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tv   Tuition Panel and Sens. Cotton and Blackburn at CPAC  CSPAN  February 27, 2021 12:10pm-1:19pm EST

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nominees, with votes on the education secretary and commerce secretary. as of the s tuesday, the senate might take up the covid relief package. it will need a simple majority to pass under senate reconciliation rules, but the senate parliamentarian rolled the minimum wage provision is not allowed. what's the senate live on c-span2 and the house on c-span. >> at yesterday cpac session, representatives passing catherine, ted budd and virginia foxx talked about college tuition. later we hear from senators tom cotton and marsha blackburn. >> our next session is a set of curated spaces -- speeches on
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the real cost of tuition. first up lieutenant governor mark robinson. ♪ >> i guess i am standing in the middle. >> thank you all for being here and that wonderful greeting. the series of speeches you are about to hear are about education. and as it pertains to north carolina because the three people you will hear from our congress people from north carolina. i want you to listen carefully. i am the lieutenant governor of north carolina, i sit on the state school board. all of you conservatives that are listening to me, if there is anything conservatives need to tackle in this nation, we need to wrestle the education system
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away from these leftists who have turned it into their personal playground. are using it for political means to vex the minds of our youth. our office is fighting it from the social studies standards they have politicized to the indoctrination we see in our classroom every day. we are not going to lie down and take this. education is for education, not indoctrination. we need to make that clear. we need to get involved with our school boards, city councils. we need to make sure that the school board meeting on monday is as packed as the football stadium on friday night. we can make some real changes in our communities. i encourage you, let's listen to the speeches, take notes.
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when you go back to your communities, get involved in education. it touches every aspect of american life. my name is mark robinson, i am lieutenant governor of north carolina. i am pleased to be here. i would like to welcome to the stage madison cawthorn, 11th district congressman from north carolina. thank you walt we appreciate your. [applause] ♪ rep. cawthorn: hello everybody. it is so good to be here. i am honored to be with normal americans. [applause] washington, d.c., these globalists want to indoctrinate our children, remove our moral
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foundation from the next generation. they want to make a generation reliant on the government. when i am around them, it is not just flesh and blood up there, you can feel the tension in the city. when i come down to orlando and see real americans, who care about this country. it does my heart so good. i want to talk about what is going on in our nation. what is happening, they are trying to destroy our nuclear family. what has made america great for so long. our moral foundation, that we were founded on judeo-christian values, that we live in a nation that we can be proud of. i am excited to be a father, everything is going great in my life. [applause] because of that i am starting to think about having children.
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my wife and i are having that conversation, two years, three years, when? something about this makes me feel completed as a man, soon-to-be father. there is something primal within us that makes us want to raise children and rhythm -- rear the m. when i think about raising children i want to provide for them, i want to give them shelter, attention, sustenance. when i start to think about this child, i want them to be successful. i want my child to be learned -- to learn to be independent, let them push boundaries every now and then. she might experience what it is like to fall out of a tree. he is going to take a tumble that is going to hurt him a little bit. he will learn what failure is. when my child starts to
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experience this extreme difficulty, what is he going to do? he is going to cry out. as a father i will want to come to his aid and fix those problems for him and put them back and a safe, sheltered area. that is the role of a father, mother. that is not the role of our government. our government is trying to purchase votes in their scribble to have nothing but complete power. -- scramble drive nothing but complete power. they are promising free things, to forgive student loans. the problem i have with this, it is intellectually dishonest, they think americans are too naive to note that in the end we are the ones who have to foot the bill. it is the next generation that will have to foot the bill for
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these debts and pay these taxes because people want to give away free tuition. i believe that in this country we should push back. we as americans must realize our number one guiding principle is responsibility. we have to realize what happens in our country when the government tries to come to our aid. when you have a government strong enough to fix your problems and heal all of your woes, you have a government strong enough to take away all of your liberty. [applause] it is our mandate to limit that power, to make sure our liberties stay intact. when i look at what is going on in this country. when i see they are trying to
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silence us. trying to take away our rights to defend ourselves. try to make us dependent on the government. trying to have indoctrination camps. try to make us dependent on the government through try to get rid of student loans. at the end of the day people who do not go to college people who became linemen, hvac repairman, people who paid martha stewart was have to take care of the fiscal irresponsibility of another person. we must take note. that they do not want us to be responsible, they do not want us to take responsible for the direction our country is going in, we know it is dangerous. we are walking down a road that is near socialism. they are trying to turn this country into a communist ash heap.
