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tv   Campaign 2020 President Trump Campaigns in New Hampshire  CSPAN  October 25, 2020 12:48pm-2:29pm EDT

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between incumbent republican vern buchanan, who has held the seat for over a decade, and democrat margaret good, who beat his son in a special election for the statehouse last cycle. the ad wars are heating up even in traditionally republican parts of florida like sarasota. ♪
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♪ [chanting "u.s.a."] thank you very much. thank you. what a group, what a group.
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we love this place. this was my first victory, right? this was our first victory. remember that beautiful primarily that we had? --mp came in and trump one won and it was off to the races, right? so i want to thank you. hello, new hampshire. it is great to be with you on this beautiful day. this beautiful day. nine days from now, we are going to win this stage. can you believe nine days? win for moreing to -- four more great years in the white house. this is the most important election in the history of our country, the most important election, and i never thought i would say it after what we went through with the last one four years ago.
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this is a more important election. because we are fighting people that -- we've got to end the fight, we have to put them down, we have to end the fight. our country will never be a socialist country. [cheering] pres. trump: for the last half-century, sleepy joe biden has been outsourcing for jobs, opening your borders, and sacrificing american blood and treasure in the endless, horrible, ridiculous foreign wars. afghanistan, 19 years. iraq,ed for the war in but for himself, did you know today, you know what happened? he put the lid on. he is constantly putting the lid on, constantly putting the lid on. let lid means, i guess it refers to a garbage can, you put the lid -- he is putting the lid on. this guy has more leads -- there
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is something going on. somebody said it is strategy but it is not because strategy would be coming out. by the way, a lot of things are happening, have you been noticing? asking some people to go back to the fake news and go to the back -- a lot of people -- [booing] i wish those camels which show behind the cameras, there are thousands of people, thousands of people there. outside,ands of people thousands. there are thousands of people outside, but have you been noticing what has been happening? people know we have done a great job. what is going to happen? exciting,ing to be as maybe, i don't know, you can't say more exciting, you remember that beautiful night in november four years ago?
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well, i don't think this one will be as close. thank you. [crowd chanting] [cheering] is a chant --hat in all fairness, has anyone in the history of politics -- think about it, ronald reagan was popular but they never had that chance. that is a chant -- i won't even say it. i don't want to cry. had thatd reagan never chance, nobody has ever had that chance -- that can't. -- that chant. these people are vicious, these people don't report the truth, it is very hard, they don't report the truth. [booing] pres. trump: i asked them, would you please turn the cameras --
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they don't do that. they never do. they have this shot all the time. i don't have that big an ego, i don't want that shot. this shot. you know what they show? show myself and five people back there. [cheering] pres. trump: on occasion, some of the people back there become big stars because they are on camera, but they never move the camera and i used to think it was the way it is, you couldn't --e it, many candidly mechanically, but we don't that anymore. they used to have little problems and the cannot youth to turn like a pretzel because they viewed that as a bad thing and the camera would turn around, they would turn like there was nothing to it, but they never show the crowds. they don't show joe biden's crowd when seven people show up.
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you know what? hussein't show barack obama, he came out to campaign two days ago. [booing] and they had 42 people. he drew flies, you ever hear the expression? obama drew flies. but they don't show that. but we want them to show our grouse because there has never been anybody -- this is us as a group -- anybody, any group, any movement that has gotten the kind of grounds that we have. [cheering] and i was told about new hampshire -- i understand they have a lot of friends who live up here but i understand new hampshire. i was told you can't have big routes, you have to go to everybody's dining room and have dinner with them. this was even as i was campaigning, i said, i'm sorry, it doesn't work, you have to get
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together. you have guys that had nothing much to do, they are politicians and they will go with two or three people every night and they do this for years and then they come seventh in the primary or something. weaid, we have to do this -- have been doing this from the beginning, you have the arena that holds a lot of people, we packed that all the time but with the covid, we keep talking about cases, you know why we have cases? all we do is test. half cut our testing and -- they wouldn't say that. the cases would go down in a half. we are coming around, we are rounding the turn, we have the vaccines, we have everything, we are rounding the turn. even without the vaccines, we are rounding the turn, it is going to be over. you know who got it? i did. can you believe it? every time i have these meetings, a lot of people -- i can't put myself in a basement
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for the next year and a half. or i can't go to a beautiful bedroom in the white house and lock myself up for a year and a half. you are president, you have to do your job and i have meetings. [cheering] i leave a meeting and i say, that wasn't good, you know, there is a lot of people, it a lot of love and the room, it a lot of time there is no love at all, but i say, that might not be good. but you have to do your job and i went in what they do is incredible, the doctors are incredible, especially when you are president because you have more doctors. i don't know if i could ever get you to do this again, going back to normal where you have one doctor. you have a doctor for every part of your body. [laughter] pres. trump: and they want to touch you, they want to grab you. sir, i'm a specialist. can i check this? i said, i would prefer not to. [laughter] pres. trump: i didn't feel good
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and -- wonderful doctors. the white house doctor is terrific, they are all talented people, but i had 12 of them. i had doctors from the best schools, the best hospitals in the world because you are president, right? i said, i'm not feeling good, what are we going to do? the following morning, i took something called regeneron, the following morning, i felt like superman. [cheering] i did not want to cancel anything. chanting] no, we didn't want to be canceled. we did not want to be canceling a lot of things. we did not want to say -- i don't know what is wrong with
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joe biden, he doesn't go anywhere. when he does, is delaware. i like delaware, but he just wants to state next to that house, he feels and comfortable. yesterday, he did some rally with the horns. the camera made a terrible mistake about the guy is going to get fired, because the camera turned around and there were so few, there was nobody there. then he got agitated. you saw that. you know who was there? our people were there. [cheering] screamingp: they were and he can't speak well. he was having a hard think too . he was having a hard time. and he got very angry. getting angry too. they went out, and it was all our people. only democrat run.
