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tv   Campaign 2024 Sen. Cotton R-AR Speaks at New Hampshire GOP Breakfast  CSPAN  July 18, 2021 5:58am-6:47am EDT

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race theory.
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>> he was born and raised on his family's cattle farm. he graduated from dardanelle high school before graduating from harvard and harvard law school. the september 11 terrorist attacks happened during his final year of law school which led him to join the military. he joined the army as an infantry officer at the 100 air force. he served in iraq, afghanistan and at the old guard. in 2012, he was elected to the house of reps and one a
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democratic held seats by 23 points. [laughter] [no audio] [applause] >> and 2020, he was reelected i-8 to/what arjun with only a third party opponent after the democrat quit the race. he has been a leader on national security issues on the senate. some of his accomplishments include ending the obamacare mandate tax as part of the 27 jobs -- 2017 tax cuts. securing funding for the military and helping pass legislation to increase competition for prescription drugs. he introduced the first federal legislation to defund the critical race theory propaganda of the new york times 1619
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project. thank you. [applause] >> and for those of you paying attention to the media lies over the last year and a half, he was the first senator to warn that the chinese communist party will hand institute of the raji was the likeness -- wuhan institute of virology was the likely source of the coronavirus. he was right. [applause] >> senator cotton and his wife have two sons and on behalf of buckingham county committee, our great guests and the state of new hampshire, i welcome our keynote speaker, senator tom cotton. [applause] >> thank you.
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thank you all. thank you all. i am going to move the chair over here. i am so excited, i cannot sit still. thank you for the kind introduction. thank you all for the warm welcome. it is great to be back in new hampshire. i got to meet many of you last year on a couple of campaign trips here. i want to commend you for being the only state in the you and that flip york democratic legislature to republican. [applause] look what a difference that can make. as chuck outline, he passed a budget that delivered on all your promises and then some. i want to commend all the legislators here and chuck especially here at that is the culmination of a life's work. congratulations y'all two passing a great budget for the people of new hampshire.
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i want to think a few of you who are with us in lincoln. thanks to chuck not just to what what you went through, but you could've driven your tractor to get here. it really is great what you accomplished. the democrats are not taking that lying down. if you look at what they are doing in washington, they are not just trying to tax to trillions of dollars, they are trying to rigged the rules of our democracy so they never lose power again. just last month, they try to pass a sweeping radical bill to federalize our elections to mandate mailing ballot and harvesting. to mandate all of the kinds of radical and dangerous practices that were adopted last year and so many states across the country. we stopped it dead in its tracks and we will stop it again at they try to do it because it
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will take your right to run your elections as you see fit. [applause] >> but, the simplest way to stop it for good is to win back the u.s. senate and that means defeating maggie in new hampshire next year. [applause] >> i am thrilled to be back in new hampshire to help you and i want to be here to help you help us take back the u.s. senate because it is so vital. my young kids, we were doing bedtime a couple nights ago and i told him i would not be there for pickup at camp and he said where will you be? i said i am going to new hampshire.
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i am going to help campaign for more people. are you going to be democrats again? [laughter] [applause] >> he is only six years old. [laughter] >> week try to keep him away some of that. he knows that when we fly into washington he will see the capital and say there is daddy's office. i guess from hearing me and his mother talk, trust me, she is the more conservative member of the family. hearing the tv news, you can help it sometimes. he asks why are the democrats of that? they are not bad, son. they are just wrong. [laughter] >> because joe biden wants to take our money so we can buy legos anymore, right? i may have told him that one.
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kids, they have a funny way of putting old wisdom into new life. at another bedtime a wild back, i asked my some what he wanted to read. he wanted to read rick warren's illustrated book of bible stories. what store do you want to we -- read? why do you want to read david versus goliath? because david was a little guy like me and he killed the giant. daddy, do you know who the bad guys are in david versus the goliath? he said the philippines. [laughter] >> that was close, son. the philippines are the island nation in asia. i think you mean the philistines. he said, daddy do you know why david beat goliath?