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if we do not start taking personal responsible for our lives, if we do not have a generation of young conservative coming up, it is not enough that we will take up the status quo and say i will patiently wait for my time to come to make a difference in washington or state government. if we do that, if we sit on the sidelines we will not have a country to inherit. if we do not get involved and status our duty to make sure that our country is responsible, that our country does not take away our liberty, my friends we will lose. my encouragement is that the new generation that is coming up, it is time to take responsibility. i need reinforcements and washington, d.c. my opponents and adversaries are brutal and vicious. they are trying to take away all of our rights and they are
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playing for keeps. it is time to stand up and say we are going to react to what the democrats do. when they try to do these spending bills, try to spend $1.9 trillion, the conservative ideas that we are going to give our own version of the liberal ideas, that cost less. that is not what we are as conservatives. i am not going to promise you free things. [applause] conservatives in government, we believe that we are going to offer you something immeasurably more valuable, that is your freedom. that is your freedom to have the right to fail or succeed. your freedom to speak up or sit down. we have that freedom now. it is time for us to no longer sit down. it is time for us to sit up and take on issues everywhere on free education work health care
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or environment or gun rights. this new generation we do not just want a seat at the table, we want to run the table. [applause] what we are offering the american people is liberty and choice. we are just that you can do whatever you want. maybe we are not going to encourage you to get a four year degree in egyptology, will encourage you to get an education in a trade, that makes our economy more powerful. when you hear democrats trying to purchase your vote like you are too naive, pushback. take personal responsibility. if we do not stand up, start fighting for our country, who will? thank you. [applause] ♪ >> please welcome
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representative ted budd. rep budd: this stage has been graced by some legendary americans over the years. think about the late rush limbaugh. his father famously instilled in his son a deep love of america through a speech about the events of july 4, 1776 titled,
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"the americans who risked everything." he wrote the signers of the declaration of independence proved that they made no vital boast when they composed the most magnificent curtain line, " we mutually pledge to each other our lives, fortunes and sacred honor." you would think that teaching our children about the fundamental goodness of our land would not be controversial. for the far left it is, they have a different view of our country epitomized by the 1619 project. [audience booing] rep budd: it is a series of writings that tries to reframe u.s. history and put slavery as the center of our national narrative.
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the left does not want to teach our children about the history of men who banded together to shrug of the tyranny of a king and established for the first time a nation and government of laws. a government that led to the end of slavery and the establishment of people rights -- equal rights. the radical left wants to ignore all of that and focus on everything that america got wrong. to be blunt, they want to teach our kids that our country is flawed, hopeless and evil. the worst news of all is that the project has been adopted in 4500 classrooms. school systems have adopted the project in cities like buffalo, chicago, washington, dc and my hometown of winston-salem north carolina -- winston-salem, north carolina.
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they view our founding as an obstacle to their pursuit of political power. they think if they can reeducate the next generation of americans into being ashamed, they can transform us into a land of government pendency and socialism -- dependency and socialism. the trump administration fought against the less radical agenda with the 1776 commission. [applause] that brought together scholars and historians to underscore the principles of the founder, it is the key to establishing a base curriculum for a patriotic education. we have to teach the next generation of our country to love our country. [applause] on his very first day in office, joe biden canceled this commission.