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they are all closed up in many cases. locked down. you have an excellent governor here, right? can i say that. sometimes i say that and people do not like it. but you do. and his father's grave. ununu --er, you know, s he was tough. once we won, there is nobody better. they are a good family. they've done a good job. you open up. here we are. but -- i guess he figures if he keeps the lid on he will not make a stupid statement. he made one yesterday. he said, i am getting tired of smart people. he said that and then he said something much worse. he said we have the most corrupt
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-- he did not mean that. he did not mean that, but i think we will put a clip up -- we have a new deal -- do you see that little screen -- that cost a lot of money. like you, the great state of new hampshire. if we like you, we will put that up and we have little clips like -- he is against social security , things like that. and his oil comments. i would not say it was winston churchill, but he was ok. and then all of a sudden, he came out with the oil and he wants to transition. he wants to transition. listening, you texas, are you listening, pennsylvania -- actually, are you listening? because of new york, you have the highest energy bills in the
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country, new hampshire, all of new england because they will not allow -- we will do this anyway, but they won't allow a pipeline to go through new york up to new england. you know that, right? has been anyork economic disaster and people are leaving. it would reduce your energy costs by 50, 60, 70%, and governor, will not allow it. stuck with everything. you know? i get stuck. we will get it done. 50 percent, 60%. it means a lot to everybody. -- are they turning the cameras around? people don't even believe it.
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look at them. people don't even believe it. the media, the fake news is too close to me. i am saying this to my representatives. if you look back they could have magnifying lenses that are really good. thelives are blocked out by ache news, right? but sleepy joe voted for nafta, which was the worst thing that ever happened to your state. 's entry into the world trade organization, he shipped away your industries. new hampshire drugs.
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for some reason you get hit harder more than anyone else. we got it down 19%. we got setback. we went to the precinct. for some reason your drug problem, opioids and everything else is greater than most other states proportionately and we focus very hard on new hampshire. playeda setback when he came in from china, but we got it down. we will get it down a hell of a .ot more than 19 you allow drugs, deadly drugs, really deadly drugs. they flooding into your schools and towns and communities. more in new hampshire than any other place.
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in 2020 you voted to fire the depraved establishment and you as youran outsider president who is finally putting america first. this is not the crowd that comes in second, ok? it's like a bowl except more accurate. when you leave a place like this with thousands and thousands, when you leave, you say this is not a state where you are going to come in second. come in second.
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even if you came in in that beautiful air force lane -- you know, i will tell you quickly. there any football game? we don't watch football as much. until they stand and our country. when i first came in, i said how old is air force one. we have the greatest. that plane looks like it is today's old, right? but his 30 years. can you believe it? i said, what's going on. they said they are negotiating with one. it's essentially two planes. air force one is to planes. you're very spoiled. i guess they figure it is a little broken, you were about
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the second one. but it is the most incredible machine. that's a long time. ok.good at airplanes, kiddingyou've got to be . to airplanes, ok? $78 million. so 5.7. week. this is first we're not going to buy it. money.that's too much not buying it. he said what you say it's too much. i said, obama agreed to it so it has to be too much. i didn't know anything about it. but i knew if they were buying it was too much money. i said, i'm not going to do it.
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to a general. i said general i want to cancel the order. yes, sir. using why can't we keep -- at least right -- planes would come in especially from and it would be -- it's actually much different plane. much older. much bigger means span -- wingspan. than having better a teleprompter? is far more as that beautiful, more everything. general, it is a side
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contract. he said, yes, sir. said by the way, no problem, right, yes, sir, problem. good. yes, sir, we have a termination fee. how much is the termination fee. we place hundred $50 million and we are allowed to terminate the contract. sir, 200250 million -- $50 million. we have to pay $250 million to terminate the contract. general, don't terminate it because to get it, but i don't want to pace hundred 50, just don't terminate. tell them we don't want it. wanted and we negotiate -- i don't want to. and we negotiated for about a month. got to have a three.
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he comes back a couple -- and takes a couple million off. i said, we don't want the planes. i said, we want to blame. want to pay 250 -- by the way, i can tell you 300 of the stories, right? i just see the plane sitting there, so beautiful. europe and ordered
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the comparable plan because there's no comparable plane. i said, no, we're going to get used to this. it will be just plan -- just fine. they bring it down another couple hundred. and then you start dropping like a rock. to 3.95. i had one generator added. not a big deal. --'s 3.9 is supposed to isn't that nice. it will be as beautiful as that.
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our plane will be red white and blue. me and theey came to general came to me and he said, , i know the way you like everything to be perfect and instead of coming down and , itng the british airways is a three-story building, right ? if it's raining or the wind is blowing -- the little one is a different deal, but the big one, by the time i come down that -- sometimestime i'm like that. the wind is blowing.
