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tv   Politics and Public Policy Today  CSPAN  October 22, 2020 10:38pm-11:32pm EDT

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announcer: now it is time to hear from you and get your reaction to this final debate of 2020. we will put the numbers up on the screen if you want to dial in. if you support president trump. if you support vice president biden, the number for you to dial. if you are truly undecided or supported some buddy yelled, here is the number -- somebody else, here is the number for youu. one other way you can contact aust is -- contact us is via
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text message. 202-748-8903. again, the text number only. 48-8903. please include your first name and your city on that text message. here this evening looking at some of the reaction to tonight's debate. >> let's start with reporter's take on it. susan page moderated the one and only vice presidential debate. she writes, this isn't the first time an incumbent president had a disastrous first debate, then seemed to learn some lessons for the second. she said witness reagan in 1984 and president obama in 2012. someone who covers politics for the washington post notes the vice president looked at his watch toward the end of the
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debate. didotes that george w. bush the same thing during one of his debates. he said the gaffe wasn't that bush looked at his watch, it was that he did so at a town hall debate where voters were asking him a question. he said it looked like an insult to those voters. minutessays it took 41 to get a malarkey reference tonight. , a tweet that the 1988 vice presidential debate, asked saidheir heroes are, bush fauci, top dr. at nih, working hard doing something about research on this disease of aids. tonight was not the first time dr. fauci has been mentioned during a debate. let me point out to our viewers
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that if they heard something one candidate said about the other is true, you can go to let me begin with this one, trump says biden wants to stop fracking. that is not biden's position. they call that falls. the former vice president wants to prohibit the federal government from issuing new permits for drilling. was the u.s. one, on the brink of war with north korea before trump? trump thinks so, but our experts say no. mostly falls. the most inclusive measurement shows the u.s. trade deficit with china was smaller under trump in 2019. there is this, trump says china is paying billions for tariffs.
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false. the tariffs have been paid by u.s. importers who passed much of that on to u.s. consumers through price increases. the final one, joe biden says 40 countries acted to close their borders with china within the united states. this is half true. experts say biden was wrong to say the u.s. travel restriction was slow. >> in an hour we will re-air the entire debate. in the meantime, we want to hear your voices. tyler on our support president trump line. caller: i thought he did well. i did not feel like i needed to take down a bottle of wine while i was watching it. host: did you feel that way during the first debate? caller: the first debate i was crying, screaming, why, trump? just calm down.
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it was very uncivil. i was offended by former vice president biden's comments about president trump, calling him a clown and everything else under the sun. host: so tonight, you think he did well? caller: i believe he did really well. host: how do you think vice president biden did? caller: i don't think he did as well. a lot of his comments will be proven to be false. i agree with president trump that he had years to get these things done and didn't do it. why should we believe him now? host: how do you think kristen welker did? caller: she did amazing. i thought susan page did great during the vice presidential debate. host: final question, how is lindsey graham going to do in south carolina do you think? caller: i am praying for a
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victory for vice president trump and senator graham. we are fighting hard. right now jamie harrison has been putting out ads. a third-party conservative christian. quite a few people in my city who have been putting up posts, saying, who is the conservative to vote for if you don't like lindsey graham? we like him a lot more than jamie harrison in terms of policy. host: thank you for calling in. support viceom our president biden line. how did it go for you tonight? caller: i am actually very impressed with how biden spoke about race in the country. when it comes to being a president, it is good to admit the mistakes of the past, like him and kamala harris have done
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not great things for the black community. it is good to say we made this mistake and this is how we can move forward as a country. host: you appreciated his remarks about the 1994 crime bill? caller: yes. if you know you have done this in the past, you know who it affects, but you can move forward and work with these people to make things better for everyone. you won't find that with the president currently. you will never hear him admit something was wrong. host: what is the enthusiasm level in westchester, and that is close to philadelphia, correct? caller: yes, it is. host: what is the a to z is a level compared -- the enthusiasm level compared to four years ago? caller: there is rallying on both sides. every weekend there is some motorcade going down the street
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blaring horns for either trump or biden. people are getting excited to push the vote. host: thank you for calling in. craig is on our undecided line from roseville, california. you are part of that sliver of voters that has not made up his or her mind. that is a live picture of the president's motorcade leaving. craig, are you leaning either way? caller: i am leaning a little bit more towards trump. biden just does not have a lot people's hearts or minds in his ideas. he is more about, i want to do what i want to do. well, what does the rest of the country want? i have been hearing a lot about that lately.
