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tv   Washington Journal Meridith Mc Graw  CSPAN  June 5, 2021 3:56pm-4:08pm EDT

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believe as conservatives is truly what brings opportunity and success and builds stronger families and is what america was founded on and what we are talking about today is still the greatest blessing that we have ever had the chance to be a part of. be optimistic. be happy. spread hope. this country desperately needs it. thank you so much for letting me be with you today. god bless you. god bless north carolina. god bless south dakota and the united states of america. have a great day. [applause] >> joining us with a preview's political reporter merideth mcgraw. -- is political reporter
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merideth mcgraw. what are you going to be watching for in the trump speech tonight? >> this is former president trump's big public a view since he last spoke in january at the conservative political action convention in florida. since then, he has read -- made speeches done as mar-a-lago for political supporters and fundraisers. he has done interviews with friendly news outlets, with fox news, oann, more right-leaning news outlets. but this is the first time we will have heard from him publicly in a few months. it is also kicking off a string of public appearances as he steps back in to the public arena and tries to be a force ahead of the upcoming 2020 -- 2022 midterm elections and as he continues to potentially keep running for president again in 20 24. now, he has already given us a
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little preview of what he will talk about. he has sent out statements have talked about the ongoing audit in arizona and across the country. he is -- also sent out a statement attacking infectious disease expert dr. fauci who has come in to the crosshairs of a lot of conservatives lately. but, a lot of his visors -- advisers are hoping he will be taking a more forward-looking position in his speech tonight. they want him to outline conservative policy. they want him to talk about his administration plus accompaniments area -- his ministrations compliments. -- his administration's accomplishments. we want to see if that actually happens. dozens of people who have had conversations with him say that the former president focused a lot of his attention on the 2020 election and airing grievances he had about how it played out
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and how losing. but really him coming back out and making this public appearance again is a way for him to push himself again back into the public eye. he has been deplatform from facebook and twitter, so to get his message out. advisers are hoping he has a more forward-looking message and does not continue to talk about what happened in 2020. secretary cardona: -- host: so, why north carolina? is there a significance to north carolina? guest: this will be held was a lot of his core supporters. we are talking about diehard republicans in the state. it will be a very friendly crowd for him when he we -- when he has his speech tonight.
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also, there is going to be a really interesting centage midterm election -- senate midterm going on -- senate midterm election going on. senator burke, who voted for trump's impeachment, is not going to be running again. instead, there are three confirmed candidates. another thing i am going to be watching for tonight's who trump mentions -- tonight is who trump mentions. then of course, a lot of people in the
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we will have to see how much he talks about it tonight when he is in north carolina. host: you just listed the face -- just mentioned the facebook band went from indefinite to two years, and the president has shut down his blog where he agent to go down -- go around social media. does this give him the media exposure he would have gotten if
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you were still on social media -- if he were still on social media? guest: those platforms you mentioned, facebook, twitter, they have such a large reach, millions of people every day, so he is really missing out by not being on those platforms. another thing that is overlooked is how important those platforms are to getting support from small dollar donors and grassroots supporters as well, as a way for him to communicate with them, for his team to send out messages and, of course, for him to talk about whatever is on his mind with his supporters, so not having that has been a big loss for him. but he is still happy with the reach they have gotten. the media is still continuing to pay attention to him as he
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continues to play a role in the republican party and for an ex-president, an outsider role. host: he won the state of north carolina by a margin of about 75,000 votes. do do republicans expect his appearance to help boost other republicans, or are they just looking forward to the next presidential election? guest: they are hoping for a boost from donald trump, but one thing to keep in mind for north carolina like so many of these battleground states is the urban areas have seen a big demographic shift, and population sizes have. when you talk about areas like that, you are talking about more college-educated people. you are talking about a lot of women, too, and those are demographics that the former resident has really struggled with. when i was talking with one republican strategist from the
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state yesterday, he was saying that the state continues to perform well for republicans. it has been pretty consistent, at least in presidential elections over the last few years, but one thing with president trump -- with president trump's messaging is that a lot of it has not really resonated with some suburban voters, and we have seen that play out in the 2020 election. host: one last question -- do you expect any surprises or anything unusual from this speech tonight? guest: oh, gosh, i wish i had a crystal ball to tell you, but with this former president, you never know what he might say or do. he often comes to these speeches making surprise announcements for surprise attacks on people, so i have no idea what exactly his message is going to be tonight. his advisers and speechwriters
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were still working on his speech as of last night. we will still have to wait and see what he decides to talk about. host: we would like to thank politico white house reporter meredith mcgraw for coming on with us. thank you so much. guest: thank you. >> former president donald trump will be in north carolina to speak at the republican convention. you can watch live on c-span, online at, or listen on the free c-span radio app. >> my objectives were to understand the process.
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i was a reporter, so i reported the process and eventually came to recognize that i like two things. i like very much finding out what the story is, and i like very much figuring out how to share it. >> sunday night on "q&a," an author shares his insight about his family in world war ii and his memoir. sunday night at 8:00 eastern on c-span's q&a. c-span's landmark cases explores the stories and constitutional drama behind significant supreme court decisions, and for the
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next several weeks, watch key episodes from our series. sunday, the 1919 case that allowed the government, particularly in times of or, to limit freedom of speech. the court upheld the conviction of an activist who distributed leaflets urging young men to resist the draft in world war i. watch sunday night at 10:00 a.m. eastern -- 10:00 p.m. eastern. >> next, the centers for disease control and prevention marking the 70th anniversary of the agency's epidemic intelligence services program, which was created to investigate and respond to infectious diseases. this is two hours and 20 minutes. >> hello. welcome to the celebration of the 70th anniversary of the epidemic intelligence service. i'm an alum and chief of the program.


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