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does anybody have a mirror. sir, we can build a new stairway. it's a spiral stairway. i said that's a great idea. i said, how much? he said, 50. i said, well. i'll take it. i said, i'll take it. for $50,000 -- no, sir, $50 million. i said, i don't want this for $50 million. for 50. we can build it that's a lot of money for a stairway. we can do it for $50 million. so i decided to let my hair get messed up, right? story on the beautiful air force one.
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that i imagine after all better win this contest. sleepy joegine -- would not even know what plane to get on. at this is very nice. how old is this plane, he was a? brand-new, sir, brand new. you have to see the striking. it's incredible. there will be nothing like it. he won't appreciate it. so, that is a story i could tell . i could sell 100 stories like that. waste. it's all exam. we had to spend $3 trillion on the plane. peanuts, we are talking.
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we got hit by the china play. we will never forget it. you watch. sleepy joe biden doesn't care about new hampshire. he left this state before the primary was even over. he abandoned you. to say pennsylvania -- he left them, too, when he was nine years old. and based on the i am seeing, people understand that very much. a lot of strange things. fantastic in iowa. fantastic in north carolina. good in were doing pennsylvania. we are doing great in the great state of texas. , we are are people now doing great all over georgia.
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it's going to be a very interesting evening november 3. you know the biggest risk we have, fake ballots. they sent millions of ballots all over the country. they found some in the garbage can, military ballots. they found them in the garbage can. thousands and thousands. 500,000 incorrect applications in virginia. thousands and thousands. the biggest risk we have are the fake ballots. i voted in person in florida because i like to vote in person. call me old-fashioned. but a lot of our people -- so, i went to florida. sir, do you have an invitation. they didn't mean to be rude. i took out a passport. i did some passport.
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when italy be nice to have voter id, by the way? so the woman was great. very smart. i gave her the id. she said, i think you might be president trump. ok? and then i said, they gave me , very good.hing i went through every one. they say, sir, is this it. sir, you can go to the booth. i said, i don't what to keep a secret. i voted for donald trump. secret.o keep it now if i voted for sleepy joe that would be a story. and the people were fantastic and really professional people. great people. i took a plan, a ticket out.
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in a put it on again there were certain things they had, a lot of different races, the presidency and other races, good races, thuman, and i said, well. there was no cheating. there's no way you could she. there is no way anything can go wrong. it was like a perfect deal. now they think of that. so, that's one way. the other way, they send millions of ballots. we don't know who is sending them. we don't know who signed them. they have that thing where you don't have to have any verification of the signature. it is so terrible, and you know of knows it more than us, the democrats. all the democrat run states of the ones that are the problem. and they know it and they say he is against our freedom.
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no. i want to have a real election and i call them unsolicited. i say solicited is good. etc. which is not as good as being there. but when you have unsolicited, meaning you don't want to call it universal, what does it mean? it does not mean anything. i came up with the name. the have millions of unsolicited ballots being sent all over and it's no good. it's no good. and it's tremendous. the only good thing is we have people watching them like crazy, law enforcement and people like yourselves, but philadelphia, which is notorious for what goes on.
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we want poll watchers. why will they let you have a poll watcher. what is wrong. inc. of it. philadelphia has been unbelievable. you have a wonderful candidate who ran a number of years ago, a man named mitt romney. [corwd booing] booing] pres/ trump: he did very badly in philadelphia. we want poll watchers in philadelphia. if they will let you have a poll .atcher, what is that all about so we're watching very closely, but i was really impressed in florida because there was no way it could there could be any
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cheating. there's no way you were voting twice, voting 20 times not voting at all. it was a beautiful thing to see. but the ballots are not that way. hoaxemocrats know it is a and you know, it's going to cause problems. in the and we have a ruling from a court. and then they can take time in the state of pennsylvania, which we love. i love pennsylvania, i learned it does i one of the last time i guess crooked pillory, right? and we have a situation where they have their ballots in a long time to count the ballots. a lot of bad things will happen.
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that pennsylvania, and major state from a very important to me, and went to school there -- if we don't know , it always has been you generally find out that night. we could go on forever with this. andkly, it's a crazy ruling we shouldn't let it happen. i think that is my biggest year, my biggest risk. the millions of unsolicited .allots california, they are sending millions and millions and millions of ballots. ballots butetting don't want them. it's a terrible thing. sleepy joe biden works for big tech and big donors.
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i will tell you, when you watch happens and how he's being protected, because you see what is going on. he is a corrupt politician -- and i would say the primary reason he is putting the lid on it again is because he cancer the questions. he can't answer the questions. he goes to china, the family makes a fortune. he goes ukraine,'s husband gets $183,000 a month. how about russia? russia. , $3.5yor of moscow sun and yes to give his father tim percent and there's another one that is 50%. what the hell is going on? and in the media refuses -- except for the new york post, which their stock has gone way up. i have a lot of respect for the
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new york host. sub -- new york post. i am not just running against joe biden. censors who want to manipulate and control the american. and if you say anything bad about biden, they block you. they take you down. it's unbelievable. high quality people. someone puts up the story about this fighting corruption which is incredible and they block the story and take down the site. it's unbelievable. the great charlotte kirk. charlie for. fight orontinue to american workers, lower drug prices. we need to get drug prices down,
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way down. it already happened. some portland police, protect the second amendment. made in the usa, like the old days. we go back to the old days sometimes. people used to be so proud of that. estimation point usa! pres. trump: we will deliver groundbreaking therapies. i don't know. it, but idn't need took that regeneron. like superman. the same vaccine and we have some of our greatest companies coming out very quickly with these vaccines.