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my son said because he believed in god who gave him the courage to do what is right. it's like i said, you can get old wisdom put into a new light. i think that is an important lesson for a lot of us right now. we need the courage to do what is right. it reminds me of something my drill sergeant used to say. privates gotta do the rockhard right over the easy wrong. i bet veterans here taught them the same lesson. even when a hard thing is impossible or inconvenient, especially what it is dangerous, your battle but it your left and right, the rear, your country is hoping for you to do the hard right over the easy wrong. they are counting on you to stand up and point out that this plague that was unleashed on the world in almost all likelihood,
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came from that chinese lab. it didn't come from a bat in a food market and that is what i said last year and i bet a lot of you are believing the same thing. what happened at the time? i was denounced as a xenophobia and a nativist and peddling discarded theories and what are they doing now? they are accepting the commonsense view that almost everyone here had. you had a coronavirus that came out of a city larger than new york just a few blocks down the street where they researched coronavirus is under the somebody who's the game was the bat lady. at the time, it was not easy to say that. that is what you have to do the hard right over the easy wrong. i have tried to take that approach for as long as i've been in politics.
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it's hard to say what is on people's minds. consider what the biden administration is doing to infringe on your second amendment rights i know you all hold dear. joe biden gave a speech a few weeks ago and it was supposedly supposed to talk about the crime wave. what did he do? he proposed more plans to infringe on the rights of law-abiding gun owners and gun dealers. nothing to stop this crime wave except to infringe on your rights. look at who he nominated to be the head of the atf. and man who after he got out of a career as a bureaucrat, he went to work as a lobbyist for gun control groups advocating the confiscation of some of america's most popular firearms. we had him from the judiciary community. since he advocated for a ban on assault weapons, what is an
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assault rifle? you say you want to ban it, what is it? he could not answer. he knows that that is a made up term by liberal lobbyist in washington trying to take away your guns by misleading the american people. you to any firearm store. you can see signs for rifles and for pistols and shotguns but you can't see a sign for an assault weapon because it is a made up term to mislead the american people. he would define it as any rifle with a 22 round or logic that takes a detachable magazine. you all know that would be almost every popular modern sporting rifle in america. this is the most radical anti-gun administration in american history and that is
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saying something after barack obama. we are not going to let it happen. we will stop him from being confirmed as the director of the atf we will protect your second amendment right. [applause] >> another thing that i've been on the front lines on is the fight for racial equality in america or all races irrespective of who you are and where you come from and standing up to the un-american doctrine of critical race theory. [applause] going back to last summer, we have heard some of the most powerful and influential voices in our media and or print america and in politics defend these crazy views the important
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thing about us is the color of our skin or that you are responsible for the acts of other people because you share a skin color with them now or in the past. or that certain races are privileged or oppressive and certain races are victimized or oppressed. nothing could be more un-american than that. nothing could undermine the principles of america more than those claims. nothing could be more contrary to the views of dr. martin luther king who said in his i have a dream speech that we should be judged not by the color of our skin but by the content of our character. in a speech in which she explicitly an appeal to the declaration of independence. citing his work and the work of the civil rights movement as the full realization of the promise of america, not what the radicals to date which is repudiate the american founding
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and everything america has stood for. this is one of the most important battles we face today. if we allow them to indoctrinate an entire generation of our kids at schools what will be gained if we want elections in the meantime? they'll be taught this is not a country where you can achieve whatever your dreams are an irrespective of the color of your skin or what your last name is or where you're come from or who your parents are. that is one reason i've been leading this fight from the very beginning last summer met at what the left says about me and a matter what they call me. i will keep up the fight in washington dc. [applause]
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>> another -- something that seems like common sense but you take a lot of swings and arrows if you speak with common sense from the media is pointing out the chaos at our border that joe biden has unleashed. kamala harris went down to central america looking for the so-called route causes of the border crisis. i could've saved her all that time and saved you the tax dollars for her trip because all she had to do is go to work one morning and see the root cause lives in the white house and is named joe biden. [applause]
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they spent all of last year promising to open our borders to give amnesty to illegal aliens, to go back & the illegal alley ends that the trump administration deported and invite them back. that is exactly what has happened. we have had more illegal aliens apprehended at our border in the first six months of this year than any time in a generation. it went up again in june. back in february, they said it would decrease. it has not. it keeps going up because everyone around the world knows that the border is open and if you get here, you get to get in and stay. i was there a few months ago. i spoke to a lot of these migrants. i asked why are you here? not a single one said they were facing oppression in their countries, violence in their countries there are american
