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tv   President Biden Delivers Remarks on American Rescue Plan  CSPAN  March 12, 2021 2:33pm-3:04pm EST

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the specific processes are taken for scenarios. with the individuals who are coming across, alternatives to those who are treated with an ankle brace it while they are waiting for adjudication of their cases. those are the steps that are taken and recommendations. there is a proposal for testing all of these individuals as they come across pre-that is what our policy processes are. in terms of specific data, i would refer you to the cdc. >> do you know if there are any discussions about vaccinating some of the migrants that are being held for longer than in previous administrations to stop the spread in the shelters? jennifer: that is a really good question. >> we believe this to take you to the rose garden where president biden and vice
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president harris will be talking about the nearly $2 billion -- $2 trillion aid package signed in to law. [laughter] -- [applause] >> thank you to our great president, joe biden, or great speaker, nancy pelosi, and applause for all the senate and house members here. it could not have happened without all of you working as a team. so thank you very much. [applause] it has been a long and difficult year in america. we lost so many in so short a time. finally hope is on the horizon and help is on the way. what do we say to america? we say to america, help is on the way. you will receive your $1400
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check in a few weeks. health is on the way. people are being vaccinated more quickly and effectively than we ever imagined. half the children in america will no longer be in poverty. help is on the way. our schools will open more quickly and more safely than anyone has ever thought. we democrats made promises in georgia, in the country. we said if we gain the senate and kept the house and elected the president we would finally get things done and get us out of this covid crisis, and we are on the road to success. help is on the way. this is a four america. this is the most significant piece of legislation in so many ways in decades.
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we are to started. help is on the way. thank you, everybody. speaker pelosi: good afternoon in the rose garden. adam vice president, and honor to be with you -- madam vice president, i honor to be with you -- and honor to be with you. members of the committee and leadership, without all of you this would not have been. it certainly would not have happened without joe biden as president of the united states. mr. president, everybody is
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complementing us and every time we get a compliment, say i accept on behalf of of the house democrats and of the staff of the house democrats and i know of the senate staff as well. they work so very hard. not me say this about my members. our chairs are dazzling with their intellect and integrity and imagination for the american people working with their senate colleagues. i say they are beautifully averse in our members. our diversity is our strength. our unity is our power. in this bill our diversity to protect every one in our tree to end the disparity and accessed everything the bill presents. our diversity was reflected in the house and senate in that policy. our unity on behalf of all the american people is what made
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this such a triumph. whatever differences may have been, exuberance from the leader and exuberance here, we all knew our purpose and we were unified on behalf of the american people for the children and their help for the economic security of their families. this is a great day to be in the rose garden and to have us be able to fulfill the promise that president biden has made all along, that help is on the way. promises made, promise fulfilled. thank you, mr. president. [applause] vice president harris: thank you
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. the president promised help is on the way and today help has arrived. help has arrived for the workers who lost their jobs. help has arrived for the students who have been stuck at home. help has arrived for the families who have struggled to put food on their table and for the small businesses that have struggled to keep their doors open. help has arrived, america. this landmark legislation get relief to families, support to communities, and make sure more shots get in arms. i want to thank the speaker, nancy pelosi and chuck schumer and all of the members of congress who voted for this legislation and helped lead to a success. of course we would not be here today were it not for the leadership of our president, joe biden.
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[applause] i just want to say something about the president. from the beginning of this, joe said we have to tell the stories. we gotta tell the stories and show that we understand what the people are experiencing and what they need. i have been in rooms with joe when it is he and i and a small group of the teams and the cameras are there and he is the same person every time and is always talking about what do the people need. when the president and i were preparing to take office, we knew what we were up against, so we started working on a plan, the american rescue plan, and mr. president, from the very start, you suck people out and you asked them -- you sought the
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people out and ask them as only you can do, you listened to what they said and remembered what they said. every day, in every meeting, you reminded us who we were doing this work. the american people. and in particular, the american people hurting the most, the workers who have been out of a job for six must to a year. the families who lost loved ones. the communities that have been torn apart by this deadly virus. you, strip president, have carried a card in your breast pocket with a number of americans who have died from covid-19. every day he carries that card, literally keeping their memory close to your heart. you have grieved, mr. president, out loud with our nation, morning the loss of so many
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extraordinary americans. your empathy has become a trademark of your presidency and can be found on each and every page of the american rescue plan. joe biden, mr. president, you had a vision, you had a purpose, and you have faith that the american people, regardless of who they voted for, would support this plan. simply because it will help. you had faith that congress would pass this plan simply because it is the best thing for the american people, and you put in the work to make it happen, to get relief directly to the american people. we both served in the senate so we know there has rarely been a bill that is so concrete and tangible. mr. president, people will feel and see what we all did here.