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this is what i want to do, this is what should be done. this is what i'm going to do. do. is what kamala wants to i don't hear, this is what america wants, this is what america should be like. however, trump definitely has an ego. everyone can admit that. okay, where doe, you want to go as a country? for me, i want to hear what do the american people want? i just do not hear that from biden. trump, if you push him too far, yes, he can be explosive. tocan not be the best person think straight at times.
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look at what he has done in the last three years. host: three people on that stage tonight. joe biden, donald trump, and kristen welker. who did the best? krist: i think probably en. she kept it together as best as she could. was she a good moderator? she did remain cool. she did not lose her temper. i think she did pretty good. host: thanks for calling in. our support president trump line. what is your reaction to tonight's debate? caller: at least it wasn't like the first one. i think trump did very well tonight. biden, he's just not doing it for me. he's too much on himself. years to pull it
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together and i don't think he is going to help us any. standsi think his word up. host: where were you four years ago? who did you vote for? caller: i voted for trump. has accomplished a lot of things. host: what is the enthusiasm level in wisconsin right now for either candidate? caller: it looks like trump. fieldsi go through the and stuff, the signs in there saying farmers are voting for trump. there are a lot of trump signs around. host: are you seeing commercials on the air for either candidates in wisconsin? caller: a lot more of biden. it seems like he is just tearing
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trump apart in those ads. trumpt see any advertisements. i don't care for those advertisements. host: thanks for your time this evening. tweet, the this former vice president has 37 minutes and 53 seconds of speaking time at tonight's debate. the president had 41 minutes and 16 seconds of speaking time. this from who covers the white house from the associated press, he says via the reporter covering the president tonight for the rest of the media, "the audience was nearly completely silent during the debate, save for one giggle went potus quipped 'i know more about wind than you do.
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it's extremely expensive. kills all the birds." you might worry about the belmont university students, where they at the debate? students who lived within the security perimeter at belmont university's campus had been moved to a hotel ahead of tonight's debate. according to the belmont vision, the campus newspaper, residents of several calls were asked to temporarily vacate for 30 hours. an estimated 600 students are displaced. the university reportedly provided students with transportation, meals, and internet access for the duration of the one night move. students will be housed with their previous roommates, according to the paper. take a look at this picture. hundreds of belmont university students were watching tonight's debate. belmont university held a debate watch party for them at the
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nashville musical city center. this picture of belmont university students playing beer pong across from where the debate was happening. inside the hall, ivanka trump tweeted this picture of her and her siblings wearing masks ahead of the debate. the president held a fundraiser before tonight's debate. attending that fundraiser were several people, including kid rock, lee greenwood. they also showed up at tonight's debate. this a picture of kid rock entering the debate hall. there is this from the tennesseean, showing kid rock along with golfer john daly inside of the debate hall, joining that line of people attending tonight's debate. host: justin is calling in from huntsville, alabama on our support vice president biden line. how did your candidate do
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tonight? caller: i'm not necessarily a biden supporter. i started the primaries very much behind bernie. i am a millennial. i feel the baby boomer generation has let my generation down. i am voting for biden this time, but it is only because i have more sway in the democratic party. i am going to try to organize leftists to make a run for 2022 and 2024. january 1 we have to get right on it. if you are going to move biden to the left, that is how you do it. host: what do you think when he talked about not ending fracking? caller: oh, i'm absolutely against that. but he has to say what he's got to say at this time. his strategy has been to try to appeal to moderates and peel off some republican votes. i am ok with that.
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i don't care so much when he attacks socialism, talking about expanding the public option or expanding obamacare. we need to just scrap it. single-payer is the way to go. it is the cheapest way to provide health care to everybody. host: thank you. we will leave it there. that is vice president biden's motorcade leaving belmont college in nashville. our support president trump line. hi. caller: how are you? host: how are you? caller: good. host: what is your reaction to tonight's debate? caller: i thought it was really well-handled. i thought the moderators did a much better job than chris wallace. i think it was a tad bit fairer. i think president trump really held his own against vice president biden.
