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tv   Lawmakers Conservative Commentators Speak at CPAC Day 2  CSPAN  March 1, 2021 2:11am-3:12am EST

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pride on the shelf [video clip] ♪ announcer: ladies and gentlemen,
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this is a discussion of the second amendment. the rights to bearers. please welcome our panel. [indiscernible] ♪ >> we are in the gun shine state. >> i look forward to this conversation. two years ago, i had flown from a town hall to cpac and two years later, it is good to be with you all again and talk
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about continuing protecting our second amendment rights. let's get started. there's a lot to go over. we had some good conversation backstage about all of this. some of these questions i want to ask both of you. some of them on going to open the field. first and foremost, i want to start with i would say i don't think for the first time ever i am the biggest firestarter on the stage. [laughter] it's a nice feeling, thank you. thank you, congresswoman. i appreciate that. [applause] my first question is for you. you were granted a concealed carry permit in washington, d.c. because you fear for your safety. you are the size of a keebler elf. [laughter]
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don't let her full you. you were worried about your safety. are you worried about your safety at the capitol? what drove that decision? >> i have been an advocate for the second amendment for nearly eight years. i opened a restaurant in colorado, the only city in america named after a gun. there was an altercation where a man was beaten to death. outside of my restaurant. no weapons. i wondered how my going to protect everyone? how my going to protect the people around me? i am a mother with four boys. that's when i started looking into colorado's carry law. i began to carry in our restaurant.
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i saw how democrats want to take that away from us. beto o'rourke told us what they intend to do. they're going to take your ak-47s. he did not. i drove down to his presidential rally with my glock on my hip and told them hell no, you're not. it is a safety issue. the media perceives you as being huge, but you are not. there are certain statistics that tell us about this. you and i were talking backstage. vernon jones the state representative for the state of georgia, the 91st district. you supported campus carry. florida has led the way on
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concealed carry. there have been a couple of setbacks with red flag laws and the disenfranchisement of laws for people who would be in college. you supported campus carry. tell me why? >> those who come on campus to perpetrate a crime, they have access to sitting ducks. if they come on campus to commit a crime and some of my friends are hanging out with smith & wesson, they're going to see someone come back at them. [applause] many women are going out at night on campus trying to go to their car. they need to protect themselves. i believe people have the right to bear arms. my mother passed last year and a
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six month before she passed, she said do you have my gun? i just want my gun in case someone comes up this nursing home. [laughter] [applause] that's nothing new. we have to protect the second amendment. i had the command of a large police department. i lost a number of police officers and i heard people talk about shootings and killings and i have seen it on both sides. officers and individuals killed. the fact is, law-abiding people who want to protect their property and themselves, they use guns responsibly. you have some bad actors out there. we have laws in place if you are a felon you can't purchase a gun. many states have that. one of the problems i have in this legislation, it says if you
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are a domestic terrorist, what's the definition of a domestic terrorist? does that mean that i want to protest peacefully now i'm under the terrorist watch? something's not right. john lewis was on the no-fly list. you and me could be a terrorist in their definition. that does not define what a terrorist is. host: that sets up my question to you, congressman. this is senator marco rubio state. he has produced legislation, called the terror intelligence improvement act. the bill would also provide more authority for law enforcement agencies to go after suspected terrorists while safeguarding the second amendment and due process rights. i have read the law thoroughly.
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i discussed it a lot -- a lot on air. my confusion is the list of best use of lists as evidence. i don't want to terrorist buying a gun much less going out on the street eyeing a gun. my worry is that we are going to enforce a penalty, why not indict them or arrest them? >> that gets to the point of what a pre-crime is. if you say someone is a suspected terrorist, what do you mean by suspected terrorist? we have definitions of terrorist. the left had committee hearings this week where they defined anyone who voted for donald trump as a domestic terrorist. are we all suspected terrorist because there is a mindset in the authoritarian left. it's kind of a misnomer when they say they're going to protect due process. you cannot protect due process and put somebody on a list
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saying they are so -- a suspected terrorist. we have no reasonable suspicion, we have no pause -- probable cause. we cannot arrest, we cannot adequately investigate but were going to put them on a list. that is a huge hole and a violation of our constitutional rights. that's a problem here and those are some of the underlying problems with that bill. we should be flushing that bill. host: to that point, we don't know the criteria of getting on that list. you have a terror watch list and a no-fly list but we don't the criteria to get on this. i'm not a fan of that at all. a couple of other things i want to get onto, i want to hit the big issues and personal stories. one of the things we were talking about and this has been in the news because the biden administration promised gun control.