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cities that are more violent than those places that have a higher murder rate. everyone one of them said something like joe biden, jobs, and i can get it now. that is a direct result of the biden administration's failure of opening our borders, letting illegal aliens game our system of rewarding drug dealers and traffickers. they are trying to smuggle in amnesty into their tax and spend bill. they want to give amnesty to millions of illegal aliens under the cover of this giant spending bill. that is not gotten on the news. i uncovered it a few days ago and i've been sounding the alarm ever since. not only do we not need a truly -- tree billion-dollar spend bill, lasting we need is to reward illegal aliens with amnesty and invite the rest of
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the world to come here for the next amnesty. we have to stop that dead in its tracks. [applause] >> i know matters so much to all of you. you are a border state, after all right? all kidding aside, every town in new hampshire is a border town when you look at the results of the chaos of our southern border. every town is a border town because every community bears the brunt of the chaos and crime at our border. i know new hampshire has been hit hard by the opioid crisis in
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this country. sadly, we had more overdosed deaths then we have had in any other year. i am sure so many people have been affected by this drug crisis in so many ways. almost every one of those drugs is coming into this country from mexico, often having originated in china and it is a direct result of our open borders under joe biden. if we close our borders. if we got control of the drug situation, you would not have a drug crisis in new hampshire. it is well past time we protect our people from the poison that mexican cartels and chinese super labs are sending into this country. [applause] >> all those drugs also
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contribute to the crime wave crashing our country right now. i have been ringing the alarm for years on this. i have been saying that you cannot reduce charges for repeat offenders. he can't let them out of early and not expect crime to rise again. many of you remember what crime was like in the 80's and 90's until we got smart and got tough and locking criminals away and started supporting the police in doing their job every single day. 5-6 years ago, yet a lot of politicians and some republicans who said we have an over incarceration problem. we need to be smarter and kinder and gentler. that is like saying we used to have a lot of accidents on this mountain road and we put up a side to beware of roads and there were no more accidents.
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the sign fell down and the city elders cited we don't need to put the sign up. it has been accidents as of late. it is exactly what i predicted at the time has come to pass. the highest increase in murder rate last year on history. a surge of assault and robbery and theft. all across the country. the democrats say the root causes of this are the pandemic. people lost their job, their isolated, folks trying to police displayed on the entire world and not just the u.s.. no other country saw its murder rate increase. no other country saw this crime wave. it is not related to the pandemic. it is the direct result of letting criminals out of jail early. not sending criminals to jail in the first place and attacking our police and preventing them from doing their jobs.
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[applause] >> the democrats say they want to defund the police. republicans will always defend the police and back the blue. [applause] >> look what you get when they don't do their job or more often, are not allowed to do their job by democratic politicians? not just this crime wave, we have rioting and anarchy in our streets last summer. billions of dollars of damage caused often to the property of small business owners and minority business owners. lives were lost. there was chaos in the streets. i condemned it. it has to stop now. if police can't do their job, national job -- guarding speak
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called out and the military has to put down the chaos and violence in streets of america. [applause] >> we all know at root what that was about. many of these rioters and looters were not peacefully protesting. as they said on the news all the time. they were not demonstrating against racial injustice. they were committing violent crimes. those who were protesting were doing it because they hate america. you heard him talk about statues last year. they were not just tearing down statues of people they didn't like, they probably don't let these people either, there tearing down statues of george washington, abraham lincoln, u.s. grants, last week in sharpsville, it took down a statue of lewis and clark and
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sacajawea. when you are tearing down statues of washington and lincoln and ran and goodness sake, sacagawea, it is not because you want to address historic injustice, you hate america. republicans will always defend america and protect our noble history. i know that some of these things can cause a few swings and arrows. i am willing to take a lot more to defend our country and protect americans from these radical aggressors. we have a lot of people in our corner. a lot of people who would not it up on a saturday morning. i got lives to live and jobs to work. i hear all across the country
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and my state. i hear in some unusual quarters. a few months ago, we had one of joe biden's nominees in the judiciary committee. that doesn't narrow it down very much, i know. she had previously testified that all americans harbor racial bias. i asked her, do you racial bias? let's just say she was tongue-tied and did not have an answer. she just believes that. a few days later, i was rocking the boat in the senate. i saw a police officer who is african-american. we have a friendly relationship. we haven't discussed politics and he called on after me. i just want to set you are awesome at the judiciary committee this week. i'm amazed you watch that stuff.
