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tv   Presidential Debates Post- Debate Viewer Calls Part 2  CSPAN  October 23, 2020 1:05am-2:03am EDT

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>> that was seen earlier today at belmont university in nashville, tennessee. now to hear your views and voices. here is how you can call in and join our conversation. if you support president trump -- if you support vice president biden -- undecided or support somebody else, here is your number -- and if you cannot get through on the phone lines and you still want to make a comment, send a text message.
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it isxt number only, helpful if you put your name and city on the text message. we will get to the calls in a minute. track of speaking time, and they tweet the minutest spoke for 41 and 16 seconds, while the former vice president spoke for 37 minutes and 53 seconds. miller tweets, the pool and therom tonight, wall street journal noticed the audience was almost completely , except for one giggle when the president said wind kills all the birds. this from chris brennan who
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covers politics, it took 41 minutes to get a malarkey reference at tonight's debate. and jennifer jacobs, who covers the white house for bloomberg says after the debate, health officials spotted four people with no masks, but when approached by the health team, they complied. six had to be reminded to keep their masks above their noses. and the first lady wearing a mask tonight when she entered, keeping it on during the debate, and after as you can see by this noted the first lady wearing the mask tonight as opposed to the first debate. ivanka trump tweeting this picture from the debate along with her siblings wearing masks inside the debate center. the hill newspaper notes the
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former vice president entered mask, thewearing a president did not. dr. jillett noting biden had a mask that matched her dress. >> mariano, beaumont california on or support trump line. how did your candidate do? >> i think he did good. >> why? >> he made points everywhere. >> what is an issue you care about? it bothered me that there are only two things people buy, good feelings and solutions to
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problems. hiding in his bunker, arguably has a slight edge in good feelings for some people. these feelings might be in question if the allegation of biden denying he knows nothing about his son's involvement in china and russia are proven to be true. this is influence peddling. , maybe because of his frequent tweets makes him unlikable to some people. that is his personality. cheek.r turned the other not a nice way. some people find him a no-nonsense personality.
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some refreshingly blunt. host: we will leave it there and talk to jocelyn from nashville, tennessee on the biden line. of the debate site? caller: i live down the street from belmont university. we were watching on c-span an hour and a half ago, and i waited up to get my call here at midnight. thank you for taking my call. host: were you able to hear the motorcades? caller: no. they did not come down my street. i did watch the local news afterwards, and i saw the motorcades going to the airport, bringing them in and taking them off. it is a very exciting night, much better than the first debate.
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everybody has said that already. thought that joe biden did very well. i thought president trump came across looking better than the first time. and acting better. he was better behaved. then he started going off the rails as usual. it was entertaining. i think biden made his case very presidencystrong coming up. host: what is an issue of concern to you? caller: you name it. should i pick one? climate change. if there is no planet, there is no life. i could start with that, or i could say the pandemic. i have an interesting opinion about that. they always say there is a pandemic versus the economy, but
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the way i see it is the government only exists to help the people, otherwise why do we need them? i feel the government should have been there to help the , to send this country them support checks or whatever. we got $1200 months ago, but it did not help anything and everyone was compelled to go back to work. if we were assisted in the beginning, we would not have felt the need to go back to the jobs. host: what kind of work do you do? caller: self-employed music teacher, and my husband and i run a music school, just the two of us. we are small business. the pandemic and shutdown been tough on you? caller: it has, i'm sorry to say.