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unfortunately, joe biden does not have the muscle in congress to make that happen. i think it went through the senate by 53 or 54, they didn't have enough when that was happening. they are not going to have enough with some of the legislation they are trying to propose now. that's not stopping him from looking at regulatory enactment of gun control. how can they abuse the regulatory process? this point is the issue of ghost gun's. how many of you know what that is? it is actually a phantom. it's a goblin that will you at night. i'm kidding. [laughter] it's basically if you are making -- they are talking about the serialization of firearms. the way the law is now, some u.s. states, you get one of the 80% lowers or you make 3d printed gun, there are still federal regulations say it has
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to be detectable. it has to be assent -- a percentage of metal. if you are a hobbyist, you can make your own firearm at home and if you sell it, it has to be serialized. whoever wants to take this first -- this situation with ghost gun's, is this going too far? should the bureau of atf have any way in on this issue at all? should they be defining and trying to redefine what these parts are an art as a way to stop hobbyist from a perfectly legal activity? rep. biggs: if i could weigh in first and you guys can clean up the mess? what they are doing is creating law where there is no legislative authority. that's what the agency is doing. that is strike one.
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number two, it is a legal activity that you are trying to impose your will, your bureaucratic will. this is the problem with all of washington, d.c. that congress will punt and lay down so the bureaucrats can go out and do what they want. if we as legislators thought there was a problem, that's where it would originate. we should be doing that. there is no problem right here, this is a manufactured crisis so that the bureaucrats can go over and take over. it's one more inroad in violation of the god-given right second amendment. [applause] host: i would agree. rep. boebert: i see this as another hijack of the american language. they are abusing this term. they are running amok. do we want to be called domestic terrorist and we put on list?
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are we all domestic terrorist? my mom's backstage, she was accused of being the bullhorn lady. leading folks in the capital. speaker pelosi has called us the enemy within. at the end of the day, this is all about control. washington, d.c. wants control of everyone's life. i am there to defend our second amendment. this is about taking my guns, your guns. i will stand up for your god-given right every single day. [applause] host: i have two big questions. i will try to stay within our time. this is a heavy question. do you think that the national firearms act or the gun control act should both be repealed yes or no? >> no. >> yes.
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>> what did you say again? [laughter] host: should the national firearms act, the gun control act be repealed? mr. jones: yes. [applause] rep. boebert: yes. mr. jones: i got a little confused. i thought you said should they take away our guns? [laughter] mr. jones: i've been saying no so long when it comes to them taking away our rights, i'm like no no no. host: the republicans are called the report he -- the party of no. they don't want you to be able to protect yourself or have freedom of speech or freedom of religion. in colorado, they don't want us to have our public lands. we are saying no, to all of
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their nose. [applause] during the supreme court hearing to confirm justice amy coney barrett who i like very much, there was a lot of hey made over a decision. this issue had to do with whether or not nonviolent felons should have their right restored , restore their right to the second amendment. there has been a lot of discussion over this and it had to do with robert cantor he was selling medical shoe inserts and he was falsely saying they were endorsed by medicare. they got him on felony mail fraud. for the rest of his life, he is prohibited possessor. amy coney barrett was saying in her opinion that is not
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historically -- the test is whether someone is a danger to themselves or other people. where it concerns nonviolent felons, the court never said he was violent. a lot of people were trying to smear her over that. that context, my question for you three is do you believe that nonviolent felons in this context should have their second amendment rights restored? mr. jones: republicans are gonna have to start taking the lead on a lot of issues that were created by democrats. [applause] >> that's a great point. mr. jones: democrats passed those laws targeting african americans. that was a way to suppress their votes. they have become a felon, then they can't get a gun. it could be anything.