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they will see the checks in their bank accounts and see the child tax credit when they file their taxes, when they return to work in school and when they reopen their businesses, when they hug their grandchildren the first time in a year. americans will see what we did here. what you did, mr. president. they will feel the impact of this bill for generations to come. that is what happens when you make historic investments in communities of color and tribal immunities and rural communities and you lift the children living in poverty out of poverty. [applause] because of you, mr. president, help has arrived and on behalf of our nation, thank you.
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it is now my great, great honor to introduce the president of the united states of america, joe biden. [applause] pres. biden: good afternoon. thank you, kamala. when i look out over what happened the last 50 days when jill and i first got a chance to move into this magnificent building behind you, i promised the american people and i guess it becoming an overused phrase, that help was on the way.
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but today with the american rescue plan now signed into law, we delivered on that promise, and i don't mean i delivered, we delivered. look out at all of you. there would still be kids in poverty without all the work you did. i want to say bernie, stepping up and making the case why this was so transformational data big difference in how a lot of people voted. i look out at all of you, house members as well, who have made the case to the american people why this is so important. i watched my buddy jim in south carolina stand up and talk about how it is going to affect individual people. my inclination is to mention every single one of you, because i believe i have called most of you and think you already for what you did.
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he is in new jersey and i am in delaware, and i remind him delaware owns it up into the high watermark. but all kidding aside, i want to thank you all in particular the speaker, who from day one, the very first day i got the nomination, was supportive in ways that are hard for me to describe. i served a long time in the united states senate, younger than anybody other than pat if i were still in the senate, i would be pro tem. all kidding aside, we have a lot of great majority leaders but i never saw anybody handle such a controversial consequential piece of legislation that was right on the edge and chuck schumer. iou, chuck. --i owe you, chuck.
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for the house and senate, thank you for making this happen. i served certain -- 36 years in the senate and i know how hard it is to pass consequential legislation, especially when we have small majorities in both houses. nancy and chuck, i have to say that i agree with many of the columnists that have commented on this legislation, what you shepherded to the congress not only meets the moment, it does even more. it is historical and they call it transformational. it really is. the bill was supported overwhelmingly by the american people, democrats, independents, and republicans, and had a strong support of governors and mayors across the country in both red and blue states. over 430 mayors contacted me, many republicans, supporting the bill. here is why, because what you
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did directly addressed the emergency in this country, because it focuses on what people need most. debbie i -- and i often talked about having to tell people in straightforward language what you are doing to help. you have to be able to tell story of what you are about to do and why it matters, because it is going to make a difference in the lives of millions of people in concrete, specific ways. this legislation will provide $1400 direct payments which we promised. that means for a typical family of four, middle-class family, that means $5,600 check they will get. 80 5% of households in america will be getting this money. a lot of you know -- 85% of
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households in america will be getting this money. think about how many people going to bed staring at the ceiling, my god, what am i going to do tomorrow? i lost my health care, don't have a job, unemployment runs out, behind on my mortgage paid what i going to do? guess what, they are going to be getting that check soon, by direct deposit for a check from the treasury. some are going to get it as early as this weekend. this provides resources needed to open the schools. how many of you have dealt not only in your own home with their children and grandchildren if you have them, how difficult it is, the mental pressure and stress on so many families, so many people needing help if they had access to counseling because it has caused enormous stress.
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this legislation extends unemployment insurance by $300 a week to september -- a week until september. it will help 11,000 -- it will help with the biggest investment in childcare since world war ii. that is not hyperbole, it is a fact. it provides help for small businesses to stay open. so many have had to close because the first time around you all worked and did a great piece of work in the house passing significant legislation. what is the first thing, the last president fired the folks who were supposed to watch and make sure it was distributed the way it was supposed to. we found so much went to the people who didn't need it. you all took care of that. it extends coverage and lowers health care costs for so many americans.