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all vice president biden has to offer is what he is going to do. here is a man who had eight really great years to have gott en a lot of the things that he is so-called going to do now done. i think he has divided the country, he and president obama. i think they have been very disrespectful to president trump. i am old school. i am 69. i love america. i love what she stands for. peopleits values and its and i think president obama and vice president biden did a great job of just about destroying our country. host: there has been some talk that texas could be a tossup state. how do you think president trump
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and senator cornyn are going to do in your state? caller: they are going to take texas. host: is it going to be close? caller: i really don't think it is even going to be close. i think there is going to be a total red trump-cornyn take. i really do. i think people are fed up with the hatred, they are fed up with the lies. they blamed the man from everything from global warming to california wildfires to pandemics. if your kid does not have a pair of shoes. he did a great job with what he had to walk into. we all have a responsibility for things. i don't think americans have done their part. for me too, maybe i haven't done my part, but to blame a man --
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like this pandemic, i have lived through polio, smallpox, chickenpox, the asian flu, ebola, sars, so many things. pandemics happen. viruses happen. i think president trump has responded wonderfully. i live in a small town of about 14,000 people and we have fema nurses here. my husband was just in the hospital for four days. we got excellent care in our small hospital. host: was he in for covid? mr. biden: no,h -- caller: no, he was nont. these nurses are here to take up the slack because our community was affected. host: thank you for calling in. we will ask the same question on our vice president biden line in
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decatur, georgia. george is looking like a potential tossup as well. looking like a potential tossup as well. do you think vice president biden can win? caller: i hope so. decatur as far as i can tell is pretty left-leaning. there are a whole lot of biden signs when i drive around as well as the left side candidates for our local election. host: so how do the debate go for you tonight? caller: i think it went pretty well. i think biden slipped up on a couple things, but what can you do? it is a heated environment. i would probably make a mistake too. oklahomaistine is in on our support president trump line. good evening. give us your thoughts. caller: good evening.
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host: give us your thoughts. caller: i am a trump supporter. i did vote for trump for years ago and am going to vote for him again. i live in northwest oklahoma. i am in the bible belt. i have christian values. so i am going to vote the party that is going to protect those values. theeel like trump is for american people and for the traditional values. i don't think he is a racist. i think he is for all americans. host: thanks for calling in this evening. looks ate cook, who presidential races as well as the down ballot races in the senate and house sends out this tweet tonight. good news for the president? he did not hurt himself, unlike first debate. the bad news, he was 10 points
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behind ann did not help himself. race not changed. biden did not do a face it is worth noting here that the last debate in 2016 was 30 days before the election. we are now 12 days out and there has already been record early voting. on that note, north carolina and montana have joined vermont, texas, and new jersey as states where turnout is already above 50% of total 2016 turn. on deck, new mexico at 48% and georgia at 46%. he goes on to say that the shorthand for a while is 40 million americans may have already voted by the third debate. but it is going to be closer to 50 million. some upcoming campaign
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coverage. here are some of the events that c-span will be covering tomorrow p.m., joe biden will be in delaware. that will be live on c-span. friday is well at 5:10 p.m. live kamala harris campaigns in atlanta. on saturday, -- former president obama will be in miami campaigning for the biden-harris ticket. that was-pence ticket, live on c-span. but tomorrow, vice president ohio andl be in president will hold a rally in the villages in florida. and another rally in pensacola, florida. both live on c-span. support biden line, how
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did it go for you tonight? caller: it went wonderfully. i was very pleased with the's performance. -- vice president biden's performance. scientistat any voting for president trump is doing the industry a disservice. frontline workers and health care. if i remember correctly, isn't that one of the cities that gets the most television commercials, political commercials, in the country? caller: yes, we do. ohio generally has been considered a battleground state and oftentimes, our political commercials start in march or april of an election year. host: what about right now? what is it looking like on the two bees right now? caller: honestly, i have seen commercials for both.
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i will say as i am going to work every day, i see more trump signs then biden signs, which is very disappointing to me as a nurse. trump seems to laugh in the face of scientists and world-renowned physicians. and medical practitioners. he has not seen the frontline of covid and the infections and the destruction that it does to individuals and their families. host: have you worked as a nurse with any covid patients? caller: i have. in february, march, and april, we had a large uptick of covid positive patients. may, june, and july, we started and even avening off decline. coming into october, we have seen a sharp uptick.
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i work 12 hour shifts and i got off work this morning at 6:00 a.m. in mysick covid patients care yesterday. ?ost: and their health about where the conditions? how good? caller: mild symptoms. cold and a slight fever. some fever and chills and general body aches. to an 86-year-old female who had come in and was not able to perform daily care activities to care for herself without getting out of breath. host: thank you for calling in. from florida, on our support president trump line. go ahead. caller: well, hello. i voted for trump in 2016.