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we have some students from last year when it cut off in march, we put everybody on virtual lessons, and learned that quickly during the spring break, and were up and running. in the summer some continued with their lessons, and opted to and in, now it is the fall, it is a different enrollment. we are looking at whatever we can do to expand our registrations and continue what we love to do, educate people on music. keep their spirits alive. host: good luck, appreciate your time this evening. jackson, glendale, california. undecided, why are you undecided, and did tonight affect your view at all? caller: actually it did not. i think onlican, but the economy trump has the
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advantage. policy, in foreign think -- i know we hear about these deals -- but if you look at what is going on in the world, it is hard to say our foreign policy is anything but stable. we really do not have much of one. if you see what is going on in --ica, and in the caucuses we need to be the america we were when reagan was president. when there is someone doing stuff that they should not be doing, killing people and murdering people, ethnic groups, ethnic cleansing, we stepped in when clinton was president. in the balkans in the 1990's. we need to do that. a lot of people probably don't
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agree with me. i had my mail in filled out, i was going to stand it -- send it. they did not say anything about what is happening in africa. people need to pay attention to what is going on. biden, hefor me on might be stronger on foreign policy -- is his running mate. i don't trust her. she will say anything and everything. if he had a stronger candidate, he would probably get my vote. but because he picked her, and she is one of the worst numbers of everyone -- why he picked
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her, i have no idea. sexuse of her ethnicity and , that to me is a minus. host: we will leave it there. caller: from poughkeepsie, new york. hello. i was very happy to see it went better than the last time. mediatorated the giving tough questions to biden. i thought that was more fair. there are things i wish trump had addressed differently or brought up, like when it was questioned about the health care. he did not mention he is pushing for transparency on prices for medical care. for status put in for a country so we can get lower prescription prices.
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and he signed an executive voter to demonstrate his commitment to protecting pre-existing conditions. those are things that should have been mentioned. i would have thought it would be good to mention he did say we have the cleanest air than we have ever had. cleanest in centuries. he could have mentioned that is due to advancements in technology that helps to clean the air and clean things coming out of manufacturing places. thencements are coming from fact we have a free market economy, which allows people to compete with each other. it also would have been good for him when he was confronted about people at his rallies not wearing masks -- this is a free country, and they have a right
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to decide for themselves. i would wear one. they have a right to decide. they offer masks, but they will not enforce people to wear masks. host: what is the view of your governor in new york? caller: pretty stringent. he is pretty stringent, and it is hurting small businesses. businesses are gone. we have lost a lot because of the strictness that he has going on. host: thank you for spending a few minutes. >> some local reporting by a tennessee nashville station noted students who lived within the security perimeter of tonight's debate had to be moved to the opryland hotel ahead of the debate. according to the campus newspaper, residents in several halls were asked to vacate their rooms for 30 hours -- an
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estimated 600 students were displaced and will stay at the opryland through friday. they were provided with transportation, meals for the duration of the move. saying,ersity also hundreds of belmont university were watching the debate at the nashville music city center. theythe, sent this picture of belmont university students playing beer pong across the street from where the presidential debate was happening. attending the debate, supporters of the president, this picture was sent out of kid rock. also among the attendees, this video showing kid rock and
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golfer, john daly, waiting to get into the debate hall. host: angela is calling in from evansville, indiana. caller: hi. host: what is your opinion of tonight? caller: i think it went well. trump handled himself better most of the first half. the last 30 minutes he was getting aggravated. bidenk many of the things laid out, he was reading from things he had written down to make sure he made his point on things that were asked. i honestly think about health care he really touched on a few things that were important to me. i am widowed on a fixed income
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and social security disability. i am very concerned about medicare and medicaid, they are my supplement because i am on a fixed income. that is why -- that is the main thing biden touched on about making sure we do not lose our health care. that is what is so important to me. the eight years that obama and biden were in office, they started getting our economy rolling. when trump stepped in, it was not his doing that made everything get great. startedlready getting when obama and biden were in office. i feel, he said why didn't biden do this or that when vice president, he was not president.