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here is what that told me. he exposed a dirty secret about this administration, that they do not believe in the goodness of america and freedom for people. they think they know what is best, if you love our country, that they think you need to be reeducated. if you are patriotic, they think you are backwards. by canceling the commission, they want to silence millions of americans, because the elites feel that they are morally superior. they want us demoralized and for us to stand aside while the indoctrinate the next generation. you know what? we will not let that happen. i want everyone to leave this conference invigorated. we are the happy warriors. we fight for our country because we love it. teddy roosevelt says the credit belongs to the man who is in the
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arena, whose face is marred by dust, sweat and blood, who strives violently -- valiantly. i want each of you to stay in the arena to strive valiantly and dare bravely. our country is blessed by god and we embodied the ideas of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. we aren't out by our creator with equal rights that no man or creator can take away. by being in the arena, we can save our country. thank you and may god bless each and every one of you. [applause] ♪ >> please welcome representative virginia foxx. [laughter]
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-- [applause] rep. foxx: hello everybody. what a great group. it is a delight to be with you all. i have to say, i have a cousin who said he was going to be here today, frank i know you are not in this room. we are in no relationship to jennifer. the federal government has no place in education. [applause] i carried this with me everywhere i go, the three most important words outside the bible are those three words that begin this document. we the people. [applause] show me in this document where education is referenced and i will show you some in new mexico.
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the biden administration is using covid-19 to erode our freedoms and expand the federal government's role in every aspect of our lives. democrats are happy to dictate how much salt is in school meals but not dictate a school reopening plan. their hypocrisy is clear. right now and america, the powerful teachers unions and their enablers have seized control of too many education systems and using their powers to serve themselves. instead of fighting to reopen schools, they are tweeting about the dangers of in person learning while sitting poolside in the caribbean. teacher unions claim passing the socialist medicare for all bill, defining the police and increasing tax on millionaires are necessary for teachers to do their jobs safely. remember that swampland in new mexico?
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this is not a reopening plan, these are hostage commands. we have seen virtual schools close because of snow. does that make sense? nonsensical. when we had betsy devos, we limited our education system is plenty saying note rather than finding the will to get together but around those who run it not those it is supposed to serve. america's children are being robbed of precious time they could be spending and classrooms alongside their peers. study show that school closures lead to learning loss, with students of color losing the most. republicans understand that education is a gateway to achieve the greatest potential in society. at such a pitiful -- at such a
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pivotal moment why would the next generation be left behind? statehouses around the country recognize this threat. we will not stand idly by while making families and students are left to fend for themselves. for over a year the public has been told to follow the science and live by the signs, now that it favors reopening, bureaucrats and teachers unions come that schools are no longer safe for american students. you have heard the biden administration changes to too many times. first they claimed it was going to reopen the majority of schools within 100 days, then they said we will make sure that schools are open one day per week. it also said schools could reopen without teachers being vaccinated, then they said no, the cdc director made that comment in her personal
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capacity. it also said that reopening schools has led to increased community spread, then they said most schools probably should not reopen because we are worried about community spread. now they are saying that we need to pass a new stimulus bill so schools have the money to reopen, but this week the white house spokesman admitted this policy payout will not be used to help open schools. the biden bailout bill will pay federal bureaucrats $1400 per week for 15 weeks to stay home and not work if their child's school is virtual. how will this get over schools to reopen? one day per week of in-person instruction is an insult to the families who have been caught in this balancing act for more than a year. students must safely return to the classroom. we cannot allow teachers unions to hold hostage our future.
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republicans are proud to fight for the millions of students and hard-working families who are stuck in the middle of this saga. you have my commitment, that i will work to reopen school safely, reopening the schools is reopening opportunities for american students. so our nation's young minds are encouraged to pursue their american dream. we need you to help us. god bless you and america. [applause] ♪ >> attest about keeping america safe, please welcome arkansas senator tom cotton. [applause]
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sen. cotton: hello. thank you all very much, thanks for that great florida welcome. it is great to be back at cpac. something is a little different. for the first time ever, cpac is not in our nation's capital. that is because they will not let us near the capital. even though cases are plummeting and vaccination rates are surging we are still banned from getting anywhere near the capital. contrast that with last summer and the blm protest. thousands of people in the streets as cases were searching. the democratic politicians try to like that on? no, they marched with them. maybe if cpac promised to burn down buildings and tear down statues, they would have led us up there.