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now democrats are going to legislatures wanting to give people on probation for parole the right to vote again. we are going to do it in a way that the nonviolent offenders had nothing to do with being a danger to society but they were stripped of their voting power. they paid their dues, republicans get ahead on that issue because democrats are dominating that issue and it is further keeping minorities, keeping everyone from voting who want to vote. what did voting have to do with being on probation or a nonviolent offense? what did it have to do with? it was politics, voter suppression. rep. boebert: these are nonviolent crimes and this is a way to suppress and control people.
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they are not stopping with the second amendment. we mentioned the first amendment . i would not be surprised if we started quartering soldiers in the committee hearing rooms. there are plenty in fort pelosi and we should bring them in. maybe we should start unreasonably seizing and searching members of congress, we are already doing that in the house chambers. with metal detectors and all of that. maybe the 19th amendment is next and you and i would not have a right to vote. mr. jones: you can't be called brother or sister it has to be a sibling. >> i have one more question for you. >> when we talk about restoration of secondment rights for nonviolent felons, that is a no-brainer. we should be doing that. our problem is we are in the self-governing body. we are in the minority. when we were in the majority, we
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screwed up time and time again. [applause] >> that's exactly right. here's the deal, we can fix that. we have to get the majority back. democrats are going to do that. >> last question that i have for the panel. it has been discussed the administration is going to have a four prong assault on our second member rights going after the ghost gun issue, going after magazine capacity because they never heard you can just swap them out. suing manufacturers as well then banning full on semi automatic firearms by conflating them with the term assault weapons. for you to -- what are you going to do in congress to start this -- stop this from going forward legislatively?
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rep. biggs: the first to think they're are going to go after, allowing litigation. they think we could get the class action litigation on ammunition manufacturers as well as gun manufacturers. we have got to not just work within the procedures, we have to throw every speed stop down we can. they have enough votes to stop that in the senate. we have to do that. we have to rely on the states raising their voices, governors raising their voices. we need people like you raising your voice is loud and clear rhetorically fighting. you have to say that every time you say fighting or standing tall. that's how we do that. we can win that issue. those two issues. rep. boebert: i can't even rhetorically stand tall thanks for that one.
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[laughter] they mention assault rifles in this. i hate that term. an ar is not an assault rifle it is an arm a light rifle. a gun is an object. they can highlight -- hijacked the language, to take control is what they're going to do. i cannot wait until we take the gavel from speaker pelosi in 2022. [applause] >> you get the last word. >> i'm going to be real brief. the bottom line is all of our constitutional rights are on assault. we have to fight it at the state level and the federal level.
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to make sure our legislatures are republicans to draw our districts and preserve and protect the right to send people to washington. we are all under attack to the first amendment and second amendment. the framers of the constitution got it right. that document has survived. ipad or laptop or a cell phone, they were smart men that laid the groundwork. i think all of us want to protect the constitution, bottom line. >> the constitution offers extreme protection of our rights and we need to make sure it stays that way. panel, thank you all so much. [applause] thank you all and god bless. ♪
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♪ announcer: please welcome your panel. [indiscernible] ♪ moderator: i am so glad that you are here. we are joined by congressman williams, congressman davison,
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and amy from second vote. everyone realizes what corporations are doing, how they started to tow the line of progressivism. but i'm curious about is why are companies doing this? how can the american consumer fight back? becky is getting rid of shoes that have the betsy ross flag because it's racist. you have disney that is firing someone for expressing an opinion about political hatred. i wonder is this profitable for companies? why are they doing this when so many everyday americans won't politics out of their life, they don't want politics injected into everything they do. maybe you could answer white companies are telling this line? >> we have seen the left do this
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for years. it's not like it just happened. they have allowed voice. they are out there raising these concerns with these corporations. conservatives, we are hard-working folks. we want to raise our families. want to share the american principles. the left has been very vocal over the last several years. we have got to become more vocal so we can get them to listen to us. we say your first vote is at the ballot box and your second vote is with your wallet. we were founded nine years ago when someone made at donation at a check register. they were walking to the parking lot and the congressman said why did you do that and he said why not?
