nonviolent in standing up to violence. sen. loeffler: i denounce hate groups on the left and right. i don't know anything about qanon, but i know we need people in washington who will stand up to the radical left who are pushing a socialist agenda. they are trying to pack the courts.
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i am always going to stand up for someone who is fighting for american ideals. >> we are going to move on. >> kelly, can you name something that president trump has passed or done that you disagree with? sen. loeffler: no, because i am proud to be the only senator with a 100 percent voting record with president trump. i have been named the most conservative senator in the u.s. senate and i'm endorsed by national right to life. that is because i will always stand up for conservative values. that is what the president is doing. he created an economy that created record of employment for african-americans, asian americans, hispanic americans.
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he created energy independence to support our farmers and the men and women of our military. presidentt what the has done during a pandemic when he is trying to fight the swamp, the radical left, china, and the news. i think it's important we understand that we are blessed in this country to have a president who is fighting every single day for every american to have the opportunity to live the american dream. >> hang on just a minute. response. quick sure come a lot. -- >> sure. donald trump is an interesting guy. i can see how people might vote for him, but it's hard for me to see how people could find no fault with anything he has said or done. it speaks to the extent to which the establishment republicans
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and establishment democratic race ares in this enthroned. what good is it to have a senator who's just going to agree with donald trump, mitch mcconnell, chuck schumer? we need someone who will fight for us. sen. loeffler: i would like to respond. >> mr. collins, do you feel you were attacked? rep. collins: i do. number one, we started an investigation into big tech talking about antitrust. voted for the bill president trump said he would veto. she just voted against a resolution he said he would sign. maybe your math is wrong. trumpoeffler: president supported the senate version of the ndaa and he did not put a remark out on the cr.
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-- just like the president, i am a political outsider and a conservative. >> and back. >> this is amazing, for a six month senator who took $14 million in lobbyists to make sure bills came out their way. let's get off the talking points and be honest. >> if i could. >> it was my question originally, if i could. they respond to each other by saying no, i am 100% aligned with trump, not you. look at my contract with georgia and my facebook page.
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i feel it represents georgia well. >> i would like to weigh in on this point, if you don't mind. lieberman, to mr. this is the whole point of me being here. i am not a republican or democrat. i am third party. i have been endorsed by the libertarian party as well as the constitution party. as well as georgia right to life. i am the one, if you want to send somebody to washington, d.c., vote for me. my question will be to senator kelly loeffler. -- youays talk about don't talk about the real problem, the communist chinese party.
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putting a target on their back. are you going to apologize to my children or are you just going to be a typical politician and just answer neither here nor there. sen. loeffler: thank you for your question. i have deep respect for your adoption of children. i believe strongly in adoption and foster care, so thank you for that. , we have to hold the chinese communist party accountable. i want to bring innovation back to north america. but let me be clear. i will not be a shill for china. china brought this virus to the country. they made the who complicit and it spread around the world. they have stolen our intellectual property.
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they have spied on us. and just like president trump said, we will hold them accountable. we have to find ways to address china's growth in this world. ,e have to put america first and it has to be american-made. >> typical politician, she did not answer the question or apologize to my children. i have eight adopted children all over the world and this kind of hate is wrong. the chinesecall out communist party. don't say it is china's fault. it is the chinese communist >> we do have to
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hold china accountable. without disrespecting anyone, we do have to hold everyone with regard. there is no place for discrimination or hate in this country. i will always stand up for america. >> then apologize. >> doug collins, you get the final question in this round. rep. collins: kelly, you talk tough about china but you refused to deal with corporations owned by the chinese communist party. you still have a portrait of general mao hanging in yourself -- in your sailboat? it seems a little hypocritical after that last exchange. sen. loeffler: i am glad you asked that question, congressman. i think georgians are tired of lies.