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there is nowhere i would rather be than here with my fellow patriots, then locked down in washington, d.c. [applause] sen. cotton: think about that contrast. that strikes at the heart of our freedom, that your rights might depend on what you say, what you believe, the color of your skin. that is the opposite of freedom. conservatives everywhere and normal americans who do not subscribe to every fad and fashion of the far-left see risks everywhere they turn. big business may take your job away, you're the bully colleagues may kick you out of school. your liberal governor might shutdown your church. why does the left do that? because they failed to heed the
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warning of ronald reagan in his farewell address. they lost what he called the un-ambivalent appreciation of america. many on the left have concluded that america is fundamentally flawed, irredeemable, wicked. they have a lot of names for them at whatever banner it flies under, he gets back to that anti-american idea. call it openness or political correctness, cancel culture, critical race theory critical gender theory, whatever, systemic racism. the keyword is not racism is -- it is systemic. it does not matter what the system is guilty of, only that it is guilty and needs to be burned to the ground. [applause] sen. cotton: so many liberals
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think that about america. they do it by rejecting our declaration of independence and the promise of america, that we are all created equal in the eyes of god and that we have equal rights under the law. too many do not believe that. there is no more urgent task than the defense of america in a simple unapologetic patriotism. we face many threats from china, iran, islamic terrorism. there is no more pernicious brought to america than the reject of our -- rejection of our founding principles and tradition. [applause] , all of those on the left to i would protect those things, we
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will defend america without fear, reservation, apology. we have seen what happens when people lose the nerve to defend america. chaos and riots engulfed our streets last summer. police stations were firebombed. buildings, businesses were looted. courthouses were attacked. statues two heroes were toppled. the police were overwhelmed and do not have the numbers. in other cases liberal politicians refuse to help the police to restore order. we were told these are peaceful protest. where entire city blocks were burned to the ground. the guy on cnn, standing in front of the blazing inferno,
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the violence continues night after night. i wrote an op-ed in the new york times. [applause] sen. cotton: had a simple message grounded in american history and laws arguing simply if the police cannot or not allowed to restore order, it is time to send in the troops. [applause] sen. cotton: what happened next? total meltdown with a little social justice warriors of the new york times. all of these children marinated in the wedge of a campus seminar room.
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your words put my life at risk as if typing on the phone, sitting on their futons was going to stop rioters in the streets. your words are violence, i am circular, words are words, violence is what your friends are doing on the streets of america. [applause] of course the new york times editors, caves, rolled over and apologized and said i would did not meet their standards. for one time, i agree, might work exceeded their lousy standards. some people on the left even called for me to apologize. i will never apologize for defending america. [applause]
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sen. cotton: one of the first things anybody learns in the areas the five principles of control, the most important of which is security. if you do not have security, security is what our police officers bring to our communities. this is why conservatives should never apologize for backing the blue. whether it is a child law, a social media model or an actual model in our streets -- mob or an actual mob, we will never bend our knees. the new york times is a
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laughingstock. this is no laughing matter, democrats expect us to surrender, capitulate, control the terms of the debate, even our language. have you seen that joe biden wants to ban the term illegal aliens. what does he want to replace it with? on documented noncitizens -- undocumented noncitizens, why are they that mark because they are illegal. that is the tip of the iceberg of their open borders immigration. they want to give amnesty to 20 million illegal aliens, no strings attached. with voting rights. presumable in time for kamala harris's reelection campaign. they have halted deportations for all illegal aliens,
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murderers are not being departed. they stopped building the wall on our board and put up a wall around your united states capitol. right now as we speak, they are tracking down illegal aliens in mexico who donald trump turned away to invite them to come back. does not catch and release, that is recruit and release. you cannot fly into mecca without a negative coronavirus test, but you can cross our borders without one. i have news for the democrats, turns out there's open borders agenda is not popular. you can see that in the polls about the plans, 2020 was one of the best elections ever had. with hispanic voters in particular and immigrant voters in general. rides we overtly desk reminds me of a story, he works,
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first-generation immigrants, named manwell. he told us, my wife and boys and i voted for donald trump and my friend said, oh you did not vote for donald trump. no you voted for tom. , why -- my friend asked why. manwell pointed at his new pickup truck. both of my boys have full-time jobs now. [applause] sen. cotton: i am not offended by what donald trump does. like so many americans, we have donald trump to thank for those things. [applause] sen. cotton: is it any wonder that people like him, immigrants who abate our laws and came here the correct way, to earn their citizenship and the right to