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it is a big number four people. it provides for food and nutrition because people knew and you ought were out there handing out food like many of us were, but you saw people in car lines that were literally miles long. you would see four lanes of cars that went for a half mile each just to get a box of food. again through no fault of their own. it is going to help people keep a roof over their heads. people haven't been able to make the mortgage payments. about to be thrown out of their apartments, have to make up all that they owe. it is going to cut child poverty in half. i talked to so many of you. you have been leading this for so long. it is finally coming to
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fruition. the american people understand it. if they saw many of the steps we have taken to vaccinate americans. we are going to be in the position where because of what you all did and past, -- passed, and we had the money to buy vaccines and make sure we had enough vaccinators. getting the vaccine into the vial is one thing but getting it into the arm took tens of thousands of people. we were able to mobilize the military and mobilize fema. i was able by executive order to allow former doctors and nurses to come back and engage in this activity. one of the things we said in the beginning that no one thought that i was being straight about was i said, this is going to create -- we have to spend this
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money to make sure we have economic growth, unrelated to how much it is going to help people. guess what? every single economist out there left, right, and center supported this plan. even wall street agreed, this law alone will create 7 million new jobs, 7 million. [applause] and the bill does one more thing which i think is really important, it changes the paradigm for the first time in a long time, this bill puts working people in this nation first. it is not hyperbole. it is a fact. [applause] for too long it has been the folks at the top. they're not bad folks. a significant number you they should not be getting the tax breaks. it put the riches first --
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richest first to benefited the most. the theory was cut taxes and those at the top and the benefits will trickle down to everyone. you saw what trickle down does. we have known it for a long time . this is the first time that we have begun to change the paradigm. we have seen time and time again that the trickle down does not work. by the way, we don't have anything against wealthy people. if you have a great idea and go out and make millions of dollars, that is fine. i have no problem with that. but guess what, you have to pay your fair share. folks are living on the edge are paying. so again, all this is done is make those at the top richer in the past and everyone else falling behind. it is time we build an economy
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that goes from the bottom up in the middle out. [applause] this bill shows that when you do that, everybody does better. the wealthy do better and everyone does better across the board. that is our foundation and everything we build upon will be a strong foundation. our competitiveness around the world, jobs here at home, the health and quality of our lives. that is what the american rescue plan represents. it is all about rebuilding what i have been saying and a lot of others have been saying, the backbone of this country. the backbone of this country are hard work folks, middle-class folks, the people who built the country. i might add, unions with the middle class. it is about creating opportunity and giving people a fair shot. that is all it is about.
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in the coming weeks, jill and i and kamala and doug and members of congress will be going across country speaking to people about how it will make a real difference in their lives and how help is here for them. almost every single aspect would be -- if you took the pieces of this bill, every one of those pieces stand alone would be viewed as a significant accomplishment. it is all the work you have done for years to try to get it there. this lot is not the end of our efforts. i view it as only the beginning. one of the things i have been most worried bout, and i think you all have too, as you have watched people lose confidence in government and lose
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confidence that we tell the truth. that is why when i announced, i quoted franklin roosevelt, i said i will give it to you straight from the shoulder, the american book and handle anything if you tell them the truth. and they really can. just give it to them straight in the shoulder. when we do something right, we will make a case for it, and when i make a mistake i am going to own up to it and say i made a mistake. i said last night, this is not over. conditions can change. we are not finished yet. conditions can change. scientists have warned us about new variants and the devil is in the detail of implementing this legislation. i remember being given the
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dubious distinction of having to implement the recovery act when we came into office, barack and i. i spent literally for five hours a day for six months. i talked to 160 mayors, probably more than two or three times, every governor sable one from -- every governor, save for one. it takes -- the devil is in the details. it is one thing to pass the american rescue plan. it will be another thing to implement it. it will require fastidious oversight to make sure there is no waste or fraud and the law does what it is designed to do, and i mean it. we have to get this right. details matter, because we have to continue to build confidence in the american people that their government can function for them and deliver.
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there is a lot of work for all of us to do, but i know we will do it. to every american watching, help is here and we will not stop working for you. together with you, we are showing it is possible to get big important things done. that is what america does, it tackles hard problems. and it is how we do have it within ourselves to come out in this moment, which a lot of us have been saying, more prosperous, more united, and stronger than when we went in. that is where we have a chance to be. that is what we are going to be able to do. it is really critical to demonstrate not democrat, republican, but critical to demonstrate that government can function and deliver prosperity,
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security, andas my grandfather , with the goodwill of god in the creek not rising, that's exactly what we are going to do. god bless you all, thank you for what you did and god protect our troops. the next time, we won't be so far apart. thank you, thank you, thank you. we appreciate it. [applause] [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] >> ladies and gentlemen, please remain in your seats until the president has departed.
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>> coming up tonight at 8:00 eastern, a senate judiciary subcommittee hearing on the influence of special interest groups in the federal judiciary on c-span. on c-span two, postmaster general louis dejoy testifying at a house appropriations subcommittee hearing and -- testifying on continued delivery delays since the pandemic. and on c-span3, the history of women who volunteered to entertain american soldiers over seas during times of war. >> saturday on "the communicators" -- founder and ceo of girls who could on what our company is doing to close the gender gap in technology. >> my parents came here as refugees and i've had a job since i was 12 years old. in 2010, i found myself running for congress. i was going to science classrooms and the lines and
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lines of boys clamoring to be the next steve jobs or mark zuckerberg. i know that they pay well. almost $120,000. to me, it makes sense -- where are the girls? where are girls like me who could get a shot at one of these jobs? that's when i decided i wanted to build a program to teach girls. >> that's saturday at 6:30 on "the communicators" on c-span. very good friday morning to you. you can start calling a link now. as you do, look at president biden's schedule today. courtesy of jennifer epstein of bloomberg, noting that president biden signed the 1.9 trillion dollars american rescue plan yesterday. he and vice president harris are


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