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it's got to be delivered fast. we're rounding the turn but the vaccine will get it down fast. because we want normal life to resume. normal life. in that year will be the greatest -- last year will be the greatest economic year in the history of our country. i can say this for every state in the union just about. i'm have to go check. i'll have to be like joe where he has no idea. think just about every state in the union. you see what is happening. the atlanta fed just predicted, this is not a forecast.
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risen for the third quarter. by november 1l be -- hopefully you will have voted by that time. that's the crazy thing. at news has been very good predicting gdp up by 35%. eight or 9% or something. 35%. faster than any other country in the world. we have gone down less and went up faster. i delivered the largest tax cuts and reform in the history of our country. we cut taxes. the child tax credit
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and increase the median household income to the highest level ever recorded. and we had to close it up saving a million lives and now we are opening it up. the biden-harris agenda. what you think of harris? liberal than crazy money, can you believe it? bernie is crazy. there's no question, but he's a good sport. is a great sport. seeno, have you ever someone loses a much and be so happy about it? is bernie running again in four years? sanders projected to run again. fights., he
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losinghow does not mind acause elizabeth warren, neighbor of yours, super radical left -- not as bad as money, not even close to come all of -- lefta, if she would've before super tuesday, bernie would have lost. when people voted, they split the vote, so bernie sanders would have gotten all of it. if he got just a few of her votes he would have won everything. thatid, explain how does work. he wanted to know how that works.
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the radical biden-harris agenda -- you saw this in the wall street journal, it will cut your itome over a year, and also will destroy at least 5 million jobs. joe biden is promising the largest tax hike in american history. this is the first time. we were in ohio, in wisconsin. or four ofthree these suckers a day. any got the lid on. have a president in this world rehab president she, president putin, and a lot of people. you cannot have a low-energy president.
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.here's a reason he's got it i'm trying to figure it out. and i have a feeling is because of the corruption. you see where he walked out in primetime right after it .appened, holding ice cream and the press asked him, what flavor is it, sir. i think it's a nala and chocolate. they'll ask me questions like .hat what flavor, sir? .hink he likes me too much we better win. he's not a nice guy. people that knew him in primetime, he was never a nice guy. i'll think is nice guy. but now he's probably more agitated than ever before. missile aimed at the heart of
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the middle class. that is all it is. we have a tremendous number of current -- of companies. now they are opening up all over michigan. ohio. shinzo had to retire. some i don't care really got to open up the factories, shinzo. , we don't have anything to do with that. this is the private sector. i said, you are a powerful man. you can do it. he said i really can't. i said you have to. day, five companies
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reopening of factors. he's a great guy, shinzo. i hope he is going to be well. japan.great leader from in my second term i will pass another historic middle-class tax-cut. -- all my life, i have been studying politics. i watched it on the other side. everybody, they came to my office. i was a contributor to everybody. watched.fe i have never seen this where someone will go, we will raise your taxes, vote for me. i have always watched politicians, we will cut your taxes, we will cut your taxes, we will cut your taxes. we will raise your taxes. people say, does a lot of people don't get it. they go, did i hear that right?
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biden wants to eliminate oil? think of it in texas. he can't get away with that. he almost made it. then that last question got them . -- got him. in kristen who is not particularly in my camp -- i thought she did a good job that she looks at him and goes, why would you do that? when i said, yeah, why would you do that? saidor sleeper's party you -- i said are you listening, texas? ,re you listening pennsylvania and are all of the people in the country because we have an energy independent country right now? once we get new hampshire in new across newand we get york, which we are very close to getting, these prices will be very low.
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in nobody else will be able to get that. that i can guarantee you. five dollar gasoline. where you now? armenia. you know, armenia. we are working on that. got threeieve a nominations for the nobel peace prize. we have thee east, --rain, the uid -- the you a and yesterday we got sudan.
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cost. know this, know that. the opposite way and then we got serbia. serbia. kosovo. these people have been killing themselves. they've been killing each other for years and years and decades and we are dealing with both of them. i said, fellows, if you get your act together, we are doing trade deals -- your been fighting each other for years. i told my people. tell them they have to work a deal, otherwise we will not do a deal with either of them. and you know what? they hugged and they kissed in the oval office. this is after many years. that deal was worse than israel. if you think about it and the
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palestinians. they will come together. they will come together. 750,000 million dollars a year and we said, look, we will not make a deal. it was a terrible thing. they say death to america, death to israel, derek, etc.. so you will end up with peace in .he middle east and a neighbor of yours, john kerry said three years ago it would be impossible to do the deal -- no, that is the only way you can do the deal. he's in the middle east. what we have done is pretty amazing. so we signed the deal, so they gave me a nobel prize for that. they gave me a nobel prize for something else.
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they should give me a nobel when i say nobel prize, nomination. i don't know. . don't know but serbia, so now we have armenia. they are incredible all. we had tremendous groups. and the problems that they have and the death and the fighting. we will get that straightened out. i call that an easy one. ok. go back, people.