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i didn't, but i heard about it. i just want to say my son is a junior in college. they have been filling his head with these lies and nonsense ever since he got on campus. it is the opposite of what i've taught him for 20 years. it is good that he heard a senator say the same thing his old men has been teaching him. sen. cotton: so, like i say, we have millions of americans who share our beliefs, who cherish our country. and it's noble heritage. --who cherish our country and its noble heritage, who want to continue to build a bright future for their children and our children. it is up to us to make sure the government allows them to do that. i will leave you one final story
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i think is appropriate in times like this. from my time in the army, people used to ask me, why is the flag on your uniform backwards? they still do sometimes and it is true. the flag on the right shoulder of soldiers is backwards. it goes back to the days of horse mounted cavalry charges. as a calvary would ride into battle if you are the right side of the formation the flag would be flying in reverse in the wind. are soldiers still have their flag in reverse as a reminder, to friend and foe alike, our army always advances, it never retreat. -- it never retreats. i think that is a good reminder for a time when america is under assault. and conservatives are under attack. we will never apologize. we will never back down, we will never surrender. we will always advance in the defense of america. thank you and god bless you and god bless the united states of
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america. [applause] >> thank you, senator cotton. i want to make sure i think for people. first, thank you to our sponsors for the event tonight. first, ryan, a double sponsor tonight mentioned in our program. [applause] state representative, darrell --, thank you, darrell. and to my friend, we sometimes find ourselves on the same side and sometimes opposite sides,
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stephen --. [applause] as you folks have probably noticed, there has been a beautiful woman traveling around the room today. for all the photos taken today we will put them in a google drive and make sure we get you all that information so you can grab it. i want to make sure to especially thank that very beautiful woman, my wife. [applause] and we have a q&a. sen. cotton: jason, thank you. and gretchen, thank you for the great work today. >> representing auburn, army veterans thank you for your service. as i look at a poll that came out a week ago, it shows one third of high school seniors say they are not proud to be american. given that we have an all
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volunteer military, it seems to me we are shuffling into an existential national security risk? i wonder what your thoughts are and what we need to do to reverse that? sen. cotton: it is a really, really worrisome. yep, i know all of you were raised to love our country, you were raised to defend our country. raised not to overlook or be ignorant of our shortcomings in the past, but to be proud of the progress we have made. and that is what we should be teaching our children. i know all the legislators here had a great victory fighting back against indoctrination of our kids in the granite state using critical race theory. we have done that in arkansas as well. there is a movement sweeping across the country, not just at the state legislative level. it is also down to the school boards. those in the granite state have
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gotten involved in running for school board or getting involved in the pta because they realize what was happening, going unnoticed in our schools, what radical ideological teachers and principals and superintendents who make up a small percentage of educators but can have a very harmful effect when they are promoting un-american doctrines. i worry about it in our military. we have seen too many examples of troops being indoctrinated with this nonsense. you may have seen some of my questioning of the secretary of defense the armed services committee. i gotta tell you, it has been widespread enough, and i've had complaints from troops of the front lines. from this point forward, any general or admirable -- or admiral who wants promotion will have to assure me they believe it is a fundamental american truth. people should be judged by their character and not the color of their skin, before that promotion goes forward. [applause]
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>> about 10 minutes for q&a. make sure you do a rapidfire. [laughter] >> i was reading news at the end of the day. i saw headlines regarding --this month alone. i was outraged. i said i'm going to breakfast with senator cotton and i will ask him a question. how is this not --? how is it that --is celebrating the fact that -- finally got his --but nobody is -- to say, we are having almost a million people that have come through
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our borders this year against the will of the majority of the residents of the united states, --everybody is supposed to -- everyone is focusing on january 6. but they do not see others -- they do not see this as a danger but i do. they nietzsche have representation to get more representation in the house. my question to you, ok -- [laughter] my question to you, why don't the senate just do the same thing the--did in texas? past another -- if something is not done about the border? [applause] sen. cotton: thank you for your service in the air force and i agree with you one had a percent about the danger we see at our border. like you said, almost 200,000 people last month.