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why hasn't trump done certain things? also, climate change is very concerning to me. i have great nieces and nephews growing up, and i want them to be able to live in a clean atmosphere. i don't want the earth to go away. we have to save where we are living, that is so important. host: thank you for your time. rob, piedmont, oklahoma. caller: good evening. host: why do you identify as another? caller: i'm libertarian. host: are you supporting jo jordgensen? caller: for sure. longtime republican. second term bush's because of the spending. government is too big. republicans used to be for
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limited government, not anymore. government. big is tole of government defend liberty, rule of law. sad this is the best the democrats and republicans can put up. my intelligence was insulted watching it. i flipped over during the break of the football game which was better. i am concerned about data collection. we have not heard about that. this government is printing money. it is putting us more in debt. been affected by the pandemic? caller: not so much. local businesses here have been, some restaurants. i am fortunate that i have not
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been, we are teleworking now. host: what kind of work do you do? caller: i'm an engineer. host: one of the big debates in washington is a covid relief trillion. around $2 as a libertarian, what is your view? caller: how many trillion are we up to? the first one was $3 trillion? is annd myself this election year. something with the coronavirus. there has to be a balance between keeping businesses open and doing what we can to slow the spread. it hurts. the government will just print
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money. we will pay for it in the long run. that is my concern. the cycle ofeak democrats and republicans leading us down this road. will voteple libertarian or green party, just break this cycle. we need competition in our political process. host: this is forest in broomfield, colorado. how was the debate for you? caller: it was definitely better than the first one. before, it was two old men acting like two children arguing away. in this country, i think presidents should be held to a higher standard, they did not show that. tonight was definitely better. i'm a president trump supporter
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because after all the shenanigans that the democrats they do notlling, have america's best interest at heart. they have a facade. they are so fake. governmentig fan of in the first place because all of congress is bought and paid for. they are all criminals in my eyes. we need to end what they are doing. raise taxes on us. our government spends money ridiculous and wild. it is not for our best interest. they keep raising taxes on us. this coronavirus thing has been a political stunt. it is hurting families, businesses, our economy. host: what kind of work do you
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do? caller: i do some construction. i do remodeling. have you been affected? caller: yes, to a certain extent. business is still ok. at the same time, it affects our personal lives. interact with people every day and see how it affects their lives. people want to get back to normal. everything out of proportion. question to you, who will win the senate race, john hickenlooper or cory gardner? caller: that is a tough one. i hope cory, but this is a very
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liberal state. i am voting for cory. texas.oshua dickinson, how did your candidate do tonight? caller: biden did well. everybody giving trump too much credit. if it was not for the mute button, it would have gone like the last debate, he has no self-control. saidous callers, some lady 90% of fracking is on federal land, that is false. only 11% is on federal land, what biden wants to ban. if you are going to make statements, you cannot have alternative facts like the trump administration. know your facts before you state them. host: austin, another texan.
1:29 am host: how did your candidate do? caller: i think he did a pretty good job emphasizing his accomplishments with african-americans in general. showed biden that he has no achievements. he signed the 1994 crime bill. i am a student at the university of texas in austin. , they havellow peers nothing to say about what they like about joe biden -- it is, i don't like trump. host: are you at ut now? caller: yes. in personing a lot of
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classes or remote classes? there: i am online, but are a lot of in person and hybrid classes now. host: are you living in a dorm? caller: yes. host: have they reduced the student population? think a lot of people showed up. my roommates and everyone, a lot of rooms are empty. i think everyone is afraid of the coronavirus. i don't see it as a problem right now. open, the bars and restaurants and downtown area? caller: not really. a lot of it is shut down. up.el it is slowly opening i have gone to restaurants. the masks and social distancing is all still there. .t is slowly opening up
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hopefully with the mayor, he is a different story. host: they have had fans at the longhorn games? caller: they have. i have a lot of friends go to the longhorns game. it is limited capacity. races down in texas, wendy davis is running for a congressional seat where you are living in austin, and john cornyn is running for senate. what is your take on those races, and how will you be voting, by mail? caller: i think john cornyn will do way better than donald trump. , idy davis against chip roy think chip roy pulls it out. read a recent article that
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austen democrats are donating to republican candidate, but with regards to the election, i am voting on election day. are you registered in austin? caller: i am registered in austin, and the place is across the street. host: thank you for your time. ta: joe biden spoke to reporters after the debate, after leaving nashville. he was asked how the debate went? "that is for the public to judge. i felt good about it and i thought the moderator made it run smoothly. it was a more rational debate than the first one. and according to the washington post the former vice president was asked about his answers on fossil fuels. quote, we will not get rid of
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fossil fuels. we will get rid of subsidies for fossil fuels. mostlysident has been re-tweeting other people's tweets. one includes this one, las vegas review journal tweeted a pole result that they took of who won the debate, and their result, 92% said the president won. kapur who reports for nbc news reports this, by my count, the president mentioned former president barack obama 11 times unprompted, almost each time, that occludes the obamacare mentions. host: 11 days until the election day on november 3, though 50 million americans have already voted. the campaigning continues tomorrow live on c-span. joe biden will make remarks on covid in wilmington, delaware at 2:30 p.m. in the afternoon.