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she said because they support planned parenthood. he was like what else do i not know so he put together the organization. we have over 1600 companies and we have scored them on the conservative issues so consumers can support them. [applause] >> congressman you are on the financial services committee. it turns out that a lot of shareholders when they are making these decisions are not the ones voting for this sort of progressive orthodoxy that is taking over the business world. can you explain how that works? >> if you think about who owns companies, there's a whole shift in terms of what it means to be a fiduciary. you see the word fiduciary responsibility, this would be officers and directors. they have a duty to care to
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provide maximum return for the shareholders. the shareholders get a vote. you see the efforts now by the left to shift that to social governance goals. for metrics that go after stakeholders. stakeholders are not shareholders. it is not well defined. it's definitely not shareholders. they have used their influence over shareholders because the owners of the companies are often pension funds. steered by left management of the pension fund. when one decided in the 90's not to invest in tobacco companies, it cost the pension fund over $500 billion in missed returns. one of the hearings we had a few years ago, i asked a representative from the fund, did that represent the best
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interest of your pensioners? the answer is of course not, but that doesn't seem to matter. individual shareholders, let's say you have fidelity, schwab, robin hood. proxy firms advise the. there are only two that have 90% of the market share. iss and glass lewis. these companies, one has 60% market share and the other has the rest. they dominate the influence of how many shares are voted. what you really need is more democratic access to capital. that's the goal of robin hood. then you need people to actually vote the shares. most of us don't do that. we used to get the big paper, now you get the males and everything else. it's important to vote the direction of the company because in the absence of that, the left is voting it.
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they are steering the direction of this company and they put captured -- pressure on the management teams to go towards this code out there. >> there is so much has -- hypocrisy involved as well. they take these public stances that seem to align the themes that are running their businesses in what the progressives would consider to be -- disney for example filled -- filmed a remake to concentration camps. why exactly are the companies able to get away with this? how can they have one public stance while their business practices go against what they are preaching and no one seems to care? >> i am a small business owner. i am one of the few in congress who owns a business and i employ hundreds of people in texas.
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the fact of the matter is, a lot of businesses especially main street, main street business is 70% of the payroll and 75% of the workforce. it still runs this country and these are bullies. these people bully people. if we get back to main street values and i am an old-school capitalist. if we let competition work, a lot of this we won't have to -- competition let the consumer decide. the people compete. take the regulations away and all of this conversation about siding with the chinese and this and that, it can't be all things to all people you eventually have to go back to your roots and that is american capitalism where you can invest 100 lose a hundred make a hundred risk and reward. we have to get back to that otherwise the private sector and main street america will be choked out and we will have these big companies.
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i think it's a big problem and we need to look at these folks as bullies. we need to stand up to them and at the end of the day we need to buy american. that's the end of the game -- that's the name of the game. >> is competition enough now, because with social media companies, conservative created parler and that was shut down by amazon. there was collusion among the big tech companies to shut them down. robin hood stopped trading to stop people from making money in a legal and acceptable manner. is there anything you are doing in congress with legislation or measures you are taking with the forces of government to make sure the forces have fair access to the marketplace? >> one of the big things, there was a panel earlier on antitrust.