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this is after the democrats were saying in freiburg, don't worry, it is going to go down in the summer months -- were saying in february, don't worry it is going to go down in the summer months. it usually goes down in the summer months. but it is not going down. it is not just from mexico or central america, when i was on the border a few months ago, romanians, they had people from the middle east, from southeast asia. the word is out all across the country that the border is open all you have to do is get there and say a few magic words. now, we are doing everything we can to stop it. the tactic taxes democrats used which i do not endorse, absconding and raking miller lite, maybe the miller lite is ok. but we can't stop that by just leaving, it is better we are there in washington, to highlight this, to make it
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politically difficult for democrats to accept and hold them to account. the best way to stop this is winning back the house and senate and putting an end those immigration policies. >> people want to go to the border and --because right now people, --we do? sen. cotton: people at the border are feeling helpless as well. i talked to some of them when i was there who contacted our office. it is dangerous for them, farm owners and ranch owners in south texas have drug cartels running criminals across their properties. they have had to leave their homes. one of them said he had to come back to arkansas, to his home there, because of the danger on their farms and ranches. as i said, every american town is a border town, because the impacts of drugs and crime. robbie? >> [indiscernible]
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everybody in the stream to hear about interactions. --of the insurance industry, problems you have--experiences. we are in a very difficult situation. additionally, --to the very end of meeting with all those delegates from new hampshire. my friend escorted you outside. you spoke with law enforcement for a good hour. what optics has stayed with me since 2015. i am fighting for families every day, not only in d.c., but across the state, we are --and i thank you for all that you do. [applause] sen. cotton: thank you. i will make a quick comment.
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-- thanks, jen. i will. just make a quick comment i know some of you -- i will just make a quick comment. i know many of your law enforcement and i have a chance to meet with law enforcement in a couple of places. i was in sioux fall a couple weeks ago to campaign for colic. someone stashed right colleague. someone -- to campaign for colleagues. someone said it is great to be place in sioux falls. i had passed through chicago o'hare airport on the way to sioux falls. police offer was there and i was talking to him. i asked how long he had been on the force and he said 28 years. i said when his retirement? he said 30 years and i will do at the moment that i can. i said, do you have kids in law enforcement? he said yes, my son was place for five years. he came to me and was sheepish and i thought something had
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happened. he said dad, i do not think i can do it anymore. i do not think i can stay place. he said to me, it is like, senator, i hated to say it but, i had to tell him, son, if i were you at your age i do not think i would do it either. his son turned in his bad. think about where -- his badge. think about where we are in america, where a man who has dedicated his life to defending the innocent, his son saw that exam will his entire childhood. he chose to be police himself. he put down his badge. democratic politicians in his city would not support law enforcement. it has to stop. [applause] -- it is a disgrace and it is dangerous and it has to stop.
