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tv   Public Affairs Events  CSPAN  January 13, 2021 4:39pm-5:11pm EST

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>> i have known steny for years
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now and most passionate speech and i had to pull over because of how heartbreaking it was that we had to endure this again. and i agree with him. it's not about the politics, but about the fact there was a treason committed for the first time since 1814 when the british attacked the u.s. capitol building. on the way home i saw so many houses in southern central pennsylvania flying trump flags and confederate flags and people are still not coming together to recognize there has to be a peaceful transition of government. host: darlene on our republican line. caller: the number one problem
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that trump supporters is the hypocrisy. we have been watching cities and towns burn for months now and see the democrats end them on and never have i seen anyone for them to be censored and certainly not impeached. we have seen democrats, every election challenge the election results. and this is the first time i have heard the word sedition. we don't know there were bad actors at the rally. but we have seen rally after rally after rally with thousands and thousands of trump supporters never break into violence and nothing but peaceful and had warnings that these people were going to show up, they were dressed in riot
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gear. and to plame every trump supporter for the actions of these few, and i definitely condemn the violence, absolutely, i don't think -- host: speaker pelosi was walking across the halls by many of those protestors. the president issuing a statement about further protests and violence and said that in light of reports of more demonstrations. i urge there must be no violence, no law-breaking and louisville kentucky. kevin. caller: i couldn't agree with the first karl anymore. we watched it all year long, hundreds of demonstrations and attacking police stations, federal buildings, destroying public buildings and for them to
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tell us that president trump incited. and the fact that the republicans also put out what's the definition per law of what inciting a riot is and republicans put it out and said what the law of the land is for how what language has to be used for incitement. the house is an investigative body. they didn't investigate anything. they haven't investigated any demonstrations across the nation all year long and didn't investigate this one. are they voting for impeachment without any investigation? host: susan on the democrat line . sarah toga springs.
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caller: i want to commend the republican who stood up to the constitution today. i want to commend them because what happened was not all the trump sters. i don't have issues with people protesting but when they threatened our democracy and our legislators, that was an insurrection and we have to stand up to the constitution. it's not politics anymore. i commend the republicans. i don't hate trump sters. i'm a democratic progressive, we have to come together. that is our nation's fiber, our fiber and what makes america so great and i commend the republicans. come together now. we can't have this hate anymore. we have to be meantors of goodness and democracy. i commend republicans and i
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commend everyone to come together. it was wrong what happened. and our president incited this. we don't need a dictator. host: all democrats voting in favor of impeachment. front page this afternoon of politico and impeached twice. graham leads resistance. here is what mitch mcconnell said earlier to his conference. there was speculation and while the press has been full of speculation, i have not made a final decision and i will listen to the legal arguments. when the president was first impeached in december of 2019, he was impeached on december 18 of 2019, those went over to the senate for trial in the middle
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of trial on january 15 and the senate began its trial on january 16 of 2020. the president survived the trial in the senate with the senate clearing him on both of those counts failing to get convictions on both of those counts. we are going to spencer, south dakota, north dakota. caller: i do not think the president incited them. he cannot be plamed for something that the democrats were inciting. i believe the democrats were inciting it. and same thing with the voting. the democrats did cheat. i showed video and they were changing the machines and everything around. the democrats have to to be more careful in what they doing and saying the republicans should
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get along with the democrats, what happened the last four years? why weren't the democrats getting along with the republicans then? host: we are going to georgia. >> i'm a u.s. citizen and democrat vote and i was just watching the thing at the capitol and that was just so wrong for the whole world to see. that was worser than flying those airplanes into the buildings on 9/11. and i do think within my heart that donald trump should pay for what he done. host: we go to carey.
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>> i'm absolutely horrified by what i just saw. this time in the last time that the house tried to vote on something which is january 6, everybody is everybody says they are trying to be on the same side and be unified, but yet the republicans don't have the ability to look at all points of views. i did not see one person of color, one person of color from the republican side get up and talk. how can you see everybody points of view if you can't speak from a person of color. i really don't know what to say. i'm a democrat because i want to be fair but there is nothing fair about the way donald trump has treated this world and nothing fair about the tax breaks that he has given and nothing fair about anything that
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he is trying to make his legacy. none of it is fair and bothers that republicans say they are fair when not one of his legacies can tell the truth of the fairness. he hasn't promoted fairness at all. host: there were a number of troops. the capitol itself is surrounded by up to 20,000 national guard. a photo here from greg miller who said "washington post." g.o.p. house members complained. they slept on marble floors of the capitol and more photos. this is emily of the "new york times" taking a photo with the statue of rosa parks. eric of ploom berg, national guard are sleeping in the
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rotunda. and a photographer for the "new york times" inside the capitol this morning where speaker pelosi usually walks to her office. and those shots were from much earlier today. angela in dayton, texas, go ahead. caller: this is a sad day today. i do not feel like that democracy has been represented well. i do not think that this impeachment should have taken place because there was no trial, there were no witnesses. and i really believe that the american people have had a disservice to them by what congress, what the house of representatives did today. host: new york city next, stephanie on our.