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we are republicans, not anarchists. there are people who turned the market into a deity. going to worship market for the sake of the market. the country as a republic was founded to seek virtue not just the market. a functioning market has competition. what's the role of government in my view and a lot of republicans view is kind of like if you're watching boxing, it's not boxing when they are hugging in the corner. the referee has to make them fight. right now and market aftermarket, there is so much concentration, so much power. you saw that whether it is the swamp taking care of the swamp in d.c., you alluded to suspending trading. look at the reaction in cobit. you can go into walmart and buy anything. you can purchase bicycles but if you want to go to a mainstream
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bicycle shop, you couldn't go in . you could have fake flowers delivered from amazon but if you wanted a local florist to deliver live flowers you couldn't do that. the bigger companies got more profitable and main street has been crippled. a lot of that goes to our monetary policy. when the government spends too much money like they did last night, that gets printed into dollars and the fed throws it and it has destroyed the value of the dollars we count on. >> i think that's a great point about how the pandemic has shut down the small businesses and corporations have used these restrictions to amount to more power than ever. amazon had its best quarter at the height of the pandemic. amy, what is your represent -- company doing to make sure encouraging people to spend their money there? it is difficult because so many
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have shut down or are unable to do business because of regulations. >> we have always said to shop local first. those are the folks that you know in your communities. they are supporting your local -- little league and a high school choir. you know these folks and they mostly align with your values. the big-box organizations, they are funneling these organizations that are attacking our values. we need to quit funding them and shopping with them so we can align our values. the money is the key. we have to stop shopping at these places. we have over 1600 companies scored. you can go to our website or download an application and search company score. you can see what they are giving with their charitable dollars and what they are supporting. we had to take notice, we can't continue to do what we have been
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doing. we have to make a difference. up here today, you guys are making a difference. we all have to do it together. we can't do it one time. we have to do it for the long haul. [applause] >> it's a lot of work. with your organization, you know you can empower yourself. your family members and your community to shop with your values. unfortunately, it seems that it's not just private business, there is a collusion going on with the government. in 2013, there was operation chokepoint where the government was encouraging banks to basically deplatform individuals and deny them access from the economy. how do we fight back against that problem? >> let me bring up operation chokepoint.
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this was a total takeover. somebody sat down and delisted 45 businesses that they didn't think the banks should do business with. they were gun stores, finance companies, car dealers. i may be the only one in congress who was directly affected by it. i had a bank that i had done business with for 23 years call me one day and say i need to remove all my money in 24 hours out of the bank because they didn't want to finance a car dealer or a congressman. this happened all over. it happened too small people. i was fortunately able to get a bank, but they put people out of work. that was a product of the cfpb. president trump, we were able to slow that down, but now it's building back up again. small business cannot borrow money, it can't have a checking account they want to choke it out. then we have them running out
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with the attitude they want to see. the socialistic attitude toward the economy. that's where we are today. when you talk about operation chokepoint, you won't be able to buy a car or a gun or start a business. then we know the government owns this and we know the road that takes us. it is a dangerous time. about a year ago, we had an economy that had more jobs than people. how could that ever happen? we had more jobs than people, now this president has gone in there and gutted everything. so we can get back to where we were, but that's why 2022 is so important. we have to make sure we get the house and senate so we are not having these conversations two years from now. it's a dangerous thing and you have to watch the big companies, because they will choke the little guy out. the little guy is america, the little guy is our friend, the payroll, the deposit, the one
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who gives you service and the one who knows your name. that's who we are fighting for. that's risk and reward, it's american capitalism. >> let's support them. >> the importance of elections can't be overstated. you are on the financial services committee with maxine waters, al green, three out of four members of the squad. these people have so much control over who gets access to the economy. which businesses get to stay open. tell us about working with these people, how much control do they want? >> it is a tightly controlled committee. maxine waters rules it with an iron fist. if you look at the ideas that roger talked about in operation chokepoint, you can cancel people. aoc has made the case that no one should bank these people. you would think that people in the past have experienced
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discrimination, they couldn't get a loan. that is a reality in our country. we shouldn't deny that, but we should fight to make sure we don't go back to that and replace these people with a different group of people. when you can't make it illegal on the front end like guns, they will try to make it illegal on the backend by the banking you, deplatforming you, and canceling you. right now, they are doing it largely the companies and a handful of individuals. the reality is, you can look at any number of dystopian shooters, i am fond of revelation, it looks scary and they want to cancel what you can buy. they are talking about the exact same logic of that today. they want to and cash, central bank digital currency that the government controls. they can see every transaction you've got. in china, they are already doing this. they don't just have a credit score, they have a social credit score.
