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tv   President Biden Meets with Labor Leaders  CSPAN  February 18, 2021 6:53am-7:00am EST

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european affairs with the heritage foundation margaret thatcher center for freedom. they talk about nato's role today. >> there still is this idea that at the end of the cold war there was this dividend. there is the end of history, this was the mindset that was known from russia. there was this waywardness about what is the role of nato. ? does the u.s. need to maintain troops in large garrisons in europe? the conclusion was no. while they maintain many of its bases, is significant number are closed or consolidated. the number of troops were brought down significantly. >> president biden made brief remarks before a meeting with labor leaders in the oval office. he spoke about the recovery act and rebuilding infrastructure. mr. biden was joined by vice
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president harris. president harr. president biden: every once in a while as president, you get to invite close friends into the oval. i was kidding these guys before. this is american labor, and i said from the beginning, my campaign throughout my whole career, the middle class built this country, and labor built the middle class. i think we have an incredible opportunity to make some enormous progress creating jobs, good paying jobs, prevailing wage jobs, and rebuild the infrastructure of this country in ways everybody knows have to be done. a lot of these folks have been my friends for a long, long
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time. as they say in parts of my state, these are the folks that brung me to the dance. i appreciate their friendship. i said, i want to make it clear, i'm a labor guy, and there's no reason it is inconsistent with business growing. we want to talk about the recovery act we have here we are trying to pass, and i think we are going to get it done, and building infrastructure in this country. we are so far behind the curve. we rank 38th in the world in terms of our infrastructure, everything from canals to highways to airports to everything we can do to make ourselves competitive in the 21st century. the vice president and i are looking forward to this meeting, and we are going to have a good conversation. i think american workers and the whole economy is going to grow in a way that we haven't seen it
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grow in a long time. this is a time for us to move. i will let you know. we are going to have a long conversation. i don't know how long, but the conversation as long as they will put up with me. thank you all for coming in. [journalists asking questions] pres. biden: they want everything that is in the plan based on the polling data. everything that is in the plan. i asked a rhetorical question. those who oppose the plan, what don't they like? don't they want to help people with nutrition? don't they want to help people pay their mortgages? don't they want to help people get their unemployment insurance? don't they want to make sure people can stay in their homes without being thrown out of their homes? what don't they like?
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the truth of the matter is, polling data from last night in all the polls you have done -- they come from you guys, not you personally, but your networks and organizations -- 64% to 69% of the american people think we have to do this. it's not about the money. it's about in order to do everything like open schools as we should to making sure we are generating income for people. it's about how much it costs. the federal government has to chip in. as i said, almost every major economist in the country and the international monetary fund says it is going to grow the economy. that is what we are talking about, how we are going to grow the economy. [journalists asking questions] pres. biden: thank you very much. >> thank you.
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thank you. >> weeknights this month we are featuring american history tv is a preview of what is a waivable -- available this weekend on c-span3. friday, allison parker, author of "the unceasing militant" tells the story of her activism. she is joined in the conversation by nikki brown. watch friday beginning at 8:00 p.m. eastern and enjoy american history tv every weekend on
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c-span3. >> coming up today on c-span, house speaker nancy pelosi holds her weekly briefing at 10:45 eastern. the ceos of robin hood and reddit join for a hearing on the recent stock price increase involving gamestop. the senate banking committee meets to examine the economic recovery during the coronavirus and that might. that is followed by a house ways and means subcommittee hearing on the tax services available to use for free during the pandemic. on c-span3, legal scholars testify about the supreme court's caseload and the emergency rulings it makes for cases that don't appear on the court's regular docket. coming up in an hour, historian david reynolds


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