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[crosstalk] >> i used to be in the coast guard. i'm a state representative. my question is, you recently -- not a place where military aircraft would transport illegal immigrants. do the senate republicans have a plan to address that? sen. cotton: yes, peter, i am glad you -- i heard about this a couple of days ago and we are demanding an answer from the department of defense. at they are told by the president, this is what you're going to do, they are good troops and they will do what they have to do. i want to know why are our military aircraft being used to transport illegal aliens from the border without permission or knowledge sometimes of local authorities and communities. that is outrageous. i will just say, you know what? [applause] i bet all those military aircraft were full of villa
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terri aircraft -- were full of illegal aliens. i bet they are not lasting -- i bet that they are not landing in washington, d.c. or malibu. they're probably coming to places across america, without anyone telling them that voted republican, what you want to bet? so we are to many answers, peter. -- we are demanding answers, peter. [applause] [crosstalk] >> eight years in the marine corps am i but was. -- was stolen and i'm upset about this. are we're going to have these machines in 2024 or 2022? sen. cotton: so concerned about election integrity and what kind machines we use? this is why -- i will say this is why it is so vital we stop democrats'efforts to take over
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our elections because there would be zero accountability for all of yet the state level and the local level. if you asked me what is the republican alternative i would say we do not have a plan. we do not think we should federalize our elections. we think our elections. -- we think are states should run our elections. i cannot go on but robbie is waving me down. >> senator, my wife and i are watching the greatest --in every single --talker crossan -- tucker crossan. -- tucker carlsen. this guy surpasses 15 minutes or every other journalist for the past --years. at the end of every single night he has such a cloud of incriminating evidence and always turning to her and
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saying, i cannot wait to see what congress does with this. you know what, nothing ever happens. what is the problem? why are we seeing action? against all of these people pulling up all of this criminal activity? sen. cotton: yeah, well, i share it. i share your admiration for him, and there has been a lot of great reporting on his show and on fox generally about things. now hunter biden is selling his art so, who knows. last fall, fox news was one of the only places you could learn about hunter biden. to the question like why isn't congress doing more? we don't have enough republicans in congress not to do enough. i am doing everything i can when some of these things come to light. tucker carlsen in addition to other fox hosts has hosted a
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great investigative journalist who uncovered a lot of critical race theory indoctrination manuals corporate america's using. to include major defense contractors like lockheed martin and raytheon. it is one thing if coca-cola wants to do this, all they do is sell sugary beverages. it is another thing if the corporations that make the weapons and equipment are troops depend on are wasting their time to do this. so as soon as that came to light i started demanding answers of the ceos of their companies, why they are wasting their time on this? why they were threatening, threatening, their workforce, with consequences, if they did not go to these sessions? if they did not bow down to these ideas, something that is dangerous for our troops who use their weapons and equipment, and ultimately for all of you who keep us safe so we are doing everything they can. robbie? >> thanks for coming in today.
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again, i love you lots and i look for to the next one. sen. cotton: all of you can get it at bookstores today. >> -- i have concerns like a lot of people do about -- fairness doctrine. people like josh hawley get book deals. other people get off ed's. --n o -- other people get op e'' s. and take this down, take down all the stuff. what you think congress can do to make sure a conservative voice has this era for better or worse? if they have this much power, --? sen. cotton: thanks for your service. thanks for referencing fun times last summer when i got the editor of the near times fired for running my op-ed. [applause]
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again, all i said was something that had i think 60% approval from the american people at a time when we were having rides in our streets for days on end. which is, order has to be restored now. if the police are not allowed to do it you have to call in the national guard to put down violence or disorder. than your times rent it and you would have thought -- the new york times ran it and you would have thought the place melted down. all the precious kids had their hair on fire. the editor did get fired. the new york times never corrected the op-ed in a factual way, they just said it did not live up to their standards. this is one time i did not agree with the new york times. i did not meet their standards, i exceeded them. it is an example of conservatives being silence around the country. it can happen to elected office
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holders and washington, d.c., it can happen to any of you. i bet some of you have had your social media accounts taken down and it should not be done as an effective arm of the government. this is what the biden administration proposed this week to have facebook flag and remove so-called misinformation. i do not know what their definition of misinformation is. maybe anything about the bidens. these companies have been able to grow large and powerful in part because of the legal protections given to them by the government 25 years ago. if they are going to censor voices why should we continue to grant them that protection? [applause] i see jason has taken the microphone back from robbie. either he got tired are you all got to go out and get on with your day. i could go all day into the night. >> we are on your schedule.
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sen. cotton: apparently i have to drive on the road to shoot a few machine guns. i hope i will be seeing you around there. thank you all very much for welcoming me back. it is great to be back in the granite state. let's go out and make sure we have an election in 2022 even better than the ones you had her last year. and let's send more republicans to d.c. and to your statehouse, thank you all and god bless you. [applause]


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