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>> the trial comes up next and to everyone listening, i'm most concerned about the big lies being told and being told by members of congress who support trump. and this is a big problem because when you your representative is telling you lies, what i'm here to tell you, the person you they are lying to you. and i know it sounds like i'm fake news, they are. look at those images of the insurrection on our capitol. look at the cops who died. look at what they were saying. hang mike pence, find pelosi. this is difference. i was at black lives matter protests and they were peaceful. rioters are different. looters are different. they collapse every movement in
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history. we have a long history of peaceful protests, this wasn't one of them. this was insurrection and this is why he was impeached for a second time. host: an update from nbc news, but he is tweeting this statement from mitch mcconnell. the statement saying the house of representatives has voted to impeach the president. the senate will now begin at our first regular meeting following receipt of the article of the house. just the time line. the senate is scheduled to be in on friday but only a brief pro forma session and not scheduled to be back until next tuesday. that could change if both the leaders, senator mcconnell and senator schumer agree to change the schedule. no word. let's show you some reaction from minnesota congresswoman
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representative omar? >> was it like -- what was it like? >> ms. omar: a vote that many of us take with a heavy heart to know that there was a violent and deadly attack on our capitol that has not only traumatized the nation but staped our nation's capitol and to know we have a sitting president that has in word and deed incited an insurrection and let a rebelion against our government. has been really heartbreaking.
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and i knew as we were sheltering within the first moments that it was going to be important for there to be accountability for his actions. and without accountability, our nation cannot unite and cannot begin to heal. and i know we had to address articles of impeachment. and i am proud to see my colleagues not just on the democratic side but on the republican side as well join us in that effort. and i do hope now that we have finalized impeachment on the house side that the senate will move swiftly in removing a president that continues to present danger to our nation.
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many of us have -- and i sit on the foreign affairs committee. many of us have seen this take place before. many of us have made statements. many of us have expressed desire for those nations to have what we have. and to now find ourselves in a position with where we are looking for accountability and the attempted threat -- attempted coup of our own government is again truly heartbreaking. and i know that history will look kindly on those of us who have decided to fulfill our oath
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of office in defending our nation against not only foreign but domestic threats and will not look so kindly on those who have decided to coward in this moment, who have decided to choose party and viability and success over their country and over their oath of office. [indiscernible question] ms. omar: as someone who truly believes in justice, i know that there is always room for repair. there's always room for healing.
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there's always room for unity. but precursor to any of those things is accountability, is truth and it's justice. and without any of those things, we will not be able to accomplish unity in this house. >> thank you for your time, congresswoman. host: reaction from the 107 republicans who voted this afternoon, 10 republicans voting yes. liz cheney of wyoming, the conference chair for republicans, john katko, adam kin singer, fred up ton and jamie herrera beutler and peter
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meijer, and anthony gonzales from ohio and tom rice of south carolina and just back into congress is david valadao. and representative valadao had this statement that he tweeted a moment ago. president trump was without question a host: we'll continue here on c-span taking your comments and calls for the next 10 minutes or so and then show you all the debate from this afternoon on the articles of impeach. in columbia, tennessee, here's cherry on the independent line. caller: first of all, i want to thank the 10 republicans who have voted, obviously they see
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something wrong. a lot of people saying, why don't we go to court and go through that, buts the president of the united states. he is not a civilian anymore. he has the world, american people, in his hands to protect. therefore, we will go to court if he were a civilian like me or you but a president, he did not take a good oath, obviously. he did not mean what he said. he was not going to impart like president carter and kennedy and others. he couldn't handle the load. i believe that was hard on him. he didn't want to go down alone by himself. he wanted to take -- take out as many as he can and have so many people following him. i would say before, with my family, let him stay in there four more years to go. but i did not dream he would do
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this. even though i didn't vote for him, i was like if he win he wins. let him go ahead on. host: do you think his words for intentional to incite violence in that crowd? caller: yes. he knew exactly what he was doing. he's from new york. he knew exactly -- he's aian key. he knew what he was saying, what he was doing. host: to texas, carol on the republican line. caller: hi there. i'd like to give you all a reality check. if the democrats would have accepted trump winning the 2016 election and behaved like responsible americans, we would not be where we are today. amen. host: ok. royal oaks, michigan, next up on the independent line, patsy, go ahead.