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we will get it straightened out. it's easy. if you know what you are doing. think of that. we are doing these to do. we're not doing either deal. and they both came back. they came back. were hugging and kissing. it was incredible thing. where we doing? we're saving a lot of lives. normally i would not tell you all this stuff. where are we going from here. there's no more nfl that you watch. you think that sleepy joe would be doing these things? i don't think so. he will go back to bed. hillary used to spend a lot of time in bed, too.
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but she had more energy than him. what is the difference between crooked hillary clinton and biden? always leader both crooked. let's get -- obviously they're both crooked. she had more energy, but not much and she's a more intelligent person. i will say that. she's a much more intelligent worsen. until she used the word deplorable's, i thought she was very smart. to imposelso about the highest business tax rates. that will be a mass exit us. that is what happens. we don't want people to lead. we want them to stay. also pledged to eliminate
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tariffs on china. farmers -- this may not mean much to you, but i gave them $20 million, and it kept them solvent and strong. in other words, he wants to raise taxes. there's no one that was to see us raise taxes more than china because they are going to pick up the business. so remember if biden win's, china wins. if we win new hampshire wins in america wins. besides that, how can he make a deal with china? when he's taking a lot of money.
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walked away with a billion and a half dollars. so how can a guy like that seriously -- if you see the letter on that deed, that laptop he has got -- do you know what it's called? it is called the laptop from hell, you know? he wants $10 million a year from china for introductory reasons? he's going to introduce them to people. they will introduce him to his father. so this guy -- we won't say why and how. he's no longer in the navy. becomes vicefather president and he's making tens of millions of dollars. and joe is making it.
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10% to the bigve guy? what does that mean. what does that mean? explain that. that is why joe has the lid on. also reimpose the individual mandate penalty, which i ended. the most unpopular parts, which really makes it not even obamacare anymore. we took the most egregious thing in obamacare. you had to pay a fortune for the privilege of not paying a , and in the meantime, we brought the rates down. we will see what happens with the supreme court. peoplelways protecting with pre-existing conditions.
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this tax would fall on americans making less than $40,000 a year. there's virtually no aspect of joe bidenife that does not want to tax and regulate into oblivion. reason wee biggest were successful is i took more regulations than any president. he will also massively cut that she has always wanted to do those. massively cut your social security. i don't know what he's thinking. i have never seen a politician that wants to hurt social security that survives and then he denies it.
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but you will see it in a second. to biden.n roll out the video. -- mr. biden: i will eliminate the trump tax cuts. i will repeal the $2 trillion >> when will you make these changes is my point. >> i will make-- those changes on day one. >> a few questions, joe.
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you were on -- in the senate for a few years. time and time again talking about the necessity, with ride of cutting social security. >> no. just like never said that? social spending, i'm in every single solitary thing in the government. >> where you tell the truth? >> i am telling the truth. >> i tried it once, i tried it twice. let me repeat it again. i want you to be straight with me. you have been on the floor of the senate time and time again talking about the need to cut social security, medicare, and --
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>> that is not true. >> i met every single solitary .hing in the government >> i did not support any of those cuts. >> everything was on the table. you just set it. >> in order to get the kinds of changes that we need -- >> because people like me helped stop that. this would say is joe said many, many times. i am not surprised that you would defend it -- or change her mind. >> you guys did this for president obama's administration. mostt together the
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extensive and inclusive voter fraud organization in the history of american politics. by the way, i sit on the turn, and we have that and watch in the sun the hair come back up again. so i learned about roaches. so he did try to
1:50 pm
and your social security. he has said for a year there will be no fracking and then he goes to pennsylvania and he denies it in the media never did anything about it. they'll ask him to russians. at but the other day, one of the better parts of the debate, i -- his party will never let you frack. it's a million jobs. millions and millions of dollars in energy costs. i will cut your taxes, not raise them. i will always protect your medicare and social security. the selection is a choice between a trump recovery -- and i call it a trump super recovery. that is what happens. and abiding depression. , you're going to
1:51 pm
have a depression the likes of which you have never seen before with the possible exception of 1929. he is going to raise your taxes. he is going to put in all these regulations. it will take 18 years to get it approved. and it may not get approved for environmental or safety reasons. cuts. have regulation he wants all of that garbage back in. all that wasted, wasted stop. and we need regulation. reasonable. to be have a choice. we're not locking down. we are taking care of our
1:52 pm
elderly. and we will be careful. but we are not locking down. the biden lockdown would wipe out the greatest economic come .ack of all time desperately hurt our small businesses, inflict harm on our the lifeand reduce expectancy of our people. you see what happens. i came up with a statement. i think it was me. not be worse than the problem itself.
1:53 pm
look at michigan. how she is so vicious. she's vicious to everyone but her husband. he can do whatever he wants. he can go sailing. michigan has to open. like, jailning, cells out there. fortunately you people are in good shape. to a surgeill lead in drug overdoses. alcohol, tremendous family we have marshaled the power of our federal dust keep peoplernment from getting hooked on drugs.
1:54 pm
it has had tremendous impact and i learned-- you know, so much about that drug problem from new hampshire. you have incredible law enforcement. i met with them. they know this. candidatese shutdown . the democrats are the shutdown party. they want to shut down your they will shut down and they will shut down our come back. we of the greatest economy in history.
