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tv   Pres. Biden Visits Mack Trucks in Pennsylvania  CSPAN  July 30, 2021 1:34am-1:44am EDT

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, film and video, posted on social media, and if you have any influence, tell them to stop. >> you will also hear from democrats from pennsylvania and california. january 6, view from the house, sunday at 10:00 p.m. eastern on c-span,, or listen on the c-span radio app. >> president biden yesterday visited a max truck -- mack truck plant in pennsylvania. he was given a tour by a union leader. >> welcome. >> good to be here. >> it has been at the center of building america for 120 years. our products are the core of american infrastructure and those products, those heavy-duty macs are all made here in pennsylvania at this factory, and we are able to do that
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because of the skilled and strong uaw workforce we have, sir. without these guys -- we are part of the same family and this is what makes us a great company . so kevin maybe say a few words , about our workforce. >> exactly what he was saying. we have a great relationship and we are now looking at ramping up and hiring about four to 600 more people which is creating more in the area and left the best we can have. >> we will continue to invest. we're not going anywhere. who will grow up to our first station will meet some outstanding products. pres. biden: how are you? >> introduce yourself. pres. biden: do me a favor, will you? >> of course. it's a pleasure. pres. biden: what is your name? >>: great.
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-- glenn gray. pres. biden: glenn, good to see you. my pleasure. please go ahead. >> welcome, mr. president. it's a pleasure and honor to have you here today at lehigh valley. my name is glenn gray, i'm a trucks supervisor in the engine room on second shift. currently we have 2400 employees here and out of 2400, 2100 are united audible union. -- autoworker union technicians. we are currently hiring an additional 400 -- pres. biden: good for you. >> to be able to support the in sourcing that we have done and worked on really hard so that we can now make the chassis and the rail in-house. they are making them in-house. we were outsourcing this and then we decided we wanted the jobs to be in the factory, uaw jobs, so we brought it in two
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phases, completed as of last fall. >> this truck is started by rail. >> 100% built here, sir. pres. biden: did you have to expand the size? >> over the last four years, we added one third to this plan. we are at 1.1 million square. >> yup, 330,000 square that we added on and that is what we are going to fill the additional employees with. >> our trucks are very much made to the customer specifications. >> it's a lot of custom specs, what the customer wants. they are known for their reliability and durability in that regard. pres. biden: how are you? >> good. how are you? pres. biden: what is your name? good to see you. >> nice to meet you. pres. biden: good to see you, eric. nice to meet you. so, tell me what you are doing.
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i am supposed to stand here. you have to find the blue x. but go ahead, please. >> i work in the supply chain, mr. president. it has been a tough year for us this year with accurate trips and some of the challenges we faced and we have had to close our plant this year. we lost some of our labor and support for our teams to work so we are hoping for some or with you. pres. biden: you got it. $50 billion investment in microchips and we are going to -- >> thank you, sir. pres. biden: here in the united states. exactly what we are doing. >> thank you. pres. biden: it is important. how long have you been here, big guy? >> a little over 10 years this month actually. >> third-generation mac man. >> my grandfather worked here 50
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years. my uncle worked here for 43. third-generation. proud to work here. pres. biden: it is more to get better. better. you will make a lot of these electric vehicles pretty soon. all right. well, that is cool. >> as we go around the corner here, department of sanitation of new york city is our customer. one of the best operators in the world. if i may, i can introduce colleagues here. pres. biden: hey. what is your name? >> jacob evans. >> heather bouchard. >> sean smith. pres. biden: how are you? >> doing great. >> we don't actually have the keys. >> it's locked. >> i can tell you a lot about this truck. i am honored. we are honored to be standing here today to show off the mack
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electric lr to, a feat of engineering. mack trucks have been building the trucks that built america for 121 years now and this is the newest addition to what we can do and how we can plow into the future with our heavy-duty electric lr air. a couple things about the truck. we have four main battery packs, 2 behind the cab and other components. the truck is zero emission, almost voiceless, virtually noiseless, requires no oil changes, very cool piece of machinery. a target that we have said is that by 2030, we want to have about one third of our truck sales be zero emissions, so in order to do that -- pres. biden: higher than that. >> i like that. pres. biden: the correct infrastructure in place -- >> we will get that done. pres. biden: 570,000 charging stations.
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>> perfect. and we appreciate that because we know it will allow us to continue to support jobs and hopefully open the door to more jobs in the future as well as we can need to refine this technology and become the leader, as we hope. >> tell the president what you do here at the plant. >> i have been with the company for 16 years and i am currently on the cap line and i am looking forward actually for this technology to move over to the conventional cab line so we can be even more technology savvy. pres. biden: i just was down in north carolina. now, we are making an awful lot of buses, electric as well. school buses. >> here is what is coming up on friday on c-span at nine :00 a.m. eastern. the house of representatives comes into session. the house will be voting on legislation debated earlier in the week including a bill
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compensating cia employees who suffered brain injuries in cuba. and on c-span2 at 10:30 am, the senate continues consideration of the bipartisan infrastructure agreement. the senate will vote on whether to officially begin debate on the legislation. >> c-span's washington journal. every day, we are taking your calls on the air on the news of the day and this testing policy issues that impact you. coming up friday morning, new york republican congresswoman claudia talks about infrastructure and the pandemic response. the national immigration forum president and ceo on the biden administration's immigration and border security policies. watching c-span's washington journal at 7:00 eastern friday morning and be sure to join the discussion with your phone calls, facebook comments, text messages, and tweet.
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