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senator harris will be in atlanta, and that will be live on c-span2 at 10:00 p.m. eastern time. saturday, former president obama campaigns in miami. c-span will cover that. p.m.e trump side, 1:00 friday mike pence will hold a rally in ohio. the president will be in florida at the villages at 4:30 p.m., and in pensacola at 8:00 p.m. both live on c-span or if you go to, the full schedule is there. that is the next two days coming up. everything we have covered in this campaign, including the debates and the vice presidential debate are available on our website, you can watch campaign events live as well.
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when it comes to the debate, if you have a question you wanted to look up and share, or specific topic, you can search and do all of that at brian, frederick, maryland. how did your candidate do? caller: he did all right by me. say i will be a not the idealis election, i have to admit. i wanted to say i appreciated the concept of the muted microphones, and more of a gentlemanly proceeding between the candidates. sayxpand on that, i would that is where my vote is going. host: that has been a common theme, everybody seems to think the debate was better than the
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first. what is it about joe biden that attracts your support? caller: i have always been a democratic vote since i was able to vote. eileen those ways with politics in general. those ways with politics in general. trump has a tendency toward qualities i don't appreciate, as far as being a bully, things like that. held himself biden together with his reactions. anthony in rancho cucamonga, california. undecided. did your needle get moved? caller: i do have to say it might have. keptdering the moderator it tight, and i appreciate the muting of the microphones. it was a more cordial situation.
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compared to the first debate, definitely. both of their points, and i think trump has some good stuff to say, considering i have been a registered democrat. there is a lengthy exchange when it comes to trump. i appreciate everybody's time. politicall typical statements, things could have been construed clearer, but i feel trump seems to be moving forth in such a strong point that i might have been shifted. host: how do you plan on voting, by person or in mail? caller: that is a great
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question. i believe nearby some ballots were set on fire. you probably saw that on the news. tohink i will go straight the post office with my ballot. i am voting by mail. i have faith in it. i have faith in the people at the public service offices, as well as everybody involved in that being an honest person. host: have you received your ballot yet? caller: no, i have not. host: how do you plan on voting on the property tax proposition? caller: i'm still kind of undecided on that one. should keep ite with ourand go forward rent control as well.
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that is anthony. this is john in grant, alabama. what is your reaction? caller: i really thought the president did great. sometimes stumbles and says the same thing over again. the moderator did better. the president brought up good points and held his composure better. i trust him because he has always stood firm on his ,osition about religious values he is not hostile against religious beliefs. like moving the embassy in jerusalem. abortion is a strong issue. freenot like the idea of abortion taxpayer paid.
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there is a lot of conservative issues i went with. democrats go further left as the years go by. because president trump is not a normal politician. guy. more like an average from elandon is next paso, texas. who are you supporting? definitely neither trump nor biden. i already voted for jo jordgensen. host: libertarian. aller: does voting for third-party party when chances are jo jordgensen will not win, is that a wasted vote in your view? caller: no, actually.
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the reason i voted is i don't believe in the idea of voting the lesser of two evils, because you are still voting for people. -- voting for evil. voting for jo jordgensen is a protest vote. host: the border was talked about tonight. what is your view on the border situation? know, els you might paso is one of the safest big cities in the u.s. when it comes to living close to the border, i don't feel unsafe. i would not know if it had anything to do with border security or the people of el paso. but i like living here.
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i have not seen anything that has gone on. host: do you cross over to war as -- juarez? caller: because of my job, i'm not allowed to. host: what kind of work? caller: the military. our --goodolyn on evening. caller: good evening. i would like to contribute the fact i voted for biden, and kamala harris. i went democrat straight down. biden did at joe great job holding his composure. there are so many misconceptions
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that were brought in. by president trump. not helping the people. i see a lot of division. i really contribute that to the messaging that he is putting out. needlly feel republicans to speak up, whether it is something we want to hear or not. and stateto speak up what they believe, and it does not always have to be in mind with trump. you are not hearing anything but one message from him. is like he has privilege. host: your former governor, republican john kasich, spoke at the democratic convention in support of joe biden. caller: right.