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i was not quite sure if he was exactly what i wanted. last almost four years, he has won me over. the border -- i am from new mexico. i lived about three hours from the border and i saw firsthand what the cartel had done. not only to the children that , the sexfic across trafficking, the murders. just everything. we needed a wall and that was a major concern of mine. we have roughly 400 miles built thus far, which is helping a lot. anything inu learn tonight's debate? family yes, because my andes heavily on oil fields
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biden lied on stage because i saw the video of him strictly stating that they would been fracking. he sat there tonight and said he would not do that. 90% of fracking -- a lot of people do not know, if you cut out the 90%, that leads to percent of people working in the oil fields. you will wipe out texas, new mexico, oklahoma. many livelihoods. and it will impoverish families just like what happened when the obama administration wiped out the coal mining. thank goodness trump fixed that too. and now we have west virginia working again. host: how would you compare tonight to the first presidential debate? caller: i will say that the moderators are heavily biased. ,ut out of the three moderators someone answering questions for
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joe biden, she was actually the best one. i was a little surprised. i think that we need to figure way of howunbiased we pick our moderators out. i think it is wrong for candidates to get the questions beforehand. that seems to be a massive the democratic party receiving the questions. and it has happened again with all three debates. host: we are going to leave it there. a reminder, if you want to send a text message. here is the number to text. make sure to include your first name and city. support florida on our vice president biden line. how did it go for you tonight? caller: hi. .'m a first-time voter
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i am 19 years old, so this is the first major election i will be voting and besides the primaries. is not myy that biden first choice in candidacy, but i think he was very strong and talking to the american people. when he was saying, for those of you at home who are wondering whether you want to buy new tires or by your college tuition, that really spoke to me . i am from a middle-class family and i think that was one of his strongest points in the debate for tonight. host: jesse, you say he was not your first choice. who was your first choice? caller: i feel like for my generation, bernie sanders had more of the views that i feel like would align with mine. host: what do you do in winter park? caller: i am a college student.
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at seminole state. host: what are you studying? caller: interior design and architecture. host: is it in person or virtual? caller: they are all virtual as of now. host: how is that going for them -- how that going for you? caller: it is a learning curve. trying to focus during online classes can definitely be a struggle. haveng in my apartment, i a lot of other distractions. it is a matter of separating the school and home life. it is a struggle but we are doing what we have to to stay safe here in winter park. host: thanks for watching. some reaction from members of congress. we will start with pelosi. biden spoke clearly about what is at stake in the election. predictably, she said that the president was completely delusional. says, right paul
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now, president trump going strong. this is what he needs to keep saying. vp biden is auditioning for petty tyrant in chief. no. the senator also said, biden will not rule out more lockdowns. this should be disqualifying. we have had enough petty tyrants like governor cuomo in new york, hurting our children. that trumpckley said has done a great job and covid is going away even as rates go through the roof. , he-- another senator quotes the president saying, i take full response ability, it is not my fault. --te a closing arch ticket quite a closing argument. trump is the candidacy of opening up. biden is the candidate of locking down. a couple text messages from our viewers. from new jersey, an amazing job
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by president trump. biden checked his watch and looked tired and was extremely dull. from chicago, he said he was a republican who voted for joe biden yesterday. i feel like the party lost their way. jordan is a trump supporter in san jose, california. jordan, is that a lonely place to be a trump supporter? kind of is, actually. most of my neighbors around me have a lot of biden-harris signs. --t trying -- mute yourr tv tv. caller: yes it is. and just go ahead listen to the telephone. why are you a supporter of
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president trump? caller: i am a supporter because from what i have seen from him, he seems that he is genuinely trying to make this country better. he is not. -- divisiveised from what i am saying. he is more than willing to talk to the other side, especially recently with the latest covid stimulus bill. and with the speaker of the house nancy pelosi coming out and saying that she had not spoken to the president and over a year and is using an assistant to talk to him, or so much being lost in communication that i feel like the left is putting up a lot of roadblocks to try and stop the president from doing what is best for the american people.