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they are tired of the campaign that has been filled with lies directed at me. let me tell you the truth. i am at true -- i am the true conservative in this race. people say i am only here because of my husband. but you know what? you have attacked my hair, my makeup, how i talk, my clothing, where i am from. you've lied about me. you have lied about my family. and let me tell you, here is the truth. i am here because i have earned everything i got. i am a true conservative. i don't have a record i have to lie about and cover-up. toncourage everyone understand he has one of the most liberal republicans in the that is whyand governor kemp appointed me. i'm fighting for every georgians chance to live the american dream i was so blessed to live. i don't know where to start with the most amazing
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lies i just heard. i never mentioned your hair or anything else. you know it is really interesting here? is really you workedut when with planned parenthood, when you worked with michael bloomberg. go against the chinese communist party right now, but you won't. let me finish and i will let you respond. you could do it now, but you don't. everybody in the state of georgia knows where you stand. the congressman refers to legislation that we to holdn the senate
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china accountable. i continue to stand up for our in america, america first, american-made, and i will always do that. rep. collins: the senator doesn't understand the legislative process. she had a unanimous consent on a bill that does not [inaudible] , speaker pelosi runs the house and she runs it very badly. i have been fighting against her. we understand what happened. >> for those just joining us, sounds like you're moving some furniture around. people are joining us from virtual locations. this is the debate for u.s. senate candidates in a special election. we will now go back to the panel questions.
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will have 60 seconds to answer each question. this is an all candidate question, so maybe 30 seconds apiece. you are running to fill out the remaining two years of senator johnny isakson's term. he was a conservative and a consensus builder. done in the past to uphold that legacy? let me tell you something that has been reported on that might make some democratic activists set their hair on fire. contributed -- i >> let me tell you something that has been reported on that i might make some democratic activists set their hair on fire.
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i am proud that i contributed to senator isaacson's campaign. we need to get away from this partisan culture. it takes courage. we need to do it. mr. tarver: i think it is an excellent question and i would point to my service working in a bipartisan fashion on behalf of georgians. i think congress is broken, and one of the reasons is polarization. thank you. >> rafael warnock, the question to you. you might remember that years ago, folks decided for the state of the union we should sit together across the aisle. i was johnny isakson's guest. we were friendly even though we
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disagree almost all of the time. is onel justice reform area where the right and left agree that the current state is unsustainable. i am happy to work with anybody to get us closer to community. >> doug collins, same question to you regarding johnny isakson's legacy. rep. collins: that's pretty easy for me because i am the only one on the panel who worked with him in a bipartisan way. we reformed criminal justice for the first time in 30 years on the federal level. we have to put people first, and those are the kinds of things i have always brought to the table. >> as a consensus builder, i have actually sponsored 14
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different online debates that everyone has been invited to. we have always had a republican and a democrat. candidatetalk about suppression. are five republicans running. people left out of, not covered by the media. the media should cover it. , the sameoeffler question to you. sen. loeffler: thank you so much . i am so humbled to serve in johnny isakson's seat. the congressman that another important piece of bipartisan legislation we passed this year that i worked very hard on was the cares act.
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brought 47 billion dollars to georgia and i worked so hard on that. i am also proud of my work on the -- committee getting bipartisan work done. we have a suicide challenge, 20 suicides a day in the community. >> thank you. , candidates will have 60 seconds to respond. that marxism is the belief struggle between social classes is a major force in society. you have said the black lives matter movement is a marxist movement. are you saying that black limestone map -- black lives don't matter at all? sen. loeffler: of course not. the life of every african-american is important and there is no place in this country for racism. but blm was founded by trained
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marxists with a socialist agenda. their number one goal is to defund the police and they have a five year plan to abolish the police. 81% of african americans they want the same level of policing or more. it has promoted cynicism around the country. thee is the erosion of nuclear family, moms and dads. i want to help community support economic recovery, jobs. georgia is the number one police -- is the number three state in the country for black-owned businesses. we can make it number one. that's what i'm working on. greg: congressman collins,
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recently john corwin of texas, republican senator, said he regretted not pushing trump to combat the coronavirus more aggressively. what do you feel about the pandemic? rep. collins: when you are given an opportunity like this, the president did take action early on. we talked about closing off china and the democrats attacked us. in february around and march and you saw the nancy pelosi going to san francisco. areeed to look at where we and what we can do to combat it. we started looking -- what we want to do is what we encouraged him to do when it came to the economic package. we understood it's not only a virus, but an economic issue because our country was having to shut down to get back on its feet. i think we can do better and continue to help small business
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get back. you can getproven the economy and the state going .t the same time lisa: considering president trump's views on the coronavirus, if you were at the white house today, would you social distance and would you wear a mask? >> absolutely. be engaged in social distancing and we should all be wearing a mask. i have been clear on this. i wish that the folks serving in washington would pay attention to the science instead of politicizing something as safe and obvious as wearing a mask.