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i understand why he did that. i did not like the fact that he did not state in the mansion in columbus, and that he and his daughters and wife stayed in their home, but i still agreed and listened to policies and things he had to say. i believe if we have a common denominator because we all have to get along and live together, i am willing to have an open mind policy wise on what someone believes. but to target people and say because i do not believe in what you believe, you are bad. i really feel trump goes with the privilege, and no one else has that privilege but him every he lives in a world where the policies are something he is trying to say and blanket to everyone who wants to hear what
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they believe. but it is not moving us anywhere. host: thank you for your time. bakersfield, california. trumps it about president , why you support him? caller: i support trump because he is upfront, what he says is what he does. and he came out in 2016 said he would do the things, that is what he did. most politicians make promises, but when you turn around, they are doing the opposite. host: was it an effective line when the president said joe biden has been in office 47 years and did not do any things he wanted to do now? was that an effective attack in your view? caller: it is truth. he had been there for a long time and not done anything for anybody except enrich him and
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his family. obvious.tty you have to be blind not to see what is going on. host: let's check in again with greta. today reported the president has a schedule included a fundraiser with his daughter, kid rock, lee greenwood, ahead of the debate. others noted former vice president joe biden started preparing for tonight's debate yesterday when he called a lid in the early morning. the 2000hat to campaign. she covered it, and in 2000, gore hunkered down in sarasota, hunkeredices, and bush down at his ranch. she goes on to say, gore was so
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detail oriented, he demanded the temperature in the rehearsal room be set at whatever the debate hall thermostat was set, and adjusted for the crowd's body heat. president george w. bush, he had a dress were herschel one night at 9:00 p.m. to help the notorious early riser adjust to the kickoff time which was a half hour before he usually turned in. she went back further and pulled up associated press clips from campaign. reagan's he was hunkered down where he and nancy were staying. that debate sealed his victory. host: karen in memphis. how was the debate for you? caller: it was interesting. wish they talked more about
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black lives matter or native american issues going on in the country now. i am really sick of trump's lies . host: his what? caller: i am sick of his lies. host: one of the discussion topics that kristen welker had was race in america. she brought up black lives matter issues directly with the president, what did you think of his response? caller: not good enough. something that can help where we are now. i really don't think trump can
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help us now. that is karen in memphis. this is edward in rancho cucamonga, california on our support president trump line. are you with us? norwalk, to connecticut. please, go ahead. caller: i just feel biden's character is so much more than trump's. i honestly believe this country needs to make a change, a person's character is definitely important for the country, and especially for the president of our country. trump really does not have any. host: a reminder to viewers, if he would like to text in a message and cannot get through on the phone lines, here is the text number. .748.8903.
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james in new york, undecided. it is said less than 10% of the american public is undecided. what makes you undecided? debate ok, the first there was nothing to go on. too much back and forth. statements on what they plan on doing. this debate i really liked that they were able to express what they wanted to do. there are two nagging things about both candidates getting to me that leave me undecided. lack of releasing his taxes. almost four years now. i do not think an audit takes
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that long. biden with his family and what is going on overseas. the media stopping the press on it, the release of what is going on, i would like clarity on those issues. that inthink i will get 11 days. do you plan on voting in person? caller: yes, i plan on voting in person. host: how do you think your governor is doing? been following coronavirus in new york. department, health and even governor cuomo has said they are not counting the deaths from the nursing homes where the hospital, it to the
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think that is wrong. where want factual data deaths originated, you want to incorporate those in the nursing homes that died in hospitals. i think those are factual numbers. he is doing a disservice to the people by not telling us where these deaths are occurring, especially early on when nationwide we are finding numbers for people under 55 are not really dying from this -- and they are. over the agegree of 55. host: ryan, apache junction, arizona. good evening, arizona is up for grabs. caller: yes, a lot of trump supporters are out here.
