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Nancy Pelosi
  Speaker Pelosi Holds Weekly Press Briefing  CSPAN  January 28, 2021 1:47pm-2:07pm EST

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pres. biden: no one requires me to do anything. >> let's go, thank you. thank you, thank you, thank you. >> [indiscernible] >> thank you. [captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2021] [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] >> white house presses to curry -- press secretary hold a press conference it's afternoon at 2:30 p.m. eastern on c-span. >> during her weekly briefing, house speaker nancy pelosi addressed republican representatives comments on the deaths of children killed in school shootings. she also talks about the impeachment of president trump, legislative priorities and security at the capitol.
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>> our nation witnessed one of the worst situations in our history. the house impeach donald trump the following week on the insurrection in just one week. and the wednesday after that, joe biden and kamala harris were inaugurated president and vice president of the united states. it was history making in so many respects. yesterday on wednesday, we celebrate the one week since the inauguration. in that one week, president biden is starting on day one and vice president harris have driven a bold agenda for progress and for justice.
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they issued transformative executive actions ranging from crushing the coronavirus, racial equity in so many ways and again, addressing the climate crisis. those are executive orders but legislatively, we have been working on and are very proud of our committees diligently working on the coronavirus relief brett legislation as a basis for reconciliation should that be needed. we will pass the reconciliation bill. the leadership in the house will pass a reconciliation bill if we need it. we would hope we would have bipartisan cooperation to meet the needs of the american people in terms of their health and in terms of distribution in an equitable way with continuing with testing and tracing etc.
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but also to meet the economic needs. we would hope that but we are not taking any tools off the table should they not. our committees are advancing this reconciliation legislation but at the same time, the executive actions continue. today's executive action will open up p the aca enrollmenterio andd take additional steps to expand health care and we are excited about that because we are in the middle of a pandemic and we see this as a matter of life and death, very different from the trump administration who fought the affordable care act and still don't have the verdict from the supreme court to destroy the lifeline for affordable quality health care for all americans. we are very excited about that particular health care initiative today in addition to the others. that the president has put forth
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in relationship to the coronavirus. again, again, we are preparing for the impeachment -- we have impeached the president but i'm very proud of our managers led by jamie raskin, are distinguished area of managers, working very hard, they continue to prepare for trial before 100 members of the united states senate. this trial is about the protection of the constitution and the preservation of our republic. we will insist upon the integrity and fairness of the proceedings. we recognize the role the senate plays in all of this. no one is above the law, not even a president of the united states and trump must be tried and convicted to ensure that no future president ever thinks it's ok to incite insurrection
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to stop the ascertainment of who the next president of the united states will be by falsely inflaming people falsely about the outcome of the election. in that regard and in terms of security, security, security which is what we do to defend the constitution and protect the american people is our first responsibility. when they come to the capital weather to work as a legislator or staff, or a journalist or whatever, we want people to be safe. later today, i will meet with general honoree who is leading a security review of the capital complex, updates and details will be forthcoming. protecting the capital is a matter of protecting our democracy in the house will not be distracted or delayed from our work that we are doing to crush the virus, to meet the
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economic needs of the american people, to do so in a way that is fair and just. any questions? >> how concerned are you about the past comments of margaret greene? >> i'm concerned about the republican leadership in the house of representatives who is willing to overlook and ignore those statements assigning her to the education committee when she has mocked the killing of little children at sandy hook elementary school. when she has mocked the killing of teenagers in high school at marjory stoneman douglas high school. what could they be thinking. thinking is too generous a word from what they might be doing.
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it's absently appalling i think the focus has to be on the republican leadership of this house of representatives for the disregard they have for the death of those children. not only are they not interested in gun safety and gun violence prevention by passing legislation for background check legislation which is overwhelmingly supported in a bipartisan way in the country but to have someone who would mock and call it fake those events put on the education committee is just beyond, is just beyond any understanding of any regard that the house republicans would have for the house of representatives and the conduct of the united states and for the hard break of the families in sandy hook and at marjory stoneman douglas high school.