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i am deeply concerned and disappointed that senator loeffler was at the white house without wearing a mask. we are nine months into the still have a we national, coordinated response filled with bickering. collins and loeffler attacking each other, using codewords. meanwhile, ordinary citizens are trying to figure out how they are going to make their way through the pandemic and take care of their families and get their children back in schools in ways that are safe. sen. loeffler: can i respond? >> yes. 30 seconds. sen. loeffler: we have followed the guidelines that the and ofnt has put out
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course we will follow the science, but democrats have politicized the science. to politicize a vaccine. if they are so big on following science, they should welcome a vaccine under this president. democrats want to keep our economy locked down. they want kids out of school, people out of work, businesses clothing -- closing. we have to make sure americans jobs.ep their >> 20 seconds to doug collins. idea of usingthis means puttingthat people first and opening back up the state where people can have welfare with each other. a month ago, three seniors committed suicide because of the isolation. i am not sure what your codeword
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is, but my codeword is the american people. that's who we have to put first. rev. warnock: i am a pastor, and my church has not worshiped on sunday mornings in person since march. we would love to reopen. i think we should reopen safely. we certainly should not be which ising science, why we are concerned. politicians have politicized everything, wearing masks, social distancing. >> your time is up. thank you. you haveator loeffler, spent $20 million of your own as part of a tidal wave of tidal wave of cash spent so far in two senate
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races. your opponents accuse you of try to buy the seat. what do you think should be done about spending? sen. loeffler: you cannot put a price on the american dream. i went to washington to fight for the american dream that i lived. i grew up on a farm working in the fields and i waitressed my way through high school and college. i was the first to my family to graduate from college, and through hard work, i became successful in business. charitiesy pay to around georgia, much like the president does. like the president, i am a self funder. that way i am not bottom paid for by anyone. i am here fighting for the american dream. i noticed my democrat opponents don't complain about the tens of millions of dollars from chuck schumer when he is out raising money for them.
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i think we have to have free and fair elections and make sure int we have people washington representing hard-working georgians. >> we have to move on. , presidentollins trump is adamant that schools should reopen in the midst of this pandemic. what is your standpoint on that knowing that the numbers are rising at various states throughout the country and here in georgia? we have seen the numbers in places where schools have opened. they did the production -- protection. numbers have dropped while the kids are going to school. look at what's actually happening as we go along. our kids want to go back and we
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can do it safely. only one person -- there is a reason kelly loeffler is spending $30 million. she doesn't want people to know about her past. that is why she is spending the money. it's about the truth. sen. loeffler: look, doug collins doesn't know me. i don't need advice from a career politician for someone who is a true conservative. i encourage everyone to look at doug collins record. of the mostone liberal republicans in the house of representatives. to remove some of our second amendment rights. i think it's vitally important
10:47 am
that georgians understand that governor kemp appointed me because i am a true conservative. i am sure senator loeffler is getting use to the senate, but when you do unanimous command -- unanimous consent, you are voting with chuck schumer. he worked for the atlanta dream basketball team. you're trying to deceive people. you know my record, people can actually trust it. let me respond to that. >> just a few seconds, senator. sen. loeffler: look, unanimous consent was folding china accountable. that is what you are holding up. i am proud to be the owner of a sports team that provides
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opportunities for women. as the father of a daughter, i would think you would understand why it's so important to give girls the same opportunities as boys. >> closing statements. mr. lieberman, people have questioned your loyalty. they have pointed out past contributions to republicans. what can you tell us about your experience building coalitions, about policy, and about making tough decisions that make you job. for this >> i have contributed to about 20 democrats and three republicans. each of those republicans at the time was a moderate republican. i am not a professional politician. i grew up in politics. i know what the pitfalls are. i want to be able to hit the
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ground running in washington. training but iy am also a small business person. dad foreen a hands-on the last 20 years of two beautiful daughters. that is what my experiences, not legislative wheeling and dealing. i haven't been doing that. looking for someone to prioritize our values, i am here. >> thank you. that is all the time we have for questions for this hour. each candidate will have 60 seconds for a closing statement. >> i am a kid who grew up in georgia, one of 12 children. i am the first college graduate in my family.