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they are not willing to say that, that the president got a win in order to actually help the people. that is my main issue with that. i see that president trump is sincerely trying to help us whereas the democrats are so focused on tried to get them out of -- that him out of office or smear him or hate him. that they are willing to sacrifice the entire country for their personal gain. vocalcan you be a supporter in san jose, california? caller: no, you can really can't. anytime i say anything about pro orwhether it is something that has legitimately happened, people say i do not know what i'm talking about. one of the biggest things that is driving me bananas with all constants the less
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renounce whitemp supremacy and racism. when you look back at the late 90's when he was a democrat and supporting the clinton foundation, he was coming out and denouncing white supremacy. he has and denouncing it for over 20 years. how many more times does the media have to hear this man say that he denounces white supremacy? anytime i bring that up, i get a lot of, but he -- he has not set it recently, or something along those lines. trying to have a conversation with someone, it immediately gets shut down because no one in this area is really willing to listen to an
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opposing idea or have an actual conversation. you are either, you know, are either with us or against us. it is a dangerous mindset to have. host: thanks for your time. meredith is a vice president biden supporter in san antonio, texas. hi, meredith. caller: hi. i thought the debate went really well. i liked the muted microphones. i thought that that added a lot of necessary structure to the debate. i think the change in trump tactic showed how poorly he did in the first debate. i personally felt that in the first debate, his constant interruptions and shouting was offputting. it was a little bit more restrained this time around. are you seeing an uptick
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in democratic enthusiasm in texas? really wellis not a phrased question. it is kind of leading. we are just hearing reports that texas could be close, or there could be an upset on there. i have been keeping up --h this race host: the senator cornyn opponent? caller: most of the polling i have seen has shown a steady, upward trend in her polling and popularity. i think that is indicative of more democratic support. it might only be in the cities , so i see voteo for joe biden and kamala harris signs more than i see
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trump-pentz signs. but i do not know. host: have you voted already/. not.r: i have i will be voting probably tomorrow. do you mean male or a voting station? caller: i have an early voting station right down the street. host: thanks. dominic. atlanta. undecided. why are you undecided? i am undecided because just watching back-and-forth, they each have good points. what became abundantly clear in this debate tonight is that you veryee that biden is a well coached, well polished politician. to make at the camera
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all kinds of promises, appeal to all the right people, and say all the right things. but then does nothing to back it . and things seem to be getting worse. trump runs on -- seems to run on his policies, what he has gotten done, where i think he fails is instead of always defending his record is to look directly at the american people and reassure them that he is the president for everyone. black, gay, poor, immigrants. he has helped more people than any other president and any other polished politician in several decades and he is doing it with his policies. i would just like to see him look at the american people and reassure them that he is the president to them and not just try to defend his record, even though he has a good record. host: what kind of work do you do in atlanta?
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caller: health care industry. host: have you dealt with any covid patients directly? caller: yes. ients that i know have gotten covid have recovered from and done very well. i know some people, extended family, those who do not do very well. unfortunately, they passed away. that covid was a very big surprise. a big mess. i believe that the administration has seemed to have gotten ahead of it. they did listen to the experts from what i could tell. but even from the beginning, we heard the experts unsure of what to do. joe biden, unfortunately, and others, did not step up.
11:20 pm
they were actually criticizing president trump for some of the policies that he was time to put in place to keep americans safe. host: final question. where are you on the senate race? in georgia. caller: where am i? host: who is your favorite candidate? caller: in the senate race. have senator loeffler, doug collins, and the democrats. caller: again, it comes down to policy. see, af the ads that i lot of them are attack ads. a lot of allies. -- a lot are lies. if people believe them on face value, then they get the wrong opinion of one candidate or the other. they really need to do the research. once they do, and they see what these people actually stand for, it speaks for themselves.