1:53 am
we have our trump flags up. we know he is a great president doing a great job. debate had athe republican congress said he could not pass anything, but this is a president who got things done when he had an impeachment coming after him, and everybody trying to get him out of office. host: what is an issue important to you? wall.: the we are here by the border. the wall. he is getting it done. it is keeping things safe around here. stopping the illegal drugs coming in. host: how do you view the senate race between mark kelly and martha mcsally? caller: tough to call. host: why?
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i have not been paying attention to either one of them. with the going president. i am not sure on the senate. host: thank you. jamie, san antonio. caller: hi. host: how did your candidate do? caller: he did very good. , helieve the eye contact was talking directly to me it felt like, but with trump, i think he did better than the last time, but he did not answer any questions. he just boasts about what he did . out the most, he has my vote 100%.
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it was very, very, very good. host: what is an issue important to you? caller: the issue important to me is the race issue. people areack getting killed for no reason. i believe our leaders should come together with some type of solution that there is better training with the police officers. they get a lot of money, so i don't understand what the big deal is. the racial issue is the most important to me. host: how have you been affected by the pandemic? caller: i lost my job due to the pandemic. it is really hard right now. economic gave us one package really fund. it is crazy they are still going
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$200-400 dollars unemployment, a 200 dollars difference, and they are arguing over that instead of helping out us americans who need help. host: thank you. greta: some more viewer reaction, these are text sieges from our viewers. leslie in sacramento says, i wish both candidates refrained from trying to discredit each other and answer the questions on their platform. at times it made each of them sound foolish. biden can criticize president trump, but how would he act under those pressures? i like that biden was more passionate about climate change. this text from patrick, a leadership and iq deficiency is in both candidates. bill weld and bernie sanders would make us look collectively
1:57 am
smarter as a nation. laura in san diego, i think trump is making up numbers and lies. i think he is sending the wrong message as to what america represents. patrick from washington, much more professional db. trump was -- more professional debate. great debate, better-than-expected. the president wants to take us forward. finally, stephanie in michigan, trump came in looking like a different person and tried to abide by the rules, looked tired. joe made some great comments on health care and covid-19. helena in is maryland. why are you undecided? what issue are you not hearing the answers to?
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caller: neither one of them are presidential to me. this debate was better than the last debate. trump was refrained. but all this business going on in the country, i don't like it at all. the way trump is handling the coronavirus is disappointing to me. i am disabled, i have health problem's. i am locked in my home. i am afraid of it. television he makes like it is nothing. if it is nothing, why are so many people dying? as far as the economy, to me personally it is more about making money than saving lives.
1:59 am
as far as biden, i voted for him when he was in office, with obama. confused, he does not have a good plan to me. he seems like the typical politician saying what we want him to say. do evenbelieve he will the promises he is making. all this going on, nancy pelosi, everything going on is ridiculous. the united states is an embarrassment. all these people are struggling right now. lines, i the long food am black.
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when coronavirus started he lost his job. i am in maryland, it took him so long to get unemployment, by the time he got it, he was in office. if we did not have savings, where would that have left us? host: how do you plan on voting? have you gotten your ballot in the mail? caller: and i don't know. i was sick. i came from the doctors in time.
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i'm actually in observation. but this was very important to me to make the decision because we had early voting starting monday. and that's when i had someone to take me to vote. but i still don't know who i'm going to vote for. host: helena, thank you for sharing your thoughts with us. we're going to take two phone calls. what is it about the president that you support? caller: oh, i just support everything that he does. i listen to the -- to the talks today. and joe biden still keeps stressing his decency that decency is on his ticket and to vote for him as a decent candidate. what decent person would support a party that promotes the gruesome procedure of abortion
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for example especially in the ate abortion where they insert a catheter in the base of the skull and suction out the brain. host: so that's the issue that's important to berna in kentucky. why do you support vice president biden? caller: i support biden for a couple of reasons. he lies too much. it's obvious lies that you you can look up and fact check. and biden did a pretty good job tonight of going into policy. you know -- you know, trump is too polarizing. he really -- he disrupts the nation. and i think if we continue on that course with trump, we're going to be in big trouble, race-wise and everything else. host: we've got to leave it there. we're going to continue taking your calls on the washington journal b


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