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it's really beyond the pale. you will just have to ask them why they thought that that raised itself to the level of something appropriate to do in the congress of the united states. >> are you going to bring a budget resolution to the house next week? >> yes, we will bring a budget resolution to the floor next week and send it over to the senate. then if they change it, we will take it back at address it but by the end of the week, we will be finished with the budget resolution which will be about reconciliation if needed. i hope we don't need it but if we need it, we will have it. >> what about this game stop stock manipulation? >> it's interesting. i understand the administration is taking a look in the fcc is taking a look but we will all be
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reviewing it. it's interesting. you had two questions. that was not considered a follow-up. >> you have had over 30 members of the house and you and the minority leader asking for more money for security. you have members who are worried about not only their safety of the capital but when they go back to their home districts. you have a member who has talked about executing you. you got a security bulletin yesterday about ongoing domestic violence threats. what are you saying to your members about protecting themselves? what can be done for them to feel safe? >> first of all, i appreciate the letter from the members but most of the questions, items on their list of already been done but perhaps they were not aware
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and i take responsibly for them not being aware in terms of use of their mra funds and other issues that were in there. today we will meet with general honore who is looking at members here in members at home and in between. we want to have a scientific approach to how we protect members. i have said this all along that we will probably need a supplemental for more security for members when the enemy is within the house of representatives. that's a threat that members are concerned about in addition to what is happening outside. it's just a matter of communicating to them that that has been done. i do think that while it's
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appropriate they use their mra for their security, they shouldn't have to because that money is there from them to meet the needs of their constituents. in the meantime, to protect themselves and their constituents when they communicate with them that that is confidential, private and not provocative but also for us to have and that's what we will be looking at, recommendations from generalhonore and then he will continue his work going forward. >> you have been the subject of threats with the job of being speaker and many of your members feel like they are targets now. what do you say to your caucus? >> what we are saying is that we will approach it in a way that will truly protect them, that the issues they raise in their letter have by and large been in effect. they may be relieved to hear that.
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they will also hear from the sergeant at arm's today and you will see his letter talking about the further protection is enhanced by certain initiatives that were taken and, as i said, general honore is looking to see what will really work in terms of their service here, their service at home, their transportation in between but i call to your attention, the sergeant at arm's letter because it will be more specific about their marshals, etc. but this is very important, it shouldn't be that not only is the president of the united states inciting an insurrection but he is fanning the flames, endangering the security of members of congress to the point that they are even concerned about members in the house of representatives being a danger
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to them. >> you said the enemy is within, what did you mean by that? >> we have members of congress that have wanted guns on the floor and have threatened violence to other members of congress. >> do you believe the president can get a >> of course, and that is what our system is about. i don't know how long it will take in the response he will make, but it will be a fair trial and respectful of the goal that the senate -- of the role that the senate plays now. >> lgbtq issues, the president campaigned on signing into law. when we take a vote on that legislation?
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sen. pelosi: i am optimistic about it because i do think it will get strong bipartisan support in the house and senate. we are working on when we will roll it out and then we will calendar it. it will be a priority for us. it is about ending discrimination. i am pleased with what president biden has done so far, especially on eliminating the prohibition of trans people in the military.
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some other initiatives that he took, it is amazing that he would have to do such things, but particularly an equality act because it is so conference of. eliminating that in the parks but -- in the workplace and every other aspect of life is not only good with the lpg dq -- l p gt q community but for everyone. we think we wives strong bipartisan support, we think the business community will help us in the senate. one more. >> do you believe, you say
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reconciliation is a backstop rather than having bipartisan support. speaker pelosi: always. >> it sounds like you're optimistic that will happen. -- you are. optimistic that will happen. -- you are not optimistic that will happen. speaker pelosi: if we are talking about putting money into the pockets of the american people with direct payments, if we are talking about supporting state and local governments so that they are able to implement all of these things, open schools, health care workers, police, fire, first responders, food workers, sanitation, i would hope republicans would be
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supportive of that. many localities that will benefit have republican mayors and county executive. i would hope you would be able to do in a bipartisan way -- do it in a bipartisan way. if we need more funding, more distributional resources, more vials answer inches and all that make it happen, i think many republicans would be supportive of that. we cannot not have it happened. that is why i have said, we want it to be pipe -- bipartisan always. thank you all. >> did vice president pence
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testify? >> white house press secretary holds a news briefing this afternoon to discuss president bidens health care policies. that is live at 230 time p.m. eastern -- 2:30 p.m. eastern. >> with senators sworn in as
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jurors, arguments in the impeachment trial is set to begin on tuesday, february 9. watch the senate impeachment trial live on tuesday, february 9, at 2 p.m. eastern. >> you are watching c-span, your unfiltered view of government. c-span was created by america's table -- america's cable television company in 1929. today, we are brought to you by these television companies that provide c-span2 viewers as a television service. during his state of the commonwealth address, massachusetts governor talked about the states response to covid-19 and its vaccine -- about the state's response to covi