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vote are some of our most patriotic and loyal americans. people who escaped oppression from countries like cuba, venezuela or china. more than ever we need that simple, unambivalent patriotism. a proud level of our great country because america is a great country, worth fighting for, dying for. it is worth defending our history. these radical liberals want to erase history. they want to replace it with their crazy marxist theories. the may say this about civil war racism -- is about civil war racism. look at san francisco they are trying to rename schools named after george washington, abraham lincoln, dianne feinstein, if she is not liberal enough, i do
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not know what to tell you. they are more focused on renaming abraham lincoln high school than they are opening up so kids can go back and learn there. remember this, last summer, as those mobs rampaged they tore down statues of abraham lincoln and ulysses grant. when they are tearing down statues of lincoln and grant, it is not about the civil war or racism, it is because they hate america. [applause] sen. cotton: they want to erase and rewrite our history. these liberals thought 1980 for was not a cautionary tale, these were the same liberals burning our flag over and over again.
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the immediate celebrated them, kamala harris bailed them, kamala harris bailed him out of jail. i think you all know what we should do with rioters in the street, we should lock up every last one of them. i will confess, it makes my blood boil, when i see liberals desecrating our flight. i served at arlington national cemetery, we performed funerals for our fallen heroes. i had to present that flag to their widows the same flag burned a number flag last year. the same flag that athletes disrespected by taking a knee during the national anthem. those athletes are the same age as a lot of those soldiers a lot of our wounded soldiers to not
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have the billy to take any. the lease those athletes could do is stand up for the flag. if they will not stand up, we will. [applause] sen. cotton: let me close with one final story about the fight. i usually get asked questions about why the flag is backwards on the army uniform, he goes back to the day of cavalry charges. an avid desk when soldiers would fly into battle, the flag would appear backwards, they were backwards so to remind everyone that our army was h -- always advances never retreats. i think that is a good lesson.
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when america is under assault and conservatives are under attack we will never retreat. we will never surrender. we will always defend and protect the united states of america. thank you all. god bless and god bless the united states of america. [applause] ♪ >> this is protecting elections part three, the left to pull the strings, covered it up and admitted. please welcome former representative and fox news contributor jason chapin.
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jason: thank you it is an honor to be with you. i am not mitt romney. [applause] if you are looking for. the elector -- if you are looking for pierre's, just go down the hall to the left and keep going left, that is where you will find him. i am in the bookselling mode, saying never let a crisis go to waste, the truth about disaster liberalism. i want to talk about that, but in the context of elections. there is a reason why nancy pelosi and chuck schumer and the liberal left is focused on
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elections. there was a saying bike will rogers -- by will rogers who said the opposite of progress is congress. smart guy, he was fun. in my lifetime liberalism meant everything goes. everybody is welcome, everything goes, there is no bounds. i looked it up on "liberalism, a political or social philosophy advocating the freedom of the individual." i started giggling. "parliament terry -- parliament terry system of government to ensure unrestricted development in all spheres of human endeavor and governmental guarantees of individual rights and civil liberties." i thought something has changed. that is not the liberalism we
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have today. today we have disaster liberalism. they want more control, power, money and the solution to everything is government. i was fortunate to be the chairman of the oversight and government reform committee. when the democrats took control of the house, they changed the name of the committee. it is now called the oversight and reform committee. they do not believe government can do anything wrong, there is nothing to modify, there is no reform needed. they are the answer to all of the solutions. it is conservatives who seek liberty and freedom, empowerment. our rights come from god, not from government. [applause] jason: president ronald reagan, i was a little kid when he was
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the president of the united states. i had the good fortune in 1991 to shake his hand and get a picture with him. one of the ones i cherish the most. one of the things he said, is for the sake of peace and justice, let us move forward towards a world in which all people are at last free to determine their own destiny. i think the excitement we feel and cpac -- at cpac is that we are at loving people. you love your country and are willing to do anything to protect her and serve her. you want to leave that world a better place and how you found it. unfortunately, we are up against this disaster liberalism, because they have figured out with a disaster, they get unlimited powers. they will take a crisis, sometimes it is real, sometimes
12:54 pm