1:55 pm
we were so far behind. people are going to die. we have such incredible people. we didn't have ventilators. we have all that we can use. all thankful on the phone. sir, this is incredible. if this happened to not good , these people, right there, they would say, we are not happy with the job the president has done. we have the masks in the ventilators and every thing else, but now we have the vaccines coming way ahead of schedule. if this were another administration, you would not have vaccines for three years. .ou would not have regeneron
1:56 pm
you would not have these new super drugs. you look at the mortality rates. down 85%. 85%. look at europe. there are never ending shutdowns that never stop. out.ll work it should never have happened. but closed up most of china they did not close the world. they let it come to europe and the u.s.. corruptn has made a bargain. he has handed control of his party over to socialist.
1:57 pm
they are filled with rage. this election day the people of thesempshire must stop radicals by giving joe biden -- and it's really not joe biden -- it's the people that control him because joe does not have a clue . joe does not have a clue. i really believe he does not have a clue. we can say, oh, it's ok. there's nothing to feel sorry about. this is democracy. we have to do what his rights. he's not a nice person. give the democrats a thundering defeat and that includes congress, that includes your senate. candidatesood senate .
1:58 pm
he?y is -- where is is he here? he is doing great. he better do great. is running against someone who does not help our nation much, i will cut you that. -- congressional candidates matt bowers and steve negron. where are they? where are they. fellows. also my friend who has been with me since day one.
1:59 pm
are we doing ok? are we doing good? gop. the head of the they said, when would you like it? how about sunday. i got in at about 1:00 in the .orning i went to north carolina. i went to ohio. the crowds were unbelievable. i got back. saidse biden and his group
2:00 pm
-- what is this all about? i was more focused on china. i called the commissioner of football, nice guy, warren. i said we got to get it back. i had a great group of people, jim pataki and others, and we got big ten back. we got big 12 back, too. we have big ten opened up. ohio state one and wisconsin one, so they both one. won, sond wisconsin they both won. steve had been with us for the beginning. he was fantastic. he was with us for the great primary when. -- win. another that was with us.
2:01 pm
he said it, sir, we are going to win. i said, say it again. he is a good guy. his name -- i'm sure nobody has ever heard of him -- corey lewandowski. [applause] where's cory? -- corey? there they are. i am looking for these people. hi, corey. y?ing ok, core are we going to win, corey? we better. i will never speak to you again. chanting four more years] hey, corey, next time you can take a bigger chunk of the runway, please. right?big crowd,
2:02 pm
but even bigger is what is outside. cory is a friend of mine. he is great. he loves this state and he is a great person. in my first three years, we built the greatest economy in the history of the world, and now we are doing it again. i see the head -- make america great again, again. make america great again again. "again" justother so i can send you all an extra hat. it all goes to the campaign. make america great again again. we had it. it was the greatest. we had the greatest economy. i will tell you something. we were coming together. i was getting calls from people that normally i would not be getting calls from. we had the best numbers, the best everything in every way. and things were happening. success will bring us together. and we will soon be in that position again. very soon. [applause]
2:03 pm
income over family $6,000,ore than -- over more than five times the gains. think of that. in 3.5 years, we did more than they did in eight years times five. i mean, think of that. unemployment,an hispanic american unemployment and asian american unemployment all reached the lowest levels ever recorded. [applause] numbers. unbelievable more women were working than ever at any time before. think of it. think of it. think of that. [applause] women the way, suburban -- [applause] i got rid of the regulations. you know, they keep saying, he is not going to do well with suburban women. you know why they say that? why, because i will stop crime.
2:04 pm
and onlya people, happens in the democrat run areas, like in portland, but the next stop is suburbia. i got rid of regulation that would allow projects to be built right alongside your home. i have a feeling suburban women will be voting for trump. and, you know, if biden -- if biden gets in, they are putting that regulation, very specific, they are putting that regulation back and you are going to have low income housing and projects bill, crime like you never saw, and you are going to want to get the hell out of suburbia. so i think we will do very well with suburban women. remember last time, four years ago. i suffered with this for six months. our first lady, by the way, says hello to everyone. -- she tested positive also. how about that?
2:05 pm
she was positive and then she was better within a few days. she is great. people love, they love millenia. they have i go, signs, we love our first lady. great, first lady. don't treat her well, but that is all right. she understands it. she has done a great job. very popular. but when you look at what we ago, hee -- four years will not do well with women. "he will not do well with women." "well, he didsaid well with women." they cried. they said "what happened? what happened?" wasn't that the greatest evening, really? remember? i wasn't going to win florida, north carolina, pennsylvania. michigan was not even talked about. nobody had one michigan for
2:06 pm
wondes and decades -- heaad michigan for decades and decades. donald trump trump is one the state of ohio by eight points. -- has won the state of ohio by eight points. they all said "eight points? what is going on?" eight points, donald trump won. we won florida, georgia, south carolina, and the firewall, they called it. north carolina -- they spent a fortune. they spent a fortune in north carolina. we won north carolina and we just ran it up and it was a beautiful -- right? >> do it again!. trump: and we saw unbiased anchors, very unbiased. he was shaking his head, like,
2:07 pm
this is not that bad that he lost florida, that hillary lost florida. but when we started getting into pennsylvania and north carolina, he started getting a little bit worried. that was an amazing evening and we will have an even more amazing evening. weer the virus hit, recovered faster than any major nation in the world. we are in the process now. but there is no nation in the world that has recovered like we have recovered. since april, we created a record 11.4 million jobs. we have spent the last four years reversing the damage joe biden and obama inflicted. look. months done more in 47 than sleepy joe has done in 47 years. and i really mean it, too. i really do. biden is the living embodiment of the corrupt and treacherous
2:08 pm
political class that i have had to deal with. and nobody told me the swamp was going to be that vicious. swamp creatures. i cannot even believe it. i thought it would be a lot easier. they are tougher, smarter, more vicious, and we are beating the hell out of them. we are beating the hell out of them. and they got rich by bleeding america dry. these same wealthy interests are now phoning my opponent's campaign. by the way, you know all the money he raises? i could raise much more. i could sit for one day in the white house and call of every guy on wall street, the heads of every firm. "i need $10 million right now. give it to the campaign." i would set every record in the book. i do not want to do that because when you do that -- when you do that, number one, we do not need it. less time, hillary spent three or four times more money.