2:56 am
they are using facial recognition, tracking your location, if you have a cell phone, you essentially have an ankle bracelet. they say i don't know, it looks like you might have been at cpac . your social credit scores going down. that's what they are doing in china. there are people on the left who are hoping for that vision to come true in america. policy really does matter. they know, because that's why the cast of characters you listed, the squad and some of the most outspoken folks on the left are in the financial services committee that roger and i serve on. >> i think there is some cause for optimism, because the very hotel that we are sitting in was almost canceled for hosting cpac . they just released a statement shortly before we came on stage affirming their right to host people who believe in freedom of speech. [applause]
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let's reward the companies that stand up for everyday americans. and go after the elites who want to oppress us. thank you, congressman and amy. for doing this panel. it was a wonderful conversation. [applause] >> thank you. >> thank you all. ♪ ♪
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♪ >> welcome to the fourth annual japan conservative union,. -- conference. [video clip]
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♪ >> ladies and gentlemen, please welcome [indiscernible] [applause] >> what's going on, everybody? it is awesome to see you. i have been wearing makeup since 6:00 a.m. when they told me you get to talk at 3 p.m., i said that's like 8 p.m. for me as a morning show host. it's beautiful. prime time. i'm so grateful to be here. if you would all turn around and waved to the cameras -- fox is here streaming the entire thing.
3:00 am
so honored to be part of this. if you haven't come by the booth in the morning, come by and say hello to us on fox and friends. we will be broadcasting all morning long. it has been a lot of fun to watch all the speakers. especially the young folks, charlie kirks, james o'keefe entered don junior. the doers. the doers of the conservative movement that have stood up and said we are not going to let the left come over, control and destroy our country, which is what we know they want to do. we stand on the shoulders of conservative giants at a convention like this, don't we? william f buckley, ronald reagan, newt gingrich, rush limbaugh -- [applause] we all have advanced degrees from the limbaugh institute for advanced conservative studies. let's not kid ourselves. [applause]
3:01 am
breitbart, live in, men and women who have had an uncompromising willingness and ability to chart the course for freedom. we call ourselves conservatives, but what are we really? we are freedom lovers. that is what we are. we stand at the conservative little action conference here remembering all those people who came before us. so grateful for the nation they gifted us. i think i have the best job in the country. fox and friends gives me the job -- i don't know if the title is diner correspondent, breakfast guy, pancake pete, whatever -- they fly me across the country to middle america to have accessed with wonderful regular folks across america. ohio, north carolina, texas,
3:02 am
florida -- we did one in orlando. it's amazing. you should try their biscuits and gravy. what i get the privilege of doing is i do three segments over three hours with fox and friends and we are talking politics with people as they have breakfast, getting the voices of average people. that i get to spend hours at diner tables with average americans talking about their lives. truck drivers, teachers, construction workers, bus drivers, nurses, cops, vets. the people that make america work, that work hard. [applause] you might call them the forgotten men and women. and our president, donald trump, what did he call them? the real elites. and he is right. do you know why he's right? when i sit down with these folks
3:03 am
come i sit down with a construction worker or small business owner or a waitress at the restaurant we are at and they are not talking about esoteric things the ivy league talks about or in -- msnbc talks about. they are talking about the bible and faith and prayer and their family. hard work, supporting the police, standing for the anthem, the first amendment, the 10th amendment. the things our founders understood, loved and cherished. that, to me is real elitism. that is what our country is grounded in. active, average citizens who know what really matters. guess when the last time they talked about the bible at the ivy league was -- 1840. our elite institutions do not want any knowledge whatsoever of
3:04 am
what really matters in our country, so i am honored to have that assignment to travel across the country and meet those people who need you as active activists to fight for them because they are watching it get ripped away from them. in fact, i'm starting a project and one of the places it is getting ripped away most dramatically is the classroom. it is the classroom. at fox station, have a great opportunity to do documentaries around things i really love and am passionate about. history, jerusalem, bethlehem, the holy city, talking about the state of israel is something i am very passionate about. i sit down with modern warriors. i once had a three hour conversation with the guy who shot bin laden. we had way too many beers and it was an unbelievable story. i said what if every american could hear that story?