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i got there through hard work and a sense of personal responsibility. a low-interest student loan. of the american dream. that is why i am fighting for affordable health care, dignity of work, and why i have registered hundreds of thousands of new voters in this state. , if thele of georgia people of georgia represent -- if the people of georgia choose me to represent them in the u.s. senate, i will stand up to donald trump. >> doug collins, closing statement. rep. collins: the election is two weeks out. in two weeks, georgia is going to get to choose their next senator. but i want you to think about this. it's about the future. it's about the people who are not watching this.
10:51 am
every campaign i have ever run is about my kids, their future. i think about every grandkid across the state of georgia. it's real simple. look at my experience. look at what has been done. cut through the rhetoric. when youhat happens have been a pastor like i have, serving in iraq in 2008 and 2009. as a kid from gainesville, i humbly ask for your vote. mr. lieberman: look, folks, don't vote for one of these three stooges. reverend,lins, the .ach of them is in a pocket they will report first and foremost to that person, not you
10:52 am
or me. forave a chance to vote something other than an establishment democrat or an establishment republican. for the first time in a long time, there are more than just two flavors on the menu. for god sake, don't just pick one of the same two flavors you don't like. i am running for u.s. senate for the fed up citizens of georgia. i am asking for your vote because this is our state and i will be our senator. thank you. this has been quite an experience. i see why many believe government in washington is as polarized as many of them believe it to be. people have forgotten about simple values and civil commitments to rip -- simple
10:53 am
commitments to represent georgians. i have demonstrated my anditment to public service my experience in the u.s. obamary and in the administration as the u.s. attorney in georgia. consequentialst election in my lifetime. i will work with law enforcement to keep communities safe. i will continue to fight against racial discrimination. i would be honored to be your senator, and i would ask that you vote for someone with experience and leadership. thank you. mr. slowinski: thank you. i would like to agree with mr. lieberman, but the flavor you need is right in front of you right now.
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my name is brian slowinski. i am the third party consensus candidate. i have sponsored 14 online debates with republicans and democrats involved. i have been endorsed by the libertarian party. i have been recommended by the constitution party. i was recently endorsed by georgia right to life. want to protest the million-dollar candidates, vote for somebody who will represent pro-secondo-life, amendment, pro-constitution candidate. to scare the two party establishment, vote for me. that will scare them. i will make sure we stop all this. all of this unconstitutional spending in the united states congress and work for the people of the united states again.
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i would appreciate your vote. god bless you and god bless america. >> thank you. get theeffler, you final closing statement. sen. loeffler: thank you. i am kelly loeffler. i'm a political outsider. i am a conservative businesswoman running to defend the american dream. i have voted 100% with president trump. i have been rated the most conservative senator in the u.s. senate. i have a 100% rating with the national right to life endorsement. i am a long way from where i started in life. working the a farm, fields, waitressing through college. i lived paycheck to paycheck. i have also lived the american dream. that is what i am in washington fighting for, for every single georgian. what you have seen here is the radical agenda of the left. the democrats want to put the
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government at the center of our lives. they want to tax and spend. spend politicians tax and . i came to washington to fight and to american dream fight with president trump. i have -- i humbly ask for your vote. thank you so much. to ourthank you moderators today. that concludes our debate. i would like to remind voters that election day is tuesday, november 3. don't forget to turn in your absentee ballot if you requested one. early voting is going on now. i'm sure you have all seen the record turnout. we are in for white of results in november. thank -- quite a result in november. thank you to georgia public broadcasting for arranging today's debate. for the full schedule of
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debates, visit our website. thank you for joining us for the atlanta press club debate series. have a great day. [captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2019] [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible >> this afternoon, the house ways and means oversight healthittee talks about insurance provided by the affordable care act, what's that live or listen on c-span on the free c-span radio app. >> next, a debate between the candidates for new hampshire governor. income fund republican chris sununu seeking a third term, faces dan feltes. this was hosted by wmur tv. your tv. >> this is a wmu our commitment 2020 special in partnership with the new hampshire institute of politics. the granite state debate.


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