2:09 pm
it is not about the money. in fact, recently i was criticized. "hillary clinton raise more money than donald trump." i said "what the hell?" they were bragging. my father told me if you can win and spend less money, that is a good thing, not a bad thing. but i would have those donors. they would be talking trump raised $900 million. i could do that so easy but i do not want to do that. if i do that, you will see there is something wrong. i am the president of the united states. i know many of these people. every time he raises big money like that, they have made deals. i serve the people. joe biden has proven to be a corrupt politician, whether you like it or not, a corrupt politician. and if i do not sound like a typical washington politician it is because i am not a politician.
2:10 pm
[applause] and the people of new hampshire, you had a lot to do with it because that was a very big when we had here in that primary. you do not want a politician. if i do not always play by the rules of the washington establishment, it is because i was elected to fight for you and i fight harder than any president has ever fought before. [applause] i ended the nafta nightmare, and you know it better than anyone else. you have the scars of it better than almost any other place in the united states. usmca,bably signed the which has just kicked in. a whole different ballgame. i would not say mexico and canada are thrilled with that deal, but that is ok. i took the toughest ever action to stand up to china. under my leadership, we achieved the most secure border in u.s. history. [applause]
2:11 pm
is going to be finished very shortly, over 400 miles, we are doing 10 miles a week. 10 miles a week. we are doing 10 miles a week. biden and harris -- the wall. you notice they don't talk about the wall. they used to say the wall will never get built. every day, front page, hammering me, hammering me. i had a major party, the democrats, along with the fake news media, big tech, and the rino's, too. that is republican in name only. that used -- they used to hammer me. then i want a couple of cases. -- won a couple of cases. now they never mention the wall anymore. and by the way, mexico is paying for the wall. you do know that? biden and harris have put forward the most radical
2:12 pm
immigration plan ever conceived by a major party, including nationwide catch and release, which means open borders. it is a disaster. you catch a murderer, you catch a rapits, and you release them catch a rapist and you release them. joe said, and then they come back. no, no, they don't come back. i told them only a low iq individual things they come back. he said they come back in four years. nobody comes back. why would they come back? there is no reason to come back. they would never come back. 1%, tiny fraction comes back. and he was so solid on that. -- catch and release was a disaster. i ended it. we are not letting criminals into our country. [applause]
2:13 pm
our country would surrender control of our border and we would surrender control to the cartels in mexico, who are vicious. the biden border plan would be the biggest gift in the history -- there has never been anything like it to drug traffickers, to human traffickers. they traffic in women. not so much children. not men almost at all. they traffic in women. and because of the wall, they cannot come in. this is a problem, by the way, over the world. this is a modern-day problem at a level that it has never been before. they traffic in women all over the world and it is because of the internet, because of the computer, but because of the internet, and children to a much lesser extent, but women. they would be allowed to infiltrate the country and pump their poison into our towns and schools, especially places like
2:14 pm
new hampshire, where it was so prevalent before i came onto the scene. we are going to get a better. under my administration, border patrol and ice have seized over 2 million pounds of deadly narcotics. that is a number that is up. [applause] we even have our navy, our ships are now in the gulf and in the pacific getting it, because when we closed up the border, they went by water. they do not miss a trick. they are very smart, but we are seizing tremendous amounts in the ocean and in the gulf. working with colombian officials, we have also seized ofdisrupted 227 tons poisonous narcotics since april. just since april. [applause] and then joe biden goes out and says the other day that america is nothing more than an idea. no. america is a great country, that
2:15 pm
is what it is, not an idea, and you cannot have a great country unless you have borders. unless you have borders. in thested $2.5 trillion u.s. military, all made in the usa, much of it in new hampshire, and we have weaponry, missiles, rockets, tanks, planes, tankers, submarines, submarines. we have weapons. we are the envy of the world. russia, china, north korea. take any -- we are the envy of the world and they all know it. our nuclear plants are all brought back to perfect condition, or new, and just hope to god we never have to use it, but you know what? it will be far less likely to use when we have it, but it has all been brought back. we have the greatest weapons. the hydro sonic missiles they go seven times faster than a
2:16 pm
normal, very fast missile. we have the greatest equipment. we are the envy of the world. and hopefully, hope to god, we do not have to use it. area --d -- big veteran where is big al? we passed v.a. choice and v.a. countability. we got it done, right? we got it done, so now, instead of waiting in line for weeks and weeks and days and days, we have v.a. choice. you go to a doctor, get yourself taken care of, we pay the bill. we just got a 91% approval rating from the vets, the highest we have ever had by a lot. how is al? where is al? where is al? al, did i do a good job with the vets? look at him. al was great. al was so depressed when i first started running.