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senator kamala harris will be campaigning tomorrow at 5:00 p.m. that will be live on c-span [applause] c-span 2. thought president trump hit it out of the park. then is going to destroy second amendment. he was able to make his points about the oil industry that joe biden would destroy. we know that we need the oil industry for our country to thrive. i was thrilled with president trump. is you usehat i have politico effect as the final arbiter of fact. it is not always the case. if you would have other people -- as a foil and make that
11:22 pm
that would be helpful. you could use sean hannity or rush limbaugh. easily counter those so-called facts. that would be helpful as well. host: is there a chance -- president trump and vice president pence have been campaigning, is there a chance that they could win minnesota this year? caller: -- host: using enthusiasm? caller: we escaped minneapolis , makinghe insanity their insane decisions about defunding the police because we saw the writing on the wall. we were experiencing crime on a personal level. we got out of there. hopefully, enough people in minneapolis and minnesota will come to their senses and vote for president trump because they
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support lana -- law and order and the police. davis, how was the debate for you tonight? caller: the debate went very well. i think my biggest take away was that it was a much more civil debate and i want to remind everyone why it was so much more civil because of the rules that were put in place after the first one. host: in why is that significant? caller: because, you know, i think that you should not have and theon arbiters debate commission to make sure that you do not interrupt people 150 times in one debate. greta brawner, what else do you have for us? of theing at the status race with 12 days to go, the washington post tweeted this out
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this morning. spent two weeks to go, president trump has been spending heaps of cash for crowded rallies to motivate his most fervent fans. biden has been holding smaller, less expensive events and investing aggressively in television ads and virtual gatherings. and then from the financial times today with less than two weeks to the election day, joe millions -- six $1 fundraising cash advantage over the president. here is how the democratic nominee is claiming to spend every last penny of this huge fundraising hole. you can read it on financial times. former viceat the president has spent 60 $1 million on ads in pennsylvania. compare that to the president, spending just $28 million in that battleground state. and colleagues at the new york times have reported earlier this week that president trump's reelection campaign announced a
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$55 million advertising blitz for the final two weeks of the race in a string of battleground states as the president spent the day unleashing attacks on the former vice president, dr. fauci, and the mus -- the news media. -- he says that these ads will be funded by the campaign and the congressional committee with a pass along the rust belt, including arizona, north carolina, florida, pennsylvania, georgia, nevada, and wisconsin. out a storyics put earlier this week. president trump plowed through $1 billion in campaign cash using an advantage and in the ap story that they had, they noted how the president has been spending campaign cash. take a look. it $100,000 bank on copies of biden's book. over $7.4 million
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, 38.7on properties million dollars in legal and compliance fees. on president has also relied political operations to cover legal costs for aid. $912,000 spent on ads that ran on the personal facebook pages of trump spokespeople. you can read more at host: undecided caller. tricia, into nights debate, it didn't move your needle at all? caller: i am still kind of on the fence. in my area, there are just as many biden as there are trump supporters. but everybody is any further. -- we areith the past
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the state where we are getting a lot of ads. i am seeing a lot more biden ads on television and not as many trump ads. host: what is an issue that is important to you? caller: i work in health care health care is very important to me. it does not seem like biden really has a plan. plusning to this debate the first debate where it was just out of control, it was hard to watch the first debate and i actually turned it off. campaign, ivious just did not vote. i was just so turned off by both choices because i find trump abrasive many times. however, what really scares me and i am kind of more leaning towards trump now is the fact that joe does not have it together.
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and i am just afraid that kamala harris will be in charge before you know it. debating kind of whether i am even going to vote. host: when you say you work in health care, are you a frontline worker? caller: i am not. i work in chronic kidney disease and health care analytics. host: have you seen in your area or through your health care associates and optic in -- an uptick in covid cases? caller: definitely. a few physicians have actually passed away from covid. host: thanks for calling in. lucy and oregon on our support president trump line. give a sawyer -- give us your reaction to the debate. caller: well, i thought this debate went very well. host: why?
11:29 pm
caller: it was a lot more organized. not so much two candidates interacting each other. overall it was just handled a lot better than the last one. host: what is an issue of concern to you? caller: i just hate liars. i do not like to hear politicians lie. i guess one of the big things for me is the way that the media has been towards trump. it is like they act as though he is god and he should be able to solve every single problem and he is held accountable as though he is god. i think it is really unfair and very biased. the media has become so biased. it is a real turnoff to me. host: what is your reaction to what has been going on in your largest city in oregon?
11:30 pm
portland. caller: in portland? i am so fed up. governor does not seem to want to stop it. i blame her. all of these fires. at night after night, i think it is well over 100 nights at this has been going on. it is ridiculous. it should have been nipped in the bud from the beginning. i do not understand why. it is antifa. to me, it is antifa. going to be back in an hour and a half and take more of your calls. we will show you the debate in its entirety. tomorrow morning as well, you can call own on the washington journal. we will continue to get viewer reaction to tonight's debate and we haveo to, the debate posted up there and
11:31 pm
you can search it by keyword, by issue, you can look at every question that kristen welker asked tonight. that is all available to you right now at belmont university. it was the site of tonight's debate in nashville, tennessee. here it is. ms. welker: good evening from belmont university in nashville, tennessee. i am kristen welker, and i welcome you to the 2020 presidential debate between president trump and former vice president joe biden. tonight's debate is sponsored by the commission on presidential debates, and conducted under health and safety protocols. the audience in the hall has promised to remain silent. no cheers, boos, or other interruptions -- except for


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