it is made up. they will leverage that disaster because it is a crisis. and we have to solve it, therefore we are going to bypass the legislative process. democrats are masters at painting pictures. they show you rioting, bigotry, scandals, immigration and they attacked donald trump. even though it is moving in the right direction, they make it scandalous. they take covet and talk about grandma killers, there could not possibly be a vaccine. operation warp speed is a fantasy. they paid these pictures. -- paint these pictures, because you feel like you are up against the three branches of the government, the executive branch, new york times and msnbc. should have mentioned cnn and
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anderson cooper 360, but it takes a lot of courage to name a show over the number of viewers watching it. so i left them off. [applause] they create facades and do it in unison with these so-called traditional media. and now they figured out social media, they cannot win that so they need to suppress it. they need to cancel it, get rid of it, make sure it does not get out there, that you are not allowed to communicate. let's look deeper into terms of how the democrats and liberals do this. hr one was introduced in the 116th and 117th congress, they modified it and made it worse. it is hr1 because it is this
12:56 pm
speakers signature bill, that she wants more than anything else. it was not about covet, anything else, it was about elections. it is therefore the people act. it has nothing to do with for the people, everything to do with winning elections, securing collections. i am going to read to you, it is going to get exhaustive with help from the heritage foundation, and what they put together in their analysis. "it is a one-size-fits-all --" this is about elections, "for persons for their own benefit, it meditates -- it mandates 15 day of early voting." elections are run by your counties and certified by state.
12:57 pm
make sure the fiasco and concern, deep-seated legitimate concerns you had about the integrity of the elections, do not fall into the trap that the liberals want us to go which is that realizing -- is f ederalizing. they want to require automatic voter registration for those who get drivers licenses, welfare, social security, go to prison or receive medicare, eligible to vote or not. it mandates unlike registration which can be vulnerable to cyber security issues, no-fault absentee voting. hey i made a mistake, count that ballot. alessi to have valid harvesting, allow felons to vote, prohibits election security measures, bands voter id requirements and
12:58 pm
signature notarizations, mandates same date registration. forces tasted count votes submitted to 10 days after the election, prohibits states from doing voter list maintenance including checking eligibility or removing an eligible voters, restricts the use of the united states post office database to verify lists, limits public disclosure of voter lists ensuring that third-party groups cannot verify the accuracy. stacks the deck for democratic party by removing the federal election commission from succeeds 25 ensuring that power and control of enforcement, transfer the rights of redistricting from state legislators to independent commissions from it mandates the inclusion of illegal aliens in redistricting, politicize is the irs, it limits the ability to
12:59 pm
challenge 801, only filed in the d.c. district court and requires all plaintiffs to file joint papers or being represented by a single attorney, expands censorship of political speech, imposes onerous costs on regulations. that is just the summary. it is her number one vote. what are we to do? what are republicans to do? the magic of the trump administration, what the policies -- with the policies that on the trunk give us. an honest estimate -- assessment was that i did not think he was going to
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>> with they don't understand about you and the magic that happened for four years as the policies that were instituted by cutting back regulation and taxes and allowing people to be more in control of their destiny. that empowered people and worked. every metric that was moving forward was better. it was better. and then covid came. covid was their opportunity to take advantage of a crisis and start doing things that they would never allowed to do otherwise. here is what i think conservatives should be fighting for. follow the constitution and advocate in every state and every county. having the integrity of the ballot and making sure we demand
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only legal, lawful votes allowed that we verify and authenticate. we authenticate the vote using things like block team and other smart ways to think through this to make sure that ballot integrity is there. you have to fight those, not necessarily in the halls of washington, d.c. other than suppressing hr one, but fight it in your own community. every one of you has a county commissioner or some other form of gov. at the county level. that is where conservatives need to be organized. ronald ray in, one thing -- ronald reagan said, let us offer hope. let us tell the world that a new age is not only possible, but probable. the thing i like and vitiate
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about the conservative movement is we are happy warriors. we believe the best days are ahead. [applause] i also believe in what target that your, go back and look at what margaret thatcher did in the days of the u.k. and she was trying to rise in power as a conservative. she said first we need to in the argument and then we win the votes. we are like minds. we believe that donald trump was one of the best presidents to ever serve our nation. [applause]
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maybe the people who don't see it as clearly as you do voted first when out if you do that in an honest and sincere way, but reach out and break bread and explain why you believe what you do. my wife and i, for instance, we leave in the right to life. we believe that an abortion is murdering a child. that is how we look at it. and so when we talk to friends, neighbors, love went or relatives and they say why do you believe so strongly, i say i just believe in the sanctity of life and i believe that we as a nation and a party in a people should fight for that little baby who doesn't yet have the voice and can't articulate the way you and i can.