3:05 am
so i started a series where we have a conversation with that's in here the real story. the project i am working on right now doesn't even have a title yet -- it's called the 16,000 our war. it's about the 16,000 hours government schools and public schools have our kids from k-12 and how far they've gone in turning those schools into indoctrination camps for the left. 100%. as we started doing our research, we thought is this something that started in the 60's? no. this goes back much further than that. it is a 100-year-old project of progressives and what is the first thing they removed? from the public classroom and they had the opportunity? the bible. you talk about the philippians
3:06 am
and they say is that a team from philadelphia? they have done everything they can to rip the bible, prayer, god, the 10 commandments out of our school because they know that is the basis upon which free people stay free, the mix between athens and jerusalem our founding fathers understood so passionately. they went there first. now they are at the point whence they have removed that, they remove the classics, they removed basic arithmetic. now they start asserting their agenda, critical race. . 1776 is people. the narrative is america is an evil, evil country, stolen from indians built only on the backs of slaves and therefore completely illegitimate. that is what your kids if you are not paying attention are being taught. directly.
3:07 am
and you might say i live in a nice neighborhood, i pay my property taxes, i like the teachers, the principal is a nice guy. my community is a little more conservative. wake up call time. it is your school also. it might be your private school, if you are not intentional about private school education, homeschooling, whatever it is, your kids are not going to get the views you believe in and if i had a dollar for every person i met at a diner he said i raised my kids to be patriots, to be capitalists, to love freedom and i sent them off to so-and-so university and they came back a socialist, i would be a very rich man. you have to fortify them now. if you don't fortify them now, you will lose them. we are in the fight of our lives
3:08 am
and you heard that from a lot of speakers today. some of the press covering this don't understand the attachment conservatives and freedom lovers have two donald trump. they don't get it. [applause] they think it is some sort of misinformation, cult of personality thing -- that's not what it is. i will explain why i love him and one military analysis. -- analogy. i was a platoon leader in iraq and the win situation you know is the most dangerous situation you don't want to find your platoon stuck in is what is called a near ambush. you are walking through a neighborhood and you walk into a near ambush which means the enemy has a high ground, they are concealed and you are stuck in what is called the kill zone and they have you pinned down, rifles, grenades, everything. you are dead if you are in the kill zone unless you act. the battle drill for being in the kill zone of a near ambush
3:09 am
is not crouched down and hope you survive because it's never going to happen. your only option is to immediately seek cover, immediately pop your grenade, throw it and charge for the enemy you still can't see. that is your only option if you want to survive. this is all metaphorical, for the media. [laughter] [applause] caveat necessary. it is your only hope. republicans for years said this is kind of like us, we are ok. we are not bad. it's nice behind our podiums, dressed up -- we are going to cut taxes just a little bit more. it doesn't work. donald trump said it's time to throw the grenades and charge at the enemy. [applause] that is why.
3:10 am
that is why. you want a leader that believes in you, that listens to you, that listens to the people at the diners and understands what they love about this country and is willing to actually fight for it. what happens in a near ambush if you seize the initiative in charge at the enemy? the person pops out of the tall grass out of their concealed position and you are on the offensive and they scream you are a racist, right? they call you names, they expose themselves through the fake news media. they come out and say you are right, we are socialists. it's exactly what they do. we know who they are and donald trump has exposed them, which means we have to have the spine to follow through on that fight because what we are defending is not difficult to defend. it is the flag we love and the
3:11 am
freedoms we cherish and the faith we have in the family we want to protect. [applause] i'm out of time but god bless you fighting every single day. do not wait for election day. do what you can in your school board and your community. we have the principles, we need to take the positions back and dam it, take the high ground. thank you, god bless you guys. [applause] ♪ ♪ >> ladies and gentlemen, this is winning back america, an interview with indiana representative jim banks and kevin mccarthy. pl


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