2:17 pm
i saw him. i liked him. a big vet. he headed. up some groups he was telling me how badly the vets were treated. we got a 91% approval rating from the vets. thank you, al. i hope you're feeling good. you are feeling all right, right? he went through a lot. we killed the leader of isis, al-baghdadi. out the mass murder of american troops and many others, salome knee -- qasem soleimani is dead, both of them dead. i went through the last administration's disastrous iran nuclear deal. i withdrew. the deal was nothing. win,irst call i get, if we will be the leaders of a ran. -- iran.
2:18 pm
e going to hell. they are down in gdp. i recognized the true capital of israel and opened the new american embassy in jerusalem. and instead of never-ending wars, we are forging peace in the middle east. votee for republicans is a for safe communities, great jobs, and a limitless future for all americans. do me a favor. vote for your senator, please. he is going to be such a great senator. i don't know. it is probably a tough race, but you should vote. he will be fantastic. he is what we need. in conclusion. i want to say this. a vote for republicans is a vote for the american dream. conclusion, over the next four years, we will make america into in the world and we will end our reliance on china once
2:19 pm
and for all. it is already happening. it is already happening it is already happening. we will hire more police. we love our police. increase penalties for assaults of law enforcement. and we will ban deadly sanctuary cities. [applause] we will uphold religious liberty, free speech, and the right to keep and bear arms. [applause] you a greativing new supreme court justice. [applause] that will take place on monday. the democrats are thrilled. monday. three of them, all great. we will maintain america's unrivaled military might and we will ensure peace through strength.
2:20 pm
we will end surprise medical billing, require price transparency. already signed and done. goes into effect on january 1. lower drug prices -- favored nations, lowest prices in the world. the drug companies do not love me too much. everybodyore ads than has ever taken, but that is ok. and we will protect patients with pre-existing conditions always. we will stop the radical indoctrination of our students and restore patriotic education to our schools. we will teach our children to love our country, honor our history, and always respect our great american flag. [applause] timelessll live by the words of our national motto "in god we trust."
2:21 pm
[applause] you had a president who apologized for america. is you have a president who standing up for america and standing up for the great people of new hampshire. i am standing up. for the last four years, you have seen me fight for you and now i am relying on you to deliver another historic victory for our country. get your friends. to get your family. to get your neighbors. get your coworkers, even your bosses, and get out and vote. you have got to get out and vote. fromnashua to bill, portsmouth to plymouth, from concorde to claremont, and from meriden to right here in manchester -- i like manchester
2:22 pm
-- we inherit the legacy of red-blooded new hampshire mortals who live by the motto, "live free or die." -- mortal motto, "live free or die." that is probably about as good as it gets? we stand on the shoulders of american heroes who crossed the oceans, settled the continent, laid the railroads, raised the skyscrapers, won two world wars, defeated fascism and communism, and made america the single greatest nation in the history of the world. and the best is yet to come. the best is yet to come. proud citizens like you helped build this country, and together we are taking back our country. we are returning power to you, the american people. it is happening very quickly. with your help, your devotion, and george drive, we are going
2:23 pm
to keep on working, fighting, -- winning, wending, winning devotion, and your drive, we are going to keep on working, fighting, and winning, winning, winning. together with the people of new hampshire, we have made america powerful again. our military. we have made america wealthy again. our stock market, 401(k)s. how are your 401(k)s doing? we have made america strong again. [applause] we have made america proud again. [applause] we have made america safe again. [applause] and we will make america great again.
2:24 pm
thank you, new hampshire. thank you. [applause] ♪ >> young man, there is no need to feel down , take it, young man yourself off the ground i said it, young man, you are in a new town. there is no need to be unhappy. young man, there is a place you can go. i said, young man, when you're short on your dough you can stay there, and i am sure you will find many ways to
2:25 pm
have a good time. it's fun to stay at the ymca it's fun to stay at the ymca they have everything for you men to enjoy you can hang out with all the boys it's fun to stay at the ymca it's fun to stay at the ymca you can get yourself clean, you can have a good meal you could do whatever you feel young man, are you listening to me? i said, young man, what do you want to be? i said, young man, you can make real your dreams but you got to know this one thing , put your pride on the shelf and just go there, to the ymca.
2:26 pm
they can help you today. it's fun to stay at the ymca it's fun to stay at the ymca they have everything for you men to enjoy you can hang out with all the boys it's fun to stay at the ymca it's fun to stay at the ymca you can get yourself clean, you can have a good meal you can do what ever you feel young man, i was once in your shoes. i was down and out with the blues. i felt lonely. -- someone came up to me am, take ayoung m
2:27 pm
walk up the street. there is a place there called the ymca that can start you back on your way. it's fun to stay at the ymca it's fun to stay at the ymca. they have everything for young men to enjoy. you can hang out with all the boys. ymca. it's fun to stay at the ymca. man, there isng no need to feel down. young man, young man, get yourself off the ground. ♪ >> with nine days left until whenion day on november 3,
2:28 pm
voters decide who will control congress and occupy the white house next year, stay with c-span, watch campaign 2020 coverage every day on c-span. ort listen on the c-span radio app. your place for an unfiltered view of politics. earlier today, democratic vice presidential candidate kamala harris spoke in a drive in church service near detroit. here's a look.


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