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talk from your heart and explain why you believe what you believe. don't just believe that donald trump and donald trump junior and laura will take care of it. we have to do that individually good we have to tackle voting security. find what you are passionate about, because there are a lot of people that are counting on you. most people don't engage in elections, but you do. may god bless you and may god bless the united states of america. thank you. [applause] >> ladies and gentlemen are fighting for free speech at home and across the world. please welcome tennessee senator marsha blackburn. [applause]
1:05 pm
sen. blackburn: i am delighted to see you. i look forward to cpac every year. seeing friends and being with happy warriors and fellow conservatives. i absolutely love it. this year is no different, but i'm going to tell you something that is different this year and it is not just that we are all wearing masks and have covid-19, comments of china, it is that we have a bunch of radical liberals in the white house and the house and the senate and they are determined to radically change this country. it is very evident in the area of free speech. they are determined to take away your free speech and the first amendment.
1:06 pm
here is what the first amendment actually says, hundreds shall make no law. that is an order. they can't do it. they cannot make a law. respecting an establishment of religion or prohibiting the free exercise thereof or abridging the freedom of speech or of the press or the right of the people peacefully to assemble and to petition the government for the redress of grievances. the first amendment, the most important, if they take that one a way, you can be certain they are going to come for your second amendment rights and they are going to go right on down the line. this is the core of the cancel culture. quite frankly, they want to shut you up, take away your ability
1:07 pm
to talk to others, and cancel you. i bet if i ask for a show of hands how many of you have lived with being locked or shadow band or censored, i see a lot of hands going up. we all went through it in this election, didn't we? i've been through it, but nobody has been hit like president donald trump. first, they decided they were going to fact check him, the leader of the free world, and that they were going to block him, send a message. and then they were owing to temporarily ban him and then -- they were going to temporarily ban him and then permanently ban him, the leader of the free world. the spring -- the leader of iran
1:08 pm
, putin, other leaders are on their spewing hate, their vitriol. they have not been fact checked or banned that i can find. but us conservatives, we have had to put up with this. big tech, big media, and the democrats are never going to stop trying to silence us. they don't realize we are going to fight back. [applause] even though mark zuckerberg says that facebook works more like a government and a company, they think these guys, they think they are the gods of the silicon valley or gods of the virtual universe. this week we had democrats in the house send letters to cable news providers and streaming services saying that they needed to shut down these conservative
1:09 pm
outlets like one america news, newsmax, and fox news, because they were giving differing opinions. they were guilty of respectful political debate, giving two sides of the story. they wanted to shut them down. they are pressuring media outlets to cancel conservatives, but i don't think you all are going to let them do this, are you? i think not. i have to tell you, this is more than content moderation, which is what big tech likes to say they are doing. just making certain people are polite this is about controlling what you see, hear, and say, what you think, and how you vote. the left is telling you to submit or they will cancel you. conform or they will cancel you.