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caller: i agree with carol. i'm so glad we have president trump for four years, who puts america first. many of my family served in the military for our freedom and he did not incite that. i think there's a lot -- he didn't get protection like he was supposed. to they should have had protection up there and none of the violence would have happen. i think there's a lot more behind what happened. i don't think president trump incited anything wrong. and i agree with carol totally regarding how we've been treated and i'm so glad and so grateful that he puts america first. i'm afraid we're going to lose our freedoms and thank you president trump for giving us a good life for four years. host: you're calling from michigan, two of your representatives from that state, fred upton, a longtime representative, and brand new representative peter meijer who took over the seat held by justin amash, both voted for impeachment is that reflective
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of how you think michigan -- caller: my whole family is from michigan. i have voted both ways. i voted for donald trump. and i'm not happy with our state. i do know someone, i don't want to get into this with you but somebody did work the election in detroit and did see things that were not right. whatever happens to biden's -- until biden's end i'm so afraid we're going to lose our country, freedom and it's going to be fast. i don't appreciate that. i don't appreciate -- michigan is a beautiful state. it's just sad. but anyway, i agree with carol and -- host: ok. to layla, next up, san jose, california, democrats line. caller: i just want to say that there are a lot of immigrants in this country that have come from places where they witnessed revolution, they witnessed the
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toppling of their own government. when they saw what they saw on wednesday, they felt the same. and they did not come here for the same. i truly believe that they did the right thing by voting, the democrats and those 10 and i also wish that the number was larger than 10. and i believe that in the future we're going to see a reflection that this was the right decision to make for all americans and for the future. host: john, next up, on the republican line in auburn, georgia. go ahead, john. caller: i've been a republican since the johnson-goldwater days because my job was threatened if i voted for goldwater. and trump has done more nor country in four years, people
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didn't have jobs. they didn't have any money coming in because they was laid off. he had $1,200, i think, sent for couples. and i appreciate that. because they did not want to do it. these democrats, i don't see how they ever make it into the government. especially federal government. because i have been discrimmed -- discriminated by more democrat companies, in fact, i belong to a union and it's run by democrats and they put it -- but their money right up in there with the democrats. and i say to trump, you got a lot of friends and i'm one of them. and my family is one of them.
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host: a couple of tweets, reaction from democratic senators. host: back to what may happen in the senate, the majority leader read some of his statement from earlier. he says that even if the senate were to proceed, were to begin this week and move promptly no final verdict would be reached until after president trump had left office. this is not a decision i am make, it is a fact. the president-elect himself
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stated last week that his inauguration on january 20 is the quickest path for any change in the occupant of the president. presidency. senator mcconnell saying in light of this reality, i believe it will best serve our nation if congress and the executive branch spend the next seven days completely focused on facilitating a safe inauguration and an orderly transfer of power to the incoming biden administration. i am grateful to the offices and institutions within the capitol that are working around the clock alongside federal and local law enforcement to prepare for a safe and successful inauguration at the capitol next wednesday. of course we'll have all of that coverage live here on c-span. vallejo, california, ken on the others line. ken, go ahead. all right. to marlene in sun city, florida, democrats line. caller: hi. this is marlene. today has been one of the most -- the best day i have ever seen
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in political history. praying that the senate will impeach donald trump. he needs to go, remove him and convict him and remove him. he has been a disaster for this country. he has torn this country apart. and the republicans are so hypocritical. they are saying unite, why didn't they unite when it was time to certify the votes for president-elect biden? i think the republicans are going to suffer down the line. they are hypocritical and i hope we have some new people that are going to come in and vote and rip this party apart. host: in florida, kevin on the republican line. caller: i'd just like to say president trump has been one of the best presidents in the past four years, or in the history of the united states. he has done nothing but care
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about american citizens. people that come to this country have taken for granted everything that he has given them. and the democratic world all it is is about money. all they want to do is just spend, spend, spend. that hypocritical nancy pelosi and adam schiff and schumer, they're all you know what. the world is going to go to crap the next four years and that sucks. host: more of your calls and comments coming up tomorrow morning at 7:00 a.m. eastern, "washington journal" live here on c-span. and c-span radio. ♪ >> you're watching c-span, your unfiltered view of government. c-span was created by america's cable television companies in 1979 . -- in 1979. today we're brought to you by these television companies who provide c-span to viewers as a


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