1:10 pm
it sounds a lot like communist china, doesn't it? chinese communist party locked people in their apartments during covid and cut off communication. china carrying out human rights violations against the hong kong freedom fighters. they had encampment in internment centers. look at what they do to american innovators, they rob and replace or they steal your intellectual property, they create it themselves and then they replace you in the marketplace, taking millions of american jobs. they are so -- they are trying to steal the minds of our children and college students in the classrooms. that is why we need to keep locking while weight which is the spy network for big tech --
1:11 pm
block huawei come which is the spy network for big tech. donald trump understood this and was standing up for the united states because china is trying to cancel the united states of america. china and big tech have a cozy relationship. and they have been allowing the chinese communist party to spew all of their information. i can't find anywhere that they have been censored, blocked, or banned. big tech is aiding and abetting the chinese communist party in their push for global dominance, and we are going to have to stand against it. so the question is -- what are we going to do about it? my question to you is -- are you all ready to fight back?
1:12 pm
against big tech, against big media, against censorship? are you ready to fight? [applause] that is great. what we have is the virtual protection agenda. let's start with online privacy. big tech -- this is what we will say, you cannot threat, follow, listen, data mine, or share your information with a third party without getting your explicit consent. it is your privacy. when it comes to section 230, and you have heard a lot about section 230 when it comes to censorship, they cannot come in and remove you, remove or block you or throttle you without
1:13 pm
telling you explicitly why and big tech we say, we are going to take away from you the section 230 provisions and we are going to save them for little tech, the new entrants in the marketplace, so we have choice and options. dealing with china means we have two bring our manufacturing back to the united states of america. we have to continue to support what president trump was doing to hold china to account. we have to end these confucius institutes so they cannot steal the minds of our college students and spread their propaganda. we have to continue to block huawei. thank goodness president trump did that and make certain their spyware is not getting into your
1:14 pm
electronics and networks. and on the first amendment, the first amendment that is the most important amendment, it is we, the people that are going to have to stand up and tell big tech and big media that enough is enough. we are going to have to tell them we will not stand for them to cancel conservatives. we will not stand for them shutting us down on social media. we will not stand for them ending conservative and religious tv programs, music, and entertainment that is enjoyed by we know at least 74 million hard-working taxpaying americans.
1:15 pm
[applause] so it is going to be up to us to stand up for that first amendment to make the point that we, the people treasure that right to worship as we please. we treasure that right to speak our minds and have an opinion. we treasure the ability to meet, peacefully assemble, like we are doing here today, and we treasure our right to petition our government. and on that, i will say nancy pelosi it lets get the fencing and the wire down and away from the u.s. capitol. [applause] you know, it is important that we have robust, respectful
1:16 pm
political debate, but in order to keep this country and in order for us to have the ability to defend the constitution, to defend our right to vote for the candidate of our choice, it is imperative that we continue the work that we in the u.s. senate started with president donald trump and that we stand up to china, that we stand up to big tech, and that we continue to protect the constitution and all of our bill of rights. are you with me? [applause] are you ready to go to work? let's go make certain we protect the bill of rights. stand up for freedom. thank you all. god bless you. [applause] ♪
1:17 pm
>> watch this weekend's coverage of the annual conservative political action conference today at 1:35 p.m. eastern. speakers include former secretary of state mike pompeo, house minority leader kevin mccarthy, and south dakota governor kristi noem. our coverage continues sunday. speakers include larry kudlow, former director of the national economic council, and american conservative union chairman matt schlatter and former president donald trump. what the cpac conference live this weekend on c-span and or listen on the radio app. >> today on the communicators,
1:18 pm
washington, d.c. tech reporters talk about the current issues facing tech and the tell commissions industry, including net neutrality. >> relative to what emily was talking about his net neutrality was a divisive issue between democrats and republican guns during the trump administration which overruled neutrality and other biden administration has decided to step back and allow states to go ahead with their own net neutrality rules. we are likely to see if the federal government doesn't act, net neutrality popping up state making the whole tech landscape really bizarre. >> watch the communicators today at 6:30 p.m. eastern on c-span. >> early today, present biden spoke


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